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What do you want from your relationships?

Aries Venus – Excitement

Taurus Venus – Security

Gemini Venus – Entertainment

Cancer Venus – Intimacy

Leo Venus – Romance

Virgo Venus – Improvement

Libra Venus – Equality

Scorpio Venus – Trust

Sagittarius Venus – Growth

Capricorn Venus – Status

Aquarius Venus – Freedom

Pisces Venus – Fantasy

Hey I get that compulsive heterosexuality is a thing and all but can we maybe stop trying to convince bi girls that they aren’t actually attracted to guys….I mean can we get rid of the idea that a bi girl who lusts after men is somehow doing a great disservice to the wlw community or being disloyal to who she “really” is…compulsive heterosexuality is real but guess what bisexuality is too and it’s a very valid identity


10 reasons why steve harrington isn’t a shitty boyfriend.

i may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out i’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter.