and just makes your day better

Go out each day with the intent to improve someone else’s.
Raise those around you up.
Build others confidence.
And make people smile.
Because we have everything to gain by building people up around us. And in turn positivity spreads.

But we cannot fathom what might be lost by the tearing down of people. And not helping them back up if they have been.

2 years ago I made the choice to spread what little joy I could, as far as I could.
It’s silly, nonsensical. But all the hours of effort…
Worth it if I improved your day.
Worth it if I helped you brighten someone elses.
Worth it if I just was a smirk to you on your endless feed.

So I urge you all for the smallest of things.

Go out each day with the intent to make someone’s day better, and watch it change your life.

sleepwalking to you | two

pairing: hoseok | reader

genre: angst , fluff , arranged-marriage au

word count: 2.575

warnings: angsty angst , swearing? , mentions of suicide/death

synopsis: “I love you. A little less today than yesterday. I miss you. A little more than I did yesterday, and sometimes it’s easy to forget, that your emotions aren’t like mine; they’re constant. You hated me yesterday, you hate me today, and tomorrow, it will be just another day like this.”

i just want to say, i have nothing against my boys, this is just a story.

don’t forget to tell me what you thought about it,,it always makes me feel better ^^

Three days later, I found myself staring at a furious Jung Hoseok. He lay on the huge bed in the master bedroom of the beach side villa, the French windows opening on to the beach and the brisk sea air refreshing, but apparently none of that made a difference because he looked like he wanted to kill. I stared at him, his body looking gaunt underneath the covers. I didn’t know what to say, words getting stuck on their way from my mind to my tongue and leaving me speechless most of the time. I felt like I was crumbling, from the inside out.

“Why are you here? Where’s Hyeri?”

I hesitated, wondering what to say. Your girlfriend is sure you’ll die anyway and so she left? I didn’t want to tell him that even if it was true. I still wasn’t sure, why I was hanging around here anyway. What debt was I trying to pay back? I didn’t owe this to him, but then, the sins of the father, I thought bitterly. My father had done this anyway, maybe this would be the last bit of debt. I could do this and then leave him for good, and maybe, once he got better, she would be back. Who was I kidding? Of course she would be back.

“It’s only until you get a little better. She has a lot of schedules and it’s not like she can take a break now. Once you get better, everything will be fine.” It was a sort of mantra that I was now repeating to myself, to keep myself from drowning. Once Hoseok got better, everything will be fine. Not if he got better, when he gets better. I felt my fingers begin to tremble as a voice whispered in the back of my head.

You’re being delusional, he isn’t getting better.

Phrases flooded my conscience; degenerative injury, damaged nerves, paraplegia.

I shut it all out as I move to pour him a glass of water. His voice was sounding a little scratch. When I held it out to him, he knocked my hand away so fast, the glass went flying, shattering against the hardwood floor into smithereens. I stared at the broken fragments, the sound momentarily petrifying me. It was so loud in the room, Hoseok breathing hard.

“I don’t give a shit. Shouldn’t I have a professional nurse or something? Do you even know what you’re doing?” A good question, that. I bit my lips, trying to dredge up a smile but it’s a lost cause really When was the last time we had anything to smile about anyway?

“We can’t afford one.” I said finally. Honestly, it was the absolute truth. Jungkook was paying for the meals and the boarding, Yoongi had offered to keep paying me, even if I wasn’t working with him and that was all the charity I could take from him anyway.

He stared at me, “What?”

I didn’t want him to know about me paying for the surgery. I don’t know why, but I really didn’t. So instead, I chalked it up to just expenses. He didn’t press further and I didn’t mention that he nearly got his legs cut off either. Instead, I assured him that it was just a little trauma to his spine that made him numb from the waist down. With the tight amount of exercise and rest, he would be able to walk and run again. I knew it was dangerous, I knew that he ought to know the truth but something told me it was way too soon, he was still on painkillers, he was still traumatised. He didn’t need more stuff to worry about, I would have to bear that burden for now, besides, it was just for a little while.

