and just let there be a sass off


  • ❝ God, what if we just fucked one day? ❞
  • ❝ Don’t sass me in front of the internet. ❞
  • ❝ Follow your stupid fucking dreams. ❞
  • ❝ Come at me scrub lord, I’m ripped. ❞
  • ❝ I just wanna have sex with space. ❞
  • ❝ Get in the tub with me, daddy. ❞
  • ❝ Will you just relax and let me kill for money? ❞
  • ❝ That sounds like your problem. Fuck you. ❞
  • ❝ Stay in school. Don’t do drugs. Eat your teeth. ❞ 
  • ❝ Make like a tree and fucking die. ❞
  • ❝ Dude just…just pity laugh at least. ❞
  • ❝ Man, Club Penguin’s gotten weird. ❞
  • ❝ We are like the Stephen Kings of stupid. ❞
  • ❝ Why do you enjoy watching me suffer so? ❞
  • ❝ Do I have to jerk you off to blow your mind? ❞
  • ❝ I haven’t had so much fun since I killed my parents. ❞
  • ❝ Unfortunately I had sex with a guy/girl over the weekend. ❞
  • ❝ What’s a vegetarian zombie say? GRAAAAAAAINS.
  • ❝ Revenge is a best dish served fuck you. ❞
  • ❝ Who wears pants anymore? So 2015. ❞
  • ❝ I need an ice cream sandwich and a gentle blowjob. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. ❞
  • ❝ The bananas has gone bad! ❞
  • ❝ I cared for those bananas! I raised them with my own two feet! ❞
  • ❝ Did you know I’m a professional joke? My life is a joke. ❞
  • ❝ What if everyone just had constant helicopter dick? ❞
  • ❝ [ name ], does getting me wet fill you with determination? ❞
  • ❝ I can’t prove that someone ISN’T a reptilian. ❞
  • ❝ Wouldn’t it be funny if, like, you lost a family member? ❞
  • ❝ These balls are coming at me fast and furious. It’s like that movie, ‘Speed’. ❞ 
  • ❝ Call me One Direction ‘cause my relevancy is dropping by the day. ❞ 
  • ❝ One time I killed a person and I didn’t report it to the police. ❞
  • ❝ I wanna take a girl to the Grand Canyon, fuck her, and throw her in. ❞ 
  • ❝ Nothing like a gunshot wound to the face to really mellow someone out. ❞ 
  • ❝ If I can’t be the best, I sure as hell can be the worst! ❞ 
  • ❝ [ name ], I’m on a date with a guy/girl right now and you’re embarrassing me. ❞
  • ❝ I’ve made a decision. I’m gonna in the kitchen, gonna open the dishwasher, and I’m gonna climb inside. ❞
  • ❝ I do apologize for my actions, even though they were totally and completely justified. ❞
  • ❝ I could pee on this couch, right now, no problem, while looking you directly in the eyes.❞ 
  • ❝ Look, you tell a couple jokes as a dad and suddenly everyone’s like ‘you’re making dad jokes.’ ❞
  • ❝ All of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are blue, except for three of them. And there are four. ❞ 
  • ❝ And Abraham said unto Moses, ‘Bro, dude, aliens.’ ❞
  • ❝ I’m gonna throw you out the window. We don’t even have any windows in this room…I’m gonna carve out a window and throw you through it. ❞ 
  • ❝ DO IT YOU SACK OF SHIT! – Sorry. That didn’t come out as encouraging as I meant it to. ❞
  • ❝ [ name ], if there’s one thing I can be totally honest about, it’s that I would happily lie to your face.❞
  • ❝ If I took pole-dancing, I would be worried that it would be too erotic for everybody else. ❞
  • ❝ Next time we make love, [ name ], would you please refer to me as your sweet cakey treasure? ❞   
  • ❝ I try to show at least one other human-being my butt hole every single day. ❞
  • ❝ The only people who don’t like sluts are the people who don’t get any. ❞ 
  • ❝ Have you ever though of a career in driving people fucking insane? Because you are already a PRO at it. ❞ 
  • ❝ I am actively looking for ways to get you to shut the fuck up. ❞
  • ❝ First of all, you have to stop calling it ‘Mary Jane.’ That’s the first rule of stonerdom. People will think you’re a fucking narc. ❞
  • ❝ First of all, no one says ‘pot-eyes’, you fuckin’ narc. ❞
  • ❝ If by OK you mean like on the inside I’m just going ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!’ then yes, I’m quite OK ❞
  • ❝ When you walk outside there are three elements of nature that you must avoid: snow, wind, and bees. ❞ 
  • ❝ Could you imagine if you unlocked outfits in real life? Like, “Congratulations you wiped your ass, here’s a new shirt.” ❞

Dave inconsistently calls Roxy by her name or “mom” from sentence to sentence or even within the same sentence. Roxy thinks it’s “max adorbs.”

Rose will sometimes jokingly call Dirk “father,” especially when he asks her for something and she’ll respond with, “yes, father dearest.” Which annoyed him at first, but now he plays along with some silly fatherly dialogue like “I don’t appreciate your tone, daughter. None of this back-sass or it’s off to bed without supper.” And both of them play it completely straight leading others to wonder if they’re serious or not.

Rose will do it constantly if Dave’s around and Dave hates it because they always drag him into the mix. Rose will be like, “Dave, you mustn’t use such foul language in front of father.” And Dirk’s like, “yeah, I’m super fucking offended. Why can’t you be well-mannered like your sister?” And Dave just lets out the biggest groan. Roxy loves when she gets to play along. “u better listen to ur hunkilicious mom and dad, kids. and maybe you’ll be as hot as us some day” And Dirk takes the dadly pipe that he didn’t have a minute ago out of his mouth to say, “damn right.” Dave pirouettes off the handle through the open window. 

My favorite lines from The Defenders

I just had to make a collection for this show 

  •  “People call me Foggy.” “And you let them?”
  • Matt’s speech to Aaron James (Ep. 1)
  • “You’re not abandoning Elektra, you don’t have it in you.” That sass from the priest thou
  • “You got a mouth on ya.” “You noticed.” 
  • “Is the NYPD going to pay you for doing their job?” “No…but,”
  • Josie’s comment towards Foggy
  • “You won’t like me then.” “I don’t like you now.” 
  • “Don’t you bet on it.” *immediately cuts off his hand*
  • “I’m a Catholic guy, I’ve got a soft spot for hopeless causes.” 
  • “There’s this mystical place called K’un-Lun-” “I can answer for myself,” *pauses* “There’s this mystical place called K’un-Lun,” 
  • Luke’s speech/argument with Danny in Ep. 3 
  • “Omg yes I’m gonna quote that” that entire conversation lol
  • “So punching is okay now?” “It’s complicated.” 
  • “You look like an asshole.” “It’s your scarf.” 
  • “Woah, she is very strong.” 
  • “Who hears neon?!”
  • “Is that pork?” “No, it’s shrimp.” “Oh.” *waiter walks in* “That guy has pork.” “Ah great!” 
  • “I get that.” “I don’t, you’re blind.” 
  • “Because this one, the iron fist, immortal weapon and protector of the ancient city, is still a thunderous dumbass.” 
  • “Sit down and shut up.” *immediately walks out*
  • “Jesus, am I the only one left who doesn’t know karate?”
  • “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.” “Let’s keep it that way”
  • *drives car straight into the restaurant* “Who missed me?” 
  • “Do you understand?” “Do I understand? You are the dumbest Iron Fist yet.” 
  • “That dude was for sure dead the last time I saw him.” “Oh yeah.” “Okay just checking.” I love Claire so much 
  • “The scarf looked better. Nice ears.” “They’re horns.” 
  • “It’s a katana, it was passed down-” “It’s weird.” 
  • “So cool.” “I mean, it’s kind of cool.” 
  • Any time Luke tries to calm Danny down
  • “It’s like you’re making it up as you go along.” “That’s what survivors do.” 
  • “His name is Matthew.” *stabby mcstab stab* “You work for me now.” 
  • “A witness? What do you, do you want me to describe how it sounded?” 
  • *downs a shitty beer* “It’s been a long week.” 
  • *gives Matt in the suit the side-eye* “There it is.”
  • “I’m glad we found each other.” “I’m not hugging you.”
  • “Let’s go ironclad.” “It’s Iron Fist.” “I know.” 

These were just my faves, feel free to add your own! 

thirteenth time’s a charm - peter parker

Originally posted by vintagejosh

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary:  Prompt List #12: “Try me.” ; #16. You know I love you, right?“

It takes thirteen times for Y/N to realize why, and for Peter to tell her.

Requested: no

Warnings: language

 Okay so I decided to switch it up a bit because I had so many similar prompt requests so ya!! Enjoy!! Oh and I would love it if y'all sent me what your favorite imagine is so far! I love hearing your feedback! And whichever imagine gets the most votes I’ll make a part 2!!:) So pls message/inbox me your answers! Oh and I’m super excited to announce that I will be starting a short fic soon! It will be inspired by sddonald22 because their request was so original and i loved it! So stay tuned!! Love u all<333  masterlist below!



“I promise tomorrow night, Y/N”

“I’m so sorry, I got caught up with something”

“Had to get something for Aunt May, I’ll see you tomorrow I promise”

Those were just some of the numerous excuses Peter told you almost every night. Every night for the past two weeks you’ve been stood up by your best friend, Peter.

You’d been acting as if it didn’t bother you each time his name would pop up on your phone, indicating another excuse, another day, over and over again. Before something had caused Peter to vanish every night with no explanation, you two were inseparable. Monday and Friday nights were movie nights, while Tuesday and Thursday’s were study nights.

Excitement stormed through your veins as soon as your knuckles hit his door, waiting patiently for Peter, or Aunt May to open the door, inviting you in. You treasured those nights, because Peter was around.

But tonight was different. Tonight was the night you had really had enough. You moved from working on your Algebra homework, which Peter was supposed to help you with, it was Thursday after all.

You shoved your pencil back into your backpack along with your textbook and spiral, zipping it up for the night. Sighing, you shut off your desk lamp whilst grabbing your phone, plopping down on the bed. You gazed at the ceiling, your mind recalling the last movie night the two of you had, the memories so vivid.

“Hey, Y/N/N! I hope you’re ready for Empire Strikes back!” his lips curl into that breathtaking smile you loved so much.

His smile being contagious you laughed, “Of course! It’s your turn to pick anyway,” you threw your hands up and walked in automatically since it’s a place of familiarity.

