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Hello your art is awesome! I'm not (emotionally) feeling good today but your drawings have helped me cheer up a little bit :)

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;; thank you so so much! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling so good, days like those can be pretty crud… I hope things are going better for you now though anon *hugs* It makes me so happy to know my work could brighten your day up even just a little bit! ;u;

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I really appreciate this blog. Your posts are similar in how they make me feel to the Discworld novels. Thank you so much.

I am sincerely flattered (Gnu Terry Pratchett) and extremely puzzled as Mr. Pratchett wrote things that, as I read them, fills me with a longing for a better and more just and more beautiful world.

I am no Terry Pratchett.

But I can, and will, try every day.

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Is it possible to have anxiety/panic attacks from not eating enough? Jus bc when I used to barely eat I used to get panic/anxiety attacks all the time but now I eat more I don't? Or maybe im just over thinking and that's why I get them

You can experience what feels like a kind of panic attack, Your blood sugar gets low and it makes u shake and can make ur heart race and stuff. If U start feeling that way its always good to think if you’ve eaten enough that day because it could make u feel better just to get some grub it that tum

Grow the fuck up. Everyone, including myself. If you say something wrong - own up, apologize, express why you understand it was wrong, and move on. If you’re into ghosting people - grow the fuck up. Life, love, relationships don’t have to be as dramatic as possible just to make for a good story on Tumblr. Met a horny, one-track-mind dude who disappointed you? Yeah, there’s a ton of those. Got a woman who ghosted you and played your heart? Happens every day. Just grow up and be better to each other.

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Hey Steffi!!! I just thought I would let you know that your art is so cute and calming as always, and always seems to make me feel better it is so amazing???? I always enjoy seeing what verses and new A/B/O stuff you come up with, you are just so creative I am IN LOVE!!!<33 Have a happy day!! ^-^

Thank you so much…!! ;A; *tiny tears*

I can return the good art feels right back at you! I love seeing your art too! Everyone’s always adorable no matter what or who you draw! And the characters’ faces are so expressive…! ;w;


Happy 2 Year Anniversary to my love! 

I just received our Adele tickets in the mail and I cannot wait to spend this amazing night with you! It’s so crazy how fast time flies, but then it’s so hard to imagine a time when you weren’t in my life. You make each day better with a laugh and on the days where I’m not 100% you give me your smile.

Thank you, Catherine, for not only being an amazing life partner, but you’re also my go-to person for everything. The day I said yes to you, was the day everything changed for me - it seriously did, in all the best ways. I feel so thankful and grateful. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.

I love you so much! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 💕 😘 😘

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I just read Never Satisfied from beginning to end in one sitting and I love it so much!!! I was having a really bad morning because of trauma dreams but now I feel so much better! thank you thank you so much <3

ahhh im sorry about your dreams!! im glad i could help make your day better!!

America Singer Week Day 7:

[Since Rosie aka @not-your-dear already did an emotional turmoil of a letter and I’m just going to keep my message short]

Dear Ames,

Can I call you that? I mean I’ve known you for 3 full years now and probably know you better than I know myself. Thank you for all the joy you have given me reading about you these past few years. Your story is one that I can go back to time and time again. You always make me feel better with your silly mistakes and strong willed decisions. Your story has helped me find my one true soulmate Rosie and tons of other friends in the fandom like @prince-consort-erik @prince-consort-lolz @eadrik-maxerica @illeaslockedbluebox @eadlynschreaveofillea (also thanks to T for organising this amazing week for our girl) @theheirofillea @hearttoheartzz

So happy birthday America Singer Schreave and just as I sang, always remember that your heart of gold will be your crowning glory. 

Sky xx 

[Yes I know it’s without music because I am shit singing with music so bear with me, you don’t even have to listen to it, just appreciate the note. The song is for America anyways.]

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literally just told her wow thats weird that you two are super good friends again and you both dump your s/o on the same day at the same time and it was just kind of weird to me? but i mean if youre gonna just softblock and attack my mental stability for making shit up then be my guest whatever makes you feel better about yourself~

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See what your followers think of you.