In two weeks, Seokjin would be over for physiotherapy, he could explain the details of his injury then.

“So… I’m just supposed to stay in bed? What about the bathroom…?” He said and I cleared my throat before moving to the cupboard and rustling through the clothes, pulling out the gait belt and showed it to him.

“I’ll put this on your waist and help you sit on the wheelchair. It won’t be easy, of course, but uh… I’ve been reading up on it and I did it a couple of times in the hospital when you were unconscious so…” I said with a shrug and he frowned.

“And the bathroom?”

I felt myself flushing, “I won’t look.” I promised and he groaned, pressing his forearm against his eyes.

“…I wish I was dead…” He said softly and I bit my lips.

“I’m really glad you aren’t.” I said softly, he grunted and didn’t reply.

“When can I start dancing again?” Hoseok said firmly, staring at Seokjin with a determined gaze and Seokjin gave me a glare.

“Can we concentrate on one step at a time please, Hobi? You need to get the nerves in your legs active again. You’re able to move your toes and that’s a good sign so far. Next, we’ll concentrate on bed exercises, and then we’ll move on from there.” He said casually.

Hoseok stared at him and then glared at me for a second and I faltered at the uncertainty in his face, but it was gone before I could fully process it and he smiled a little at Seokjin.

“I understand, doctor, I won’t rush. Let’s get started then?”

I slipped out of the room quietly and slowly made my way to the kitchen. I spent some time stocking up all the groceries that had been delivered that morning. Jungkook’s staff had outdone themselves and there was a huge bowl full of seafood that looked absolutely fresh. I set about cleaning the shrimp, picking out six of the largest and carefully cleaning and evening them. I then cleaned some muscles, cut the pork into lean strips, adding salt and pepper to marinate it. I cut the squid into little pieces before starting on the vegetables. It took me a while to chop up the ginger, garlic, carrots, cabbage, leek and the spring onions.

By the time Hoseok and Seokjin were done, I had a steaming bowl of Jjampong, rice and Kimchi fried rice ready, some of the ready made side dishes were laid out in bowls too and I arranged the table for Seokjin before setting up a tray for Hoseok. Seokjing looked cheerful and Hoseok looked exhausted as the older wheeled him down the ramp to the dining area.

“How did it go?” I said concerned and Hoseok didn’t reply, grabbing his chopsticks without a word. Seokjin looked between us in surprise and then smiled encouragingly.

“As well as I hoped. It’s only the first session so he had a little trouble, but his body is definitely healing well. I really don’t see why he shouldn’t be fully better some day.” Seokjin smiled. Some day…

I gripped the ladle harder as I served some more soup for Seokjin. When would this supposed some day come, anyway? A year? Would Hoseok hold it out until then?

After the meal, I help Seokjin move Hoseok back to the bed and then followed him to the door. “He’s showing excellent progress. I’ve no doubt that he’ll come through this a winner.” He said warmly.

I nodded, “Thank you,” I said fervently.

Seokjin hesitated, “It’s possible that he may be feeling very fragile, mentally. I hope you won’t take any of his rudeness to heart.”

Only, I had no idea how bad it would get.

“Why won’t you ever leave me alone?” Hoseok groaned.

I grunted, wringing out the water from the soft linen cloth in my hand before placing it on his forehead again. He was running a little temperature and it was three in the morning. Outside, I could hear the gentle sound of waves hitting the breakwaters, crashing into the smooth rocks. The window was open and it was pleasantly cool without being frigid. He moved his hands to grip my wrists.

“I need more painkillers…I should be conscience right now, not living through the fucking nightmare…” He gritted out. I stared at him, his hair was slicked with sweat, matted to his forehead and his cheeks shiny and pink. He’d slipped out of his shirt and the pale skin looked ghastly against the dark covers.