During the movie, you look over at Peter, his big, bright brown eyes glued to the TV, excitement filling them. Your heart fluttered at his gaze, your feelings becoming stronger by the minute. He catches your gaze and locks eyes with yours, bright brown meeting Y/E/C, both of your hearts beating a mile a minute without the knowledge of the others feelings. You smiled at each other and then focused back on film, realizing these were the nights you cherished the most.

Your phone lit up with a notification, breaking you from your thoughts.

From Pete:-): hey I’m sorry about tonight. Pls find some way to forgive me again. Study hard for that Algebra test tmrw, I know you’ll do great.

You sighed heavily once more, letting the disappointment flood your memory, knowing that whatever he was doing must be more important to him than you.

The next day at school, you were pulling out your Algebra text book to slip back into your locker, getting ready for your afternoon class when you felt a someone lean against the locker next to yours.

“So, you miss me last night?” the familiar voice waking you up from your school daze.

You forcefully slam your locker shut once you see Peter cockily leaned against the lockers, eyebrows raised at you. Your eyes narrow, whipping your head in his direction, anger bubbling deep inside the pit of your stomach. You scan his figure up and down, his soft hair slightly over his head this morning. His eyes played with you while your gaze fell on him, causing your cheeks to slightly flush on instinct from him gaze.

God dammit, why does he have to look so fucking cute today, the day I’ve actually taken into my account of anger at him.

Breaking your trance you roll your eyes at him and turn your body to face him completely, “Not really. After text number thirteen of blowing me off, I’ve seemed to develop kind of a taste for disappointment,” you sassed back, a frown displayed across your lips as you watch his smile fade as your sentence progressed.

His eyebrows scrunched and his eyes dropped in guilt at you, “W-What? Thirteen times?” he stuttered out, his cheeks becoming slightly flushed at the numerous times he’s blown you off.

You shrugged your shoulders at him, sighing while turning on your heel to the opposite end of the hallway, heading to your next class. You couldn’t confront him about it in the middle of the hallway, you’d get so fired up you’d end up making a scene. You weaved in and out of the crowded halls, ignoring Peter’s calls to you as you make another trek to Chemistry without your friend by your side.

“Please, Y/N, please talk to me,” Peter pleaded in your ear while you continue to pour the solution into the flask.

You nudged your goggles up with your forefinger, shaking you shoulders and thoughts as you attempted to focus on the lab and not the pleading boy next to you. His sighs continued since the beginning of class as he attempted to get your attention, his heart sad for leaving you lonely for yet another night.

Peter scooted his stool closer to you, neck craning towards your busy mind as he shoved is elbows on to the lab table, “I’m sorry, okay You know that. I just was so busy that you wouldn’t understand..,” he pleads for the millionth time in a span of ten minutes.

Your brain fought the urge to look over your right shoulder to stare into those captivating brown eyes that sucked you in every time. But no, not this time. This time was different. This time you actually decided to listen to the intellectual part of yourself and realize what Peter has done to you thirteen times, is absolutely ridiculous. The added play was the fact that every time this happened, he would just run out an apology, with no explanation. You never asked for one, because you felt bad. You didn’t want to interfere with his personal life. Even though, you and Ned basically were his personal life.

But, today you decided differently. You would interfere. You would crack him.

Your mind wandered back to reality, your eyes blinking rapidly as his continuous pleads began to ring back into your eardrum. Rolling your eyes, you reach up and yank off your lab goggles, turning to him with an exasperated sigh, sass taking over your demeanor, “Try me.”

Your voice sounded skeptical yet angry at the same time, arms folded across your chest, lips pursed and Y/E/C eyes narrowed at his guilt stricken face. As the words carried to his ears, he felt a lump in his throat begin to form with the amount of lies he’s about to let out in front of you. His hands became sweaty at your intent gaze, worried you may be able to detect the lies about to roll of his tongue.

He cracked his knuckles, head jerking to the side, mouth open as his jaw tightened in frustration before looking back up and stuttering a little, “It’s… complicated, Y/N.”

You eyes roll once again at his seemingly useless and generic reply to your concern for his nightly mishaps. You reach over and put back on your goggles, scooting your chair up farther before muttering to him sharply, “Much too complicated for me to understand though, right?” you sass back, shaking your head as Peter just sat there and looked at you with an intense, yet guilty stare.

Your snarky attitude didn’t stop there. Your previous comment caused something in your brain to click as your eyes met Peter’s in an intense glare, the back of your mind telling you not to stop there.

This is the thirteenth time, Y/N. And every other time you’ve let him off the hook. Not this time, don’t do it.

Your mouth opened widely before turning toward Peter once again, before allowing your mind to take over and let everything you’ve been wanting to say to him for the past two weeks roll off your tongue.

“You know what, Peter? Every other time you’ve bailed on me, I’ve taken it with a grain of salt. I would let you skip your sorry ass into school every day, the usual sappy and half-ass apology on the tip of your tongue as you walked up to me, prepared to hit me with it. But this time, the thirteenth time, I’m fed up. It’s not even an apology anymore, Peter! It’s a game to you! No one in their right mind would make plans with someone night after night and then bail every fucking time!”

Your voice grew louder as each word jumped off your tongue. You knew you had attracted a few of your classmates’ glares, but you didn’t care. Peter never once separated his gaze from yours, his jaw tightening every time your voice grew. His guilty persona allowed you to cut him some slack, slight regret flooding your veins, your heart getting in the way of a heated and concerning argument.

Damn you, feelings. Fuck you.

Feeling your teacher’s eyes on you, you picked up a flask to make it look as if you were working. Your attention snapped back to Peter instantly, head cocking sideways as you impatiently waited for yet another one of his lame, overused excuses to reply to your heated rant.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, Peter sighing as you did so. Your lips stayed pursed as you carefully watched his next movement, which cause your eyes to fill with surprise and shock. Peter’s muscular, calloused hand reached over the lab solution (lol) and placed itself on top yours. The spark instantly ignited your veins by his sweet gesture and heart-warming touches that set you on fire.

He looked over at you softly, eyes settling on yours in concern, and radiated something you couldn’t quite identify in the moment, “Y/N, I know that what I’ve done these past few weeks has been so shitty and such a dick move and I truly am so, so sorry,” he let out, lips turning downward in a sad frown, eyes pleaded into yours, hopeful forgiveness filled them.

You heavily sighed, head looking down and then back up at Peter’s gaze, opening your mouth to say something snarky yet forgiving all wrapped in one. But before you could respond, Peter began to let out his apology once again.

“What I’ve been doing could somehow put you in danger if it turned into something potentially bad, very quickly. And, I don’t know what I would do to myself if something ever happened to you, god. I wouldn’t be able to go on,” his voice stuttered with fear and angst as the thought of your life at risk flashed into his mind.

You felt your heart puddle at the bottom of your stomach, face heating as the soft voice of Peter portraying his immense concern for your being met your ears in a soft trance. A smile formed across your face, eyes smiling as well as your brain processed what your response would be.

Peter cut you off, scooting even closer to you once more before staring deeply into your Y/E/C orbs, “You know I love you, right?” he questioned, voice quiet yet soft as the words danced off his thin pinks lips. Your arms and legs grew weak at his sudden comment.

On a romantic level or even on a friendly one, you knew where your heart belonged and why your concern for bailing on you was so deep.

Whispering lightly between the two of you, you answered truthfully, “I do now.”

Body Shots

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: On Dean’s birthday, you and Sam decide to throw your version of a party. Burgers, drinks, pie, the whole nine for your best friend. Sam goes to bed, leaving a very drunk Dean and a very drunk and very flirty you to yourselves.

Word Count: 2,028

Warnings: Drinking, very mild nudity, implied smut

A/N: This was written for @winchester-writes‘s Birthday Challenge! My alcohol of choice was Deanston scotch and my quote prompt was “Babe, I’m gonna need you to calm down a little bit, okay?” Both are bolded where they appear in the story! (this is totally a day late, and I’m so sorry!)

Originally posted by won-der-land89

Sam was out getting bacon cheeseburgers and something called ‘Super Mega Cheesy Fries,’ you were piling liquor bottles onto the table, and Dean was laid up in bed sleeping. Sam walked through the doors and threw the grease-soaked brown bag on the table beside the bottles.

“Set it up. Make it look good.” You instructed, then turned and walked down the hall to Dean’s room.

Popping the door open, you peeked your head in slowly and saw Dean’s side rising and falling with his calm breaths. You stepped to the bed, placing your hand on his shoulder and shaking him lightly. 

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Uptown Girl [5]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: first of all, i want to say thank you to everyone who’s read uptown girl!! i cannot thank you enough for all your kind words <3 second, i lied lmao there’s gonna be one FINAL chapter after this one (i promise this is for real now lmao) p.s. peter’s pov lol

p.s. (2) don’t hate me for ending this chapter where it ends lol

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

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“Karen, could you show me the videos I took on my phone from last Tuesday.” I was laid down on the top of a building after a long afternoon of running after car thieves and helping lost tourists. All I wanted to do was see Y/N and sleep.

“I’m connecting to your phone, now.” Karen’s robotic voice filled my ears. “Playing video footage.”

My vision was filled with Y/N’s smiling face as we walked in the park. Her hair was blowing in the wind and the light that was hitting her face made her look like an angel.

“Peter! Put that away! I look hideous right now.” She exclaimed in the video. As if she could ever look hideous.

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Brownie Points

Request:  You and Shawn dropping presley off at uncle Geoff’s so you could have alone time

Presley Series! Check out other parts Here!

“Shawn.” You say walking into his home studio. He looks up from his guitar and smiles when he sees you.

“Hey Babe.” He says moving his guitar so you can sit on his lap. “You okay?” He asks as you lean your head on his shoulder.

“I’m so tired.”

“I’m sorry.” He kisses the top of your head. “Did you get new shampoo?” He asks looking over at your face.

“Oh my god you noticed?” You ask look up at him. He laughs.

“Of course I noticed.”

“Today was the first day I’ve used it.”

“Does that get me like husband brownie points?” He grins.

“Mommy!” Presley yells coming into the studio. You hide yourself in Shawn’s chest and then look over at her. 

“Yeah Baby?” 

“Can you come play Dollies with me?” She asks jumping up and down. 

“Sure Baby.” You sigh with a smile. “I’ll meet you in your room, I just gotta finish talking to your Dad.” You say leaning back into Shawn. He kisses the side of your head. You can feel the grin he’s wearing. 

“Okay.” She squeals running back to her room.

