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Temporary Accommodations by @comeonblub

One of my first and alltime favourite fics, a crime that I haven’t done any fan art of it until now. (It’s on AO3, I’d link it but ya’know, tumblr…)


Papyrus, of course, is a very fashionable skeleton who also seems to be quite proud of the fact he is a skeleton, so finding there are all kinds of clothes and styles on the surface that incorporate skeletal motifs is pretty exciting to him. It’s possibly what gets him to change out of his battle body, tbh…

This is Papyrus’ outfit in the current chapter of Unexpected Guests! I couldn’t figure out how to make a glittery skull decal work easily in the comic’s format, so you’ll just have to imagine it’s there. =u=;


I really really enjoy the side eye Kurogane is shooting Kamui for not sharing this information EARLIER when it was useful.

What I enjoy even more is Yuuko actually sitting down and going “Okay so I’m just going to confirm and deny the relevant pieces of Vampire lore for you now”, because you KNOW I’ve been thinking about this constantly for a week straight.

Vampire Myths: Busted

excuse me what

i don’t understand why i’m so surprised that so many people on this site don’t know how to fucking read.

Me: *gets around to finally watching South Park and falls head over heels for Pip

Me: What a great and likable character! I should check out his bio. I just hope everyone appreciates him just as much as I d–

Me: Oh. Well, at least he has his parents to comfort him when–

Me: O-oh, um, well maybe he goes to Chef with his problems like all the others d–

Me: Uh……..Damien. What about Damien? I know this fandom ships them like crazy, there’s like no Pip fanart that doesn’t have Damien involved in some way or the othe–

Me: Oh, come on!! He’s gotta have a purpose! No way did the writers just create him and then regret i–



Me: You know what? Fuck it. Pip may not be a popular character fandom wise or in the show or even with his creators, but at least he’s alive. When all else fails, at least I love him, and at least no one can tell me he isn’t completely, 100% ali

Me, flipping a table and reaching for my gun:


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I wonder what King Dice look like with out a shirt on🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

I have many people sending me asks like this and I’ll be blunt with you: I enjoy drawing clothes a ton, and it’s extremely unlikely for me to draw half-naked men so don’t count on it. And the more baiting the ask is, the less I’ll want to draw it 👌


I may have gone overboard with this but…I had too :’)

My thanks to you all for your kind words. Such a thing is never possible without the love and support I receive from you wonderful people. I’d kiss and hug every single one of you if I could ❤ ❤

To me, the universe would be nothing without you all and it would definitely be a sad and lonely place to be. I send this all to everyone one of you! ❤

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  I love you all, each and every single one of you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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just being thankful

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I just wanted to express how thankful I am for being in such a kind, loving fandom and although I’ve only been here for a couple months, I’ve made so many amazing friends and mutuals. You guys really are the best. It’s made me so happy and I’m always excited to see you all on my dash. I love you all, thank you for everything! I’m gonna go cry now

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@hufflepuffholland Charissa, I don’t know where to begin, but I think you know how much you mean to me, thank you for being such an amazing friend and I’m always thinking about you no matter what. You make me wanna be a better person and I can’t wait to meet you someday!

@tbholland Meg, I just wanna say i love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being so supportive and I love the way your little messages and reminders light up my day. I’m truly blessed. I love you!

@quackmom Hi Sydni, thank you for being supportive and positive, you’re always reminding how important it is to take breaks and be ok with being ok, I’m forever grateful for you and I just want you to know you mean the world to me!

@honeynutholland michelle! wow can I just say thank you for being an amazing friend, you’re always there for be and ready to talk. I love that we can always pick up a convo from where it left off. I love you so much and you’re the sweetest. I can’t wait to meet you when I go to Canada!!!

@arachnid-kid Isabel, you’re honestly the sweetest and I’m so glad we became friends. I love you and the energy that you generate. I feel grateful that we got to know each other because I’m sure my life would’ve been dull if you weren’t in it!

@dej-okay dej, I’m so glad to know you because you’re so sweet, always thinking of others and making them feel better. I can’t imagine the fandom without you, really nothing could make me happier knowing that you’re happy. I love you thank you! 

@tomhollandxreader CORA you’re one of the sweetest people I know and I’m not joking when I say that you’re honestly someone I look up to a lot! I love you sm thank you for being on my dash and thinking of me. 

@planet-holland hi kayla, you sweet angel. Thank you for being a good friend and always there to support me. I love you and you’re one of the cutest people I know. I hope you’re happy and hydrated, and my inbox is always open for you

@screamholland mary liz, you are beautiful. absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. You’re amazing and wonderful and I love seeing you on my dash because it makes me incredibly happy when you are. I’m always here if you need to talk about anything!

@hollandroos soph YOU’RE MY STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE! I love you so much and I love seeing you and seeing your presence because it makes me happy and I just imagine fluffy, pink clouds around you because you’re the sweetest. 

