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I get a lot of questions about my travel journals, so I thought I’d make a post about my tips, tricks, and essentials for on-the-go journaling! Keep Reading if you’re interested~

(Disclaimer: a give in, but I thought it’d be worth saying- this is all up to personal preference! This is all of the stuff that is necessary for me, personally, when I’m journaling on the go, but it’s all customizable to whatever intentions you have in mind and what supplies you have. Please don’t think you need to spend money in order to record some great memories!)

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Anonymous (Peter Parker x Reader)

Word Count: 3,869

Warnings: some mild cursing, it’s also pretty long

The first night you ever met him was unforgettable; mostly because you could’ve died that night. Your boss had begged you to help close that night even though you had told him you had made plans for homework and studying that night. The diner had been hit with a sudden rush of people and none of the closing chores had been completed so he needed an extra closer. It was exhausting but you thought you could use some extra money; college wasn’t going to pay for itself. It was never too early to start thinking about it; even if you were only a sophomore. 

After he’d locked the doors and thanked you for your hard work, and you turned to start walking home by yourself. “Y/N!” One of your coworkers chased you down and you looked over your shoulder to the middle-aged woman who had acted like your mother within your group of coworkers. “Lemme walk with you! It’s not safe for you to be walking around this late by yourself.” She walked by your side for most of the walk back.

When you parted ways, you were anxious to get back home. Being outside at this hour in New York wasn’t a good idea in the first place. You were turning a corner and when you looked up from your feet you noticed a menacing silhouette that seemed to be coming in and out of existence because of the flickering street light. You turned back the way you came but was met by a man with a hood over his head.

“Hello, sweetheart. Whatcha got on ya?” He grabbed your arm and you struggled to break free.

“Don’t hurt her, she’s a pretty thing.” The silhouette from before now showed his face in the pale light of the streetlamp above.

“P-Please, I don’t have anything, I swear.” You reached for your wallet and tossed it to the ground.  The man behind you picked it up and rummaged through to try and find anything of use.

“She’s got nothin’.” The man’s grip around your arm tightened and you let out a yelp of pain. “We’ll just have to take something else…” He snickered and you felt your heart beat even faster than it already was before. This is it, this is how I die… Your mind was racing and you could barely comprehend what was happening.

You missed what happened next, because suddenly you were free from the hooded man’s grip and they were plastered to the wall by some white net. When you had calmed down, you realized they were… Webs. That could only mean… Sure enough, a lanky blue and red figure stumbled a landing in the light in front of you.

“Um, are you okay?” He messed around with trying to pose himself by leaning against the lamp post and crossing his arms and just standing up straight. You would’ve laughed at the thought of Spider-Man being this awkward, but you were too thankful for his help that you didn’t care.

You practically tackled him as you embraced him. “Thank you so much. I thought I was going to die, oh my God!” You started sobbing and you could feel him tense up.

“That’s what I’m here for!” His voice sounded so young, like he was your age. You couldn’t believe your ears. He didn’t know what to do so he just stood there rigidly. “Oh gosh, please don’t cry. It’s okay now.” He gave you an awkward but reassuring pat on your back and you pulled away to wipe away the tears.

“I believe this is yours?” He held up your wallet. You accepted it and ran your hands through your hair, thinking about how you’d just missed a disaster by a second. “Would you like me to, um, take you home?”

“You mean like…” You looked up towards the tops of the buildings around you. Flying through the air like that terrified you at first, but you just wanted to get home to your bedroom. “Sure.”

“Okay, um,” Spider-Man knelt down with his back towards you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Hold on.” He shot a web up to the top of a building and you felt the wind against your face as you were launched up into the air. “Where to?” You gave him the street name and building number and he made course to your apartment.

You held on for dear life and kept your eyes closed most of the way home. After a couple web swings you got used to the idea of being in the air like this and opened your eyes. You almost regretted it because of how high off the ground you were, but the way the city looked from this perspective was beautiful. The lights, the street lamps that dotted the sidewalks… it seemed more peaceful from up there.

“Is this it?” You opened your eyes and saw Spider-Man sticking to the wall of your apartment building.

“Yeah,” You guided him to the fire escape that led to your bedroom window and slid from his back once you were back on solid ground. He turned to jump from his perch on the fire escape, but you grabbed his wrist. “Spider-Man? Thank you again.”

His flustered reaction was incredibly noticeable, even with that mask on, and he gave a little chuckle. “No problem, you have a nice night, ma’am.” And then he was gone; just like that. You climbed through your window and jumped into bed without changing your clothes. Falling asleep was hard because you kept thinking about how you just met Spider-Man.

You met Spider-Man?!”

That next morning you retold the story to your friends, and tried to convince them you did in fact meet the web-slinger. “You’re shitting me right now, Y/N.”

“I’m serious! These guys were trying to rob me and…” You stopped and shivered at the thought of what they would’ve done to you. “Anyways, he swooped in, stuck these guys to the wall, and saved me!”

Everyone asked you questions as if you knew him personally. It was just one night that he saved you, and they expected you to be best buds by now. Of course your friend, Ned, asked you a million questions in between periods at your locker–he was a big Spider-Man fan. Even his friend Peter, who you’d never really talked to, asked you: “What was he like?”

“Um,” you tilted your head while trying to think of how to describe him, “he was a lot more awkward than I thought he would be.”


“But it was adorable in its own way.” You shrugged, and noticed Peter smirked slightly. “Well, boys, I have to go to the band room and help Mrs. Mayfield for my teacher’s aid period. It was nice meeting you, Peter.” You added and hurried down the hall.

Even while you were helping your band director you were distracted by your thoughts about meeting Spider-Man. You kept spacing off and she had to try and keep you grounded in reality. The memory of flying through the air, with the wind blowing your hair, was just so amazing. Little did you know that wasn’t the last time you’d see the Webbed Warrior of Queens. It was only the beginning.

A couple days later when you’d gotten home from school you were met with a surprise on your window. You tossed your stuff onto your bed and hurried over to see a handwritten note plastered to the glass with familiar webbing.

Meet me on the roof at 11?

There was a little spider doodled next to his signature and you didn’t know whether to be scared or excited. Why was Spider-Man asking you to meet him? It was a strange request indeed, but… what could go wrong?

The hours counting down to 11 seemed to take years; you told your parents you were going to bed and had to stare at the ceiling while waiting for the sounds of them settling down in their own room. When you thought they were asleep, you waited a little longer, and climbed out your window to the fire escape. You tried your best to keep from making so much noise, but the metal on the stairs were so rickety not even Spider-Man himself could sneak up them.

When you got to the top, you peeked your head over the edge of the roof and saw the web slinger pacing around and mumbling to himself. It looked like he was rehearsing something. When you revealed yourself he nearly jumped off the roof in shock, but composed himself. “Um, hi. I’m P-Spider-Man.” He rocked back and forth on his feet. “I mean, you knew that. What’s your name?”

You smiled and put your hands in the pockets of your sweater. “I’m Y/N. Why did you want to meet me up here?”

“Oh, right,” he scratched his head, “I was wondering if you’d like to go see some sights with me…” When you didn’t answer right away, he held up his hands defensively. “I mean, you don’t have to unless you want to.” Was Spider-Man asking to hang out with you? Why would someone like him want to be around you? You couldn’t stop a bus with your bare hands, you couldn’t fly or turn invisible; you were as normal as they came. But hanging out with Spider-Man would make for great stories in the future, plus: you were curious about him.

“I’d love to!” You beamed and he tilted his head confused.

“You do?” You tried not to laugh at how adorably awkward he was. “You do! Right…” He let you climb on his back and you wrapped your arms around his neck and legs around his torso to ensure you wouldn’t fall. “Hold on–I mean, I won’t let you fall, but,”

“Let’s go, Spider-Boy.” You interrupted and he nodded. Once again you were swinging through Queens but this time there were still some cars down below and people on the streets. It was much busier and felt a little safer than the first time you were at this height. “Where are we going first, Spider-Boy?” You rested your chin on his shoulder.

“It’s Spider-Man, And we’re going to make our way to Central Park, hopefully.” He muttered the last part and continued to shoot webs.

“Well you sound like a boy, Spider-Man, and I don’t believe you’re a day older than 16.” There was no response. “So I’m right?” Another long silence on his part.

“Maybe…” You laughed.

“I guess it’s too much to ask what school you go to.”


The ride to Central Park was a long one, but you eventually made it. It was practically empty, and the paths were lit up by the cute little street lamps. Even though you’d lived in New York for so long, you’d never really been to Central Park that often. It was more of a treat for you than it was a normal park. It looked so different at night, and you felt a whimsical presence of being out at night like this.

Spider-Man set you down on the grass and then told you to wait for a second. “I’ll be right back, promise.” He leapt off into the darkness and you could hear a bunch of webs being shot. After a couple minutes he returned and guided you to where he’d created a giant spider web spanning between multiple trees.

“Am I supposed to be impressed by this or…?”

“That’s not it, I’ll help you up.” Before you could say anything, he grabbed you and tossed you into the air like you were a rag doll. You screamed, of course, but when you landed you bounced a little, like on a trampoline. When you opened your eyes you saw that you were sitting on the giant web he’d strung up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He landed next to you and sat with his legs crisscross style.

“That wasn’t cool. You scared the shit out of me.” You pursed your lips and folded your arms around your chest.

“Well, just look up.” He pointed and laid down with his hands behind his head. Still bitter about being thrown in the air, you sighed with a roll of your eyes and tilted your head upwards. The stars twinkled in the clear night sky and your frustration immediately melted away.

The two of you laid next to each other while staring at the sky for quite a bit of time. You had a ton of questions that you wanted to ask him; mostly little things about him. “So, you created the fluid you use for your webs?”


“You must be a smart kid, Spider-Boy.” You teased.

He looked away from you embarrassed. “I guess I am.”

“Okay, but who’s going to clean up all this web?”

“It dissolves after two hours. Speaking of which, what time is it?”

You pulled out your phone. “Nearly… 2 am?! I have a math test tomorrow!” You tried to get up but forgot you weren’t on solid ground and fell over. “You gotta take me home, Spider-Boy.”

On the way back he apologized countless times and you could tell his was booking it as much as he could for your place. He dropped you off at your window and said a hasty goodbye before disappearing into the skyline. You changed into your pajamas and curled up into your bed, hoping you’d be able to catch enough z’s.

The next time you found a note on your window, he took you to Chinatown, but it was still pretty busy so you got to see all the different signs and people on the streets. He took you lots of place over the next couple trips, each visit getting closer and closer to one another so that you saw him almost every other night.

Up to this point you’d decided not to tell anyone about your adventures with Spider-Man, but you couldn’t keep his most recent visit a secret. You were excited to share it with Ned and Peter because he’d taken you to Stark Tower; where the Avengers used to work from.

That was the first night he’d really taken you high up like that. It was terrifying, to say the least. He’d actually webbed your torso to his as he climbed up the building. “I’ve never been up this high before.” His voice shook ever so slightly as he looked down towards the concrete jungle below.

“I’d never thought that Spider-Boy would be afraid of heights.” You teased with a toothy grin.

“I’m not afraid of heights! I’ve never climbed a building this tall before, that’s all…”

The height was very apparent because the wind at this level was more torrential compared to the ground level. With your hands around his neck, you dug your face into his shoulder to keep your hair from getting all in your face. You were also very scared being this high, but you didn’t want him knowing that.

It seemed like a millennia before you reached the top where there was a flat platform that looked like a landing pad. Once you were on solid ground again, Spider-Man cut you free from the webbing and tossed it in the wind. The city below looked so small now.

“It’s beautiful…” you held up your hands over your mouth trying not to freak out over the sight. You heard him mutter something incoherent and turned to him. “You say something?”

“Nothing!” The lenses on his mask widened and you turned your attention back to the scene in front of you.

“You know, it seems like there’s no security here right now. I was sure we’d be caught by now.”

“Well, I asked Mr. Stark about taking you here, so he probably let someone know…” He shrugged and joined you.

“So,” you sat down and dangled your feet over the edge, “you still haven’t told me how old you are.”

“Would you believe me if I told you I was 18?” He turned to you with hope in his masked eyes.

“Absolutely not,” you laughed and nudged him, “so, what is it? How old are you, Spider-Boy?” At this point he’d accepted your nickname for him, and didn’t argue with you about it anymore.

“I’m 15.” Now you weren’t expecting him to be your age, which made him probably one of the youngest superheroes ever. Another question had been eating away at your mind for awhile, but you were too afraid to ask. It’s now or never, I guess…

“Well, does 15 year-old Spider-Boy have a girlfriend?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” You felt your stomach do a flip when he turned his gaze to yours.

“You can’t answer a question with a question, mister!” You scrunched up your face and wagged a finger. He didn’t say anything at first, but sighed.

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Good. “Th–There is a girl I’ve had a crush on for awhile now, though.” He kicked his feet and looked away from you.

“What’s she like?”

“Well, she’s beautiful, and hilarious, and kind, and strong. Very brave for climbing up this building with me.” With every word his hand had slid closer to your own, and soon they were almost touching.

