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A sweet, older lady came through my line one day, and was distraught because she was a few dollars shy, and couldn't afford her purchase. I felt so bad that I gave her a damage discount (10%) on an item for a tiny spot needing mended. You could barely see the spot, but it was there, so I did the discount, making it affordable for her. She thanked me many times over. It was several months ago, and the ONLY time I've ever done that. I won't do it again, but I don't regret doing it that day.

I’ve done that. I’ve also had items that for whatever reason didn’t ring and I couldn’t find the price so I just handed it to the customer and said “Merry Christmas”. If customers are nice so am I.


Lestrade : Well, what have you done that would upset her?

Sherlock : Oh, how much time do you have?

Lestrade : Well, why don’t you just start with the worst thing?

Sherlock : Hmm, let’s see. Okay, here we go- six years ago, I got a call that Molly’s great-aunt, died.

Lestrade : And?

Sherlock : And I forgot to give her the message.

Lestrade : That’s terrible.

Sherlock : The terrible part is, ever since then, I’ve been sending Molly Christmas cards from her great-aunt.

Lestrade : Oh… Sherlock!

Sherlock : Let me finish– and one card had five dollars in it I took from Molly’s purse.

Meant to Be
  • Lafayette x Reader
  • Modern
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Request: So I’ve had this idea for an au soulmates thing and was hoping you could maybe write it? So you know the whole “the first thing your soulmate says is on your arm” thing? Well, what if this set of soulmates had like a group of mutual friends and they were introduced but never actually /spoke/ to each other and this keeps happening and their friends are hella upset bc they were sure they were soulmates? And then they’re just chilling and final speak, if it could be lafayette x reader I would greatly appreciate it!

A/N: Here’s another one. I think this could be better but I wanted to give you something. I’m sooooo close to being free to write. Just not yet. Friday is the end of classes. Anyway, I’m at 3,000 followers!!! Thank you guys so much!!! And now, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,114
You tugged your sleeve down. You figured if you covered the words on your arm, you could pretend that they weren’t there or they were something different.

Non, mon amie.

Alexander helpfully informed you that they were French. That didn’t help anything though. You were left with the information that your soulmate was French. That wasn’t helpful at all. The words on your arms were the first words that your soulmate would say to you.

Non, mon amie

No, my friend

The first words your soulmate ever said to you was calling you a friend and also denying you something. Perhaps you were thinking the worst is because it was your habit. You worried about your soulmate not being perfect because then you wouldn’t focus on the fact that he was French. Where were you supposed the meet a man from France?

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  2.  just.. this interview in its entirety he smiles like the whole damn time
  3. when he doesn’t wanna say what he’d get viktor stalberg for christmas lmao (right towards the end at 2:22)
  4. u know this isn’t really a moment but the fact that he scored the most goals in his career this season
  5. also.. every time he smiles thats sappy but TRU ok

+1 it’s not a jeff moment it’s a me moment lmao but roadtripping to raleigh with @kawikashoji to see him and the canes play at home?? an iconic moment for me

