and just kind of went with it

As every moment in life, Steven’s face is my face.

Steven’s emotions are my emotions.

“What is this, a concert for ants?”

I can’t believe the boarders went there.

If anyone else said that line I would’ve laughed, but I hate you too much for that Marty.

Uh… this is starting to get a little creepy.

Just what kind of shows do you set up Marty?


a peek under the hood

In 2012, the SEC introduced something called the “Market Wide Circuit Breaker.” If the broader US stock market suffers a major decline in a given trading day, there are two levels (down 7%, down 13%) at which trading will be temporarily halted across all the securities, and a third level (down 20%) at which all trading will be halted for the remainder of that day. It’s calculated based on the S&P500 index, so it would require a really broad, deep decline to be triggered. It’s not the kind of thing that would happen if just a few stocks went haywire, as in the Flash Crash of 2010 and various other narrowish technical malfunctions to which we’ve become inured. This procedure is to prevent or at least slow something like Black Monday in 1987, or Black Thursday in 1929—non-technical collapses in market confidence. (These are dates my tribe all knows by heart.)

If invoked, the circuit breaker is broadcast to all market participants via various price feeds most of us use, and trading systems should respond accordingly. It so happens I’m working on this code right now, and upon seeing the documentation for this feature, I googled to see if it has ever happened. (Nope; only under test.) I asked one of our analysts if he thought it was worth the trouble of coding to this part of the spec, and at exactly that moment we looked up to see Trümp on Bloomberg taking uninformed potshots at Boeing about Air Force One.

We laughed. Hard. I’m coding it.

I never really cared about gamer culture, or whatever it’s called, which mostly revolves around MMORPG games or things like overwatch and league till the people I went to high school with had nothing else to do except play games in college. So they’ve become angry and not fun to play with or hang out with, since that’s all they talk about. It’s difficult to pry them away from the game too, and it’s kind of sad. And if you say anything, even as a lighthearted joke against it, they get really upset. I know like 3 people like this in person. They were giving me and another guy shit for being bad, and he mentioned that he doesn’t have time outside his hobby to practice like “you guys do” and OMG they exploded

I love the overwatch characters as much as anyone, but there’s this weird line between people who appreciate it and those who do it and become creepy about it. One of my closest buddies got a tracer poster and was disappointed with it because the logo covered her butt, then he was looking for tracer merchandise and found a shirt with her ass out and I said something jokingly like “nothing will scream ‘I’m a virgin’ louder than that” and he got legitimately upset lol rip

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for the ship ask thing, Harry and Cedric? Unless someone's already asked? I love them, and I have a lot of opinions about it, and I always enjoy reading your thoughts! :)

Thank you for asking! I absolutely love Harry and Cedric together and i’m really bummed bc of how underappreciated they are. Cedric is just such a down to earth, sincere and kind guy that i feel like he would be able to ground and anchor Harry really well. They both have strong sense of fairness so i have no doubt that if things went differently they’d be fighting together in the years to come. I’m just so in love with the idea of kickass battle boyfriends going home every night to take care of each other? I need this. They’d be able to hear and understand each other, they’d be able to have a lot of fun and be so, so happy. Cedric deserved better 2kforever. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

brutally honest ship opinions!

Rachael came out of surgery about 2 hours ago.The surgeons said it went well, and they fixed the faulty patch from her previous surgery, as well as cleaning up some of the infection. She has developed some kind of lung issue over the last few days, and they are concerned about it, but they now feel like they can get the infection under control.
I was just allowed into her room again, and have had a talk with both surgeons who feel that if all goes well, Rachael is looking at around 3 to 4 weeks here.
Please Please continue praying for my sweet wife. I love you all.

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Could you do something with werewolf!Will and fairy!nico?


Will tended to avoid the little clearing in the forest. His father was the leader of the pack, and he was the one who told them to avoid the clearing. What kind of example would Will be setting as the future leader if he didn’t follow his father’s rules? Will had only been there once when he was just a pup. He had stumbled into the clearing when he had been wrestling with some of the other pups, but they all immediately realized their mistake when they went from the boisterous woods that their pack inhabited to the eerie silence of the clearing.

“Who are you?” A small voice made Will look up. There was a boy about Will’s age sitting on a tree branch with dark black hair and even darker eyes. At the time, Will didn’t know what kind of creature he was looking at. He had been much too young to recognize the deadly figure of a fairy. He had thought that perhaps the small boy (much too small to be a pup) had perhaps been a nymph or a water sprite, both more gentle and kindhearted then a fairy.  

“I’m William,” Will had boasted proudly, “son of the great Alpha Apollo.” He would be lying if he said he hadn’t puffed his chest out when he spoke his father’s name. He took great pride in his bloodline. The fairy had laughed, showing Will a mouth full of wickedly sharp teeth.

“I’m Nico,” the boy offered and Will smiled. “Son of Hades. What are you? You don’t look much like a-”

“Nico!” A voice boomed. Nico’s head whipped around as he shrank against the tree. Will didn’t know who or what was coming, but it was obviously scary if Nico and the pups cowering behind Will were anything to go by. It was at that moment that Will’s father made an appearance as well, looking both relieved and horrified to find Will in the clearing.

