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i mean does being kin actually cause any problems

i was gonna joke like “were you here in 2014″ but to be real its pretty unhealthy unless its mostly for fun. youve got to have some self awareness and restraint with it. if its causing you distress, youre in too deep. and like everything on this site people take it way too seriously and use it to start drama and to get leverage over people. the days of horrific public kin drama are mostly over but that doesnt mean its become all that much better.

like at its best it can just be just some weird dumb shit thats kind of ridiculous but a fairly harmless way to be a fool on the internet, but its worst can be Really bad. i dont like people who are mean to ppl who kin shit just in GENERAL like… jesus christ who cares about some people on the internet doing goofy shit, move on with your life. but i am going to make fun of bad kin tumblr without mercy

d.ont this for the love of god i do not want discourse about this

Fashion on a shoestring

A guide by your friendly neighborhood spider man

Investment Pieces

  • Coat. Never underestimate the power of a good coat to pull everything together. When I say investment I mean like around €100. Don’t go overboard. Good places to look: Zara, Uniqlo, Mango, your grandma’s closet.
  • Shoes* you’re gonna be on your feet a lot and shoes put up with a lot of shit. Make sure they can take it without falling apart or looking grungy after two days of wear.
  • Bras and underwear. If your bra doesn’t fit you’re just gonna look sad all the time (plus you’ll feel sad cause back problems and stuff)
  • Skincare. If you’re super broke (like me) just buy good moisturizer. It’ll make your cheap face wash actually work and not tear up your skin.
  • Perfume. Smell nice. You’ll feel better.


  • Scarves. Scarves make every outfit feel fashionable. Collect a wide variety of options - knit, skinny, bandana-types, silky, patterned, tassled etc. You can wear them in many different ways too. Look up 100 ways to wear a scarf and learn all of them. Use this power wisely.
  • * Insoles. Can’t afford expensive and comfortable shoes? Those €25 boots too cute to pass up? Buy insoles. It’ll save you a lot of pain and anguish if your shoes are comfortable and you’ll look better if you’re not limping because your shoes are cutting up your feet. Best part about insoles is you can switch them around between pairs of shoes. Just make sure you get a new set every couple months or they may end up doing now harm than good.
  • Bag. Never underestimate the power of a tote bag with some cool art or the name of a cool place you went on it. It’s a conversation starter and since they’re cheap you can have a rotating collection depending on your mood and outfit.
  • Belts. You can keep those jeans you wore in middle school as long as you have something to hold them up. Plus if your weight fluctuates due to periods of not being able to afford much food (like me!) It means you don’t have to buy new trousers all the time.
  • Hair. Keep your hair soft and don’t be afraid to style it.
  • Never underestimate the power of cute socks.


  • Avoid ordering clothes online. There are a lot of really cheap fast fashion sites that are super tempting I know but generally the clothes are gonna be of really poor quality and look horrible on. Plus they’re a morality issue 90% of the time because you never know where they come from.
  • Statement gloves are better than statement hats. If it’s super cold wear beanie and call it a day. But those leather gloves are gonna make you look and feel awesome.
  • Pick like 3-4 colours that go well together and make them yours. This way just about everything will match no matter what. I don’t mean just neutrals either. If you really like green and purple then make those two of your colors. Green and purple errthing my dude go for it!

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I love your art and I'm sorry that you have such a hard time with dysphoria. If it makes you feel better, I see you as how you portray yourself in your drawings, and then I saw a picture of you one day!! And you still look like your drawings to me. I actually didn't know until your last post just now:0

yeah some people say that to me sometimes and it makes me happy <3 thank you tho very much ♥

To anyone who’s hurting out there

I feel it too. it sucks. but if I can be the only person to make you feel differently I will try. whatever you’re going through, whatever is making you feel like you don’t wanna be here, accept it. accept that it hurts. lay in bed, reflect, close your eyes, and try to let go of the pain. then wake up, open your beautiful eyes, smile because it’s a new day, and conquer the world. If you don’t wanna get out of bed, just sit up. sit there, look out the window and realize you’re still here. the next step is getting out of bed. then choosing to have a better day then today. I believe in you. Start believing in yourself too.

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Hi! Are you at home already? How was your day? <3 I had some things happening so i'm a little down, but i want to make sure that you are having a nice day! -M

Aw heya hun! I just got home, and today was great for me!! I’m super happy that Mark’s back, and that Jack will be hosting another septicart event!!!!!

