and junno is too

In which Junno looks pretty much like the perfect prince he is, Kame is being his usual sexy self (seducing tongue included), and Ueda looks like a beautiful character straight out of a manga ♥


Nakameda bonding over how annoyingly adept Junno is at the choreography.

[Context: Yara was discussing how within the groups he’s done choreography with, there was always an imbalance of who learned the choreography quickly and who was slow and that sometimes it caused some members to snap at the others.]

Kame and Nakamaru: *both speaking* In our group, this happens now and then

Ueda: Have you noticed how Taguchi is super fast when we’re learning the steps like he keeps going ‘next, next" I get seriously pissed off.

Junno: Hahahaha!

Kame: Yeah! When I can’t do it, I get pissed too!

Nakamaru: Oh! I get pissed off too!