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Hey!^^ Huh, so first; I love your blog, your analysis and you, too!♥ I'm a big (delulu) Baekyeol shipper, so it's my daily rutine to come here and read/watch all the Baekyeol that I just can. But in these days I began to miss the "Chanyeol into Baekhyun" interactions. Maybe bc of the loads of "Baekhyun very into Chanyeol" fanfics what I read. T.T Am I feel wrong? Could you make a "Chanyeol into Baekhyun" spam if that's not a big problem? ;; Thank you for answering this, I love you! >3< ♥

Hey there darling~ <3 Aww so first, thank you so much for loving my blog. And for taking the time to read my analyses and actually liking them <3 I love you too~~~ thank you so so much! I appreciate your kindness TT___TT

Oh you’ve failed to see them? Don’t worry there’s been quite a few recent moments of Cy being boyfriend af towards Bh ;D


Cy’s prob like “must. resist. the urge to hold Bh’s hand.”

Also, on the same day, Cy stopped walking to wait for Bh so that they can walk together. SO BOYFRIEND I CAN’T WITH CY.

and here’s a link to a vid if u want to see it :DD

Here’s a few more that I managed to snag

Cy lookin’ back at Bh while smiling whyyyyy

Both of em esp Cy craning their necks to look at each other whyyyy

and the recent comeback of BaekYeol with umbrellas.

Those are the recent “Chanyeol into Baekhyun” moments that I managed to get. Idk if you still want some that aren’t recent but I’ll give some haha.

Yeah I think that’s enough haha. It’s no problem to ask and you’re welcome :DD Thank you for sending a message darling~ <3 you’re too kind tbh ily too :** have a good day! ^^

Arrow 4.01 - Green Arrow

Well. This is harder than expected. After several months away from the concept of writing long and in-depth reviews, delving deep into the mythology of this show, it feels weird coming back to it. Like, whut r werds? ;)

A quick note for those of you who’ve joined me recently, or a refresher for those who’ve been here a while. I tend to write a fairly lengthy post-episode review each week. Last year I skipped a few eps, sometimes out of necessity (work/other commitments) and sometimes because I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything significant. I’m going to try for consistency this year and review each ep. Looking good so far: I’m 1 for 1. Score. 

@agirlandhershows and I also write a discussion/review-type thing called From the Quiver, where we dissect some of the larger themes from an episode (and building on season arcs and themes) and ask each other questions about aspects of the show we may not have focused on in our individual reviews. Sometimes we’ll mention something in passing in our reviews because we want to expand on it in the Quiver. Watch out for that later this week. 

General disclaimer: I have, like everybody else, aspects of the show that I love more than others. I am biased, of course. Everyone is. That said, I will always endeavour in these reviews to be fair, at the very least. And I hope that suffices as an explanation because it’s the only time I’ll give one. 

Anywayyyyyyyyyy. What did you all think? Did Season 4 start off with a bang or what? Literally. I wasn’t sure prior to the premiere if I was ready for this season. I’m still not sure I am, tbh. Be still, my heart! 

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Black Swan reference?

No, this is not another post referring to Aria’s dress from the masquerade ball, there’s already tons of theories on tumblr pointing that out, so let me save you from having to read yet another “Aria Must Be ‘A’” theory because she’s dressed in red and black, which is similar to the movie poster for Black Swan. Yeah, no…

This actually has to do with the movie “Black Swan” that stars Natalie Portman (who plays Nina) and Mila Kunis (who plays Lily) and how I believe the writers of PLL took bits and pieces from the movie as an inspiration to their own storyline.

Let’s look at the following collage consisting of similar scenes from both PLL and the movie Black Swan:

Top Row: The Drugs
Middle Row: The Broken Mirror Pieces
Bottom Row: The ‘Lairs’

Notice the similarities?

**Don’t read further if you don’t want spoilers for Black Swan**

For those who aren’t familiar with the movie Black Swan, it’s about a ballerina (Nina) who lands the role of the Swan Queen. She plays the White Swan perfectly but struggles to tap in to the darkness and sensuality required to transform into the Black Swan. Approaching the end of the movie, Nina believes that Lily is trying to steal her role. She enters her dressing room to find Lily dressed up as the Black Swan. Furious, Nina attacks Lily and ends up pushing her into a mirror and breaking it into shards. She ends up piercing Lily’s stomach with a sharp piece of the broken mirror that she grabbed from the floor.

Fast forward to the end, we see Nina performing on stage in her White Swan outfit. She then leaps to her death as part of the ending of Swan Lake. Following this scene, the artistic director looks shocked, he notices the blood seeping through her white costume around her stomach. Not only does this part confirms our prior assumptions that Nina could be struggling with mental illness, as per the hints that are given to us throughout the movie (there are plenty in the movie, you just have to watch for it), but it shows that Nina never really fought with anyone, but herself….it makes more sense at the end, hold on.

We then see Nina at the end saying to the artistic director how she finally achieved perfection, which was what she struggled with as a dancer. She definitely embodies the characteristics of the Black Swan by the end of the movie, but to the point of it becoming dangerous, and Nina harms herself in the process. She definitely had an identity struggle, perceiving Lily as a rival who plays the role better than she could and wanting to be just like her. In other words, Nina never saw Lily in her dressing room, and to our surprise, she actually stabbed herself.

(Guys, I know there’s tons of parts from the movie I left out, I’m only trying to mention the most important parts. Also, sorry if my summary sucks, I tried my best lol)

But ok, back to PLL!

Now what does this have to do with the show? Well it may be relevant. It may not. (I’m sure that’s what you want to hear after reading this far, haha. Bear with me.)

But as you all can see, there is definitely some parallels!

I also believe this scene with Ali and Aria is a hallucination, similar to Nina and her fight with Lily. Not in terms of the fighting part, but moreso in how Aria imagines this conversation in her mind. Notice how Ali is in white, and Aria is in black. Another potential clue maybe?

I mean if Ali really did take that page from the journal back, why did Aria have it at the end when she confronted her dad about Ali? That was the page Ali supposedly took back because it belonged to her….um ok.

Whether or not this is supposed to suggest that one of the characters from the show has a form of mental illness, are we to believe it is indeed, Aria? I know… I know…. Here we go again. But what if it was Ali? And that her in white and Aria in black was a clue that Ali wanted to be like Aria? (hence Vivian Darkbloom). Personally, I think they both struggled with an identity crisis and wanted to be each other!


Have a look at this post:

I definitely think this could be an option.

What do you guys think?

And also, can someone explain to me the meaning behind some of Andy Reaser’s Instagram pics…

Can I just note that he has #montgomery and #sisters tagged in the Alison DiLaurentis pic.