and josh told us not to ship him with his friends

For the views // Toddy Smith Fluffy Imagine

Pairing: Toddy Smith x reader

Request:  “Can you write a Toddy Smith imagine where him and anette are secretly dating until David’s catches them kissing and puts it in the vlog? :)))” -unknown

Warning: swearing, fluff

Word count: 1 079 (a short one.. i’m sorry!)

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! I really hope that you’ll like it. :)

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Everybody thinks that Toddy is a fuckboy, but he’s not. He’s actually really caring and protective. How do I know you ask? Well, I’ve been dating him for 4 months now, but we don’t want our fans to know about it yet so we’ve been keeping it as a secret. From our friends as well.

I don’t feel like telling the. Specially David, he’d put in his vlog to get views. I get him, our ship is almost as big as Jerika or something like that, but it would make things more complicated for us. I like the way it is right now.

Us going out on a date while the others think we’re at our friends house for example. I guess they’re starting to understand, what is actually going on, but they want us to tell them.

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Looked Cute -Simon

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: Hey love can I please get a simon imaginewhere you’re in a girl band and you’re friends with JJ and they go around to the sidemen house to film and you and simon are in a relationahip but noone knows. But they all ship you and then they walk In on you and Simon and everyone is so so happy! Love your imagines by the way!!!!!

A/N: Hey babe, I hope you like this, sorry for the wait. I made a tiny change where Y/N is a solo singer but her group of friends still do ship them. I also based this off of the video JJ did with Teala Dunn (Some many POVs im sorry)


I couldn’t get a break from my friends constantly telling me that Simon and I looked cute. Even though deep down I knew that they would freak out when they found out that we were dating, it was better to keep things silent. Being a singer was difficult. I didn’t get to see my friends as much, I didn’t get to see Simon as much but in the long run I got to do what i loved most and that’s all that mattered to me.

My tour was finally over and I had made it home to London. I after taking pictures with fans in the airport, I went home to be greeted by my friends. We all hung out for the whole day. It was around 6 when we decided to go to Stratford to get Nandos. Once we got to our table, we got ordered our food. Half way through our meal, someone had yelled in my ear. I jumped out of my seat and smacked the person behind me.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” I turned around and saw JJ clutching his stomach and moaning in pain.

“Y/N, what the fuck?” He exclaimed.

“You yelled in my ear, you idiot.” I laughed, standing up to hug him. He kissed my cheek and greeted the rest of the girls. I looked behind him and saw Simon. My heartbeat sped up at bit when he caught my eye. He gave me a small smile, which I kindly offered back. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug so I couldn’t raise any speculations. Despite the fact the fact that it didn’t look like anything was happening between us, my friends were already cooing. I rolled my eyes to make it look like I was pissed off, deep down I didn’t really mind.

“Well, since your back do you want to come over and film a video?” JJ asked me as he pulled a chair to our table. I nodded finishing the food in my mouth. 

“I’d love to. When?”

“What about today? After dinner?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Yeah why not!” We finished our meal and I hugged my friends and said goodbye before joining the two boys. We walked to Simon’s car and got in and drove home. It took everything for me to take his hand in the car at every red light an drub his knuckles. The tension between Simon and I was evident but JJ didn’t see to notice because he kept yelling and screaming. 

We arrived at their house and I was greeted by Josh, Vik and Ethan. The three of them gave me a tight hug. I smiled once we pulled apart. I didn’t realise how much I missed all the guys and how much I love London.

“Aw guys, I missed you all.” I said as we walked into the living room.

“We missed you too.” They all said. We sat down on the couch and talked for a bit until Simon announced he was going to his room. We all looked at each other in confusion but continued on with our conversation. I was waiting for JJ to finish setting up, so I could sit down and we could start the video straight away. My phone vibrated, I looked down at it. JJ sent me a message telling me that I could go upstairs. I said my goodbyes and ran upstairs.

I passes Simon’s room, making me want to run in and give him the biggest hug I could muster but I had to keep it a secret. The only person that knew was JJ and so far he was good at keeping that secret but I knew soon enough he was going to spill.

I sat down in the chair next to him and  took the headphones put of his hand. “Simon is proper upset that you haven’t talked to him today.” He laughed.

“Well, I can’t blow our cover. I’m not ready yet.” I sighed, he shrugged.

“Understandable, he should know this but we both know how Simon is.” We laughed and he pressed the record button his phone which was connected to his camera.

He did his intro and welcomed me into the video. I introduced myself. We then got into how much I missed home and I was happy to be back. Once that was over with we got into the video. We were going to be reacting to cringe videos. To say I was prepared was the biggest lie. We got through the first couple of minutes, uncomfortable wasn’t the word to describe what I was feeling. 

We got through the rest of the video and decided to order pizza just before I was going to leave. I told him I was going to Simon’s room, just so I could chill out before I could leave. I walked towards his room and knocked on his door.  I waited for a reply until I heard a muffled sound.

“Hey.” I spoke softly, opening the door slightly so I could pop my head in. He caught sight of me and rushed to pull me in and give me a heartwarming hug. I swayed us a little and placed a kiss on his jaw. He carried me bridal style to his bed, making me laugh slightly when He struggled to grasp my legs and almost dropping me. He gave me a smile and plopped us down on the bed, our noses almost touching. My heart fluttered with love and excitement. I full five months without him was painful. I was grateful for the time I was spending with him now. 

“I missed you.” His voice croaked, making my heart break into pieces. 

“I missed you too Si.” I gave him a passionate kiss, it made realise how much I missed him and how happy I was back in his arms. Skype and FaceTime didn’t do me enough justice, especially when I was upset, stressed or when I just need him most. The last time I saw him when I was going through my Europe leg of the tour.

“I watched everyone of your videos and live streams. It kept me going a lot even when I was bored.” I giggled, he smiled.

“Always, my number one fan.”

“Always.” We kept on talking, not running out of conversation. I told him I was going to stay awake for as long as could, so we could eat pizza together and watch Netflix but my exhaustion got the better of me and I ended falling asleep

Simon’s POV

I watched as her chest rose and descended softly just as it always does. Her hair fell to her shoulders, her eyelashes fell on top of her cheeks, the smallest of details all came back into my mind. I missed all the little things about her. I put my arms around her waist and tried my best to fall asleep with her but I could help but take in everything about her.

A couple hours had passed and she was still asleep. Only God knew how exhausted and tired she was. JJ had walked into the room laughing loudly with a pizza box in his hand. “Sorry man I forgot about you guys.” I shook my head and laughed quietly. I pointed at my desk to where he could put the box.

“The girls will be over soon to get her. I don’t know what time though.”  I nodded, he smiled and walking out, shutting the door softly. I ended up falling asleep after about twenty minutes to then wake up two hours later to cooing and aweing at the door.

“He’s waking up, go!” A voice squealed. I groaned and ended up falling back asleep. 


I opened and looked over my shoulder an saw Simon, fast asleep. I smiled and looked over at his desk the pizza box I was supposed to stay up for. I sighed and stood up. I look over at the door slightly cracked open. I walked over and heard giggling and laughter the closer I got the door. I whipped it open and was greeted with the screams of my three friends and JJ clutching his heart. I laughed at their initial reaction and then realised that they all had their camera app open.

“What were you guys doing?” I looked down at their phones. They all made a run for it down the stairs. I called out for them but they weren’t going to come back. I ran back inside, grabbed the box and flopped on the bed. I ate half of the pizza and left the rest for Simon. Once I was done I started scrolling my social media. I noticed that my Twitter notifications were going through more than usual. 

I started through my mentions and saw that all the pictures I saw were of Simon and I. I groaned when I saw the picture that JJ has posted on Twitter. I turned over on my side to wake up Simon. He woke up abruptly and looked over at me.

“What is it? Are you ok?” I shook my head.

“I’m fine but look at Jide’s Twitter.” He grabbed his phone of his bedside table and rushed to Twitter. He looked over to me  his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“I’m going to kill him.” I laughed.

“You’re going to do absolutely nothing! We’re going to talk and that’s about it!” He sighed and gave me a kiss. He called JJ up stairs on his phone. He walked in cautiously as if one of us were going to launch at him.

“God JJ, you can walk in.” Simon laughed.

“Alright, so what is it?” I rolled my eyes.

“You know JJ.” He laughed.

“So I posted the picture, you guys looked cute.” I rubbed my face.

“You should’ve asked first. Next time please ask.” He nodded and apologised before walking out. 

Simon and I talked for a bit more before deciding it was time to officially publicize our relationship. To say we got the best response was a understatement. Majority of the response was good but obviously there was going to be hate. Simon told me to always dismiss it and never listen to it.

“I’m glad he posted that if I’m being honest.” He smiled, lacing our fingers together.


“Now I don’t have hide my love you.” I hid my face in my hands. He pulled my hands away from my face.

“I love you Y/N.” 

“I love you Simon.” 

I watched Joe’s live stream so you don’t have to (play by play reactions)

- announcement is a 24 hour livestream on ThatcherJoeVlogs on Friday starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST) ft guests and Joe signing a lot of Username:Uprising

- I wish I had friends I could have a sleepover with and watch the livestream dude that would be so fun

- throwback to #1Dday I couldn’t even last seven hours with One Direction how the hell am I gonna do 24 hours with YouTubers

- just kidding I’m about to be dedicated as fuck

- Jack and Joe from 12:00-3:00 am

- #unpopularopinion I like Joe’s mustache

- my poor baby and his infected gums he was so ill he almost passed out whenever he ate cuz the pain as so bad fuck I want to hug him

- Joe speaking foreign languages is my aesthetic (and it reminds me that I really need to brush up on my spanish)

- “I’m trying to set up other things for the future cuz, you know, you never know how long this whole YouTube thing is gonna last before I’m back on the ol’ roof”

- “it’s getting to the point where I really do want a girlfriend”

- well I’ve always been at the point where I want to be your girlfriend so I don’t understand why this is such a predicament for you when I’m always available so quit complaining and hit me up

- no but really I want him to be happy and I think he would be so happy in a relationship so he’s just gotta get someone awesome

- (like I wasn’t mad when Caspar got with Maddie cuz she’s great so Joe needs someone great)

- main channel might become a lower priority in the future

- “And I’ll see you in the future with a Sugg Sunday Special. Who knows when it’ll be. I don’t wanna say that there’s gonna be an end to Sugg Sunday but… I don’t know. I’m not as fussed about that channel as much, which is a shame cuz that’s my main channel. I don’t know it’s been so nice to have a week […] where I haven’t thought about that kind of stuff”

- obviously the idea of irregular Sugg Sunday Specials is sad but the idea of Joe putting out things because he feels obligated to and not because he enjoys them is even more sad

- “Wow that was deep whoa I went off! That’s what happens when Harry Styles starts playing music I start talking about proper stuff that I don’t normally speak about”

- yes, Harry Styles’ album was playing in the background throughout the entire livestream

- Kiwi is his favorite song (I shit you not that’s my favorite too it’s such a bop)

- serious Joe makes my heart feel warm

- he wants to raise a family in the countryside omg raising kids in the countryside he’s a country boy at heart

- “No iPads, no YouTube, no YouTube until you’re 12″

- “The dream is be able to have a lake and my dad can live in a little cave in the garden and look after the lake”

- honestly I love Joe wow


- “We started it as like a little internal thing that we called ourselves and it spread and people call us the buttercream squad and I’m just like ugh it makes me like cringe out a bit whenever I hear it even though it’s what we call ourselves I guess. I don’t really call it that anymore”

- he starts the story of how they started to call themselves that at 28:38 of the video I’m not even going to try and summarize it ya’ll should just watch that bit

- okay but him, Conor, Caspar, and Mikey were the original four and that is so fucking random to me

- for some reason I just got really bummed out that he doesn’t like that name like okay Joe I literally have a blog dedicated to it so what the fuck am I supposed to do now

- he said none of them expected anyone else to start calling it that

- literally you’re all Internet sensations you should’ve known it was gonna get blown up when you gave yourself a name so honestly you brought this upon yourself lmao


- also Byron is a member of their squad and literally none of us even talk about him/know him

- (side not Byron is hot as hell)

- I’m dead at how we all cling to whatever they say like the SECOND they tagged #buttercream on a photo we all went off

- I’m have an existential crisis wow

- “I just miss Jaspoli. That was my favorite, back in those days”



- he wants a pet pig ??

- he’s gonna hang out with Brit soon !

- I ship him and Brit I have since the Jaspoli Coachella days (#unpopularopinion ??)

- literally the second I typed that he made a comment about it oh sorry sorry didn’t know that was a touchy subject

- reminder once again that I am single and available

- okay but they FaceTime every week for hours and that’s goals ???

- my jaw dropped at this bit he said he wants to stop going on nights out and start going to dinner parties and such, that he’s done with the night scene

- I thought he was joking but he was dead ass serious oh my god he’s growing up that felt weird to hear him say that

- “when the time’s right and it’s the right person” he’s a romantic person

- 52:58 through 53:05 is a joy

- “I’m a giver, not a receiver, take that as you will”

- he keeps getting shaky and he thinks it’s because he hasn’t eaten all day and it really worries me

- he’d like to live with both Oli and Josh (separately) and says that they’re both very mature

- his favorite YouTubers are the Sidemen and Caspar

- someone told him to collab with Kian and JC and he completely ignored it lmao


- “I feel like I’ve watched him grow from like a little baby seed to like an oak tree. To see him do so well for himself now and he’s in a position where he’s just loving it and I’m so proud of him. I feel like a proud older brother and he’s said he sees me as like an older brother. We’ve had a lot of heart to hearts and stuff and he’s so good for advice. Even though he’s like my younger brother I go to him for advice a lot of the time cuz he’s been doing YouTube longer than I have and he’s just very knowledgeable about everything and he’s very sincere he cares about people a lot he puts others before him a lot of the time and he’s a genuine friend for life”


- it takes him a long time to open up to people, he’s usually quite shy when he meets people for the first time unless there’s that instant “chemical spark”

- he talked about being nice to people and compared life to climbing up a tree and how you should be nice to everyone you pass on your way up because if you’re not and then you start to drop, the people you pass won’t be there to grab your hand and stop you from falling

- in girls he looks for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, not too obsessed about themselves

- obviously first attraction is important but ultimately it’s about the personality (said every guy ever tbh) and then mentioned how if looks are that important to you it means you probably care more about how other people perceive you and your girlfriend than how you feel about your girlfriend herself

- “I want to find someone who can only add something to my life. Someone who improves my life and makes me a happier person. At the moment I’m a really happy person so anyone who has that affect to make it better is the one for me”

- reminder once again that I am single

- like I’m not drop dead gorgeous but I’ve got some stuff to offer I have nice eyes and good hair and my personality is great aside from the occasional down periods due to mental illness but you know we all have our flaws

- he talked seriously quite a bit in the stream and I’m really digging it I like serious Joe

- someone asked for advice on having a crush on your ex and he talked about moving on because it’s probably not good for you but then he said “unless you think they were the one”

- one of the best relationships he’s ever been in has been with someone older than him

- “Maybe I need to go for a cougar. Any 40 year old ladies?”

- *awkward laugh* “I’ve just admitted to a live stream that I’m after a mum. No I’m only joking. Imagine that I could end up being your dad”

- Poop Scoop with Brit on Friday

- he’s in no rush to have children

- “I’m fortunate enough to act like an immature child and get away with it a lot of the time”

- he doesn’t really want to settle down/get married anytime soon because he meets new people everyday and the idea of getting really settled down scares him because he never knows who he’s going to meet the next day

- “that’s why I’ve never- well not that you know of- had any public relationships”

- what the hell does that mean Joseph

- “I’m very good at keeping it all under wraps”


- he’s literally so hungry he’s shaking Josh hurry up he needs food

- “I hope Caspar’s there cuz I haven’t seen him in bloody ages and I miss the ol’ boy. I miss the bloody weirdo”

- he loves livestreams because it’s the closest we can get to all sitting in a room together and “having a good ol’ standard chit chat”

- reminder of the 24 hour live stream on ThatcherJoeVlogs starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST)

- “New vlog soon. New gaming video soon. I’m back. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I’m still loving life. And more importantly, you’re all bloody legends.”

that was a lot there you go (or you could just watch the live stream idk)

also I wish I knew people who lived near me 😭 I would so fucking love to have a sleepover and make good friends and watch Joe

Royalty ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Jack X Reader

Word Count: 1141

Summary: Jack promises you the world

Requested: Nada, my friend was talking about this and instantly thought of Jack

Warnings: Not my usual writing. 

Not my gif

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

You and Jack were in trouble. Not getting told off trouble or getting arrested trouble. 

You were “I’m nineteen and pregnant trouble.” 

Not a big deal right? 

Well you and Jack had only been going out for a year and you had found out you were three months pregnant a week ago. The first people you told after Jack, were your parents and they had kicked you out the minute pregnant slipped out of your mouth. 