“She’s killing me.” You groan into Shawn’s chest. 

“Want me to go play dollies?”

“That’s very sweet, but you’re working.” You say looking at him through your lashes.

“Almost done.” He says tilting his head, smirking. 

“Good.” You say smiling. “I don’t know how I did this without you.” You close your eyes, melting into him. 

“You don’t know how happy that makes me.” He whispers. You look up, puckering your lips for a kiss. He leans his head down, meeting your lips with his.

“Wanna know how to get husband brownie points?” You say referring to the earlier conversation. 

“Yes, yes I do.” He says getting excited.

“Get me alone time with you.” You say, kissing him again and then getting up. He’s fumbling for his phone as you go to play dollies. 


“No Mommy, don’t be done yet!” Presley whines, as you start to put the dolls you had away. 

“Mommy is tired, but you keep playing.” You say sitting up. 

“Hey girls.” Shawn says walking in. You look up at him from the floor and he sits next you, kissing your cheek. “How you doing?” He asks into your ear. You shrug and lean your head on his shoulder. He chuckles and looks over at Presley.

“Daddy can you play dollies since Mommy is tired?”

“I would but, you’re a little busy.” He says, wrapping an arm around you. “I need you to do something for me.” He says making you both look at him. 

“What is it?” She asks, setting her dolls down for the first time in two hours.

“I need you to go grab your backpack.” He says pointing at her Barbie backpack hanging off her chair. She gets up, grabs it, then goes back to you and Shawn. You watch him confused. “Now I need you to pack Pajamas and clothes for tomorrow.”

“Why Daddy?”

“Because you are going to have a sleepover with Uncle Geoff tonight.” He says excitedly. She jumps up and down laughing, and you squeal a little too. She starts packing her bag while Shawn looks over at you. 

“Yeah?” You smile. 

“I need you.” He says pointing at you. “To do two things.” 


“First, I need you to take a nap while I take her over to Geoff’s, he lives a bit a ways away and you should get in at least a two hour nap.” He says.

“Two hours?” You say excited.

“Take advantage.” He says, leaning into your ear. “I need you rested, you’re not gonna sleep much tonight.” He whispers lowly. A shiver runs down your spine and you swallow thickly.

“Next?” You rasp.

“I need some husband brownie points.” He grins.

“You totally got some husband brownie points.” You nod smiling at him. 

“Enough to get a kiss?”

“A kiss? Baby you’ve got so many kisses coming.” You say leaning in.

“You haven’t called me Baby in a long time, I miss it.” He says staring at you. 

“I’m gonna start calling you Baby more then.” You grin, kissing him.

“Gross, stop kissing.” Presley whines. You pull away laughing.

“You don’t like kisses?” Shawn asks, grinning at Presley.

“No Daddy, kissing is gross.” 

“That’s mean.” He says picking her up. “And because of that.” He laughs, kissing all over her face. “You get kisses!” “ 

“Stop!” She laughs pushing him away.

“Okay, we have to go.” He says letting go of her. They both stand up, and Shawn pulls you up. 

“I’m jealous.” You say as she walks out of the room with her backpack that’s too big for her.

“Why?” He asks, arms wrapping around your middle.

“She got more kisses than me, I didn’t even get a long kiss.” You say turning your head to look at him.

“You want kisses too? You’re gonna get kisses.” He huskily whispers in your ear. 

“Promise?” You pout at him. He just kisses you, deeply, tongue slipping into your mouth. His hands turn you, sliding down to your ass. He holds it, inhaling as you tug at his curls. He pulls away suddenly and walks away. 

You stand there in shock, in awe, as he looks over at you over his shoulder.

“Promise.” He grins winking. You giggle and blush as he walks out of the room. “Take a nap.” He calls as he starts to go down the stairs. You race to meet him at the top of the steps.

“As long as I wake to you.” You say grabbing his shirt to keep him close to you.

“You will, I’ll give her to Geoff and leave and come straight home. He’s about 45 minutes away but I’m sure I can push it to 30.”

“Don’t, drive safe.” You warn him.

“I was joking, but the second she’s out of the car I’m speeding home to you.” 

“Okay, that’s okay.” You nod, still hesitant about hims speeding.

“Go sleep.” He pushes you to your bedroom. 


“Shawn.” Geoff says as he walks out his front door.

“Hi Uncle Geoff.” Presley yells as Shawn unbuckles her car seat.

“Hi Presley.” He shouts back. 

“Go get him.” Shawn says once he sets her on the pavement. She races to him and he picks her up, hugging her. Shawn walks up holding her bag. He hands it to Geoff.

“Thanks for watching her man.” He says, hands slipping to his back pockets.

“No problem, I’ll take her anytime.” He smiles looking over at Presley in his arms.

“Good to know.” Shawn nods.

“Go get laid.” Geoff pushes Shawn back to his car.

“Let me say goodbye.” He sasses Geoff. “Hugs.”

“Bye Daddy.” Presley says going from her Uncles arms to her Dads. 

“Sleep well, be good for Uncle Geoff.” 

“I will.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” She giggles, going back to Geoff’s arms.

“Please not a late night and I know you’re gonna have sugar but not too much.” 

“I got it Shawn.”

“No scary movies, and bed at 9 at the latest.” 

“Shawn,” Geoff says cutting him off. Shawn looks at him. “Go get laid.” 

“I’m nervous.” Shawn confesses.

“Why? It’s just Y/n.”

“Exactly, it’s Y/n, and I haven’t had her alone in such a long time.”

“Shawn, just go be two 24 year olds in love.” He says setting Presley on her feet he covers her ears so she can’t hear what he is about to say. “Go fuck like bunnies.” 

“Okay, goodbye.” Shawn says blushing, ears even going red. 

He gets in the car and waves at the two as he drives away. 

Time to go get his girl.


“Holy Shit.” He mumbles as he walks into the kitchen, setting his keys on the counter. 

Candles are lit, you’re in a tight black dress, slow sexy music is playing, and most importantly you’re staring at him. 

“Hey.” You smile, slightly blushing.

“What is this?” 

“I know you said to nap, but I thought if we were gonna be alone we should make it special. I didn’t want to go out so I thought we could eat in? I ordered from Olive Garden.”

“You’re so hot.” He blurts staring at you. “Let me go change.” He says looking back at the stairs.

“No you’re fine.”

“No way, if you’re gonna wear that.” He looks you up and down again. “Then I gotta get you all hot and bothered too.” 

“You are getting me hot and bothered.”

“Just, shh.” He says before rushing up the stairs.

He quickly changes, putting on nicer black pants and his white button up. He knows how quickly you jumped him the last time he wore this outfit. He quickly rushes to the bathroom to fix his hair and he checks his drawer to make sure he has condoms, gasping when he sees that he doesn’t have any. 

“Fuck.” He mumbles, going down the stairs. 

Maybe he can sneak out to go get some. 

“Christ.” You groan looking at him. 

“Hey.” He grins. 

“Okay you were right, that’s getting me hot and bothered.” 

“I knew it would.” He grins, leaning you against the counter, hands on your hips. 

“Dinner’s here.” You say looking over at the table you have set.

“Babe, I was supposed to be in charge of this night. You’re beating me to everything.”

“No, you got us this time alone. Baby the least I could do was get dinner.”

“God it sounds so good to hear you call me that.” He moans out, kissing you. 

“Come on, lets eat Baby.” You whisper in his ears, teasing him now. 

“Watch yourself.” He grins, holding your hips as you walk to the table.


Dinner has come and gone, the couple giggling and flirting as they reconnected with each other.

“I never realized how much I missed you.” She says as she leans into him.

“We need to do this more often, it feels good to finally talk to you without being interrupted.”

“I just think she’s lonely, we need to go out so she can make friends. Friends that aren’t the guys from your team.”

“Yeah, maybe preschool is what she needs.”

“That’s a good a idea.” 


Clothes have been disregarded. Scattered all over the floor, rushed breathes and moans the only thing that can be heard in the room.

“Oh shit, fuck Babe I’m sorry.” Shawn says pulling away.

She’s already laying on the bed, him hovering over her.

“What? What happened?”

“I don’t have condoms. Fuck, damnit. I checked earlier and forgot to go get some. You and your dress distracted me.”

“It’s too late now, everywhere is closed.” She says subtly blushing at his comment. 

A year of marriage and he can still make her blush like they just started dating.

“I know, damnit!” He groans rolling away. 

“Wait, come back.” She says rolling with him. “Shawn.” She says looking up at him.

“Hmm.” He says looking over.

“We can um, still do it.” She whispers.

“Wait, you want to without a,” He pauses.

“Well, we’re married. If we happen to get pregnant then we can handle it, but at the same time if we don’t get pregnant then we just had incredible sex.” 

“Okay first, it’s always incredible.” He says looking at her through his lashes. “Second, you would be okay if you got pregnant?”

“I want more kids with you Shawn.” She nods.

“Are we doing this?”

“Yeah I think so.”


Prompt: “She was a nomad at heart. Unlike him, she didn’t need to have a place to call home.” Told in Lin’s POV.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: I’m glad I got this out in time for V-day! Though I’m not as satisfied as I should be, I decided to share it with you guys. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Lin was going to do it tonight.

He had the support from his family, friends, and even some random old lady on the subway he told last week.

He was partnered up with Y/N in an acting class during his Sophomore year of college. The second her eyes landed on him and she gave him her million-dollar smile, he should have known he was doomed.

He and Y/N became fast friends and spent every single waking moment together. They would text each other at night, have breakfast and coffee in the morning, head to class, and then do whatever the hell they pleased until it was time to go home.

Junior year they met each other’s parents. Y/N had her mother’s looks, but everything else about her was her father. Her personality, the way she carried herself, her love for travel and adventure… it all came from him. And of course, his parents loved her. They called her their daughter and fed her bottomless stomach with food whenever they would visit.

Senior year, even though they were both stressed and drowning in exams and projects, they managed to find time for each other. It helped that she was practically living with him. She cleared space in his tiny closet for her clothes, left her toiletries in his bathroom, and slept in his bed. Somehow, she managed to book small affordable getaways, either in nearby states where she would drag him around and explore the city or a “staycation” in New York where she would show him things even he, a native, haven’t even heard of before.

It was during a random night in the middle of the semester, where she was cramming for an exam that was in the morning, that he realized how much he really loved her. He sat in the kitchen across from her, papers sprawled on the table and his laptop in front of him, watching as she began to doze off. The pencil in her hand fell to the table with a thump and he chuckled when her head began to bob, drifting further into the calls of sleep.

