and jinxx in the third one

mrsjohnnycade said: Can I get an Ashley Purdy imagine. Where y/n and ashley are trying to start a family but y/n finds out that only have of the eggs are functional. Very sweet very fluffy ya know :3 go with that what you will

!!!!warning!!!! emotional baby stuff concerning fertility

I sat in the waiting room as (y/n) was seeing her doctor. I didn’t know how much more of this we could take. Who knew that starting a family could be this difficult. Why was this happening to us? She didn’t deserve it and well, I might have. No, don’t even go there Ashley. No placing blame. I had to think to my self. It seemed like the doctor was in the room with her for hours. I knew that it could be painful for her but she said she didn’t want me to see her like that. She said only if we were in labor. She had smiled at me so brightly that day when the imagine of a little baby being born to us. I didn’t much belive in any god but please if there was something out there, let it make her happy for us.
The doctor came out of the room then and walked over to me with a stirn look on his face. “Mr. Purdy.” He adressed me and came to sit beside me in the waiting room chairs. “I’m sorry. Only about half of your wife’s eggs were fertal. Unfortionatly that isn’t going to be enough for us to be able to proceed. In a few months we can try again once she has gain her stamina again. I’m sorry Mr. purdy. I know how much this means to the both of you.” He placed a hand on my back as I held my head in my hands. “Does she know?” I asked him wondering if I was going to have to tell her. He nodded his head yes and a little bit of weight was lifted off of my chest but not much. i got up and walked into her room to see her putting on a hoodie. Once she saw me she burst into tears. I ran to her and wrapped my arms around her holding her tight. I had never been so scared in my life. I was scared she was going to leave me for someone who could give her the family she wanted. Scared she might not come back from this. Scared that she might never smile again. I pulled away from her for a moment to wipe the tears that were streaming down her face. I kissed her forhead. “What are we going to do?” (y/n) asked me suddenly. I liked the sound of ‘we’ but I had no idea.
After a moment of though I knew exactly what I was going to do. “Were going to forget about this. We are going to go home and eat a hole tub of ice cream. We are going to watch titanic and the notebook until we barf. Then we will go to the store and spend some money on just us. Then we will go to get the biggest fatest funnel cake ever. ” I went on naming things that I know she would like and she did seem to smile a little bit more. She nodded and I put her hoodie on her and helped her get up.
We went to walmart immediatly and got two motorized carts. We raced through out the store and fimally made our way to the ice cream aisle and loaded up the cart with toppings, creams, sprinkles, and coookies. We moved on to the checkout and then made our way to Carl’s Juniors and ordered the biggest iteam on the menu. Then finally making our way back home we put in The Notebook and sat there and both cried like babies. She had smiled more in these past few hours than I had seen her smile in what seemed like years. She was so strong and I could tell that she was tired but didn’t want to let go of this moment. I pulled her close into me and held onto her tight. “I love you Ashley.” she spoke to me. I wanted to beg her why. Why they hell would she love me when I couldn’t give her anything she wanted but a few simple cheep tricks. “I love you to (y/n), so fucking much.” I held her tight as I could without hurting her. I never wanted to see her like this ever again.
A few weeks had past since the last time that I had seen my baby smile. After that day it was like all the stress in the world had flooded back into the world. I sat on the couch and she moved around in the bathroom. She had been acting a little bit weird latley and we wondered if we should scedule another doctors apointment. She had been getting sick and had no energy. She was having trouble eating and trouble getting out of bed; just wanting to lay there all day with out motivation. I heard crying then and was scared. I got up and moved to the bathroom to see her sitting in the side of the bathtub. There was a bottle of water and four weird looking sticks with plus signs on them. “Babe are you alright?” I asked preparing myself for the worst. She looked up to me with the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face. “Ashley! I think were pregnaunt.” I sank to my knees in front of her. Was this happening? she put her hands on either side of my face and looked into my eyes. “You’re going to be a dad.” I felt the tears streak down my face and felt warm inside. “I’m going to be a dad!” I nearly screamed and kissed her with so much passion. “Call your mother!! And call the doctor. Oh fuck. i have to run down the street!!” I yelled at her. She laughed and grabbed for her cell phone. “Go tell him.” she laughed. “Okay, but I’m going to be right back for you babe.” I said kissing her again then running caoticly through the house to find pants and shoes.
I ran down the hot L.A. street a couple of blocks down as fast as I could gaining attention from passerbys but I didn’t care. I ran up the stairs to the little apartment comple down the street to the third floor and banged on his door with my fist until I her him yell that he was coming. Andy opened the door and stared at me a little worried. I put one hand on the door frame trying to catch my breath. “Dude, did you run here?” Andy asked me. “Andy where is your shirt?” He asked. I laughed. “It doesn’t matter Andy, where my shirt is. We did it! I’m going to be a dad! And you Jake , Jinxx, and CC are going to be uncles and were all going to be this little happy family all together and Jesus fucking christ…. ! We’re pregaunt!” Andy staired at me trying to follow my words until he started screaming with me. “Were pregaunt!!” He shouted.
All of us were sitting in the waiting room this time. A line of rocker dudes in a matunity ward was gaining us some looks but who fucking cared. I couldn’t wait to her the news. We all sat there in silance as I went over and over again in my mind all the possiblilties that the future was going to hold for us. my hands were folded and my arms resting against my knees that were bouncing up and down. “ Mr. Purdy?” The same doctor came out and walked over to me. I stood up this time feeling a bit more confident and waited for his words. “Well, I don’t know what you two have done. She should not be able to have kids looking over her past few test results from her last vist.” He said drawing out the news. God I was going to punch him in the face if he didn’t spill the beans soon. “However, the two of you are three weeks pregaunt! Congradualations Mr. Purdy.” the doctor said giving me a smile and then walking away to go deal with another pateint. I was instatnly immersed in a mosh pit of the guys all giving me pats on the back and hugs congradualting me.
I walked into the to see (y/n) looking very nervous. “Hey! So what is the news?” She asked me. That fucker didn’t tell her. Okay, he probably knew I would enjoy telling her. I tried to make my face look as serious as I could and moved slowly to sit beside her. “Babe, please tell me. I’m dying over here.” I took her hands in mine and bent down to kiss her stomach gently. “What are you doing?” She asked looking at me strangly. “Kissing our little baby.” He face lit up. She was shining and she wrapped her arms around me holding me tightly as I held her back. I could tell that she was crying and I began to as well. “Our little baby.” She murmered to her self liking the way it sounded.

Imagine meeting Jake at warped and then playing truth or dare with the band...

     I had been waiting in line for at least an hour, and as I inched closer and closer to the front the butterflies in my stomach multiply. I was hot and sweaty from watching the show in the beating hot sun, and now standing in line for even longer. I grip the neck of my guitar to calm my nerves. I was meeting Black Veil Brides after their performance at warped tour. I stood on my toes to see how close I was to the front of the line. When I stretched my neck upward to peer over the heads of other Black Veil Brides fans, I saw that there were only about twenty more people in front of me. I lowered my body so I was flat on my feet again. I smiled in spite of the fact that I was going to meet my favorite band ever. They saved me.

     Only one more person in front of me. My heart was pounding, and my hands were trembling. The fan in front of me moved to her right and was greeted by the rest of the band. I step up to Andy.

     “Hello.” He says in a cheerful and dorky voice. “Hi.” I say, my voice shaking. Oh my God. I’m here. That’s him. They are them. “Can you sign my guitar?” I ask, looking at both Andy and Ashley since they were closest, and could reach. “Of course. How long have you been playing?” Ashley asks as he writes his autograph on my guitar. “About three years.” I reply. “Awesome.” Ashley says with a smile. “Thanks.” I reply, my voice still wondering with every breath I take. Andy waves ‘goodbye’ to me as I scoot down the meet and greet table.

     Jinxx was next and I  placed my guitar back on the table and asked him to sign it. I’m about to collapse because of how nervous and excited I was to meet these five wonderful men.  “Gladly.” He says with a grin and signs my guitar. I slide my guitar down the table to Jake and CC.

     “Hi.” CC says to me. “Hi. Can you two sign my guitar?” “It’ll cost you.” CC teases. I laugh and notice that Jake was acting really different around me. Different than how he would act around other fans. “This is a really cool guitar. It has my face on it.” Jake laughed. I had just bought his signature guitar with his face on it about three months ago. I was thrilled to have him sign it. He was my favorite member of the band, and once he started writing on my guitar he smiled at me. I smiled back, and now I was literally shaking. “Bye!” CC says. “Thanks for coming out!” Jake says after.

    I was about the last person in line, so when I started walking away from the table Andy and Ashley were already standing up because there were no more fans to meet. Jinxx, Jake, and CC do the same. I was walking around hundreds and hundreds of people, trying to make it back to my car. Then all of a sudden I feel a hand on my shoulder. I jump and turn around to see who it was. It was Jake. My hands were sweating, and my knees were wobbling.

     “Hey…” He says shyly. I didn’t say anything. I just smiled. “Look…” He continued. “I know this seems kind of rushed, but…” My heart was in my mouth. Was he really? OH MY GOD? “I like you.” He says. There was a silence between the two of us. “I can’t think of any other way to say it.” He says, blushing violently as he smiles at me. His precious smile always left me speechless. It was like I was paralyzed. I finally spoke up;

     “You… want to date.. date me?” I said, my voice cracking. “Well, can you hang with me on the bus for a little while. To.. you know… get to know you better.” He said. “Okay.” That was the only word I was able to say with my voice sounding fairly normal. He smiles and holds out his hand, and I grasp it, we didn’t lace fingers yet, but then he leads me to the Black Veil Brides tour bus. Once we were about half a mile from the bus, once there weren’t a ton of people around, he repositioned his hand so his fingers laced with mine. My heart was beating rapidly, like it was about to burst out of my chest. The butterflies in my stomach were ridiculous as we approached the tour bus.