And with whatever’s going on, I hope you feel better soon! I’m always here for ya! :’D

Sending some love your way!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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every time i feel down and upset with myself and i come to your blog and read your messages, they make me feel better. thank you so much, it means a lot to me, bc some days i just can't with myself, but your blog gives me hope and i forgive myself a little more for feeling sad. i hope you have someone who loves you very much, or that good things always happen to you bc you deserve it so much. thank you for your words, they matter a lot to so many of us.

you made this monday morning so much brighter. thank you. that doesn’t feel like enough, but thank you. i hope you’re surrounded by love and warmth always.

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Dude, you're not overreacting at all! I'd get so fucking pissed at people if someone stole one of my gifs. I get you, just know that you have our support <3 Please don't stop creating stuff! You're amazing and your edits are one of the things that makes me happy :)

Thank you so much anon friendo!! It’s been a very shitty day on this front (literally saw 3 stolen posts today) but knowing that you guys support me makes me feel better :D 

You know, I don’t believe in epic love stories.

Because you don’t fall in love on a battle field, when there’s death and gore and no promise of tomorrow. You don’t fall in love during a revolution, when all your mind can focus on is change. You don’t fall in love during the rise of a new world order, when you’re broken and tired and hoping the days to come will be better than the ones you’re leaving behind, and worth all the sacrifices they demanded. 

You can realize you’re in love in these moments, without a doubt. The fear as they fall because you love them them too much to let them die. The pride as they stand beside you, fighting for what you know, in your heart, is right. That quiet moment when you look a them, just as broken and scared as you are, and you know that it was all worth it, because it’ll make a better world for them. In those moments you can realize you’ve fallen in love, but that’s not where love begins. 

Because love begins in the little moments. A joke while traveling to lighten the mood and make your feet a bit less weary. A listening ear when your concerns about the battle standing before you become too much, and perhaps a kind word to help soothe those fears for the night. A warm shoulder to rest your head on during those cold nights, when even the fire before you does nothing to drive back the chill. A single look that brings laughter to your lips because you know, without a doubt, exactly what they mean, and a smile that follows from them because you got it. 

It starts when you choose to place yourself at their side, when their voice becomes more soothing of a balm than any healer’s salve, when their absence is physically felt, and their return a recreation of the whole. When you trust them with who you are, truly, under the layers of walls and masks and shields you’ve built to keep yourself safe. When you’re truly you, and they’re themselves, together. 

So I don’t believe in epic love stories. These stories can have epic moments, yes- moments that any reader would easily pick out in a story, that stick in the mind and shake the soul. But they’re just that, moments in time, a scene from the story to give it excitement. But the real love story isn’t there. 

The real love story is small, small and easily missed, but all the more precious for being so.

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Ok that was honestly one of the best things I have ever had the chance to witness in my poor pathetic life. I probably laughed more in the span of time it took me to read that than I have in the last ten years I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG I would come off of anonymous to tell you this but I’m a hoe and a wuss so just know that a nobody out there loves you and your blog and everything you do. Ok ladies and gentlemen that’s it *mic drop* *aggresively slams the door while screaming how much I love you*

Asdfghjkl you have no idea how much I hesitated before posting this new au. Like I was scared my poor attempt at humour will scare you off and I was like maybe I shouldn’t post it BUT THIS MESSAGE MADE ME SCREAM LIKE YES I DID SOMETHING GOOD I MADE A WONDERFUL HUMAN LAUGH I WILL CONTINUE THIS AND TRY TO MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER. *Aggressively Flips table* I FUCKING LOVE YOU

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thank you so much for the new art. i'm having a rough day and your art just make it better. thank you very much.

Bad days always suck ;; But i’m glad you’re feeling better~ <3333

That post bout how it’s Neurotypical to say it’s polite to say please and thank you to food service workers has blown up, and the main counter-argument seems to be “it doesn’t matter if I say please and thank you anyway, because the workers are serving too many people a day to remember or care, so no u ur ableist”

Jesus fucking Christ, the lady making your coffee is a human being, not a robot. Even if they don’t remember it to their dying day, humans usually feel better if you say some nice or acknowledge their work, as best you can. I can’t believe I’m getting arguments that “service workers shouldn’t care if customers acknowledge them instead of just demanding a service, and workers are unreasonable oppressive jerks if they do care” and people think it’s #woke. Fuck outta here