Alexander Hamilton

Fake Royalty



Leave pt. 2




Pocket Watch



Playing Dress Up


One and Only    

Back in Time

Look at my son




Nice One



Long Years Past


Pen Name

Land and Sea  


Go To Her

Just Us Now

Christmas Time  

Geography Homework



Witches Among Us



He is not the one



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I mean my ex did have his issues and towards the end of the relationship he became really abusive and controlling and his jealousy was beyond crazy but I catch myself missing the beginning of the relationship, I do miss the days where we would go out to eat and just laugh and talk, I do miss going over just to nap so I wouldn’t nap alone in my room, I do miss the good times I experienced w him. I miss how he would mock me when I’d say something but instead of being mad I’d laugh bcus I could never stay mad, I miss when he’d get mad that I liked ranch but yet he would still kiss me, I miss going to the movies and laying my head on his chest, I miss going on walks around the lake and talking about our future, or when we’d cruise around Christmas time just to see houses decorated w lights, or when he’d drive and make those drifting sounds, or when i would feed him off my plate bcus I was already full, or when I’d steal his fries bcus I ate mine on the way home. He knew what I liked and what I hated, as I knew what he liked and what he hated. How he would lay on my chest and I would scratch his back and I’d be like “babe you better not fall asleep” while we would watch a movie and he’d be like “I’m not” then next thing you know he’d be sleeping, I miss him holding my hand and squeezing it hard so I would squeeze back and he’d pretend i was hurting him even tho we both know I was too weak to actually hurt him. I miss trying new places to eat w him, or when we’d go bowling and everytime he got a strike I’d get mad cus he was winning but when I would make a strike he’d kiss me and high five me, how he would call me “sport” and “buddy” and “pal” and “champ” and I’d get mad but then hed just laugh and kiss me, how he would pump gas for me even in a cold ass day just so I wouldn’t have to get off the car, and we’d go to the fast station just to get hot Cheetos w cheese, and how he’d always open the doors for me when we’d go out to eat and would always make me order first, and how when we’d go out to eat I would get diff drink everytime and he’d always try them and end up liking them and how we would go to every place to eat just to try their wings. When we’d go to Walmart just for a bag of chips or to get new wax things for the candle, or when he’d always ask me if I Wanted something before going home, how he would always hold my hand while he’d drive and do that little stroke thing, and how he would always look at me with those big brown eyes of his, how he would just randomly tell me “I love you” out of nowhere or how he’d be like “txt me when you’re home baby, drive safe” bcus he knew my driving sucked ass. I will always cherish those memories created w him. Something happened once we reached a year, maybe he just didn’t love me anymore and he was tired of me, maybe he became abusive so I had a reason to leave him bcus he wanted to end things but didn’t know how to say it, up to this day I’ll never know why something so sweet ended on such bad terms. I know we both said things to each other out of anger and I tried With my life to always fix things with him but we were both stubborn. We were too alike. I could never wish him hell tho one thing I do know is that he’ll always be the love of my life and although I’m over him there are days where I miss him, his voice, his laugh, his presence. I will always have mad love for him 😞. Like I catch myself missing him and thinking about him I just wonder if I even cross his mind for a little uk.


the oblivion continues

(and it starts here)

I know everyone remembers Alix as the reckless angry one who’s always ready to fight, and she is, but like… she’s also, in canon, really dorky and sweet?? Like how excited she is to get the pocket watch as her birthday present after seeing how cool it is, and reassuring her dad that she’s not gonna ditch him, and waving at Marinette’s parents, and just… look at this sweet happy child

And at the end of the episode when she thanks Ladybug for fixing her watch and says she’ll take better care of it next time and will try not to be irresponsible, it’s so Pure and Humble, she’s just such a Good

And Christmas episode??? Where she’s so happy to get sweets??? And happy to see Adrien’s okay??? And just generally so adorable and happy??? I’m love this child so much???


In conclusion: Alix is an adorable precious bean in addition to being a terrifying little monster, this has been a PSA

"I had to be more than just a brother, I had to be a father. And I had to be a mother..."

“I was the only one who could stop him from crying by climbing into his crib, even when I was too scared and upset to talk.

I was the one who changed his diapers, and bathed him when Dad was just a shell.

I was the one who walked him to kindergarten on my way to school.

I was the one who made sure he had a lunch to eat, even if it was just a snack. And even if it meant I went hungry.

I was the one who patched up every cut and scraped knee. I was the one who wiped up every tear, and carried him back to the motel via piggyback.

I was the one who told him stories at bedtime, even if I couldn’t fully make out the words myself.

I was the one who helped him learn how to read and write.

I was the one who cooked for him when Dad would take off for days at a time.

I was the one who shared a bed with him after he’d have nightmares. I was the one who held him close and told him that nothing was ever gonna’ happen to him after Dad’s response was to give him a ‘45.

I was the one who stole Christmas presents from the nice house down the street just so Sammy wouldn’t wake up and think that Santa had forgotten him. Again. And I was the one who had to tell him Santa wasn’t real.

I was also the one who told him that monsters were real.

I was the one who rode him to the ER on my handlebars after he jumped from the roof and broke his arm.

I was the one who took care of him when he’d get sick.

I was the one who made sure he had clothes that actually fit him after each of his twelve-billion growth spurts. And I was the one who comforted him after the endless bullying he’d receive at school because those clothes had come from the thrift store.

I was the one who stood up for him every time someone picked on him in school.

I was the one who stole textbooks for him so that he wouldn’t fall behind.