“Time for bed,” Lin whispers, getting up and going over to her side.

As he pulled her up from her seat by her hand, she began to protest. “No,” she yawns, rubbing her eyes.

“You need sleep,” Lin urged, pulling her towards his bedroom.

“But I need to study,” she whined, but let him lead her to bed.

“I’ll wake you up early in the morning so you can study,” Lin smiles, opening up the duvet and helping her inside.

Just as he was about to turn and leave, she stops him by grabbing the sleeve of his hoodie.

“Stay with me, please?”

Her question tugged at his heartstrings.

She scooted over to make room for him and kept the duvet open to let him in. Lin’s smile gets bigger, and with a defeated sigh, slips in beside her. She immediately attaches to him, tucking herself under his chin and swung her leg over him. She was asleep within seconds.

Lin stared at the ceiling, heart hammering against his chest.

He wanted this every day for the rest of his life.

He wanted to come home to her, sleep next to her, be with her…

Lin wanted it all and more.

And today, after months and months of suppressing it, he was going to tell Y/N. Even if she didn’t feel the same, he had to do it. So what if the little hope he’s built after overanalyzing every conversation, every single touch, every unspoken word he’s had with her is crushed?

At least he gave it a shot.

“Lin! I have exciting news!” Y/N came rushing in the bar full of graduates, graduation cap still pinned to her head and heels clicking with every step.

Lin spreads his arms open and she runs forward, squeezing him tightly.

She draws back, eyes gleaming with excitement, and grabs his hands. She jumps up and down, not able to contain her excitement.

“I got the job!” she squeals.

Lin’s heart drops.

“The job?” he echoes.

“The job for The National Geographic, silly! How could you forget?”

He didn’t forget.

It was the freelance journalism job with The National Geographic.

She was going to be whisked away from New York, away from her home, her family, him

“Oh my god, Lin! They left a voicemail earlier today and they said they want to fly me out to Australia tomorrow. Can you believe it? Australia!”

“Australia…” Lin whispers, throat feeling tight.

He felt as if the floor was going to slip from under him. She was finally going to travel the world and experience all the things she’s dreamed of, but he felt so devastated.

She lunges forward, hugging him again.

“I’m so happy!”

Lin lifted his trembling hands to embrace her.

“Me too.”

The rest of the night passed by in a haze.

It didn’t go away even after he said goodbye to her at the airport the next day.


For the last five years, the only way he kept in touch with Y/N were through emails. She had a horrible habit of losing her cell phone and it was almost impossible to find signal in the middle of nowhere.

She’s been to every single continent, every nook and cranny of the world. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to Seychelles, she was there, her smile brighter and bigger than he’s ever seen it.

She was a nomad at heart. Unlike him, she didn’t need to have a place to call home. The whole world was her home. She didn’t want stability, she wanted excitement. She didn’t fear the unknown, she thrived in it and faced it head-on.

She was the polar opposite who he was, but damn, every time he would scroll through her pictures, he felt a deep sorrow in his gut of what could have been.

He knew that they would have been amazing together.

He could just picture it… Y/N, in the front row of the Richard Rogers Theater on the opening night of In The Heights and then Hamilton, screaming her head off in some gaudy dress. Her getting annoyed with Karen and her sass, adoring Chris and his big-brother tendencies, and silently rooting for Jasmine and Anthony…

But she wouldn’t have been truly happy.

She would’ve felt trapped and miserable if she stayed in New York. That’s why he let her go, why he chose to smile and ignore every cell in his body that begged to speak up the day she left. It would have been unfair and selfish of him to say anything to her. He didn’t want to hold her back from experiencing the world.

So instead, Lin sent her scanned Broadway pamphlets and newspaper clippings his mother saved, cast recordings of the musical, and pictures of people she would never meet.

They emailed each other every day and he hung on to each and every word she sent. From three sentences to a full page of words, he saved it. It was pathetic that even after all these years, Y/N was all he could think about. Every girl he’s dated was nothing compared to her.

Maybe it was time to stop pining for a girl that was always seemed to be out of his grasp.

“Lin, are you ready?”

His father’s voice pulled him out of his musings. He glanced around his surroundings, remembering that he was supposed to do a press conference for the record-breaking Tony nominations Hamilton set.  He cleared his throat and nodded, leaving the dressing room and heading towards the stage.

After he was announced, he walked onstage, the bright lights of the cameras blinding him. One by one he was asked routine questions from reporters: his inspirations for the play, his reaction to the sudden popularity of the show, and how he felt about the nominees of each category.

The final question came from the back and Lin squinted his eyes, barely making out a form of a man.

“Andy from the New York Times,” he said, “back in your college years, I heard that you got banned from the girl’s dorms after being caught in bed with one of the students multiple times. Would you like to comment on that?”

Lin reared his head back and laughed when the crowd let out a murmur. “You must have done a lot of digging to find that story,” he hums, tucking his hair behind his ear, “but, you’re correct.”

There was another buzz from the crowd, but this time, it was accompanied with flashes from the cameras.

“But, it’s not as wicked as you think it is,” Lin continued, smirking, “I spent a lot of time with a very dear friend in her dorm, studying. We had a lot of classes together and it was easier to stay at her place than to go back to my own dorm. The RA just happened to catch me sneaking into her dorm at night and assumed the worst.”

The crowd seemed unconvinced, but Lin didn’t have a chance to elaborate because time was up. He was escorted off to the side to take pictures and he posed as best as he could as he walked through the row photographers.


The familiar voice caught his attention, and with a grin, Lin walked towards Andy. “That was a tough question,” Lin says, shaking his outstretched hand, “I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that story during any of my interviews.”

Andy returns the grin and winks. “I have a great source.”

“Oh? I’d like to meet them,” Lin responds, genuinely intrigued.

Andy laughs. “You’ll have to wait for it.”

Lin was left to ponder his cryptic answer as he was ushered to the fans that awaited him.

Lin didn’t know why there were so many parties he had to attend.

He was currently getting ready for a banquet to celebrate the Tony nominees. In all honesty, the question from Andy completely threw him off-guard and caused him to feel a mix of emotions, longing the being the strongest. He wanted to stay home and reminisce the precious memories he had with Y/N, but it would have caused him to spiral into the depression he fought so hard to climb out of.

His phone buzzed, indicating that the escort was in front of his apartment, waiting. With a sigh, he pocketed his phone and wallet, mentally preparing himself for the event.

He swung his door open, stunned to see a woman whose hand was poised to knock on his door. A woman who strangely looked like…

“Y/N.” he whispers, eyes wide.

She drops her arms, letting them fall limply against her side.

“Hi,” she breathed, a sheepish smile on her face, “I… I got your address from your Father. He told me about your event tonight, but I couldn’t wait. I needed to see you.”

Lin felt his eyes water and his heart felt like it was going to burst. His eyes took in Y/N, her skin tan from all the days she spent out in the sun, baby-face long gone, and body slimmer from all her travels.

She’s still as beautiful as ever.

“You’re here.” Lin couldn’t recognize his voice.

“I’m here,” she repeats, “for good.”

Lin couldn’t comprehend what Y/N was saying. “For good?”

She swallows thickly, and wet her lips before she speaks. “My contract with National Geographic is over and I didn’t want to renew it. I’m done, Lin,” her voice wavers, “I got a job with New York Times a couple weeks ago –”

Lin lets out a sharp laugh. “You’re Andy’s source.”

She pauses. “Yes.”

Lin runs a hand down his face, trying to make sense of the situation. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner that you were back, Y/N?”

She frowns, her eyes searching his face as she explains herself. “I was scared, okay? It’s been five long years… Things change, Lin! Would we really be able to pick up where we left off? I’ve missed so many important events in your life. I should’ve been there,” she stops, voice quivering.

Lin smiles sadly. “I wanted you to be there too.”

“But I’m here now, and if I have to, I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”

Lin stares at Y/N, her declaration causing the tears in his eyes to spill. His heart felt full and wordlessly, he opens up his arms for her.

She runs into his embrace and it felt like he was young again.

The nomad finally decided to stop wandering.

“I’m home,” she whispers.

“Welcome home.”

- are you going to eat this?

a/n : so i took a stab at a jughead one shot, which was surprisingly challenging because his character is so interesting and hard to get right. but hey, have some drabble that i’ve managed to spew into some writing.

word count : 974 

{jughead x reader}

Originally posted by noahsweetwne

Disappointment. That’s all you seemed to ever feel. That nauseous drop in your stomach, an inconsolable hole. But you were used to it, you’d been let down your whole life. Your dad leaving when you were just eight years old; your mother becoming a work-consumed robot, incapable of showing human emotion to her daughter; and your brother just being a down right dick. A trait he had once again managed to show tonight.

You sat in the retro red booth of Pop’s, a chocolate shake sat in front of you. You swirled the straw around the tall glass before taking another sip. You were waiting for your brother to show. You wanted nothing more than to see him but apparently he didn’t feel the same way. As much as you didn’t want to admit it you knew he wasn’t coming. You’d been sat with false hope for about an hour now, simply watching the people that entered and exited the diner. You saw your friend Archie Andrews enter the shop earlier to pick up and order. You two weren’t best friends but you were his lab partner. He gave you a smile which you returned with a fake one, although he didn’t pick up on your facade.

“On the house” you heard a voice from beside you as a basket on onion rings was placed on your table. You cast your eyes up to familiar face of Pop. He gave you a pitiful smile as he wiped his hands on his apron. You gave him a grateful smile. “Didn’t show again?” He questioned despite already knowing the answer. This wasn’t the first time your brother had stood you up, and you’d managed to admit yourself that it most likely wasn’t the last. You let out a sigh.

“More onion rings for me right?” you joked, your sardonic humour presenting itself earning yourself a look of pity off Pop. You picked one up and shoved it in your mouth, silently praying the conversation would end. You appreciated Pop’s charity but you hated people feeling sorry for you.

“Just let me know if you need anything” He offered, motioning to your almost empty chocolate shake. You followed his gaze and picked up the glass and passing it to him with a sheepish smile. He took the glass from your grip and smiled, walking off to top it up. You relaxed back into the booth again, your eyes landing on the basket of food in front of you. However, the pang of frustration managed to put you off as you edged them further away from you across the table. You ran your hand through you dark hair, another sigh of melancholy escaping your lips. Just another night at Pop’s alone after being stood up by Dean the dick you thought. Pop returned with your shake and placed it on the table, leaving you with your thoughts. Before your mind could crawl any further into the dark hole of depression and angst someone slid into the other side of the booth.