“You don’t want to get addicted to those. I’m giving you just the recommended dose.” I said softly. He immediately began mumbling again and I tuned him out.

My body ached and my head ached worse. It didn’t help that Hoseok was determined to fight me every step of the way. We had been here three weeks now and already he was beginning to show signs of cabin fever. He wasn’t meant to stay in bed, at first he had raved at me for getting the surgery done. “You should have let me fucking die!” He had yelled. It had been hard, of course it had, but now, he was a bit calmer, at least he didn’t throw the food tray on the wall anymore.

Once I was done, I dropped the linen in the bowl and slowly stood up, my legs protesting. Hoseok had taken to ordering me around, a lot more than usual and I had spoken to Taehyung about it. He’d explained that the frustration and loneliness of being in bed would definitely make him want to act out. I sighed and made my way to move out of the door, I wanted to drop onto my bed and never wake up again. I reached for the door when his voice came ringing through.

“Where are you going?” Hoseok said angrily and I frowned.

“You’ve been yelling at me to get out for the past hour.” I reminded him, he looked a little abashed and lightly scratched the back of his neck.

“What if I need you during the night? I can’t scream that loud.” He said, frowning.

I tried not to wail, “There’s a bell near your hand. You just have to ring it and I’ll come.” I said softly.

“I rang it yesterday and you didn’t turn up for an hour.” He snapped.

“Ten minutes. I took ten minutes because I was in the bathroom and it was just in the afternoon! Why are you being so difficult you-”

“Oh yeah, I’m being difficult because I want to and not because I can’t fucking walk or move without needing you every step of the way… I’m just a bastard, aren’t I?” He snapped and I shut my eyes, willing myself to not snap.

“Should I sleep here, then?” I said finally.

“On the couch.” It was disturbing how quickly he responded, but I took my slippers off and curled into the soft couch nonetheless. It was too small for my frame and I would have a killer back ache tomorrow, but at least I would be spared from Hoseok’s badgering.

Ten minutes later, and he cleared his throat.

I felt my eyes flutter open and I tried to go back to sleep. “Help me up.” He said suddenly and I startled.


“Please..I want to go out.”

“Out?” I said distressed. It was four in the morning..out where?

“The patio around the back, it opens into a deck. I can stay in my wheelchair..I just.. I want to see the ocean..”

Grabbing every ounce of strength, I levered myself upright. The moonlight filtered through the window and I could see his face clearly. I stared at him for a second, the angular features and the mouth that smiled so often. Silky soft hair that looked so good against his forehead, he turned around, and I felt my eyes catch against his sharp jawline.

‘Weak,’ I told myself, ‘you’re just too weak in front of this guy, it’s going to take you straight down to hell.’

“Okay, let me get the belt.”

I’d done it a thousand times before, but somehow, as I slipped the belt around his waist, my mind was stubbornly reminding me that he was so well built; strong hips and rock hard chest. Swallowing the dryness in my throat, I wrapped an arm around him, as he leaned his wrists on the bed and tried to lever himself up, but the fever had taken its toll and he faltered. I gripped him harder, aware of his chin, pressing into my shoulder, his breath right on my ear and his chest pressing against mine.

“If you’re tired we can-”

“I’m ready.” He said softly and his voice, sleepy, heavy and rough around the edges, went straight through my body. Gripping him tighter, I slipped my knee between his and suddenly, I regretted the choice of shorts. I could feel his thighs pressed up against mine, hot, firm, heavy, and I tried not to have a mental breakdown and I finally managed to help him on to the wheelchair. I took a few breaths to calm myself down and managed a weak smile.

“Let’s go then?” I said, injecting some cheer into my tone. Hobi didn’t reply, but continued staring at me like he was seeing me for the first time. Rattled, I moved behind him, gripping the handlebar and lightly pushing him out to the French doors that opened on to the patio. As we reached the deck, I felt better, the fresh sea air and the sight of the breakwaters were gorgeous. The moon beams picked out the glistening waves in the distance and far away from the rhythmic light from a lighthouse lit the night.

