and joe was winking at us

Sorry Not Sorry|T.Holland Imagine

Series:Tell Me You Love Me 

Song(s):Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato 

Warning:Mention of cheating and some swearing 

Summary:She goes out seeking revenge on her ex only to land her right into the arms of no other than Tom Holland himself

Pay back is a bad bitch

Where the word she had left Joe with a couple months ago, since then she had completely changed her appearance. Some would say she did it out of spite, while others would say she did it for herself. After years of being unappreciated in a relationship it does something to you.  She had given her all to this man who wanted nothing more then to treat her like the scum on the bottom of his shoes, and she was back and better then ever. Those extra hours in the gym paid off as she slipped on the skin tight black dress she had bought a couple months back.

Her lips where painted a cherry red, along with her long nails. Her hair was left in loose messy curls, as her smile was bright once she entered the club. She knew he’d be here tonight, it was a friends party and if she played her cards right she’d have him right where she wanted. Now she wasn’t stupid, she’d never go back to his sorry ass but she wanted him to feel what she had the moment he’d left her, but most importantly she wanted him to see just what he was missing.

The night had been going perfectly, she had wished her friend a happy birthday, along with a sweet card and a gift card to his favorite game shop. Now she was three shots in and sweaty mess on the dance floor. her cheeks were flushed, and her feet where aching but she didn’t mind. This was the most fun she’s had a few weeks and she was more then willing to take advantage of the free alcohol and the eye candy surely wasn’t that bad.

Four songs later, she excused herself and walked over to the bar where she met him. She smiled warmly at him, before ordering her drink. “I haven’t seen you around before..” She stated as she took a seat besides him as he smiled.

“I came with a friend..” He stated as she nodded her head. Thanking the guy at the bar, she took the black straw between her lips as her eyes scanned the room finally landing on his. This was the first time he saw him in person, and she felt the same emotions surface that she felt the day she had found out what he had done.

“Hey you okay?” He asked as he followed her gaze before it all clicked in his mind. He knew who she was, well he heard of her. He vaguely remembers Harrison talking about on of his friends cheating on this fine bird back in the beginning of the year. Tom remembers the anger that radiated off his best friends body once he had found out, and now sitting her besides her he felt sorry.  “He’s not worth it ya know..” He spoke as she looked at him.

“What?” She spoke so softly he nearly didn’t catch it from the sound of the bass running through the speakers of the room. Her eyes not once leaving his warm brown once as he gave her a small closed lip smile.

“I know what happened..” He said slowly buy loud enough for her to hear. Her body froze, how was it a stranger knew. Then it all kinda just clicked, the angry increased to an overwhelming degree. He watched as he threw back the rest of her drink, her eyes suddenly darken and a cold laugh escaped her lips.

“Of course you do, everyone does..” She spat as he moved away from her a bit. He certainly wasn’t expecting that reaction but then again a stranger just told her he knows she was cheated on. Most defiantly not a good first impression.

Way to go Tom, make the pretty lady angry at ya.

“Hey, hey..” He mumbled as he pulled her into his chest. She fought for a bit, only making his grip tighten. “Harrison told me..” He added as she relaxed into his embrace. She hugged him tighter for the first time having someone actually comfort her instead of giving her the It’ll be alright speech.

“Bet he also told you, how everyone but myself knew..” She stated as Tom pulled away and gave her a soft smile pressing a kiss onto her forehead. “God I’m a mess, and I didn’t even introduce myself..”

“Well I’m Spider-man..” He winked causing a smile to form on her lips.

“Well Spider-man hate to break it to you but Caption America is my fav..” She stated as he let out a gasp making her giggle at him. “But my names Y/N..” She finished as he chuckled and stood up holding a hand out for her to take.

“Well come on then, maybe I can change your mind. I mean I do shoot webs and stuff..” He stated a she pulled her up and into his body. “But you can call me Tom, darling..” He whispered in her ear as he took her onto the dance floor where they met up with Harrison who gave Tom a cheeky look, and Y/N a bright smile.

She couldn’t control the laugh that escaped her lips as she watched Tom painfully shake his hips to the song, as he wiggled his eyebrows at her. Taken her arms he pulled her into him, she lost her balance as he stumbled back pulling her closer to him as his back collided with someone. Steading them on their feet Tom turned around to apologize before the person spoke making Y/N’s blood run cold, and Tom’s grip to tighten around her body.



Tom frowned as he watched the guys eyes scan her body and a smirk to be placed on his lips. She moved in Tom’s arms as, Joe’s eyes moved to where Tom’s hand was placed. The smirk was insanity wiped from his face, as a proud one was placed on Tom’s face. He pulled you closer, making her hand rest on his chest.

“I can see you found someone new..” He stated as she looked down not knowing what to say. Tom took this chance to save her from whatever she was going to say by placing a soft kiss next to her ear whispering or her to go along with it.  “You’re not much anyways…” He chuckled as Tom’s jaw locked from those words.

“Excuse me?” He asked taken back and blinking rapidly as Joe shrugged raising the cup to his lips with a smirk on his lips. she knew he had ill intent from the moment he had said her name.

Though he was the one cheated, he never fully comprehend the fact that she had been the one to end their relationship. For as long a she could remember she knew he liked to have the upper hand in everything and it killed his ego to know he was the one that got dumped and not the other way around.
“She’s just not much of a prize is all..” He added as Tom let go of her. She watched as his fist was soon connecting to Joe’s jaw. Harrison rushed over, pull Y/N away and into one of her friends arms as he rushed over to Tom who was shouting and swing punches at her ex who was shocked, but had quickly recovered fighting back.

“Don’t you ever, and I mean ever contact her again you prick. She deserves so much better than a piece of shit like you. She’s better without so how about you do us all a favor and leave before I change my mind and do a number worse..” He spat through his teeth, as Joe grumbled and pushed pass her on his way out as a smirk finally worked its way onto her face seeing him walk away.

“HEY JOE?” She shouted as he turned to look at her. “TOLD YA, PAY BACK IS A BAD BITCH!” She finished with a wink as she went over to Tom hugging as he smiled down at her placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

Drinks & Pranks // Byron Langley

Word Count- 1385

Summary- De-stressing with your best friends ends a bit differently than you expected.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; Ugh, only one more day before I’m back to school.. someone end me please. Also, I got four Byron imagines in one day.. ok. Idk if I like this, but I hope someone does.

Requested; Yes, two in one, hope you both like it! (unless one person requested both, then hello, thank you, though I doubt it.. oh well.) x

req; can you do a Byron one where you’ve both liked eachother for a while and it takes a game of never have I ever or spin the bottle for them both to admit it

req;  hey could i request an imagine with byron (if you’re not fed up with him lol)? one where the reader is a good friend of the boys (not a youtuber and not in a relationship with byron) but the fans know about her and ship her a lot with byron, then one morning joe does a prank on byron and then sees someone else laying next to him, turns out it’s the reader and the fans freak out or something? sorry this is very specific you can change anything if you want!


You groaned as you walked into the living room of Joe’s flat, where all the boys were waiting, alcohol in hand and in a circle. “Again, really?” You asked, rubbing your head in frustration. “Yup.” Joe said, simply. “I hate you all.” You said, plopping down next to Conor and Jack. “C’mon, Y/N. You’ve been overworking yourself like crazy, you need to relax and this is how we’ve chosen to relax.” Conor said, nudging you playfully, but he had a concerned look on his face.

He wasn’t lying, you’d been having a hard time at work lately. You were falling behind, half of your co-workers had decided to take vacation all at once, and majority of the work was being passed to you, as you were the hardest working and most dedicated in your building. “Fine.” You sighed, you couldn’t resist these boys. Besides, Conor was right, you needed to loosen up.

“What game are we playing today, boys?” Joe asked, you gave him a look. “I mean.. queen and peasants!” He corrected, making you and the boys chuckle. “Never have I ever?” Oli suggested, and everyone nodded in agreement. “I’ll start.” Caspar said, sending a smirk Joe’s way. “Never have I ever kiss someone of the same gender.” He said, and Joe and Jack visibly tensed, before each grabbing a shot and downing it. (Yes, I went there. I love Joeck.) Josh and Mikey also downed a shot, but everyone knew they’d done it for a video. Joe cleared his throat. “Right, moving on, Never have I ever..”

The game progressed for awhile, questions and alcohol passing by quickly. “Alright, Y/N. Your turn.” At this point, you weren’t exactly drunk, but you were quite tipsy. That couldn’t be said for the other boys, who were all very drunk. “Never have I ever… Never have I ever called someone the wrong name while hooking up.” You smirked as every boy except one drank. “You’re all idiots.” You laughed, and Byron, who was the only one who didn’t drink, had an amused look on his face as well.

“Byron, have you even had a drink yet?” You asked, confused. He seemed completely sober. “Nope.” He said, and all the guys gawked at him; as everyone had multiple drinks and were completely smashed. “Alright, Byron. Your go, then.” You said, raising your eyebrows. “Never have I ever had sex.” Everyone looked at him wide-eyed. Joe dropped his beer bottle, Caspar screamed. “What?!” Everyone exclaimed, Conor looked personally offended. Why? Who knows, it’s drunk Conor.

“You’re kidding me, right?” You asked, and suddenly Byron burst out laughter. “Of course I’m joking, you pricks.” He said, and everyone sighed, relieved. “Oh my god, I thought I was going to have to unfriend you.” Conor slurred, and everyone looked at him oddly. “Unfriend him, Conor?” You teased, and he nodded quickly. “Yes!” He said, not noticing how what he said he didn’t make sense. “Okay, I think it’s time for bed.” You said, a bit concerned of how much alcohol Conor had consumed. He usually wasn’t a lightweight, either, so if Conor was smashed, the rest of the boys probably were too.

“Can we have a sleepover?!” Joe asked, excitedly. Yup, they were smashed, alright. “Only because I’m very worried for all of your conditions right now.” “Yayyy! I dibs the bed with Joe!” Jack said, grabbing Joe’s arm and running off, slamming the door behind them. “Okay then.” You laughed, shaking your head. You got the others situated in the living room; pillows, couches, blankets, etc. You definitely were the ‘mom’ of the group.

Once everyone was asleep, which luckily, wasn’t hard, you got up and began to grab your things. “You can stay as well, if you want.” Byron piped up, walking into the room. You turned to face him, to politely decline, but your jaw fell open and your eyes widened when you saw he was shirtless. You were pretty drunk as well, and it probably was the best to stay, and you both knew it. “I’m not sure that’s a great idea. There’s no more room in the living room, and Mikey’s already on the floor.” You said, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“You can stay in my room, you know. I’ll stick to my side of the bed, I promise. It’s really late, and you’re obviously drunk.” He said, pointing to his room. “I wouldn’t want to intrude.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly. “Y/N, I’d rather share a bed with you and know you’re safe rather than you go home and put yourself at risk. Besides, who said I didn’t want you in my bed?” He said, quietly. You almost choked on the air, and looked at him surprised. “Wait, no, I didn’t mean it like that.” He stuttered, and you laughed.

You opened your mouth to reply, but a yawn escaped instead. “C’mon, we can discuss this in the morning, if you remember.” Byron said, pulling you to his bedroom. You stole one of his shirts (with his permission, of course) and it hung loosely past your thighs. You climbed into the side opposite Byron, and faced the back towards him. “Goodnight, Byron.” You said, smiling to yourself. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

You were fast asleep, dreaming contently, when a blaring air horn sounded through the room. You shot up, eyes wide. “Joe!” Byron said, rubbing a hand on his face. You looked over, to see Joe, jaw dropped, holding his phone, meaning one thing. “You aren’t.. livestreaming, are you?” You asked, mortified. Joe’s face said it all. “I’m so sorry..” He muttered, looking horrified at the camera. “Um, I’ll go.” He said, shutting the door behind him.

“That is not how I wanted to wake up this morning.” You groaned, and then your eyes widened. “Wait, why am I in your bed anyways, Byron!? Did anything..” You asked, surprised. Byron chuckled. “No, Y/N. You were just drunk, and had nowhere to sleep. Nothing happened, don’t worry.” You sighed, a bit relieved, yet a bit disappointed. You really liked Byron, and wouldn’t have minded waking up to that every morning.

“Well we should probably get up and clarify that little uh.. Incident.” You said, sheepishly. “Oh, yeah. Of course.” Byron cleared his throat, rolling out of bed. You threw on the pants you were wearing yesterday, staying in the shirt Byron gave you. You walked out, realizing Joe was still filming his livestream. “Hey, Joe.” You smiled, waving to the livestream comments, which instantly flooded with comments about you and Byron being adorable.

“We aren’t dating, guys.” You said, a hint of disappointment hidden in your voice. “It was just a misunderstanding. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I had a few too many drinks last night, and all the boys took up all the couches and the floor, so Byron was kind enough to let me stay in his room.” You told the livestream, and checked your watch. “Crap! I’m going to be late! I gotta go, thanks for everything boys!” You cursed, grabbing your bag, which you thankfully packed last night, and ran out the door.

Byron came in shortly after you left, having gone straight to the shower. He looked around, confused. “Where’s Y/N?” He asked, rubbing his eyes slightly. “Just missed her, mate. She had to run, she was going to be late to something. Probably more work.” Joe told him, and turned back to his livestream. Byron walked over, reading the comments flying by about him and Y/N and he chuckled.

“No guys, we aren’t dating. I haven’t even asked her out, yet. Don’t get ahead of yourselves.” He winked at the livestream, grabbing an apple and walking back into his room. He left a shocked Joe and exploding viewers, excitement. “Right, well, I think this has been an eventful livestream. Thank you all so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon with another Sugg Sunday special.” He said, turning off his phone. Joe’s prank didn’t quite go to plan, but it sure as hell turned out good for the both of you, and he was satisfied with that. (He also figured, at least now he had some leverage over the two of you for future uses.)

Good Job Anna || Jack Maynard Imagine

“Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel or hello if you knew,” Jack says, “And as you can probably tell, today I am joined by my little sister and my gorgeous girlfriend.” Jack introduces Anna and me, pulling me into his side and shoving Anna away from him.

“Hey leave her alone,” I scold, earning a high-five from Anna.

“Wow, siding with her over me?” Jack teases.

“She is my favorite Maynard after all,” I tease.

“Ooh, i knew I liked you,” Anna laughs.

“Anyway, this week’s video is Girlfriend versus Little sister,” Jacks looks back into the camera smiling, “All I have to do is ask them questions and whoever gets it right wins!”

“Get on with it Maynard,” I roll my eyes.

“Whens my birthday?” He asks.

“November twenty-third,” Anna shouts making me jump.

“Correct one point to mini Maynard,” Jack says.

“I knew that, ” I pout.

“What is my Birth sign?” He says.

“Sagittarius!” I shout then laugh.

“Correct one point to my Favourite,” Jack says pulling a kiss face at me.

“Who is my best friend? Other than Y/N of course,”

“Mikey,” I say in a matter of fact tone.

“Wrong,” Jack says.

“Conor?” Anna asks.

“Nope, it was Joe,” Jack smirks.

The video continues on like this for a while before the scores are tallied.

“And the person who knows me best is, drum roll,” Jack says building suspense, “Y/N!”

“Yes!” I laugh.

“It wasn’t even fair you guys live together now,” Anna pouts.

“Do we Anna?” Jack asks laughing.


“We hadn’t said anything,” I laugh along with Jack.

“Well, now you all now that Y/N and I have moved in together,” He says kissing me softly, “Alright, ill see you guys next week! Bye!” Jack stands up and turned the camera off, and sitting at his laptop to edit.

“Good job Anna!” I tease.

“How was I supposed to know?” She asks.

“I’m just teasing, I honestly don’t care,” I shrug, “Now us girls should go out and do something without either of your brothers.”

“Yes! Let’s go shopping,” She winks making me laugh.

“Just like your brother,” I sigh standing up, pulling her along with me.

Beginnings // Joe Sugg Imagine

a/n: For those of you who sent in requests, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about them I just haven’t written them yet because I’ve been a bit busy, but I will soon I promise!!!

Joe Sugg x reader

The exciting news that Zoëy and Alfie were moving got to you and Joe at breakfast a day or two after they bought their house. You couldn’t have been happier for them, you knew how much Zoëy loved the new house they bought together and couldn’t wait to help her decorate it. 

 "Zoëy invited us over a few days after they move in to help unpack some boxes, you in?“ You ask your boyfriend of 5 months. Joe nods from across the table as he takes another bite of cereal, letting some of the milk drop off the side of his lip. You laugh and wipe it away with your napkin, causing him to lean into your hand a little bit. 

 "You’re cheesy,” you stated, getting up and putting your dishes in the sink.

 "Only for you, love,“ he responded with an over exaggerated wink. 

 Later that week, you and Joe packed up your car with a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates as a house warming gift for your friends and hit the road. The car ride was spent singing loudly to Joe’s playlist which mainly consisted of throwbacks from the 90s and early 2000’s and before you knew it, you were pulling up into the driveway of Zoëy and Alfie’s new house.

 ”Damn“ you said when you got a good look at just how gorgeous the house was. Joe nodded in shock, his mouth hanging open a bit as he maneuvered the car into a parking place in the driveway. 

 The moment you walked through the door, Zoëy bombarded you with a tight hug, followed by Alfie who did the same. You laughed and gave them their chocolates as Joe handed over the flowers. Zoëy fawned over them and asked you to help her pick out a vase in the other room. 

As soon as you and her were out of earshot, Zoëy beamed at you. 

 "So,” she said, busying her hands with opening a few boxes to look for a vase, “how are things with my little brother?“ 

 When she asked you that question earlier in your relationship with Joe, you were caught off guard and got flustered easily, mainly because you didn’t really know where you and Joe stood together. You loved being around him and he seemed to make your life a whole lot better, but you didn’t know if he felt the same way. 

But after a few late night chats in his apartment together, you knew you two were on the same page. From there your relationship blossomed into what it is today and you answered Zoëy’s question with honesty and certainty, "Things are amazing with Joe." 

 Her smile grew even larger at your response. Ever since the beginning of your relationship with Joe, she was rooting for you two to become serious, and you were. 

 "I’m so glad to hear that because I’ve never seen him like this about any other person. He tells me about you all the time, and I can tell he’s serious about the two of you,” she said. 

 Before you had time to respond, Joe and Alfie turned around the corner.

“My god, how long does it take to find one vase?!” Joe asked with fake shock. 

 You and Zoëy laughed as she grabbed the vase and led the party into the kitchen. 

 The majority of the day was filled with unpacking boxes and taking extremely necessary breaks to play with the dogs outside with Joe. 

 As you were unpacking the guest bedroom, you looked out of the giant window centered in the middle of the room. You had an amazing view of their backyard and could see for what looked like miles. The sun was starting to set over the hill and you sighed happily, the view making you smile. 

 Looking at this, the house, the sunset, everything, gave you a longing for something more in your relationship with Joe. You wanted to take things one more step further with him and experience more wonders in your relationship. 

Your thoughts were interrupted as someone came behind you and wrapped their arms around your shoulders, leaning into you. 

 "Hi Joe,“ you said sweetly, looking up to smile at your boyfriend who towered over you. 

 "How’d you know it was me?” He asked. 

 "I heard you trip and yell, ’shit!’ as you walked up the stairs. Who else would it be?“ You asked, trying your hardest not to laugh but failing miserably as you threw your head back and giggled into Joe’s chest. He smiled lovingly down at you. 

"Fair enough, fair enough,” he said, letting out a little chuckle of his own. 

 "So this is where we’ll be staying, huh? Pretty nice if you ask me,“ you said as you and Joe took a look around the room. It was pretty empty at the moment but you knew it was going to look fantastic after Zoëy puts some of her interior decorating skills to the test.

 "Big bed,” Joe smirked at you, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. You laughed, playfully hitting his arm and turning towards the sunset once again to prevent him from seeing the blush creep upon your neck and cheeks. 

 Joe came back over behind you and wrapped his arms around your shoulders again, resting his chin atop your head. And you both stayed liked that in a peaceful moment as you watched the sunset. 

 "Y/n,“ Joe mumbled after a moment. You turned around to face him and were taken aback a bit by how nervous he looked. Joe was never really nervous about anything, you were used to seeing his calm and happy self. 

 "Yeah?” You asked timidly, trying to stop your mind from thinking of terrible scenarios as to why he was suddenly acting different. He picked at his thumb a little bit as he began to speak, not making eye contact with you. 

“You know, seeing all this with Zoë and Alfie, them getting the house and moving in together and everything, has made me think,” he said. He looked up to meet your eyes before finishing his thought, “I love you, you know that, but I want to prove it more. I want this for us,” he motioned around the room, “a life together, living together,” he said. 

 "Woah, woah, woah, are you proposing?“ You asked nervously. You loved Joe and could definitely see yourself marrying him in the future, but you were both so young and still had so many things to accomplish in your lives. 

 He chuckled, "no, no, not yet anyways,” he stopped to make sure you were laughing with him, which you were, and continued his sentence. “I mean I want to live together. So uhm…” he looked back down at his hands, a habit he had when he was nervous. 

 Once again gathering his courage, he met your eyes. “Do you want to move in with me?” He asked in what seemed like a whisper. 

 You grinned and latched your hands to the front of his shirt, pulling him in for a passionate kiss. “Well, I’ll take that as a yes,” he said before diving back in for another kiss.

Ganging Up

“And look who’s joined us this morning,” Joe announces, spinning the camera around to the other man standing in the room.

“Who?!” Graham looks back and forth quickly, although his face is cut off from the shot, smiling as soft giggles come from the woman sat at the counter. “Ah, yes! The lovely Y/N!” He gestures over to her as Joe shifts the camera to her.

“I’m here most mornings,” She teases, sticking out her tongue at the camera.

“And now Joe will have to edit that out,” Graham winks at her, knowing that the viewers still weren’t fully aware of how close the couple had gotten.

“I know, it’s so much fun saying stuff he has to edit out.”

“Oh, so glad you get enjoyment from my torture,” Joe drawls, rolling his eyes.

“Part of being in a relationship, son!” Graham announces, turning his attention back to the breakfast he’s cooking. “Now, grab the plates, foods nearly ready.”


“Grab the plates, Joe.”

“I can grab them…” Y/N starts to get up, but Graham shakes his head quickly.

“Joe has two arms and two legs, he can grab them.” He winks at her again, and she smiles knowing that he’s simply trying to rile Joe up.

“Oh yes, lets just force the youtuber to stop vlogging,” Joe mutters, “You know, the thing he has to do for a living.”

“What are you talking about?” Y/N cocks her head, “You aren’t a daily vlogger.”

“Don’t you start too.” He glares over at her, grabbing a couple of plates.

“Start what?” She smiles back innocently, “You’re the one always claiming you aren’t a daily vlogger.”

“She’s got a point,” Graham nods, tapping the camera Joe had put down on the counter, “There’s physical proof of that.”

“You two are never allowed around each other again.” Joe replies, exchanging the plates for his camera, quickly turning it back on. “So Y/N and my dad think that because I don’t daily vlog, I’m not a true youtuber.”

“We never said that!” She protests, leaning over the counter to get in shot, “He’s making up lies!”

“Lying to your fans now, Joe?” Graham shakes his head, “How do they put up with you!”

“That’s what I ask all the time,” Y/N sighs, settling back in her seat as Joe spins around.

“Will you two stop it?! I am not lying to them!”

“Yes you are.” They reply in unison, and Joe lets out a small groan, looking back at the camera.

“No, I’m not. I would never lie to you.”

Graham clears his throat from the other side of the camera, and when Joe looks up, he points over at Y/N with his spatula, raising an eyebrow. Joe looks over at his girlfriend, who just starts giggling.

“Alright…” He focuses back on the camera, “I take back that statement. Although, it’s not lying. Just keeping stuff from you. To keep some privacy in my life. You understand that, right?”

“The camera isn’t going to answer, son. Sorry to break it to you.” Graham says casually, dishing out the food.

“I’m not asking the camera!” Joe splutters, waving his hand around, “I’m asking the viewers!”

“Do you see viewers, Y/N?”

“Hmm, no, I don’t. Just us and the camera.”

“So unless he’s asking us, but I don’t think he was.”

“No, I don’t think so.” She taps her fork against her chin, “He must be talking to the camera.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Graham nods once, picking up his plate as Joe stares over at the two of them.

“Are you serious right now?” He asks, glancing between the two.

“Sorry, us or the camera?” Graham asks, smirking as he takes a bite of food, Joe glaring over at him.

“Last time I invite you over.”

“Last time I make you breakfast.”

“This is unfair!” Joe pouts, staring at the camera, “My dad and girlfriend are against me. They have joined forces against me!”

“Oh sweetie,” Y/N coos, “We’ve been doing that since the day you introduced us!”

“My biggest mistake.” He grumbles, hitting the button to stop the recording, grabbing his plate and sinking into the seat beside her.

“You mean the best thing you could have done,” Graham points his fork over at Joe.

“It’s because we love you, babe.” Y/N leans over, kissing his cheek.

“Some way of showing your love,” Joe rolls his eyes, but his pout is fading as she links an arm with his, leaning against him while they eat.

“If I didn’t bug you, how would you know you’re my favourite?” Graham comments, picking up Joe’s camera and turning it back on.

“What are you doing…”

“And here we have the adorable couple enjoying a lovely meal cooked by Daddy Sugg. To which Joseph should be grateful, because it allowed him to vlog instead of wasting time cooking.”

“This is why you don’t have a channel,” Joe scoffs.

“I would have an amazing channel!”

“I’d subscribe.” Y/N tells him, “You could be the daily vlogger!”

“They’d all forget about Joe and watch me,” Graham chuckles as Joe’s pout returns, and he leans forward to grab the camera, but his dad steps back as Y/N tugs him back into his seat.

“Quit being a baby, and eat your breakfast.”

“You are both never allowed around each other again.” Joe repeats as the other two start to laugh.

Unexpected Reunion [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: u’ve been talking about Seb so here’s a concept: Barry got so bullied during middle school that he moved to Ohio where his mom’s or dad’s family lived, transfered to Dalton &changed his name for a fresh start. In attempt to not be a victim anymore he adopted that persona.. & he liked it?? Being all snarky and all?? u went to McKinley &u r like frienemies. Time skip to today, u move to Central for work &r introduced to Barry Allen. He freaks out when he sees u & u’re like ‘Sebastian u twink wth?’

a/n: this fucked me over man….i need headcanons to read now lol…send me some… /requests closed right now/

Barry thought his high school, Dalton, days were over. Sure, he absolutely loved being a completely different person; he was always more confident and snarky back then. Sebastian knew what he wanted and didn’t put up with anyone’s shit. It felt really good to be able to do that after everything he went through as a kid. But, that was back then. He isn’t Sebastia- okay, maybe he still is. Just deep, deep down. Of course, he isn’t expecting to be him today; when he comes into work, he spits his coffee.

Ducking his head, he tries to avoid the small group of people, trying to rush to his lab. “Sebastian?!” you scream, interrupting Captain Snigh. Barry pauses, eyes wide, foot halfway on the step. “Sebastian Smythe. You twink, what the hell are you doing here?” you fume, placing your hands on your hips, moving your gray blazer.

Puckering his lips, he retraces his steps, landing in front of you. Then it’s like a lightswitch flipping on in his head. “Uh, I work here? Why else? Come on, you’re a smart girl. At least, you were.” he sneers, hazel eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief; like in high school. “So is the whole ensemble here or is it just you? I can never tell; you McKinley’s are kinda like…like annoying gnats. You never leave.” he spits, clutching his Jitter’s coffee to his chest, cardboard pressed to his soft blue sweater.

Inhaling, you step closer to him, hands still on your hips. “Just me, gay chipmunk. I live here now. In fact, I’m starting my job today.” you say proudly, twisting your torso slightly from side to side. “Detective Y/N Y/L/N.”

“A detective?!” he exclaims mockingly, bending his neck. “I always thought you would go on to be a stripper.” he smirks, “You know, you were always so desperate for me, remember?” he purrs into your ear; your jaw tenses. “Practically undressing me with your eyes, even though you knew I was gay?” he chuckles, standing up tall. “I’m not; bi now. Gets more options.”

Your face goes red and you square your shoulders, staring up at him. “You did the same, Sebastian.” you accuse, looking around the room before stepping closer. “Don’t pretend you didn’t get a boner when I sang.” you whisper. Barry coughs, nibbling on his lip as he gazes at the floor. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a job to do, Bas.” you smirk, winking at him.

Barry grins wickedly, tongue swiping over his teeth while his pale green eyes rake down your body. “Always good seeing you, honey… I’ll be seeing you a lot more.” he snickers, watching your hips sway as you strut back to the Captain. Joe cocks an eyebrow, eyes bouncing between the two of you. “What?” Barry asks softly, returning to his usual persona. Well, the one Joe is used to.

“Sebastian? She from your high school? I thought you went to an all boys school.” he scratches his goatee.

Barry scoffs, “No. It’s… a long story.”

Best Friend’s Brother - Joe Sugg

Rating: FLUFF

Warnings: None really

Request: an imagine where you’re best friends with Zoe and she introduces you to Joe because he thinks you’re cute. some celebrity crush kinda stuff.

A/N: requests are open

[outfit: ]


Zoe holds a shirt against my chest, another in her other hand as she compares the two. I’m standing topless in the middle of my own bedroom as my older sister tries to figure out how she wants to dress me. She asked me to lunch today and said there was some surprise, but she’s left me clueless as of what the surprise could be.

“Will you at least give me a bloody idea? As lovely as this is, I feel like a child. I know how to dress.” I speak, running my fingers through my hair as Zoe starts going through a pile of clothes she’s already pulled out. “And you’d better be putting all this up, you’re trashing my room.”

“Calm down, I’m getting you a girlfriend.” She throws a top at me. “Wear that one.”

I sigh and pull the shirt over my head. “What are you on about?”

“You made a comment about how you thought (Y/N) was quite fit. Luckily for you, you have a wonderful sister like me to put in a good word. We got together not too long ago for a video for her channel and I asked her what she thought of you. ‘Course the girl got a little pink in the face, she said you were cute.”

Zoe winked at me as my face heated up slightly. I’d only seen the girl a few times, but I knew she was great. She was gorgeous, her smile could light up any room, and her sense of humor was something out of my dreams. The last time I’d seen her was at Playlist, but she announced that she’d be moving to London. Now, we live in the same city and I’ve been too nervous to hit her up. She’s been a youtuber about as long as I have and she’s quite successful. I’ve been working up the nerve to ask her to collab with me, but I guess Zoe playing matchmaker works too.

“Okay, you’re going to meet her at that cute little cafe a block away in 20 minutes. Don’t be on your phone, keep the conversation alive, and flirt with the girl! She likes you, show that you like her.” Zoe threw a pair of shoes at me before looking me over, making sure that I was Zoe-approved for my surprise date. As I put my shoes on Zoe walks out of my bedroom. “Thank me later!” She yells before I hear my front door close.


I run my fingers through my hair nervously. I finish getting ready when I hear my phone ring. Checking it, I see that it’s Zoella wanting to facetime me.

I answer. I hear the excitement in her voice when she replies and the smile she’s wearing covers her face cheek-to-cheek.

“I just left Joe’s house. He’ll be there in about 20 minutes. Show me the outfit.”

I stand in front of the mirror in my bedroom and show her my look for today. “Zoe, you picked this out. Why do you want to see it?” I hear her giggle before she answers.

“I just wanted to see the finished product. I love it! I’m gonna let you go, go woo my brother. Actually, I’m going to forget that those words came out of my mouth, but go have fun!” With that, she hung up. I grabbed my phone and headed out the door.

I make it to the cafe within minutes and I take a seat by a window looking out on London. Zoe said that Joe would be here in the next few minutes, so I might as well take a seat. I check my phone to see a text from Zoe. 

“Good luck with the date, call me when you get home. I want all the details.💖”

I heard the bell above the door ding, causing my curiosity to peak. There he was. Joe Sugg himself, walking into this little cafe in search of me. Our eyes met and I sent him a smile. His face lit up as he made his way to where I was sitting.

“(Y/N), is this seat taken?” He asked with a cheeky smile.

“Not currently. Take a seat.” With that said, Joe sat down. He looked at me for a moment before opening his mouth. Like he wants to say something, but he can’t find the words. Instead of saying something, he stuck his hand across the table. Laughing a little, I shook his hand.

“You look wonderful.”

“As do you Joe, you clean up nicely.”

“Thank you. Have you ordered yet?”

“I haven’t. I’ve only been here a few minutes, actually.” The smile on his face was enough for me. His light hair was perfectly tousled and his eyes were brighter than the sun. He nodded his head towards the counter as he stood up.

“Alright. What do you want? I’ll go order.”

I watched him walk away after I answered. Joseph Sugg is unbelievably attractive, even when he’s walking away. He was wearing his glasses, which only made him more attractive. How one can be so perfect was something I don’t know. As Joe spoke to the woman behind the counter, I watched as his jaw moved with every word that left his mouth. I watched how his arms looked as he pulled his wallet out to pay. I watched as he thanked her when she handed him the drinks. I turned away as he faced me, hoping he hadn’t noticed how I stared.

“Here we go.” he spoke, placing the cup in front of me before sitting down. I placed my hands on the warm cup, hoping that it would keep me from grabbing a hold of his, which happened to look very holdable.

“Thank you.” I sent him a smile, which he returned.

I worried that this would be awkward, but it was far from it. I realized fairly quickly that it was impossible to be awkward with Joe. The boy in front of me dropped the ‘first impression’ nerves and became everything you’d expect him to be as soon as he sat back down. I found myself laughing at joke after joke, and just loving being in his company. The obvious icebreakers like youtube weren’t necessary. By the time we were getting ready to leave, we were deep in conversation and 10 minutes till closing.

“Wait, how many impressions can you do?” I laughed. If there was anything considered most attractive about Joe, it would be his humor.

As our laughter quieted and we stood outside the cafe, I found Joe looking at me, only a small smile on his face as I wiped away the small tear falling down my cheek.

“You know, you’re gorgeous.”

It was almost as if he didn’t want me to hear it his voice was so light. I felt my face heat up slightly and hoped he couldn’t notice.

“Thank you.” I smiled softly. The sun was getting ready to set, but I didn’t want to leave him just yet. The skies were clear, so what was left of the sun shone around him, highlighting his face.

“When Zoe told me about this, she waited until last minute to tell me it was a date. I’d like to think that this went very well.” As he said this, he grabbed my hand, just enough to intertwine our fingers.

“I think it did.” I promise you that no matter how hard I smiled, it still wouldn’t be enough to show how happy I was in this moment. Before today, I’d only seen Joe a handful of times. An Upload event a while back. A music festival we both went to. Maybe a party or two. Before today, I didn’t know him.

We stood there in silence for a few moments, just looking at each other with the biggest smiles on our faces that we could muster.

“May I walk you home?” He broke the silence, and the question almost sounded shy. His cheeks grew the slightest pink tint. I nodded my head and turned from the cafe, pulling him in the right direction. In the short walk back to my flat, I kept feeling like I didn’t want to ever make it back. Conversation kept flowing as we timidly flirted, seeing how far we could go. Then, suddenly we were standing in front of my door. Joe and I took a second to exchange numbers, each of us secretly hoping that this would go on. We stood outside my door for 15 minutes. I wondered what would happen. How would he leave me tonight? I got my answer when Joe’s phone rang.

“It’s Zoe.” He chuckled before rejecting the call and placing the phone back in his pocket. “I guess I need to head home. I didn’t realize how long I’ve kept you to myself.” He winked at me, and it was easily the highlight of my night. Or, I thought it was, until he was leaving. He stopped about 10 steps away from me before turning around. Suddenly, he was back in front of me, his warm hand pressed against my cheek.

“Can I kiss you?” His breath was warm and smelled of mint, despite the tea he’d drank earlier. All I could do was nod. The close proximity we were in was intoxicating. I wanted to be this close to him forever. Then his soft lips were on mine and all thoughts left my mind. Fairy tales and romance novels don’t prepare you for what I felt. They felt sparks or fireworks. I felt happiness beyond comparison. It was over as quickly as it began, and I felt myself missing it.

“I’ll call you?” It sounded like he was asking me for permission, so I nodded my head. I couldn’t wait to do this again, but I tried to hide my excitement. He kissed me once more before leaving. As I entered my apartment I felt my phone buzz. When I checked it, I could see that it was a text from Zoe.