“Well I have a crush on a boy, but I don’t know his name, or what he looks like, or what school he goes to. But I do know that he’s sweet, and horribly awkward.” Your hand drifted over his and you leaned a little closer to him. He mirrored and when your noses touched you laughed. “It’s kinda hard to kiss you when your mask is covering your face.”

“Oh, right.” he pulled the mask up to reveal his chin and mouth. You leaned in again and pressed your lips on his…

You kissed Spider-Man?” Ned nearly announced it to the whole cafeteria, but luckily you were sitting in their empty side of the room. “Okay, now I know you’re lying.”

“I wouldn’t make something up like that, Ned! He’s been taking me around at night for the past month or so and last night we went up to Stark Tower. I just didn’t want to tell anybody because they’d react like you just did.” You rolled your eyes and stared off at the wall to avoid looking at them.

“Okay, say you have been hanging out with Spider-Man, what’s he like?”

“He’s super smart; would you believe that he came up with the fluid for his web shooters? He told me that one night, even let me play with them. He’s a total nerd, and he’s kind of awkward, but it’s okay because he’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met.” You gushed and felt your face go red once you realized what you were saying.

“I believe you, Y/N.” Peter chipped in sheepishly. “I mean, I’m sure Spider-Man’s just a normal guy like us. I mean, if you look past his super strength and stuff.” He scratched the back of his head and you stared at him for a moment. Something about the way he always did that when he got nervous along with his voice sounded so familiar.

“Yeah… Also,” you turned back to Ned in a low whisper, “he’s not even a man. He’s only 15, like you and me.”

“Whatever, Y/N. I’m still skeptical, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

You finished your food before the two boys and gave curt goodbyes before taking huge strides to throw your food away on the opposite end of the dining hall. “I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt; I’ll show you, Ned…” You mocked under your breath and stormed out of the cafeteria.

Little did you know, Ned and Peter were having a frantic conversation once you left. “Dude, you kissed Y/N?! You have to tell her!”

“I-I can’t; she’ll stop liking me. She doesn’t like Peter Parker, she likes Spider-Man.”

“If you don’t tell her, I will.”

“No!” He sighed. “Fine, I’ll tell her…”

When you got home that evening you rushed to your room hoping to find a note on your window. You weren’t disappointed, because sure enough there was a piece of paper stuck to the glass with webs.

Roof at 11?

You waited impatiently throughout the night; almost spilling your juice all over the dining room table at dinner, completely blanking out on your homework, it was a mess. You were so anxious to see him because you wanted to prove to Ned you actually knew Spider-Man.

When 11 pm came, you nearly bolted out your window and up the fire escape. Sure enough, Spider-Man was pacing around the roof like he usually was. He was also talking to himself again. “I can’t do that, Karen!” He said a little too loudly and noticed you were standing on the other side of the roof. “Oh, hi, Y/N!”

“Who’s Karen?” You tilted your head.

“She’s an AI in my suit. I talk to her a lot…” He scratched the back of his head.

“That… explains a lot.” You smiled and strolled closer to him. “Where are we going tonight?”

“Um, actually, I had something to tell you first.” You stopped dead in your tracks. “Well, I’m not who you think I am–No that sounds stupid, um…” He sighed and slid the mask off. You didn’t believe what you saw.

“Peter…?” The confusion was then taken over by anger. “Is this some joke? Did Ned put you up to this?” You clenched your fists and turned around to start looking for Ned’s hiding spot. “Ned! This isn’t funny you better come out here or I’ll–”

“It’s not a joke, Y/N, trust me.” He shot a web to your wrist to stop you and you finally calmed down. “I know: Peter Parker as Spider-Man, right? Don’t blame you for thinking it’s a joke.” He avoided your gaze.

“It’s not like that, Peter. I just thought Ned was playing a joke on me after what I told you guys earlier…” The hurt in his eyes was killing you. “You’re not a joke, Peter. I just wasn’t expecting Spider-Boy to be someone that I knew, that’s all.”

He looked up and was met with your reassuring smile. “Um, I’d understand if you don’t want to go out tonight… Now that you know Spider-Man’s Peter Parker and all…”

“Peter,” you took some steps closer to him, “Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same smart, adorable, and sweet person I’ve grown to like.” Now you were just as close as you were the night before when you kissed him. It was different tonight, though. Something about finally knowing who you’d been crushing on for awhile made it seem more exciting and thrilling. You leaned in and kissed his forehead. “Where to, Spider-Boy?” Peter was too flustered to reply and you chuckled.

“Right,” he threw his mask back on, “I was thinking star gazing again.”

“Lead the way, Peter.” You climbed onto his back and couldn’t stop smiling the whole way to the park.

What I Like

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Excited chatter fills the room as students trickle in for the first day of class. Spirits are high, outfits are cute, hair is neat and makeup is perfect; you give it a few weeks until everyone is miserable and dressing in sweatpants with messy hair and no makeup. But until then you’re stuck at the front of the room, quietly waiting for the professor to enter and bring some semblance of order to the chaos.

You have no interest in public speaking and you don’t plan on going into the business field but you have a social science slot to fill and you heard from your business major friend that this class is an easy A. However, she failed to mention exactly what was required of the class and the moment the professor passes around the stack of syllabi, you’re only a few seconds away from getting up and leaving.

“I’m sure that many of you have heard that this course is an easy A,” the professor laughs as he takes his place at the front of the room, “and I’ll concede that this is true. If you are capable of working with another person.” There’s a mix of groans, cheers, and noncommittal hums before the professor motions for silence. “I know,” he laughs, “some of you are incredibly excited while others are incredibly annoyed. Either way, if you stay in this class then you have to work together. The last day to drop is next Friday. If you’re going to drop, I ask that you do it sooner rather than later. I’m going to announce your pairs today and if your partner happens to drop, we’ll figure something out. And you did hear me correctly. I will assign the partners, I want you to get to know a stranger. If you’ve met your partner before, that’s fine. If you’re best friends and have known each other for years, let me know and changes will be made. I’ll call roll and then we’ll get started.”

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Text Parser

Envy opened the app on her phone. She had always loved text adventure games, there was something so engrossing about them, so anything to help them make a comeback was okay with her.

>Game Start

She typed and hit enter. A few moments later she got a response back.

-I’m in a room with exits SOUTH. In the room is a TABLE, a BED, a CHAIR and a WARDROBE.

Envy nodded, a simple enough start. One room, one exit and if she knew adventure games a plot-critical item that she would need at the very end of the game. She decided to start in the traditional way and inspect literally everything in the room.

> Inspect TABLE

-I see my PHONE it is on full battery. There is also COSMETICS scattered around the table.

Envy thought for a moment. A phone did sound like a useful item to have, and it had flavor text which tended to be a really good sign.