“William! What on earth are you doing in here? I told you to stay away from the clearing! This is not part of our-” Will’s ears had laid back against his head as his father scorned him, and Will would never admit to the small whine that made its way through his throat.

“Apollo! What is your offspring doing in our clearing? I thought it had been made very clear that this was to be the safe place for my people. You are not planning on violating the treaty, are you?” The man, who looked like a much larger version of Nico stepped up to Apollo, and Will would also be lying if he said he didn’t growl at the man’s close proximity to his father. Apollo snapped at him for it though.

Up in the tree, Nico was shaking like a leaf, his eyes wide. “Return to you mother, Nicholas,” the man said and Nico nodded quickly, dashing off. Will was a little sad when he left, but he had a feeling that it wasn’t the last he would see of Nico.

When they were walking back to the pack, Apollo was scolding the pups for being so careless. Will’s mind was elsewhere, though, on the strange boy with the strange smile. “Father, what were they? They were not wolves.”

Apollo looked down at Will with an unreadable expression. “Those were fairies, son, and they are the most deadly creatures you will ever meet.”

Imagine how cute tiny lil pup Will would be

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Worse than the episode it's see the writers digging a deep hole on twitter. Seeing their answers kind of gives some clarity of how the write on show went down the road. If I didn't care for these characters I would found amusing but it's just frustrating and sad.

I’ve seen a few of the tweets and just…ugh. First, having to explain on Twitter means that someone (in this case A&E themselves) did not do their job correctly. Second, they KNOW fans have been wanting some version of a no curse AU and thought they were doing a good thing, only to realize…no. Their audience is not dumb and they can tell when they are being fed BS. 

This was bullshit of the highest order.

The worst part is that it’s EASILY fixed. Simply say that this was the EQ’s interpretation (since EQ actually did the wishing) of Emma’s wish. Boom, everything makes sense. But to simply say that this Emma was a result of her not having challenges is BS. Bagel dying in this AU isn’t a challenge? Henry would have grown up in the EXACT SAME CIRCUMSTANCES and yet he’s not a sniveling whiny shell of himself. So their premise makes no sense.

The lack of critical thinking these writers apply to their “brilliant ideas” is staggering to say the least.

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what kind of pokemon (from sun/moon) do you think greg would train? (if you feel up to drawing it, sometime, i'm just curious what you think)

at first i didn’t read the sun/moon part, so i went with clefairy, because it’s shaped like a star, and it’s from space o(_ _o)ノ☆

if greg was in alola, he would probably have minior, for the same reason

Letting Go: Family Reunion

Characters: Claire Novak, Ben Braeden, Castiel, Jody Mills, Bobby Singer (mentioned),Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lisa Braeden (mentioned)

Pairing: Claire x Ben 

Wordcount: 2200ish

Warnings: Mention of Lisa’s death, mention of character injury, angst I guess

A/N: This is one of my first series I chose to give a once over because it deserved better. I am going to try and post a part of this every week but I am still working on editing the remaining 6 parts with a lot of help from @blacktithe7 who has been kind enough to beta this series for me.

Cas was standing just outside the house still holding the phone in his hand, as he went over the conversation in his head. He loved the Winchesters like brothers and what had happened 6 years ago still haunted him. It still made him feel guilty. He had taken normal away from Dean and he couldn’t help but feel guilty over the outcome. Cas was sure Dean was going to hate him, but Cas also knew the man had a right to know. Ben might not be his kid, but he was once.

“Cas! You good?” Dean’s voice sounded over the phone.

“Where are you, Dean?” Cas asked still not sure how to start this conversation so he was stalling.

“North Dakota. We just finished a job. What’s wrong?” Dean sounded worried, clearly picking up on his tone. Castiel still had no idea how he did that, but he was always able to sense when something wasn’t as it should be with him and with Sam.

“Dean I am in Sioux Falls,” Castiel started, but was quickly interrupted by Dean, “Is Claire okay? And Jody?”

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It's odd to me that it's been only Norwegians taking pictures of Henrik in his work place and yet you find a way to blame foreign viewers. I think you come across as a really kind and thoughtful person and I love to read whatever you write but I must say that I do quite often leave your blog feeling kind of bad about myself as a foreign viewer. I hope this message doesn't upset you - it's just that you sometimes seem to paint with a very broad brush.

i’m sorry you feel that way. it’s true that there have been instances of norwegians taking pictures and that is a problem. however, the few pics i’ve seen on insta taken without henrik’s knowledge have been snapped by other scandinavians visiting norway. some of the same ppl also went into nissen to snap pictures of isak’s locker etc. this is trespassing. 

i think i know which post/tags you’re referring to and i’m sorry. it’s just that i’ve seen some foregin viewers in the tags who have planned to come to norway to go see nissen and to go to henrik’s workplace (i’ve barely seen like 10 ppl talking about this). it’s not my intention to “paint with a broad brush” - i’ve said this like every time i talk about this issue: i’m talking about a few people, not every foreign viewer. i think it’s great that foreigners are watching! as logn as you treat the cast with respect, it’s all fine! seriously (^: i’m just rly weirdly protective of this show and seeing it grow so much scares me. 

i’m sorry if i upset you, it wasn’t my intention

Just a note that I’ve been messing around with different editing, lighting, and skins, so if my sims have looked a bit different, that’s why.

