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So since its my birthday, I thought I´d throw a little raffle for my lovely followers!

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The raffle will end on April 30th 11pm GMT


Okay, so I was watching the newest trailer for the eighth time today and I cannot get over or describe just how freaking awesome the stadium that will host the Florida 500 looks! The inside is absolutely massive! But I love the freaking outline of the walls and how they incline and curve. It is a literal work of art and I can’t stop spazzing on just how beautiful this stadium looks. This place looks like it can house an entire ecosystem! Like HOLY SHIT!!

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I used to have a crush on this girl like a year ago, and one time when we had this music night where everyone who plays in the ensembles performs, and everyone was waiting for the curtain to open and start playing and she was standing in front of me, and she turned around she was looking at the decorations for the night and had this really lovely smile and the lighting was purple and she looked so pretty and i think i realized just how much i was into her and just wow....but shes straight so idk

honestly girls r so lovely & pretty & awesome it’s so nice to just ????? appreciate girls sometimes? ofc it’s amazing if they are into u too & it Hurts when they’re not but on the plus side,,, girls!! girls are amazing !!

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Lol yea i loved Smallville so the more parallels the better. What do i gotta do to get a Supercorp version of Clark kissing Lois while pretending to be Green Arrow. Idk how that would work in the context of Supergirl but it was the best on Smallville. Clark had that dopey look on his face and then Lois later said he was an awesome kisser lol

It has been so long since I have seen Smallville all the way through so when I am reminded of parallels and possible references, I do get very excited. 😁

Ohhhhh! I can’t even think of how that could be written into the Supergirl narrative but… ALL THE YES! I want it! And if I can’t have it in canon, then give it to me in fics and/or art. I pay in hugs and candy!

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I love how Undertale's style allows so many interpretations of what the characters look like.

Yeah and there are so many headcannons for not just how they look but other kinda behaviours that we don’t truly see in game, like read so many fanfics that explore the ideas and I love so many of them! I could ramble on and on about that :’D But it is just awesome to see how so many different people draw the characters \o/


Marvel’s Champions

Cyclops by Carlo Barberi
Ms.Marvel by Joe Caramanga
Viv by Will Moss
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) by Fiona Staples
Nova by Nick Lowe
Totally Awesome Hulk by Afua Richardson


“Oh how? We actually met through tumblr…which is really weird like whenever I tell people about that their like hmm…I dunno…. but I–we have five minutes? Okay, really fast! So I was on tumblr one day and then I was looking up a cool thing and she was like “Hey dude whats up?” and I was like “Yo gurl wassup” and then it was like “oh-awesome! That’s pretty cool” *laughs* No- She had drawn some stuff of me a long time ago and then we just got talking, I can’t remember what we got talking about first, i’m horrible. Um and then I needed- I asked her if I could use one of her pieces of art in a thumbnail for a fan game that was done so we just got talking through that! And then she was doing a livestream on her birthday and i—she was drawing me in it so I stopped in… creepily…. And just said “Hey, you better draw me pretty” as a joke and she just said “Go fuck yourself” so I was like—and so I was like “Sah dude!” So it’s not like no typical fairy tale, I didn’t ride in on a white horse brandishing a blade! Thanks! I’m such a Casanova right?”

I think as a fandom we don’t talk enough about Bitty in the NHL.

I mean, I know he loves pies but he does love Hockey. There’s a lot of stuff in year one about how Jack plays better with Bittle on his line - the coaches say it and Bob suggests it on the parents weekend too. It seems like the kind of thing Georgia Martin might pick up on. And she’s a little hesitant because she KNOWS about Jack and Bitty and doesn’t want to mess with relationship dynamics but…

So Bitty gets drafted to the HNL. Or, rather, spends half a season playing for the AHL: raising his fitness levels and getting some help getting over the final bits of his checking fear. Then someone’s injured and he’s called up and when he gets on a line with Jack it’s just as magic as always.

They are amazing on the ice together. You can almost feel all the people who’ve inevitably criticise Bitty for being too small or too ‘delicate’ going quiet when they realise just how fucking good he and Jack are together on the ice.

And it’s great for Jack and Bitty. No Bitty at home alone for a lump of the season, when Jack’s off playing, Bitty’s right there with him. A five game roadie is still hell but it’s less hell when you’re boyfriend’s there every night to tell you hs loves you. They sit together on the plane and bus and room together (obviously) and it’s pretty awesome. And they bring a kind of stability to the team which really helps.

Then, in Bitty’s first full year of the NHL, they win the Stanley Cup.

Bitty gets the winning goal. With 30 seconds on the clock.

And he’s flashing back to the Yale game in their first year of college because he KNOWS how much winning means to Jack. So he turned to look for him on the ice when the wistle blows and Jack is just there grinning and lifting Bitty up into his arms and kissing him in front of the cameras and the Stanley Cup and everyone because he is so fucking proud of Bitty for that goal.