“It’s a beautiful place.” I said absently and he hummed, staring into the ocean.

“Did you hear from Hyeri?” He said casually and I blinked. I’d been so busy, she had completely slipped my mind.

“I can try call her tomorrow…” I said apologetically and he quickly shook his head.

“Don’t..I..I’d rather get better before meeting her again.” He said firmly. I didn’t question it, but I made a mental note to send her a message nonetheless. Maybe she would come visit?

After a few minutes, the silence began to get loud. “I tried to contact your parents in the hospital. I couldn’t find them listed…I-”

“They died a year back.” Hoseok said softly and I froze, surprised.

“What?” I said, stunned. I hadn’t known. How had I not known? “Why didn’t you tell me? We should have been there-”

“It doesn’t matter. They didn’t want me there anyway. I’m the embarrassment they’d rather not face.”

I stared at him, not sure what to say. Why would anyone think Hoseok was an embarrassment? He was one of the best choreographers in the country and while it was true that we weren’t filthy rich, we made enough to live comfortably, and though reading my mind, he gave me a shrug.

“It’s worse now. If I can’t start dancing again, I’ll be starving.” He said bleakly.

“Just because you aren’t dancing now, doesn’t mean you never will. You can hire assistants. People would kill to work with you, you know that.” I said firmly. He gave me a look of surprise.

“You really think so?” I nodded, amused.

“Are you serious? You don’t need to tell me that you’re more than just your legs, Hobi. You’re a dancer. Whether you have legs or don’t…it doesn’t make a difference.” I said softly. He stared at me and then took a deep breath, shuddering breath.

“Why did you do it?”

I hesitated, “Do what?”

“Tell them not to amputate my legs.”

“Because I knew you’d hate me for it. I don’t know..I just..I didn’t want to see the look on your face if you woke up and found that your legs were…gone.” I said, turning away.

“Yeah, but…why? Why do you even care?” He said, bitterness coating each syllable as I sat up.

“Hoseok, I’m not a monster. Just because you’re in love with another woman doesn’t mean I want you in hell, and that’s what your life would be if you ended up without your legs.” I said, too groggy to put a filter in my thoughts.

He didn’t reply. I stood there for a long time while he stared out into the ocean, as the sky began to lighten he finally sighed.

“Let’s go back in.” I nodded.

Back inside the house, things felt better. He fell asleep right after I helped him into the bed and I curled up on the couch, exhaustion finally overtaking me.

Hellenic Polytheism Books

So, @somethingreekish asked what books I used in terms of Hellenic reading material/sources. I thought, I should just make a post about it!

Note: This is not an in-depth review and does not cover any potential faults of the books or their authors in regards to Hellenic polytheism. 

I’mma tackle these in order of readability. The further it goes, the more intensive the reading level. I’ll also include ISBNs if you are interested in finding them online. (Or better yet, your local independent bookstore, if you have one!)

100 Characters from Classical Mythology
by Malcolm Day
ISBN: 9780764160066

This book is basically an easy-to-read collection of one-page profiles on most of the well-known deities in Greek mythology. It acknowledges the kinship of the Greek and Roman pantheons, and will often explicate the differences. It has lots of nice photos of statues and plenty of classical artwork to accompany, not to mention the Gods’ family tree. The book is divided into sections: Primordial Gods, Olympian Gods, Descendants of the Titans, and Heroes.

Greek Mythology 
by Katerina Servi
ISBN: 9789602133736

I actually obtained this one in the gift shop of the Acropolis Museum in Athens. It’s written by Katerina Servi, a Greek archaeologist. It’s honestly very similar to the first book, but the family tree is more developed, and almost all of the art is photos of sculptures and terra cotta paintings (like the cover, above)! It’s even divided into sections similarly. 