- I can’t do that

Envy rubbed her chin, maybe she had the verb wrong?

> Pick up PHONE

- I can’t do that

Envy pondered a little more. This was odd. Then it hit her, maybe it was one of those games where she had to inspect it before she could collect it?

> Inspect PHONE

- It’s my PHONE. It has full battery and no missed calls. The lock screen is a cute kitten!

Well, it was a logical description, maybe now Envy could get it collected into her inventory.

>Pick up PHONE

- I can’t do that

Envy was stumped, this was the first puzzle and she couldn’t work out what the game wanted. She thought for a moment and realized she should check what was in her inventory.

> Inspect ME

- I’m in pretty good shape! My hair is a little messy but I look okay. Oh, wait..I’m naked! This is very embarrassing!

Envy laughed. It seems her character had a little personality, she could be down for that. Also, this means this must be one of those slightly meta games that made you do normal stuff games would usually omit.


-It is a wardrobe built into the wall. It is closed.


-The door slid open easily. I see UNDERWEAR, SKIRTS, DRESSES, JEANS and T-SHIRTS

Envy wondered if this was a choice, could she play dress up in her adventure game?

>Put on JEANS

- I can’t do that.

Envy sighed, of course, she had to work out what how to use items. She realized that was likely a good verb to use for this situation so she went with it.  


There was a slight delay, leaving Envy slightly unsure if her game had crashed or not. But after a minute or so she got a response.

-These jeans are form fitting and really comfy! I love them!

Envy smiled, this was perfect, it seemed she could customize her character a little and she now knew the command to do stuff with the items she found.


-This T-SHIRT looks cute on me!  

Now seemed to be the time to have another go at picking up the phone, maybe putting clothes on was the flag for it.

> Inspect TABLE

-I see my PHONE it is on full battery. There is also COSMETICS scattered around the table.


- I put the PHONE in my pocket. I would hate to miss a call!

Envy punched the air, the first puzzle solved and she hoped this meant she could finally move on from this room. She readied a command to use the exit before realizing she should possibly get keys or something as this game seemed to like realism.

She only had one part of the room left, so it seemed the logical place to check.

>Inspect CHAIR

- A basic CHAIR to sit on. It has my BAG hanging off the back.

“Perfect,” thought Envy, this was just what she needed.

> Take BAG

-I put the bag over my shoulder. It is very light!

>Open BAG

-I open the bag, I can see inside it now.

>Inspect BAG

-My BAG, it is blue and goes over my shoulder. It is currently open and inside I can see a CHAPSTICK, HOUSE KEYS, NOTEPAD and PEN

Envy nodded, this was good, plenty of useful items in here. Now she should really see about moving onto another room.


-I go SOUTH. I am in a hallway with exits NORTH, EAST, and WEST


- I am in a BATHROOM with exits EAST. I can see a TOILET, SINK, BATH and MEDICINE CABINET.

Envy shrugged a little, while this room wasn’t what she intended she might as well rummage around. She had once played a game that became unwinnable if you forgot to take a toothbrush with you. So it wouldn’t hurt to check.


-It’s a MEDICINE CABINET, it has a mirrored door, I can see my reflection. I look slightly dazed.


-It is full of bottles, some of them are really old. It contains ASPRIN, ALLERGY MEDICINE, LUBE, TOOTHPASTE and DENTAL FLOSS

This was a conundrum as Envy was unsure if this game had an inventory limit. Likely taking pills was a bad idea. It did dawn on Envy she should be super careful using a TAKE command around pill bottles just in case someone has programmed this game weirdly.

She settled on just taking the lube because it sounded funny and was the only unusual thing in the cabinet.

>Take LUBE

-I put the LUBE in my bag, I hope it doesn’t leak and make a sticky mess!


-I go EAST. I am in a hallway with exits NORTH, EAST, and WEST

Envy decided progress must be the way she had yet to go.


>I am in a LIVING ROOM. With exits EAST and WEST. There is a COUCH, TV, BOOKS, TABLE, GAME CONSOLE.

Envy wanted to go out the door and hopefully get outside but she took a breath. She knew rushing through never went well on these games so she decided to at least inspect a few of these things.

>Inspect TV

-It is a TV, it is currently turned off.

>Inspect COUCH.

-A well used but comfy couch it has CLOTHES scattered all over it and a NOTEBOOK hidden under the clothes.

Envy chuckled, a hidden item! This had to be good!


-It has a name on it I can’t read. It features random doodles and notes.


-I put the notebook in my bag

>Inspect CLOTHES

-These are my clothes! It looks like I threw them off in a hurry!

Envy decided that this was likely the point of the room and decided now was the time to leave.


- I leave the house onto the street. There are lots of people around. From here I can travel to STORE, HOUSE, MY HOUSE.

Envy considered carefully. House was an odd option, considering she didn’t remember anything suggesting or justifying it. She decided to go for the weird option.


-I can’t do that

Envy sighed, It must require a different verb, what could the programmer have thought was logical at the time.

>Travel HOUSE

-Sounds good! But I can’t turn up without a gift!

This obviously pointed Envy towards the store. It was an inelegant plot hook but it was functional.

>Travel STORE

-Off I got to the STORE

After that, the app went quiet. Envy was unsure if this was a feature or if she had selected an option that just hadn’t been written yet. Envy put her phone down and went to make herself some tea.

When she came back the phone buzzed an alert showing that the game had responded to her last input.

-The STORE is full of things and I’m the only customer! I have an exit SOUTH and I can see a COUNTER, SHELVING UNIT, and DISPLAY STAND

Envy nodded to herself. This was a pretty normal layout for a store. She presumed she needed to find chocolate or some flowers as those would make sense as a gift to take to the house that was mentioned. She then realized wine might be a good option, or kill her instantly if it was one of those sorts of games. She realized she wouldn’t know unless she checked, so time to go on an inspecting spree.


-There is a mannequin in a RUBBER NURSES UNIFORM advertising new, more powerful VIBRATORS.

Envy let out an audible gasp. It appeared she had the totally wrong idea about this store, it appeared it was a different kind of establishment. This would be a hard place to find a gift for someone.


- It has loads of cool stuff. Some ROPE, a VIBRATOR, and EDIBLE UNDERWEAR

Envy was confused, but quickly realized that this must be why she picked up the lube earlier in the game! She decided that the Vibrator was the best option because it had been mentioned twice. Sure it was a weird gift, but they all were sub-optimal.


- I can’t do that in public!

Envy giggled. Of course, she had picked the wrong verb in this case, but she was happy the developer had put in the extra text for it.


- I picked up the VIBRATOR, I should go pay for it!

