and just cries i'm so proud and happy for him either way

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Hi! I'm kind of new to Drarry but I already realized that I really like stories where Harry is pining over Draco, desperately in love with him but at the same time he's still strong Harry we all like. A bit of angst, hurt/comfort is very welcome too. Happy ending is a must :) So if you have something like this in mind, I'll be very grateful if you share. Thank you!

I loooove pining, so this was a lot of fun to do! I hope you like them! Also, since you’re kind of new to Drarry, I just want to add that all the authors on this list are A++. And reading more of their fics would be a VERY good idea.

Drarry + pining!Harry fic recs

Azoth by zeitgeistic (88k)
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for 8th year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.
(So much pining, it’s amazing. Harry and Draco do their masters project together, they grow very close, there’s pining and longing and it hurtssss.)

Turn by Sara’s Girl (306k)
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.
(This is the mother of all pining!Harry fics and exactly what you’ll want. He’s so desperately in love with Draco, he’s oh-so-strong, and I’m SO proud of him and the way he fights for his own happiness in this fic. Beautiful, beautiful thing.)

In Pieces by dysonrules (85k)
Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new DADA instructor, only to find his teaching efforts thwarted by a very familiar ghost.
(You have no idea how much I’ve cried over this one. It takes pining to a whole new level of suffering and I am so there for all of it. And yes, happy ending~)

A Piercing Comfort by talithan (44k)
When Harry Potter hits the lowest point of his life so far, it is not his friends who keep him honest. With Draco Malfoy’s patience and guidance, Harry learns to stand on his own. The thing is, after the fact—he’s no longer sure he wants to.
(MY FEELS, THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM. The focus is on Harry and his dealing with everything post-war. Will satisfy any hurt/comfort craving.)

Reparations by Sara’s Girl (87k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.
(This fic is so incredibly well-written, characterizations so on point, and Harry falls so hard for Draco. The pining, the slow burn, the sexual tension. Agh!)

Running on Air by eleventy7 (74k)
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
(I’m forever crying over this one. Gorgeous writing, so beautifully written, every single sentence is exquisite. It’s that melancholic kind of angst. Love it.) 

Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi (57k)
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
(One of the funniest fics I know, this author is hilarious. The pining is lovely, the characterization of Draco is a favorite of mine, and everything is awesome.)

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by lettered (54k)
Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks.
(This is one of the PUREST love stories ever, I have so many feels, it is fucking beautiful and it has ruined my life in the best way. Angsty pining galore!)

A Convenient Impracticality by firethesound (38k)
Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?
(Delicious pining all over the place and the chemistry between Harry and Draco is off the charts. They’re both idiots, it’s hilarious, and the angst hurts me.)

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Can I request a fluffy Joshua scenario? Thank you so much for writing all of these and for your wonderful blog ^~^