“Are you going to eat this?” he inquired, your basket of onion rings now sat in front of him. You shook your head silently, as he popped one in his mouth. Who was this boy? His eyes were slightly sunken, a dark shade visible underneath them. He had dark unruly curls that poked out from the front of his dark beanie. His small pink lips moving slightly as he consumed your food. You stared at him as he ate, taking in his features.

“Do you always stare at people when the eat their food?” He questioned catching your gaze; your cheeks reddened slightly. His tone was serious, put the playfulness in his eyes was evident enough for you to make a comeback.

“Well technically it’s my food” You retorted with a smirk. He stopped chewing for a second and stared at you, his dark eyes boring into yours.

“Touché” He countered, picking up another onion ring. You sat in silence as he finished the basket and sighed with content. You snickered quietly as he cleaned his fingers on a napkin. “So” he started, pushing the basket aside and leaning forwards. You did the same, placing your hands on the table. “Why have you been sat alone until now looking like humpty dumpty just fell off the wall… for the twenty fifth time?” He asked. You let out a laugh, your lips twisting into a playful smirk.

“How did you know i love Humpty Dumpty so much?” You sassed. He rolled his eyes playfully and shrugged his shoulders. You sighed before responding. “My douchebag of a brother stood me up, again.” A look of pity flashed across his eyes, sparking your short-temper. He opened his mouth to say something but you cut him off. “Anyway, i don’t know why i’m telling you this when i don’t even know your name,” you quipped, taking a sip of your shake.

“Jughead Jones, the third” he responded causing you to choke on your beverage. He inspected you factiously, as if waiting for you to respond with a witty comment. But you didn’t. You composed yourself and stuck your hand out. “Well, Jughead Jones the third, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance” You said gallantly. He gladly accepted and took your hand in his.

“So, mysterious Humpty Dumpty lover” he started making himself comfortable on his side of the booth, wait laced in his tone. “Tell me more about yourself, how do you feel about Jack and Jill?” You let out a giggle, earning a grin from the boy opposite you. You may have only just met Jughead, but you were already thanking fate for throwing you both together as you sat in Riverdale’s famous chock’lit shoppe until the early hours of the morning, escaping your merciless realities together.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Dean x Reader (it’ll make sense, I swear)

Summary: After seeing Jensen dressed as 1940′s Dean, you suddenly have an idea to bring this version of your husband into the bedroom.

Word Count: 1,441

Warnings: roleplay, oral sex (female receiving), smut, cursing

Submitted by: @sgarrett49

Jensen decided to let you visit set that day. They were filming a time jump episode and he wanted you to be there to see the way they changed the set. You were an aspiring artist in the film industry, wanting to be the one to create and switch out the sets when scenes changed. What you weren’t expecting was for them to throw Dean back into the 1940′s, part his hair and slick it to the side, and make him wear that fucking delicious outfit.

When he walked onto set from the wardrobe trailer, your jaw dropped. The shirt hugged his biceps so damn well. The vest showed off his broad shoulders but pulled in around his trim waist. And the hair. For fuck’s sake, that hair. You shook yourself from your daze as you sank back into your chair, thighs clenching together. 

You sat back and watched Jensen slide perfectly into his character, ending the scene when Bob called cut, wrapping for the night. Sliding down out of the tall seat, you practically ran to meet Jensen.

“Baby, you were so good!” You stood on your toes and kissed him. “And you look even better.” 

He smiled against your lips and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you to him.

“That’s not just a prop gun in my pocket, ya know.” He winked as you giggled.

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Wedding in Hawaii || Part 1

hi. i got inspired these last couple of days bc as we all know harry freaking styles is spending his free time in hawaii at a wedding looking hella good and stuff. i guess the title already gave it away so i don’t need to explain anything further so just enjoy bc i absolutely loved writing this. oh and a part 2 is coming. and maybe more parts. i don’t know about them tho. part 2 is confirmed it is on the way it’s almost done actually. harry is feeding me so good y’all i can’t believe my man i love him so much and my love for him will be clearly shown throughout these little one shots. so if you don’t like too cute and sweet and lovey-dovey shit then i suggest you not reading these. they’ll be full of stuff like that. sorry for any spelling mistakes, once again i haven’t proof read it lmao i probably should start doing that again but o whale. lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 2 • Part 3

I couldn’t have imagined spending my time elsewhere as I was in Hawaii with Harry on my side in his lovely attire looking like the happiest person on this planet.

He was gorgeous. Like so fucking gorgeous.

There were no words that could’ve possibly described how I felt about him as I was watching him in his pale yellow suit and dress pants. Not to mention the blue Hawaiian shirt he wore under his blazer.

He found that funny. Nah, scratch that.

He found it hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

Harry found it absolutely hilarious that he was wearing a Hawaiian printed shirt while he was in Hawaii.

“What you smiling at?” he asked me as he stepped next to me, his arms sneaking around my waist and pulling me closer to his body.

I sweetly kissed his chin then the corner of his mouth which caused him to grin widely and the pounding of my heart increased dramatically at the sight. He was so so pretty and I could barely breathe as he was right there in front of me.

“I love you,” I muttered as I stared up at him, my voice a tiny bit serious but oh so full of love. “You’re so gorgeous.”

“What’s gotten into you?” he chuckled as he put one of his hands on my cheek, the palm of his hand was warm and it fit perfectly on the side of my face. I leaned into his touch, closing my eyes and forgetting the fact that we were at his mate’s wedding.

“You before,” I blurted out a bit too bluntly which caused him to laugh out as loud as hell and I couldn’t help but chuckle too.

“Alright, my love,” he said as he hugged me and pressed a kiss on the top of my head. “You cannot drink anymore alcohol.”

“Hey, don’t be rude to me! I can drink whatever I wanted. It’s your fault you’re not used to me being blunt.”

“Trust me, I am,” he sighed with a smile on his lovely face. I couldn’t help myself when I just grabbed both sides of his face and pressed my lips against his.

His mouth was massaging mine as he was giving me one of his sweet kisses, his grin spreading across his face causing us to pull away from each other. His eyes were shining and his cheeks were pink, his hair fluffy because of the humidity and he was just having so much fun it got me to never end up being bored.

“You didn’t say I love you back to me,” I pouted and he leaned down and pecked my lips.

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” he said it three times and between each confession he kissed me. “Hey, baby?”


“I love you.”

I laughed before hugging him tightly around his waist.

“I love you.”


It was bright and early when I woke up to the sound of someone puking in the bathroom and that someone ended up being Harry when I didn’t find him next to me in bed. We only came back from wedding at four am so when I checked what time it was and ended up finding out it was just twenty past five in the morning I was not impressed.

Sighing, I got out of bed, throwing my hair in a bun before entering the bathroom. Harry was on the floor leaning against the bathtub which I used right when we arrived. It was lovely in case you wanted to know.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him as I made my way towards the sink, took his toothbrush out of the cup and filled it up with cold water. I also gave him a towel that was on the side then I flushed the toilet after closing the top of it.

“Like hell,” he answered lowly. He chucked the towel to the side then put his elbows on his knees that were propped up and laid his forehead on his arms. “What’s the time?”

“Around half past five,” I sighed. “Do you wanna come back to bed?” I yawned, putting my hand in front of my mouth naturally.

“Yeah give me like a decade to be able to stand up,” he told me sassily and I just rolled my eyes.

“Come on, sass pants, give me your hands,” I said as I put my hands out. “Don’t let yourself be like that, it’s only gonna make this worse.”

“Why did I even drink? Why did you let me drink?”

“Hey, don’t blame me! I let you have fun because you’ve been working your butt off.”

“True. It’s not your fault. Well, not entirely.”

“Go to hell, Harry Styles,” I laughed as I gave a little slap to his ass when he stood up. “Now come and brush your teeth.”

“Really?” he looked at me like he saw a ghost as I put some toothpaste on his toothbrush. “Why do I have to brush it?”

“You literally just been throwing up,” I told him with a little chuckle added at the end, my voice thickly laced with sleep. “Come on, please, don’t be a hassle,” I sighed. “I’ll brush your teeth for you, c’mere.”

And he did.

He actually let me brush his teeth.

I couldn’t believe how lazy he was. But then again I didn’t expect him not to take up on that chance. He always did when I offered to do something instead of him.

He was a lazy piece of ass and I found it funny how no one really knew that about him. Harry never showed that, only to the people he was really comfortable around and with and I felt really good that I could consider myself to be one of those people.

“Thank you, love you,” he murmured as he hugged me with one hand and kissed my temple.

I just nodded as I rinsed out his toothbrush then put it back in its place. Harry took my hand once I dried it and we went back to bed, both of us getting under the duvet since all the windows were open and the weather was a bit windy outside.

Moments later Harry curled up against me, his legs sneaking between mine as he hid his face in the crook of my neck. His right hand was slowly making its way on to my waist then it slid down on to my bum and he rested it there.

“D’you wanna come work out with me tomorrow?” he asked me after minutes had pass, his voice low and croaky.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I ran my fingers through his short hair, remembering back to that loose strand of hair that rested on his forehead all day and night. It was so blooming sexy I found it so much more attractive than I probably should have.

“Work out with you? Tomorrow?” I asked back with a light chuckle. His hand squeezed my bum a bit which I’m not gonna lie was a good feeling.

I loved his hands all over me I didn’t mind one bit when he did that as long as we were in private. I’d rather him not do stuff like that when we’re out and about with all the paparazzi and fans around.

God knows what would happen to me as soon as people would find out about it.

“Mhm, I saw the gym when we arrived. Wanna try it before we gotta leave.”

“Okay, we’ll see, bub,” I told him as I continued to play with his curls that were making a comeback and ensuring my happiness.

“Do you wanna get married in Hawaii?” he asked me which caught me off guard.

“I mean if I’ll be marrying you, I won’t mind where we’ll get married.”

“Good answer,” he laughed. “I think m’gonna sleep now.”

“You should and so should I,” I said yawning.

“Mmmm, yeah,” he agreed. “Sleep tight, pretty girl.”

“You too, gorgeous,” I kissed his head before scooting closer to him in hopes of not having to get up again for another round to the bathroom.