Envy was curious, could she pick up the other items on the shelf as well, or did she only need one to act as a weird gift?


- I don’t like sugar down there thank you. That is how you get ants.

Envy nodded, seems like the Vibrator was what she had come here for. Now how did she get the vibrator and herself over to the clerk to pay for this?


- I go to the counter and pay for the VIBRATOR. I put the VIBRATOR in my BAG. Now I’m all ready to go!


-I’m on a street! From here I can travel to STORE, HOUSE, MY HOUSE.

>Travel HOUSE

-On my way!

Once again the phone went silent. Envy presumed this was some pseudo-real time mechanic to increase immersion. But at least it gave her some time to get some work done. She put her phone next to her keyboard and started to work on her stuff, waiting for her character to get to the next event.  

After a while, Envy’s phone buzzed and she saved her work and picked her phone up. Just as she went to check the phone she heard a knocking at her door. She put her phone in her pocket and ran downstairs and looked through the peephole. To her surprise it was Catherine, she didn’t think she had arranged to meet her today.  

Catherine walked past her the second she opened the door. Envy watched as she went to the center of the room and pulled out her phone and started typing. As she did Envy’s phone vibrated. Envy giggled at the coincidence. “Give me a second,” Envy said as she went to pause the game.

-I’m at the house! It’s a pretty normal house but I am happy to be here!

-I’ve been let in!  

Envy was confused, this was quite a big coincidence. But as she looked up and saw Catherine typing and then felt her phone vibrate she realized what was going on. She checked her phone.

- I can see ENVY,  COUCH.

Envy went to type, but before she could a new input message was added to the game.


Envy was now very confused, she hadn’t typed that into the game. She tried to think but her attention was taken by Catherine pushing the Notebook into her hands.

Envy held the notebook and opened it. On the first page was written “Surprise” in big letters followed by a whole list of verbs. Envy quickly looked through them and realized that some of these were a lot more adult that most adventure games.

Envy was once again disturbed by her phone vibrating.


That phrase immediately tipped Envy off on what was going on. She looked up as Catherine stiffened and started to talk in a dreamy monotone.

“Lucille has hypnotized me and made me into an adventure game character controlled by my commands. She wanted to make sure we had a good time while she was on vacation and she did this because she can keep an eye on it over her phone and she knows that you can never resist a new game.”

Envy giggled, this was the type of idea Lucille had and it was nice of her to think about them when she was away adventuring. She paced around her partner, who was stood facing forward, eyes glazed. Envy wondered what to do first. She opened the notebook and closed her eyes, running one finger down the list and stopping. She opened her eyes and smiled and pulled out her phone.

> Dance ENVY

- I need some music to dance!

Envy giggled, even as a totally obedient adventure game character Catherine was still very sarcastic. Envy wandered over to her speakers and flipped through her music and found something that was easy to dance to.

>Dance ENVY

Catherine looked down at her phone before she turned towards Envy and started swaying and moving to the beat. Envy had to admit she did look slightly strange dancing like this while fully clothed, but it was still quite a nice sight. As the song stopped Catherine came to an instant halt, her command complete.

Envy realized she should take this to the bedroom. She lifted her phone to type before realizing she had no idea what compass direction her house was on.


- There is a wall in the way.

>Go West

-There is an ENVY in the way


-I’m heading NORTH

Envy smiled and followed her entranced partner who seemingly understood the nature of the command as she wandered up the stairs and straight into Envy’s room before stopping and typing on her phone again.

-I’m in Envy’s bedroom! It’s a mess! I can see a COMPUTER, a BED, LAUNDRY and ROPES

Envy glared at Charlotte, she had just forgotten to clean for a few days, she was a very chaotic person! She did consider playfully arguing  that description of her room, but then she realized that Catherine wouldn’t respond, so it was totally and utterly pointless.

Envy looked back through the notebook and found the perfect verb for the situation.

>Strip ME

She looked up to see Catherine taking her clothes off one by one. Amusingly she was folding them neatly and making them into a perfect pile, further reminding Envy that while hypnosis could do a lot, there were some things it could not change. She also realized that Catherine was not wearing any underwear which was highly unusual for her. Envy then remembered she had never told her to put any on in the very first room.

After a while, Catherine stood naked, phone in one hand and a neatly folded pile of clothes by her leg. Envy enjoyed the view for a brief moment. She was always blown away by how beautiful Catherine was and today was no exception. She returned to her list of verbs and scanned through them, one caught her eye, she was unsure how it could be used but she decided to type it in and see what the reaction was.


Envy looked up and saw Catherine blush as she typed on her phone.

- I’m really loving being this out of control! It’s nice to let go into the command of the people I trust the most.

Envy felt her cheeks flush as well. Catherine was always a tiny bit shy, so seeing that she was enjoying this and she trusted both Envy and Lucille enough to not worry was nice. It also made Envy want to keep going with commands to make sure Catherine could have the best time possible.

She found a verb near the top. It was one of the few with a note next to it and she instantly realized how Lucille had intended it to be used.

>Give GIFT

Catherine bent down and rummaged through her bag and grabbed the vibrator she had brought earlier and walked over to Envy.

“I got you a gift, I hope you like it,” said Catherine, a wide and dopey smile painted across her face. Envy took it and looked it over.

“I love it very much, Thank you,” she replied as she watched Catherine return to her stiff attention position. Envy smiled and admired the new toy, it certainly was pretty. She turned it on and held it between the legs of her entranced partner. Envy watched as Catherine squirmed slightly, but was unable to move towards or away from the vibrating toy because she hadn’t been commanded to.

As the toy continued to vibrate Catherine’s squirming increased, until she was practically shaking. At that moment Envy turned the toy off and put it on the desk with a coy smile on her face. “Oh, were you enjoying that?” She teased.

She went back to the notebook to give Catherine time to cool off from the toy. In the long list of verbs, she found one that basically all adventure games had, but most never used outside of one or two jokes. However, she presumed it would work slightly differently in this context and decided to give it a try.

She went to the bed and sat down, spreading her legs wide, excited for what she was about to try. “Well it’s time to see if you can trip my event flag,” she said before breaking down into giggles at how silly her own joke was. She then typed the command into her phone.

>Eat ENVY  

anonymous asked:

um, if prompts are still open? high school AU, stiles was going to ask derek to prom, turns out he's already going with someone else so stiles keeps his feelings to himself, sulks at home with ice cream. this is kind of what happened to me so im hoping someone can thing of happy ending?

Someone is throwing stones at Stiles’ bedroom window. Stiles determinedly ignores it. Digs his spoon back into his chocolate brownie flavored ice cream, and turns up the television. There’s another loud crack from the glass, and Stiles jerks his head up to check Scott hasn’t actually broken the glass. 

