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what i said was, remember how Alex wants us to keep asking who the true villain of Gravity Falls is? Okay i can't speak for everyone, but I think a lot of us knew Bill was going to be a bad guy in the end, so why would Alex want us to keep asking that? Gravity falls, at it's core, is about family. You know who's currently getting in the way of that the most? Ford. Ford is destroying the key familial relationships in this show. Bill never would've succeeded in bringing the apocalypse if the (1)

family had not been separated, especially the twins. Ford is the rift in this family. His NAME literally translates in the caesar code to RIFT. idk i just..i’ve got my eye on Ford. I really wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ended up being one of the true bad guys in this show, intentional or not. (2)

(Phew, Tumblr didn’t eat your message this time so I shall respond!)

Oh boy, I agree with you on this a whole lot; and I am SO ready to point out things that have made me more worried about this possibility recently!

Same as you, I’ve always had my eye on Ford and have been suspicious of him. Lately, though, that feeling of suspicion and concern has grown tenfold after D&MVtF.

A couple of days ago, I posted an interesting quote from Alex that’s been on my mind since then. It could be literal, or it could be figurative, but I initially imagined it to be figurative:

“Is Ford hiding anything under his sweater?” - Interviewer

“(Laughs) Yeah! Yes he is. That’s all I can say.” - Alex Hirsch

Figuratively speaking, I imagine this to mean Ford’s just plain hiding some big stuff under his demeanor. Sorta like the “tricks up my sleeve” sort of phrase? Instead, it’s his sweater or something hiding whatever’s so off about the guy. I have no other way to explain that feeling but just off-ness, haha… It may not even be something HE’S aware of himself.

Literally speaking, I’ve seen some intriguing (and amusing) responses by other fans speculating on there being some Bill worship tattoos hidden under the sweater - or some weird mechanical alterations to his body. Whatever’s been come up with, I saw some ideas circulate in peoples’ responses to the post!

Then there was that past interview (post-NWHS) that I forgot about for a while? But it comes back more now. As you also pointed out, Alex wants us to keep questioning who the true villain is. He also wants us to ask ourselves, “Who is Ford really?”

I mean, if that’s not enough to raise suspicion of him I don’t know what will…

Shapeshifter: “That six-fingered nerd hasn’t been himself in 30 years!”

(If that’s something to go by, how would the Shapeshifter know that? Did he see Ford change that much before he got trapped in the portal?)

Ducktective: -has an evil twin who was the plot twist of its finale episode-

Alex also tells us that Ford being on the other side of the portal DID affect him in ways that we would see at least in The Last Mabelcorn.

So, despite this guy seeming “sane” and “brave” (in an unsettling way), he just… He’s “not what he seems,” y’know?

Plus, an important reminder from Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun:

“Never let Bill into your mind. He’ll wreck the place!” - Dipper

And Ford, 30+ years ago, let Bill enter and exit his mind repeatedly and that makes me REALLY concerned just how messed up he really is if Bill could’ve done serious damage from all those times he was able to possess the guy and stuff.

Close RP with Selena-and-Seth-Carter

“I heard there’s a new guy in here.” Kathy explains as we retrieve our books from our lockers.

“I heard he’s hot…but not like just plain hotHOT.” Lucy fans her face exaggeratedly.

“Luce, your relationship with Alex is just flowering and you’re fancying a new guy you haven’t even seen?” Phoebe asks amused.

“What?! Is it a crime to just say what I’ve heard of?” Lucy defends.

“Whatevs, Luce.” Phoebe says.

I just chuckle all the way until we reach Spanish.

“Bye, girls. See ya at lunch! C'mon Lizzie, we’ll be late!” Kathy rushes me.

They nod in acknowledge as they walk away towards their first class, too.

“Who this guy might be?” I ask myself while sitting in the very first row while Mr. Pena puts his papers on his desk.

“Who knows Lizz, but I heard he can be really sneaky ‘cause he was here since yesterday and no one has seen him.” Kathy says, “By the way, you need to control your thoughts,” she leans to whisper in my ear, “people might hear you.” she hisses.

“Shut up.” I playfully hit her arm.

“OW! Mr. Pena! Lizzie is hurting me!” she whines.

“Don’t hurt her, Lizzie.” he playfully scolds.

I stick my tongue out to both of them as Mr. Pena starts his class.


I’m walking towards the cafeteria along the 'gang’, as they call ourselves, when my pocket starts vibrating.

“Shit,” I curse, “Guys, I gotta go quickly…to-”

“Go and answer loverboy, please.” Dan cuts in.

I nod and rush to the janitor closet as I take out my phone, making sure no one saw me.

“Hallow?” I answer closing the closet’s door.

“Hey, love.” Niall says.


“Nothing, can’t I call my girlfriend just because I wanna hear her voice?”

I chuckle, “Sure, sure.” I start searching for the light switch. “Aha! I say in victory when I find it.


“Nothing, I am in the jan- OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I turn around and see a boy siting, having lunch there, shock printed in his face.

“What?! Lizzie, ARE YOU OKAY?”

“Yea-yes…” I pant. “I’m okay. I’ll call you later, Ni.”

“Kay, you sure you’re ok-”

“Yes I am okay, Niall.”

“Okay, love. Bye.”

“Bye.” I hang up. “Okay, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I ask 'Unknown’ sitting there.

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Alex shut down the whole 'Tad Strange is a square demon' speculation bc he's worried people will disappointed after building their hopes up. Why does this worry Alex? He usually loves and encourages wild speculation and theorizing, no matter how out there. There are lots of things fans will be wrong about and he doesn't step in to correct them. Why is the Tad Strange situation different? Sorry I know you're not Alex but I was curious if you knew his reasoning here.

Well this particular case isn’t a matter of theorizing. People started really flipping out about it because they found out Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale fame is voicing Tad Strange, and as you know that fandom is very large. Cecil put it on his resume early, someone found it and the fandom went wild with speculation and hyped it up. Alex was getting questions about it constantly and felt bad that people were expecting this huge thing when it’s really just a cameo. That’s all. It’s different if people are theorizing about the mysteries of the show but in this case people were expecting something that’s just plain not happening, and he didn’t want the fans to be disappointed after waiting sooo long to find out, y’know?