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Aw I think you're doing great with the ships, they're fun to read! :) So I'd love to request one then please :D I'm 5'3, blue eyes, chestnut brown hair down to waist, pale skin. I like to learn and would love to travel the world. I like mythology and all that stuff. I'm a big dreamer and also hopelessly romantic. Generally nice and love to help people. But stubborn, oversensitive, short-tempered. Introverted. Tend to keep things inside and avoid drama. That's about it I guess... Thank you! <3

I Ship You With Ragnar

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  • You two meet on his first raid to England, he noticed how your beautiful long, brown hair swayed as you walked past him
  • He totally adored how your curious blue eyes just glowed when you saw all the new things

  • You join him on every raid, loving to explore new places n stuff

  • It actually took some time before you two really got to know each other, cause you where so introverted 

  • In the end you listened to your heart and confessed your love for him. yes im a Pocahontas fan, why?

  • Him being so intrigued how you manage to stay so kind and nice to people in general

  • Taking some of his gold from raids and giving it to the poor in Kattegatt

  • Even though he pretend he doesn’t not like PDA, he secretly loves it. Especially you touching him in “sensitive” places, jk but not really

  • “Naughty girls don’t go to Valhalla y/n, but they go with me to bed”. sorry you had to read my shitty pickup lines

  • When he was killing King Horik, he told you to stay in a safe place, but no fucking way your stubborn ass was gonna do that

  • He knows very well you are able to defend yourself, watching you with an amused grin when you get angry, smacking up someone poor guy who dared to hit on you

  • Him using your short temper to have angry sex sorry again, but not really again

  • Once you got pretty hurt in a battle and he almost lost his mind with worry, never leaving your side

  • Kissing you all the time in your consciousness, praying for you to return back to him, and you finally did

  • “Never leave me like that again y/n, never”

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is there training to stay at daybreak?? like they have to do tests or sparring 5 times a month for example? like a training curriculum i guess idk. also do they have to do physicals or something for information about their ability or do they just stay for free?

Generally speaking, Daybreak comes off to all potentials as a place of training and expanding their ability– and it is recommended that they at least attend training sessions as frequently as they can, just to ensure they stay in fit shape and practice their abilities for better expanding their use. However, there’s bound to be muses that do not prefer more physical aspects of training, and instead focus on expanding their abilities by using the varieties facilities that Daybreak offers (labs, etc.). They may stay for free, essentially, since Daybreak is technically a housing ground for mutants and those with extraordinary talents (mainly so the government can keep an eye out on them).

There’s a training regimen page long overdue for us to create that we just haven’t had proper time to format and such, but yes! There is a regimen of at least some sort of schedule that training will take place– that often include physical training and combat, a lot of mental testing on intelligence and brain wave patterns, giving real like scenarios to their potentials to see the best course of action, and the like! There’s no– set schedule like a school (3:30-5:30 you do this, etc.), it’s more of a free reign. If training rooms are open, you’re free to train, if you want to do testing and such just alert an official, etc. 

I would imagine that the officials of Daybreak would have monthly or bi-monthly evaluations and mandatory testing on potentials to check to see if their ability or specialization has improved.

I hope this helped! ;u;

- Admin Frost ❄

So someone the other day pointed out that Threnn, queen of “I’m not offensive people just don’t like when you tell the truth”, initially thinks that a Vashoth Herald is just one of the mercenaries Leliana hired before the Conclave.  (Which is technically true.)  But since I’ve never played a Vashoth character I’m a bit behind on the lore I guess, because I didn’t realize that Leliana had hired the Vashoth mercs, and I’d also been going on the assumption that unless the Herald is one, they were all gone.  I think, canonically, they are all gone.  At least, there are none that I recall in Haven, and none physically contact Adaar.  But because of that comment of Threnn’s, I’d like to imagine that there ARE a few left, regardless of who the Herald was.

Maybe they were younger, in training, or just off-duty.  Nursing an old knee injury that doesn’t like the cold.   Enjoying a day off.  And then, boom!, and suddenly there are a bare handful of them, isolated amidst humans who are frightened, angry, lost, looking for someone to blame.  It’s….not a good time.

But then comes Iron Bull.  Larger than life, unapologetic, totally self-possessed.  I think these survivors would be naturally attracted to him.  I think deep down, he’d be uncomfortable with them–after all, they are what he more or less pretends to be, Vashoth.  Mercenaries, too.  He still believes what the Qun teaches–outside of the strictures of the Qun, it is inevitable that you will become Tal-Vashoth, a wild beast, controlled by rage.  He’s seen it.  He fears it.  But that’s a little more truth than Hissrad wants leaking out of him, so he shrugs it off and drinks with them, spars with them too.  After all, they’re some of the only people around he doesn’t constantly have to worry about breaking.

And they’re not wild.  They’re not beasts.  They have about as much rage as you’d expect in this fucked-up situation.  They’re…people.  Maybe even good people.

Imagine him thinking about them when he has to decide between the Chargers and the Dreadnought.  Imagine the thought of them inside him, chipping away at his indoctrination.  Imagine them there for him when he becomes Vashoth.

I don’t know–I like it a lot.

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