Biting Their Neck || Riverdale Preferences

Archie Andrews: 

The car around you vibrated silently as a catchy tune pounded through the surrounding speakers. Humming along to the chorus, you passed by a certain ginger. You had planned on driving the muscled boy home, and having some,, fun when you arrived. “Hey, stranger.” You mused, unlocking the doors. Throwing his large football bag in the backseat, he settled into the passenger seat. “You know, today was rough. “Can we just do it in here? Please?” he pleaded, his large eyes peering into your suspicious ones. “Sure, let me just park somewhere inclusive.” You hummed in response, flashing a grin. You didn’t mind, as long as you could make the horny teenager happy. Parking in a secluded area surrounded by trees, you unbuckled yourself from the driver’s seat. Swinging yourself over so you sat on Archie’s lap, you pressed your lips to his. You feverishly pressed your lips to his neck, your pearly whites nipping at the sensitive skin. The red-head hissed in response, and you giggled. You pulled the flushed skin between your teeth before running your tongue over the bite to soothe it. “Keep going.” It came out as a guttural moan, and you continued to litter his neck with bruises. “Will do.”

Jughead Jones:

“Why did you do that again?” You questioned, placing your purse onto the plush red seat. You sat down on it, combing through your fingers; something you had been doing for God knows how long. “You could of seriously gotten hurt Juggy. At least you called. Thank you for that.” You babbled before looking up to meet his gaze. “He called you… I don’t even want to say.” Jughead groaned, his blackened eye swollen shut. You gingerly reached over the porcelain table, pressing your cold fingers against the delicate bruise. He winced, looking down. “Sorry baby. But you were my knight in shining armor.” You consoled, standing up from your comfortable spot to sit next to your beanie-clad boyfriend. “Anytime.” He chuckled, pressing a delicate kiss to your temple. You hummed in response, attaching your chapped lips to the base of his neck. “You were so brave.” You giggled, biting down onto his already-bruised neck. He moaned softly, leaning into your delicate touch. “Please. Don’t tease me. I got enough teasing for one night.” You complied, your hand grazing over his growing bulge. “Anything for you, handsome.”

Betty Cooper:

“You look gorgeous baby doll.” You complimented, your (e/c) eyes scanning over her form. Her large green eyes grew large, her pink, plump lips pursing in an attempt to argue. “Don’t even try me Cooper. You are not winning this fight. Now, I believe a ‘Thank You’ is in order.” You retorted, waving your hands dramatically. “T-Thank you.” The blonde stuttered, making her way over to you. “You are welcome. Also there is another issue that we need to discuss. I am extremely horny but you look to good to mess anything up, so I guess we can settle for dry humping?” You queued in, hoping she wouldn’t deny your request. “Let’s do it.” She giggled, swinging her leg over your relaxed form. Her hands grasped your face, pulling you into a sweet kiss. You hummed happily against her soft lips. She moved her hips against yours, pressing up against your core. Suddenly, you flipped the two of you so you were on top, and you kissed along her jawline. Moving south, you pressed hungry kisses against her flushed skin, biting down harshly. She mewled underneath you, and you grinned against her skin. “Time to go buttercup. Don’t want to be late.”

Veronica Lodge:

“Woah. Veronica.” You attempted to pull the fiery girl back in, as she was on fire. “Don’t touch me!” The raven-haired girl fired back, growling as she tried to get away from you. Something had set her off, and when Veronica Lodge was let loose, there was no stopping her. “You better chill out. Right now. Just because you’re mad at some bitch that goes by the name of Cheryl Blossom, you cannot just go around and be a bitch too. I am your girlfriend. Not some girl you can go and tell to ‘fuck off.’ You better listen to me Veronica Lodge. I am not going to sit here and let you push down everyone just because you’re mad. Now chill out. Now.” It took Veronica a few seconds to comprehend your words, but when she did, a lustful glint appeared in her eye. “God, I love it when you tell me off.” She growled, shoving you into an empty classroom. Her lips pressed against yours in a dangerous manner, and you complied immediately. Taking control of the situation, you traveled downwards, biting harshly. You could see the bruise quickly forming. She whimpered from underneath you, melting into your touch. “Try and sass me again Veronica.”

Cheryl Blossom:

“Don’t think about it Cheryl. It’s not that big of a deal. He’s not worth anything. I mean, of course he’s worth something, he’s your father..” you continued on before puling her into your arms. You could care less whether she got her signature bold lipstick on an old dress that you were adorned in, and you held her close to your chest. “Everything is going to be okay. His opinion doesn’t even matter. Just remember that, okay?” She sniffed against your shoulder, nodding softly. “Hey.” You grabbed her face, forcing her to look into your eyes. “It’s okay.” And with that, you kissed her, and hard. She complied with your touch, her quivering form crumbling under your touch. She hummed softly, combing her fingers through your hair. Nothing came easy for the poor ginger, especially with her twin brother dying. Traveling downwards, you pressed loving kisses against her neck. Biting down softly, she let out a light moan. “P-Please. I need your touch. I need you.” Soothing the bite with a soft kiss, you pulled away. “As you wish.”

Is That...?

Pairing: Jared x wife!Reader

Word Count: ~330

Warnings: implied smut

A/N: I know these are manips but hot damn if Jared with tattoos doesn’t do something for me. Written for RPF Appreciation Day 2017.

Unbeta’d, all mistakes are mine.

“Hey, baby.” Jared’s sleepy face filled your screen. You were laying on your side, propped up on your elbow and grinning at your husband.

“Hey yourself.” You ran your finger over the lace at the edge of your lingerie.

“It's… so late back home. Why aren’t you sleeping?” He yawned, proving his point.

“Wanted to wait for you to get done filming. Thought maybe I could convince you to get those scenes right the first time so you can start coming home to me a little sooner.” Shooting him a wink, you tugged at the cup of your bra, revealing the soft, supple skin.

“Well in that case…” Jared smirked, adjusting his beanie over his shaggy hair. Your eye caught a glimpse of a mark on his arm and you squinted against the bright computer screen before you.

“Jared Padalecki!” You squealed. “Is that a tattoo?!” Sitting straight up, you brought the computer onto your crossed legs and demanded he raise his arm again. “What the fuck?” Your eyes went wide.

“Jensen and I had a late night last weekend…” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“You got a tattoo?!” You pulled your robe around your shoulders. “Let me see it again!” You cocked an eyebrow and waited for him to pan his camera over to his bicep. “A star?” You teased.

“Hey, shut up. I said it was a late night.” He blushed, attempting and failing to hide a smile.

“No, it - I like it.” You bit your bottom lip. “Always had a thing for guys with tattoos. When Sam got inked…” You trailed off, fanning yourself and letting your robe dip behind your back, pooling around your hips when it dropped. Jared’s eyes widened and then his lids fell as he watched you slide the computer down your legs to the foot of the bed, ready and willing to give him a show he’d never forget.

“I should’ve gotten a tattoo a long time ago.”

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trans bi Peter going to pride with his lesbian aunt may

“hold still,” may says, smearing gaudy lipstick over the apples of his cheeks. “this white lipstick keeps smudging!!”

peter snorts. “in the brands defense, i’m sure they assumed people would be putting it on their mouths not their cheeks.”

may rolls her eyes, applying another layer of the white lipstick to his face. “i can’t believe you’re defending some cheap dollar store makeup brand just so you can sass me. actually no, i can totally believe that.”

she leans back and looks at peter, she puts on her glasses and takes them off again, then lets out a satisfied sigh. “okay, buddy, you’re all set.”

peter hopped up ran over to the hallway mirror, and he immediately began giggling at what he saw. his hair was stood in all directions, stiff with hairspray and dyed with blue/white/and pink hair chalk. his face was streaked with deep pink/purples/and blues. he was wearing his trans pride shirt and had loads of bisexual pride pins on, along with some classic rainbow flag pins.

“i look so ridiculous.”

“i know, isn’t it great???” may chuckled, pulling her hair up into a bun. she wasn’t dressed as wild as peter, choosing to simply wear a rainbow t-shirt and some high waisted shorts. but she insisted that peter go all out, it was his first pride and she wanted him to let loose. he was so tense lately from school and spidey stuff, he needed a day to himself.

“okay, bag check!” peter yelled. “car keys?”


“cell phones?”




“spidey suit? just in case?”


“okay let’s go!” peter sung. “you ready?”

“heck yeah!! i’m gonna get so many phone numbers.”

peter rolled his eyes. “calm your jets, may.”

“i’m gonna meet your new mom tonight.”

“oh my god please stop talking.”


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  • dude, he’s your best friend
  • always there for you whenever you need him
  • sasses you like no one else
  • laughs at all your fails
  • let’s you laugh at all of his fails
  • pouts about you being mean to him afterwards
  • is a puppy
  • wanggae + parkgae
  • tells you how pretty you are at random times
  • literally you’ll just be sitting and eating and suddenly he goes “Y/N you’re so pretty”
  • loves to be babied but also thinks it’s necessary to show you how manly he is
  • he’ll never let you do the little chores like changing a light bulb, or moving around stuff, etc.
  • would show off and stunt around like a stereotypical frat boi tbh
  • he would love cooking with you
  • super clingyyyy
  • but also super chill and open-minded
  • you two would rarely get into serious arguments 
  • that’s not to say he can’t be serious
  • sometimes he’ll be moody, and serious
  • he’d never raise his voice out of anger
  • he’d never really judge you, but he’d sass you as if he’s judging you
  • just super extra af
  • also super romantic af
  • gets you flowers
  • candle-lit dinners
  • beach walks
  • drive-in movie dates
  • lots of eating all the time
  • would get insecure about his height whenever you wear heels
  • but he wouldn’t tell you not to wear heels
  • at least not outright
  • “Y/N don’t you think your feet would be more comfortable in flats?”
  • “No, I mean they look good but comfort should be your top priority.”
  • meme face snapchat streaks
  • couple accessories are a thing
  • but he might complain about couple outfits so don’t push it
Archie Andrews x Reader

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I fall into a fit of laughter sprawling my body out onto Archie’s bed. we were sitting in he’s room practicing for our school concert when we took a short break to look through photos of us as little kids. Our parents had been friends since highschool so it was only a given that Archie and I would grow up to be the bestest of friends.

“Look at the hair!” Archie gawks pointing at my almost Afro like hairdo.

“Hey, don’t be mean, I have curly thick hair okay?” I push at his chest as he continues to laugh. “You can’t talk have you SEEN your insane freckles!” He goes silent and moves onto the next picture. “Hey I wasn’t done looking at that!” I complain trying to snatch the photo from his grasp.

“No!” he begs standing trying to get away from me only for me to jump onto his back and grabbing the photo before he throws me onto his bed trying to tear the photo from my grip.