@lovelyimagines: tori, I’m gonna cry because I love you so much!! thanks for being here when I needed it and I’m always gonna say I love your smile it’s so radiating and makes me entire day light up when I see you on my dash. Thank you for being a positive angel.

@peterplanet hi Grace, you’re amazing and wonderful and I’m glad we got to know each other. You’re super sweet and I can’t imagine my dash without you. Thanks always and I’m here for you whenever you need it!

@dearcindymoon ZOë, you’re so sweet!! please continue being such a wonderful and amazing person, I’m really glad to know you and you make me smile all the time with your sweet posts. I love you!

@parkerroos lyss i can’t believe I almost forgot but you’re literally the best angel on this site WOW you’re my fellow sam girl and seeing you on here makes me SO happy!! I love you so much and you make me smile literally any time we interact!!! than you for thinking of me!

@loverholland hi becca you’re really an inspiration, thank you for being such a wonderful positive presence on this site and GOD can I just say that whenever you post anything I wanna cry?? you’re so kind and sweet and thank you for always thinking of me!

I wish I had time write about all of you amazing angels, but if you’re on this list just know that you make me SO incredibly happy and I only wish for every happiness to all of you. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive and overall, absolute angels. *EDIT I may literally just write about all of you?

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Good day! Sorry for the trouble but may I request some headcanons wherein Shouto & Yaomomo just met by coincidence (they're not together yet) while Shouto is about to visit his mom then somehow someway Yaomomo meeting Shouto's mom & afterwards Todomama's reaction on Yaomomo.

Sorry these requests are taking forever,,, pls bare with me.

I recently went to see Yiruma live in concert and he did a mash-up of his songs Blind Improvisation & Destiny of Love which somehow, while watching his performance gave me the perfect inspiration for this hc (along with other ones that fit tdmm really well). I highly recommend playing Yiruma in the background with this one.

  • The first time Momo meets Mama Todo was when she was visiting her grandfather at the same hospital Mama Todo was admitted in.
  • Her grandfather just came out surgery for,,, something idk. But Momo decided to visit him on a Sunday morning when she had free time.
  • When she got there however, she found out he was still doing his morning physical checks and couldn’t accept visitors yet. So Momo decided to wander the hospital grounds a bit to kill time.
  • Surprise surprise, guess who she runs. Todoroki taking a stroll with Mama Todo through the gardens ofc.
  • Cue “Todoroki-san! What a coincidence meeting you here.” “Yaoyorozu?”, and the slew of introductions between Mama Todo and Momo including “Ah, you’re the Yaoyorozu-san Shouto was talking about. Thank you for taking care of my son.”
  • They sit down on a nearby bench to talk a bit (Mama Todo and Momo I mean,,,, Todoroki’s being an awkward bean from mom embarrassing him). It’s a pleasant conversation—Momo talks about Class 1A, Todoroki adds things here and there (like mentioning their exam against Aizawa, again, as well as how well Momo did on her licensing exam,,, much to Momo’s flustered chagrin), and Mama Todo listens keenly with a smile on her face.
  • Its about 20 minutes later that Momo announces she needs to leave to visit her grandfather. As they wave goodbye, Mama Todo shoots a glance at her son along with a “You have a lovely classmate, Shouto.” He nods in agreement.
  • The second time Momo meets Mama Todo, Shouto wasn’t there.
  • She’s visiting her grandfather again,,,, and she’s early again. But as she wanders the hospital once more, Mama Todo accidentally walks into her as she’s exiting her room.
  • It’s easy for Mama Todo to recognize Momo. Her signature ponytail and politeness is hard to forget. Mama Todo invites Momo to walk with her in the gardens in the absence of Shouto.
  • Momo Todo tells her that she usually goes out for walks in the garden at this time, and Momo remembers that Todoroki’s supplementary lessons have been moved to Sunday for the next three weeks. They walk and talk, striking up a comfortable chemistry and getting to know more about each other in the process.
  • For the next three weeks, Momo goes to the hospital early to accompany Mama Todo on her morning walks. Mama Todo learns of how diligent her son’s classmate is, being the top of their hero class,, how she admires her son,,,, that she loves to read, and recommends books to Momo in turn. Momo learns that Mama Todo often reads or takes walks to pass the time in her room,, and that she loves plants since taking care of them feels therapeutic. She makes it her mission to bring a new plant for her on every visit. Soon, Mama Todo’s room is filled in every corner with colourful flowers, succulents, and bonsai.
  • Momo continues to visit on Sundays whenever she’s available even after her grandfather is discharged and Todoroki is finished his lessons. Sometimes its just the two of them, sometimes its the three of them, sometimes even Fuyumi joins them.
  • At some point, it’s not surprising for Mama Todo to tell Fuyumi, “I hope Shouto marries her one day.”

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Why would a porn blog reblog my writing? This one clearly isn’t a bot. Doesn’t seem like one anyways. Does my heartbreak poetry get your jollies off? What the fuck. Sorry buddy but you’re getting blocked. That’s just weird. You do your thing and leave my love poems out of it. Ugh -_-