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Day 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the 15 Day Vocaloid Challenge, where we choose 15 random vocaloid songs and draw fanart each day. 

Songs in order are Phantom Thief F’s Scenario ~Mystery of the Missing Diamond~, Breaking Things into Pieces, Just a Game, The Boy and the Magical Robot, and Prisoner/Paper Plane (connected songs) 

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When making a new fanwalker, where do you begin? Name? Race? Plane of origin? Magic?

I just go with what i want to create at the timeki

like tsukino came from the desire of wanting a happy-go lucky char
Qhamune cuz i wanted a sphinx

And being a man – and a clever one – and forty-two years old, he naturally had a great deal of information and a great many opinions upon almost every subject you care to mention, which he was eager to communicate to a lovely woman of nineteen – all of which, he thought, she could not fail but to find quite enthralling.
—  Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Book 1. 

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Hi Cupid, I was wondering if you had thoughts on the different meanings of flies and fireflies in Teen Wolf? When the flies occurred with Barrow, Isaac and Allison researched Beelzebub, but then that reference got dropped (which I usually assume to means it will be picked up again later). Though, maybe it was just foreshadowing for demons? I think my main question is trying to reconcile if the flies are actually controlled by Nogi, or are they are operated/originated by a separate force?

Sorry for the long delay to this. I kept thinking I might have a brainstorm, but I haven’t.

The flies seem to be harbingers from another dimension or realm. They came out of the nemeton, and also out of an inner space inside the Nogitsune when it was in Barrow and Stiles. In other words, they came out of the door which is ajar.

The Darach used them (we see one spy on Chris and Scott before they chase Boyd and Cora to the school where Ms Blake is waiting), Mrs Yukimura used them with the Oni, and the Nogitsune used them to wreak havoc.

Are they good/evil? Or are they just messengers, or slaves?

I think they are probably just magical servants, coming through from another dimension or plane, and doing as they are bid. And if that’s the case, they could quite easily have been servants of a being like Beelzebub at some earlier time in the Teen Wolf world, but also have been used by more benign magical agents.

That’s as much as I have. But I will say this: if the flies can come through the door, what’s to say something else can’t? If the flies come from the dimension of Gods and demons, it seems very likely that sooner or later Gods and/or demons will turn up as players in Beacon Hills. We’ve certainly had enough foreshadowing that it’s a real possibility.

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Hi!! Can you do a SCM where it's mcs birthday and he proposes! Sorry if I'm a bother 😁 Btw it's my birthday so I finally got the nerve to make a request ! Love your blog btw!!

I am sorry for the lateness i bet you are like 10 years older now. But anyway happy belated birthday and here goes!!!!!

Leon: He was sweating, this wasn’t like him, you looked at him with a worried look in your eye. You stopped in front of him and put your hand on his forehead.  “What are you doing?2 He asks. “Checking to see if you have a fever, your all clammy.” You say worriedly. “If you don’t feel up to it we can just go home.” You say. “NO!” He shouts unintentionally. “It’s your birthday and you wanna see the light show at the planetarium” He says grabbing your hand and leading you in. You get into the star gazing room and its empty, you and Leon are the only ones inside. “There’s no one else here.” You say astonished.  Seeing the smile on your face was made it all worthwhile for Leon, now he just had to get over his nerves, as if he was nervous, he laughed at his own stupidity. He lead you over to a blanket set up with a small picnic and sat you down. “Leon did you do all this?” You say smiling as he passes you a drink. “Yes, who else?” He says smugly. You drink the champagne and the lights dim, The show was about to begin, Leon’s heart sank. He laid you both down placing your head on his arm as a cushion. “Wow.” He hears you whisper. He looks your way and waits for the moment. Then it happens, the stars begin to swirl and spell out the words. ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ In the sky above you. YOU GASP AND TURN TO Leon who has produced a beautiful ring. “Seriously?” You say sitting up with tears in your eyes. Leon nods. You begin to cry. “Is that a yes?” Leon asks and you nod. He takes your hands in his and places a light kiss onto your lips then slips the ring on and wipes away your tears. “You are my goddess now and forever.” He says before passionately kissing you.