“It’s mine, I wanna keep it, please!” I beg and he gives up, sticks his tongue out at me. “Hey at least your freckles have gone away, my curly gross hair is here to stay.” His face softens a little as he sits down next to me examining the photo of the two of us at ages 5.

“I think it’s pretty.”

I giggle and lean my head into his chest. “Awww Arch aren’t you cute,” I stand and walk over to his guitar perched on its stand. Glancing back Archie seems lost in his own mind, I sling the strap onto my back and walk back over to him grabbing his hands in my own.

“You good?“ He snaps out of his daze smiling up at me.

“Yeah, I’m fine… Hey I’m the one playing the guitar your the one who’s singing.” I sulk dropping my bottom lip.

“Can you try and teach me a little? You know how long of wouldn’t to learn how to play.” He drags his fingers through his red hair.

“Fine, fine, but you owe me,” he warns.

“Name your price.”

“Pop’s tonight, you treat,” he challenges wriggling his brows at me.

“Fine, fine, deal,” I stick my hand out shaking his before sitting myself on his bed cross legged, the instrument sitting nicely in my lap. I run my fingers across the strings tapping my palm against the wood.

“Hey, hey, please be careful with my baby.”

I scoff. “Hurry up and teach me something Archibald.”

He rolls his eyes dragging his hand down his face. “Please don’t call me that, you know I hate it!”

I giggle. “Don’t I know it.”

He fake laughs before standing behind me showing me how to hold and strum.

“Okay this is a lot harder to grasp than I thought,” I admit exhaling loudly.

“You almost got it just here,” he places his hands over my own to readjust my hold. I catch his features as pure concentration as his face gets closer and closer, I hold in my laugh trying to take it as serious as possible. I could feel his warm breathe tickling my neck distracting me from the words flowing from his mouth.

“(Y/n).” I jump slightly. “You okay?” I nod, my heart racing as he moves his hand to my waist stroking it soothingly.

“I was just off in my own little world,” I pause and he smiles softly at me glancing into my eyes. It grows silent. “Maybe I should leave the guitar playing to the professional,” I confess slipping the strap off and handing it to Archie.

“Maybe I liked teaching you,” he admits strumming a little.

“Don’t turn to mush on me now Andrews,” I sass masking my nervousness. My heart thumps out of my chest as I let my gaze lock with his.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something (Y/n),” he pauses swallowing. He looks anywhere but me.

“What?” I ask gently dipping my head so he was looking at me. “What?” I repeat shifting uncomfortably on his bed. “Did I do something wrong?” I panic slightly running my hands through my hair. His eyes grow wide shaking his head

“No, no, of course not,“ he almost yells. “I mean no you haven’t I just-”

I tuck a strand of hair behind me ear before turning to face him. “Are you going to tell me? We do still need to practice Arch the show case is tomorrow-”

“I know,” he finishes cheeks going red. “Can I try something?”

I furrow my brows shrugging slightly. “I mean, yeah…”

He sighs thankfully. “Okay can you close your eyes?”

“ARCHIBALD ANDREWS I SWEAR-” I was cut off with a warm pair of lips on my own. My hands shoot up to his neck as he’s go to my waist breaking away from me.

“Wow,” I exhale resting my forehead against his.

“You swear what?” He teases.

“I thought you were going to do something bad,” I blush looking to his lips than his face.

“Well, was it bad?”

I shake my head. “Definitely-” I pause kissing him again. “Not,” I whisper kissing him again. He smiles into the kiss and I can feel my heart bursting out of my chest

“I’m so glad that went well,” he giggles playing with my hair.

“Me too,“ I smile. “But Arch…” I pause looking at him with sad eyes, his smile drops horror etched onto his face. “I’m gay,” I say breatheless. It’s silent for awhile as I see the clogs turning in Archie’s head I decide to break the silence first by breaking out into laughter, his brows crease slightly confused at my actions “I GOT YOU GOOD RED!” I smirk getting up from his bed and do a little dance. “Oh you’re in for it now,” I squeal as I feel my feet leave the ground as Archie lifts me onto his bed pinning me down for a tickle war. “Stop, stop, stop, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I squeal thrashing around underneath him.

Archie’s door swings open his dad standing in the hall, embarrassment covers his features as he glances at myself pinned under his son.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry!”

I giggle Archie jumping off me and meeting his dad at the door. “Uh hey dad,” he tries to act cool.

“Miss (y/l/n).”

I sit up. “Hey Fred,” I give him a small wave.

“Hope you two are behaving,” Fred warns glancing at the two of us.

“I speak for myself when I say I most certainly am,” I smile sweetly earning an eye roll from Archie. “Okay we’ll be careful-”

He glances at the both of us before focusing in on Archie. “Be very careful.”

“Dad!” Archie complains pushing him out the door and closing it.

“So is Archie Andrews got something against gay women?” I tease.

“You’re kidding, have you met our friends? I’m fine with gay!”

I stuck my tongue at him as he returns back to the bed and planting a soft kiss on my lips.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say Andrews.”

— 🌹

Reggie Mantle x Reader: PART ONE: Undercover Serpent

Request: No. My idea. 😇

A/N: This idea came to mind and I had to write it out. There isn’t much interaction between the reader and Reggie yet because this is where the story starts.

Words: 1626

Summary: Reader is Joaquin’s sister, their parents are non-existent and the Southside serpents take them in. Joaquin is with Kevin and you hate that he’s lying to him. You may be a serpent, but you’ve never really cared for what they do all you wanted was to part of something. You’re undercover at Riverdale High because that’s your job to make sure no one knows much about what your people do and the only one that knows is Jughead because of his dad, but that just might change when a sudden Jock starts taking and interest in the mystery girl who nobody knows.

Spoilers: This imagine will have FP x Alice, Betty x Archie, Veronica x Cheryl, Joaquin x Kevin, Asexual Jughead because I can and I shall see my ships rise somewhere lol. Also in this imagine Hal Cooper & Alice have been divorced for a year because he didn’t support Polly and Jason so Alice filed for divorced because she’s a queen.

Warnings: N/A

Unlike the Riverdale everyone cherished to you it was just a place. A place with fake people as they wore their masks pretending to be high and mighty. They lurked in the shadows and in the sunlight they shined as they wore their masks proudly. You had seen enough growing up in the Southside of town. There was nothing nice about it, there was no hypocrites everyone showed their true selves. They were all corrupt but unlike the other side of town they didn’t care to hide their deeds.

You and your brother lived in a trailer park where Jughead’s dad FP lived like many in the Southside. He took a keen interest in you and Joaquin after your parents died. His own family had just left him, and Jughead went to live with Archie because he didn’t want to leave Riverdale.

You grew up with plenty of the kids on the Southside all mostly becoming serpents as you and Joaquin joined too, you needed a family after all and they took you in with arms wide open. Although unlike many of them you wanted an education, they all mostly dropped out of Riverdale High. They were so close to making you drop out until FP helped you out by saying you were undercover to stay updated on anything in the high school that may be of use to the serpents.

Nobody but the Southside and Jughead knew your identity of being a Serpent as he was sworn to secrecy because he knew you only did it because you wanted a family and they offered you just that, also because he was very much ashamed of his father.

You wore your leather jacket with pride outside of school feeling a bit out place while you roamed the halls of Riverdale high with just a plain sweater. You kept to yourself, quiet and observing when your head wasn’t stuffed in a book or doing homework just trying your best to stay unnoticed.

Every now then you did talk to Jughead’s friends just to make sure they didn’t know anything about the recent current events that took place in Riverdale. You liked them even though they would never measure up to your friendship with your brother Joaquin who was now dating Kevin.  You all had a part to play in the serpents now. You being in Riverdale High only added to the pressure, you stayed in contact with Jughead’s friends and Joaquin made sure of what the Sherriff knew. You hated being the one on the inside being two-faced, but you couldn’t let down your family.

They talked about anything and everything in their lives sometimes you wished you could be as open as they were, but you couldn’t because one slip up and maybe this fantasy about leaving Riverdale after graduating would fade away.

Topics ranging from Cheryl and Veronica’s steamy dates and their double dates with Betty and Archie who had been sweethearts since they were small. Sometimes they would try to get Jughead to go out with them and it wasn’t until Jughead revealed he was asexual that they stopped trying to set him up. Jughead’s only love was burgers and writing. Sometimes they would ask you out with them especially if Joaquin would go, but you’d deny. No one knew you were a serpent and if they found out Joaquin was your brother they would figure you out. All they knew was your cover story, you were an only child that lived with your grandparents and you helped take care of them. You always made sure to contribute to the conversation just so they wouldn’t think you were onto them. Though keeping to yourself might just be what may reveal your true identity.

As you caught someone’s eyes. He saw you as the mysterious girl no one knew anything about not even her favorite color. As you sat alone in the students lounge as the rest were in the courtyard or cafeteria he approached you.

“Hey, (Y/N) right?” the tall caramel skin football player spoke as you looked up shocked that he was talking to you.

“The one and only” you added with a small smile trying to be polite even though you really wanted to finish that chapter of your textbook for your next quiz.

“What are you doing here all alone?” he sat next to you.

“Just studying, away from the riff raff” you closed your textbook.

“Do you like being alone? I mean I just never really see you around anyone beside Archie and them sometimes” he retorted trying to keep the conversation alive.

“What is this 20 questions” you said sarcastically as he gave you a smile “yeah I like being alone, I have one goal to graduate and get out here, I don’t need the drama of high school” you continued not knowing why you even answered, but it was somehow it was easy to talk to him.

“Wel-” you cut him off.

“If this is 20 questions it’s my turn Mantle” and he just chuckled.

“Do you like being alone?” you asked.

“No, I thrive with attention” he answered truthfully and you couldn’t help but let out a giggle which caused him to smile wider.

“Why do you need the attention?” you chuckled.

“Seems as if you forgot the rules too (Y/N)” he sassed “What’s your favorite color?” he just wanted to know more about you. But somehow this is what came out of his mouth.

“(Y/F/C)” you answered and asked your question again “So why do you need attention? Your already a football superstar how much attention do you need?”

“My parents work so much they forget they have a child, they actually never come to my games, they just say their proud and give me whatever I want as if that’s what I want” and the atmosphere changed you never thought maybe he was as alone too since people were always attached to him.

You didn’t know what to do so you just turned to him and pulled him into your arms. You always did hate seeing someone upset. Maybe the hug would’ve lasted longer if it wasn’t for Betty interrupting you.

“(Y/N), we’re meeting for the Blue & Gold” she stopped as you both pulled apart a bit startled by the blonde who tried to hide a smile but failed.