- you and joshua are neighbors
- you both live right next to each other, but surprisingly….. you’re not close at all
- you acknowledge each other from time to time of course, whether it’s saying hi when you catch one another outside the house or nodding at each other in the school hallways
- but aside from that…. you just know him as your cute next door neighbor or your classmate joshua hong
- one morning, your friend asks you if you could get her one of those club application papers
- she can’t do it herself because she’s already running late that morning, like she’s running to school that very moment
- you successfully grab a paper for her, and you wait patiently for her to get to class
- she rushes into the room five seconds before the teacher enters, and you hold up the piece of paper and give her a thumbs up
- she mouths “thank you” and you’re about to get out of your seat to give it to her when the homeroom teacher enters the room and says “everyone, in your seat”
- you gesture to her that you’ll give it after, but the teacher suddenly says “okay, i’ve been instructed to pick up the club applications today. i’ll be picking them up at the end of class, and i’ve been told i can’t accept any after that”
- your friend just looks at you with wide eyes, while you try to figure out how to get it to her since you’re on opposite ends of the classroom
- any normal person would pass it around and tell them to get it to your friend but no, you know what you do instead?
- you turn the club application form into a paper plane and launch it towards your friend while the teacher isn’t looking
- you watch it fly across the room and instead of reaching your friend
- it hits joshua on the head
- startled, he jumps in his seat and looks down to see the paper plane on the floor
- he picks it up and looks around the classroom with confusion written on his face, stopping when he sees your surprised expression
- your mouth stays wide open in shock even when he points at the paper plane, and you mouth “sorry!!” while pointing over to your friend sitting next to him
- joshua just smiles and nods his head, and then he passes the paper plane to your friend who thanks him for it
- at the end of class, your friend successfully gives in the paper and they apologize for all the trouble like this wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t decide on their club last minute
- but you just shake your head and tell them it’s completely fine
- later that night, you’re doing homework in your room with the window open because the night breeze feels so nice
- halfway through doing your math homework, something hits you on the forehead and you let out a yelp of surprise
- while rubbing the painful spot on your forehead, you look down to find a paper plane lying on your desk
- you pick it up with confusion on your face, and then you look out the window to find your neighbor joshua laughing from his room across from yours
- he gestures for you to unfold the paper plane, and when you do, in neat hand-writing says, “that’s for earlier”
- you gape at the paper, and after quickly jotting down a response, you send it flying back
- joshua catches the plane and laughs at your response, which is “i’m so sorry again!!! i didn’t mean to, are you all right??”
- he writes something down, and sends it back with “i’m fine, there’s not much a paper plane can do to me :) is your forehead all right though?? sorry for hitting it!!”
- and for the next few minutes, you both communicate via paper planes
- the conversation goes from school to actual introductions, and you realize that this is your first real conversation with joshua
- “i’m joshua, but i’m sure you already know that lol. you’re (name), right?”
- “that’s me! so tell me, is math keeping you up too?”
- “nah, i managed to finish the work in class. the english essay’s a bit of a pain though”
- you both exchange paper planes, until joshua tells you he’s going to head to bed since he has to prepare for a long day considering club activities start tomorrow
- you tell him it’s fine, and after sending him the “good night” message, he smiles at you and closes his window
- you go back to doing your math homework, but during quick breaks, you can’t help but read through the paper planes again
- you thought that the paper plane thing was only a one-time thing, but no
- the next night, joshua sends another one over to you right when you’ve just entered your room after eating dinner
- “hello, neighbor :) how was your day today?”
- you smile as you grab a pen and write “joshua!! my day went fine. the cooking club wasn’t all too bad actually. which club did you join?
- “cooking club sounds fun!! i joined the music club. i met really cool people there, our class’ vice president jihoon is actually in that club too, did you know?”
- the planes fly from one room to the other (save for some that unfortunately missed the window and crashed to the ground), and you actually feel sad when you realize how late it’s gotten
- you tell joshua you have to do your homework, and he says it’s fine since he should probably get started on his too
- you say good night to each other, and you get to work, but your mind is clearly elsewhere
- the funny thing about this whole paper plane thing is that neither of you ever brought up phone numbers or social media accounts
- neither of you talk to each other in class either
- there’s the occasional good morning and hello, but aside from that, not really
- it’s like the only way for you both to actually get a conversation going is to send paper planes, and weird as it is….. you’re fine with it this way
- you guys will of course have talk to each other in person one day, but for now, paper planes will do
- the conversations eventually turn into a 20-questions type of game, and learning so much about joshua…. it feels nice….. he’s not just “that cute boy next door” or “model student joshua hong” or “mr. nice guy”
- he’s a friend
- “so joshua, any dreams?”
- “this might sound weird but…. i’ve already kind of dreamed of becoming an idol?? to be able to share my music with everyone, to be able to make others happy with my singing…. it’s just a dream though ^^ you?”
- “it’s a wonderful dream!!! hmm well….. i really just want a happy life, like we all do. a life where i’m always surrounded by my friends and family. that’s all i could hope for. it’s simple hahah”
- “but it’s a good dream nonetheless :) now it’s my turn to ask, isn’t it? how about we get to the smaller stuff? what’s your favorite color?”
- “really, joshua? LOL”
- it’s become a habit, really—your day is incomplete if you don’t send or receive at least one paper plane
- and you both may or may not have grown interested in the things the other likes
- never mind that you cried during each of the anime movies joshua recommended to you, or that you started listening to 2bic, or that you suddenly started craving kiwi ice cream
- and it’s not like you saw a bag of your favorite candy in joshua’s backpack, or that one time he came to class with your favorite kind of tea, or that one time you saw the album cover of your favorite artist on his phone
- you’re both just trying new things, right?
- your friends have been telling you how much happier you look these days, how livelier you’ve become
- and somehow, you’ve convinced them and yourself that the reason is “summer’s here!! how can i not be happy?”
- but after days of denying it, you FINALLY admit to yourself
- that you’ve fallen for joshua
- maybe it’s because he always sends over a paper plane with kind words on it when you’re feeling down
- or that he doesn’t mind staying by the window to help you with your math homework
- or that he’s just so kind and thoughtful and funny and….. he just….. makes your rainy days a little better
- you’re shaking with nervousness while writing on your paper plane to joshua, and he definitely noticed this because he sent you one before you could send yours
- you unfold the paper and read “(name), are you all right? you look a bit uneasy”
- you look up to see joshua standing by his window with a worried look on his face, pointing down at the paper plane you’re working on to let him know he’ll be getting a response soon
- you’ve only written a sentence, but it’s a sentence that could make or break your entire relationship
- you gently fold your paper plane, take a deep breath, and send it flying over to joshua
- you watch nervously as he unfolds it, and you know it’s over when you see him freeze
- “joshua… this might sound weird since we’ve hardly ever talked in person, but… i think i like you”
- he probably read it about ten times in his head before looking up at you, and you tense up when you have eye contact
- but then
- he looks down, closes the windows, pulls the curtains, and
- that’s it
- you walk over to your bed and sit on the edge, burying your face in your hands because what have you done
- your relationship was perfectly fine, and now it’s ruined, all because you let your feelings get in the way
- you leave your window open, not even caring if bugs crawled inside the room because MAYBE you’d wake up to a paper plane on the floor
- but the next morning, you find nothing
- you look out the window to find joshua’s windows and curtains in the same position as the night before, and your heart aches a little
- you frown the entire walk to school, and you take a deep breath before walking into your classroom because you know you’re going to see joshua
- the second you step into the room, you both have eye contact
- but he’s the first one to turn away
- this ruins your mood for the rest of the day, and you haven’t regretted something this bad in a while
- the day goes by painfully slow, and when it’s finally over, you’re so glad you don’t have club activities that day because you just want to go home and die in your room
- but while you’re walking, something suddenly hits the back of your head
- you turn around to see joshua standing a few feet away
- you say “joshua? don’t you have music club—?”
- he cuts you off and says “that doesn’t matter right now”
- he then walks over to the paper plane lying on the ground, picks it up, and holds it out to you
- you take it from him, slowly unfold the plane, and you break out into a smile when you read the words written on it
- “i think… i like you too, (name).”
- you look up to see joshua smiling shyly, and his cheeks are tinted pink as he says “i’m sorry for not replying last night….”
- you jokingly say “you should be. i hardly slept because of you!!”
- joshua laughs at your response and says “i guess i owe you something then, don’t i? there’s this new restaurant down the street we could try out if you’re not busy this weekend…”
- you nod your head, smiling, “it’s a date.”