“Go back to prom, Scotty,” he yells, loud enough for even the neighbours to hear. “I’m not sitting alone like some chump while everyone else gets their freak on.”

Stupid, dumb prom. Stiles had been psyched, originally. He thought it’d finally be his chance to try and be more than friends with Derek. To purvey his feelings. To shower Derek with all the fucking flowers in the universe and slow dance with him to Whitney Houston. Except, when he’d casually slash dramatically thrown himself in front of Derek’s locker, and declared they should go— For fun! As friends! Without Derek being aware of all the glorious, romantic surprises Stiles had planned, obviously— Derek’s face had scrunched up in apology. 

“Can’t,” he’d said shortly. “Someone already asked.”

“And, you— you said yes?”

Derek had shrugged, slammed his locker shut, “No one else asked.”

“But, I’m asking! Right now!”

“I can’t tell him no,” Derek had given him a strange look, “Besides, it’s not a big deal, right? We can hang out there, still do all the stuff you suggested.”

Stiles had been going to suggest awkward, first time, deeply romantic make outs behind the bleachers. He’s not sure that’d go down well considering Derek is actually going with a date. A date. 

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So, someone shared this post with me yesterday and yeah, this happens. Sorry?

On a warm and sunny Saturday morning (ahem, afternoon) Zayn wakes up and there is a little sad face in the inside of his wrist ;


It looks like it’s tattooed on him and he can’t really remove or wash it. Zayn freaks out a little because, he doesn’t remember drawing that on his skin. He doesn’t really understand why it’s there either. 

Almost magically, It just goes away after dinner, like nothing ever happened. 

He asks his mother and she tells him it’s a soulmate thing. Whenever his soulmate writes or draws something on their skin, it’s gonna appear on his own as well, “It some ways for you two to communicate, to find each other.”

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Love is Weird - Peter Parker x OC
A/N: I don’t even know what to say. I should not be up this late. BUT I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL.


Request: This was requested by an anon. The anon asked that I used their OC (Juliana), so I did. We messaged, it’s all good. (hey wassup girl idk if y’all are reading this)

Prompts ( 1 , 2 ): “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!” “Run away with me,” and “I didn’t think love existed until I started loving you.”

Warnings: Idk, asshole teacher, pissed mom, running away (attempt?)

Words: I don’t fucking know I’m not paid to do this (1378)

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Thorns and Needles (Ch5)

Chapter 5: I want to try 

As they were climbing into the van that afternoon after visiting and giving flowers to each person, Mark had a sudden realization: He felt oddly comfortable with Jack. Comfortable enough to let him see him smile and laugh. Comfortable enough to sit in silence with him and it not be weird or awkward.

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anonymous asked:

prompts :- “i’ve had a crush on you since kindergarten and we’re working on a science project together at my house but when i leave the room you dig through my stuff and find a box dedicated to you under my bed and no those aren’t the valentines day cards you gave me in the 2nd grade” au or “you kissed me on the playground the day before you moved away in the 4th grade and now your dorm is right across the hall from mine” au

If anybody asked him, Bellamy would say he hasn’t thought about Clarke Griffin in years. Years, actually. Not since she moved out of town the summer before high school. Not since she got drunk at her own goodbye party and ran off to the local playground they used to meet up at. When they were kids, they’d spend hours going up and down the slides as Octavia dominated the monkey bars. They’d pretend the whole thing was a castle, and the sandbox was a desert, while the spongy cork board platform was a minefield lying in wait.

As they got older, they still hung out on the lot, but they were too old for imaginary castles and moats. Instead, they’d camp out under the slide and play fuck marry kill, or sit on the swings and twist the chains, so they could spin around so fast it made their heads hurt.

At thirteen, Clarke was probably too old for that, too. At fourteen and a half, Bellamy was definitely too old, but that’s where he found her anyway, in the middle of the night, so drunk she kept nearly falling backwards off the swing. She was turning slowly, absently, and kept untwisting after just two spins. Bellamy took the swing beside her.

“I don’t want to go,” she whispered, like she was telling him some secret. Like it wasn’t really obvious, with how much she and her mom had been screaming at each other lately, or how she’d downed half a bottle of some fancy champagne and then run out of her own party.

“It might be fun,” he said, but the words fell short because it was clear that he didn’t want her to go either. She was his best friend, one of his only friends really, and they’d been planning out their high school years for a while, now. Her moving away just after eighth grade didn’t factor into the plan one bit.

“It won’t,” Clarke said, firm, and then spun around a little so she was facing him. He turned and hooked their ankles together, so they could stay in place. “I’ll miss you,” she added, and then surged forward to kiss him.

It wasn’t a great kiss; it was obvious she’d never done it before, and she was drunk so it was a little sloppy, and she tasted like sticky strawberries, but she was also warm and soft and Clarke, so Bellamy kissed her back until she had to pull away to breathe.

“Now I’ll really miss you,” she grinned, and he laughed. And then she threw up on their shoes.

And then she moved away, and Bellamy has definitely not thought about her since. 

Which is why it’s such a shock, when he literally runs into her in the hallway, on the way to his dorm.

“Shit, sorry,” he starts, reaching out to keep the girl from falling. She’s a mess of textbooks and curly blonde hair, the kind of hair he hasn’t seen in a while. And she’s cute, and he’s seriously trying to figure out how to turn this into a pick-up, until she finally looks at him.

“Oh my god, Bellamy?” she says, and he knows pretty much instantly who she is. The mole above her lip’s kind of a dead giveaway. 

“Princess,” he says, because he’s an idiot. It’s probably creepy, that he even remembers some lame nickname from ten years ago. It’s definitely at least weird.

But Clarke just flushes a little, tucking a stray curl behind her ear, like it’s a nervous habit. “You got tall,” she says, a little awkward. 

Bellamy grins. The last time she’d seen him, they were roughly the same height, with her maybe a little taller. She was taller than most of the boys in her class, but it looks like she hasn’t actually grown at all since then, while Bellamy managed to shoot up another five inches. 

“Yeah,” he agrees. “You got,” he falters a little, because all of the things he wants to say–cute, gorgeous, hot, beautiful–might make her uncomfortable and god, that might actually be the worst thing ever. He just got his childhood crush back in his life, he’s not about to fuck it up by hitting on her. “Fashionable,” he decides, waving a hand at her paint-stained jean capris and those expensive canvas shoes rich people like to buy. Hers are falling apart. 

Clarke raises a brow, like she knows that’s complete bullshit, but at least she doesn’t call him out on it. “So you go to school here?”

“Yeah,” he says, thankful for the topic change. School is easy, he knows how to talk about school. He’s been doing the what’s your major talk for three years, now. “I’m a junior. Classics major. Actually, I’m this floor’s RA.”

