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History of the Expendables
So much testosterone.

The One - A Multiverse of Tedium

Had heard some good things about Jet Li, how he was the new ‘Jackie Chan’, the heir apparent to the martial arts throne, so I took a peek at this one via netflix. Had this to say:

Somewhere in the 'multiverse’ (and only 125 of them! how economical!), I’m assuming that there is a better version of this movie, but unfortunately, this isn’t it. Another version of 'The Matrix’ for the easily amused, with a plot full of holes, awful acting, and endless boring fight scenes (I thought the big 'climactic’ fight scene would never end). On the plus side, my 12 year old son came up with a new 'movie term’: Pusspense: Where someone in a 'suspensful’ scene is creeping up on someone or something that is hidden, and then a cat jumps out, diffusing the situation, and causing a sigh of relief from the audience.

Honestly, I don’t even remember Jason Statham or Delroy Lindo even being in this movie, both actors I have later come to admire. I must have mentally blocked it out.

2 stars out of 5

Released 2001, First Viewing April 2002



“there are different kinds of family, and when my life is on the line, that’s my family fighting with me…”

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1. Bruce Lee 2.Tony Jaa 3. Wesley Snipes
4. Iko Uwais 5. Jean Claude Van Damme 6. Jason Statham
7. Jet Li 8. Michael Jai White 9. Jackie Chan
10. Scott Adkins 11. Chuck Norris 12. Donnie Yen

The Expendables 3 Trailer: Roll Call.