thank you for your request!! ^^

I'm proud of you.

Hey ^^ here’s a idea I got today so enjoy :)

Dad!Dean x daughter! reader

Plot : the reader is Dean’s daughter but at the same time a demon

Warning : maybe some swearing

I’m proud of you.

You wanted to cry .

You never felt so much pain before.

Right now you were falling apart.

Even though you were dead for almost a year. Well technically you were “dead”.

Let’s start from the beginning.

You were 16 when it all happened. (Y/n) Daniella Winchester . Daughter of Dean Winchester.

You were his all , his happiness, the reason he keeps fighting, why he can’t just give up .

And it hurts even more .

It wasn’t supposedto happen . You were just going on a quick run to the grocery store. But of course some thing went wrong on the only day you didn’t have your angel blade that Cas had given you for protection.

A group of about 3 demons had cornered you in an ally way . You couldn’t do anything as you watched them tearing you apart with your muffled screams in the background.

Yet you were not done . Not just yet .

Crowley apparently saw everything and just watched in amusement.

But strangely he was the one to bring you back. But as one of THEM .

As soon as you opened your eyes to see you laying in a pool of your own blood and Crowley standing right in front of you. You understud everything just by looking and his face .

You took out you phone and loaded the camera and turning the frontal camera on you nearly cried .

Your eyes were black.

No .

You got up on your feet and just left . Not even bothering to look at the man who now was your “King”.