I was the one who had to work an ungodly amount of hours at the garage to earn enough money so we could eat when Dad would spend weeks gone in our teens.

I was the one who scraped together the money for Sammy to go on every field trip his school put on so that he wouldn’t miss out, even if it meant not going on my own and losing class credits.

I was the one who watched him fall deeper and deeper into an ugly pit during his teens when he barely had the motivation to get himself out of bed. I was the one who had to remove meds or anything sharp from the motel, just in case. I was the one who sat awake by his bed every night during that period, panicked that my little brother was going to do something stupid.

I was the one who bought him his first laptop, and the look of pure disbelief and unadulterated adoration was worth every hour of overtime I’d done for the last three months.

I was the one who dropped him off at Stanford after Dad told him not to bother coming back and kicked him to the curb.

And I was the one who spent three years living in constant fear because my little brother was at Stanford all alone.

I did all of that, without anyone having to tell me to. So you look me in the eye, and you tell me if that was fair?”

June Comeback Theory

We’ve been screaming for a while. This is the conclusion we came to. Here’s why:

1) Johnny recently dyed his hair very black. This seems like comeback hair - his previous hair had roots showing but you couldn’t tell and it didn’t look bad, unlike some of the others, so there was no reason for him to dye his hair. Also, when idols change hair for their comebacks, they always work with darker colours first. Also also, Johnny attempted to hide it by wearing a hat and he really isn’t a hat person on a day to day basis. Mark didn’t attempt to cover up his hair when he changed colours.

2) Every other SM boy group has an almost set comeback date for the second half of the year - EXO in July or August, SHINee in September, SuJu is confirmed for October, TVXQ will probably come back in November and then we’re just in time for EXO’s annual emo Christmas release. June to early July is the only time NCT will be able to promote without overlapping with a senior group.

3) Rookie groups needs to have at least three promotions a year, probably more, if they want to stay relevant. NCT needs to promote more because their concept will turn away casual fans - they need to promote so everyone finds *that* song and *that* member which makes them stan, otherwise potential fans will leave. When EXO didn’t promote constantly as rookies, they were considered a flop group.

4) If they weren’t going to have an NCT comeback soon, Hansol would be included in the rookie content. Seeing as he isn’t in rookies, Hansol is probably debuting.

JINX | Taehyung (M)

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Fluff | Crack | Smut | Neighbor!Taehyung | EMT!Taehyung | Enemies → lovers

You’ve had your sights set on Kim Taehyung ever since you’ve moved into the apartment next door to him, the only problem is that your klutz gene makes it difficult to get within three feet of the boy before a freak accident of some sort occurs

word count: 29k+

A/N: first of all i blame @bxebxee for the cumplay that occured in this hot mess, second of all IM SORRY its so long and third taehyung ended up a lot more… toxic than i anticipated so i wanted to warn against that and that i dont condone a lot of his actions/reactions or the toxicity of the relationship but its how his character and OC came out.

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Lock and Key (M)

*I am so tired*

Requests: Anon asked “Can you make like a dirty y/n imagine of Jimin please??” + @bangtanofarmys asked “ FUCK FUCK FUCK OMG FINALLY SOMEONE’S REQUEST IS OPEN. Ok I want to request a rough Jimin smut, with daddy kink and stuff BECAUSE IM SO TIRED OF BEING REQUESTED AND NOT REQUEST T-T “ you’re so cute wtf 

Word Count: 10.8k bc I don’t know when to stop

Another mundane day has come to pass, your best friend’s arm slung over your shoulders as you soak up the blinding sunrays on your skin. The sun pressed harsh kisses on your delicate skin, a definite burn accompanied by heavy sweating was just the peak of your day. You could barely remember the words of your professor, zoned out and ready to slump into your couch for two days.

Anthropology was fun when you still had your first year jitters, excited to be in university and getting a degree in something you loved. Now, a few weeks into your second year, you wished the years would just pass by.

Distracted by your internal monologue, you barely caught the bus on time, the driver ready to zoom through traffic and you waved your hand out wildly to catch his attention. You stumbled into a seat, the bus moving no less than a second after you got on.

Mindlessly watching the street signs while numerous people leaving and entering the bus, you get off at the stop near your house. You kick off your shoes, dropping your bag on the shoe rack and you heard a broken sob.