  • GREEN = I think you’re cute. 
  • PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh
  • BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
  • VERMILION = You make me feel passionate 

Accurate representation of what I feel for you on a daily basis! Just casually gonna hold onto the waitfu for laifu in the bedu! Look at us nerds in our nerdy gear LOL 

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Hi! I know identity blogs get a lot of asks, so I'm sorry in advance. I just had a question. Can gender dysphoria be just as fluid as gender itself?

That makes sense to me. If your gender changes, then of course your experience with dysphoria would change too. I’m sorry you have to go through experiences with dysphoria. I hope it gets better soon for you.

Have a great day,

1. Not all love will be good love but it will all teach you something.

2. Stop overthinking because it’s not suppose to be that hard. If you love someone you tell them and you go from there.

3. Everyone shows their love differently. Just because they don’t show it the same way you do doesn’t mean they don’t care just as much.

4. If someone ever makes you feel unworthy of love, leave them. Get out as quick as you can and never look back. You deserve to be loved by someone who appreciates you without a doubt.

5. Sometimes it’s better just not to say anything. Take an hour and think about it. Some things aren’t worth the fight.

6. Love is a decision you have to make every single day.

7. Don’t compare your love story to someone else’s. All that matters is that everyone is happy together. How you get there is not important.

8. There are going to be lots of people that bring you flowers. Wait for the person who plants a whole garden for you to grow together.

9. Never forget about the little things that make your relationship special.

10. Never stop loving. Even when your heart is breaking, believe in love. Because it is coming, and when it finds you it will be amazing. I promise.
—  10 lessons//20 years
Please help Mark see this...

Hi, Mark. I’m the developer of “Black Rose” “Captured”, and “Otherworld Hospital”, and I’ve been a long-time subscriber and fan of you, ever since your early days of ’Let’s Playing’. You help me with my depression, and you help me feel like I have friends, even though I’ve never actually met you or the gang (I’d be too nervous to, anyway). You help me feel like I’m somewhat normal. Even though I just sit here and cry sometimes, you always make me laugh.

Seeing you play my games helps motivate me to keep developing them and get better at it, as becoming a successful, appreciated game developer has been my entire life dream since I was very young. It’s been a long journey or depression, anxiety, devastation, humiliation, isolation, lack of motivation, and sadness, but you help me press on.

I can only hope that maybe, possibly, if I get lucky, you just might see this. I’m getting emotional now even just typing this out, it’s just that you’ve helped me so much in ways that many people can’t see or understand.

So, thank you. Even though it’s hard, I will keep trying the best I can.

The Monty Oum Project

Last year, thousands of community members and fans came together on February 1st to honor one of their idols, Monyreak “Monty” Oum. They spent a day working on their passion projects, pursuing their goals, and doing their best without worrying about whether they had the skills or time.

They started writing, drawing, coding, sculpting, creating in any way they could, and this year we want to do it all over again.

On February 4th, the Monty Oum Project wants you to start something new.

Write the first page of the story you have in your head, start the webcomic you’ve been thinking about, make a video and post it on youtube, start coding a game, building something new, create an art piece just for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to create, to better yourself, or to just do the absolute best you can do for that day.

Without thinking about the time constraints or whether you think you can, start a project that you want to start, and remember that the effort you put into anything transcends yourself.

Keep Moving Forward with us, this February 4th.

-The Monty Oum Project

But rarely do you ever tell people about the true depths of your loneliness, about how you feel more and more alienated from your friends each passing day and you’re not sure how to fix it. It seems like everyone is just better at living than you are.
—  Ryan O’Connell, You’re Not Making The Most Out of Your 20s
how to survive final exams

an informational masterpost by @briellestudies

study tips

- you remember material better if you physically interact with it as opposed to just scanning it over with your eyes

  • instead of merely reading a page of notes, go through it with a pen/highlighter in your hand. underline/circle/annotate things as you review the material

- make a study schedule. include which days you want to study for each subject, deadlines (e.g. “finish essay by tuesday”, “study guide for physics should be done today”), any study sessions you might have with others, and time for sleep

  • finals season often overwhelms students because of the sheer amount of work facing them. by breaking things down into a schedule and focusing on smaller portions of work day-by-day, things appear much more manageable

- use mnemonic devices to help you remember things (when applicable)

  • i like to use them for memorizing groups/orders of things - for example, when i took a class on dinosaurs, i had a lot of trouble keeping the paleozoic/mesozoic/cenozoic and triassic/jurassic/cretaceous orders straight until i realized that both were in reverse-alphabetical order

- different study methods work better for different classes

  • flashcards are best for classes where you have to memorize lots of information (without providing further explanation), e.g. introductory psychology
  • mind maps are good for organizing thoughts and seeing how ideas fit together, e.g. english and literature classes
  • practice problems/practice tests are usually the best way to prepare for STEM classes, e.g. math and chemistry 

optimizing your performance/productivity

- try to get some sleep. try.