Everything looks how I want in the Christmas pictures, but it will be a while before my game play and legacy pictures in my queue look quite how I’d like them.

THATS RIGHT. I totally forgot, it’s been so long. I went to bed thinking “i bet they mentioned something about parents in bbs didnt they”

THIS JUST RAISES MORE QUESTIONS. Who is mr riku’s dad and what kind of dad is he?? we get so much complicated plot elements in kh when all i really want to know is the domestic lives of these main protagonist children. (or the lack thereof)

If you want to know...

…what kind of person runs this blog what you’re following, just know I had to type the word ‘undercroft’ at work today (it’s an architectural thing, I think) and my brain immediately went:

‘Undercroft, Overcroft,

Wombling free,

The Mycroft of Wimbledon Common is he-!”

And I’m still laughing. 


I actually couldn’t find any monarch butterflies, and now that it’s December, I won’t find any for quite some time (if ever). But I had one stashed in my locker for this kind of thing, so I gave Lolly that one. Maybe the butterfly was happy to be free for a few minutes, but then it immediately went into Lolly’s house, where it was just as captive as it had been in mine. Granted, at least now it gets to see light. So, you know, that’s nice.

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Just watched the Teen Mom 2 Backstage Special and it broke my heart the way Nathan just walked by Jace who was clearly hoping to be acknowledged. And Kaiser barely knowing what to do with him. Jenelle's kids have such sad lives, it is really awful.

I saw that and it broke my heart too. Jace kind of just turned around once he realized Nathan didn’t acknowledge him and then tried following him around before Nathan went into his trailer with Kai. 

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91 and maybe it could be jasmine finding out anthony likes her

sorry it’s kind of short, but i hope you like it! :)

“You’re blushing.”

There had been rumors going around the theater that something was going on between Jasmine and Anthony, not that the two of them had heard anything about it. It was obvious to the rest of the cast that the two of them were incredibly close and had only been getting closer as the days went on, everyone left wondering what exactly was up with the two of them.

Anthony had liked Jasmine, doing his best to make it obvious. Jasmine was oblivious however, not realizing that he was giving her all kinds of clues to make it obvious, especially when he had become a little more forward when the girls had told him that she felt the same way.

“You just have to tell her, Ant. She’s not going to know if you’re not just super forward about it,” Oak offered, the rest of the guys in the room agreeing. Anthony had been nervous about that plan despite knowing that Jasmine felt the same way, worrying that something was going to go wrong.

Getting Jasmine alone with him was nothing short of a miracle, the two of them escaping to the balcony on top of the theater, Anthony standing just across from her.

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I saw your Underfell comic, and I just wanted to tell you that Underfell has kind of changed now. There was a "first wave" of the Edgey McEdgerson-style of Underfell where everyone was Evil with a Capital E, but the second wave, the more recent one, seems to have become an actually-decent AU of its own with deeper characters, with the developing Underfell game and "The Many Worlds Theory Sucks" being part of that.

I found aspects of Flowerfell somewhat interesting, but honestly I still kind of see it as nothing but “RAH! let’s be edgy! Things went wrong so let’s get edgy outfits and look all edgy because edgy!! 

but that’s just me XD I haven’t looked too deeply into a lot of AUs aside from Aftertale, Insomnia and whatnot 

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OK. so people are saying the oc & tae should end up tg, but I feel like the love they have for is kind of make belief? they want the love that they had for each other before the whole apocalypse went down, but it just can't work because time has stretched everything out too far to put their love back together like it used to be. but like w Jungkook, I feel like their love is really pure and genuine and that they need each other ); if tae gets her I honestly feel like the oc wouldn't be happy.

well, it is true that the time put more distance between tae and the oc but that doesn’t mean they can’t fall back in love and experience it all over again but in new experiences in this new world ;) or maybe they’re hopeless, who knows?? I do! lmao aw that’s so sad tho ): why do you think the oc wouldn’t be happy with tae?

the car scene in asip where sherlock says “that’s not what people normally say” and then “piss off” and john laughing was the moment for me where I went “they’re IT for each other” and had made up my mind about what the whole of their relationship meant like “no one else will ever compare”

I mean consider sherlock being magnificent his whole life and this scene showing us how john still is basically literally the first person to appreciate it I was just like “they’re soulmates” thanks

like I wasn’t anywhere near tjlc obviously since we didn’t get there till tsot and I still wasn’t INVESTED in the show, this was the first episode, but it was kind of The Moment™ that shaped my reading of the show from that point on and it’s still one of my favorites because of that