You had already told Jack before he went back to Bristol because he was living in Bristol and right now he was Bristol but was coming home to see you in a few days but you were state and need somewhere to go and luckily enough for you, Conor was home for the weekend.

You had rung Conor and he picked you up in no time, you had told him everything and he told his parents and they were more than welcoming in letting you stay. They were so excited they couldn’t hold their tears in, along with Anna. 

Right now you were asleep in Jack’s old bed as you have had a pretty busy day, while you were sleeping Conor had called Jack and Jack was on his way home the second he heard you had got kicked out.

When Jack walked into his family house he was greeted with his happy tear-stained faces of his mum and dad, smiling he hugged them and talked for a bit before jogging up the stairs to his room. Slowly but fast he opened his door and slipped into his room, he smiled at the sight of you in his t-shirt and hand resting on your stomach where a small bump showed. 

He got undressed and laid down beside you, in your sleepy state you leaned more into him absorbing his heat. He kissed your forehead and started playing with your hair with one hand while the other one was resting on to your stomach.

If I had the money, let me tell you how it’d be,
I’d take over the country, everyone would bow to me,
Sit up in my palace, and baby you would be my queen,
We’d run this ship together, just you wait and see…

Those were the very words Jack said to you that night, he told you what would happen if he had money, how much he would spoil the baby and you. He talked about everyone would treat you guys with such highness for the first year, he talked about how you were his Queen but he kept repeating 3 words, 13 letters.

We’ll be royalty

When you were seven months along, that’s when things got hard. You and Jack didn’t have enough money to raise a baby but you would never give it up, Conor had told you guys he would help in way’s you need because he would never let you guys struggle. Jack could see you were breaking and he knew he had to do something about it. 

So he did. 

I know we’re broke right now,
girl, I guarantee that I will work this out,
Yeah, see I’ve got this plan,
Are you in or out?
I need to understand…

When you had given birth, you and Jack had moved into Conor’s house in London. Jack started a Youtube channel, you had a year off your makeup artist job to care for Alexa and Conor was just going along with Jacks plan. 

Make it big. 

Get into the bigger famous crowds.

Become kings.

He promised he would make it happen.

Trips to Rio, five star meals,
Girl, don’t quit on me now,
If I gotta beg or steal, no big deal
Oh let me break it down…

Jack didn’t care if he had begged his manager to get the most ad’s, interviews or anything she could get to make sure he had the money. He didn’t care that he used his now best friends to steal some of their fans and fame. He didn’t care. You knew what he was doing and you had always been good by heart and told him it was wrong but Jack did anything for you and persuaded you it was best way to care for you and his baby girl.

So would you cover me,
If I gotta take out any enemy, yeah,
Cause it might get ugly,
Planning things that you don’t wanna see…

Jack was struggling a bit, a few people were starting to get suspicious about how famous Jack was getting and you covered him, if he was stuck for a video, you were there to search new people’s ideas and tell him so he could do it. However, there was one thing you hated. It was Jack flirting with girls on his channel, you hated it. Even Jack hated it but he told you things would get ugly and if he acted single, he would get more views and more people would like him.

We’d run this ship together, just you wait and see…
We’ll be royalty,
And I’ll be the king baby,
We’ll be sitting on a throne,
We’ll be sitting on a throne, you and me, all alone,
Ain’t no stopping us now…

Jack was getting more famous every day and you guys were able not to panic about anything. Everything was going perfect, the way Jack wanted it to be. He was a king in the fans eyes, he was the king of the Buttercream Squad and you were his Queen that his fans knew nothing about.  He was planning on telling his fans but he got a better idea.

We’ll be royalty,
So who d’you trust, girl its ride or die,
We’ll be royalty…

A year later, Jack had hit a million subscribers and had out the fact he had a girlfriend and a child. Of course he was scared, he was scared that they would leave him, scared they would hate the fact he had a girlfriend and a child. He was scared they hated him. Yet it surprised him when all his fans asked for you and Alexa to come on his channel, they were asking the rest of the boys to do more videos with you guys in them. They loved you two.

So pack your stuff, lets take this to the sky,
We’ll be royalty.

Jack had full-filled his promises. He got exactly where he wanted to be, he got enough to make sure you and Alexa had everything and more. The next thing to do was to carry on, see how far he could make it. See how much he can go for the ones he loved because he would be damned if you guys weren’t royalty.

Because in his eyes Alexa was his Princess.

You were his Queen.

and he was a god damn King.

So guys…. this is something new and I would love if you guys could give me your opinions on this. Love you all 💖

Butterflies | Josh Dun

Send me a numbered prompt from this post with specifics!

“Can you do prompt 69 where the reader and Josh have been best friends since elementary school and have has secret feelings for each other and one day while hanging out one accidentally slips up and confesses their feelings and just lots of fluff? Love your writing! x” from @a-villian-vying-for-attention

#69: Can you put your mouth here?

This cute little gif is not mine!

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“Okay, when I asked to hang out with you, I didn’t think you’d be glued to your phone 24/7.” My best friend mutters then stabs a piece of lettuce with her fork. I raise my eyes from the bright screen slowly to find her staring in annoyance. “Who is it anyway?”

My cheeks turn a bright shade of pink, and I slip my phone back into my jacket pocket. “It’s just Josh.” Her eyes brighten, and a smile spreads across her painted lips.

“Just lover boy, hm? Well, that changes things. What are you guys talking about?” She sets down her fork then rests her hands under her chin. (Y/F’s/N) had known about my crush on Josh ever since I told her when we were freshman in high school, and she was 100% sold on the idea of us together. She would always fantasize about how our wedding would be, the house we would live, to even the names of our kids. She even had a ship name for us. Frankly, every time she would talk about it, I’d just get worried that he would walk up at any time, considering that we have been close friends ever since elementary. He was the first kid to talk to me back in third grade when I transferred schools. He walked up to me with a toothy grin during indoor recess, since it was pouring down rain outside, and handed me a wooden block, asking if I wanted to play. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I had said no.

Now we are older, and doing different things, but we still keep in touch. Josh has his music that he does with Tyler, and I have my college studies. We don’t get to see each other very much as we did back then since we are both so busy, but anytime we do, I just grow smitten all over again.

“Just about his tour and stuff,” I respond to her questions, quietly.

“That’s all?” She presses, that smirk never leaving her lips. “Has he mentioned any lady friends or anything?” I roll my eyes. “Maybe a particular lady friend? One with the name (Y/N)?”

“(Y/F’s/N) would you cut it out? I’ve known him for years, and if he didn’t ask me out in high school, what makes you think it’s going to happen now?” I push around a tiny tomato with my fork.

“Oh, don’t be like that!” She removes her hands then grabs her glass of lemonade. “He’s probably thinking that cliche thing where he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you guys have because he doesn’t believe you share the same feelings.” She stirs around the contents before taking a sip.

“Except this isn’t a cheesy romance novel, (Y/F’s/N). This is real life.”

She sets her glass back down. “You never know, life is pretty unpredictable sometimes.”

* * *

It was about seven o’ clock when I finally got home to my apartment in uptown Columbus. After lunch with (Y/F’s/N), we shopped around in a few different stores in the mall, then grabbed some smoothies for the way home. Each time I pulled out my phone from my pocket, a smile would spread across my face when I saw his name displayed on the screen. That’s how I am right now as I lay on my couch, the radio is mere background noise, playing some random playlist I made on my iPod. I took a shower, then changed into a pair of sweats and an old t-shirt to just laze away the rest of the night. My thumb slides across the bottom of the screen, revealing the new text.

Josh: So whatcha up to now?

Nothing, just hanging out at home.

How’s the bus ride?

Josh: Oh sweet!

My brows come together at the bluntness of his response, a little odd, but whatever.

Yeah, I guess it is?

A few minutes go by, and I don’t hear a ding, then ten, twenty. Sighing, I sit up on the sofa, then set my phone on the coffee table. He’s probably busy now, or he fell asleep. No biggie. I outstretch my arms to wake up the numb muscles from lying in the same position for so long. I let out a small yawn as well before getting up from the couch to head into the kitchen to grab a glass of water, but the sound of three sharp knocks halt the action. Raising a brow, I walk over to the wooden door and peer through the glass hole, finding nothing except for an empty hallway.

It’s probably the damn kids on this floor pulling pranks again; they do it all the time. Rolling my eyes, I start to walk away again; then the knocks occur again. Storming back over to the door, I quickly slide the gold chain out of the slot and throw it open, taking two steps outside. I look both directions, once again, finding no one. “You kids better knock it off, or I’m going to report you to the front desk!” I warn before turning on my heel to head back inside. That’s when I almost run into a buff figure. A large colorful tattoo decorates his right arm, the design causes my eyes to trail up and to his face with holds the brightest smile. A black beanie is pulled over his hair, hiding whatever hue he choose to go with this time. “Please don’t report me, I just got here.” He chuckles.

“Jish!” I exclaim and run into his torso, squeezing it as tight as I can. His warm scent is so comforting that a content sigh escapes me. He hugs me back with as much force. “How are you back so soon?” I ask when we pull apart.

“Technically, I’m still on tour, but we have a day off so I thought I’d come visit you. The venue isn’t too far away.” He scratches the back of his neck as a blush appears across his nose.

“I’m glad you did; I haven’t seen you in months!” I exclaim as we walk back inside then shut the door behind us. “You want something a beer or something?” I call out, heading into the kitchen then open up the fridge and pull out two brown bottles when he says yes. Walking back out into the living room, I find Josh rummaging through the DVD case. I set his bottle on the coffee table before I collapse onto the recliner then take a drink of mine. “You want to watch a movie on your day off, Jish?” He nods his head with a chuckle.

“Yeah, do you know how many movie nights we’ve missed since I’ve been gone?” Looking up, like I’ll find the numbered plastered into the ceiling, I act like I’m counting out the days. “The answer is fifteen.”

My eyes widen. “You were keeping track?” He sits next onto the sofa, grabbing his bottle on the way.

He flicks on the television. “Mhm, these nights are important, and I can’t watch them with just anyone.” The smile he adds makes my stomach develop butterflies. Each simple interaction just makes their wings flap faster. He starts the movie, and we grow quiet. Life is pretty unpredictable sometimes. (Y/F’s/N)’s positivity murmurs in my ear, and I get the feeling that maybe, Josh does like me more than just a best friend. But at the same time, the level of doubt is the same as my hope. Maybe he doesn’t? I wish finding out was as easy as picking the petals off of flowers stating those two phrases in small whispers: He loves me. He loves me not.

“(Y/N)?” His voice catches my attention about half through the film. “Hello?”

“Oh, sorry, what’s up?” I tear my gaze away from the screen to find him wrapped up in a blue blanket that was draped over the back of the couch. His empty beer is on the coffee table now as well as mine.

“Why don’t come over here?” He pats the spot next to him. “It’s only me; I don’t bite that much.”

Swallowing thickly, I hesitantly get up from the chair and slide onto the cushion next to him. He throws the blanket over my legs as well, then wraps an arm around my shoulders when I rest my head on his shoulder. My other arm lies across his upper stomach; my fingertips can feel his toned muscles underneath his the thin material of his t-shirt. Between the warmth of Josh’s embrace and the fuzzy blanket, my eyelids grow heavy, and towards the end of the movie, I can barely keep them open.

Within my sleepy state, I don’t even realize when I nuzzle my nose into his neck and sigh heavily. “M'sleepy,”

Even though his tone is quiet, there’s a little sadness mixed in. “Do you want me to go? We can finish these another day.”

He starts to get up, but I grip his t-shirt. “No, no, please lay with me.” Biting his lip, trying to the contain the small smile playing on his mouth, he stretches out on the couch, then opens up his arms. “Well c'mere, kitten.”

Crawling over to the opposite end, I rest my head onto his chest and pull the blanket over us. His fingers trace patterns onto the back of my hand that’s resting on his stomach. Those butterflies that were numbed by the tiredness start to stir, fluttering like mad. “When are you coming back home?”

“In a couple of months, we still have the whole European leg to do.”

I let out a small whimper to which he presses a little kiss on the top of my head. “Don’t worry, kitten; before you know it I’ll be back here, holding you in my arms, telling you how much I love you.” His fingers stopped the moment those words fell from his lips, and I sit up abruptly, hovering over him. His brown eyes are refusing to look up. My heartbeat pounds in my ear drums.

“I-I love you?”

“Yeah, I do.” His cheeks are the brightest shade of pink when he finally meets my puzzled gaze. “If that’s okay with you?” His hand drifts onto my cheek then moves down to my parted lips, his thumb lightly tracing my bottom lip. I respond with another question, “Could you put your mouth here?

He smiles wide. “If that’s you asking me to kiss you, then gladly.” He sits up in one swift motion and connects his soft lips with mine, and the butterflies erupt. My hand falls onto the back of his neck to hold him close. And in the back of my mind, I hear my best friend’s words once again: Life is pretty unpredictable sometimes.

Habits || Jack Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1.1k+

Summary: In which a meal out with her best friends may lead to something a little more. 

Dedicated too: Lana Del Rey, for bringing me inspiration when nobody else can xo

“Come on, we need to leave,” (Y/N) whines as she stands beside the front door, checking the time on her phone and sighing, tapping her foot against the floor impatiently. “Conor, hurry up!”

“Alright, keep your panties on.” He chuckles, shrugging on his bomber jacket and throwing one of his spares at her once he saw what she was wearing. “Put that on. You’ll freeze your ass off in that dress.” She rolls her eyes and folds her arms across her chest, raising her eyebrows and throwing him a pointed look. He coughs and glances down at his watch with an apologetic shrug. “Right, yeah. Sorry for taking so long.”

She laughs and shakes her head, opening the door after equipping the oversized jacket and motioning to it with her hand. “Fuck gender roles, gentlemen first.”

He playfully swoons, strutting out into the hall and glancing back at her over his shoulder dramatically, causing her to giggle as she walked out and locked up. He whistles lowly as his eyes trail down her body, the bomber jacket only coming a few inches down her thigh and the dress barely covering much more. “I see tonight is a leg night.”

“It could be worse.” She smirks, threading her arm through his as they walked through the hallway and toward the stairs that lead to the buildings main exit. He looks down in confusion, and so she elaborates. “I bought this new set of underwear yesterday, and honestly, I considered wearing them under that huge faux fur coat I have: like the women in the movies do.”

He throws his head back and laughs, the image of his bestfriend in nothing but an outrageously obnoxious fur coat in Central London on a Saturday night too amusing to not imagine. “You mean the women who want to seduce their men?” He asks, and she nods silently as they walk through the double doors and out into the dark street. “But in order to seduce your man, don’t you actually have to have- oh I don’t know, have a man, who’s yours?”

Groaning, she pushes him slightly but laughs at his comment nonetheless. He had a point, having a man to seduce in the first place would help her cause: but for now, her LBD and Conor’s bomber jacket seemed more appropriate than the fur coat and her underwear.

She pulls the jacket closer to her frame as they walked at least twenty yards before finding their Uber driver, who apologised continuously but explained how he’d gotten completely lost within the windy streets.

The warm interior of the car is greatly appreciated, especially when Conor pulled out his phone and began to make snapchat videos, tilting his phone toward her every now and then so that she could say her piece of simply make a funny face. By the time they reached the restaurant, she’d already counted out the cash and handed it to the polite driver with a smile.

She and Conor hang back for a while, making sure that they didn’t have any unanswered messages or emails that they needed to address before deciding that they were good to go. That was one out their routine procedures, after a messy night out had ended with two important business emails being ignored and nineteen calls from a very worried mother.

They walk into the restaurant with smiles imprinted not their faces, immediately laying eyes on their friends who all looked up from the menu’s one after the other. (Y/N) unhook: her arm from Conor’s and greets them all with a wide smile, overjoyed to be in the company of her best friends after a week of having to socialise with people whom she really had no interest in at all.

Eventually she sits down, with Jack on her left and Mikey on her right, both boys pointing out meals that they’d had before and recommended. The names were all foreign to her, and she scrunched up her nose and shook her head after each suggestion, instead deciding to stick with her tried and trusted chicken and avocado house salad.

She notices the camera in Joe’s hand the moment he lifts it up off of the table and points it toward her. He laughs and moves it between herself and Conor with a cheeky tut. “Look who decided to join us, late as always!”

She gasps and throws a crouton at him, looking over at Conor and narrowing her eyes at him. “Well, Mr Maynard, are you gonna tell them why we’re late or am I gonna have to do it for you?” When he rolls his eyes and looks away innocently, she laughs and turns back to face Joe with a wink. “Let’s just say, someone has to sing atleast five songs in the shower before even considering getting out.”

Jack snorts, causing (Y/N) to turn toward him and watch as he smirks and glances toward his older brother with his eyebrows raised. “I can’t believe you still have to do that.” He shakes his head and takes a sip of his beer. “Used to take us hours to get ready for school because that little shit would refuse to get out of the shower when mum told him too.”

“My older sister used to have to eat half of a bowl of one cereal, and then use a different bowl with another half a bowl of different cereal. My mum used to say she could only do things in halves.” (Y/N) vocalises, a slight smile on her face as she rests her elbows onto the table top and looks over at her bestfriend with a smug smile. “Con, you know you’re my ride or die, but your habits are fucking annoying.”

He lifts his hand to cover his heart in mock hurt, blowing her a sarcastic kiss before turning back to Josh and continuing to chat to him about god knows what.

She turns back to smile at Jack, but her expression falters when she sees small frown on his face. “What’s wrong?”

He blinks quickly and shakes his head. “Nothing- nothing. I guess I just understand why people ship you guys so much.”

If she hadn’t known him for so many years, she wouldn’t have caught the jealousy in his tone, but she had, and she did. She purses her lips to hide her smirk and leans in closely, resting her hand on his thigh and eying the rest of the table as she breathed against his neck. “You wanna know a secret?"He hums, resting his hand on her thigh just as she had his just seconds before. Breathing shallowly, she brushes the tip of her nose against his ear and smirks. "If I had to kiss a Maynard brother, I wouldn’t pick Conor.”

Dance - WillNE

Ship: Y/N X Will

Summary: “just wondering if you could do a will imagine where you two go to a wedding or something together (as friends), and you have such a good time with him that at the end of the night you admit your feelings for each other” Y/N and Will go to Josh & Freya’s wedding and at the after party Will confesses his feelings for Y/N.

Requested: Yes



The wedding was beautiful, the flowing white dress on Freya made her eyes sparkle like diamonds. The ceremony made my heart explode with how adorable it was, Josh’s Suit and tie was done to perfection and his smile was on show for everyone.

It’s now 19:30 on the warm summery night and the music is blaring through the shard floor that somehow, we had been allowed to have the after party on. The smell of food wafted around us and everyone on our table felt their stomach rumble. On the table was Will, my best friend, Cal, Lux, Sarah and the rest of the sidemen with their girlfriends minus Josh as him and Freya are at the main table together with their family.

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“We used to play pretend“

Songs Series #1: “Stressed Out“

(A/N): Announcement, but not really, this is the first chapter of the new series I‘ve been desiderating. I personally think that this song is so overrated, that it‘s underrated. Feel free to let me know which songs you‘d like me to use, enjoy x 

Words: 1,203

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“I need a break“ Tyler snaps all of sudden and storms out of the room. 

You all have been stuck inside the studio, working on the new album for the whole day, with the only thing keeping you awake being caffein beverages. Everyone is intensely worn out, since all the energy has been drained out of your bodies. That‘s fairly noticeable by your bloodshot eyes defined with heavy black creases, longing for a good sleep. 

You immediately shoot Josh a concerning look the second after Tyler left the room to receive a simple shrug in response. The brown haired guy is for sure terribly exhausted, but so is everyone else. Meaning that could not be an explanation for his questioning outburst. Out of curiosity and confusion, you stand up from your seat and decide to go look for him. First, you had no clue where he could‘ve gone, but fortunately an idea popped into your mind. In less than five minutes after, you find him leaning with his elbows on the railing of the rooftop, he seems to be burying his head in both of his hands. Slowly, you make your way towards the guy. 

“Would you mind some company?“ 

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Imagine #3:Best Friends till the end.. Maybe.

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Requested: Yes

Request: Hi! :) I noticed that requests are open and maybe if you have the time you could write one for me? If you don’t like the idea you don’t have to, but maybe one where Josh Dun and the reader have been best friends since they were young and the reader starts to like him but he gets a girlfriend and it gets really angsty. (But I don’t really want the reader to be obviously jealous, maybe she tries to support him?)

Word Count: 1464

Warnings: None

A/N: I didn’t want to use Debby, since I like Debby Ryan. I used a different name instead, hope that is alright :)

-Age 5-

“Promise me, we will always be friends?” You told Josh, his head shooting up at the sound of someone talking.  With a goofy smile coming across his face, “What?” He asked genuinely confused by what you had asked, pouting out your bottom lip at Josh and at his trouble of paying attention.

“I said promise me, we will never change!”

His mouth forming in an O shape at what you said, “Why?” He questioned you, rolling the ball that was on the ground towards you since you finally sat down across from him.  With a shrug of your shoulders in response, you really didn’t know why in all truths.  It just popped in your head since your sister had came back from school yesterday crying about how her boyfriend and her friends had all stopped talking to her. And weren’t the same at all like they were from last year, “Well you don’t have to worry about that! I’ll stay the.. Goofy, cool self like always!” He beamed at you with a smile stretched across his face.

Giggling at his smile that showed he had lost his two front teeth, and the little dirt on his face, “Good, cuz if you turn out like my sister friends, I’ll beat you up,” Simply stated going back to rolling the ball between the two of you as your sister came back from school, already talking about how her friends have changed, and didn’t care what they did to their bodies.


“You’ll be here for my birthday, right?” You tried hard, very hard not to sound upset or desperate. But Josh had promised you that he was going to be here for your birthday. By the tone of his voice, you knew that he was shuffling around in his dressing room.  

“About that.”

With a groan and finally a sigh, “It’s fine, you can be up Britney’s ass 24/7 again.” You hollered into the phone before hanging up, in your own defense you haven’t seen Josh in two years. He missed the birthday party you had for some girl, and he is doing the exact same thing over again. And he couldn’t say that he had a concert that day or that there was suppose to be a signing because, Tyler always talked to the crew and management about everyone birthday’s that he found were important. Tyler was along with Jenna were at your birthday party last year, and Josh was going on a date with Britney. Josh was your best friend has been since the both of you were three years old, since you both went to the same daycare and figured out that you both were living on the same street. Well kind of on the same street, he was four streets down from you. His sisters and your sister had gotten along just fine as well, going shopping together even becoming the besets of friends. They formed a stronger friendship when her friends suddenly just stopped talking to her.

And now that’s what it felt like with Josh, that he was slowly distancing himself from you. You couldn’t lose him, he was the rock that held you upright, the guy that helped you up when you fell down in front of the whole town at a football game, (those stairs were the worst thing ever to walk on when wet,). He was also you’re first kiss, and first date to homecoming and prom, he was first for a lot of things. Well besides sex, that was your ex and he was an ex for a reason. He is also your celebrity crush and just normal crush, has been since that slow dance at prom.  

“What is wrong?” Your mother asked from behind you, she stood behind you with a concerned face. As well with Vanessa, Ashley and Abigail who stood behind the kitchen counter with equally concerned faces, “Nothing, just that Josh won’t be here again for my birthday is all,” You simply stated, trying hard not to have your voice to crack. Tears were starting to blur your vision, and the tightening in your throat was becoming too much.

Pointing your thumb at the door, indicating that you were going to go for a walk real fast. They didn’t say anything, just nodding their heads in understanding. With a final fake smile to them, rushing out the door the minute they went back to drinking wine, the door slamming a little too hard behind you.

“That asshole, missing it again! I always make sure I see him on his birthday, why can’t he do the same?” You blabbed on and on, ranting to the birds in the sky, to the neighbors dog that was yet again out. After making sure that the dog was back in the yard,  you wondered down to the park that was just a little ways away. With a huff, climbing up the twisting slide not even caring if anyone saw you doing it, half of your body was in the tube the outer half gazing up at the night sky. Tears freely falling from the corners of your eyes, the phone in the front pocket wouldn’t stop vibrating, with a struggle you pulled it out the pocket. Not even caring to see who was calling, “What?” You didn’t realize how horse you’re voice was till you spoke into the phone, “Y/N?” Josh questioned not believing that you had been crying.


“I’m sorry, I am so fucking sorry. I’ll be there I promise, I have been a pretty shit best friend lately.”

Arching an eyebrow at the statement that he had just made, you were not about to deny or confirm it for him. Besides the birthday, he has missed a gathering with other friends were he was suppose to be your date, the annual ‘Best Friend Day’ that has been a tradition since age 10, he has missed the past three. And not to forget, but to be your date at Vanessa wedding.

“You don’t have to come to it, you can just skip out on it just like everything else that involves us two being around one another,” It was silent on both ends after that sentence, he knew that you were right. He knew that you were hurt by him never being there for you anymore, he also knew that you liked him.  Tyler had let it slip one day when they had gotten into a little spat after he told him that he wasn’t going back home to see everyone, well mostly not to see you. And it just slipped out, that was one of the other reasons why he really didn’t want to go to anything that involved you two being alone together. He liked you as well, but he wasn’t about to cheat on his.. Well he really didn’t know what Britney and him were. Friends with Benefits? Dating? They both didn’t really know, but everyone thought they were dating, even you.



“What did I do too you to not have you be around me anymore?”

His chest tightened at the way your voice just cracked, with a heavy sigh he spoke, “You didn’t do anything, it’s all me. All my fault and I’m not saying that just to make you feel better or anything, it really is all my fault.” He said not even saying good bye before hanging up the phone, he couldn’t handle being an asshole anymore in this friendship. You were the one that was keeping this friendship going, inviting him places too events.

“Josh?” You questioned shocked at the fact that he hung up on you, setting down the phone on the slide next to you. Feeling the raindrops starting to fall from the sky onto the playground along with falling on you. Was that it? Was he just going to throw away your friendship just like that for some other girl, that treated him like crap?

Sitting up with a groan, not realizing how much your neck was going to hurt from lying with your head out of the slide. Sliding down the slide, the phone falling out and landing on the damp ground, after picking it up and making sure that it was not in fact broken. You called Tyler, “Hello?”

“Ty, hey where exactly are you guys at. What venue will you be at in the next week?” He was on speaker, while you were looking at the earliest flights to wherever they were at.

“Why do you ask?” He was suspicious, but he had a good idea what you were doing. Telling how Josh was acting, and mopping around the arena. “I’m coming out there to knock some sense into my best friend.”

“Sweet, see you when you get here.”

Voltron Hogwarts Headcanons

I was inspired by @mermaidlance after some discussion to sort the VLD crew, and I decided to make a post with some House head canons of my own, with explanations of course.

This is going to be a long post so there’s more under the cut!

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Miniminter College au

This is a dream I had a few nights ago changed a bit to make sense. Hope you’ll like it


You were sat in class waiting till the end of class to see if someone had left a note in your bag. It was a stupid yet fun thing your teacher did.

Everyone in his classes (which was everyone in your year group) has a bag in which other people can leave notes, letters or cards. At the end of each class he would give the class 5 minutes to collect the stuff from their own bag.

Finally Mr. Williams finishes his lecture about the interesting, seemingly never ending number, phi. Everyone interested stood up to empty their notebags, but seeing as it got quite busy you waited until some sat back down.

You stood up, walked to your bag and found an envelope with a heart on it. While walking back to your seat you opened up the envelope and found a soft pink card. It had two elephants on the front, of which the proboscis formed a heart. You opened it up and we’re a bit surprised to see who had given it to you.

“I love you x simon”

You and Simon had been dating for 2 months now but no one knew about it. You both liked the adventure that came with dating in secret but it had given some complications from time to time.

He had send you notes before but he always used the nickname you had given him. That way it would still be a secret if others read it.

Why he suddenly risked it by using his real name? You had no clue. You really had to speak to him.

Luckily it was a Thursday meaning you and your friend group, which included Simon, would be hanging out tonight.

Unfortunately it would take a while before you could speak to him as you first had to do some shopping with the girls as it was the girls task to get the snacks while the boys got the drinks.

While walking to the store nearby with your 2 besties they asked if you had gotten anything in your notebag. They knew you had been getting notes from someone but you had said it was a secret admirer.

You told them you had gotten something but had lost the note before being able to show it to them. While in reality the card was safely in your backpack.

They let it slip this time because you had arrived at the store and you needed to think about what to get.

As usual the first 10 minutes in the store were spend aimlessly roaming around spotting sales before deciding on what to get exactly. While walking through the store you saw Josh, JJ and Simon walking in another path. You smiled to them and saw Simon scratched his chin with his thumb. Meaning he wanted to talk to you.

You made the same motion before quickly taking out you phone to send him a simple message.

“cookie dough”

He scratched his ear meaning he understood. Both of you rejoined your groups to continue shopping.

Soon enough you send the girls out to get tortilla chips and dip while you went to get some ice cream. Which you knew was in the back of the store hidden from most of the other stuff both the girls and the guys needed to get.

You walked over to the ice cream section and acted like you were thinking about what to get.

Suddenly you felt two arms snake around your waist from behind. You turned around and smiled at you boyfriend.

“hey miniminter” you smiled as he put a kiss on your forehed. You know he was a foot taller then you but the nickname made him laugh and so it stuck.

“hey y/n, did you get my card?” Simon was always one to get straight to the point.

“I did but something was different. You used your real name.”

Simon nodded. “I don’t want to hide anymore. I want the world to know how much I love you.”

“what happened?” you knew something had happened as he wouldn’t just change his mind like this.

“you know Alexandria right?”

“that stuck up bitch with the porn blonde hair and way to short skirts? Yeah I know her, why?”

“well she tried to hit on me today. So I said I have a girlfriend but she didn’t think it was that important because she never saw me with her. But I couldn’t tell her it was you y/n. I wanted to so bad because I know how much you hate her an she hates you.”

“i understand, ” you answer with a small smile. Happy to know that he didn’t give into that bitch and tries but stay loyal. “I guess the secret was fun while it lasted but it is time to tell the world.”

“starting with our friends? How ‘bout tonight?” Simon suggested. “we could just cuddle up during the movie and they would probably say how much they ship us.”

“and then we say we do too.” you chuckle at his idea. “I like that idea. Let’s do it.” you said, standing on you tip toes to give him a small kiss.

“i love you” he said

“i love you too” you answered, happy that after tonight the whole world would get to know how much you loved him.

Lucas/Maya One Shot...Kinda
  • Setting: Outside Topanga's. Lucas enters store, sees Josh with mystery girl in booth, talking close and laughing together, backs to the door. Lucas turns around and stops Maya short in her tracks:
  • Lucas(dodging and blocking her as she tries to look/get past him): Hey! Hey. Hey Hi. How are you?
  • Maya (Confused, annoyed): I’m…fine? I’ll be better once I get my smoothie though, so if you’ll just kindly move out of my way-
  • Lucas (Physically blocking her again, coaxing her like a child): -Orrrr maybe we could go get ice cream. You like ice cream, right? Yea? Come on, you know you do….mint chip? Chocolate? Strawberry with fudge? Isn't that your favorite? Great so let’s go then-
  • Maya(Increasingly annoyed): No-get off me Huckleberry I don’t want ice cream, I want a smoothie. “Lets go get a smoothie” means let’s get a smoothie not let’s get to the place where they sell the smoothies then decide to go get ice cream.
  • : Gives him strange look as she passes:
  • You are SUCH a freak sometimes…
  • Lucas(to himself): Nobody ever listens to the freak.
  • : Lucas follows Maya inside
  • Maya (Has spotted Josh, stopped short): Oh. So that’s why you didn’t want me to come in.
  • : Maya turns and walks back outside, Lucas follows:
  • Lucas: Maya, I…
  • Maya (Shaking her head): You know what? It’s fine.. We said the long game, didn’t we? We never said right now. If he want’s to…talk with someone else then that’s just part of the deal we made. It doesn’t mean anything changes between us, right?
  • Lucas: I-I don't know...
  • Maya (tearing up, desperately): No I’m right Lucas, say I’m right... You’re Mr. Moral Compass you know the difference between right and wrong, tell me that it’s fine he’s in there with some other girl and that it doesn’t change anything.
  • Lucas (Beat): …Okay. It doesn’t change anything then.
  • Maya (Wiping tears, fake chuckling): Great. So…How about ice cream?
  • Lucas (Looking back into Topanga's): Sure. Good idea. Just… give me a sec, OK?
  • Maya: You’re not gonna try and be a hero are you, cowboy? Because he’s obviously…busy and I don’t need to go bothering him-
  • Lucas: -I just need to use the little boys room, is that allowed?
  • Maya: …Oh. Ok. Gross.
  • : Maya exits up stairs:
  • : Lucas enters, taps shoulder of Josh:
  • Josh: …Lucas? Uh, hi, whats up man, how’s it going-
  • Lucas: -How could you do this?
  • Josh: Do what?
  • Lucas(gesturing at Josh and girl): This, how could you possibly do this to Maya?
  • Josh(Gesturing towards girl): Dude!
  • : Josh gets up and pulls Lucas aside:
  • Maya and I had an understanding-
  • Lucas: Yea? Did your understanding include her coming in here to see you sitting with another girl, again, and then go running out of here crying...AGAIN?
  • Josh: I...I didn’t know she would be here-
  • Lucas: -You didn’t know she would show up at a place she goes almost every day after school?
  • Josh: Well I didn’t think-
  • Lucas: -You didn't think.
  • Josh: Ok hey, wait a second, that's not very fair. I TOLD Maya she should focus on the now, that we both needed to live our lives.
  • Lucas: Do you think that makes any kind of difference when she walks in here and sees something like this?
  • Josh: It wasn’t like I was trying to hurt her. It was an honest mistake-but you know, Mr. Western Hero, you sure are getting pretty heated about something that isn't really your concern.
  • : Maya enters, standing watching, Lucas and Josh don't notice:
  • Lucas: Except it does concern me. Because I care about Maya…a LOT. She's one of my best friends and the most selfless person I know. She would do anything to make the people she loves happy and she deserves someone who can give that back to her.
  • Josh: I want to see her happy.
  • Lucas: Do you? Cause if I were you I would-
  • Josh: But you're not me.
  • Lucas: Nope. I'm not.
  • : Stares at ground, long beat, thinking/hesitating, launches into speech:
  • Do you even see the real her? Or really know her at all? How unbelievably beautiful, creative, and funny she is? Not to mention brave? Do you? Because if you don’t Josh? Walk away. Walk away now. Maya doesn’t need any more reasons to feel broken. And she definitely doesn’t need to get caught up in waiting around for some guy who isn’t going to take her feelings seriously. She needs someone who is going to appreciate how special she is.
  • Josh: And who is that someone supposed to be? You, Lucas? That person is supposed to be you?
  • Lucas: I didn’t say that-
  • Josh: -You CHOSE Riley. Not Maya. Riley. Or do you not remember that?
  • Lucas: Of course I remember, but that doesn’t mean-
  • Josh: -That you don’t like her?
  • Lucas: This isn’t about me this is about Maya-
  • Josh: -Oh no I think this is definitely about you too, man. You still like her…You still like her a lot.
  • : Lucas stares at Josh, they don’t break gaze:
  • Lucas (Gets serious, close to Joshs face, quietly and fiercely): All I know, is that if I see her cry over you one more time, I might have to ruin the reputation I’ve worked so hard to get around here. And I’d rather not do that. So how about you just do whatever it takes to fix this and save us all the trouble.
  • : Josh looks past Lucas, sees Maya. Lucas catches his gaze, turns around to see Maya there:
  • Maya: Lucas…I-
  • : Lucas gives one last glare at Josh, storms out past Maya. Maya stares in disbelief for a second, then follows him out:
  • Maya: Lucas!
  • : Lucas turns around on the stairs:
  • Maya: ….Thank you? What you said, I mean, I didn't think you-
  • Lucas(Shrugging): Don't mention it. It was nothing.
  • : Lucas exits:
  • Maya(to herself, confused): It was definitely something.
The Ship Is Real

“What about Jaspar?” Josh questions, and both Joe and Caspar let out small groans.

“No! That ship is not real! Can we please just accept that it is not a thing?” Joe says, looking directly at the camera. “I’m sorry, but Jaspar is not real.”

“Well, it is in terms of friendship.” Caspar corrects, and Joe nods, “But nothing more. Sorry guys.”

“You just broke so many hearts.” Y/N laughs from her spot between the two boys. “People are going to be pissed.”

“Nothing new,” Caspar shrugs, “It happens every once in a while.”

“Maybe they’ll finally accept it!” Joe looks hopeful.

“Good luck with that.” Josh scoffs.

The three boys and Y/N are filming a video for Josh’s channel, and they got into a discussion about the various ships within the YouTube community. They already had discussed the real ones, such as Zalfie, and had moved on to the ones that the fans hoped for, like Jaspar and Phan.

“Oh, here’s one that your fans also ship you in Joe,” Josh starts but Joe just sighs, shaking his head.

“People ship Joe with everyone.” Caspar laughs.

“Not my fault everyone loves me.” Joe grins.

“Okay, bring the ego down.” Y/N rolls hers her eyes, “Not everyone loves you.”

“Are you saying you don’t love me, Y/N?”

“Fraid not, sorry to break your heart.”

“You wound me.”

“You’ll get over it.”

“Are you two done flirting?” Josh interjects, smirking as the two blush while Caspar just smiles at them. “Because I was actually going to bring up the fact that it is you two that Joe’s fans ship together.”

“Of course they do.” Y/N mumbles.

“She’s female, and not my sister, and appears in my videos, are we really surprised?” Joe questions, “Like Caspar said, people ship me with everyone.”

“But this one has potential to be real, doesn’t it?” Caspar joins in to the discussion.

“Don’t get the fans hopes up, Casp.” Joe shakes his head.

“I’m not!” He protests, looking between the two. “Because there is real potential.”

“What are you on about, Caspar?” Y/N asks, looking over at the blonde.

“Tell her.” He nudges Joe, who blushes harder, looking down at his lap. “Joe, tell her, or I will.”

“Tell me what?” She glances at Josh, but he just shrugs, a knowing smile on his face.

“Y/S/N could be real if Joe wasn’t such a bloody coward!” Caspar says, grinning over at her.


“Oh for fu-“ Joe stops himself, not wanting to swear on Josh’s channel, “Cheers, Casp. Exactly how I wanted to tell her.”

“You were never going to tell her.”

“Yes I was.”

“No, you weren’t.”

“Tell me what!” Y/N interrupts them, “Why is Caspar saying Y/S/N could be real, Joe?”

“Because I like you.” He tells her, finally lifting his gaze to meet hers.

“Oh. You do?”

“Probably since you became friends with us.” Joe shrugs, offering her a small smile. “But then we all became so close, I didn’t really want to wreck the group.”

“Which is stupid.” Josh comments. “And we told him repeatedly to just bloody tell you. It won’t wreck anything.”

“It’ll make things better, actually.” Caspar tells them, “Because now you two can stop pining after each other!”

“She never said she liked me too, Caspar!” Joe snaps.

“But I do.”

“What?” Joe looks over at her, mouth falling open slightly.

“I like you too.” Y/N admits, smiling softly at him. “I just, I don’t know, didn’t think you liked me, so I just stuck with our friendship. Better than nothing, right?”

“Can you two kiss now so we can end this video?” Josh asks, scrolling through Twitter on his phone. “I’m hungry.”

“Oh, what should we order?” Caspar jumps from the couch, heading to the kitchen. Josh pushes himself up, hitting the button on the camera before he follows after the blonde.

“Or maybe,” Joe looks over at Y/N, “We could do dinner alone? Just us two?”

“That sounds like a much better idea.” She replies, leaning forward to place a quick kiss on his lips. “I think I’m tired of South African’s.”

“We heard that!”

All the men and women merely players (1/??)

aka that trashy rethaniel high school AU I promised to write. 

All the love to @catty-words and @rebeccaplimpton for being excited for everything about this fic. The ship trash group chat has greatly improved my life and I’ll happily flail with you all the damn time. 

To all the readers: if you’re even half as far into this trash can as I am, please come talk to me!

CHAPTER ONE: Don’t let me be your star (AO3)

His father would not approve. Any after school activities had to involve money or networking - that’s why he’d been in Future Business Leaders of America since the fifth grade. It is why he’d started attending networking events in kindergarten. Diversifying his interests to appeal to colleges was completely unnecessary. His father would get him in anywhere close enough to keep an eye on him - Stanford was at the top of Plimpton Senior’s list.

So telling his father he’d been forcibly enlisted into Rodgers Academy’s theater program, yeah he’d prefer for this to remain a secret for the rest of his natural born life. Because if (please, not when) his father found out, that natural born life would end very shortly.

But not joining the theater program stopped being an option when he was caught deflowering the pastor’s daughter under the stands in the auditorium. Mr. Whitefeather was not above blackmail. 

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Congratulations - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N: Could you please do one where the reader and Jack are on a secret holiday, like the fans don’t know about it, and he proposes, and afterwards he facetimes one of the guys and the whole squad is there and everyone didn’t know about it and everyone just freaks out. Thank you, and btw your imagines are amazing xx

Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N - Your first middle and last name
Y/S/N - Your ship name

After a magical few days away in Italy, me and Jack were having our midnight walk on the beach enjoying our last days before going back to reality. We came away for a break to have some well deserved alone time. As much as i love having friends and family around, it was nice having time with just my boyfriend. Another good thing about this was no one knew where we were. We didn’t post any photos or videos, it was a social media free get away. Our friends knew we went away but didn’t have any idea where and neither did the fans. It was nice being normal for once no attention just each others company. 

Walking across the beach late at night was a favourite of mine, no matter where i went on holiday this was always a must do. Not one single cloud in the sky, looking up and seeing all the stars shining bright, hearing the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. It was ever so peaceful. 