“So, did you woo him?😉”

Fresh Start - Part 11

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Joe West, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon

Words: 2501

Warnings: none I think

Request: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @moonlightbae14  @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms   @dejewskoo @castellandiangelo @captainboomerangsunicorn  @catscanwritetoo @arianna280398 @mikkywinchester  @oliviagrace02 @fofo64004 @l4life  @gothesimplethingsinlife @jade-cheshire @kindfloweroflove @yohoyohoafandomlifeforme @blue-berry-barry-allen @staceyisweird @megasimpleplan4ever

Note: hello! I know there is no way to say how sorry I am and there’s no way to make it right for all this time. I really am sorry. As some of you may know Im at college and I’ve been doing exams the past month and I’ve been completely disconnected from Tumblr since it was a big distraction I can’t afford. Somehow  I’ve managed to finis this chapter which I hope you like if you’re still interedted n the series! My last exam is tomorrow so I’ll have some time off until Friday but Iwill be off during the weekened again because on Saturday is my graduation but I think next week I will be here again so thank you so much for your patience and I’m sorry for all this time without any update!

Originally posted by chubbycubbins


That night you weren’t able to sleep. That sound The Flash has made really got stuck in your head. It sounded like Barry but that was impossible. Barry Allen couldn’t be the scarlet superhero, it just didn’t make sense. Plus, he would have told you right? You were his girlfriend after all and being a superhero was kind of a big deal. He wouldn’t keep something like that from you.

But what if he did?

At 4 a.m. you just couldn’t stay in bed any longer so you got up, made some coffee and sat at the table with your laptop to start digging now about Barry. You felt bad doing this. Asking him would be easier but you knew he would never tell you anything. He would just tell you to stop searching and that wasn’t an option.

Looking into Barry turned out to be even more frustrating than looking into The Flash. He was just a guy working for the CCPD, there was nothing about him except some news about some police cases in which he collaborated. Nothing else. When the sun was already up in the sky you were just exhausted but it was then when you found something you didn’t expect to find: Barry Allen was struck by a lightning the night the particle accelerator exploded.

When you read that, you changed your searching pattern and searched information about that night and about the boy who was struck by lightning. Indeed, that had been Barry and he had been in a coma for months. Apparently, when the accelerator exploded he was working in his lab. After a time of being treated at the hospital, STAR Labs took him in to take care of him and it was there where he woke up six months later. According to all the sources, he felt fine when he woke up, like nothing ever happened and he just went back to his life.

That was weird. He got struck by a fucking lightning and no side effects? Nothing? You could have kept on digging but you knew there was only one person that could answer your new questions and he wasn’t going to be happy about them. You got up from the chair, feeling sore after all those hours sitting down, and took a shower, got dressed and headed towards Barry’s house, ready to question him once and for all. He knew something about The Flash, you knew it, you felt it, and he was going to tell you what he knew.

Fifteen minutes later you parked in front of Barry’s house. After taking a deep breath, you got off the car, locked it and headed towards the door. You had to admit you were a bit nervous when you knocked. Barry wasn’t going to like it when he knew you had been investigating him but you really needed to get to the bottom of this. You just couldn’t let it go now.

“(Y/N)! What a nice surprise” Joe said with a warm smile when he opened the door.

“Morning, Mr West” you smiled back.

“Oh please, call me Joe and come in. We were just having breakfast so you can join us” he said stepping aside so you could walk in.

“Thanks Joe” you smiled walking in and looking around. You loved this place. It looked so familiar, so cosy, so…home.

“How’s everything at college?” He asked leading you towards the dining room where Barry was. “Look who showed up for breakfast” he announced.

Barry looked up from his phone and immediately he smiled before getting up. It looked like he just got up since his hair was all messy and he was wearing his pj’s. He was adorable.

“What are you doing here?”  He smiled wrapping his arms around you.

“I came to…” for a moment you considered just telling him but you didn’t want to cause a scene in front of Joe so you just looked at Barry and pecked his lips. “I wanted to have breakfast with you” you shrugged.

“Then join us” he smiled pecking your lips again. “I can assure you Joe’s pancakes are the best in town” he winked while you took a seat.

“He’s lying” Joe said. “They’re the best in the country” he added making you laugh.

“They do smell like they are” you laughed. “Where’s Iris?” You asked curious.

“She had to go to the paper this morning” Joe shrugged. “News never rest apparently”

he joked making you smile. It had been such a long time since you had a breakfast like this one. Back in Star City everything was too messy and busy to have such things like family breakfast. And you really missed them. You could remember those times at the old Queen mansion, before your dad and Oliver went missing, when the five of you used to sit all together to have breakfast almost every day. You used to think it was a bit boring and dull but now you would give everything you had just to enjoy one more breakfast with your family.

When you were finished, you insisted on cleaning up the table, ignoring Joe’s and Barry’s protests. It was the least you could do. Once it was done, Joe excused himself saying he had to go to the grocery store so you two sat on the couch.

“Those pancakes really were good” you admitted.

“I know” he smiled at you. “It was really nice having you here” he added stroking one side of your face.

You smiled warmly at him before leaning in to kiss him slowly, just enjoying the taste of his lips for a while, the feeling of his hand on your waist, rubbing it up and down, pulling you closer.

“Actually…” you mumbled pulling away. You had to do what you had come to do. “I wanted to talk to you” you said. He frowned a bit at the sudden seriousness and sat up straight.

“About what?” He asked.

Biting your lip you took your bag and took the new about him you had printed before going out of your apartment. It was the best one you had found about the lightning struck. He took the paper and unfold it to read it. His frown was even bigger as he saw what it was about. Seconds later, he looked up.

“You’ve been looking into me?” He asked.

“I…” you didn’t even know how to explain. Accusing him of being The Flash was just crazy but there was something in your stomach telling you they were connected. “Last night The Flash paid me a visit” you told him. His expression didn’t even change, like he already knew. “Did you have something to do with it?”

“I may have contacted him, yes” he shrugged. “Why look into me?”

“Because…” you bite your lip. “I think you two are connected and then I found this, which you never told me about, and…” with a sigh you closed your eyes. “Okay, I know this is crazy. But are you connected to him? Somehow?”

“The only reason I never told you about this is because it never came up and it’s not something I use to talk about” he shrugged. “But why on earth would I be connected to The Flash?”

“You contacted him last night” you said.

“The police has a way of contact him” he quickly replied. Too quickly.

“That’s bullshit” you snapped and you made him snap too.

“Stop! Stop looking into this! There is no connection! There is nothing connecting me and that guy and the only thing you are going to get is killed, don’t you understand?” He said getting up. You could see how frustrated he was with this. “He’s just a fucking superhero doing his job! Leave him be!”

“You know I won’t” you said getting up as well.

He looked down at you, almost intimidating you by how tall he actually was, but you managed to remain calmed.

“We can have this fight all the times you want, Barry, but I won’t stop until I find the truth. And I will find it” you assured him before taking your bag, the paper from his hand and heading towards the door. “Call me when you accept it” you said before walking out of his house.

Once you left the house, all Barry wanted to do was break something. He was too angry, too frustrated and too worried. He didn’t know what to do anymore. Maybe telling you was the best option but he just didn’t want you involved in that mess. You had a good life and he didn’t want to ruin it.

Since he was going crazy into the house, he got changed real quickly and ran off to STAR Labs, hoping they would be able to help him.

“You have to tell her” Cisco said as soon as Barry exposed the issue.

“I knew you were going to say that” Barry laughed shaking his head.

“It’s the most logical answer” Caitlin shrugged. “What has happened to your previous relationships?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“That’s low” Barry mumbled crossing his arms.

“That’s the true” Caitlin said with a shrug.

“I’m aware that telling her would make this easier but it would also put her in danger” Barry explained.

“She’s more in danger looking into The Flash without any warning” Cisco objected.

“She’s been warned a million times already!” Barry exclaimed.

“But she doesn’t know why she’s been warned. For her, your ‘warnings’ are an overprotective boyfriend move to ‘keep her safe’”, Caitlin said. “There’s no real danger for her” she added.

Barry frowned looking at the friends. They were right. Utterly right but still, he didn’t want to tell you. It was too dangerous.

“What if a new villain comes, finds out about her and attacks her?” Barry asked.

“If she knew you were The Flash, she would be able to call for help” Cisco replied. Right again. With a sigh, Barry shook his head still not knowing what to do even when he knew what was the right thing to do. “Enough of this. Barry, the police needs you” Cisco said looking at his phone. “Robbery in progress” he added. In a second, Barry was into his suit and running out of the laboratory.

Meanwhile, you were back in your apartment. You knew you should be doing some college stuff but you were really getting obsessed with The Flash. You weren’t going to stop until you found out everything about him. He had some explanation left about Black Siren and you were to get it, even if you had to do it all by yourself. You were going through every single web site that talked about The Flash. It didn’t matter if it was just a sentence mentioning him. Everything could be a lead and you needed everything you could find.

“Where do you come from?” You asked yourself. He just appeared out of nowhere but he had to come out from some place. If you found that place, you could go there and wait for him. He would have no way out.

Frustrated, you got up and went to the kitchen to pour yourself another cup of coffee. There had to be some hint, anything trail that lead you to him. He wasn’t a ghost. He was a real person.

“A trail…” you mumbled frowning. “Of course!

”You went back to your laptop and looked for Iris’ blog about him. She used to say there was a lightning trail when he ran somewhere, like it followed him. That was the key. It had to be. Finally you saw some photos and smiled. You couldn’t see him but there was that strike just behind him. If you could find out where that strike started you would find him.

It wasn’t an easy job. You had to find every single photo related to The Flash and put it all together, trying to make a puzzle. Most of them just got lost in random places that made no sense, like Jitters or CCPD. But then, you discovered a new place. One you never thought about and you definitely should have done it. STAR Labs.

It was an article about Harrison Wells. He used to work at STAR Labs. He had been the inventor of the particle accelerator. He worked in STAR Labs. He had treated Barry and he had been interviewed about The Flash a couple of years ago. According to the article, Wells denied any connection to the super hero but admitted he must had been affected by the particles explosion. That was it.

The Flash was connected to STAR Labs. Whoever worked there had the answer you had been looking for.

Immediately, you took your car keys and ran down to your car. There was no time to lose. Luckily, STAR Labs were easy to find: it was a huge ugly building on the other side of the river. Easy to see. When you parked outside of the building and got out of the car you looked around. There was just a car. Nothing else. According to what you read, the Labs had been closed since the accelerator incident so you didn’t expect many people in there.

Finally, you gathered the courage to walk into the building. It looked completely abandoned, like no one had been there in years which was possibly true, but your instinct told you to keep walking. At the end of the hall, you saw an elevator. Would it work? Biting your lip, you pressed the button and soon the doors opened. It looked almost new and it definitely had been used before. There was just a button that would take you to the basement so you pushed it without thinking about it twice.

What you found out of the elevator didn’t look abandoned at all. Someone worked there and you could even hear some voices down the hall which made you nervous. Maybe you were about to meet The Flash.

“Wow, you really were fast this time” a male voice said when you walked in a room where two people were in front of very advanced computers. The guy that had talked turned around in his chair, but his face went pale when he saw you. “Security breach” he said, making the girl on the chair turn as well.

“Oh shit” she said.

Then, there was a strong gust of wind all around you. The guy and the girl didn’t even flinch, like they were used to that but when you saw the scarlet strike running by your side you gasped and looked up. You had it right. But you never expected what you saw.

“Barry?” You whispered when you saw the guy under the hood.

It wasn’t until you said his name that he noticed your presence and, when he did, a billion expressions went through his face in one second: confusion, shock, surprise, anger and finally fear.

“(Y/N)” he mumbled. 

Naked and Afraid || Josh Pieters Imagine

The water rushes over me washing away the dirt of the day. I run my hands through my wet hair and down my body, scrubbing each and every craves. Wishing so desperately to feel clean. I step out of the shower and into the cool air. A shiver runs up my spine as I quickly tuck the towel around my body. I open the door of the bathroom and walk into my boyfriend’s bedroom, dropping my towel I glance around the room, searching for my clothes, I pull the towel up to cover my chest. Walking out into the living room I shout, “Josh where have you put my clothes?” But instead of being greeted by the eyes of my boyfriend, its six other pairs of eyes. My eyes widen, “Well fuck,” I mumble. I quickly wrap the towel around myself properly.