     Ashley and CC were sitting at the table booth. They were playing a guessing game where one person describes the ingredients of an alcoholic beverage while the other person tried to guess what it was. Jinxx was sitting on the couch, strumming his guitar quietly, and Andy was sitting next to him, scrolling through his phone.

     “I can put your guitar on a stand for you.” Jake says. “Um, sure. Please.” I say as I pull my guitar over my head and hand it to him. He smiled and walked toward the back of the bus with my guitar. I notice CC and Ash playfully whispering ooh, as if they were third graders. I smile shyly and then Jake comes back.

     “So who’s your girlfriend?” Jinxx teases. “Oh wait, we just met her.” Andy says. “Oh yeah. Well, what’s her name?” Jinxx asks. There was a brief silence, but then I finally get the courage to say; “My name is Rebecca.” “Cool name.” CC says kindly. “Thanks.” I say. Jake sits down across from CC and Ash, scoots over, and pats the bench as if to gesture me to sit down next to him.

     “So..” Ashley begins, his chin in the palm of his hand, playfully saying that he was interested. “How long have you two known each other?” He asks with a cheeky smile.

     “Shut up.” Jake says with a smile. “We’re not even.. dating yet. I just wanna get to know her better before we date.” Jake says. “Well, I think you two would make an adorable couple.” CC teases. I smile and Jake rolls his eyes. 

      “Guys, be nice.” Andy says. “We are.” Ashley says. “Right?” He asks, looking at me. I smile and nod. “See?” Ash says, proving he was right. I all of a sudden get a text message from my friend.

     hey how was the bvb gig?

     I will have to call u later

     ok bye


     I slipped my phone back into my pocket and then CC says;

     “Jake.” Jake looks at him. “Truth or dare?” “C’mon CC that’s a tad bit immature don’t ya think?” Jinxx asked. “Who said I was mature?“ "Good point.” “So..” CC continues. “Truth or dare?” Jake rolls his eyes. “Fine, I’ll choose for you.” He says. “I dare you to make out with Rebecca.” Several snickers filled the bus, and my face turned beet red.

     “C’mon Jake.” Ash said. “Okay fine. Just a quick kiss. No making out. Just.. and then..Boom! You’re done!” CC says. I look at Jake without turning my head, and he did the same to me. I was so nervous, I didn’t even know where to begin. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The chanting started out with just Ashley and the other guys picked up on it. Then all of a sudden Jinxx and Andy get up and walk over to us. Andy grabs me and pulls me up from the bench, and before I could really do anything I was in a closet, and Andy was blocking the way so I couldn’t get out. Various laughs and screams came from the other room as Ashley, Jinxx, and CC tried to drag Jake into the closet with me. I get to my feet and Andy won’t let me pass him.

     “Let me pass!” I yell, smiling. “Sorry. Can’t do that.” He says. I try to squeeze out underneath him arm that was holding him in place inside the doorway, but he moved his body so I bumped right into him, and we both were laughing.

     All of a sudden the guys came barreling into the closet. Ashley was holding Jake’s left arm, CC his right arm, and Jinxx was holding both of his ankles. Jake kicked and screamed violently while laughing in the middle of each shout. I thought it was so cute that even though they were grown men, they could still wrestle and goof off like children. They placed Jake on the floor of the closet and darted out. I was too busy laughing to try to escape. Jake very quickley got to his feet, and ran towards the closet door, but Andy was pushing him back, forcing Jake to grab the door frame, one hand on each side, to brace himself from being pushed back into the closet. Jinxx tickled Jake’s ribs, causing him to let go and fall flat on his butt. Before he could get to his feet the door had been shut and the closet went dark. Muffled screams of victory erupted on the other side of the door. Jake tried to open the door, but all four guys were holding it shut from the outside.

     Jake finally gives up and accepts his defeat. He looks at me, and I smile. He smiles back, amd the little bit of light coming through the crack at the bottom of the door made his teeth shine. I was so nervous. I wanted to do something cute, but I didn’t know what.

     Then all of a sudden Jake kissed my lips. My heart stopped just as the world did around me. He pulled away, and looked directly into my eyes as he tucked my hair behind my ear, and our foreheads collide. Then our noses. And then his lips pressed against mine once more. I run my fingernails up the back of his neck, and he cocks his head back and smiles. I run my fingers through his hair as we make out for what seems like eternity. Then the door abruptly opened, and CC yelled;

     “They were making out!” CC yelled with a smile on his face. “A’www.” Andy teases. At this point, I didn’t care if they picked on us for loving one another. So I turned my head, and pressed my lips against his blushing cheeks, him smiling while I do so.