and just in time for christmas

hey remember when tony was held at gunpoint while zip-tied to a bed and he still worried about the plastic watch that belonged to “his (nine-year-old) friend’s sister”

remember when he made peter parker a spider-themed nightlight to go with his webshooter just because

remember when he was triggered by wanda but looking after clint was his primary concern during the trip back home from that mission. then remember how when other team members went through the same thing, his priority was taking them to a safehouse where they could recover

remember when in the middle of a world crisis, tony had no problem helping a pregnant laura barton with home chores like log chopping and fixing the family tractor

remember how much it mattered to him that pepper would enjoy her christmas gift

remember how he keeps fanmail from kids lying around the house

remember how he doesn’t just thoughtlessly sign kids’ drawings, he leaves little speech bubbles on the characters drawn, customized with the kid’s name

remember how he found time to buy harley a lot of candy

remember how he’s had the same slow bots since his MIT days, and has apparently never had the heart to upgrade them or rid them of their imperfections

remember how he had a model airplane collection and WII in his workshop. remember how he keeps the vintage car his father used to tinker with, according to the picture he also keeps in the shop? remember how that car is his screen saver. remember how his main systems keyboard is made out of a symbolic language he compiled and shares with JARVIS alone

remember how tony named JARVIS after his childhood butler, and created a whole other AI who reminded him of pepper? remember how he coded peter an AI that was invested in the kid’s emotional well being

remember how tony arrived from captivity and the first thing he did was get an american cheese burger? remember how he sat down beneath the podium during a press conference and turned to obadiah stane and told him that it was good to see him

remember that fundamental naïveté underlying everything he’s always done, from “tony stark wants to save the world” to “these are my guns, how did they get my guns?” and “they told me ‘here’s the line, we don’t cross it, and this is how we do business’”

remember how tony thinks that being a superhero would be “outlandish and… fantastic” but he doesn’t think he’s the type and all the way to homecoming he’s looking at a younger hero and vocally wishing he’d be better than him

remember how he’s been trying to use his own struggle with grief and trauma to find solutions that should benefit others as well. remember how he’s explicitly trying to break the cycle of abuse his father started

this post doesn’t have a point or a pattern and it most certainly doesn’t have a satisfactory ending bc it could literally just keep going forever, i just wanted to remind us all of what a Great Dude the fave is

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explain the rbrn sl in one sentence

once upon a time, in a small village, a satanic #mess met a grumpy mechanic and against all odds they fell in love - a love so deep and accidentally strong it nearly destroyed everything around them - and although they fucked it up a lot along the way, it was real love and it meant something to them, so they fought through it and they fought through it some more, until they just couldn’t fight anymore - but luckily, before it was all too late, the the magic of christmas came along and saved them and they lived happily ever after with no problems ever again ever because the people had suffered enough, the end. 💕

(alternatively: two impulsive idiots fall deeply in love and it all sort of goes to shit.)


Hey guys~

Just wanted to pop in and say that there wont be much content for the next couple months. I’m a bit scrambling to get everything done in time~
Pretty much everything of some semblance needs to be done before 2018 (approximately).. So I will be pretty busy both with my projects as well as my job… (retail during christmas… *shudder*)

I will be around still of course (for talking, maybe reblog a little!), there are just not much opportunity to draw for leisure right now! Next wave of charms will be around the corner, coming early-mid november so you will be seeing posts about that! Probably the occasional streaming posts as well! :3

You guys are awesome, keep rockin’ on~ ♡

Do you know what I’m most excited about!??….,,; Boxing Day! Boxing Day for me is a time where all the relatives have gone, there is tones of food left and we spend the whole day just chilling out and making the most of doing nothing. THIS YEAR will consist of all of that with the included element of REWATCHING THE ROBRONMAS EPISODE OVER AND OVER!!! It will be magical!


Some clips filmed by mockingbird466[instagram] from the show on
Saturday21st October, 2017 - specific time stamps are below.

Neither of us planned to film the show to be honest, so mockingbird filmed as and when she felt like it, which is why the clips are incomplete and then she ran out of memory during Oogie Boogie’s Song, which is just typical really!
Thought I would upload them anyway, fuxk it!