You returned to the bunker and went straight to your room. Your dad and uncle were still on a hunt and would return only in the morning so it gave you time to think .

Will you tell them , your dad , uncle Sam, Cas ….

No .

This was to stay a secret.

And it did last . For a year actually.

You avoided all your newfound weaknesses the best you could and frankly no one noticed.

But tonight it will all go to hell .

You decided to go with you dad on a hunt . You didn’t ask to go on hunts as much as you used to and it surprised Dean at some point.

You would always say how you will be the best hunter , how you were going to take the “family business” and be just like him .
Of course Dean didn’t like the idea but after a year and not a single “please can I go with you ” he thought you might need to get you out of the bunker.

That’s when it went to hell.

You three were on a hunt for a demon . Big surprise.

You were sitting in the car as your dad said because I didn’t want you to get hurt . But when you herd some loud noise, you left the car and went to the abandoned factory where the demon was .

You quickly got to the mane hangar where the fight was . You saw you uncle in one corner, on the ground with a wound on his leg .

And your dad was against the wall , trying to catch a breath as the demon was walking to him with your father’s knife .

You were not going to stand there .

You took off from your hiding spot . And as the demon was about to strike you father , you got in front of him , getting hit in the chest with the knife.

You could hear the loud yelling of your dad and uncle. You didn’t feel pain from the hit , hell no , blood wasn’t even coming out from your new wound .

The demon took a few steps back.

“So the rumers are true. Crowley really did get a Winchester on our side” he said with a smirk.

Your blood boiled . Anger purely visible on your face . You wasted no time pulling out the knife and started walking to the son of a bitch.

Your eyes turned black as you spoke.

“I am not one of you ” you said firmly landing a deep cut on his arm as you kept getting closer to him . At this the demon was either scared or shocked as he took steps back.

“I am not you and will never be ” you kept talking as you continued to wound the demon before he tripped on something and feel.
“Say hi to the son of a bitch king of yours for me ” you said coldly as you landed one finishing blow to the demon . You made sure he was dead and stood up .

You slowly turned around to see something you didn’t expect.

Your dad was slightly smiling at you as he helped Sam up .

You didn’t say anything as all three of you got to the car . Only about 3 hours later, at the motel Dean spoke up .

“Look (Y/n) …” he said as he looked at you “I am regretting ever leaving you alone long enough to let this happen to you …”
At that you looked down, knowing full well he’s beating himself up for this

“But that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of you ” he said with a small smile.

You looked up in shock.

What ?

You couldn’t help but smile at that .

Sure you were not human anymore.

But that didn’t mean you will ever stop being a Winchester .

And most importantly : his daughter.



Adrien Agreste is a piano prodigy. From a very young age, he always showed an affinity for it, so his mother, also a piano prodigy, taught him how to play. as Adrien grew older, he entered and won many competitions. He was well known in the musical world by the age of 10. He didn’t play piano for the fame though—he played bc it made his mother happy. she would always smile, kiss his forehead, and tell him how proud she was of him. she’s tell him that he played beautifully or gently correct his mistakes during rehearsals. He loved every moment of it. And when he was on stage, it amplified tenfold. Hearing the audience clap and then seeing his mother grinning at him widely from the front row, eyes glistening with happy tears always gave him a rush.

but then, when he was 12, his mother’s health started to deteriorate. his father, Gabriel, started to smile less and less. worry lines creased his forehead and his shoulders seemed to slump forward every time they approached Adrien’s mother’s hospital room. She wasn’t strong enough to go to his performances anymore or help him with his rehearsals. She was too sick. So Adrien made her a promise, in his next performance, he’d get someone to record it so that she could listen to him play. It always made her smile, always made her feel better. so maybe, just maybe, if he plays good enough it’ll help his mother heal and get out of the hospital.

she died the night before and Adrien broke. He almost didn’t play, but he promised himself he’d do it for his mother, that hopefully she’s be able to hear him from Heaven. But in the middle of his piece, he fell apart and couldn’t play anymore. Tears blurred his vision and his hands shook too much. So he hid his face away and curled against the piano keys and cried and cried and cried. The audience was concerned, surprised, disappointed. Adrien was disqualified from the competition. He broke both his promises to his mother.

