I am in so deep that I can’t enjoy anything without thinking about it as a souharu au lol.

Things I want from Steven Universe:

  • Steven to confront the gems about some issues regarding their perception of him
         -He did not take Rose away from them
         -He is not Rose
  • Another episode that helps Pearl and Amethyst understand each other and deepens their relationship
  • To learn how Garnet met Rose and Pearl
  • Lapis
  • Steven to learn how to fuse with other gems
  • Steven to fuse with Lapis so she can know what it feels like to love herself
         -Connie and Lapis to become friends because they can understand each other’s loneliness and anxiety
  • A straight up Greg episode

when u bf come home and eat hte spageti

Let's talk about

Young Soul who is first learning about using his weapon abilities and understanding the whole meister/weapon thing.
Young Soul who goes to Tsubaki to understand the whole being a weapon thing since she’s known it her whole life.
Young Soul who listens to Tsubaki talk about weapon problems that he’s beginning to understand.

Tsubaki who mediates between Soul and Maka as they all grow up together.

Basically Soul grows up in Death City after being admitted into DWMA with Tsubaki as his big sister.

/Big sister Tsubaki and little brother Soul Eater Evans/

bf: “what are you thinking about?”

me: “oh nothing.”

me, internally: “How did Hide escape Noro? I mean the way that Tatara and Noro went ham on Seidou, it really doesn’t make sense that Noro would just let Hide walk away after seeing all that. The way that Hide greeted Kaneki in the coffee shop was also a little weird. Was this Ishidas way of telling us that the Pierrot theory was true? I mean, even if it comes to be true in the anime, will it also carry over into the manga? Would Ishida be that cruel to take away the only friend that kaneki has ever really had?? Also, if he is involved with the clowns, did he set Kaneki up to be messed around with Rize? Is that why Hide pushed for Kaneki to ask her out? What is really going on with this poor boy? How cruel and deep can Ishida Sui really get?”