“Nice ass love,” Jack laughs, I shake my head in response.

“Thanks,” I wink, “Now where is my boyfriend?”

“Kitchen,” Joe says eyes focusing back on the screen.

I turn on my heel and make my way to the kitchen, “So your friends just say me naked,” I say to my boyfriend.

“What?” He half shouts, making his way towards me.

“You could have told me that they were here,” I say poking his chest, “Now where are my clothes?”

“Oh here love, I just washed them,” He says handing me my clothes. I smile and give him a soft kiss. I make my way back into Josh’s bedroom and get dressed.

Making my way back into the living room, I take a seat next on Josh’s lap hiding my face in the crook of his neck. The chuckles of the guys surround me making my face flush.

“Oi,” Josh half shouts making me jump slightly, his arms wrap themselves around me, “Stop it, Just because my girlfriend is hotter than any girl you lot could pull.”

I laugh removing my head from Josh’s neck, poking my tongue out at each of the boys.

“I agree with you on that one mate,” Jack says winking at me making Josh growl in jealousy.

“Stop teasing him,” I say winking back at Jack, “He’s much hotter than you lot anyway.”

Josh turns my face to his placing his lips on mine, tongue swiping itself across my bottom lip, I open my mouth allowing him to explore it with his tongue. A cough causes us to break apart.

“Dude, if you’re going to make out with your girlfriend, can you at least give one of us the other controller,” Oli says chuckling softly.  Josh throws the controller towards the others and places his mouth on mine again.

“Y'all are nasty,” I hear a voice I vaguely recognize as Joes say.

Zalfie Meddles

a/n: any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and requests are open! (also, i know this is a pain in the ass to scroll through. i put it under a read more and it doesn’t seem to be working on mobile :-/ sorry! i’m trying to figure it out.)

word count: 2.6k+

summary: thanks to zoe and alfie, you and joe talk about taking the next step in your relationship.

“Oh, hi! Come in, come in!” Zoe greets the two of you, beckoning you into her home. “I wasn’t expecting you until later! It’s only eight in the morning.” She gives Joe a hug and does the same to you, laughing, “Look at me! I’m still in my pajamas.”

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Night Of Surprises

Joe was determined.

Determined to get his best friend to join him and the boys on a night out.

It was long overdue, really.

Over the past four years of friendship, he had yet to get her to go out on the town with them, although he knew she went out with some of her girl friends occasionally.

The boys respected Y/N’s decision though, because they knew she was busy with school. She had a scholarship to maintain, and a job as well to help support her living, between work and studying, there just wasn’t much time to go out, so the rare occasion she had time to do so, it was with her girls.

The boys had groaned and moaned about how Y/N liked her girl friends better than them, but she was quick to remind them that all her other free time was spent with them. And even when she was studying she was around them.

So the boys were quick to shut up, knowing that there wasn’t much else they could say, because she was right, they did get her a lot of the time.

But Joe was still determined, because he wanted to have a fun night out with all of his best mates. Y/N included.

He waited until finals were done and all her papers were handed in. He had stolen her work schedule one day while they were hanging out, and so knew what night would work best.

Now he just had to convince her.

“You want me to come out with you guys?” She asked one night while they had dinner at Joe’s.

“Yes. You haven’t been out with us, and I’m sure Mikey and Jack could use a wing woman.”

“I just…” She pushed the food around her plate, “There’s probably more fun people to go out with.”

“Love, you’re my best friend. There is no one better. Please?”

“Fine,” Y/N finally sighed. “I’ll go out.”


“Yes, really.”

“This is going to be the best night ever.” Joe grinned, practically bouncing in his seat.

None of the boys knew what to expect.

When the night finally arrived, the boys were buzzing, ready to take their female friend out and show her the nightlife of London.

They figured that the girls nights she had had were probably pretty tame to their nights, and were excited to show her what an actual good time was.

“Ready?” Y/N asked, appearing from upstairs of Joe’s flat, smiling over at the boys, who had all fallen silent at her appearance.

The outfit she was wearing was unlike anything they had seen on her. They had seen similar outfits at the clubs, on the girls they had tried to pull, but not on their quiet and studious friend.

“Holy shit,” Jack broke the silence, “You look hot.”

“Awe, thanks Jack. Now, are you ready to go?” She asked again, spinning around on her heel and heading for the door, “Let’s go boys!”

The moment the boys stepped foot through the door of the club, the surprises continued.

Y/N lead them over to the bar, ordering a couple rounds of shots, and a few of the boys exchanged hesitant glances, wondering if she’d be able to handle them.

Until she threw back her shots, and a few of theirs, with ease, smiling casually at them.

“Time to dance!” She told them, pulling Joe and Conor out onto the floor with her, letting the music wash over her body as she began to dance.

Joe and Conor stood in shock as they watched her for a moment, unsure of how to react exactly, and judging my the looks on the other boys faces, neither did they.

None of them had seen her like this, so used to the quiet and reserved side, she was the type of person to throw herself into her studies, to roll her eyes when they did something stupid or Jack made an inappropriate comment. Now they were watching her become someone entirely different, but in a way so confident that they were mesmerized.

Because it was clearly still their Y/N, but letting loose and having more fun.

After the initial shock, the boys did their best to simply work with this newly discovered side of their friend, but continued to exchange shocked and confused looks throughout the night.

And the most surprising part was when she slipped her way through the crowd over to their small group to announce that she was leaving.

“Alone?” Joe asked worriedly, already preparing himself to leave as well.

“Nope,” Y/N shook her head, a sly smile on her lips, “With him.” She turned to point over her shoulder at a man standing a little ways back, who nodded over at her.

“Wait,” Jack shook his head, “You pulled?”

“Jealous?” She replied.


“Good.” Her smile switched to the one they were all used to, a beaming smile, “Thanks for dragging me out tonight, you guys. I had fun. I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner, right?”

Once they had all nodded, she winked and turned away from them, making her way back to the man waiting.

“Holy shit.” Josh mumbled, taking a long sip of his drink.

“This just isn’t fair,” Jack pouted.

“Did you know?” Conor asked, looking over at Joe, who shook his head.

“Had no idea. She’s full of surprises.”

“How do I find myself a best friend like that?!” Jack whined, “I want a hot party girl for a best friend!”

“Maybe one day,” Joe laughed, patting the younger man’s shoulder.

Joe Sugg - Best Friend

Words count: 1425

Warning: None

Summery: being friends with people with cameras everywhere.

A/N: I made a mini serious of this so expect more to come.

Part two

You’re a blogger/artist.  You knew Tanya Burr through some mutual friends, and events. You became friends very easy and very quickly. And through her you met Zoe aka Zoella and Alfie and then Joe. You and Joe hit it of straight off you joked around as if you knew each other your whole lives.

One day you were at the Zalfie household for a party which you were invited for. You haven’t been in any videos or vlogs, briskly in any or your friend’s videos. You told everyone that you weren’t comfortable enough to be in any of their videos and they all respected that. But being in a party full of youtubers and social media addicts you can never be sure of what may happen.

You and Joe were standing with Tan and Jim talking, Joe had his hand around your shoulder and leaning on you as he told a joke that made both you and Tanya to laugh and you to slightly lean onto Joe.

“I’m telling you Tan introducing us is the best thing you’ve ever done.” You tolled Tanya once Joe and Jim got pulled away by a few other lads. You glanced at Joe and smiled before your eyes meeting Tanya’s brown ones. Tan looked a tad suspicious.

“Do you in any way like Joe more than a friend, (y/n)?” She asked with a kind smile, that only Tan could master.

“No, no I don’t.” You said shaking your head. “Not as you think at least, but you know hard it is for me to move after (y/bbf/n) moved away.”

“I know.” Tanya gave you a sad smile and gave you hand a squeeze. Zoe called for Tan, who left after giving you a last look.

“What was that all about?” Joe asked you, carrying a drink for you.

“Nothing, to worry about.” You took the cup from him. You gave him an innocent smile. That’s when a song started playing, everyone cheered and started to dance.

“Come on, let’s show everyone our dance moves.” Joe said loudly and you laughed. You set your cups down and moved to where people were dancing. You and Joe started dancing with everyone and having a good laugh, while making a few silly dances.

“Come on Joe, I know when we’re not wanted.” You said pouting. You moved to the kitchen to talk with Naomi about your blog and organizing a shopping trip. After a while everyone started leaving, you were thankful you only had one drink because Joe was on his way to drunk. You had music playing lowly as you drove back to London (from Brighten) with Joe asleep in the passenger seat.

You managed to drive to London and to Joe’s house and not falling asleep. You decided to spend the night seeing as you almost fell asleep on the way to Joe’s house. It wasn’t the first time you stayed, you helped Joe to his room and left him change and go to bed on his own, before going to the spare bedroom where one of your leggings and joe’s hoodie .

In the morning Joe surprisingly woke up before you did. He decided to let you sleep in for a bit as you still looked a tad tired. He made scrambled eggs for the both of you. You spent the day with Joe, you watched a movie and talked a bit. You were just having a lazy day. It was around 4 in the afternoon when you decided to watch a few of yesterday’s vlogs. There was about five or six people vlogging yesterday. You watched Zoë’s and Tan’s first, you then clicked on (insert Youtuber) around the minute 7:39 your mouth opened wide. You were in shock. He got you in the vlog, in the background there you stood talking to Jim and Tanya with Joe’s hand around your shoulder and you were laughing so hard.

“Joe we’re in the background.” You stated to Joe who lost interest and was on his phone.

“What?” Joe asked confused, looking up from his phone.

“We’re in the background of the vlog.” You pointed to the clear paused video of you and Joe.

“Oh (y/n).” Joe said sadly. You played the video your face showing no emotions, and to your horror you were in the video again. This time the focus was on you. It was of when you and Joe were dancing like fools, and causing everyone to laugh. Joe was just as shocked. “I’ll call (Insert Youtuber) I’ll tell him/her to remove the video.”

Joe moved away to make the call, and you kept refreshing the video and seeing as the views number went up every time 153,334 to 179,235 to 199,429, to 201,123.

“He’s taking it down.” Joe said and took a seat beside you.

“It’s too late, there’s so many views; I know for sure that some people downloaded the video.” You said sadly. You really wanted your friendship with all your friends to stay away from the screens of people all over the world.

“I’m so sorry (y/n).” Joe said and took the laptop away from you and sat it on the coffee table and pulled you close for a hug. You didn’t want to cry but you couldn’t help the few tears that slipped away.

“Don’t be, it was bound to happen.” Your chin was on his shoulder as you hugged. You let go of Joe and smiled. “I wondered how we kept our friendship a secret for over ten months. And Tan and I have been friends for more than a year and a half.”

“I know but still-“ “Joe just shut up, all we need to do now is tell everyone we’re not dating because everyone thinks we are, and the comments are just filled with rumors ready to spread.”

“Okay, do you want to do it in one of my vlogs?” Joe asked you sincerely. You nodded in agreement and helped Joe set everything up. You then made tee as Joe made the final touches to everything. When the lights were in place and the tripod was sat up and everything. You sat on the Livingroom sofa as Joe pressed on or play or whatever on his camera. You gave Joe his mug and started a relaxed looking video.

“Today’s vlog is a bit different, we’ll be talking about this amazing person beside me.” Joe said and looked at you, you smiled and waved. “Tell them who you are.”

“Oh, right, hi everyone I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” You said with a neutral smile. “I’m a blogger and an artist, and also I’m friend with this idiot.”

“Hey.” Joe exclaimed faking offended.

“What you can’t deny it.” You teased him.

“Now she’s my ex-friend.” Joe told the camera and crossed his arms in front of his chest and pouted. You only laughed at his expression.

“Anyway, we decided to make this video to clear the air and stop any theories from spreading.” You said turning back to serious.

“Yes, (Y/N) and I are good friend I consider her one of my closest friends even.” Joe said and gave you a smile before turning back to the camera. “We met in one of Tanya and Zoë parties, and we just clicked I guess.”