Gabriel started making himself scarce around the house. Business trips that lasted months at a time. It was his way of coping, Adrien told himself. The house had been chosen and decorated by his mother. Every inch of it was her. It’s a no wonder Gabriel couldn’t stand to stay in the house for more than a week. Adrien tried to keep playing his mother’s favorite pieces, but Gabriel yelled at him in a pathetic, drunken rage and frightened his son. Eventually, Adrien stopped playing piano, Gabriel left for work again with a silent apology. Adrien was alone.

Years later, at the age of 16, the pain of his mother’s passing and his father’s continued absence was still as sharp as ever, but he had long since learned how to manage it. Adrien hadn’t touched a piano key in a long time, nor did he believe he’d have the courage to every again, but that was okay. He had accepted it. Adrien had always been a softly spoken boy, and his father’s name in both the music and fashion world often intimidated Adrien’s peers so he didn’t have many friends. But then one day, Alya, the only girl he knows well asked him to accompany her to the park after school.

“I have a really cute friend,” Alya said, “and she’d really like to meet Nino, but I don’t want to be stuck as the third wheel so I need you to come with me!” He goes reluctantly.

That’s how he meets Marinette. He gets to the park ahead of Nino and Alya, and stumbles across a girl he vaguely remembers from the hallways of his school. She was swinging on the bars with a couple of kids, rousing them into a playfully competitive game. When she laughed at one of the children’s antics, Adrien was enraptured.

Marinette was definitely cute, and outgoing, and adventurous, and silly, and all the kinds of things Adrien hadn’t experienced since he was a kid. She was a splash of color in vibrant pinks, reds, and blues against the monochrome background of his life. He couldn’t look away. And when she smiled at him, an emotion playing in her eyes that he couldn’t quite identify, he felt warm for the first time since his mother.

nalu week day 1: wander

this isn’t even a thing, this is just..i don’t know what it is :’D OTL

for norah

“Is he better?” 

Lucy’s worried voice carried over to Natsu. He sighed heavily into the pillow, unable to wipe the concerned frown off his face. It had been stuck there for two days now, turning him into a useless pile of worry.

“Dunno,” he answered quietly, feeling her soothing presence beside him. “He hasn’t moved much.”

Both their eyes fixed themselves on the small bundle lying beside him on the bed, halfway wrapped in a blanket.

The weight of the matress shifted as Lucy carefully sank onto it beside him, hand moving to gently stroke Happy’s clammy fur.

“I brought some soup, and medicine Wendy gave me.”

Hope lit up Natsu’s eyes, and he almost bounced on the bed, uneasy from sitting still so long. “Can I feed him? Do I have to warm it up? What medicine is it?”

“Natsu,” Lucy sighed, “you can’t feed him while he’s asleep.”

Natsu stilled, casting his eyes onto the ground. Slowly, she reached out to cup his cheek. “Hey, don’t worry so much, okay? I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“What if he won’t be?” His whisper was almost inaudible, laced with so much quiet terror that it made her heart clench.

“He’s been through worse than a fever, hasn’t he,” Lucy tried with a small smile, fighting down her own fears.

After a moment, Natsu nodded, leaning into her touch. His hand came up to cup hers on his cheek as he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

“You’re right,” he breathed. “Something like this can’t get Happy down! Thanks, Lucy.”

With that, he brought her hand to his lips, gently pecking her guildmark.

They jumped slightly when a small, almost painful snicker filled the air. Both immediately leaned over the small cat, holding their breaths as his tiny eyelids fluttered.

Happy blinked at them, eyes hazy, but the usual mischievous glint was still shining behind his confusion.

“..liiike…” he mumbled sleepily, and Lucy couldn’t help but crack a small smile. Now this was the Happy she wanted to see. The times when she was glad about his teasing - which he continued, even now after so many years - were not many, but rarely had she been happier about his quibs than right now.

“Happy!!” Natsu almost cried out. “Buddy! How you doing??”

“Mmmh…” the exceed answered. His fur was still sweaty. He kicked his legs to rid himself of the blanket, but Lucy was quick to tug it back up. “Wendy said you needed to be kept warm,” she scolded with gentle concern.

“Luucy,” he smiled, and she had the feeling he was already drifting back to sleep, “…story?”

“Okay,” she hastily agreed while opening the small package she had received from Wendy. “But it will be your reward. Your job is to eat this, okay?”