“Oh,” Clarke blinks a little, surprised. She’s still so fucking cute, except now they’re both past puberty and even though he’s pointedly not looking at her boobs he can still tell they’re there, and the thought of that is slowly beginning to kill him. “I just transferred over from UCLA.”

“What are you studying? Last time I saw you, you wanted to be a vet.”

Clarke laughs, and the shock of her slowly starts to fade away. They can do this, he’s pretty sure. They can be friends, hang out. It doesn’t have to be weird. Their twelve-year-old selves laid all the groundwork for them. “Well, now I want to be a designer.”

“Cool,” Bellamy nods, wracking his brain. He always knew Clarke liked drawing, but he doesn’t actually know that much about art. “Like, clothes? Or HGTV stuff?”

Clarke shrugs. “Either, both, I’m not sure. There are just so many, and I like them all.” She smiles a little helplessly, and it shouldn’t be this easy, really, slipping right back into their friendship, but. It’s almost like she never left.

Bellamy starts walking her to her dorm, just two doors down from his, which will either be incredibly convenient, or dangerous, depending. “You’ll figure it out,” he assures her. “You’ve got time.”

“Yeah,” she grins, reaching up to peck him on the cheek when they reach her door. She slips inside, and Bellamy heads to his room in a daze.

Definitely dangerous, he decides, and pulls out his phone.

Guess who I just ran into? 

He only has to wait two seconds for a reply, because even though Octavia’s supposed to be in her chemistry class, she never lets a text go more than five minutes without responding.

carrie fisher

Obviously not, I would have just texted you a selfie with her, to make you jealous.

this is why u’ll never be a jedi bell. ur too cruel

I can live with that. Clarke Griffin just transferred here.

ur middle school gf??

She was never my girlfriend.

whatever did u get her number??

Why would I need her number? She lives in my hall.

omg !!!

Octavia what have I told you about punctuation?

fuck u bell 1st amendment go make out w ur gf or smth

Why do you have to type like that?

efficiency. so at least u kno when i kill u it’ll be quick <3

Bellamy’s sort of expecting to have to run into Clarke again, to see her. Or maybe seek her out under some pretense of RA duties, or something. He’s certainly not expecting her to show up at his door that night, with a bottle of cheap ABC store whiskey, and a construction paper card.

“I figured–it’s my first night here, so you owe me a welcoming party,” she grins, shaking the bottle at him.

Bellamy moves to let her in, and she presses the card into his hands as she passes. “You’re twenty,” he points out, and she makes a face at him.

“What, are you going to bust me?”

“I am the RA,” he says, serious, and it’s hard not to laugh at how quickly Clarke’s face drops.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, you could lose your job and I–”

“Clarke,” Bellamy takes the bottle from her hands with a smile. “Relax. I’m not gonna bust you.” He grabs a pair of solo cups from the stack he keeps on his desk, and pours them each a drink. 

He hands hers off before he looks at the card, grinning stupidly in spite of himself. “I’m glad you still make these.” She used to cut out pictures from magazines or coloring books and tape them to construction paper, making cards for every occasion. She made one for him once because his goldfish died. 

This one is a lot more sophisticated than the ones she made when they were kids. It looks like something he could buy from one of those boho art stores downtown. There are pressed flowers in the cardstock, and little pearly buttons sewn along the seam. In curly inked cursive it says I’m glad I’ve found you. And on the inside, there’s a little doodle of two kids on a swing set. It’s a moment before Bellamy can speak again, and when he looks up, he finds Clarke looking nervous, lip pulled in between her teeth like she used to do when they were younger.

“I’m glad I’ve found you too,” he says, and she beams up at him, flushed and perfect. And before he can really stop himself, he blurts out “I kept every single one of these you gave me,” and flops the card in her face.

Clarke blinks up at him in surprise. “What, really?” She looks a little skeptical, which Bellamy obviously takes as a challenge, so he downs the whiskey–only grimacing a little, because, god that is horrible and he will really need to start helping her get better alcohol. For her own good, clearly–and goes over to the tiny plywood dresser where he keeps all the shit that wouldn’t fit under the bed.

He pulls out one of the beaten up Converse shoe boxes from a drawer, and nods for her to follow him down to the floor. There’s a really soft navy blue carpet he bought from Home Depot, so it’s not actually that uncomfortable, and Clarke criss-crosses her legs and sits right up against him, leaning over to watch as he opens the box.

They’re all there, of course; he wouldn’t lie about that. He’s thought about throwing them out, or at least some of them, every time he goes through one of his spring cleaning phases where he has to get rid of all his clutter before it kills him in his sleep. But something’s always held him back.

It was the last bit of Clarke he had, and maybe it was stupid or sentimental, but. It felt important, to him.

And Clarke seems to agree, sifting through the piles, looking delighted each time she finds a valentine from second grade, covered in Sleeping Beauty stickers, because that was his favorite princess.

“You always really liked her and I never knew why,” Clarke laughs, rubbing at where one of the stickers has peeled away and curled in on itself, from age.

“She looked like you,” he says, because no matter how awful the whiskey is, it’s still whiskey and it does its job right. And because if he doesn’t tell her now, he probably never will, and honestly if nothing else she at least deserves to know.

Clarke’s head snaps up to stare at him, mouth puckered out in an o. It’s a little nerve-wracking but mostly hilarious–everyone knew about his crush on her. The other eighth graders used to make fun of him for it.

He smiles down at her, so she knows that he’s alright with it, he’s not pressuring her or looking for anything else. He just wanted her to know. He’d always sort of wondered what might have happened, if he’d told her when they were kids, still figuring shit like that out. He’d always sort of regretted not finding out.

“Aladdin was my favorite,” Clarke blurts, sounding a little helpless. “Because he reminded me of you.”

Bellamy’s not really sure who moves first, but suddenly she’s scrambling into his lap, and he’s pulling her in against him, and her mouth is hot and insistent on his, moving in time with her hips as she grinds down on him.

“You’ve gotten better at this,” he says, breath jagged, as Clarke moves to trail wet kisses down his neck. 

“I’ve had practice,” she says, and he can feel the flash of her teeth when she grins against his skin. His hands flirt with the hem of her shirt, until she just moves back to pull it off herself, and then he’s not sure if anything else happens because for the next few moments he can really only stare at her chest.

Eventually, he comes back to himself, glancing up with a shaky smile. “Sorry,” he breathes, leaning in to kiss her, softer and slower, so she knows he means it.

“Don’t be,” she says, more of a whimper, curling her hands into his hair. “So, what’s the policy on RA’s dating their sophomores?” She pulls back with a hopeful smile.

