and junsu was just like 'really


[151215] Happy birthday to the dolphin to my ocean! I love you ♡

You always sing with all your heart and your soul and you also said that music are you. I always like your singing since I knew you nine years ago. You successfully made me cry just by listening you sing in that special video of ‘11 AM’ ;;;^;;; Even though you are blood type B man, you don’t really have the stereotype traits. You are not even snarky, yet you are this little ray of sunshine that brightens up the day of people around you with your smile and cute laugh :3 Stay healthy for the rest of the year, I am waiting for another amazing concert of yours! Also, you are going to enlist next year and I will miss you as hell but we still have some time left, so let’s make happy memories each day!

I wish you success and happiness in the days ahead of you, all the best for you. Happy 29th birthday, Kim Junsu ♡ 

I was lowkey hoping for woohyun to debut as a soloist with something more pop (think junsu’s incredible) rather than a ballad. inspirits already know he likes ballads and don’t soloists try to show a different image of themselves? he’s sang ballads as his solo stages at all of their concerts minus one. I’m so glad he’s happy with what he released and I love his title track, but he has more to show than just that and the ballad really pigeonholed him