Scorpio: You were walking hand in hand along the beach, Scorpio swung your arms as you slowly paddled in the cascading waves at the sea shore.  “This is nice.” You say. “The waves, the sunset, it feels like were the only people on the planet.” You smile up at Scorpio and he blushes. “Your smile always makes me blush.” He says. “It’s annoying.” You giggle and carry on walking. In the distance you see a small hut on the beach with candles lit all around it. “What’s going on over there, should we turn back i don’t want to disturb someone’s date.” You say stopping. “No lets go check it out.” Scorpio says lightly dragging you along the beach towards the hut. You reach the hut and Scorpio sweeps back the silk curtain covering the entrance and reveals a beautiful candle lit dinner set up with roses surrounding the dinner table. Your face lights up and Scorpio smiles. “Is this for us?” You say looking up at him excitedly. He nods. You hug him and head over to the table. “Oh it smells so divine!” You say smelling the fresh roses. “Sit down.” Scorpio says pulling your chair out for you. “Dinner will be here shortly.” “Dinner?” You ask, Just then Icthys comes through the curtain holding a bottle of wine acting like a waiter he shows you the bottle. “Very good ma’am.” He says pouring you a glass, he slyly winks at Scorpio. Then he leaves and returns with dinner. “Enjoy.” He says a little giddily making Scorpio scowl at him, he hurries and leaves after that. “Scorpio are you ok you are not eating?” You ask him. “Hmm? Oh yes I am fine.” He says taking your hand. “In fact I am more than fine I have never been so happy. The only thing that would make my life perfect is if you became my wife.” He says out of the blue, your eyes widen. “Are you proposing?” “Yes, ___ will you marry me?” He asks outright and you immediately stand and hug him repeating yes over and over again.  He embraces you and sighs deeply. “Did she say yes?” You hear Icthys say from outside. You laugh at the mischievous god.

Teorus: You and Teorus are walking through the park together taking in all the autumn scenery. The golden leaves falling  from the trees, the slight breeze making your hair wild, the smell of hot chocolate wafting from the vendors by the fountain.  “It’s so perfect here, I love Autumn in the park.” You say and Teorus smiles down at you. You arrive by the duck pond and see a small market has been set up with traditional crafts and toys, seasonal food stalls and a caricature artist. This gives Teorus a brilliant idea for what he had planned on doing today. He drags you over to the artist and asks how much it would be for a portrait of the two of you. “Come on Teorus, I don’t want to be drawn, it’s embarrassing.” You say whining a little.  “Come on ___ it will be fun I promise.” He says and you can’t so no to him and his puppy dog eyes, damn those eyes. You reluctantly sit down and Teorus heads over to pay the guy, you thought you saw him whisper something to him but he came running straight back over. “You ready?” He asks and you sigh as you nod. “I guess so. But if its awful were throwing it away.” “Have some faith in the guy ____” He says putting his arm round you as he looks at the artist. “Smile.” He says to you. You turn and smile. After around 20 minutes the man says he is finished and Teorus heads over quickly and shakes the man’s hand. “Well..” Teorus says turning the painting towards you. You clap your hands over your mouth when you see the picture, The picture is of the both of you with speech bubbles yours is empty but Teorus’s says WILL YOU MARRY ME?” In it, you look at him and the artist who is beaming to have been a part of such a romantic thing. You gesture for the artist to hand you a pen and lean and write in your speech bubble. YES. Teorus is so happy he hands the artist the picture and swoops you up in his arms kissing you passionately.

Dui: He had taken you to the airport that day, you were shocked that this was his surprise, he didn’t even tell you where you were going until you were getting on the plane and saw the screen. “AMERICA!!” You yell in surprise.  He nods and smiles at you as he hands over the boarding passes. “And you are going on a plane, not just magicing us there?” You ask. “Yes sometimes its ice to do human things.” He says. You settle down in your seats and get comfy for the long flight. Eventually you both fall asleep and when you finally awake you are close to landing. “So what part of America are we going too?” You ask. “Florida.” Dui replies and he sees you beam at him. “Disney  world?” You say and he nods at your excitement.  “Oh my god I have always wanted to go to Disney land.” “I know” He says, the captain puts on the seatbelt sign and you prepare for landing. After a few days resting around the pool the day arrives for you to finally go to Disney world. You are practically skipping down main street when you arrive and Dui just smiles at you. “Don’t go getting lost!” He shouts chasing after you. You have the best day of your life, you buy Minnie mouse ears, eat tonnes of ice cream, love all the rides, meet all your fave characters and finally you get to go through the castle.  “Oh my god! It’s happening!” You say stood at the entrance of the castle. Dui takes your hand and subtly nods at the man at the Entrance. You walk in and your favourite Disney song begins to play. “This song is my favourite!” You say and begin to sing along, then Dui stops you and looks in to your eyes. Then all of a sudden he gets down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” He comes straight out with it and you smile at him and cup his face kissing him. “Of course I will.” You say with a smile on your face. Then streamers fall from the ceiling and your favourite Disney princesses come out holding cupcakes and champagne for you and Dui. “CONGRATULATIONS!!” They all say in unison applauding you both. This was the best day of your life.