And then they’re basically like hockey royalty and super famous and in love and they have their cup day on their wedding day and then they have to win another cup together so they can put their baby in it and it’s awesome.

“Everyone lies: ‘Oh, getting old is terrible.’ What the fuck are they talking about? It’s so great! Let me count the ways. It takes until you’re 40 for you to have enough money to buy anything—like a bunch of weird chairs, that thing for my cat, the stuff for the web comic. You can’t afford a comic made of tiny things when you’re in your 20s. You need to get to a point in your life when you’ve made connections in your community, and you can do fun artistic projects, and you can buy a couple of movie chairs and have them sent to your apartment. That’s what it means to be 40. You just do whatever the hell you want. It’s awesome!

People say, ‘Oh, being in your 20s is the best.’ Is it? Because I found it very anxiety producing, and sad, and kind of lonely. I feel none of those things now. Life is awesome. And then they say, ‘Oh, you know, you’ll be wrinkled and ugly.’ Wrinkled? Maybe. Ugly? Are you kidding me? I’ve never looked this good. Look at my hair. I just had it done. Ask me how much that cost. I couldn’t spend that much on my hair even in my thirties. Look at this thing. It’s a shirt from a museum. I’m going to get all my clothes from museums. I couldn’t get any clothes from museums when I was in my 20s. Also, I know so much more now. I’m like a genius—just from life. I have all sorts of knowledge.

I feel like we’ve all been lied to by society—that youth is where it’s at. Not really. Youth kind of sucks. It’s thrilling, but it’s also terrifying. I’m not scared of anything now.

Oh, that’s the other thing. It’s the biggest thing. When I turned 30, a friend of mine wrote to me and said, ‘Tell me what you’ve learned. Give me your wisdom at 30.’ I remember reading that and thinking, ‘I have no idea.’ But I thought about it for a couple of days and I wrote back to him. ‘You now? I do have an answer for this: I feel more confident now. And I care a little bit less about what other people think.’ Now, at this age, I don’t give a fuck what people think.

This is how this translates to me. I’ve never attempted to be popular by any definition, which is good, because I certainly haven’t been. But it always killed me to disappoint people. I feel that less now.

You can’t hang anything over my head emotionally because I just don’t care. I don’t feel that I have to impress anyone anymore. It’s awesome!”

Cambridge, MA

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HEY! I really like your art!!! You are awesome!! (I don't know HOW to DRAW :') si...) can you imagen about Zenyatta Vs McCree fighting(?) for see how have The best gay shimada boyfriend And The shimada bros are just there looking at them And: HANZO: y r u like this? Genji: for this time...i agree..... Pleace? I'll do anyyhing D':

Zen is very passive aggressive when he wants to be (#`д´)ノ

some of my favorite lines from power rangers

“sorry bumblebee” i DIED

“boyfriend troubles?” “…sure. Boyfriend.” “… Girlfriend troubles?” {poignant subject change and pointed look} YES

“I’m ont he spectrum” yes

“did you just slap me?”

and alternately “did you just slap her?”


“what - do i have something on my face?” 

“its at krispy kreme” “…this place must be incredibly important.” 

“thats not krispy kreme. find KRISPY KREME!”

“we dont die alone!” 


*a certain someone getting bitch slapped into space*

“MOTHERFU- ah, just mother is good.”


“beefy and i had a connection”

“billy is awesome”



Getting Away With Kidnapping

Context: So after a lengthy discussion, our DM ruled that if a target is charmed, and the charmed effect is ended via the charmed target being attacked, that as long as an Enchantment Wizard was the one who charmed the target, the Enchantment Wizard can include the target forgetting who just attacked them when they use Alter Memories.

Bard: *fails Persuasion check*

Paladin: *fails Intimidate check*

NPC: No! I’m not guiding you all anywhere, and that’s final!

Party (OOC): Well shit. What do we do now?

Wizard (OOC): Guys, I have a plan. Just follow my lead. I cast Charm Person

NPC: Proceeds to guide party where they need to go while charmed.

Party: Proceeds to kill bandits they were after.

Wizard (OOC): Alright guys. Here’s part two of my plan. I whap the NPC with my quarterstaff.

DM: You have successfully whapped the NPC. Your Charm Person ends

Wizard (OOC): So how long has he been with us?

DM: Including when you first found him in town, up till now… 3 hours.

Wizard (OOC): Awesome! I use Alter Memories to make him forget the past 3 hours, including me just whapping him in the head.

DM: And he fails his save. Alright, you all now have a very confused NPC in front of you who doesn’t know who you are, where he is, or why his head hurts. What do you do?

Wizard: Excuse me sir. Are you alright?

Bard: (28 Deception) It seems these men kidnapped you. Looks like you took a pretty good blow to the head. Do you remember anything?

NPC: By the gods! Oh no! These men where my business partners! How did this happen? Why would they do this to me? Thank you so much for saving me!

To. Everyone who helped Eddsworld to keep on spinning.