The Greek Myths
by Robin Waterfield
ISBN: 9780857382887

Okay, hear me out… this is a retelling of the Greek myths that is incredibly reader-friendly. If you’re looking for a palatable collection of myths that isn’t nearly as *ahem* dry as the few below, this is a great middle ground. Whenever I wish I had my own collection of religious texts and stories to revisit, I open this book. Think of it as a collection of “Books” of faith for Hellenics. Plus, it is gorgeously designed and has tons of lovely paintings and photos of sculptures within!

Did the Greeks Believe in their Myths?: An Essay on the Constitutive Imagination
by Paul Veyne
ISBN: 0226854345

WAIT DON’T CUT MY HEAD OFF YET, HEAR ME OUT. This is a philosophical and historical essay on Hellenism and how the collective human experience and belief can produce things greater than itself. I know that sounds a tad blasphemous, but honestly it’s really interesting, and I’ve always tried to maintain a healthy level of skepticism in every aspect of my life! I still believe nothing is above a scrutinizing eye. A quote from the back: “Truth is not found, but created, as is history.” 

The Iliad & The Odyssey
by Homer
ISBN: 9781607102120

Agamemnon, Achilles, Odysseus… I don’t think I need to explain why I bought this! This is a really nice edition though, it’s hardcover and has gilded pages. Just good to have for reference. I wouldn’t call them easy reads, though.

The Library of Greek Mythology
by Pseudo-Apollodorus of Athens
ISBN: 9780199536320

Aaaand here at the bottom of the “light reading” pile is this lovely gem. It’s one of the oldest libraries still in print to survive since 2nd century Greece, and is generally considered one of the most true-to-context books of Hellenism. It’s got a few maps, some crazy complex family trees, and (thankfully) lots of explanatory notes in the back. Polytheists who use will be familiar with how the text reads, as it’s one of their most-referenced and -quoted sources.

That’s all! I hope someone found this list helpful to start out with, although I know this is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities for adding to your own library! Just thought I could give you some candid feedback from someone who owns the above titles.

Happy reading!


anonymous asked:

Sorry but your response to that girls apologize was a little bit too much. It just sounded immature. I get that you're mad and all but..... you honestly could have handled it better. I'm not saying that what she did was okay and that you don't have the right to be mad, because you do, but calling someone all of those mean things and basically calling someone "talentless" doesn't make you much of a better person and probably won't motivate her to write her own things. Have a nice day.


plumbobbles  asked:

Your game is literally just fucking goals, seriously every screenshot you post is just amazing

thank you :) that actually means a lot because your legacies are always super adorable and full of personality with fun, cute sims. compliments like these truly make my day (especially m*ndays - lmao) so much better!  ❤

also, this is for that anon that school shamed me and the rest of the benildean community:

i’m sorry but we’re too busy building you your next favorite hotels or resorts, designing your next favorite coffee shops or your new theaters, releasing new furniture pieces, couture dresses and outfits, songs that you siMPLY CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT, GAMES YOU CAN’T STOP PLAYING, VIDEOS THAT MAKE YOU CRY, AND SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTS AND THINGS AND SHIT THAT YOU NEED AND WILL LOVE, TRUST ME, THAT WE HAVE NO TIME TO BASH OTHER SCHOOLS JUST LIKE HOW YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME RIGHT NOW 

so the next time you go around flaunting about how your school is WAY better than ours, just be careful, cause without noticing since you’re ego is getting in your way, the mere things, places, products you’re using and love visiting, could have been the product of a proud benildean


hey everyone, tiny update uh so for the past idk two weeks or so things have been pretty awful in my personal life and obvi its been affecting my drawing. Most of what y’all have seen is just me queueing up work so I don’t have to worry about making anything every day but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

things are slowly getting better though!

1. came out to my dad w a positive reaction so, neat

2. went and saw muse last night and I love them???

so hopefully I’ll be back to making more work and getting back on track with my giveaway prizes (sorry my friends for taking so long)

I hope you’re all doing well and having a great start to your week!!