“Mom? Dad?” You went into the kitchen, followed by a set of sniffling before going into the living room. Your father held your mother in a consoling way, her hands clinging onto his red sweater. She grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

“Mom? Why are you crying? What happened?”

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The sun
  • Chris: you know my dick has a lot in common with the sun
  • Victor: why? Because nobody likes to look directly at it?
  • Yuuri: because it gives people cancer?
  • Phichit: it rises at the crack of dawn?
  • Michele: it disappears at night?
  • Seung: direct exposure to it often leads to nasty sunburns?
  • Yurio: it needs to stay approximately 92,960,000 miles away from me?
  • Otabek: nobody will ever touch it?
  • Chris: gee thanks you guys! You're all such supportive friends!
  • Victor: we try
  • Everyone: *grunting in agreement*

Man you guys are gonna love me. I have one porch for you all, BUT there are several photographs. This porch/deck was submitted by a coworker and he also sent over some great stats like square footage. We’re gonna simulate movement of a party guest through this porch into (did you notice?) A SECONDARY PATIO. First off, I’m calling this a porch, but you can call it a deck too. Porch deck potato potato.

Lets go over some hot specs/stats on this baby first.
- 300 sq ft deck (built 2013)
- 200 sq ft patio with fire pit (built sometime between 1963 and 2007)
- 3 locking gates on deck to control access for kids, pets and strangers
- railing is designed to minimize child escape.
- 3rd seating area in the back yard if you want to consider the large fire pit a seating area (I absolutely do)
- deck has 2 dedicated seating areas in addition to plenty of space for kids toys/bikes
- has hosted many parties with no reported fatalities and minimal injuries
- house is on a mountain so there is a slight drop off and makes the deck feel like a treehouse (FRICKIN SOLD DUDE)
- At any time you can hear from the nearby high school or wetlands a HS Football/Baseball game, trains, frogs, or airplanes from the local airport which make a thunder sound in the valley.

Ok, first picture, we see the run up to the porch. I’m very encouraged to see (1) tiki torch and (2) potted plants in different sized pots (this is very important, symmetry is not necessary on these more woodland porches. We’re not about to hold a wedding or a funeral out here. This porch is all business for working folk. Also whats that I spy in the distance? A table with an umbrella!? Very impressive, rain protection is so important. Also it provides protection against any bird droppings or acorns from the nearby trees so smart move on the part of the porchowner.

Second picture, we get the whole ballgame. I’m spying dos kids bikes and they fit very comfortably on the porch which means the porch has great parking. I also don’t see a ticket on any of the bikes so lax parking enforcement too. Since the house is on a mountain in the woods you know those bikes aren’t getting stolen. Let’s talk about lighting for a quick minute. Porch lighting is a key demarcation between a porch that is merely good, versus truly great. Porch lighting should create a mystical yet homey feel. Christmas lights are absolutely encouraged. In this case we get lightbulbs strung in what appears to be a fashion an electrician might have slight issue with. I approve. This is the kind of deck that GETS BETTER when the sun sets. Just think about that. You’re out there with your friends having a good ole time, but wait! Oh no! The sun is setting and existential terror sets in. Hold the damn phone, we’ve got lightbulbs.

Third picture, we get a great look at the stone and grass patio. I don’t know if you all have noticed yet, but I’m a big fan of multiple GOSA’s (general outdoor seating areas) on one house. Options are super important. Also I spy a firepit. Firepits are paramount as they function as beacons to move guests off your porch or deck and onto the patio. Its like Lord of the Rings when Aragorn goes mountain climbing to light the beacons and all the Rohirrim show up at Minas Tirith. The only difference is in this case you just need to move your friends about 15-20 feet in one direction (thats about as difficult, especially your coworker Big Mike, he tends to post up a lot. Mike’s also the guy that drinks mike’s hard lemonade because his name is Mike, so shout outs to him).

Speaking of alcohol its time to recommend a drink for this porch/patio combo. My coworker told me he’s had the most success with an “an ice-cold fresh-made michelada.” Sign me up.

All in all I give this porch a 9/10. This is a Great Porch. I have also been invited over to this porch to do a field test of the chairs and other porch amenities and I will absolutely report back.

Next post coming on Monday! If you have porch questions or submissions hit me up over at