Congratulations for 11th anniversary of Eddsworld on YouTube! I know this is pretty late but ah screw it.

First of all, I really want to say ㅡ THANK YOU. I only knew Eddsworld for only 6 months now but I have never fell so deep in love with anything before! Eddsworld is such a masterpiece. Comedy and puns, good characters, and good storyline? Best thing ever! The show cheered up so many people, including myself and I really really want to thank you for that.

I can’t even describe how much I adore this show and how much it inspired me. Every single crew that worked and participated on Eddsworld, I love you guys. You guys did an amazing job and I JUST CAN’T COMPREHEND THE AWESOMENESS AHHHHHH

Here’s a little fan art I drew for you guys. Again, thank you all, and I just want you to know that there are a lot of fans out there that looks up to you guys and love you all. You guys are heros and thank you for keeping Eddsworld spinning. ((Hey, that rhymed!))

P.S Sorry for bad grammer, English is my second language haha.

Oh, and I also have a pun!

A-hem. What is a house’s favourite clothe to wear?


From. Yours truly, Rachel


@blogthegreatrouge I know you only just posted stuff about this, but I just LOVE your idea for Babtqftim! It’s so unique and interwesting and exciting, and I absolutely LOVE your designs for Bendy and Boris and how you drew them!

Now, I may not know much about Bendy and The Ink Machine, but this is awesome, and I just HAD to draw Bendy! (Sorry this looks so bad, it was kind of rushed because I have to get off my laptop right about now ;w;)

Hope you like it! ^^

Babtqftim belongs to: @blogthegreatrouge

Art by me :3


- - a life of recycled horror.

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shallura idea That one scene where he yells allura instead if princess and Keith or Lance or both catch on and try to wingman (also that scene I'd awesome

AWWW yes. bonus points if they make it a competition between them, i.e. “who can get allura to fall for shiro quicker?” and just embarrass shiro further

  • the classic “your pants would look better on shiro’s floor” line from lance, the bastard
  • keith not knowing how to flirt so he just tries to convince shiro to tell her outright
  • lance talking up shiro too allura and she’s like “i’m glad?? you have so much respect for your leader?”
  • keith one day blurting out “do you like shiro or not?” allura blinks. “of course i like shiro. he is a good leader and a good person.” “princess, that’s not what i-” “oh, you mean the way you and lance like each other?” “yes - i mean no, NO-”
  • keith flees the scene and is a changed man
  • plot twist: allura fell for shiro a long time ago and tells him herself during one of their usual nightly meet ups when they can’t sleep, soft words and an even softer kiss that’s more than wroth the wait for both of them
Reasons We Hate Mon-El

-He was this big cliff hanger that we were all excited to find out about and we were expecting something really cool (Ex. I thought it may be Krypto) and it wasn’t. It was a bland boring character who was a huge let down.
-He actually fucking said he wanted to go back to his home planet where he could objectify women
-His introduction to the show minimized the role of James, who played a huge part in Kara’s character development and was her love interest for an entire season. The show also wrecked that relationship with little explanation and left Karolsen shippers upset and confused.
-He owned slaves
-Literally all of last season Kara was learning that she was just as important as Kara as she was as Supergirl and the other night her telling Mon-El that having him and being Supergirl was enough. That is an entire lesson going to waste
-He never listens to Kara and goes against what she’s saying and then acts like she should be happy with how he’s acting anyway
-He fucking owned slaves
-He literally has no purpose except Kara’s love interest which not only makes her look bad but it’s a waste of a character who had the potential to be awesome (Ex. Mon-El could have become Superboy and gotten together with M'gann/Miss Martian. But that would have been an interracial couple and as we have learned by now. There’s a limit to how diverse a show can be) but instead he’s a useless and wasted character
-Ahem… he was a slave owner
-wow he’s only been lying to kara from the very start of their relationship about who he really is. straight people have this weird thing with “side hoes” and cheating tho so maybe being a fucking liar is just you guys’ thing idk
-Mon-El is a white man. Not to say that we all hate white men. But look at this little set of math equations I put together to explain:
•Kara+James=Interracial representation
•Kara+Lena=LGBT representation
•Kara+Mon-El=more straight white people with no on screen chemistry???

if I missed anything someone would like to add, please do
(ps mon-el owned slaves)

My favourite musicals as things my cousins have said:

Les Misérables ~ “Do you realise that we could literally die right now, we could just drop dead. All of us!” ~ My 11 year old cousin

Hamilton ~ “My favourite lesson is history, there was drama between everyone!” ~ My 10 year old cousin

Heathers ~ “Do you realise how easy it would be to kill someone? Like you could stab them then make it look like a suicide.” ~ My 14 year old cousin

Dear Evan Hansen ~ “if I die make me look awesome even though I’m stupid, I would love to go down in history” ~ my 8 year old cousin

Phantom of the opera ~ “Am I weird or does a ghost boyfriend sound sexy af?” ~ my 16 year old cousin