You collected your things as Reggie spoke again.

“Thanks, I guess we’ll continue this another time then” you both smiled at each other as you left with Betty and he stood there surprised by your actions and with an eagerness to get to you better.

You were in the Blue & Gold Office with Betty, Jughead, and Alice Betty’s mom. Although Jughead was okay with you being a serpent and keeping your secret, but joining their investigation made him uncomfortable until you lied to him and told him that you needed the extra-curricular.

Although you recognized Betty’s mom because ever since she split with Betty’s dad you’d remember seeing her around in the Southside around FP a couple of times. You remember asking him about her because you could feel the tension after her first visit and he was kind of drunk at that moment and he spilled out that he used to date her when they were younger and how in love they were. You felt like a kid listening to your parents talking about how they met.

“This is my mom (Y/N) and she will be working with us for the newspaper since the Chuck incident at the principal’s order.” Betty added.

“Hey A- um in (Y/N) I work with Betty and Jughead usually on photography with the schools camera, nice to meet you” you safe yourself because now their might someone else at school who can blow your cover.

“Nice to meet you too (Y/N)” Alice ignored the fact that she knows you as well and you all got to work on the next newspaper thankful no one noticed your small error in knowing Alice.

Soon Jughead and Betty left the room to pick something up and left you and Alice alone and she broke the silence.

“FP really has people everywhere doesn’t he” she hints at you.

You sigh “I’m not doing this for them, at least not all of it, I just want an education” you stared at her “so please don’t blow my cover, I don’t want the drama.”

“Oh my lips are sealed honey” she grinned knowing that you were untouchable or else FP would freak if she dared ruin what they had for drama as the sleuthing pair came back in the room.

Soon the bell rang indicating the end of the day was over and you made your way to the bus.

“Hey (Y/N)” Reggie tapped you in the shoulder “Do you need a ride?” he said scratching the back of his neck.

“Uhh no sorry my yellow limousine awaits” you couldn’t risk him knowing where you lived.

“It’s really not a problem” he kept insisting.

“Sorry I just have a lot things to do, maybe another time” you denied again running to the door of the bus.

You never knew where this bus went, you just always hopped in got off at good neighborhood to keep your story alive and walked home. Sometimes you’d take your bike but Joaquin had been fixing up the chain and you liked to walk while having your headphones plugged in blasting your music just taking your time before you had to be a pawn for information.

You loved the serpents you really did, but ever since Jason’s murder and the serpent’s involvement in it you had to face reality that maybe you’d never leave Riverdale and end up like the rest.


Part Two Part  Three Part Four


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Choke - Part 1

Originally posted by flameghosts

[See Also: Part 2]

Note: Y'all this is my first GoT fic so be gentle >< I tried to write the characters right and there will be a part two, so any feedback is appreciated as I’m on a personal mission to improve my writing. Also, this may or may not have formed from my fascination with Rory McCann’s hands… hence the choking…. it’s bad.

Pairing: Sandor Clegane x reader 

Warnings: Violence, insufferable Joffrey, angst 

Summary: Joffrey orders something of Sandor which may be the only thing that can still tear him apart: harming you, a highborn lady whom Sandor has been courting in secret. He has no choice, however, and the two of you are stuck between love and keeping up important appearances. 

“Dog. Choke Lady Y/N’s treasonous words out of her." 

 Joffrey’s order to his "dog” was not out of character at all. It simply caught you by surprise that it was Sandor whom he’d given the order to. Usually it was Sir Trant that carried out Joffrey’s sadistic commands but today, apparently, it was not. Though Trant still sneered cruelly on the sideline. 

 When the order was given to Sandor, you saw infinitesimal quirks of equal parts surprise, horror, and regret flash across his face that you knew no one could’ve seen but you. The crowded Throne room fell silent. 

 "What are you waiting for, dog?“ Joffrey sneered, "your king gave you and order!" 

 That was enough to shake Sandor out of his frozen silence, and with the clanging sound of metal armor, he took careful steps down to you. His eyes never left yours, even as he toward over you, your little frame completely shielded from the king by his hulking one. 

 "What are you waiting for! Choke her!” The king whined where you couldn’t see and you looked Sandor straight in the eyes. The regret there was immense but you knew if he didn’t follow Joffrey’s orders, there would be seven hells to pay.

“Do it, Sandor, it’s okay.” You murmured, eyes misty looking up at him. His pain was evident and you couldn’t bare it. Why that damned child picked this to be the one time he made Sandor his personal throne-side torturer and not Trant, you couldn’t fathom. 

Slowly, Sandor’s hands came up to your throat. Each one could easily have wrapped around your neck by itself, being that his hands were so large, but he went with both for whatever reason. Sandor had barely touched you when the child-king squalled once again. 

“Turn around, dog, I want to see her as she suffers!” With a small jeer of his lips, Sandor obeyed and swung you both around. You caught a glimpse of Joffrey’s face, and a succinct hate filled your soul. He was taking pleasure in both your pain and Sandor’s obvious hesitation in harming a woman, a woman, little did Joffrey know, Sandor loved, and would agonize over hurting forever. 

 One day, I’ll kill him. You thought. 

But you had a feeling that you weren’t the first to vow that to yourself. 

You watched Sandor’s stormy eyes as his grip tightened just enough not to really hurt you but to look like he was. You gripped his large wrists, and toughed it out.

When Joffrey demanded that you be choked harder, you didn’t even feel it. Either Sandor refused or you were just numb. Either way, it didn’t matter. You were close to blacking out anyway when Sandor was allowed to let go. He stood stony in place while you crumbled to the stone of the ground. 

“That will teach you to speak ill to your king, filth.” Joffrey sneered whilst you heaved. You seethed. 

 "Many apologies, my king.“ Even the slight mocking tone of your voice was enough to set Joffrey off again. He boiled. Damn your sass.

"KICK HER! KICK HER HARD!” The throne room was silent. Stilled to a halt by the echo of Joffrey’s bellow, and the obvious unwillingness within The Hound to immediately obey his king. Joffrey fumed and bustled down from the Iron throne. 

“If you’re too soft to harm a woman, dog, so be it! I’ll show you how a man deals punishment.” With that, you were dealt a hard blow to the gut, and doubled over in agony. The steel toe of Joffrey’s boot was harder than you’d imagined, and the kick was made all the worse by the fact that you hadn’t even gotten your breath back yet. 

Joffrey kicked you again and again and you prayed Sandor wouldn’t behead him there and then. Luckily, just as Sandor’s hand twitched for his sword, a creaking sound filled the throne room as the double doors opened. In strode Tyrion and his attending posse, interrupting your little torture scene just before hell broke loose. 

“How many women do you have to torture in a day to get your fill, Nephew?” Tyrion inquired loudly as the crowd parted to allow he and his entourage through. 

“For the last time, you will address me as your King, imp.” Joffrey growled above you, yet still slowly retreated to his throne. 

 "Apologies, nephew but to be addressed by your uncle as king, you must behave accordingly. How do you think your grandfather would feel should he know his grandson was wasting his reigning efforts harassing high-born ladies?“

For once, the young King made no comeback, and Tyrion’s eyes fell on you briefly. "Sir Clegane, please see Lady Y/N back to her chambers. Gently.” You looked at Tyrion and he nodded, the only Lannister you perhaps didn’t loathe. 

 Sandor came to your aid almost too hastily and picked you up as a husband does his bride. Your dirty dress hung in whisping tendrils as your hound carted you out of the throne room. The last thing you saw of the scene was a scowl on the king’s face and a weary smirk playing on Tyrion’s. 

 When you were gone from them, you shrunk sorely into the breastplate of your lover. His grip on you now was so gentle that you couldn’t help but notice. No doubt his grip would be feather-light at most for a long time to come.


Summary: Sam and Dean won’t leave you the hell alone, so you leave the bunker for awhile. But were they trying to get you to leave?

A/N: I saw a picture of a willow tree and this fic was born <3

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Deadly fluff.

Word Count: 1.4k

Originally posted by supernatural-imagine-fanfiction

Today had been a particularly rough day. You felt like you were suffocating in the bunker and the boys just wouldn’t let up. Boredom took over as it often did whenever they there was no vampires to decapitate or rugarus to immolate; and whenever you tried to lock yourself away in your room to read a book or showed any sign whatsoever that they were getting on your nerves, they pressed, and pressed, and pressed.

Dean would dodge the several random objects you threw his way, and Sam would sass your ears off. No matter how old the boys were, they never grew up. Which, you didn’t really mind except for the part where they wouldn’t leave you the hell alone.

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Date Night

Bringing some serious fluff now with my entry for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and her RomCom fluff challenge (who doesn’t love a good RomCom?!) The prompt I chose was from Clueless and is “anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.” And you shall find it easily as it’s the very first line because that’s a pretty great line to start a fic off I think!

Word count: 1,085

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Sienna Winchester (OFC)

Warnings: only angsty part is that first line, mentions of sex and alcohol, implied smut, otherwise just fluff, fluff and a bit more fluff

“Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.” 


The two of you are in the war room, about to leave for date night. But before you make a move, there’s the small matter of the fact that this is the first time you’ll both be away from your daughter.

A low chuckle from one of the chairs draws your attention to where Dean had been facing.

“Y/N, it’s OK. I know Dean doesn’t mean it. Besides, what’s really going to happen to her while we’re here in the bunker?”

As if agreeing with her uncle, the youngest Winchester starts cooing from her spot in Sam’s arms. It’s been 7 months since Sienna Charlotte Winchester joined the world, the result of a drunken night with Dean which ended in some of the best sex you’d ever had. When you’d found out you were pregnant, you’d worried about what was going to happen, but Dean had surprised you. Turns out those feelings of unrequited love you had weren’t so one-sided, and by the end of the day you were officially moved in to Dean’s room and dating.

“Sammy. I mean it. Not a hair on her head is to be harmed.” You roll your eyes at that. Dean has always been protective of those he cares about, but since becoming a dad he’s taken it to a whole new level.

“Dude, you’re panicking over nothing. Besides shouldn’t you be saving the threats? What are you going to do when Sienna starts dating for example?” The colour drains out of Dean’s face, and for a second you think he might faint as he slightly wobbles.

“Not happening. She isn’t dating until she’s like 25.”


“Fine. 20.” You slap Dean on the arm. “OK, OK! I’m sure I’ll mellow out by the time this actually is an issue. We should get going, right?” One last round of kisses, and then you’re finally in Dean’s first Baby headed out.

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