“And the reason you haven’t seen me in any of Joe’s vlogs is because I asked them all not to include me in any of their videos or vlogs.” You then explained the reason you haven been spotted yet. “I’ve been blurred in some videos had my voice change and even my name changed, everyone just seemed to agree on a name for me when they talked about me in their videos, and I have no idea where it came from.”

“It was Tan’s idea, she sent us all texts and said to always use it when we’re talking about you.” Joe then said.

“Huh, well I’ll have to ask her where she came up with it.”

“Well now that you’re on my channel, I can assure you all, you will be seeing a lot more of (Y/N) on a lot of channels on YouTube.” Joe said excitedly.

“But not on Joe’s channel seeing as we’re ex-friends now.” You smirked, and subtly winked to the camera.

“You wound me.” Joe said clutching his chest, you shake your head and leave him to die. “You’re leaving? Oh you’re leaving me to die, how could you? -oh she’s gone.”

In public : Conor Maynard Smut

(this was a request, where y/n and conor hate each other but are secretly fucking)

“Be nice to each other.” Oli warned you and Conor was you climbed out of the uber.

“Depends whether she’s going to be a bitch or not.” Conor scoffed, trailing behind you and Oli on his phone.

You were meeting Joe, Mikey and Jack at the restaurant for dinner. Caspar and Josh were currently in South Africa visiting their family which is why they weren’t joining you.

You wore a long sleeved sparkly dress, which had a low neck so it showed a bit of cleavage, along with some high heels. Everyone had dressed up a bit as it was quite a posh restaurant.

“Please, i’m only a bitch to dickheads.” You shot back at Conor which caused Oli to groan.

“Seriously, stop now.” Oli sighed, walking ahead of you.

The thing is, you and Conor were secretly ‘friends with benefits’ however you weren’t even friends. Who knows what you’d call it. All the boys thought you both hated each other - which you did - but you were both sneaking around and sleeping together.

The sneaking around made it so much more fun for you both and the fact you both hated each other only turned you on more. You thought Conor was a dickhead, yes, but also very attractive and tonight, as he rocked black skinny jeans and a black button up shirt you honestly wanted him so bad. You didn’t understand how he was so good looking. As you were walking into the doors of the restaurant, you felt Conor quickly pinch your bum as he used his other hand to grab open the door.

You shot him a warning look but he just winked. Thankfully, Oli was in front so he didn’t notice.

“We’re joining the table for Sugg.” Oli told the man who greeted us and he guided us to the table where Mikey, Joe and Jack were.

“Wow, Y/N you look great!” Jack complimented you as soon as you got there. Instantly you could feel the jealousy coming from Conor.

“Aw, thank you babe!” You replied as you kissed him on the cheek, greeting him.

The funny thing was you and Jack were both really flirty people, which Conor hated. As Conor had to act like he hated you, which he did, it was so obvious that he hated the fact you would flirt with his younger brother.

Honestly, you loved winding him up. You took a seat next to Jack after you said hello to the other boys. Conor then sat down next to you, which Joe made a comment about.

“Y/N and Conor next to each other… Is that really a good idea?” He laughed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t even look at her.” Conor said. You just smiled in response, nodding at Joe.

As the night went on, you and Conor ignored each other as you and Jack flirted. You could almost feel the steam coming from Conor.

“Jack, I think i prefer your hair down like this, you look sexy.” You told Jack as you noticed his hair was down, spread across his forehead rather than it being up in his usual messy quiff. As you said this, you rested your hand on Conor’s thigh which caused his whole body to tense.

“Thanks, babe. I literally couldn’t be bothered to style it today.” Jack told you as you ran your other hand through his hair.

Soon, the waitress came over to your table ready for orders. Your hand stayed on Conor’s thigh, lightly moving your fingertips up and down. You quickly glanced at him, his face held a stern expression and he shot you a warning look.

“Conor? What you having?” Joe asked from across the table.

This was your moment. You moved your hand right up to his crotch, gently palming him through his jeans. The boys didn’t suspect a thing as you weren’t making it obvious at all. Conor’s face started to go red as he stuttered over his words.

“I- i’ll have the u-um lasagne please.” He quickly spoke.

The waitress nodded as she wrote down the last order and left the table. Conor grabbed onto your wrists, stopping you from your actions just as you felt he was getting hard.

“Fucking stop, Y/N, now.” Conor spat at you, looking angry.

“Stop what?” Jack spoke up from the other side of you.

“U-uh she keeps kicking me under the table.” Conor groaned, trying to cover up the fact you were just teasing him.

“Well you’re exaggerating. I did it once and it was an accident.” You quickly replied, making it believable.

As you looked back to Conor, you noticed his eyes were on your chest. As soon as he realised you were looking, his eyes shot back up and he licked his lips.

“You two never stop arguing.” Jack laughed. It was so tempting to just add in a comment about how you don’t argue when Conor’s fucking you senseless. You decided against it though.

As Jack got into conversation with Joe, Conor reached his hand over and rested it on your exposed thigh. You gulped, knowing he could easily get you back. This was the last thing you wanted, the boys would definitely realise as you were the worst at keeping quiet.

“Really need the loo.” You quickly announced before standing up and making your way to the toilets. This left Conor shaking his head at you. The ladies toilets were empty and so you walked up to the large mirror that was behind the sinks. You noticed your cheeks were flustered and hair was a bit messy.

As you fixed your make up, the door opened. You were expecting another girl to come in, needing to go toilet. But no, in walked Conor.

“This is the ladies.” You told him.

“Shut the fuck up, get in there.” Conor growled, grabbing your hips and pushing you into the nearest cubicle. A small smirk played on his lips which made you excited.

As soon as you were both in and the door was locked, his lips attacked yours. You were pinned up against the wall with your arms around his neck. He kissed you harshly, trying to let out his frustration. As you felt his jeans against you, you noticed how turned on he was.

“Someone’s excited.” You giggled against his lips.

“Shut up and get on your knees.” He told you. You didn’t need to be told twice as you went down to his jeans.

Quickly unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down his legs, you then started to pam him through his boxers. When you looked up and made eye contact with him, you could tell he was enjoying it but wanted more.

“Don’t tease me, you slut.” You groaned.

You went to his boxers, pulling them down, exposing his length. You loved Conor’s length, he was quite big, but not too big. He always filled you up perfectly.

Kissing his tip, Conor grabbed onto your hair. You kitten licked him a few times before popping him into your mouth. He immediately moaned out a ‘fuck’. He loved it when you sucked him off. It was about the only thing he complimented you about.

“Uhh, babyyyyy.” Conor moaned out as you bobbed your head up and down on his length.

You put all of him into your mouth, trying your hardest not to gag. Just looking up and seeing Conor in this state was enough for you to swallow. As he looked down, you made eye contact as you continued to bob up and down, sucking him.

Taking him out of your mouth, you began to pump him quickly. This caused him to hiss out loud. The main door to the ladies toilets opened, meaning Conor had to be silent now.

When you put him back into your mouth, you knew he was close. He grippeonto your hair tightly and screwed his eyes shut, you moved your mouth up and down him quickly as you sucked, sending him over the edge.

Suddenly, he released into your mouth. The warm liquid didn’t taste the best but you swallowed it anyway. When Conor finished, you smiled up at him. He ran his hand through his hair as you stood up.

“You’re amazing.” He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

When the toilets were empty, you both got of the cubicle and cleaned yourselves up.

You walked back to the table first. Everyone was looking at you as you sat down.

“Conor is such a dickhead!” You groaned.

“Don’t even bother.” Joe laughed, shaking his head.

They didn’t suspect anything, just that you both had an argument by the toilets. When Conor came back and sat next to you, he sent you a wink.

Choose, Jack and Conor Maynard Imagine

-Gif not mine-

-Not requested I just thought it would be cool to do-

-Y/N has to choose between Conor and Jack-

You are a really close friend of Joe’s and you always hung out with him. You were introduced to his friends and you instantly took an interest in the Maynard brothers. I mean who wouldn’t, they are both attractive and have their own quirks.

With Jack, he was charming and flirty with you. He was protective and bought you small things while you were out sometimes and he also gave you cute nicknames. Princess was your favourite nickname to acquire. He would give you the best compliments and they made you smile.

Conor on the other hand was less charming than Jack but was almost as equally flirty.  To replace charm, Conor had the best humour. He always made you laugh, even on your really bad days. He was very observant of you and could tell when you were upset and would give you a shoulder to cry on.

Overall, they both treated you as if you were a queen. It made you feel special and slowly gain feelings. The only problem being that you have feelings for the both of them and you don’t know which one to choose.

“Joe, I need help” you say as you storm through his front door.

You quickly stop yourself from carrying on when you see that both brothers you needed to talk about were sat in the living room with Joe.

“With what?” Joe asks.

The other two were watching you with concerned faces and your face went red. This always happened, you turn into a strawberry when anything even remotely awkward or embarrassing happens.

“I was kind of hoping I would get only your help” you say looking down from the brothers.

“We can leave, but i wont say I’m not offended” Conor jokes with you.

“Maybe she’ll tell us one day” Jack gives you a wink as the two leave Joe’s apartment.

You let out a sigh when the door closes and you turn to Joe anxiously. He sits up straight and pats his hand on the spot next to him. You sit down next to him and give him a tight hug when you have the chance to.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Joe brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“I have feelings for two people and i need your help to make a decision” you say not mentioning the names.

“Who?” Joe asks trying to get more detail.

“I’d rather not say the names but ill give you details about them” you say, Joe nodding his head at you to carry on.

“One of them is charming and flirty and gives me cute nicknames while the other guy is humorous and flirty, the second one always gives me a shoulder to cry on and the first is very protective”

“I don’t know, i wouldn’t be able to choose between Conor or Jack either” Joe gives you a smile, “Especially if i knew they both liked me back”

Your face went red from embarrassment and Joe laughed.

“They like me back?” you ask Joe who nods his head while smiling at you. “You did not make this any easier”

“Honestly, i think you just need to think about who makes you happier” Joe says sincerely.

“What if they both do equally?” you ask running your hands through your hair.

“Maybe talk to them both separately as a last chance to prove themselves?” Joe says not sounding sure about his advice.

You sigh and then smile at Joe, “Maybe that’s not such a bad idea”.

You leave Joe’s apartment and text the oldest brother first.

‘Hey let’s meet at Starbucks?”

You and Conor always went to the same Starbucks when you hung out or wanted to meet somewhere. It was your goto place and it was kinda sweet, avoiding the fact that it was kind of basic.

When you get to the Starbucks, you walk in and see Conor already sitting at your usual table with two drinks.

“You remember my order?” you laugh when you reach the table.

“No i just ordered myself two grande drinks cause I’m thirsty” Conor jokes with you and pulls your drink towards his chest pretending it was his ‘precious’.

You laugh and sit down with him at the table. He hands you over your drink and you take a sip, burning your tongue. You try to hide the pain but Conor must’ve noticed.

“Did you just burn your tongue?” Conor laughs at you as you nod your head in pain.

He pushes over his drink which was cold and lets you take a sip to soothe the burn.

“Thanks” you say taking a sip.

You knew Conor really cared about you and you thought about what it would be like to date him. He would probably always try to fix your problems whether or not it was small or not, he would make jokes all the time but still make you feel special. You smile at the thought of Conor caring about you in a loving way and you didn’t realize Conor was watching you.

“What’s got you so happy?” Conor says smiling at you.

“You” you blush.

You guys spent the rest of the coffee date talking and laughing. You always had so much in common with Conor so nothing felt forced. You almost forgot you needed to see Jack too so you send him a text when you were done your coffee.

‘Want to go for a walk around the park?’

You and Jack always went on random walks together and sometimes runs too.

‘Just need to change then we can meet’ Jack texts back to you.

You make your way to the park, it was fairly close to Jack’s house so he would’ve beat you there anyways. When you get there, you see him walking towards you. He was wearing black ripped jeans, a black shirt and a green jacket.

“Hey cutie” Jack says inviting you under his arm.

You walk towards him and he wraps his arm around your shoulder. The park wasn’t very busy today so all you could really hear were your own footsteps and the birds chirping in the wind.

“So why’d you want to meet?” Jack asks curious.

“Just wanted to see you is all” you say smiling.

“Couldn’t have something to do with what you had to talk to Joe about could it?” he asks trying to learn more.

“No don’t worry, I just wanted to see you” you say reassuring him.

You knew Jack sometimes had a temper but it was never directed towards you and you didn’t want it to be at any time. You knew he was just being sweet.

“Ok” Jack simply says giving you a smile.

You carried on your walk and talked about how things were. You played around and sometimes ran through flocks of birds to make them fly away, causing Jack to laugh along with you. You both stopped walking when you came up to a big tree that had shade all around it.

“Let’s sit” Jack says sitting down on the grass.

“Let’s climb” you say ignoring that he sat down.

He stood back up as you tried to get the proper footing.

“I don’t think this is either safe or allowed” Jack says trying to convince you to stop.

You continue trying, ignoring how protective Jack was getting. He was holding out his hands just incase you fell and it made you laugh.

“C’mon this isn’t the first tree I’ve climbed” you say moving your foot to another position quickly losing all grip you had.

You slip and fall a short distance when Jack caught you by your hips.

“Are you sure?” Jack says laughing at the coincidence.

When he puts you down you laugh and shove him jokingly. He grabs your arm lightly to pull you in for a hug and you jump from a light pain.

“Did i hurt you?” Jack asks concerned.

“No, just a small scratch there” you say holding out your arm for Jack to see.

The scratch was small but it was bleeding so Jack took it seriously.

“Let’s go get you a bandaid” Jack says walking you away from the tree.

During the walk you thought about what it would be like to date Jack like you did with Conor. Jack would probably try to stop you from doing things but you would continue to do them just to see how caring he would be. He would be protective which also meant probably jealous, but you didn’t mind jealousy. When you would succeed at things, Jack would probably be happier than anybody else would be.

Jack puts a bandaid on your arm after buying them from the near by drugstore and you go and get ice cream.

After your little date with Jack, you head back towards Joe’s house.

“Hey, did you choose?” he asks getting straight to the point when you walk in.

“Conor or Jack?” Caspar adds in laughing.

You blush and give Joe a look for telling Caspar and he looks away laughing.

“I can’t decide, the dates were both good” you sigh sitting down in between the two.

“Which one did you enjoy more?” Joe asks curious.

“Jack’s was more fun cause we did stuff but Conor’s was great because i was so comfortable” you say sighing.

The two boys sigh with you understanding your pain. You sit in silence for a few minutes before anyone says anything.

“I think you should choose based off of who could make you happier, who would take care of you and help you get through things?” Caspar says smiling.

You smile at Caspar for helping and close in on your decision, “I think i know who”.

The two boys nod at you and you grab your phone to text your choice.

‘Let’s meet again’


Hey guys, quick message. I would like to do a part two to this story which will reveal which boy Y/N chooses.

I think it would be cool if i got some input from you guys giving me an idea of who you think Y/N should choose, with a reasoning why.

If i get enough opinions from you it’ll make the imagine more enjoyable :)

So send in your opinions please!!


Habits || Jack Maynard

Originally posted by myalwaysari

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Word Count: 1.1k+

Summary: In which a meal out with her best friends may lead to something a little more. 

Dedicated too: Lana Del Rey, for bringing me inspiration when nobody else can xo

“Come on, we need to leave,” (Y/N) whines as she stands beside the front door, checking the time on her phone and sighing, tapping her foot against the floor impatiently. “Conor, hurry up!”

“Alright, keep your panties on.” He chuckles, shrugging on his bomber jacket and throwing one of his spares at her once he saw what she was wearing. “Put that on. You’ll freeze your ass off in that dress.” She rolls her eyes and folds her arms across her chest, raising her eyebrows and throwing him a pointed look. He coughs and glances down at his watch with an apologetic shrug. “Right, yeah. Sorry for taking so long.”

She laughs and shakes her head, opening the door after equipping the oversized jacket and motioning to it with her hand. “Fuck gender roles, gentlemen first.”

He playfully swoons, strutting out into the hall and glancing back at her over his shoulder dramatically, causing her to giggle as she walked out and locked up. He whistles lowly as his eyes trail down her body, the bomber jacket only coming a few inches down her thigh and the dress barely covering much more. “I see tonight is a leg night.”

“It could be worse.” She smirks, threading her arm through his as they walked through the hallway and toward the stairs that lead to the buildings main exit. He looks down in confusion, and so she elaborates. “I bought this new set of underwear yesterday, and honestly, I considered wearing them under that huge faux fur coat I have: like the women in the movies do.”

He throws his head back and laughs, the image of his bestfriend in nothing but an outrageously obnoxious fur coat in Central London on a Saturday night too amusing to not imagine. “You mean the women who want to seduce their men?” He asks, and she nods silently as they walk through the double doors and out into the dark street. “But in order to seduce your man, don’t you actually have to have- oh I don’t know, have a man, who’s yours?”

Groaning, she pushes him slightly but laughs at his comment nonetheless. He had a point, having a man to seduce in the first place would help her cause: but for now, her LBD and Conor’s bomber jacket seemed more appropriate than the fur coat and her underwear.

She pulls the jacket closer to her frame as they walked at least twenty yards before finding their Uber driver, who apologised continuously but explained how he’d gotten completely lost within the windy streets.

The warm interior of the car is greatly appreciated, especially when Conor pulled out his phone and began to make snapchat videos, tilting his phone toward her every now and then so that she could say her piece of simply make a funny face. By the time they reached the restaurant, she’d already counted out the cash and handed it to the polite driver with a smile.

She and Conor hang back for a while, making sure that they didn’t have any unanswered messages or emails that they needed to address before deciding that they were good to go. That was one out their routine procedures, after a messy night out had ended with two important business emails being ignored and nineteen calls from a very worried mother.

They walk into the restaurant with smiles imprinted not their faces, immediately laying eyes on their friends who all looked up from the menu’s one after the other. (Y/N) unhook: her arm from Conor’s and greets them all with a wide smile, overjoyed to be in the company of her best friends after a week of having to socialise with people whom she really had no interest in at all.

Eventually she sits down, with Jack on her left and Mikey on her right, both boys pointing out meals that they’d had before and recommended. The names were all foreign to her, and she scrunched up her nose and shook her head after each suggestion, instead deciding to stick with her tried and trusted chicken and avocado house salad.

She notices the camera in Joe’s hand the moment he lifts it up off of the table and points it toward her. He laughs and moves it between herself and Conor with a cheeky tut. “Look who decided to join us, late as always!”

She gasps and throws a crouton at him, looking over at Conor and narrowing her eyes at him. “Well, Mr Maynard, are you gonna tell them why we’re late or am I gonna have to do it for you?” When he rolls his eyes and looks away innocently, she laughs and turns back to face Joe with a wink. “Let’s just say, someone has to sing atleast five songs in the shower before even considering getting out.”

Jack snorts, causing (Y/N) to turn toward him and watch as he smirks and glances toward his older brother with his eyebrows raised. “I can’t believe you still have to do that.” He shakes his head and takes a sip of his beer. “Used to take us hours to get ready for school because that little shit would refuse to get out of the shower when mum told him too.”

“My older sister used to have to eat half of a bowl of one cereal, and then use a different bowl with another half a bowl of different cereal. My mum used to say she could only do things in halves.” (Y/N) vocalises, a slight smile on her face as she rests her elbows onto the table top and looks over at her bestfriend with a smug smile. “Con, you know you’re my ride or die, but your habits are fucking annoying.”

He lifts his hand to cover his heart in mock hurt, blowing her a sarcastic kiss before turning back to Josh and continuing to chat to him about god knows what.

She turns back to smile at Jack, but her expression falters when she sees small frown on his face. “What’s wrong?”

He blinks quickly and shakes his head. “Nothing- nothing. I guess I just understand why people ship you guys so much.”

If she hadn’t known him for so many years, she wouldn’t have caught the jealousy in his tone, but she had, and she did. She purses her lips to hide her smirk and leans in closely, resting her hand on his thigh and eying the rest of the table as she breathed against his neck. “You wanna know a secret?"He hums, resting his hand on her thigh just as she had his just seconds before. Breathing shallowly, she brushes the tip of her nose against his ear and smirks. "If I had to kiss a Maynard brother, I wouldn’t pick Conor.”

I don't like to share Jack Maynard Imagine.

Requested: Yes

prompts 25 and 31 “You`re mine. I don`t share" & “ Stop biting that fucking lip ”

Requests are open.

Whoever requested this didn’t say which person they wanted it with so I’ve gone for jack.

Summary: Y/n doesn’t want to share jack.

Warnings: Swearing and smut

You and Jack had been together for just over a year and half now and it was lovely. However he had been spending more time with the rest of the buttercream squad which is fine but you hadn’t had any just the two of you time for a while now and it was taking its toll on you.

Jack had been at home most of today just chilling out and doing a few bits while you had been at work all day, you was hoping that when you get home you could have dinner curl up in your boyfriends arms and just relax for the evening. But when you got home jack was just putting on his coat and about to leave the flat.

“Oh hi babe, I’m going over to Mikey’s be back later” jack said while leaning in and placing a kiss on to your cheek before grabbing the door handle and pulling it back open. 

“Oh okay, bye” you said sadly and walked further into the flat.

You could hear footsteps behind you, you turned around to come face to face with a confused looking Jack.

“You okay y/n?” jack asked.

You puffed out your cheeks, were you being silly and selfish? The boys meant everything to Jack but you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend too.

“Look Jack, I wanted to spend the evening with you. Just me and you all you have done over the last couple of weeks is spend time with the boys and I’ve hardly seen you apart from quickly in the morning before work and that’s only if you`re awake before I leave and just before bed if you aren’t out filming or out with the boys.” You felt guilty for being like this but you just wanted him to yourself for a bit too.

“What? where`s this coming from, you’ve seen me everyday this week and we had dinner together last night.” jack looked annoyed that I had brought this up.

“Really Jack you were on Fifa the whole night and Conor was here too for dinner it wasn’t just us too.” You retorted back. You could feel yourself getting worked up and very quickly.

“Look this is silly y/n, I’m not arguing with you about who I spend my free time with”  Jack snorted.

“Well look You`re mine. I don’t share” you smirked, if you knew one way to get jack to stay at home with you it was to get him in your bedroom. You bit your lip and gave him a small smile while walking towards him, you slipped your hands up his chest and looped your arms around his neck.

“ Will you stop biting that fucking lip” he whispered, as he brought your lips together.

You deepened the kiss and pushed Jacks coat to the floor, you pulled apart and took Jacks hand leading him to the bedroom.

Jack pushed you onto the bed, hovering over you he left sloppy kisses from your neck down to your collarbone, you arched your back and moaned. Jack ripped your blouse off of you, buttons went flying around the bedroom.

“Woow” you smirked and reached up and grabbed Jack by the neck and lowered him to your lips so you could kiss him again. Jack smirked into the kiss and began you rub you over your trousers and panties.

“Jack, I need more friction” You ,moaned breathlessly into his ear.

Jack undid the button on your trousers and reached in and began rubbing your clit with his fingers, he started off slow and picked up his pace bringing you close to your orgasm.

“Jack, Jack my god please don’t stop” you moaned.

Jack moved his fingers from your clit and inserted one into your pussy and began using the same pace he had used on your clit, and soon speeding up and using another finger. It wasn’t long before you could feel the knot in your stomach begin to  tighten and at a rapid pace.

“ JACK, I’m going to cum” you shouted, this just egged Jack on and he sped up even more and you released all over his fingers in a panting mess.

“Wooow, thanks babe” you said between breaths trying to catch your breath back.

“ My pleasure” he winked.

Dangerous Game (Part 1) - PBB 2015

Title: Dangerous Game

Genre: Superpowers AU

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol I Blood I Injury I Swearing

Summary: Howell’s School of Abilities is a prestigious facility for children and teenagers with special powers. Dan and Phil both attend the school, but coming from rivaling families with opposing powers, they’re not exactly friends - their relationship is rather build on hostility and hatred. But what is going to happen to them when their final exam forces them to spend a week alone together?

Authors: @bamfhowell & phancywork

Beta: @camisadan

Artist: @moreorlester - link to the art here: [x]

Word Count: 22000+

A/N: I feel like my whole note should basically be a love letter to my wonderful co-author @bamfhowell ; I had such an amazing time writing this with Tori, she is talented and great and you should all check out her blog because if you don’t, then what are you doing with your life?

Also a huge thanks to @camisadan for being an awesome beta and mod and to @moreorlester for creating the beautiful art to go with this fic.

I hope you have lots and lots of fun reading this fic because we have put so much love into it and it’s basically become our child over the last few months! 

(Link to the second part can be found at the end of this post.)

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Under the Table**



“Do we really have to go to dinner tonight?” Joe whined as he laid on bed, watching you get ready to meet the boys for dinner. 

“Yes Joe. We said we’d be there so get up” You said walking over to him, pushing his legs over the side of the bed. 

Joe said up quickly and grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down on the bed. 

“But wouldn’t you rather we stay here and do something else? I’m not really hungry for food” Joe smirked while he traced his finger up your bare leg. 

“Later.” you said ignoring the goosebumps that formed in the wake of his fingers. “Now get up, we have to leave soon” 

Joe groaned in reply but complied and went to change his clothes. 

“There you guys are!! We thought you guys weren’t going to come!” Josh shouted once he saw you and Joe walk into the dimly lit restaurant. 

“Don’t be silly Josh, I haven’t seen my favorite boys in a while so I wouldn’t miss having dinner with you lot. This one on the other hand..” You said shooting a look at your boyfriend who pretended to be amused. 

“Ah mate you can leave if you want to. Y/N you can sit by me, I’ll keep you company” Jack said patting the seat next to him. 

You shot him an apologetic smile as Joe pulled you as far away from Jack as the table allowed. 

“So can we order yet? I’m starving” Caspar asked once you and Joe were situated at the table. 

“Mikey’s not here mate.” Oli pointed out looking at his phone. 

You all ordered drinks while you waited for Mikey to show up. 

“Joe” you whispered shoving his hand off your thigh but your attempt failed as he quickly moved it back to your thigh, fingers tightening to grip your leg slightly. 

You looked over at Joe who was smirking, clearly enjoying teasing you. You brought your attention back to the conversation deciding that Joe wasn’t going to distract you tonight. Not until later that is. 

Joe on the other hand had different plans. 

Mikey finally arrived and after each boy had his turn taking the piss out of him being late you finally ordered. Joe seemed to have forgotten the fact that you two were out in public. Usually when you two were out in public, he was quite shy about hand holding, kissing, etc. But tonight, that whole mindset had gone out the window. Joe had removed his hand from your lap and instead took you hand in his and toyed with your fingers while they rested on the table top. 

The boys took a few stabs at Joe suddenly getting handsy whilst in public, but Joe just shrugged it off which was usually not like him. 

“Are you alright?” You leaned over and asked him once everyone’s food came. He hadn’t really joined in on the conversation much. Apparently you weren’t the only one who picked up on his actions, or lack there of as Conor joined in on your conversation. 

“Yeah mate, its unlike you to be this quite.” He said shoving his mouth with another forkful of food. 

“Yeah I’m fine. Just have something on my mind” Joe said looking over at you. Your eyes widened slightly as you recognized that look in Joe’s eyes. Joe was definitely still horny and he wasn’t doing a good job at hiding it. 

You gulped as you turned our attention back to your food, trying to ignore Joe as best as you cold. Once everyone was finished, a few of the boys ordered dessert and the conversation turned into a discussion about where the group would holiday next. 

Joe’s hand was now back on your thigh, inching higher every minute until he brush his fingers across your slightly soaked panties. You silently hated yourself for wearing a dress that night, knowing that if you handed, Joe wouldn’t be so handsy but you also were pleasantly shocked to see this side of your boyfriend. Not to mention it turned you on a bit. 

Joe moved your panties to the side and he slowly ran a finger up your slit. You parted your legs a bit more causing Joe to laugh silently. 

“Y/N, you’re coming with us this time right?” Caspar asked looking over to you. 

You tired to keep a straight face as you felt Joe’s fingers push farther into you. 

“Yeah” you said a small moan escaping your lips as your fully shoved his fingers into.

He began working his fingers in and out of you while still paying attention to the conversation at hand. 

“Maybe we should all go to Greece. Y/N loves Greece, don’t you” He asking, smirking over at you, his fingers still working at your core. 

All you did was nod your head. If you opened your mouth, you were sure that you would become a moaning mess.

The boys liked Joe’s suggestion so much that they all started looking up things to do in Greece and were essentially already planning your holiday. 

Joe’s fingers were now curling inside of you and you felt the pressure build up in your stomach. You bit down on your lower lip, trying to contain that moans that were desperate to escape your lips. 

The pressure became too much for you and you soon came around Joe’s fingers, letting out a small whimper, you’re head falling into your hands on the table. 

“You alright Y/N?” Mikey said looking up from his phone. 

“Yeah,” you said, pausing to catch your breath. “My head just hurts a bit, I think I’m going to get some fresh air.” you said standing up after Joe removed his fingers from inside of you. 

“Do you want some company?” Jack was quick to say but wasn’t quick to act as Joe was already on his feet with you. 

“I think we’re actually going to head out boys.” Joe said pulling on his coat. 

“Yeah let us know when you guys agree on a holiday plan. See you all later” You waved goodbye as Joe led you out of the restaurant, his hand on the small of your back. 

Once the two of you were outside, you turned around and attached your lips to Joe’s causing him to laugh into the kiss. You pulled away and poked his chest with your finger. 

“You’re a tease, you know that Sugg.” 

“I had to be, dinner painfully boring considering I didn’t want to be there in the first place.” Joe winked over at you before taking your hand in his and walking down the street. 

“Horny buggards” Jack said rolling his eyes as the boys watched you and Joe walk hand in hand past the windows of the restaurant.

Hey Nurse

Pairing: Joe Liebgott/’Reader
Rating: Teen+
Author: GinaBaker1666
Summary: Easy Company’s field nurse meets her match when Joe Liebgott walks into the aid station, and she realizes there’s always one soldier who’s too sarcastic for their own good. But then again, so is she. 

Because @liebgotttrash wanted more Joe Liebgott fics. Enjoy!

If you asked me the exact date and time I met Joe Liebgott, chances are I couldn’t tell you. If you asked me where I met him; the aid station in Holland, D-Day plus 64. It was far from glamorous, and he was covered in dirt and blood. His own blood. But truthfully, it might be the only part of the war I don’t want to forget.

We knew all about Operation Market Garden, that the boys would be jumping into Holland, and we would be right behind them for support. What a lousy word to use; support. Ever since we made the jump on D-Day we had done so much more than just support, each of us, just as much a part of their company as the men. 

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Ice Cream Sundays



Requested: nope

A/N: kiddos, i cant. 

Words: 1198

Warnings: veto 

I woke up finding Y/N fast asleep next to me, I quietly got out of bed and grabbed the towel draped over the door before walking into the bathroom and getting in the shower

“Morning.” She called from the bed while she rolled over stretching.
“Morning gorgeous,” I grinned throwing the towel over the door again, “how did you sleep?” I asked as I walked over to the cupboard with a smug smile plastered on my face.

“Good, I had a dream that I could eat a lot of ice cream without being sick but then this golden retriever took one of my ice cream cones and was like ‘have a good one bro,’ but he sounded South African and he said bro like brew so I think it was my subconscious telling me it was you.” She jabbered on as I pulled on a pair of boxers.

“I’ll buy you an ice cream to make up for golden retriever me.” I chuckled and walked over to the bed before pressing a kiss on her head. “Do you want some coffee?” I asked while taking the cup from her side table, she replied with a nod.

I stood at the kettle waiting for the water to boil when she walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my torso and pressed kisses all over my shoulder blades to my spine. “Hey you.” I chuckled and poured the water into the mugs, stirring the coffee. “Thanks.” She smiled sleepily and took the mug of coffee from my hand before walking over to the couch and wrapping herself up in a blanket and reaching for the remote.

“Do you wanna watch anything? If not I’m putting the bachelor on.” She giggled and took a sip of coffee.

“Whatever, you just want to perv over all the guys.” I smirked and sat down next to her planting my legs over hers.

“No!” She whined and held on to my arm, “You’re the only one I want to perv over!”
“Oh really?” I smirked and cuddled into her side.

“Yeah, I do it almost every morning.” She teased, placing sloppy kisses on my neck and tracing a hand over my chest.

“Can’t even be naked in my own room.” I grinned as she carried on.
“Oh you absolutely can.” She mumbled between kisses, I pulled her onto my lap and peppered her face with kisses as she giggled uncontrollably.

“Well good morning to you too.” Joe said suddenly from the door causing her to jump off my lap in shock then start giggling again. “You guys are too cute.” he chuckled and walked over to the kitchen but I mean, no sex around me. Please.“

“Oh my word.” She giggled and leaned over pressing a kiss on my cheek before playing the bachelor.

“Y/N! What is this?” Joe joked as he sat down beside us with a bowl of cereal.

“Still up for ice-cream?” I leaned over and whispered in her ear. She nodded eagerly, “Come on let’s get dressed then.” I said patting her thigh and standing before taking her hand and pulling her up.


I took Byron’s hand pulling myself up before he wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked to his room. I flopped onto the bed stretching my arms. “What are you wearing?” I sighed, too lazy to get up. 

“Probably jeans and a shirt, why?” He said while digging through the clothes in his cupboard.

“All I have here is the dress I wore on Friday night.” I sighed and rolled over in irritation, “I’ve been wearing your clothes all weekend.” I chuckled as he pulled on a shirt.“

"Oh,” he said pondering for a minute, “you could wear you dress from Friday again.” He said with a cheeky smirk.
“No!” I laughed, “Absolutely not!” I exclaimed.
“Why?” He chuckled, “It looks nice.”
“Because it’s not a ‘let’s get an ice-cream on Sunday morning dress’ it’s a 'I want to get laid now dress’ so no thanks.” I giggled. He sighed and held up two pairs of jeans, I pulled myself out of bed and took the lighter pair. I slipped them on only to have them fall straight back down “fabulous babe, just fabulous.” I teased and sent him a cheeky smirk. “Do you have a belt for me?” He nodded and got up, taking one from the draw. I pulled the jeans back up and looped the belt through them, “We make such a great team!” I grinned.
He laughed then looked over at me again, “I’m glad, can you put a shirt on so we can go?”
“What if I don’t want to?” I smirked and turned to him only to have a shirt hit me in the face.
“Oh my god,” he yelled playfully making me break down in a fit of giggles, “Can you just get dressed! I want to get ice cream!” He kept yelling between laughs.
“Okay! Okay!” I gasped as my stomach ached from laughter. I walked over to Byron’s cupboard and took one of the many sugglife hoodies and pulled it over my head, “Have you even called an uber?”

“You have legs woman, use them.” He sassed making me gasp and slap his arm lightly as he walked past. “I’m kidding! But we’re walking.”
“You mean you’re walking?” I teased.
“Oh so I’m being stood up now?” He cocked an eyebrow at me.
“No you’re just going to carry me there.” I giggled and stepped out the door

“What flavor do you want love?” He asked and brushed a hand up and down my arm.
“Bubblegum please.” I smiled up at him making him press a quick kiss to the corner of my mouth.
“Can you get us a table then?” He smiled and let go of my side.

I walked to a small table in the corner of the vibrant ice cream parlor, the pastel pink and blue chairs were littered around the tables with faint music playing in the background. Byron was stood in front of the counter chatting away to the old lady while she scooped up the ice cream, I watched as he placed the money on the counter before stuffing his wallet back into his pocket and taking the two cones from the lady. He winked at me as he walked over making me chuckle and shake my head, I pulled a chair out for him as he got to the table.

“Thanks bru.” He said and plopped down in his seat before handing me my ice cream.
“Hey, it’s only a pleasure my dude.” I rolled my eyes, “what did you get?”
“Vanilla.” He simply stated before taking a big kick out the side.
“That’s so… vanilla.” I smirked, he groaned and rolled his eyes.
“We need to make this a tradition.” He sighed contently after a minute.
“Yeah, ice cream every Sunday morning.” I agreed.
“You mean ice cream sundays."He winked and nudged my arm.
"Our puns are too good today babe.” I chuckled, “I love us for being so puny.”
“I love you.” He chuckled and pressed a kiss to my cheek making blush deeply.