and joe was winking at us

Interview Games

“And we are back with the UK’s hottest new band’s lead singer, Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Hello!” I say into the microphone, smiling over at the radio presenter.

“Alright, so we’ve talked about the boring stuff such as your new single, and the album, and tour..blah blah.” He jokes, smiling at me. “Time to get in to the real exciting stuff.”

“What would that be?” I laugh, shifting in my seat.

“Everyone wants to know more about you and a certain youtuber that you are dating.” He winks at me, sitting back in his seat.

“Of course you want to talk about that.” I roll my eyes. “Doesn’t everyone?”

“Well, can you blame them? You and Joe Sugg are the hot item right now.”

“But we aren’t even new! We’ve been together for a couple years now.” I shake my head, used to people asking about myself and Joe. It was simply part of being in the spotlight.

“And yet everyone still wants to know so much about you two. So, let’s play a little game.” He clasps his hands together, grinning. I groan internally, knowing it will be some stupid little game determined to ‘expose’ some secret about Joe and I.

“What game are playing today?” I ask, playing along.

“Expose your phone. I think the audience would like to know what your last conversation with the one and only Joe Sugg consists of.”

“Probably not, we’re pretty boring.” I shrug, my mind going through the last conversation quickly.

“Then you’ll have no problem reading it out!” Knowing there was no way around it, I pull out my phone and pull up messages from Joe. The radio presenter swings around in his chair to look at it, ensuring I’m not lying about what I’m reading.

“Well, he’s away on tour right now, so we haven’t seen each other in a couple weeks. Uhm, last conversation was us talking about our day.”

“This is adorable…” He laughs, reading the messages. “Joe was telling her how cute she looked during the last interview she had on television. And then they go on to talk about how much they just want to cuddle, and lay in bed all day. He also calls her some adorable little pet names. Never thought that Joe Sugg was such a romantic.” He hands the phone back over to me, rolling back over to his spot.

“People are always surprised to find that out.” I tell him, shrugging as I click the phone off. “Sorry we’re so boring.”

“Nah, it’s adorable. I’m sure everyone will be happy to hear about that. But we are out of time everybody. So thank you to Y/N for joining me today, it was a pleasure.”

“Thanks for having me!”

“And we cannot wait for the album to drop, so everyone mark your calendar for that day! But until then, enjoy their new single…” He hits a button to play my bands new song as we both pull of our headphones.

We say our goodbyes before I head out of the studio, pulling my phone out again and calling Joe.

“Hey, babe. How was the interview?” He greets me.

“It was good. They had me read out our most recent conversation.”

“Oh no…” Joe mumbles, but he’s laughing slightly.

“No, not THAT conversation, Joe!” I blush, thinking of the one he’s talking about. “We’ve had another one since then, thank gods.”

“Come on, that would have made for a great interview!” Joe full on laughs this time, and I can’t help but join in a little.

“Maybe, but we’ll never know.”


Digidestined kids done in “Doodle Face” app! 

Idea by me, @stardust-wink and @miyashiis (Yes, Tai’s hair was obviously edited, but don’t blame us, no way in hell they would even have a hairstyle that was a bit similar to his).