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do you ever think about all the dumb arguments Yuuri and Phichit get into over the years tho like,,

“Yuuri, darling…”

Yuuri looks up from his homework to see Phichit smiling sweetly, eyes crinkled shut. It’s his Imminent Death To You face and Yuuri frantically tries to recall if there are any chores he forgot.

“Yuuri,” Phichit says again, smiling like the unforgiving sun. “There are two ways you can put the toilet paper in. You can put it under, or you can put it the Correct way-”

Yuuri tries not to groan. He mostly succeeds, though his irritation is plain as day. Phichit trails off, but his smile doesn’t leave.

“I’m not doing this,” Yuuri says firmly. He pats the couch beside him. “You can tell me what’s really bothering you, or just take the hugs, though.”

Phichit takes the hugs, toilet paper dispute soon forgotten.


“How can you eat that,” Yuuri demands, nose scrunched in disgust.

Phichit pauses with the slice of pineapple pizza halfway in his mouth. He sets it back down and stares at Yuuri, disbelief etched across his face. “Pineapple pizza? Is amazing??”

Yuuri gags.

“Yuuri.” Phichit takes a deep breath and readjusts his world view. “You eat anchovies.”

“Are you going to suggest I don’t put them on my anchovy potato pizza?!”

Phichit opens his mouth, but gives up before he can muster up any words. He shakes his head and then shoves half the pizza in his mouth, staring Yuuri dead in the eye.


…but when they’re in agreement:

“Is not.”

“Is too!”


“No!” Celestino clamps a hand over each of their mouths, brow knitted together in frustration. “Those,” he grouches, glaring at the iced muffins clutched against their chests, “are not.” He blows out a breath of hot air. “You cannot substitute a cupcake for breakfast!”

Phichit licks his hand, unrepentant as Celestino yanks his hand away in disgust. Phichit takes a huge bite of his muffin, icing smearing onto his nose adorably, and speaks through a mountain of delicious carbs. “We told you, these are muffins.”

Celestino huffs. Yuuri takes advantage of the distraction to slip out of his grip and slide into Celestino’s blind spot, happily gulping down his own iced muffin and starting on a second. 

“Iced muffins are basically cupcakes,” Celestino insists as he makes a swipe for Phichit’s.

Crumbs spray from Yuuri’s mouth. “Are not!” he protests.

“You can’t eat only cupcakes for breakfast!” Celestino makes a swipe for Yuuri’s muffins and Phichit takes the moment to shove a whole muffin into his mouth, cheeks bulging out like a hamsters. Yuuri ducks around Ciao Ciao and Phichit poses, Yuuri proving to be the best friend in the world as he snaps a pic for him.

Celestino gives up. Even his hair seems to wilt as he stares at Yuuri and Phichit eating nothing but sugar. “Please.” Celestino doesn’t beg, but it’s close. “Please tell me you idiots have eaten more than just those.”

Phichit and Yuuri stare at him blankly, cheeks bulging with their contraband muffins.

Celestino groans and grabs his jacket. “I’m taking you idiot children out for breakfast. Now.”

Behind his back, Yuuri and Phichit grin and high five each other.

“I saw that!”

im absolutely 100% sure i’ve improved w my Depression in th past few months……… like…… i dont Despise my art n since ive stopped makin jokes abt it being bad ive been feelin a lot better abt it???!???!!? sure not everything i make is Super Duper but at least i can make things im pleased w!!

also i definitely dont…yknow Hate My Me as much???? i mean sure i get Low Points but hey im gettin better! i dont think ultra highly o myself but im pretty ok! just like w my art i think i improved after stopping joking abt me being horrible which is????!?!? aw yea!

i started antidepressants a few weeks ago n they’ll start workin soon……..i wonder if they’ll work!?!?!? i hope so bc im glad ive improved from th Super Ultra Low Point i was in during like… march-may……. im really happy i can confidently say ive improved ;3

tbh since i revamped this blog i’ve been feeling so welcomed and loved here and i just wanted to thank you guys for showing interest in my muses and taking the time to write with me. you are the best and i love you all ♥

One of my favorite things about the mileven reunion is that everyone in the room shuts up and stands back because they all just know how much this means to the both of them. Like the world is literally about to end and yet they give mike and el their moment because they know how important it is for them.