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I think a lot about that time Taemin sang Sekaide ichiban under the soft rain. It was just beautiful and perfect. That's my aesthetic, that's what i live for.

taemin joked about being the “rain main” a while ago, but if we’re talking about his (breathtaking) performance at a-nation, I think rain god would be more appropriate, as the people who were there expressed themselves:

everything about that performance was truly otherworldly. taemin always, always put his heart and soul into singing ballads to the point that it’s… painful, sometimes, to watch - it’s too emotional, too much, this thing where you can sense his feelings pouring out of him with his voice, his eyes, his gestures. 

he really did look unreal under the rain - all tender and powerful. beautiful takes on a whole new meaning when applied to him in moments like that one.

“Carry On My Wayward Son” - Digital Oil Painting

He has such a gorgeous profile, just look at those eyelashes. I combined this painting with some Photoshop effects for the glowy-shiny mirror.

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“You are unexplored, unusual and frighteningly beautiful.” - Nikita Gill

So here is this week’s spread! I have to say that I’m extremely happy with how it turned out! I tried out @journalsanctuary‘s floral doodles and they are simply gorgeous~
I just realized that I wrote ‘frighteningly’ wrong so I hope you don’t mind!

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Where Reaper/76 S/O (whose Hindu) is nervous about asking them to be their date for their sister's wedding. As sister of the bride she has to dress traditionally and dance in front of everybody with her sister. Do this as a second part if you want but I'd like to see how her older brother and father would interrogate them and how they would feel seeing their S/O in henna and just gorgeous in their cultural environment. I love your writing by the way it helps on my bad days and makes me happy!

omg awesome!! and im so honored that I make you smile. keep on keeping on love.<3


-okay so in all honesty he would hate the fact that you invited to a place where there would be a lot of socializing and … well people, and the fact that they are important people, like your dad.  BUT he would accept the invitation because he knows how much it mean would to you.

-when there and he sees you in you outfit and with henna on you, he cant help but stare. He just finds you so beautiful, especially because he has never seen you like this before. He may be very very VERY subtle about it but he throws complements at you the entire night.

-now when he sees you go up and dance with your sister. HE CANNOT HELP BUT OPEN HIS MOUTH WIDE. (or his eyes or whatever or everything hehe) He just finds the way you move so amazing and sexy and beautiful at the same time. He does not take his eyes off you throughout the dance. I don’t think he even blinks.

-and if your older brother and father tried to interrogate him. He would be a potato. A very quiet and scared talking potato. first off, never has ever spoken this long to people questioning him without shooting them in the face. second, he has also never felt more intimidated by anyone before. third of all, he really really does not want to screw up anything with you and your family. 

-but seriously hes in love with you and at the end of the day he would admit he enjoyed it and just being there with you was nice.



-inviting him would be so much much more easy. He’s actually loves weddings and you so now he gets both. yay! He would probably be more excited than you that he said yes because he is totally looking forward to seeing more of your culture since he knows so little of it.

-now his reaction is a lot more straight forward when he sees how you look. He actually covers his mouth because hes in awe of how gorgeous you look. It takes a couple seconds before he goes and tells you how much he loves the way you look. He also is such a gentlemen and tells your sister she looks great as well.

-after you tell him that your going to dance with your sister he gets excited to see it. but when he sees you on stage he just cant control his excitement. He starts smiling like a big idiot, and he has the most proud expression on his face that he has ever had in his entire life. once your done he will just complement you like crazy.

-if your older brother and dad would try to interrogate him he would act like this is the most important interview of his life (probably cause it is.) he would answer kindly, say all the right answers, and even somehow make your older brother love him more than you. seriously though this man is an expert in this field. no joke.


p>-when the wedding is over he will tell you how much fun it was and definitely will want to learn more of your culture.

Today’s cel isn’t a cel at all, but is a background painting of Yosho’s statue from Tenchi Muyo in Love. I think I paid $300 for it back in 2000, and recently someone made me an offer of $25 on ebay for it. So, I took it down. It may only be worth $25 these days, honestly, because the cel market really did come crashing down, aside from some particular shows. But, for $25, I’m keeping it, because its just a gorgeous painting. Its all pastel and watercolor.

Septiplier Fanfiction Continued

Walking into the cafe, Sean headed towards the long queue. All he wanted was quick shot of coffee to wake him up so early. Being impatient, he started tapping his feet to some tune that had been on his mind for a few days. Eventually, this became boring to and his eyes started to wander around the room. There was an old man sat by the shop window and he was reading a small book that Jack didn’t recognise. By the door was a young woman with a toddler who seemed to be having trouble with eating a biscuit. The mother was giggling and helping the child. Sean found it adorable. Finally, Sean looked at the person behind him who was busy on their phone.

Bright red hair, small height just like Jack, muscular, gorgeous. Perfect.

Sean gawked; he couldn’t help it. The guy was amazing. Looking down at his phone, his glasses quickly managed to slide down his nose but just slow enough he didn’t even notice. Finally, just as they were about to slip off, he pushed them up with his index finger and looked up. Sean followed his line off sight to see two deep chocolate eyes staring back at him. Sean felt like he was melting to the core on the spot. 

Completely frozen, Sean failed to notice that the man looking at him was trying to tell him silently that it was his turn to order, his eyes darting back and forth.

“Dude, its your turn.” the man mumbled. Sean’s heart nearly stopped, hearing such a smooth, low voice. Eventually, he came to his senses to realise whats going on. Flustered and seeing that he probably looked like the worlds biggest idiot right now, Sean turned round to order and for the first time ever, managed to stumble on his words. He was desperately trying not to say things like gorgeous, handsome and all the other adjectives that failed to match this mans beauty.

At last, when Sean had ordered, he turned around to see the man smiling at him, a guilty smile. Sean felt terribly embarrassed and hurried over to the pickup station. The barista quickly hared over his coffee as he spun around to see the man walking towards him. Not wanting to be confronted for his humiliating behaviour, Sean instantly headed to the condiments table. He was about to grab some sugar when he heard the voice again.

“Um, hey. You left your wallet at the till,”

Shit, Sean thought. Another embarrassment. “Oh thanks, god I’m such an idiot today,”

“Really? ‘Cos i think your adorable,” the man said, running a few fingers in his hair. Sean lost his breath in an instant. Did he just call him adorable?

“Uh, um, I-” Sean spluttered.

“No need to get flustered, I’m sorry. The name’s Mark. Hopefully, I’ll see you around.” he said, winking as he walked off.

Sean was left clutching his coffee and struggling to breathe slightly as Mark walked away and out off the coffee shop. He opened his wallet to see all of his cards and cash in place but also found part of a napkin inside one of the pockets. How did that get there? Jack thought, taking it out.






As Sean walked outside the cafe, he couldn’t keep the grin off his face. He had gotten home and just collapsed on the sofa ready to daydream about the possibilities that this man could hold. That was, until Felix had arrived home.

“Woah, sounds like a good guy Sean. Have you called him yet?” Felix asked.

“No, I’m going to do it later when you’re not here to screw everything up,” Sean joked.

“Seems like you can do that all by yourself,” Felix said.

“Shut up,” Sean said, pushing him all the way to the floor, smiling non-stop. 

Now I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you… [x]


My small wish: Benedict and Martin filming a cop movie.
I want Benedict as a new, enthusiastic stubborn cop and Martin as a bad dirty cop. They hate each other at first but soon realize they’re actually good partners.