“It’s not, like, against the rules or anything, but they don’t like it.” He leans in to run his mouth over her throat until she moans again.

“Awesome,” she gasps when his hand rubs up her thigh. “I’ve always wanted to sneak around with a secret boyfriend.”

“College is when you’re supposed to rebel,” he agrees, and she laughs into his mouth.

Bellamy moves to press his face against her hair, breathing her in. She smells like paint and shampoo and peppermint toothpaste, and he is never letting go.

“I’m really glad I found you,” he sighs, and she throws her arms around him, hugging him just as tight.

“Me too,” she says, and it’s basically the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Bellamy wakes up with Clarke half on top of him in his tiny dorm bed, back bare and hair tangled, and marks running down her throat and chest, that he put there. He takes a moment to take it all in, before he has to reach over her to snatch his phone up, when it goes off.

Clarke makes a little unhappy noise in her sleep and rolls towards him, sighing happily once she’s on top of his chest. He has to spit out her hair and hold his phone above her head, to type, but he doesn’t even care.

Queen O, Empress Extraordinaire: did u get her number yet??

Bellamy bites back a grin and types No, because it’s technically true.

u r a disappointment bell

He almost debates not telling her. But Octavia is newly sixteen, and if she finds out he kept something like a long-lost secret girlfriend from her, she actually might kill him. 

But she is my girlfriend now, so there’s that. 

The next few texts from his sister are nothing but a lot of exclamation marks and some emoji’s he doesn’t understand. 

Then finally she sends, u both should have just done this sooner and saved urself like 7yrs of pathetic

Bellamy looks over at where Clarke’s buried her face in his side. He can see the curve of her smile, and she keeps snuffling a little in her sleep, like her nose might be stuffed. He reaches down to smooth the snarled hair from her face, and she sighs, leaning into his hand.

Yeah, he texts, But we got there eventually. 

ghtlovesthg  asked:

2. childhood best friends au. Everlark :D

I hope you like it!!!! this ties in with what i’m already working on for S2SL, so this could be considered back story… but its cute back story. so you will get to read more of it next month? 


“Pass the glitter.”

“You have enough glitter.”

“But Daddy needs more. He always says that the cupcakes I put the most glitter on are the best tasting ones. So, he needs more glitter on his tine’s day card.” Six year old Peeta says.

“Fine,” she huffs. She looks at the card she made for her Daddy. Katniss picks up the glue and carefully draws a heart with it. Then oh so gently, not at all like Delly who is dumping glitter all over the place, she sprinkles pink and purple glitter. She shakes it so it will spread out like how Peeta is doing it.

She sets it aside so it can dry and starts to watch Peeta. He has his little scissors, snips away at several different colors of construction paper. With a flurry of tape, glue and more glitter, he assembles a very colorful bird. He gently set it aside to dry, and Katniss picks up another card to decorate for Mama. She is busy working, but continues to watch Peeta, and she wonders who the bird is for. She knows that it’s not for his Mama, she left last year and her Mama said that she wasn’t coming back, ever.

Katniss finishes up the cards for Mama and Daddy. She even makes one for Prim and makes one for Peeta. She will wait until she gets home to write his name on it so he won’t know that it’s for him. Soon Mrs. Trinket is telling them to finish up, it’s time to go home. Katniss tucks her cards into her backpack and walks out to get on the bus with Peeta.


A couple of days later its Valentine’s Day. Peeta brings cupcakes for everyone, while Katniss brings chocolate. Everyone is busy putting the cards they have for their classmates into the shoe boxes they decorated last week. Impatiently they try to get their all of their work done. Mrs. Trinket has been a teacher long enough to know that they are too excited to do too much, so classwork is full of coloring and word searches.

Soon, it’s time to open valentines. Katniss grabs her box and goes back to her desk. As soon as she has it open, she sees the bird that Peeta spent so much time on the other day. She holds it up to her heart, and looks across the table to where he is looking at her. He has the card that she made just for him, pressed up against his heart. They both smile at each other.


Seventh grade

Katniss fixes the strap of her messenger bag and scowls at the hundreds of vases that fill the middle school lobby. Balloons almost reach the ceiling and not to mention the stuffed animals everywhere. It looks more like a florist than a school. Valentine’s Day is ridiculous, Katniss thinks to herself. Asking parents to send flowers to stupid middle school boyfriends and girlfriends. It’s like they are going to grow up and get married or anything like that. Besides, she knows that since Daddy died, she won’t be getting any flowers this year like she did last year. Besides, she could buy groceries for her and Prim for six months or longer with the amount of money those flowers represented.

She can’t stop the pang of jealously that makes her stomach hurt.

She continues on to her last class. Its art with Mr. Cinna and it’s her favorite. She adores Mr. Cinna and it doesn’t hurt that Peeta is taking the class too. As soon as she walks in, the many worries of her young life just fade away for the fifty minutes she is in there. She slides into her seat, with Peeta following right behind her. They both produce their sketch pads.  Mr. Cinna wants them to use the first ten minutes of their class to doodle whatever is on their minds as a way to get that stuff out of the way so they can listen. Before she realizes it, Katniss’ paper is full of roses and balloons. She quickly turns the page before anyone sees.

She knows that Peeta saw what she is doing. He never misses anything about her. Why would he miss that?

She feels Peeta’s eyes on her book and before he can say anything, Mrs. Corbin is on the PA. “Attention everyone. This is a list of people who have received flowers today. Teachers we ask that you allow your students to come and pick up their things now.”

Katniss only halfway pays attention and it’s actually Peeta who pokes her in the side when her name is called. She doesn’t miss the blush that spreads over his cheeks when his name is called too.

They walk out together with a nod from Mr. Cinna. They walk down the hall towards the lobby.
“Who sent you flowers?” he asks.

She shrugs. “I have no idea. Who sent you flowers? Clove?”

“Oh, I hope not! I’m hoping that it is Dad.”

“Oh, yeah. Is she still saying that she sent you something?

Peeta blushes. “She is. I’ll throw it away if it is.”

It’s a mad house in the lobby, with so many different kids in there getting their flowers. Katniss starts to walk along the tables, and has to do a double take when the biggest bear with a couple of balloons has her name on it. She blinks fast because it looks like something her dad would have picked out to send. She retrieves the card, and in perfect typed letters, it simply says, “from someone who loves you more than you know.”

She grabs the bear, like it’s a life preserver and she is drowning. Peeta comes back with his small bear and balloons and nudges her side. “Who sent those?” he asks.

She shrugs and shows him the card. He knows not to say anything when he sees the look on her face. Instead, he throws his arm around her shoulders and they walk back to Mr. Cinna’s room together.