  • you probably won’t be getting your full 7-8 hours during finals season. fine. completely understandable. but a couple hours here and there throughout the day will do wonders. your brain doesn’t work at optimum levels when you’re sleep-deprived, so while you may not have time for solid 8-hour blocks of sleep, it’s in your best interests to get 1-2 hour powers naps in when you can. aim for at least 4-6 hours of total sleep time per day

- finals week is not the time for junk food. if you’re going to push your body to its physical and mental limit (as so many of us do), you’d better make damn sure you’re at least giving it the best possible fuel to run on

- you should be aware of your study habits by finals season. take them into account and use them to your advantage

  • more productive in the morning? set an early alarm and get yo ass up
  • procrastinate a lot? bitch me too!! it’s not necessarily a bad thing - some people do their best work under time pressure. try this thing i like to call “productive procrastination”: if you wanna procrastinate on something, do so by working on another assignment/studying for another class. this way, you fulfill your desire to procrastinate but you’re still being productive and not completely fucking yourself over
  • more productive when working with others? try to organize study sessions (or you’re the opposite like me and prefer to study alone, don’t feel guilty about declining requests to work with friends/classmates)

- there’s an app called “self control” that blacklists or whitelists websites for a given amount of time (that you set yourself). it forces you to stay focused if you can’t help but peek on social media sites every so often when working on your laptop

- prioritize! know which finals will require the most effort on your part and plan accordingly

  • give more priority to finals that are worth a higher percentage of your overall grade
  • calculate the minimum score you need on the final that’ll still get you the overall grade you’re aiming for - generally, you should be spending more study time on finals that you’ll need a higher grade on

test taking tips

- if you finish with extra time, go through your test again and attempt to answer every question you left blank (unless you’re penalized for guessing, of course). the potential for partial credit is better than definitely receiving no credit

  • for multiple choice, use process of elimination and then make your best guess
  • if you don’t know the answer to a short answer/essay-style question, then answer around it. for example, if you don’t know the significance of caliban’s soliloquy in shakespeare’s the tempest, talk about the character of caliban in general and/or the role soliloquies are meant to play in shakespeare’s works
  • if you’re stuck on a math problem and have no clue how to even begin, just start manipulating numbers and applying formulas

- dress in layers so you’re comfortable no matter the room temperature

- always answer the questions you’re sure of first

- don’t be afraid to ask the proctor if you’re unsure of what something on the test is asking of you (i.e. questions for clarification)

- pay attention to the questions on the exam - sometimes one question may hint at the answer to a different question

  • e.g. 2) what year was x fossil discovered? and 31) who discovered x fossil in the early 1930s?

miscellaneous advice

  • try to get everything you need (calculator batteries, scantrons, blue books, writing utensils, etc.) the weekend before exams start. this way, you’re not freaking out right before a test because you’re missing something
  • try to time your coffee/lack of sleep crashes such that they don’t happen during a final exam (see tip about scheduling above)
  • if you’re pulling an all-nighter, set alarms periodically throughout the night (e.g. every hour and a half) so that if you accidentally fall asleep, you won’t sleep through the whole night
  • also set an alarm 20-30 minutes before each final. just in case ;)
  • bring an extension cord to the library if your school always seems to be short on outlets during finals week
  • always use the bathroom right before sitting an exam (even if you don’t feel like you really need to) to avoid getting up and wasting time during the test itself
  • turn off your motherfucking cell phone before your tests omfg

a note on adderall, a popular “study drug” students take during finals season:

i personally advise against the use of any study drugs that are not prescribed by a medical professional, but the fact of the matter is that students are going to use them regardless of what i say. when they don’t know what they’re getting into, they put themselves into very dangerous positions - often ending in trips to the emergency room or rehab. so in the interest of promoting safety (well, as much safety as is possible given the circumstances) and knowledge, here are a few things you should know about adderall if you decide you want to use it:

  • addy is very addictive and can make the user dependent on it
  • if you take it, you’ll start to sweat. a lot. dress accordingly
  • addy will make you lose your appetite. don’t listen to your body when it says it’s not hungry. you gotta force yourself to eat bruh
  • it’s also really easy to get dehydrated on addy - not only do you sweat a lot, but lots of people tend to pee a fuck ton while they’re on it. stay hydrated
  • addy is a stimulant. you won’t be able to sleep until its effects wear off
    • and just like other stimulants (e.g. caffeine, ecstasy), you will experience a “crash” afterwards. the crash is more pronounced than one you would get from coffee or even caffeine pills
  • there are two “kinds” of addy: IR and XR
    • IR means “immediate/instant release” - whatever dose you take will be released into your system all at once
    • XR means “extended release” - there will be an initial release of the drug into your system and then small amounts thereafter over an extended period of time
  • always err on the side of caution with dangerous drugs - when in doubt, start with a lower dose

as a parting note, i would just like to remind you all to keep in mind the importance of self-care and finding balance. there is a fine line between making temporary sacrifices and being self-destructive. sometimes it’s good to push yourself - “no pain, no gain” as they always say. but analogously, you also gotta recognize when it’s time to dial it back a bit - allow yourself a nap or an hour break to grab dinner with some friends every once in a while. trust me, you deserve it. good luck!

Language learning resolutions

Although I study Korean, the resolutions I’m making are appropriate to people learning any language. I thought I’d post them as I think some of them might be quite helpful for anyone looking to make language related new-years resolutions, or just how to better themselves at language learning in the new year. These are tips and tricks that can help you through out the whole year - not just for the first few days of January!

1) Learn 10 new words every day
      If you feel like 10 is too much go for 5 or even just one, whichever fits you and your pace of learning best - one is still better than none, and hey, by the end of the year that’s a whole new 365 words you now know in your target language - progress!

2) Set your study time
Personally, I’m going to try for an hour a day just sitting down and straight learning, set a day each week, or a time each day and just sit down and get to it, you could do 5 hours a week, 2 hours  a week, 2 hours a day even. Remember, just do what fits best with you and your schedule - you don’t want to overwork, but then you also don’t want to be wasting time that could come in useful for your learning progress.

3) Keep a diary
     Keeping a diary sounds like a bit of an odd one, but no, I don’t mean simply writing down how much work you’ve done or what you’ve learnt, instead, keep a diary in which you write down what you did that day- your thoughts, feelings, and anything else you might put in an every day diary entry, but write in your target language, it will give you a chance to practice using the language every day, even with things you may not necessarily use in day to day conversation.

4) Test yourself
Again, match this one to how fast you’re wanting to progress, but I recommend testing yourself what you learnt that week, or that month or even just completing some tasks. You could do this by printing off worksheets you can find online or buying a workbook!

5) Vary your learning
This is more of a personal one for me than anything, but if you have the time to learn another language or subject, throw that in there too, for me, I’m going to do an hour a day of Korean, and an hour a week of Chinese, but make sure to plan this well as you don’t want to be getting behind on subjects you may have exams in.

6) Plan
 I’m being serious, you have to plan. I really can’t stress this enough, whether you wake up early Monday morning to plan your entire week or just make a habit of planning for the following day every night - This is really going to help you out.

7) Re-evaluate your resoluions monthly
     Yes, you heard me right - re-evaluate your resolutions. Change them. You may think that if you’ve made a resolution you have to stick to it but your main resolution should be to reach your goal (and we’ll get onto that in just a minute). At the start of every month, look at the main events coming up, if you have a lot of events or exams then cut down your language hours, make less goals for the end of that month and plan it to suit you - you’ll never achieve your goals if you’re over stressed and over working yourself.

8) Goals
Set one main goal for your language by the end of the year, that’s the main one you want to achieve - then set smaller ones for the end of each month that will get you there, then more for each week. This breaks down your goals and makes them more easily obtainable.

So those are my resolutions guys! I hope they were helpful to you all!!! <3