0:00 - 1:41         Intro
1:41 - 4:03         Beetlejuice
4:03 - 7:08         Sleepy Hollow
7:08 - 8:00         Big Fish
8:00 - 11:47       Batman/Batman Returns
11:47 - 13:08     Interim Break
13:08 - 15:26     Planet of the Apes
15:26 - 20:27     Corpse Bride
20:27 - 23:09     Edward Scissorhands
23:09 - 24:42     Sandy Cameron/Edward Scissorhands
24:42 on wards  Nightmare Before Christmas
at 26:14 our favourite ginger boy appears (⌐■_■)ノ ♩♪ ♫ ♬

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and if you and bill had kids imagine christmas morning and bill actually being the first one to wake up and he is so giddy and makes everyone get up super early and he's just beaming the whole time the kids are opening presents

y’all are really trying t o kill me. like, everyone sits around the tree and he’s soooo happy and smiley and he grabs each present and reads the names on the gift tags and hands them to each kid and then he’s got his lil video camera and is gonna film the present opening 

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I normally don’t feed into so called insiders on twitter but there’s this once account who has the most credible information I’ve seen and we shouldn’t worry about ot5 or their contracts. Things are looking up 🙏🏽

That’s so good to hear.

Now, can we all just sit back and relax, and enjoy Taemin’s promotions, and look forward to the Shilla Beauty Concert, and Jjong’s concert and new solo album, and I guess It’s wishing for too much for them to surprise up with a new Japanese Christmas release…aahhh, wouldn’t that be nice? Another Winter Wonderland type song just in time for Xmas.

You guys can handle all that stuff, no problem, right?

Wait, that does seem like quite a bite to squeeze into just 2 months…

SHINee can handle it…they can do pretty much anything. They are five pretty damn amazing guys. SHINee FIGHTING! Shawols FIGHTING!

It’s all gonnna be pretty good and pretty busy in the SHINee world until Christmas…it’s a good thing! :)

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I wish that quote hadn't been leaked by eastieoaks last week, imagine how extra special it would have been. Don't get me wrong it was still amazing but also I can't help but sigh. Remember the days when quotes like you're the strongest person I know, I'll wait, He's everything, etc were revealed only as we watched live. Those were the best times

Hard same, anon. Hard same.

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Hey fam would you be doing Romione Secret Santa this year? :D (it's fine if you're not, i'm just getting excited for christmas and it was huge fun last year)

Question to all of my followers: is anybody interested in another @romionesecretsanta? The only reason I ask is that last year a lot of people signed up and then didn’t actually follow through with making gifts, so I spent most of the time over Christmas frantically writing fic for those who didn’t have anything (and I’d really love to avoid a repeat scenario)- but if people want to and are willing then I’m definitely up for running it again! There’s just no point if people aren’t interested/don’t commit

There are Christmas trees at the mall and JC Penney is decked out in nutcrackers and shit. I mean, being early is only part of the problem, another part is that Halloween is never given that same treatment except by, like, Michaels. And even then, they put out Christmas ribbons at the exact same time this year in July. I’ll concede that I haven’t been to the mall until now because of car trouble so you have plausible doubt there, but I’ve been to Sears more regularly and they never had Halloween, just Christmas lurking out of immediate sight in the back. This is why statements about a “War On Christmas” are bullshit, Christmas has a stranglehold on our culture. Conservatives are simply such whiny snowflakes that they can’t handle being asked to loosen their deathgrip to any degree, and they try to snuff out any holiday they can’t rewrite into being about Jesus.


the oblivion continues

(and it starts here)


How to win the sign’s heart

Aries:  Be persistent, calls and texts and conversations about everything and anything catches their interest.  Also be willing to go with their plan.  An Aries will be most attracted to someone with ambition and a dream, just as long as it fits with theirs.

Taurus:  A Taurus will be attracted to an uplifting friend, someone who wants to pick everyone’s spirits up.  Validation and attention is very important.  A Taurus will be attracted to someone with an appreciation for the things important to them, someone who will listen to their opinion and respect it.

Gemini:  Gemini is incredibly different from most people.  They want to talk, but they don’ t want to be around people.  Show them that you understand their swings, or at least are trying to.  Let them play their music when you hang out, let them show you the places they find exciting.  A gemini will be attracted to someone who is weird and unlike the rest, accept your strangeness and be proud for it.

