and just googled caps


this is not the sound of a new man or a crispy realization
it’s the sound of me unlocking & you lift away
your love will be safe with me.

i. a naruhina playlist
ii. listen here.

Izzy would apologize for the Yu Yu Hakusho spam but it’s the fault of @adelmortescryche so it’s not Izzy’s fault and Izzy doesn’t need to apologize for it and is only warning follower of incoming posts to be polite.

I just found this screen cap on google and I just love the look of mirrored concern in both Astrid and Valka’s face.

What struck me is: this is the first time they have ever seen each other properly.
Valka might not have even known of Astrid’s existence. Valka has no idea how big a part Astrid is, in Hiccup’s life and the Haddock family for that matter.

I just think it’s so nice that they just accept each other and support Hiccup together.

What do other people think about Astrid and Valka?

there’s an untitled document in my google drive that just says, in all caps, “snake breeding in india” and i have absolutely no idea why i wrote this or where i was going with it

So I know I just said the Sun is a positive card in terms of Tarot. And it almost always is.

It’s associated with uncovering the truth and revelations as well as rebirth and creation.

And that’s usually a good thing. Even in Tokyo Ghoul.

But Kaneki has been repeatedly associated with Oedipus Rex, probably the most famous literary example of “OMG I WISH I COULD UNLEARN THAT AND LET MY CITY DIE OF THIS PLAGUE INSTEAD” ever.

Oedipus Rex, or Oedipus the King

Oedipus, who becomes king by killing his father. 

An act that later brings about a plague on his city. He vows to find the murderer and put them to justice, and so he calls a prophet and the prophet is like “yeah, bro, you really don’t want to know the truth, please stop looking.”

Because the truth is so horrifying (you aren’t who you think you are, your parents lied to you, you killed your real father, you married your real mother, you had children with her, and you cursed your whole city) that Oedipus goes mad for a bit and then stabs his own eyes out with pins. 

Not before his wife-mother kills herself though. Eto…

I’m not saying that the Clowns are gonna come out and reveal something somehow more horrific than all the shit we just learned and drive Kaneki mad in the process, I’m just saying that I’d feel a lot better about things if the famous literary King Kaneki was associated with were someone other than Oedipus, is all.

Oh shit, folks. Are the Qs gonna have to deal with some Oedipus at Colonus drama now? Washuu Matsuri is a perfect fit for Creon and if Zombie Shirazu comes back we’re back to 4 children of the King. Maybe we’re even gonna get some Antigone shit up in here. Saiko is totally gonna be Antigone isn’t she.


Dammit Greek Tragedy… why are you so tragic?


Congratulations to the captains of team Canada for the national men’s olympic hockey team!

Sidney Crosby: (#87) Captain
Jonathan Toews: (#16) Alternate Captain
Shea Weber: (#6) Alternate Captain

Okay, fight me on this one, but being a swimmer and dating Luke would be the best thing ever. I can imagine him being one of those boyfriends who shows up to your meet every single time even though you tell him not to. I feel like Luke would be that embarrassing and annoying person in the stands because he would be cheering you on in your heats, semis and finals. He would be ESPECIALLY annoying and loud when you win a medal for that stroke or medly. Don’t even get me started on what he will do to cheer you up when you don’t get placed or you don’t make the semifinals for that race. He would be the most supportive little shit ever. You would be all down and sore/tired and sitting on the bleachers with you head down. But then you see a fucking giant running towards you, even though you guys are at a fucking pool where the number one fucking rule is not to run, and sit next you, giving the most tight hug ever. He would says things like: “You were wonderful Y/N, don’t let yourself down, you did amazing.” or my personal favourite: “I think they doped.” “Luke, they did not fucking dope.” “I’m just saying, because thats the only way to beat my baby girl in a race.” He would tell you all the sweets, and how you would beat them in the next meet. But also, I feel like Luke would be the type of boyfriend to drop you off for practise. He would make sure you would have all your things like googles, swim caps, towls etc… But mainly he just want to see you practise. I mean who wouldnt? And if you were injuried, good god, he would be so clingy! He would be one of THOSE types of guys where they wont leave your side until you get better or the ones who take care of you like you are a glass doll or something. I mean, he means well, but it can get annoying. WHilst he is making you take bed rest, in reality, you really needed to do physical rehabilitation. “Y/N, get your ass back in bed, you need to rest.” “Luke, I swear to fucking god, I need to do rehab.” “Rehab my ass, you can do that tomorrow.” But considering that you would be injuried often like by pulling a muscule, or most hated craps, he would be really good at giving messages. Like really good for some reason. You would enjoy it of course, and his touches are just so nice. But after you fine again, and you start to go back to practise, he would just check up on you every once in a whilst. Not that it gets annoying sometimes, you know that he does it out of love, but you really needed your space when you swim. Ugh, I have another feeling that if you guys are at another swimming pool, like the community one, I feel like he would be the most jealous little shit. “Luke, why is your hand on my ass?” “I can’t let this pigs see you like this.” “I am a swimmer, I mean everyone seen me like this.” “You are not helping you know :/” In total, Luke will be your number one fan, no matter what happens in your swimming career. He will drive you across the country or pay a first class aeroplane ticket if it means that you can make it to your next swim meet.

Ughhhhh, i got inspired by this because I’m a swimmer and i want a boyfriend like Luke, so why not put the two together aye? Plus tomorrow marks one month since i saw them live on tour :/ I just miss the four tall aussies to be honest :( if you have a request, just message me ;)

Running this blog is fascinating.

Especially with my NT lust for data. There are definite trends in what types ask what questions. For example:

  • A significant portion of my ask box is questions about typing and most of them are from confused INTPs. 
  • INxJs are the most likely to tell me random things about their life that I have no response for.
  • IxFPs are the only two types that have told me they will unfollow me if I don’t do something different.
  • ESFJs sort of do this too but in a polite way (and it’s not really significant because there have only been two).
  • ENFPs are the most likely to add a comment to their reblogs.
  • ENTPs are most likely to ask for career advice.
  • INTJs most consistently ask questions they could have just googled.
  • ENTJs like ALL CAPS FOR COMEDIC EFFECT (and it makes me lol).

This inspired me to make an FAQ page so you can check to see if your question is commonly ignored.