Hue: He was a man of few words so this was the perfect plan but His hands felt clammy, he couldn’t control his breathing, what was wrong with him? Why was this making him so nervous? He was currently hiding in the cupboard under the stairs waiting for you to return home. When you walk in he had set up a small scavenger hunt for you to follow, leading you to him. He heard the key in the door and swallowed hard thinking to himself, here goes nothing. “Hue!” You shout as you enter the house kicking off your shoes. No answer, then you notice the red ribbon tied to the stair banister leading to the living room, tied to the door handle with a small not attached. You read it aloud. “Where we first kissed is a surprise for you.” You smile and head for the kitchen following the red ribbon again, when you reach the kitchen there is another note. “Our favourite place to cuddle?” You think about it and head towards the bedroom, more red ribbon. “Where we like to unwind?” You head to the bathroom. “Where it all began” You head to the garden and find a huge bunch of roses. “You’re going to need a vase for these.” You say smirking and head to the storage under the stairs, Hue hears your footsteps and begins to panic a little. You open the door slowly and turn on the light, you gasp as Hue is stood in the cupboard in a tux holding a small bow open with another note. “Will you be mine, forever?” You begin to cry. “This is the most romantic thing i have ever seen, even in movies.” You say kissing him. “And of course I will be yours forever, forever and beyond.” He wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your neck as he spins you around. “Thank you.” He whispers kissing you again.

Icthys: This was perfect for him, playful, cheeky, cute. He couldn’t wait to give it to you. He got home and there you were on the sofa reading your new book. “Hey ___!” He shouts out making you turn to look at him. “How about we go on a walk?” He says grinning. “OK, where do you want to go?” You ask. “Anywhere.” He replies, You mark your page and get up putting your shoes on you head out hand in hand with Icthys. “Isn’t this nice?” just us walking along. Not a care in the world.” He says swinging your arms back and forth. You could tell he was up to something, he had that grin on his face. You eyed him suspiciously as you carried on walking. He sat you down on a nearby bench and pulled out a chocolate egg for you both. “Here i got us a surprise egg, we can build the toys together.” He says happily. “I haven’t had one of these in years!!” You says taking the egg and unwrapping it excitedly. you break the egg in half and Icthys does the same and you both begin to eat them. You get to the surprise shell in the middle and excitedly open it, I got a race car!” You say. “What did you get!” you turn to him and his face is pale. “What’s wrong?” You say and he grabs the car from you. “My bad I gave you the boy toy, this one is yours.” He says flustered, thrusting the other surprise case into your hands. “Oh ok.” You say and prise open the shell, you tip it over and drop the ‘toy’ into your hand. You smile brightly and turn to him. “This is..” You say. “An engagement ring.” He says happily. “I want you to be my wife for now and always.” He says getting on one knee in front of you. “____, will you marry me?” He says taking the ring from you, you look down at him and nod and he slides the finger on your finger. “You have made me so happy!” He says embracing you as you cry onto his shoulder.

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Can I do magic without attracting dangerous energies? Or is it bound to happen?

So this has been sitting in our askbox for a while and I’ve been trying to figure out how I should answer this. 

The short answer: no. There is no way to do magic that can guarantee you will not attract dangerous energies.

The way someone explained it to me once is that everyone is on this astral plane of existence that we are not really aware of, and every other entity (spirit, deity, sentient energy, what-have-you) is also there. Most people are all doing their own thing, wandering around, emitting typical human signals. Now, if you’re a witch or magical practitioner, you are manipulating the energy around you and sending out a distinctly different signal, which has a far greater chance of attracting the attention of some other entity on the plane than if you were just a normal human staying in your lane. But this is all to say that there’s no way to guarantee you won’t attract dangerous energies even if you don’t practice magic; we’re all on the plane, thats just how it is. 

The good news is that the vast majority of what you will be doing will not be at all interesting to anybody but you, even if you’re doing curses. No entity has every wanted to pick a fight with me (I’ve done some shit) and I’ve had friends who did not practice magic that had spirits latch onto them. And simultaneously someone who practiced did something shitty to me so I sent a malicious spirit after them. 

So my ultimate advice to you is that if you want to practice, you should. Do a lot of non-manipulative magic (don’t do love spells or things that directly change someone’s will), do a lot of cleansing spells and protective spells, and try and stay in your lane. You’ll be fine. 

- C

Planes of the Multiverse as School Teachers

The planeswalker Nissa Revane has the ability to “hear” the voices of planes as she travels the Multiverse. This got me thinking about what the different planes might sound like to her. 

Meanwhile, my kids have started school again this week, so I’ve got old memories of school on the brain. 

With that in mind, I give you The Planes of the Multiverse (as inspired by teachers from my childhood…) 

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