Cancer:  Be loving, sensitive, and treat them kindly.  Also be conscious of the fact that some cancers like to do things their own way, even the little things like using the vacuum, they do their way because it is best.  Cancers love the cheesy rom-com type.  Plan cute little outings and show them you can be the sweetest person alive.  Cancers are attracted to people who live for fairy lights, Christmas, and cuddles.

Leo:  They like people who dress and look well, you don’t have to be the prettiest person in the world, but act like you are.  Don’t be confused though, they do not like cocky people, just confidence.  Take care of yourself and spend time on your look.  Leos are not attention seeking in the way that they want the world to revolve around them, but more in the way of they want you to check in or respond quickly to their texts.  Leos are attracted to the happy, secure, and fashionable.

Virgo:  Virgos will look at how you treat others and what your mind is like.  They like people who show they have depth and the willingness to learn.  Reading books and having a large vocabulary will make you look extremely desirable.  Be their partner in learning a new language, or trying a new exercise program.  Virgos also like the luxurious things in life, keeping your living space clean and keeping up with the times will win you a place on their list.  Virgos are attracted to the kind, respectful, and intellectual.

Libra:  Treat a Libra like they are you world, and know that they will be understanding when you cannot always be talking.  Be cute with them and show you have an interest in dorky things, they find this interesting.  Movie marathons, reading books, and having a poetic nature is attractive to them.  Libras often have a diverse population in personality.  They either want the popular to be on the homecoming court with their girlfriend or boyfriend.  If not that, they want a partner in singing a duet or dancing.  Libras are attracted to those who are naturals in being companions.

Scorpio.  A scorpio will be very analytical about the person they date, the person will often be a reflection of them.  Scorpios see what you wear, how you do your makeup, how you show your personality by external appearances.  If this scorpio is the stoner, skater, let’s watch the regular show until 3 AM type, they will be attracted to those who showcase they are similar throw fashion and expression.  A scorpio is attracted to an interesting and exciting personality, someone to decode.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarius doesn’t want to sit around all day when it comes to dating.  They want to talk about travel and they want to go somewhere.  Express your interest of going on daytrips to unusual places, like uncharted ghost towns and a ski town hours away from your local suburbia.  A Sagittarius is often attracted to someone who’s first language isn’t theirs, who belongs to a different religion, or someone who comes from a separate culture all together (being from a different part of the country or the world).  Sagittarius is attracted to people from far away, or who have the dream to go far away.

Capricorn:  Give Capricorn your full attention, for whatever they might be talking about.  A Capricorn will fill the house with conversation, it is their first instinct for expression.  Don’t be condescending to yourself, them, or other people.  Show that you are confident in yourself to the point that you do not need to drag others down.  Capricorn do not get along well with the overly emotional, as they are sometimes a lot more busy thinking about themselves than anyone else.  Be able to understand sarcasm and deliver it back.  Capricorn are attracted to the intelligent, independent, and reliable.

Aquarius:  An Aquarius will be drawn to those who make themselves know, not always in the way of being outgoing though.  They like those who express themselves in creativity, whether this be drawing, painting, dancing, film, etc. they will appreciate it beyond measure.  Aquarius likes the people that understand space, that it is okay to be alone for a while and to need to not be with people all the time.   Give them time to make the first move.  An Aquarius will be attracted to those that go with the flow and want to make their dreams work.

Pisces:  Pisces are interesting people.  They are emotional, and in these emotional times they might want a hand to hold, or they want you to leave them the fuck alone.  Pisces want someone who can keep up with their ever-changing wants and needs.  Like gemini, they want to surround themselves with the weird who are proud to be different.  Pisces is attracted to easygoing commitment. 

the amount of times i’ve been asked “what are you smiling about? ;)” by people around me, with the implication that i’m thinking about a romantic interest, is astounding. it’s especially astounding because i’m usually thinking about batman. how do i explain to someone no, i’m not getting laid tonight, i was just thinking about this one time batman threw a christmas tree out of a window for a distraction and then posed for the security guards and said “you caught me” like the little motherfucker he is