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When Darkness Falls 

For Jonerys Appreciation Week Day 5: favorite location (the wall) and favorite outfits (all the love for winter furs)

Life has been busy but I’m back with this piece for Jonerys Week inspired by Tolkien, the Mythological Astronomy of Ice and Fire, and the fall of the wall.

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

May it be the shadow’s call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

A promise lives within you now

Stannis mannerisms that amuse me

  • teeth grinding
  • sprinkling *a pinch* of salt into his water
  • abrupt laughter 
  • rambling about things no one cares about
  • rattling papers at people
  • snorting
  • cursing in the background during Melisandre’s prayers
  • waving his hand
  • passive aggressive complaints to Jon Snow
  • grimacing
  • pointing at people
  • dramatically unsheathing Lightbringer during meetings 
  • shouting
  • “awkwardly untangling himself” from peoples’ grasps
  • forgetting who Gilly is

Seriously, could one of you please explain to me what purpose r+l=j even serves in the narrative if Jon a) needs Dany to be the fire to his ice; b) Dany will get the Iron Throne; and c) they fall in love and get married or some shit???

The way I see it, if we don’t work under any of these assumptions ie a1) Jon “is” ice and fire on his own just fine; b1) Jon will end up on one throne or the other; c1) Jackassys isn’t the grand love story of this series (read “in Jon’s life”), three major plot points only become possible in the first place:

1) Jon is the metaphorical embodiment of ice (Stark) and Fire (Targ). Probably the prince that was promised and his is the Song of Ice and Fire (War of the Others vs Dragons). Since people love to talk about the grammar: High Valyrian makes no distinction to gender, it does however differentiate between plural and singular. The Show mixed it, but I personally don’t think Azor Ahai and tptwp are the same person. The first is a legendary figure for the followers of R’hllor, the later is a targ-specific thing. I’m on the Rhaegar = Azor Ahai, Lyanna = Nissa Nissa, Jon = lightbringer = ptwp team. Though I could be wrong about this, but no matter how the solutions to all these prophecies look like (if we even get some) Jon being fire and ice on his own gives him the most credentials for being some sort of legendary figure. To make it clear: Him being a targ is more or less a requirement for this.

2) He has a claim to the Iron Throne (somewhat) and will probably end up as king - either over all of Westeros or the North, though I am more and more starting to believe in the first option (thanks @thewesterwoman). This also makes him a potential rival for Dany, paving the way for some sort of targ!bowl in the end. Again, r+l=j has to be a thing for this to be possible.

3) His secret parentage frees him to pursue a romantic relationship with one of his “sisters” as described in the original outline. Again, this can only happen under the condition of Jon not being Ned’s bastard, but the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.  

But if we work under the jackassys-supporting assumptions …

1) His targ-father becomes completely meaningless. He could have just been Ned Stark’s bastard son to fulfill the “Ice” part of the equation. He literally doesn’t have to be a secret targ. It wouldn’t matter at all. 

2) Dany already “has a claim” (somewhat), so she could easily end up on the IT herself with Jon as her consort. Again Jon’s targ!blood becomes completely useless. Being a stark would have been enough to unite the North and the South, probably even better.

3) The only purpose of Jon being a targ would be for him to … keep the good old incest tradition going with another targ. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t ship it because it’s “problematic” - I honestly couldn’t care less about that - but grrm himself stated that this practice lead to the downfall of the targs so it wouldn’t make any sense for the series to “celebrate” it. Again, Jon not being related to Dany would make a lot more sense, her learning from her ancestors mistakes and pursuing a relationship with her metaphorical counter piece, not with the last living relative she has.

What I’m saying is that jackassys would make a lot more sense if Jon simply was Ned’s bastard son. Him being the son of a stark and a targ simply robs this ship of a lot of narrative significance. This ship being canon, or more importantly endgame, would rob r+l=j of a lot of narrative significance. It could serve a purpose as a temporary “romance” before Jon finds out about it, but for the ultimate conclusion of the series? It would have no, or at least no “positive” impact. I do not understand why grrm would write in the biggest twist of the entire series only for it to have no real importance. He could have literally left it out, working only on Jon being “worthy” despite his bastard status, as he is still doing in the books.

Unless someone can explain to me what purpose r+l=j would even have, other than keeping the targ-line full of targ-blood, which grrm doesn’t seem to be too keen on, if jackassys was the quintessential piece of the series, I’m going to assume that it will at best be a temporary thing (the whole accidental incest thingy) and that … you know it , Jonsa is endgame.

drew-curle-blog-blog  asked:

Quick thing on nothing in Jon's story resembles Lightbringer: it's true nothing is like original forging, but the prophecy for AA reborn quite matches how Jon got Longclaw: bleeding star, cold breath of darkness, dread hour, hero draws from the fire a burning sword (ACOK Davos 1). Lot of (possible) parallels between that and Jon saving LC Mormont from the wight by burning it and getting Longclaw as a reward. Thoughts? Feelings?

There are certainly some parallels there, but the problem is the lack of Nissa Nissa. Azor Ahai didn’t save someone to forge Lightbringer, he sacrificed someone. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly a strong case to be made for Jon as Azor Ahai Reborn. Ultimately, I think GRRM will (wisely) refrain from choosing between Jon and Dany, presenting it instead as “now one and now the other, as changeable as flame.” But if I had to pick, I’d pick Dany, because the sacrifice-producing-Lightbringer part of the prophecy can be found in her story and not in Jon’s. 

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Love your blog and all the great content on Dany and Dany and Jon. Where do you think their relationship is going and how do you feel it has to end for it to be a satisfying resolution to their archs? I particularly feel a sense of dread that they might turn Daenerys into a Nissa Nissa character or some other means for Jon to get the force he needs to defeat the Others and reclaim his birthright.

Hello anon,

Thank you! I’m really glad you like my blog. 

Let’s get something straight right off the bat, there is no Nissa Nissa in the TV series and I don’t believe we’ll see a re-enactment of the story of Azor Ahai. First, because there already is a Lightbringer that has been forged, which is the dragons. More specifically, Drogon is Lightbringer, in my estimation.

 Second, what Azor Ahai did wasn’t really that great and it didn’t defeat the Others, in the end, it just pushed them back. He sacrificed everyone but himself to create Lightbringer. Could you ever imagine Jon doing something like that? In Dany’s case, part of her sacrifice was inadvertent (she certainly would not have done it willingly) and part of it was self-sacrifice.  She walked into the fire willingly giving of herself to create the dragons and bring them to life. 

Having said all this, the defeat of the Others can’t rest on Jon’s shoulders alone, that’s unfair and frankly impossible. It’s clearly a team effort, Jon, Dany, Bran, Sam, maybe Arya and of course everyone else who will be fighting will be needed to defeat the Others and the Night’s King. Jon might have a connection to the Night’s King, but so does Bran and now Dany. The whole idea behind the lone wolf dies and the pack survives is that you can’t do it all alone. it doesn’t work. If they want to defeat the Night’s King once and for all they have to do it together. 

As for Jon and Dany’s future, it’s hard to say. I think they will choose to remain together after the reveal of Jon’s parentage. I’ve become more confident that at least one of them will survive and feel better about the idea that both might actually survive given the theme of togetherness that we saw throughout this season. I do think the Iron Throne will be destroyed so if they rule together it’ll be from a different capital, I think. 


Azor Ahai - champion of Rh’llor and maybe not a ‘good’ hero?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Azor Ahai and the meaning of  the title - A song of ice and fire. Many persons are thought to be Azor Ahai, in the books Stannis is put forward by Mellisandre and D@ny is championed by some people in Essos. But if Rh’llor is fire and the point of the series is to get a balance of ice and fire, wouldn’t it be bad, if Azor Ahai indeed wins?

Look at this quote [here D supposedly is AA]: Benerro has sent forth the word from Volantis. Her coming is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. From smoke and salt was she born to make the world anew. She is Azor Ahai returned … and her triumph over darkness will bring a summer that will never end … death itself will bend its knee, and all those who die fighting in her cause shall be reborn  (Tyrion 6, ADWD)

Now, would it be good if there was a summer that will never end? No, it would not. Summer is hot, the plants dry, water is reduced, if there is only summer, there is no autumn, no harvest, no sleep or death in winter to reach the new life of spring.

Death conquered is a very old dream, but I don’t think that GRRM is after this. In ACOK it is made quite clear that everlasting life in the house of the Undying is not pleasant at all and in the House of Black and White Arya learns that death can be a mercy.

Finally - and I don’t know if this is intentional, but with GRRM I bet it is - rebirth or resurrection as a promise for dying while fighting for a ‘cause’ is not a good idea either. It happened in the crusades, it happens with religious fanatics all over the world and this particular promise is not good news. If you look at the people who were ‘reborn’ like Beric and Catelyn (fire wights) and the wights in general (ice wights), this kind of ressurection is creepy.

If you read the legend of Azor Ahai and his wife Nissa, Nissa as told by Sallador to Davos in ACOK, Davos 1, the story might not be a clue to what to do to get the saviour sword and the story might not allude to something that already happened (like the birth of the Dragons or the birth of Jon), it might be a warning, that there are some things even a hero bent on saving the world should not do. If you take into account that Lightbringer is literally the translation of ‘Lucifer’, it would be disastrous to lose that one on the world.

I think that in the books Stannis will try to fulfill this ‘prophecy’ and the death of Shireen (whom he certainly loves more than his wife) will be a fruitless attemt to forge a real ‘lightbringer’.

I don’t really know how my idea ties in with Jon’s dream about him fighting the Others and wielding a flaming sword. It is ominous that he dreams of killing a woman who looks like Ygritte. I think that it might be more of a warning than a real prophetic dream. If Jon’s task is not to destroy the Others, but to bring a balance to the Others and Rh’llor to fire and ice, so that there will be real seasons and normal life, it might be his destiny to refuse ‘Lightbringer’ and maybe even to refuse to forge it. While I am sure Mellisandre will want him to do it, Jon might think of Stannis and the price he paid and will not do the same. That would mean that Davos’ reaction to the story of Azor Ahai and the thoughts of his nice wife, he could never kill, foreshadow that Jon will decide the same.

Why I believe Dany and Jon’s union are so important

After S7 has confirmed Jon and Dany’s relationship and throw the basis for the final season, I have an epiphany  so I put my two cents too in who is AA, TPTWP, Lightbringer and who embodies the song of Ice and Fire. I think that most of my answers are quite cliche, maybe too simple but hey! it’s just me trying to make sense.

Ok let’s start from who is AA/TPTWP.

To make it simple I believe AA and TPTWP are referring to two distinct persons (Jon and Dany), however these two figures share one fate and one goal so when talking about their prophecy is not really importat who is one and who is another because they are basically two sides of the same coin (thus Melisandre using AA and TPTWP interchangeably), exactly like how Jon and Dany’s journey mirrors each other until they converge to make the prophecy complete.

That being said then who is Lightbringer?

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You've written about Dark Sister before. Do you think it'll come back in the books? Who will wield it? Is there a possibility that it's Lightbringer come again, and do you think Jon will get it since he's a secret Targaryen?

I have written about Dark Sister before! I like Dark Sister the most of the Valyrian steel swords, mostly because Visenya wielded it, and Visenya was awesome. So to start, I’m going to talk about the descriptions of three swords: Dark Sister, Blackfyre, and Longclaw, and then a bit about Dark Sister’s history, then get to predictions for the sword.

I’ve heard the (wrong) theory that Longclaw is Dark Sister before, from people who probably didn’t pay attention to the description of the blades. This mistake is made because people assume that any Valyrian steel sword at the Wall (where Dark Sister was presumed to be) must be the sword that is given to Jon Snow. To clear things up…it’s not. When looking at the description of the blades, you can see that they are not, in fact, one in the same. Longclaw is a big, long sword- a bastard sword, which is hand-and-a-half. On the other hand, Dark Sister was forged to be used by a woman. It is described as having a smaller grip and being a slender blade when compared to Blackfyre, its brother sword. So, right off the bat we know that Dark Sister and Longclaw are different swords.

Blackfyre and Dark Sister are ancestral Targaryen blades given to Aegon and Visenya Targaryen. They were probably a matched set, seeing as they were forged for a man and a woman, and Aegon and Visenya were meant to be married. Rhaenys, for instance, was not meant to be married to Aegon, and did not get a sword, which may back up this assumption. Dark Sister is first described in A World of Ice and Fire as follows:

Visenya, eldest of the three siblings, was as much a warrior as Aegon himself, as comfortable in ringmail as in silk. She carried the Valyrian longsword Dark Sister, and was skilled in its use, having trained besides her brother since childhood.

Blackfyre was usually the sword that went to the king. What’s interesting about Dark Sister, though, is that it was used by a woman, possibly even by two women. After Queen Visenya dies and Maegor (the cruel) becomes king over his elder brother, Dark Sister is taken by Queen Alyssa.

Aenys’s widow, Queen Alyssa, slipped away from Dragonstone with her children, as well as with Dark Sister, Visenya’s Valyrian steel sword.

Following this, Dark Sister was wielded predominantly by men (or at least, only the men are written about in A World of Ice and Fire. I, for one, like to think there were some other Targaryen girls that handled it.) It was owned by Aemon Dragonknight, described as “a knight worthy to bear Dark Sister” and Daeron the second. The last known owner of Dark Sister was Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers. Bloodraven, who was later sent to the wall for killing a Blackfyre pretender and became the three-eyed raven. This is the point at which the location of Dark Sister becomes murky.

After the sentence of death was pronounced, Aegon offered Bloodraven the chance to take the black and join the Night’s Watch. This he did. Ser Brynden Rivers set sail for the Wall late in the year 233 AC. (No one intercepted his ship). Two hundred men went with him, many of them archers from Bloodraven’s personal guard, the Raven’s Teeth. The king’s brother, Maester Aemon, was also amongst them.

Bloodraven would rise to become Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch in 239 AC, serving until his disappearance during a ranging beyond the Wall in 252 AC.

We know what happens to Bloodraven. He becomes the three eyed raven, who Bran later meets. However, the question is: What happened to Dark Sister? Did Bloodraven take the sword with him?

It’s one of two possibilities. Let’s assume that yes, Bloodraven did take the sword to the Wall (and that it doesn’t end up at Summerhall, which is the other possibility.) If he went on a ranging, he would have taken that sword with him. Which means that it’s beyond the Wall.

Now, Dark Sister may actually be in the cave with Bran and co. It would make sense. Valyrian steel is a great instrument against the others, and so deep in the Night King’s territory, it’s great insurance. If the sword does make an appearance in the books again, there’s a great possibility that Bran or Meera or Jojen (or even Hodor) may use it in a fight against the Others. I’ve seen possible theories that say that Arya will come to use it…but unless Arya ends up beyond the Wall fighting Others, that seems unlikely. I’ve also seen theories that say Jon will wield Dark Sister, which would be awesome, since it’s an ancestral blade, but Longclaw is his sword, and I don’t see him needing another Valyrian steel sword. And as for Lightbringer…I generally like to think that Longclaw is Lightbringer, but it would be amazing if Dark Sister was. I just don’t know that the text points to that. In fact, I don’t know that the books really even talk that much about Dark Sister. We actually do know more about where Blackfyre ends up. Bittersteel takes it with him to Essos when he forms the Golden Company, and it’s possibly hinted that it’s in the presents that Aegon/Young Griff is given by Illyrio (which may serve to legitimize his claim as a lost Targaryen). In comparison, we don’t really know which direction Dark Sister went: North or South? Despite that, it is my favorite sword in the books, because Visenya Targaryen is such a Character™, and she uses Dark sister in the best, most dramatic ways.

On one occasion in 10 AC, Aegon and Visenya were both attacked in the streets of King’s Landing, and if not for Visenya and Dark Sister, the king might not have survived. Despite this, the king still believed that his guards were sufficient to his defence; Visenya convinced him otherwise. (It is recorded that when Aegon pointed out his guardsmen, Visenya drew Dark Sister and cut his cheek before his guards could react. “Your guards are slow and lazy,” Visenya is reported to have said, and the king was forced to agree.)

brenobac  asked:

Hey PQ! What's your interpretation of Jon's dream in the very begging of Jon XII in ADWD?

That night he dreamt of wildlings howling from the woods, advancing to the moan of warhorns and the roll of drums. Boom DOOM boom DOOM boom DOOM came the sound, a thousand hearts with a single beat. Some had spears and some had bows and some had axes. Others rode on chariots made of bones, drawn by teams of dogs as big as ponies. Giants lumbered amongst them, forty feet tall, with mauls the size of oak trees.

“Stand fast,” Jon Snow called. “Throw them back.” He stood atop the Wall, alone. “Flame,” he cried, “feed them flame,” but there was no one to pay heed.

They are all gone. They have abandoned me.

Burning shafts hissed upward, trailing tongues of fire. Scarecrow brothers tumbled down, black cloaks ablaze. “Snow,” an eagle cried, as foemen scuttled up the ice like spiders. Jon was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his fist. As the dead men reached the top of the Wall he sent them down to die again. He slew a greybeard and a beardless boy, a giant, a gaunt man with filed teeth, a girl with thick red hair. Too late he recognized Ygritte. She was gone as quick as she’d appeared.

The world dissolved into a red mist. Jon stabbed and slashed and cut. He hacked down Donal Noye and gutted Deaf Dick Follard. Qhorin Halfhand stumbled to his knees, trying in vain to staunch the flow of blood from his neck. “I am the Lord of Winterfell,” Jon screamed. It was Robb before him now, his hair wet with melting snow. Longclaw took his head off. Then a gnarled hand seized Jon roughly by the shoulder. He whirled…

… and woke with a raven pecking at his chest. “Snow,” the bird cried. Jon swatted at it. The raven shrieked its displeasure and flapped up to a bedpost to glare down balefully at him through the predawn gloom.

I think that this dream reflects how multiple narratives, a range of hopes and fears, are merging in Jon’s head. On one level, this is a dream about Jon fighting the Others; hence the “foemen scuttl[ing] up the ice like spiders” and Jon wielding Lightbringer against them. On another level, this is a dream about Jon’s worries that his peace process (launched in the name of precisely that mutual defense against the Others) will fail; hence Jon’s brothers running away as the wildlings attack again. On yet another level, this is a dream about Jon’s inner conflicts over identity and guilt that run underneath the big-picture movements of war and peace; hence him killing Ygritte (before realizing it’s her), the Halfhand (again), and Robb (while declaring himself the Lord of Winterfell, tying this dream back into his flashback in ASOS when he was wrestling with Stannis’ offer). 

In other words, this dream is about the many identities of Jon Snow–Azor Ahai (potentially), Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Ygritte’s lover, and a son of Winterfell–and his difficulty in reconciling them. When the birds cry “Snow,” who is the man they’re talking to and about? And for me, what makes it work so well in the context of Jon’s story is what happens in his next chapter: 

Jon flexed the fingers of his sword hand. The Night’s Watch takes no part. He closed his fist and opened it again. What you propose is nothing less than treason. He thought of Robb, with snowflakes melting in his hair. Kill the boy and let the man be born. He thought of Bran, clambering up a tower wall, agile as a monkey. Of Rickon’s breathless laughter. Of Sansa, brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to herself. You know nothing, Jon Snow. He thought of Arya, her hair as tangled as a bird’s nest. I made him a warm cloak from the skins of the six whores who came with him to Winterfell…I want my bride back…I want my bride back…I want my bride back…

“I think we had best change the plan,” Jon Snow said.

Same basic structure, right? All the different elements that make Jon who he is, put in conflict with one another. So Jon’s reaction to the Pink Letter (both extremely relatable and devastatingly foolish) can be seen as an externalization of the internal struggle reflected in his earlier dream. Jon XII shows you the dynamite, and Jon XIII lights the fuse. When people say that Jon is too tropey, I think (part of) what they’re missing is that his characterization actually takes several different tropes and makes them fight. IMO the resulting drama is some of the best character work in the series. 

jons going to become king in the north which means he’s gonna need a crown……..arya could easily acquire robbs if/when she meets stoneheart 

then she’d bring it north with her and could crown jon with it. which would make me so emotional. arya never saw jon as a bastard. he was always a part of the family to her. she loved him the most as he did her. i think arya would support him as king. like its never even occurred to arya that winterfell could be her “”birthright”” she doesnt see it like that. 

also it could parallel jon giving arya needle in the very beginning. he gave her a gift that would be a symbol of her stark identity, family, winterfell and the north. arya would return the favor by giving jon something that would represent him truly being a part of all that 

anonymous asked:

hello!I agree with you about jon refusing lightbringer, one of the reasons I hate the theory where jon has to kill sansa / arya (nissa nissa) to create the sword, is that in my opinion it is the same as stannis killing his own daughter. unforgivable. the point is that jon is different than stannis and azor ahai, he is not a person obsessed with prophecies or believes that he is the chosen one, unlike azor ahai that according to the books he did believe it so he had to forge a sword of a hero,

(2) and for that he had to get to the point of killing his own wife. for me the stories of azor ahai and the life of stannis, teaches us that we can not be obsessed by prophecies, which instead are harmful and can ruin a person’s life. it is true that jon dreamed with the sword and having to kill a woman who looks like ygritte that could be sansa, but that rather tells me that jon would never do that, and knowing the character of jon whose actions have always been motivated by the well of his family
(3) he would never be able to do that, i mean the only reason why he did not decide to go south instead of fighting white walkers, is because he met sansa again, he decided to go to war despite being tired of fighting for sansa and his brother. jon broke his vows for arya and died for it. jon is a family man. I still think it’s possible that he killed Dany, but not because a prophecy tells him it will be because Dany is going to become a threat to the kingdom and his family. she is fire and both
(4) fire and ice are dangerous entities that must be destroyed. the dragons have to die like the white walkers, and the only one able to achieve that balance is jon. maybe the one to kill the dragons / dany, creates the sword since they are fire or we will never see a literal representation of the sword but something I’m sure is jon would never kill his “nissa nissa”.

Dear nonny, I agree wholeheartedly. You know, what has always bugged me about Azor Ahai and his Nissa Nissa is the fact that Nissa Nissa has no say in it. It is all about the hero, and not the sacrifice. I believe that there will be price to pay for the balance of ice and fire and I’m quite sure that this price will be a human life, but I am equally sure that a sacrifice is not the way to get it. A true hero does not sacrifice humans, a true hero sacrifices himself/herself for the sake of the survival of his/her loved ones. There is also accidental sacrifice, and I could see that happen as well, but I very much doubt that we will see Jon driving his sword in the heart of any living person.
Take Frodo, Sam and Gollum from LoTR. The reason they succeed in their quest is that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the well-being of the world or the shire. And in the end, Frodo does not succeed. He fails to throw either the ring or himself and the ring into Mount Doom. But he wouldn’t be there at all if he hadn’t been willing to do this sacrifice. And it falls to Gollum to fulfill the task, accidentally sacrificing himself, while he is after another goal. But it is important, that Gollum would not have been able to twist the outcome in this way, if a long time ago, Bilbo (Frodo’s uncle) had not decided to let him live. Bilbo’s act of pity saves the world, not some hero’s sacrifice.
I think that people who think GRRM is nihilistic don’t get the point of his story. @poorquentyn has done a wonderful analysis of how the story of Quentyn Martell in ADWD tells us that all these hero’s stories where all his companions sacrifice their lives one after the other are not working. Death doesn’t have a meaning, but life does. Ned, (Jon’s uncle!,), saved his nephew in an act of love an compassion and this act of love I’m sure will save the world. The Night’s Watch has it all wrong. It’s love which is important. Ned’s life not his death has a deep impact on the North and his surviving family.
GRRM tells this through Davos’ thoughts:

“When he thought of Nissa Nissa, it was his own Marya he pictured, a good-natured plump woman with sagging breasts ans a kindly smile, the best woman in the world. He tried to picture himself driving a sword through her, and shuddered. I am not made of the stuff of heroes, he decided. If that was the price of a magic sword, it was more than he cared to pay. (ACOK, Davos 1)

I would add that: “If that is a price of the magic sword, the magic in that sword is inherently evil, and you should avoid it.”
Human sacrifice is never good news, and although fantasy has its bunch of self-sacrifices I don’t think that GRRM will ever go the way that murder will bring balance to ice and fire, self-sacrifice on the other hand, could happen.

Thanks for the ask, I could talk very long about this subject!

How will things end for our babies?

GRRM says we’ll get a bittersweet ending. According to him his ending will reflect the Lord of the Rings which is great news for Jonerys. But before I get into that. Let’s look at how most fans believe the story will end and what a bittersweet ending is.

Most of the fans I’ve come across expect a very tragic ending. What’s sad is that most of these fans don’t even realize it. “Jon is going to kill Dany to reforge Lightbringer like Azor Ahia killed Nissa Nissa. He’s going to defeat the Night King but he’s going to die in the process. And that would be bittersweet.” Then I’ve heard people who don’t give any explaination. All they know is both Jon and Dany are going to die but they White Walkers will be defeated and in their opinion that’s bittersweet. We also got the complete morons out there who believe that Jon will form a pact with the Night King or become the new Night King and take his army of the dead back to the lands that’s always winter. Which happens to be by far the most head up your theory I have ever heard. None of these are bittersweet endings. These are very sad and heartbreaking endings. The ending I think we are going to see will be hopeful and inspiring.

What is a bittersweet ending? To me it’s an ending where the characters go through a journey suffer loss, setbacks, but triumph in the end. But even with their victory they still left with the scars from their journey. For example, let’s say we got a story about a highschool basketball player who has a mother dying of cancer. Weeks before the championship game his mother dies. He goes out in the game and hits the game winning shot. The crowd goes crazy. He’s victorious but when he looks over into the stands and his mother is not. He won and he very happy about it and so is everyone around him. But he still live with the reality of what he loss. When we look at GoT every single character has loss something that can’t be replaced.

The Starks loss four family members. Their bannermen loss their own family members and men at the Red Wedding. The Ironborn invaded their lands. They raped, robbed, and killed citizens of the North. Most of the Lannisters are dead. It’s only three of them left that we know of. All the Tyrell are gone. All of the Martells are gone. All of the Baratheons are gone. The only one left with Baratheon blood in Gendry and he’s a bastard. There are only two Tullys left and that’s Edmure and his baby. All of the Freys are dead. Its only three Greyjoys left and the way it’s looking might be down to two very soon. There is not one on this show that hasn’t been deeply scarred by these conflicts. So even if everything went perfect for all the remaining characters on the show. It would still be bittersweet ending.

Now let’s talk about what I think is going to happen with our babies in the final season. I think we are going to get a LOTR type of ending. I think Dany is going to discover she’s pregnant. That will complicate things for both of them. It gives them something more to fight for. But it will also cause a lot concern because I’m sure Dany will not want to even risk losing that baby. Jon won’t want her out there. But they know she has to ride her dragon if they’re going to have any chance of winning. When parentage is revealed I don’t see them breaking up over it and I can into reasons why. But this post is already too long. I expect their side to take some heavy losses in the fight against the Night King. In the end they will find a way to pull it off together. However, the final conflict will be to dethrone Cersi. At the end we will see Dany claim the Iron Throne. Her and Jon will get married just like Aragon and Arwen. PS. I have so much more to say about Jonerys season 8 but this post was too long.


                                         HOUSE STARK META POST

PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3

                                                                HOUSE STARK

  1. Bran Stark and Bran the Builder
  2. Arya as a Pack Leader
  3. Bran Stark: Wed to Winterfell, Wolf, and Weirwood
  4. Sansa as a Narrative Mirror
  5. Bran and his Destiny
  6. An Analysis of Winterfell: As Camelot, Avalon, and Sacred Tree
  7. A Time for Beasts: Bran, Arya, and the Long Night
  8. The Stark in Winterfell: Bran Stark and the Fisher King
  9. Sansa and the Royces
  10. Bran and the Caves of Gendel and Gorne
  1. Arya and Bran: 1 | 2
  2. Sansa and Bran
  3. Catelyn and Arya
  4. Ned and Arya: 1 | 2
  5. Arya and Robb
  6. Jon and Sansa: 1 | 2
  7. Arya and Sansa

                                                               EDDARD STARK

  1. Who Truly Killed Eddard Stark
  2. In Defense of Ned Stark’s Talent for Power
  3. In Defense Of  Ned Stark
  4. Who is Ned Stark?
  5. Ned Starks Motivation for Everything
  6. Character Discussion: Eddard Stark
  7. Why Ned Stark and Ashara Dayne were not an Item
  8. If Ned had Lived he would have Fought Against a Targaryen Restoration
  9. Would Ned have executed Theon if Balon Rebelled: Yes | No
  10. On Why Ned Allowed Jon to take the Black
  11. Why People Took Ned’s Word for it that Jon was his Son
  12. For the First Time in Years: Eddard Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen
  13. The Importance of Being a Quiet Wolf
  14. Why Ned Remained Loyal to Robert

                                                              CATELYN STARK

  1. In Defense of Catelyn Stark
  2. The Curse of Harrenhal is Real and its Greatest Victim is Catelyn Tully
  3. Why Catelyn Stark is a Good Person
  4. Catelyn Stark on Trial
  5. Character Discussion: Catelyn Stark
  6. Why I Like Catelyn Stark by Me
  7. Catelyn and Lady Stoneheart
  8. Catelyn and Vengeance
  9. Does Catelyn Stark Really Love all her Children?
  10. Book 1 vs Season 1: Catelyn on the Sidelines
  11. On My Honour as a Tully, On My Honour as a Stark
  12. The Silencing of Catelyn Stark
  13. Catelyn was a Good Political Adviser to Robb
  14. Catelyn Stark is Not Defined by her Interactions with Jon Snow
  15. Re: Catelyn Reacted Better to Ned’s Bastard than Ned
  16. Is Catelyn all bad?

                                                                 ROBB STARK

  1. Military Commander: Part 1 | 2 | 3 
  2. The Men Who Would Be King: Robb Stark
  3. On Robb and whether he warged into Grey Wind
  4. On Robb and Jon and Ruling
  5. Why Robb had to die
  6. A Message from the South: The Location of Robb’s Letter
  7. The Location of Robb Stark’s Will
  8. On the Existence of Robb’s Will
  9. In Response to Robb Hate
  10. Robb, Theon, Jeyne & Jeyne
  11. Thoughts on Robb Stark
  12. What Robb Symbolised to his Siblings
  13. On Whether Robb Earned the Title of The King Who Lost the North
  14. War of the Roses Parallels
  15. How Robb was able to Finance his War
  16. Robb’s Blind Spots, Privelege and Empathy (or Lack Thereof)
  17. Theon and Robb’s Dynamic
  18. “Robb Deserved to Die” Or, A History Lesson in Hindsight
  19. A Few Thoughts on Robb and Grey Wind
  20. Robb did not Bring the Red Wedding on Himself
  21. Robb and What Being a King in a Feudal System Means

                                                                   JON SNOW

  1. Other Wars: Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
  2. Jon Snow in ADWD: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
  3. On Jon’s Likely Reaction to Finding out his Parentage 1 | 2
  4. Jon, Rhaegar, and the Big Picture
  5. Jon Joining the Night’s Watch as a Case of False Agency
  6. Why I Respect Jon Snow and How You Can Too
  7. Jon Snow and the Laaaadies
  8. Jon Snow is not a Feminist
  9. What Resurrected Jon Might be Like
  10. The Relationship between Jon and Ghost
  11. On Whether Jon Might take the Northern Throne
  12. Parallels between Jon and Dany
  13. Jon and Dragon References 
  14. Jon Snow will return as an Other
  15. Lightbringer is not a sword. It’s a child: Jon Snow
  16. Character Discussion: Jon Snow
  17. Why did Jon got stabbed
  18. Jon will not think Himself Heir to the Iron Throne, He Already has a King
  19. Jon Snow and Ygritte
  20. Parallels Between Jon and Theon
  21. On Jon’s Judgement of Selyse
  22. What if Jon had been raised at Starfall?
  23. Jon Snow and Making Dad Proud
  24. Jon Broke his vows for Ramsay
  25. Jon Broke his vows for Arya
  26. Playing with Robb and Historical Heroes
  27. On Jon Snow’s Life Pre Asoiaf
  28. Jon the Rebuilder
  29. Jon and identity
  30. Jon Went Overboard in Allying with the Wildlings
  31. Jon and Bloodraven
  32. On Jon and Ghost and the Wall Interfering with the Direwolf Connection
  33. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow Parallels
  34. On Whether Jon is a Bastard
  35. Jon’s leadership of the Night’s Watch
  36. On Whether Jon Might Have Avoided the Night’s Watch Mutiny
  37. The Romance of Jon and Ygritte
  38. Fetch Me a Block: Jon Snow’s Leadership
  39. Some Ramblings About Jon Snow
  40. On Tyrion and Jon
  41. On Jon Snow and Knowing Nothing
  42. Jon’s Constant References to Ygritte in ADWD
  43. Jon and his Bastard Status 
  44. The Ingenuity of Jon Snow
  45. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  46. The Night’s Watch Takes No Part…

                                                                SANSA STARK

  1. Sansa and Sandor: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  2. Sansa as the Sixth Major Character: 1 | 2 | 3
  3. Sansa and Petyr: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
  4. Sansa has a Tendency to Romanticize 1 | 2 | 3
  5. Sansa as the Good Girl
  6. Why Sansa Represses and Alters her Memories 
  7. Sansa and Sandor and the Unkiss
  8. Sansa and the Game
  9. Sansa’s Growth: Handling Robert Arryn
  10. Sansa and Arya
  11. Sansa and Bravery
  12. Sansa is a Fighter
  13. Parallels Between Sansa and Lysa
  14. Sansa and Stark Identity
  15. ASOIAF Clothing Sansa Stark
  16. Sansa and the Likelihood of Warging/Skinchanging
  17. What Lady’s Death means for Sansa
  18. From Pawn to Player: Rethinking Sansa
  19. Kneeling at her wedding
  20. Re-thinking Sansa Stark
  21. Myranda Royce & Alayne Stone
  22. Sansa Stark, Prophecy, and Elizabeth of York
  23. An overlooked explanation for Sansa’s mistakes in AGOT
  24. Snow Winterfell
  25. Character Discussion: Sansa Stark
  26. Sansa, Ned & Cat
  27. Sansa’s Neglect and Grooming
  28. Sansa & Suicide
  29. Following Joffrey’s Death
  30. Sansa Stark not Alayne
  31. Reactions to Alayne I in TWOW
  32. Sansa & Poison
  33. Why Harrenhal may be the Castle built from Snow
  34. Sansa as an ISFJ
  35. Please Understand that Sansa Stark is not Passive
  36. Medusa Imagery
  37. Alayne and Harry the Heir
  38. She Got Better
  39. Sansa’s Coping Mechanism

                                                                 ARYA STARK

  1. Why Arya is with the Faceless Men 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  2. Arya and Femininity 1 | 2
  3. Arya and Lady Stoneheart 1 | 2
  4. Why Arya is a Badass
  5. Why Arya will Survive
  6. Arya and the Trauma of Killing
  7. Arya on Justice, Survival and Killing
  8. Arya and Value of Death/Desire to Kill
  9. Arya is Traumatised, Not Detached
  10. Arya’s List: A Cry for Revenge or a Cry for Control
  11. Why Arya Chose the People on her list
  12. The Significance of Nymeria for Arya’s Storyline
  13. Arya is not Losing her Identity
  14. Arya and Compassion
  15. Arya is not a Sociopath or Psychopath
  16. Arya and Kindness and Compassion
  17. Arya and Self Esteem
  18. Things people forget about Arya Stark
  19. Arya and making friends
  20. Don’t Forget Valar Dohaeris
  21. Arya was Bullied by Sansa
  22. Arya and Bullying
  23. Arya and Loneliness
  24. Parallels Between Arya and Dany
  25. Parallels Between Arya and Daenerys
  26. A Response to the Claim that People Should not Root for Arya
  27. Reasons to Love Arya
  28. The Importance of Lady Smallwood
  29. Arya has Intelligence and Cunning
  30. Arya’s Mental Strength and Wits
  31. Arya has the Skills to Handle Politics
  32. Arya does not Represent the Stranger
  33. Arya and Signs of Depression
  34. Arya is not Anti-Women/Arya is a Feminist
  35. Arya and the Old Gods
  36. Arya the Outcast
  37. Arya and her Northern Roots and Starkness
  38. On Arya and Marriage and Children
  39. Arya is an Extrovert
  40. Why Arya Treasures Needle
  41. Arya and “Needlework”
  42. Dragon References in Arya’s Narrative
  43. Arya is Going to the Wall Foreshadowing
  44. Arya is Batman
  45. In Defense of Arya Stark
  46. Arya on Beauty, Romance and all Those Things we don’t Focus on
  47. Character Discussion: Arya Stark
  48. Arya Was Playing Shae in “Mercy”
  49. The Evolution of Arya: Comparing Arya in the Proposal Letter to Arya in ASOIAF
  50. The way Arya refers to Sandor Reflects her Feelings about him
  51. Arya is Relatable
  52. Arya is Important for Feminism and not because she has a Sword
  53. Arya’s Ideals and Code of Justice will Never line up with the Faceless Men

                                                                 BRAN STARK

  1. Bran and Winterfell 1 | 2
  2. Bran and Skinchanging into Hodor 1 | 2
  3. Bran and Bravery and Fear
  4. Bran and Harry Potter Parallels
  5. Bran the Underdog
  6. Will Bran Skinchange a Dragon?
  7. Abomination in Training: The Indoctrination of a Greenseer
  8. Bran, Skinchanging Hodor, and the Deconstruction of Destiny in ASOIAF
  9. On Bran and Hodor
  10. One Does Not Simply Warg Into Hodor
  11. Bran as Lord of Winterfell
  12. Why Bran will end up ruling Winterfell
  13. The Significance of Bran’s Name
  14. Reasons to Love Bran Stark
  15. Why Bran is not the Villain of ASOIAF
  16. Bran Stark and the Mythological Figure Bran the Blessed
  17. Bran Stark: Born to Lead, Born to Rule
  18. The Crown of the King in the North Manifested within Bran’s Story
  19. Bran’s First Three-Eyed Crow Dream
  20. Hodor, Bran, and the Land of Always Winter
  21. Character Discussion: Bran Stark
  22. Bran as a God of Winterfell
  23. Why Bran May Never Return to Wintefell
  24. Why Bran is not going to Die
  25. Bran and Hodor have a Genuine Friendship
  26. Bran Stark: Interesting Character
  27. Reasons why Bran Stark Matters
  28. The Jojenpaste Theory is not True
  29. King Bran Summary and Masterpost
  30. Bran Stark: INFP
  31. My Favourite Thing about Bran
  32. Bran Will not Stay in the Cave until he Dies
  33. Similarities Between Bran and Dany’s Last Chapters

                                                               RICKON STARK

  1. Rickon Post Skagos will not be a Savage/Cannibal
  2. Rickon and the Skagosi
  3. Re-interpreting Rickon

                                                               BENJEN STARK

  1. Benjen Stark is too much of a Chekhov’s Gun to be Coldhands
  2. The Mysterious Benjen Stark
  3. Benjen Stark is in Skagos
  4. Why Benjen Joined the Night’s Watch, the Secret He Should Have Shared
  5. On Whether Benjen Knew About Jon’s Parentage

                                                               LYANNA STARK

  1. Parralels Between Lyanna and Helen of Troy 1 | 2
  2. On Lyanna Stark
  3. Lyanna the Grey
  4. The Implausability of Rhaegar’s and Lyanna’s Love
  5. How Rhaegar May Have Seen Lyanna
  6. Love Is Sweet, Dearest Ned, But It Cannot Change a Man’s Nature
  7. Rhaegar, Lyanna, and Consent Issues
  8. On the Romanticised Attitude to Rhaegar and Lyanna
  9. The Dragon’s Ladies Part 3: The Rose of Winterfell
  10. The Disappearance of Rhaegar and Lyanna in TWOIAF
  11. Lyanna Stark is the Knight of the Laughing Tree


  1. The Winds of Winter: Mercy Preview Chapter
  2. History: House Stark
  3. Plots: House Stark
  4. Book Discussion: Jon Snow
  5. Catelyn - A Mother’s Madness
  6. Jon Snow - Only the Cold
  7. A Dragon, a Wolf and a Rose
  8. Sansa - A Song of Innocence
  9. Arya - A Gift of Mercy
  10. Sansa and the Hound
  11. Grand Northern Conspiracy 1 | 2
  12. Princes of Winterfell
  13. EPIC HISTORY: House Stark
  14. North/Stark History
  15. The Knight of the Laughing Tree: Story & Theory
  16. Why did Rhaegar take Lyanna?
  17. Epic Starks: King Theon Stark
  18. Bran the Builder: Legendary Founder of House Stark
  19. Bran the Builder Theory: Legendary Hero?
  20. The Winds of Winter: Sansa I
  21. The Winds of Winter: Arya I
  22. FeastDance: Jon Snow
  23. FeastDance: Arya Stark
  24. FeastDance: Brandon Stark
  25. FeastDance: Sansa Stark
  26. “No one”: how will Arya Stark’s story end?
  27. Will Jon Snow return?
  28. R+L=J: who are Jon Snow’s parents?

herismyjams  asked:

Are you familiar with the "jon is the lightbringer" theory? I can believe I've been a got fan for over five years now and never knew about this one, and I got say if this theory turns out to be true George will become my lord and saviour 'cause that really is a master move. Particularly it would make everything less predictable with the 'jon is azor ahai and (argh!) Dany is nissa nissa" thing and it would shock people. What do you think? Do you see foundation in it? I just really loved it!!

I haven’t heard about that either! I thought Lightbringer was a sword? Of course a man can be a metaphorical sword - the sword of the morning or the sword against the darkness or something. Since a death is needed to forge Lightbringer it could be Jon’s own death that forges him into the metaphorical sword. Hmm.
On the other hand Jon dreams of carrying a burning sword in his last dream before his death which could mean that he will wield the sword Lightbringer. But that could also be just an image for him being the sword that halts the darkness.
Honestly I’m not sure. As for AA and Nissa, Nissa, I always thought that a) it has happened already, D is AA and the dragons are Lightbringer, b) Arya will be Nissa, Nissa, but she’ll sacrifice herself, so that Jon doesn’t have to kill her - wouldn’t like that, not at all. c) it might be a false prophecy like others in the book and the real purpose of the story is to show that Rh'llor is not a merciful or good God and therefore not necessarily a good ally in the fight against the Great Other, d) the story of Nissa, Nissa is metaphorical and shows that a great sacrifice of love and life has to be made to defeat the Others. Then anybody’s death could fulfill the conditions, Jaime’s for example who wants to save Brienne?

I am quite certain though, that D is not Nissa, Nissa to Jon, because with all the thinking and rereading I have done after season 7 I’m quite sure now that he won’t ever love her enough to fulfill the conditions for forging Lightbringer.

Lightbringer also is a pretty ambiguous term. Remember that Lucifer the fallen angel is, if you translate it literally, ‘Lightbringer’. For this reason I think it more likely that the Dragons are Lightbringer, because they are not good either, but might still be needed.

My money is on a break between Jon and D once the parentage reveal happens, D will turn against the Starks (betrayal for Love), and either the Starks (Bran?) will warg the dragons and steal them using them to defeat the WW, or she herself will have a last minute redemption arc, sacrificing herself and the dragons to save the world. I’m quite certain that we’ll need the dragons to defeat the WW, but I’m equally sure that they’ll be gone by the end of the series just like D. Magic will be gone, like the Elves were gone at the end of LOTR and everything will be a little bit more bland, although Winterfell will be rebuilt! And there you have it your bittersweet ending.
Thanks for asking! If you have any links on Jon as Lightbringer please share them in the notes!


[Jon&Dany finally meet * Inspired by recent SPOILERS!!]

The smoke had mostly settled over the fields beyond Winterfell but one could still see the pyre’s embers, glowing faintly in the distance. So many dead. So many fallen that had to be burned before they could rise again. 

Still Jon was left with more men than Winterfell had room for. They were camped outside, waiting, always waiting. As was he. He had won the north but he was not fooling himself. They had but days to recover until the wall would fall, if it had not already. A part of him grieved for his few friends still left there but a small voice in the back of his head was vengeful and dark and wanting those who betrayed him to die horrible deaths. 

Still, they would be no use to him dead. If they joined ranks with the Night’s King, they would even be dangerous. His stomach turned at the thought - all the men of the watch turned into White Walkers, coming for Winterfell, coming for Westeros. He needed more fighters, more horses, more food and weapons, more of everything, he needed a miracle. He needed dragons.

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sirnunoroxo  asked:

Hy there Quent. First of all thanks for all your great work. Now the as, if the dragons are lightbringer, could Dany, Jon and Tyrion be all Azor Azai and theyr mothers the respective Nissa Nissas? As i was writing this i thought that maybe not because Nissa Nissa is more about willingly sacrifice the one you Love for the greater good right? Anyway, thoughts on the matter?

Yeah, I agree with your second thought :) the point of the Nissa Nissa story is that being the hero requires sacrifice, and “sacrifice is never easy, or it is no true sacrifice.” Jon, Dany, and Tyrion didn’t decide that Lyanna, Rhaella, and Joanna should die. Certainly, the former trio were bereft of the latter trio, but it’s not a conscious sacrifice they made. Presenting it as such would validate Tywin’s framing of Tyrion having killed Joanna; it’s bad enough that GRRM had the heroes’ mothers die in childbirth, so I certainly hope he doesn’t go down this road.

goldengrasp  asked:

What do you think "dragonsteel" is ? It can't be Valyrian steel as valyrians made that stuff way after the Long Night.. and we don't know any other interaction with Others between now and then.. So, to know that Others are in fact vulnerable they would have to use something available to Westeros during the Long Night... But dragons, dragonbones.. even steel should not be available at that time... Did I get some of these facts wrong or assumed something unknown ?

Well, Jon and Sam certainly think dragonsteel might be Valyrian steel.

“I found one account of the Long Night that spoke of the last hero slaying Others with a blade of dragonsteel. Supposedly they could not stand against it.”
“Dragonsteel?” The term was new to Jon. “Valyrian steel?”
“That was my first thought as well.”

–ADWD, Jon I

The original Last Hero’s blade of dragonsteel might have existed far too early in history to be “Valyrian” steel, but it may be that the Valyrian sorcerer-smiths re-created a metal with the same properties as the sword the Last Hero used. The process of making Valyrian steel involves fire and blood for sure, and perhaps human sacrifice, as the smiths of Qohor seem to think it does:

According to Pol, the true reason for his final exile was his discovery of blood sacrifices—including the killing of slaves as young as infants—which the Qohorik smiths used in their efforts to produce a steel to equal that of the Freehold.

The World of Ice and Fire

And if the Last Hero is equivalent to Azor Ahai (along with the other parallel heroes of the Long Night or the many cyclical Long Nights that may have been), then it could be the “dragonsteel” of his blade was made in the same way as Azor Ahai’s Lightbringer, quenched in the breast of his wife Nissa Nissa. Now, the stated properties of Lightbringer was that it was warm like Nissa Nissa had been warm, shone with its own light, and burned fiery hot in battle. And that’s not the same as the properties of Valyrian steel at all… but the common concept of blood sacrifice, a weapon that almost none can stand against, tells us that there’s some kind of connection there.

Also, tales of dragons in the world and in Westeros long predate the Valyrians. The base of the Hightower is made of a fused black stone, similar to that of the Five Forts in eastern Essos, similar to the kind the Valyrians constructed with their dragons and their magic – but the Hightower and the Five Forts are far more ancient than Valyria. Ancient dragon bones have been found as far away as Ib and Sothoryos, and GRRM even says that there were dragons all over once– so “dragonsteel” wouldn’t necessarily have needed Valyrians to exist, just dragons.  Furthermore, obsidian is called dragonglass, and we already know that it can kill Others; and its name certainly predates the presence of Valyrians in Westeros by thousands and thousands of years. (Wildlings and smallfolk call it dragonglass, whereas the Valyrians called obsidian “frozen fire”, zīrtys perzys according to David J. Peterson.)

But theories of this sort aren’t enough, of course. The real proof that Valyrian steel is the same as the Last Hero’s dragonsteel, and can kill Others, will have to come in battle against them. Which Jon also knows:

“The night that Torwynd… my boy, he…” Tormund turned his face away.
“I know,” said Jon Snow.
Tormund turned back. “You know nothing. You killed a dead man, aye, I heard. Mance killed a hundred. A man can fight the dead, but when their masters come, when the white mists rise up… how do you fight a mist, crow? Shadows with teeth… air so cold it hurts to breathe, like a knife inside your chest… you do not know, you cannot know… can your sword cut cold?”
We will see, Jon thought, remembering the things that Sam had told him, the things he’d found in his old books. Longclaw had been forged in the fires of old Valyria, forged in dragonflame and set with spells. Dragonsteel, Sam called it. Stronger than any common steel, lighter, harder, sharper… But words in a book were one thing. The true test came in battle.