The wind started to pick up causing me to start rubbing my arms trying to get the warmth back into my body with me being me i stupidly forgot my jacket. I watched as Jack took off his and placed it over my shoulders. I put my arms into the sleeves hoping it would make a difference. I linked my arm through Jacks and placed my hand into the jacket pocket only to be met by an item. I un-linked my arm from his to pull out the mystery item giving an confused look. 

“What’s this?” I stopped in my tracks lifting the small box to reach the gaze of Jacks. The confusion on his face soon changed to a shocked look. 

“Oh my god, oh my god” He kept repeating over and over pacing back and forward running his hands through his hair. I stayed quiet wanting to listen to what he had to say. 

“You weren’t meant to find that” He spoke without looking at me. “Bloody hell Jack you had one job, one job” He started speaking to himself. My heart beat had picked up since pulling the box out the pocket. It wouldn’t process in my mind on what Jack was going to do. The smile starting to appear on my smile wouldn’t die down, the excitement was getting to me and the way he was cursing himself for messing up made me want to smile even more. 

“I wanted it to be special, i knew you loved late night walks. I saw you were cold and i totally forgot that was in the pocket!” His eyes finally meeting mine. 

“Ask me” I simply said. I always told Jack how i wanted to be proposed to. How i wanted it to be perfect and something to remember and even though it didn’t go to his plan i was definitely going to remember this. He looked shocked but the smile started to grow. I watched as he took the box off me and got down on one knee. My eyes found his blue sparkling ones starting to get the giddy feeling. 

“This isn’t how i planned it i’ve waited to do this for a while. The past 4 years have been amazing. You’ve kept me grounded, you’ve made me happy, you’ve made me laugh, you’ve been my best friend, my world, my rock and my biggest fan. I want all that to continue. You are seriously amazing, you may not believe that but you are. You are everything to me and i cannot wait for our future. But i want that future to start now, starting it off with making you apart of the Maynard family. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” 

The make-up that was sitting on my eyes had officially ran down my cheeks with the tears sliding down also. Even though this didn’t go to plan it couldn’t of been any more perfect. I’m so in love with this guy. Words cannot sum that up. 

“Yes, of course i will” I managed to get out. I watched as Jack got up smiling from ear to ear placing the ring on my finger to then placing both hands on either side of my cheeks and planting a kiss on my lips. 

Now back at the hotel we thought it would be a good idea to let the boys know what has happened. Really we couldn’t wait to get home and tell them. We wanted to see their reactions now.

“Hey bro!” Jack facetimed Conor as he would be the first person we told. 

“Hey guys” We both waved at the camera while Conor waved back.

“Who you on the phone to?” Joe asked walking in shot of the camera. “It’s Y/S/N!!” Causing me and Jack to laugh.

“I want to say hi” Caspar shouted joining in. Then followed by Oli, Josh and Mikey. 

“Why are you facetiming us then? How did we become so lucky?” Conor asked in a funny voice tone. 

“Don’t keep us waiting, what’s the reason?” Oli commented. 

Me and Jack looked at one another beaming with smiles. 

“You want to tell them or shell i?” Jack questioned? 

“I don’t mind babe” I wasn’t fused who spoke about it, i was just too excited.

“One of you just say something!” Mikey laughed.

“This is so intense” Josh butted in. 

I held my hand up to the camera showing off the ring keeping an eye on the camera watching patiently for their reactions. None of them clicked until Caspar gasped causing me and Jack to chuckle. 

“OH MY GOD” Joe shouted. 

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Oli also shouted.

“Of course we are” I looked up at Jack with love. He was special. My love for him just kept on growing. 


“Welcome to the family Y/N, you’ve always been apart of it and now you’ll have the name to go with it” Conor smiled. 


fic recommendations!

so!! here it is!! it took me a good 10 hours to complete this list and write out the descriptions and link them all and all that jazz but jchnyeiuwt its finally done!! i hope this list helps you find some good fics to read! not all of them are ship related! some are centered around family and friendship. some are lucaya, some are rilaya, and theres even a maya/missy fic & a maya/charlie fic thrown in the mix. also, i didn’t realize how many fucking fics i had to recommend until i started to make this list oh my god. okay, enjoy. there’s a lot (a total of 49 ohmyjhscbywu).

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Girl Meets Season 4 - Episode 17

Girl Meets Season 4 - The Continuing Saga of Riley and her friends as they tackle their Sophomore year in High School. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. What will their sophomore year be like? Read and find out.

Episodes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]

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The fame // Joe Sugg

This is written kind of weridly… so let me explain

This imagine is in the point of view of a girl who is in a relationship with Joe. She talks as if this is her diary, and tells ‘us’ about the internet and how the internet affected herself and Joe’s relationship. It is a new kind of thing that I wrote… but i really like it! I’m kind of thinking that I’ll do something else like this for Jack and so on. But give me your opinions!


There is not much you can hide when you’re always in the spotlight. Not much when your life is always broadcasted worldwide for others to see. You always feel like you’re being watched, and any bad move you make will be shown all around the world. You will get numerous amounts of backlash of something you might not have even said. The internet is the best at twisting things so the same person is always wrong. A perfect example is that thing ages ago when Shawn Mendes was swearing at a fan. First of all, he wasn’t even a fan… he was the brother of a fan. Second of all, the man was pretty dodgy, asking Shawn to sign this piece of white paper. The whole story wasn’t shown, so Shawn was getting all this hate about swearing at an ‘innocent fan’.

Another example is of my boyfriend… Joe Sugg. He, like me, is always being broadcasted everywhere around the world. He makes weekly videos on his YouTube channel, which has over 8 million subscribers. The majority of his fans are girls, so every time he goes out with a girl- even if it is his assistant- they jump to conclusions. “He’s hating her!” “Ew” “I ship it!” “Oh my god she is so ugly, he doesn’t deserve her.” These things have been said about Joe whenever hanging with a girl.

So when Joe began dating me, everything changed. Fans were also jumping to conclusions, with Joe’s lack of vlogs. They were freaking out, thinking that Joe was slowly quitting YouTube, which wasn’t his goal. He was just trying to keep us under wraps. When he saw these comments, he was a bit disheartened that his fans would think such a thing of him. So soon after, he outed our relationship. At first, it was craziness. It was everywhere on social media. ‘Joe Sugg, media megastar, has a new girlfriend… singer Y/N  Y/L/N!’ was posted on all forms of social media. Journalists were thirsting for information about our relationship. Following either myself or Joe down the street- more than they usually do- begging for information. “Y/N, Y/N, how is it dating an internet superstar?” It was a struggle, for both me and Joe.

Acutally… Joe probably had it worse. His fans were a bit part of his life, as he is a part of theirs, so when he told them… you could say that they freaked out a little bit. There was a split number of hate and love towards us. The love was both for me and Joe, but the hate was strictly addressed to me. Some hated me for ‘stealing Joe’, whereas some loved me as I was someone who ‘finally made Joe happy’. The hate never got to me as much as it got to Joe. “How dare you steal our Joe!” “Omg I’m so happy for you guys! It’s good to see someone who is making Joe so happy” The hate was saddening to Joe, as all he wanted was to make his fans and others happy. He would tweet things every now and again, reminding him that he wasn’t planning on leaving me anytime soon so they should get used to it.

After everything died down between the fans and press… it was way more relaxed. Both myself and Joe could get on with our jobs with nearly half as much questions than before. It was good to not be bombarded with questions about someone you are in a relationship with, or are even friends with for that matter. I eventually started to collaborate with Conor Maynard, one of Joe’s friends. He is an amazing singer, so I was so grateful to be in his company. We filmed a few covers and even wrote a song for our fans to enjoy. I also showed Joe the ropes when he wanted to create a band with Byron Langley. He [joe], was a great singer in the first place, so all it took was a few vocal lessons, and he was sounding like a god. Himself and Byron made an amazing duo. They wrote some total bangers, and preformed them with such talent.

Fame is a big thing in our world. But it doesn’t affect me anymore. I live my life with the ones I love, doing what I love 

I was on a Bobs Burgers binge and thinking bout my ships/headcanons/meta/&fic idea

It’s a long post pondering my personal opinions of different ships including Louise/Logan, Tina/Jimmy Jr., Gene/Jimmy Jr., Tina/Josh, Tina/Zeke, and Zeke/Jimmy Jr., along with Genderfluid Gene stuff. Mostly written for me to get my thoughts laid out but I am up for comments and discussion about any of it.

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