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Bless Ur Heart im Lov u truly

They decide to split a bacon grilled cheese sandwich and a giant strawberry smoothie because Jonghyun isn’t that hungry and Jinki just…wants to see Jonghyun happy. The movie doesn’t start for another hour, and since it’s warm, they decide to walk around, talking about everything and nothing at all. The silences are comfortable when they come, and Jonghyun can’t help his flustered grin when Jinki tells him how cute he looks.

(There is a point where Jonghyun thinks Jinki is going to kiss him though - they’re by the pond near Jonghyun’s house and Jonghyun is telling Jinki about the time when he and Taemin went to feed the ducks and Taemin nearly fell in the pond, and when he turns to Jinki, his laughter immediately dies because of the look on Jinki’s face, concentration and sheer adoration and-

Jinki doesn’t kiss him, because the alarm they’d set to leave for the movie goes off, and Jonghyun doesn’t know if he’s more disappointed, or Jinki is.)

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fave jongyu moments 2013-present

Jjdflajsdlf hard to say…I know I linked a few in a semi-recent post, tho it has pre-2013 stuff as well. 

To go RIGHT to 2013, I have to say the time Jong was like ‘how do you keep getting more handsome?’ during the misconceptions showcase. I think he’s even said on blue night once that 'phrases like that are so cheesy’. Jinki’s reaction to it was adorable, too – he seemed a bit caught off guard and flustered by it. (Unfortunately I’m no having luck digging up a link…)

All their backhugs lately have been precious.  If I had to pick my fave, I’d have to go for that crotch sidle thing Jong did after Jinki made a kissy face at him…just…it speaks for itself.

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translation: squishyjinki

during the concert jonghyun said that a “very special person” came today, but he did not mention who because he was afraid of feeling burdened and did not want everyone staring at the person. he told fans to check sns thirty minutes later (after he said this) to confirm the identity of the person, and it ended up being onew.