and jongyu

shinee world 2017 (fukui, day i) ♡ 170128
translation: fantaemsie

(on… his first impression of onew - from a vcr) jonghyun onew? my first impression was similar to his personality. he just had a soft character, was very quiet and had a nice voice. his gentle image and behavior along with his voice…, they really all matched so well! his hair, too, was a chestnut hair and he wore a teddy bear t-shirt. it was cute. he was really cute.

x - inspiration (busan, day i) ♡ 161217
translation: squishyjinki

during the concert jonghyun said that a “very special person” came today, but he did not mention who because he was afraid of feeling burdened and did not want everyone staring at the person. he told fans to check sns thirty minutes later (after he said this) to confirm the identity of the person, and it ended up being onew.