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Hooked on a Feeling: Part 1 (HOIC Sequel)

Originally posted by sleepywinchester

Summary: A big secret begins to strain your relationship with Dean. But how will he react when he hears the news?

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: NSFW 18+ ONLY (small smutty scene, oral female receiving) anxiety, stress, lying, pregnancy and FLUFF

This is a sequel/companion series to Hold On, I’m Coming

A/N: Ask and ye shall receive my fine follower friends… MORE FIREFIGHTER DEAN! With slight angst. Because have you met me?

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I know everybody loves the domestic avengers and trust me so do I but pals… just picture the domestic defenders
Jessica and Matt bickering over absolutely everything that goes on in the flat because she is Grump Supreme™ and he just loves to egg her on and play devil’s advocate (and yes he makes jokes about that in his own mind)
Luke just kind of watching them like an older brother with one eyebrow raised and this little smirk on his face and Actual Human Puppy Dog Daniel Rand sitting by Luke and watching the bickering happen with this big grin because honestly he’s just happy to be there
They all do work together sometimes and they’ll sit in a circle around a coffee table, working one of Jessica’s cases and Matt handles a lot of the paperwork because he’s a lawyer and he’s the only one who really actually knows how to do paperwork well
Jess doesn’t have to worry about stuff in her office getting broken by angry clients anymore because Danny always covers damage costs even though she constantly tells him not to
For some reason Danny is really enthusiastic about trying to teach all of them kung fu? They never let him because he’s basically the baby brother of the group and it would be painfully weird for him to be teaching them things
Matt, Jessica and Luke all conclude that Danny needs to be introduced into all things pop culture seeing as he’s been away for fifteen years and they love watching (and yelling at in Jessica’s case) Game of Thrones while all sitting on this Insanely Comfortable Couch that Danny got them, and all 3 of them are insistent that Loras Tyrell is the spitting image of Danny but he refuses to believe it
Luke is a surprisingly good cook??? So as much as they like ordering in when they have a lot of work do so they can get down to business and absentmindedly eat at the same time, they also sometimes enjoy sitting at the table and eating a real meal together as a team (Mr. Catholic Guy Matthew Michael Murdock always prays before he eats, Danny quietly says a rite the monks taught back in K'un-Lun, Jessica literally just kinda says “GRACE”)
As much of a porcupine as Jessica is, she actually really likes Danny and, though she won’t admit it, begrudgingly likes Matt as well
They sit in silence a lot just working or thinking and they do it practically anywhere; sometimes they just go for walks around Manhattan and say nothing, part of the reason for this is that they’re on patrol and part of the reason is that Danny wants to see as much of the city as he can and the others can’t refuse him (especially when he looks down all sad with those big precious puppy dog eyes of his) since he consistently does so much for them
They don’t often get into legitimate fights but if they do, they always all go separately to Claire and she just sighs and sits them all down together and yells at them to work it out
And rarely, very rarely, in the quiet hours of the morning, they’re able to get off their chests the hardest things they’ve been through and they kind of pour out their pain to one another and it’s in those moments that they’re at their most like a real team of heroes, and big brash tough Jessica’s voice gets so so small and peaceful Luke gets furious and Matt weeps from eyes that can’t see and Danny, sweet pure ball of sunshine, cries the quietest, angriest tears there are
and then they go out and beat the crap out of criminals because there’s nothing more cathartic than justice


Deep within the bowels of the Earth laid an ancient force. A powerful source of magic and energy, which through the eons has developed a mind of its own. From its realm inside Mt. Cleos, the creature created an energetic flow that would give life to the variety of creatures and ecosystems around the mountain.

Once every 10 years, when the weather was just right, and the ground was quiet, the creature would emerge with great force out of the mouth of the mountain and into the skies. There, from its perch above the heavens, it will oversee all that it has created.

On this quiet day, it happened. With a thunderous roar, and a gush of red and yellow light, the beautiful beast swirled out of the top off the mountain, its wings glowing in the sunlight, and its mouth breathing ancient fire and smoke into the air in a display of fireworks.


Jessica’s camera shutter clicked as she took a photo of the beast just as it was emerging out of the mountain.

“That’s another 200 tokens!” she exclaimed excitedly, putting her camera into her duffle bag, which was filled with a large array of miscellaneous items. She looked down as she heard the familiar huffing of her friend Nora, climbing up the hill.

“I told you we had a perfect vantage point from this hilltop.” Jessica smiled as Nora collapsed onto her knees.

“I believed you…” Nora said, still huffing, out of breath. She looked up at the sky, which was still glowing in red and yellow. “What I was…” she started speaking before running out of breath again. “…Trying to say is…” she put her hands on her knees. “…oh divines… I’m so out of shape…” she looked up to see Jessica giving her a bottle of water.

After a few minutes of lying down against a tree and drinking the whole bottle, Nora finally caught her breath. “What I was trying to say was-” she started saying as she saw Jessica already beginning to pack. “Oh come on!”

“What?” Jessica looked back, confused.