ways to study for exams that are actually productive
  • use actual note cards for vocab. yes, apps like quizlet are dandy when you’re on the go, but actually physically writing out each note card helps put the information into memory faster than typing them.
  • visual learner? make charts and diagrams. they don’t have to be pretty. the lines don’t have to be perfectly straight. it doesn’t have to be photogenic. but if it helps you learn, do it.
  • after you take notes (in class or at home/from your text book), write down possible quiz questions about the material on the next page while it’s still fresh in your mind. later on when you’re studying for the test, use these questions to gauge what specifics out of that chapter you need to work on the most.
  • start sooner rather than later. i know, you’ve heard this a million times from every teacher ever. but it’s legit. especially as you get into harder level classes and college courses because there is literally so much material that the tests cover that you simply can not accurately learn all of it over night. instead, start about 10 days in advance (but of coarse, the sooner the better).
  • studying doesn’t have to be a big giant study session that takes hours. if you start far enough in advance, study sessions can be around an hour, hell even 45 minutes is a good. if you go too long in one study session your brain will be fried and studying will be pointless because your brain won’t be processing any of it. that’s why it’s important to take breaks and not just cram for 5 hours the night before an exam.
  • actually study. hold yourself accountable and make your education a priority. if you have homework and studying to do, make it a priority over going partying or watching tv. there will be another party. you can dvr your show. you can’t take your test on a later day because you don’t feel ready. so be ready.
  • be careful with study groups. if you have a study group with all of your best friends, lets face it, you’re going to end up spending more time talking about harry styles and supernatural than actually studying. it’s better to have a study group with people who are your friends, but not best friends. and it’s better to keep it between 5-7 people so that everyone can be involved.
  • if the material is just super confusing and you can’t seem to understand it no matter how hard you study, it’s not you. it’s the way you were taught it. each teacher teaches a bit differently, and maybe their style of teaching just isn’t for you. if this happens, find a way that explains it the best for you. for example, if chemistry is just super confusing for you, try watching the Crash Course chemistry videos on youtube or have a friend explain it to you. this will give you a completely different perspective on the material and will help you understand it better.
  • at the end of the day, remember that everything will be okay. studying can be stressful, especially if it’s in a class that you struggle in. but i promise you that you are not the only one who struggles sometimes in school, it’s a part of being human. as long as you actually put in an effort and try your best, be proud of yourself. take a deep breath. and remember: you got this.

So since you started to be more active in social media, maybe I have a chance to show you what I made month ago, @markiplier.

This work cross-stitch is actually really special. First of all, from all of the cross-stitch works I made in my life this one is my favorite. Second, I really wanted to made this, cause in that photo from your first channel I see more then just a guy looking at the light in the darkness. I see great hopes for tomorrow and knowing that the next day will be better than yesterday (that’s why I called this cross-stitch ‘Great Hopes’ lol). So everytime I look at my work on the wall, I remembering that no matter what’s gonna happened in my life, I should never lose hope and do something to make my future better.


              *:・゚✧ RELAX ✧・゚*:

For when you had a long day or maybe week, and you want to feel rested, close your eyes and open them new. Remember to feel the intention while you make this mixture and to take deep breaths when you apply it!

This potion is specially made for Capricorns but anyone can use it! *:・゚✧ You can find our other Zodiac Potions HERE!

***If you don’t live in a sunny place is better to just start using it right away and check for mold or humidity forming so you know when to throw it away!

running a studyblr as an adult is so strange. i see kids as young as 13 having breakdowns about grades, isolating themselves from everyone because they don’t quite fit in, not knowing how to deal with very real mental health problems… it’s not my place as someone significantly older than you to try and intervene in your personal life, but i hope you all know that if you ever want advice - about studying, dealing with life, or just which colour to change your blog to - or need someone to listen to you when you’ve had an awful day, my inbox is always open. things will get better for you, and you will be okay, i promise.

you know, I just realized what bothers me so much about even just the thought of jon kneeling, of giving the north to dany

it’s not the bad writing or the forced romance; it’s not even that sansa would be hated and ridiculed for such a decision, even though she would be

it’s that sansa went through everything for the dream of home - of the north. She was abused and tormented and tortured, physically and emotionally, and all she wanted was to go home

she was told over and over and over that her sole purpose, from the moment her father died, was to be the way another gained entry into the north

that she was just a tool to be used, for someone else to control her home

and here’s jon, giving it to someone. Giving away her home, her freedom, her safety

everything she’s worked for, every soldier she’s welcomed into her home for him; every northern lord she’s convinced to follow jon in his absence; every fire she’s put out, literally and figuratively; every time she’s refused to crown, because it belongs to jon

and he just gives it away

more than that, Robb died trying to free the north from the south; catelyn died trying to free the north from the south. Their blood runs through the country; their sacrifice made it possible for the north to be it’s own, independent kingdom

and there’s jon, just giving it away

  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah