and junno is too

This thing (this very stupid thing) about Koki

Look. Everybody’s went through great lengths to continue supporting every member of KAT-TUN, both past and current. But this is enough. There’s gotta be a divide and that would be this stupid,stupid thing with Koki’s weed issue.

The three members who chose to stay and protect the group are all trying their best and yet they get dragged about this in just every news headline and that’s gotta be frustrating to them. Turns out they can work their asses off and do just about everything to give KAT-TUN a good rep and yet there’ still gotta be someone who can fuck shit up for them and damn.

I feel sorry for Koki in a way too. Not because he got caught and whether he’s guilty or not, but because it’s like everything he’s done after KAT-TUN was all in vain. He’s still better known as KAT-TUN’s ex-member instead of INKT’s frontman. That’s gotta hurt.

Even if it’s impossible, I just wish the media would stop dragging KAT-TUN into this stupid mess. Koki’s departure from the group still remains the most painful one for me and I believe it has to be the hardest one for the group too (but yeah, Junno gets like, an extra point for finally pushing them to hiatus THEN announcing his solo shit, that’s tight)

In which Junno looks pretty much like the perfect prince he is, Kame is being his usual sexy self (seducing tongue included), and Ueda looks like a beautiful character straight out of a manga ♥


Nakameda bonding over how annoyingly adept Junno is at the choreography.

[Context: Yara was discussing how within the groups he’s done choreography with, there was always an imbalance of who learned the choreography quickly and who was slow and that sometimes it caused some members to snap at the others.]

Kame and Nakamaru: *both speaking* In our group, this happens now and then

Ueda: Have you noticed how Taguchi is super fast when we’re learning the steps like he keeps going ‘next, next" I get seriously pissed off.

Junno: Hahahaha!

Kame: Yeah! When I can’t do it, I get pissed too!

Nakamaru: Oh! I get pissed off too!



They had an MC segment before entering the countdown.

Ueda: It makes you forget all the bad things when you are able to end the year with all our fans like this. It’s the best!
Taguchi: I totally agree. 
Nakamaru: Did you hear that, everyone? “It’s the best!”
Ueda: You made it sound fake! I meant it when I said that!!
Nakamaru: “ I meant it when I said that”
Audience: LOL!
Kamenashi: We’re down to 5 more minutes! What should we do? Is there something we’ve left undone?
Taguchi: If we have 5 more minutes, I might make some instant noodles. 
Nakamaru: Yeah. Go for it!
Taguchi: It’s a bit lonely. Let’s leave those things behind in 2013. 
Kamenashi: Well, what should we do then!? Do the instant noodle thing again! (LOL)
Taguchi: Oh, I want to make instant noodles with the 5 minutes remaining!
Kamenashi: Taguchi! I was just thinking that, too!
Nakamaru: Taguchi! Me too!

They played out Taguchi’s request, but Kamenashi summed it up with, “It wasn’t that funny. (LOL)” The members were silly as usual, with Ueda starting a new joke where he says “Oww!!” and pretends to be in intense pain everytime the members tease him.

The members jump in on this joke and have a blast with it. Taguchi slipped when saying his punch line, and said, “I just had my last slip-up of the year. I’m not talking anymore! Nope!” and adamantly refused to talk. (LOL)

Kamenashi said, “I’m going to show everyone the Kamenashi of 2013! I’ll be a year older soon, so look at me while I’m still young and fresh!” as he walked from side to side down the elevated stage, with his arms open wide.

The members said to him, “Hurry up! We’re down to 3 minutes!” (Taguchi), “Kamenashi-kun, you can’t be tired when we see in the new year” (Nakamaru), as the countdown to 2014 got closer!

Ueda: Are we going to do something when it strikes midnight?
Taguchi: How are we going to bring in (the new year)?
Nakamaru: When I was in junior high, we would jump up and say, “I’m floating in space!” 
Kamenashi: Well, I wanted to save this until the last minute, but let’s hold hands! Everyone!
Nakamaru: But if we hold hands now, we will be doing it for 2 minutes. (LOL) 
Kamenashi: We might fall in love. 2 minutes is enough to fall in love. Let’s all do it together! All the Jr. members and staff, come on out!
Taguchi: It’s sad seeing in the new year backstage!
Kamenashi: Let’s all do it together! Everyone stand up!
Taguchi: Hold hands!
Kamenashi: Ready? Let’s countdown from 10 seconds!
Nakamaru: How do you like this anxious feeling!? (LOL) 
Kamenashi: It’s the first time for us, too!

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Even when we are working as individuals we do it while carrying the group on our shoulders, so I feel “we are one in body and mind~.
—  Taguchi Junnosuke / Qlap 6/2006 (The boys said he always says such weird things but i don’t think it’s weird at all. He is way too loveable for feeling like that! ^-^♥  *hugs him*)