All my love <3

Baby, don’t you know
All them tears gonna come and go
Baby, you just gotta make up your mind
That every little thing is gonna be alright

The hard times are golden,
Cause they all lead to better days

We’re gonna be alright.


I decided to draw this thing based off of a bigger idea I had when the PPG reboot started using memes (so like… right from the beginning). Kids HATE memes/fads when adults or corporations who have no clue what they’re doing or why it was supposed to be cool or funny in the first place use them. ‘Cause then they just suck out your life essence and make you wanna die. So… clearly they should be used as a tool of evil! To destroy children! And what better lame-o to use a tool like that than THIS chimpy lame-o!

Anyway… enjoy/be terrified!

You deserve someone who wants to give you a fucking text back, y’know? Someone who wants you, only you, and makes you feel wanted. Someone who can’t help but message you first thing in the morning when the sun light is slow-dancing through the curtain, and they’re barely waking. Someone who wants to spend their drunken Friday nights with you, but also their lazy lemonade Sundays. Someone who holds their one-person umbrella right above you when it’s bucketing down, so that you’re sheltered, even if it means they get soaked through. You deserve someone who thinks of you, often. Someone who calls you on the phone at the end of a long day, because they want to hear the sound of your voice before they drift off into slumber. Someone who makes plans with you on a Tuesday evening, because the weekend is just too far away, and who cares if we have to go to work the next day. Someone who says definitely, not maybe, and follows through. You deserve to hear a song on the radio that makes you melt on the inside at the mere thought of this someone. Someone who could watch you sleeping for hours at a time, and be perfectly content in the grace and stillness of that moment. Someone who steals a cheeky kiss when you’re mid-sentence and least expecting to find their lips. Someone who will happily pig out on pizza with you in bed, and not judge the sweatpants & top knot look you’re sporting. Someone who is just that into you. You deserve someone who challenges the both of you constantly; someone who makes you strive to be better each day, because they’re trying to be better too. Someone you can count on to stick around when the shit hits the fan, which it will. Someone who chooses to lift you up, always. You deserve magic, and fireworks, and confetti canons exploding in your clear blue skies. You deserve someone who will always be careful with your heart, because they know just how fragile it already was before they held it. Someone who’s heart aches whenever yours does. Someone who wakes up next to you each day feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot, over and over again, and thinking what on earth did they do in their past life to be so damn lucky. You deserve someone’s complete attention. Someone who looks at you, and I mean really sees you, and all of the beauty you hold. You deserve to be someone’s first choice. Someone’s best friend. Someone’s partner in crime. Someone’s everything. You deserve to be loved; and loved extraordinarily well. And to be told that you are loved, every single day

– Thought Catalog

Dear mom, thank you. For being there every second of my childhood life. You took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself. My tomorrow always starts with you. Your smile becomes a morning habit to me. Thank you for having patience with me when I didn’t want to eat the food you cooked just because it has vegetables or whenever I pretend sleeping at noontime. I’m sorry ifI love to play all day. Thank you for lending your arms whenever I cry at midnight, I always find solace in between them. Your voice melts my worrying, and it becomes a lullaby to me. Thank you for teaching me how to walk on my own, you showed me how a little sunshine could do wonders in this world. I have enjoyed my childhood life because of you.
Dear mom, thank you. For being my life’s greatest teacher. You have colored my days with your guidance, affection, care and attention. Thank you for teaching me how to write, count and read. Thank you for comforting me on my first day in school. For the provisions, I needed in life. I know, we are not rich, but you always make a way just to ensure I’d have a bright future. You prepared my better days, and I’d be forever grateful with that. Thank you for disciplining me the right way and teaching me how to become a better person.
Dear mom, thank you. For everything. For being my provider, teacher, friend, protector and my home. You will always have the biggest place in my heart. Thank you for teaching me how to become confident and independent. Thank you for always wiping my tears and calming all of my fears. Thank you for introducing our Lord God in my life. For all of the countless times, you were there to become a friend and become my shelter whenever there’s a storm. Thank you for caring me whenever I’m sick. For making me feel safe every time. Thank you for believing first in me and guiding me on every decision I make in life. I wouldn’t be here where I am in my life without you.
I know, these words will never be enough to thank you for every sacrifice you have done for me. But give me this moment to say this: Mom, I’m rapturously in love with you. I don’t say it as often, but I love you, and I will always be grateful to have you. My life is in the better place because of you. Your love is the reason why I’m strong, inspired and successful. Thank you for letting me walk on my journey. Don’t worry. I will always be your little child. I will always stay with you, through whatever and whenever.
I love you more than you’ll ever know. You are the greatest; you are my everything. And I will always see you in every wonderful experience that will happen to me.
—  E.J. Cenita, Mom, This Letter Is For You
Peanut Butter Cookies