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"I'm most proud of you." (Ashton Imagine)

It was the middle of the night when you were awoken by the cries of your newborn baby in the bassinet next to your bed. You automatically, out of habit, started to throw the covers off of your exhausted body as you had only given birth a few days before and had barely gotten any sleep since, but you felt Ashton’s hand stop you. “It’s alright Y/N, I got this. You keep sleeping and rest okay?” Barely conscious as it was, you said mumbled a small “mhmm…” and fell right back down on your pillow. Ashton threw his covers off and got out of bed. Walking around to your side of the bed to get your son Oliver from his bassinet, he picked him up and hugged him close to his chest. 

“Whats wrong buddy? Your mummy and I need some sleep please.” He started bouncing him, wrapping the blanket closer to Oliver’s chest to keep him warm. “Are you hungry? I know your mum left some bottles downstairs for us just incase you got hungry. Let’s try one of those shall we?” He quietly walked out of the room with Oliver in his arms, closing the door just incase there was any noise made downstairs and he didn’t want to wake you. Trying to make a bottle and hold Oliver at the same time was no easy task, but somehow Ashton managed to do it. “Look at that! Your Dad is an old pro at this already Oli.” The little boy automatically took the bottle into his mouth and began to suck on it, quieting his cries. The house was once again peaceful again and Ashton hoped you were still asleep. Little did he know, that wasn’t the case at all. You began making your way down the stairs, but stopped midway when you saw how well Ashton was doing with Oliver. 

“Okay little man, we’re gonna have a talk bro to bro. I’ll talk and you listen okay?” You smiled, watching Ashton bounce and feed him under the one light that was on in your kitchen. It acted as if it was a spotlight on him which made the moment even more special. “You really surprised your mum and I, but we couldn’t be more happy that you’re here now. We love you so much. But there are some ground rules okay? You treat women like queens in this household understand? That’s what your Grandma Irwin taught me, and it’s what we’re going to teach you. How do you think I got your mum?” You smiled, remembering the exact way Ashton asked you out. He took you to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and gave you your first kiss when you were just 14. It made you love him even more that he was telling this to your son now.

“Don’t do anything stupid either. I did a lot of stupid stuff when I was a kid, and it almost made me lose your mum. Don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams either, we will always support you no matter what. If you want to be a musician like your Dad, that would be cool. If not, thats cool too. You do whatever your little heart desires, and I promise your mum and I will be there for you.” If it was possible, your smile got even bigger. You knew Oliver couldn’t understand any of this yet, but you didn’t care. it warmed your heart to hear him saying it. Oliver was only a few days old and Ashton was already one of the best dad’s you had ever seen. “And your uncles Michael, Calum, and Luke too. If anything ever happens to your mum and I, they’ll take care of you. Don’t you worry.” You almost started crying, knowing everything he said was true. 

“You still listening little man? Okay good. I can’t wait for you and your mum to come on the road with me. It won’t be the same without having you guys around. But when you can’t and I’m not around, you have to be the man of the house and take care of your Mum for me. Okay?” You really had started to cry now, it was hard to keep it all in with everything that Ashton was saying. You would never know how you had been blessed with such an amazing husband and father to your child. You saw Oliver finish the bottle and Ashton set it on the counter. As he put the spit up rag on his shoulder and Ash started to burp him, you heard Ashton say “I’ve done a lot in my life Oliver. I’ve been around the world and back, and accomplished a lot of things. But you? You’re the one I’m most proud of.” 

(written by Danielle)

I’m fully blaming hernameispersephone​‘s post about bi!Blaine for this post, but my brain won’t shut up because the post made me think of the BEST IDEA EVER.

What if the girl Blaine dates after his break up with Kurt is Kitty?

I’m a little biased because I love Anderwilde and find the idea of a relationship between them intriguing but also, wow, all the possibilities that exists in a story like that.

Their first meeting after Blaine gets back to Lima. Blaine, angry and bitter over the break up and over his life falling apart in front of his eyes. Kitty, angry and bitter over being left behind and abandoned without a second thought. She snips at him and he can’t take it, he can’t take anymore blame and anymore pain so he lashes out too, and it’s explosive but it doesn’t take them a lot of time to work things out. Because Kitty can see the pain that is etched on Blaine’s features and damn it, angry or not, he is one of her own and she can’t take his suffering. And Blaine knows firsthand how much it hurts to be abandoned and he can’t blame Kitty for being furious with him. Guilt makes his throat close up but he can’t think about it now. He is barely keeping it together as it is and maybe it’s unfair to her for him to shove this whole thing aside and not try to absorb her anger. But he needs to be selfish right now. He needs to focus on himself and on himself only.

