and just in time for christmas

okay i know it’s not Christmas anymore but-




This lovely detailed WoY Christmas card was made by my sweetie friend @trustnooneyoucant as a gift for me <333 (It came with other things, but I want to keep them private) And I just HAD to show this beautiful handmade card njebnfkr (she allowed me to post it ;3; )
@trustnooneyoucant is a cutie pie and she is very very sweet and she deserves big hugs
Now this card stands proudly on my desk (with the tiny owl plush <3 )
She spent so much time on this omg 
<33333 again thank you so much my dear!

The Flash Masterlist

Barry Allen


Another Speedster (feat.  Peter Maximoff) [part 1] [part 2]

No Powers AU: Leaving The House || When He’s Ready || Thinking of Him || Pretty Boy || His Life Before || Occupational Therapy || New People || He Hates Storms || When Your Hands Aren’t Steady || What I’m Looking For || That Man I Adored || He Really Loves Cuddling || When You Can’t Sleep At Night || I’ll Take Care Of You || Will You Ever Win || You Are Loved More Than You Know || Drunk Barry Is The Best Thing || For Your Entertainment || Anxiety Dinner || He Gets Exhausted Easily ||

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Cisco Ramon

Wally West



Posing with my new mug that I got from a friend of mine for Christmas. I’m a bit exhausted today because I taught a brand new lesson. Teaching is hard, y'all! But I love those times when the lightbulb goes off in a student’s head and they just get it. I had one of those moments today and let me tell you, it never gets old.

Tagging some people…sorry if I forgot you. Like I said, exhausted. But tag me in your selfies at either @griffinnblake or my main @lindsayloveslife! :)

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anonymous asked:

So, I identify as demisexual, but these days, I'm not so sure. I felt sexual attraction only a handful of times between ages 11-13 and haven't felt it again since. Now I'm 19 and I can barely even remember those instances. IDK anymore if I'm grey and it just happened to be familiar faces I was attracted to, I'm demi, or I became ace. My BFF bought me some ace pride merch this Christmas including a demisexual pin and I feel kinda bad about it because I'm starting to doubt my label. Any advice?

it sounds to me like you might be more on the gray-ace side, or it could just be that you haven’t had any strong emotional bonds to connect with someone.

Just before Christmas, I was out shopping with my friends and they all said I swear so much more than I used to. And I’ve realised I do. I say fuck ALL THE TIME now. And I realised it’s this damn site, and the fact shows keep fuckign stuff up.

I mean you just can’t talk about these issues without swearing. Tumblr is such a bad influence. Heck it.

anonymous asked:

When I was a kid I drew all the time but my parents didn't really show encouragement. It wasn't that they didn't care, it was more the fact they wanted to make sure I had 'realistic' goals. I hardky showed my work to them and my skills in drawings suffered. Now I draw all the time because of this site, my family even got me drawing stuff for Christmas when but I feel it's too late to catch up with the years lost through keeping my passion a secret.

Oh I know this scenerio so well :/ For my parents it’s still just hobby and they can’t wait when I finally find proper job because drawing is just like “playing with toys”. 

Please don’t think like “It’s too late” believe me it’s never too late for drawing or painting. Maybe you look right now for the others and think your stuff look bad, this feeling never leave! You always think you are not good enought even if it’s not true. I know so many people who just started drawing not so long time ago and they made so quick progress! They are better than people who had lesson befor them. Why? Because they really had this passion in them!

I would love to see your artworks if you don’t mind <3

I love to talk about this topic! This problem what you describe is a BIG problem for me too. 

All you need to do is just don’t give up and practice, Practice and PRACTICE! 

I have really nice video for you, mabye it will help. It changed my attitude and thinking. Maybe it’s about a little different topic but please watch them :)

(I hope this what I wrote have sens at all xD I become a little too excited and I don’t know if I describe all off my toughts with sens. I am so sorry haha)


the oblivion continues

(and it starts here)

lol the concept of dan and phil referring to the place they share together as ‘home’ and where their parents’ live as ‘my parents’ place’ or ‘my parents’ house’ is something that fucks me up every day because they say it so off-handedly and so naturally like…they made a home out of shitty furnitures that they haven’t bothered to change since 2012 and candles and houseplants and plushies and dvds and videogames and photos and paintings and little cracks on the floor and countless of mugs and colorful bright decoration and things that remind the other of each other like what the fuck dan and phil have a home together in london dan and phil have each other as a home what kind of government bullshit is this 

The sun
  • Chris: you know my dick has a lot in common with the sun
  • Victor: why? Because nobody likes to look directly at it?
  • Yuuri: because it gives people cancer?
  • Phichit: it rises at the crack of dawn?
  • Michele: it disappears at night?
  • Seung: direct exposure to it often leads to nasty sunburns?
  • Yurio: it needs to stay approximately 92,960,000 miles away from me?
  • Otabek: nobody will ever touch it?
  • Chris: gee thanks you guys! You're all such supportive friends!
  • Victor: we try
  • Everyone: *grunting in agreement*

Harry Potter by chapter: The Philosopher’s Stone

Chapter Twelve- The Mirror of Erised