*throws allergic!Lance at you and runs away*

Summary: When Pidge’s birthday rolls around, Allura remembers her offhand comment about liking peanut butter. Little did she know that Lance is actually very, very allergic. (angst and fluff, and a bit of established klance because I have no self control and I ship it leave me alone)

I hardly ever post anything because I have no confidence ha so if you like it, let me know! This is very short compared to lots of other stuff I’ve written.

@taylor-tut I don’t think this is that good or even if it counts as langst/whump but I’ll tag you anyway and @voltronpaella thanks for actually getting me to post this my dude

When Allura called the Paladins into the kitchen, Lance expected some sort of emergency.

Why they’d be meeting in the kitchen, he had no idea, but he slid out of bed regardless. After removing his face mask he padded out into the hall, slightly resentful that he didn’t have time to straighten his hair.

Lance nearly bumped into Hunk in the hallway, who was also still in pajamas. The two were the last to arrive in the kitchen. He surveyed the others and found Shiro in full armor, Keith with an activated bayard, and Pidge rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with a laptop tucked under her arm.

“Princess, we’ve talked about this,” Lance grumbled. “You have got to stop interrupting my beauty sleep.”

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Binding advice if you don’t/can’t have a binder!!

If you have chest dysphoria but you don’t have a binder for whatever reason (or even if you just want to have a really good sport bra for a good price), I have something for you. I found this amazing sport bra in H&M a few weeks ago and I’m in love with it. It was quite cheap and it’s sooo comfortable you won’t even believe me.

Most likely it will work best if you are small chested (I’m a B cup btw) and it won’t make you completely flat, but with a loose shirt on it does a great job.

It won’t make you feel like you’re suffocating, you can exercise and do anything you want while wearing it. But you shouldn’t wear it for too long!! (just an example, I went traveling and I had to wear it for 16 hours every day and I started having breathing problems on the 3rd day)
Also don’t buy one that’s smaller than the size you need because the band will hurt your ribs.

My store only had white ones but I’m sure H&M’s site has other nice colors too. It’s super comfortable, it’s safe, it was cheap and it makes me feel a lot better. 10/10 would recommend.

I hope I could help someone with this!


I have been seeing way too many pro-breeding posts and replies lately and it just infuriates me beyond words.

To the people who say things like: 

  • “Just buy from a reputable breeder!”
  • “Adopting isn’t for everyone!”
  • “But I want a purebred!”
  • “I don’t know what a shelter dog will be like!”

Explain to me how bringing more animals into this world is ever okay when THIS still happens every single day.

Explain to me how a “reputable breeder” makes this any better or makes this happen any less.

Explain to me how your desire for a purebred justifies this.

Explain to me why you think you’re entitled to an animal if you don’t have the patience to work with their negative traits.

Explain to me why you think their lives matter less.

The fact of the matter is, as long as we have way more animals that are abandoned and while shelters are overcrowded and are having to euthanize their animals just to make room, there is no such thing as a “reputable breeder”. 

While this is still happening, all breeding is irresponsible. Spay and neuter your animals, and most importantly…