And strangely, she accepts that and even encourages it. She is a steady presence by his side when he gets diagnosed with depression and as he starts therapy. She is the one who marches into his bedroom and drags him out, telling him that she refuses to see him waste his life away over a boy. Sometimes, he hates her for forcing him to face the world when he still feels ill equipped to face it, but it’s a game of push and pull between them. Sometimes she drags him out and sometimes she just joins him on the bed, curling into him as he tries to make sense of his shattered reality. She pushes him, but she also gives him room to heal on his own in this weird dance that they find themselves in. She cries even harder than he does when she hears him playing the piano again, and her voice joins his scratchy one when he starts singing, and it’s the first time he feels alive in a long time. Neither of them really know when their fondness of each other turn into deep affection but when Blaine feels ready to try and move on with his life, it’s Kitty’s image that refuses to leave his head, and when he asks her out, she agrees happily.

They are good together. He grounds her and gives her a place to turn to when dealing with Sue’s Mckinley becomes too much, and she ignites his fire and his fierceness and cheers him on as he gets steady on his own two feet. They sing together and it’s like coming home for both of them. They snark at each other, and Blaine would never admit it out loud but those are some of his favorite times with her. That beautiful feisty girl who challenges him and who brings out his inner snark master out.

Then Kurt returns and the graduates start to trickle in afterwards and they are both knocked off their feet. Kitty is no where to be found during the bonfire but Blaine searches for her and he is the one who drags her out this time. This is their school too and he’d be damned if he let her retreat. He can feel her body tremble emotionally against his and her hands squeeze his to the point of pain. She spends the night with him, and it’s the first time he sees her break so wholly, body shuddering with sobs as she finally mourns the home that is no longer there and the people who made it such and are now gone. And a storm of anger builds inside of him.

(Well, that escalated quickly)

That’s as far as I got because there are just so many possibilities after this point. Would Kurt still prompt Rachel to recruit Kitty? How would Kitty react to Kurt and Blaine vanishing during the Invitationals? How would Kurt react to being the director of his ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend? And I know for a fact that Kitty wouldn’t take kindly to Sue’s meddling and shenanigans and that she’s be sure to shut this shit down, if not retaliate even. (Oh god, I would LOVE to read a fic about that. Kitty vs Sue would be EPIC)

And of course, Kitty would be hella protective of Blaine and highly suspicious of Kurt and his intentions at first. Kurt and Blaine still rebuild their friendship and Kurt rigs the wheel of musical fortune, and Kitty knows it. It’s a very very awkward rehearsal that day and the poor new newbs have no idea how to behave exactly as they try to not walk into the middle of the staring contest between Kurt and Kitty. Rachel just swears under her breath and ignores them altogether.

Kurt and Blaine don’t kiss after Rachel’s party but Kitty knows that it’s over when she sees them sing together, and she is weirdly fine with it. She is not thrilled that another relationship is over for her but she knew that it was only a matter of time from the very start, and Blaine is her family and she wants to see him happy. She has seen the way Kurt looks at him and she grudgingly admits to herself that she trusts him, hell she might even like the guy. Kitty and Blaine break up that night and it’s the most affectionate break up either of them have ever witnessed, much less were a part of. No one can even tell they broke up when they meet the next day to help Rachel move because they are still leaning against each other and joking together and trading small tender touches. Kitty is there for Blaine when he returns from Mckinley after seeing Kurt and Walter and a part of her is fed up with Kurt and his stupid timing and stubborn nature because honestly, anyone with eyes could see what was happening during their duet, and another is so so proud of Blaine. Because he is standing tall in front of her, with a sad smile on his face and a request for her to sing with him, and she knows he’ll be okay. There is a text message waiting for her a couple of days later from Blaine, a simple ‘I love you’ that gets followed right away with one from Kurt, saying thank you, and she knows they are back together.

And Kitty’s face in A Wedding when she sees Kurt then Blaine walk down the aisle? Yeah, that definitely still happens.