“This is exactly what I was talking about, Jess.” Nora got up, tripped a little, and then found her balance. “Where are you even going?”

“Down the hill…” Jessica pointed down the valley of the mountain where there was a small village. “The festival is gonna take place soon. I wanna get all of our errands done before sundown.”

“But why?!” Nora asked. “Why are you doing this to yourself?” she looked up at the flying beast. “Why are you in such a hurry to do… things?”

Jessica raised an eyebrow, clearly not understanding what her friend was going on about.

“Listen Jess, you’re smart. Way too smart.” Nora started rambling. “I don’t understand why you’d think this is a good course of action, I mean… look!” she opened Jessica’s duffle bag and starting rummaging through the items.

“Broken vase shards…”

“Be careful with those! I’m almost 20% done with this one!”

“Stamp collection…”

“I think I’m making good progress.”

“All these letters…”

“Speaking of which, I need to deliver one of those to a butcher in that village over there.”

Nora sighed in frustration. “And then what?”

“Then we have to go pick up some ingredients for that old man’s stew. And after that I’m gonna go to the post office to pick up new stamps. And then to the local shrine because I think there’re vase shards there. Oh, and the little kid in the last town wanted us to buy special balloons for him in the super-store over here… and of course there’s lots of games I need to play during the festival, and take more pictures of the Mt. Cleos Monster… if I take a pic of its shadow against the full moon that’s worth 500 tokens-”

“Jess, shut up!” Nora was fed up, she stared at her friend in the eyes. There was a long silence between them.

Nora rubbed the back of her head, the sun was beginning to set behind her. “I’m sorry… I’m just…”

Jessica blushed, she looked a bit upset. “Don’t yell at me…”

“I know… I’m sorry, I’m just. Jess, this is no way to live.” Nora sat down again, she tapped the ground next to her, gesturing for Jessica to sit next to her. Jessica kept standing.

“Listen, I know this is important to you, but we can’t keep doing this. We can’t take on the whole world like that. We’re stretching ourselves thin. Look at me, I’m barely standing… look at yourself!”

Jess touched her hand to her face. It was covered with bandaids and scratches, and her eyes had bags under them and were sunken in.

“But I want to help people.” Jessica said, her voice quieter.

“I know you do, and you’re the most beautiful and caring person in the world. But you’re not gonna be helping anybody if you’re always busy helping everybody.” Nora explained.

“When you deliver the letter to that butcher…” Nora said. “What do you think will happen then? He’ll probably need help with something too. And in the super-store there’ll be more kids who will want you to buy more stuff. And the shrine maiden will probably have their own errands they’ll want you to do.” Nora sighed, she blushed at looked down. “That’s what happened the last 3 towns. That’s what will happen in the next town.”

Jessica looked down at Nora, a few tears in her eyes. She sat down quietly next to her. The sky were beginning to be painted orange as the sun went down. The lights show in the sky was subsiding.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Jessica asked.

“Just slow down. Take your time. There’s no rush. You don’t have to be everyone’s personal grocer 24/7.”

Jessica went quiet. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“No, don’t be…” Nora said. She smiled. “How about this… let’s go down to the village, deliver the letter, and then take the rest of tonight and tomorrow off? We’ll go to the festival, and just have fun. No need to worry about meeting deadlines or making the most progress. Just us, the games, and Mt. Cleos Monster.”

Jessica smiled, she held Nora’s hand. “That sounds pretty good.”

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Could you do the same kind of set like you did with Gabe and Jack wanting to have a baby but with jesse and hanzo this time??? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Jesse McCree

Jesse watches you as you play peak-a-boo with Fareeha on the couch. Her excited laugh fills his ears as you make ridiculously cute faces at her. The two of you are watching her for the afternoon while Ana trains some recruits. You graciously accepted as you love spending time with what you called the cutest kid on the base. Seeing you so happy as you repeatedly cover your eyes and give Fareeha an excited look makes Jesse’s heart swell. He never really thought about having children before but seeing you with baby Fareeha was stirring up some feelings.

Jesse walks over to the couch and sits down beside you before placing a quick kiss to your cheek. “Hey darling. How’s the little one doing?”

“She’s good but I need to feed her soon.” You pick up Fareeha and place her on your lap, bouncing her gently.

“I’ll do it.”

“You will?”

“Yeah. I need practice for later.”

“What’s later?”

“When we have our own kids.”

“You want children? Jesse, you never mentioned anything before.”

“I never gave much thought to it before but seeing how cute you and her are got me thinking. I hope that’s alright.”

“Of course it’s alright!”

“So what do you say there darling? When we give this little one back to her mother, how bout you and I get busy making our own.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal cowboy.”

Jesse leans in and gently grips the back of your head. He pulls you close to give you a deep and passionate kiss. “We’re gonna be a great little family.”

Hanzo Shimada

Hanzo watches as you reach into a box and hand Fareeha a cookie. “Now, I’m not going to tell your mother about this and neither are you. This is our little secret,” you smile down at her, while she sits on the couch, as she excitedly grabs the cookie and begins sucking on it.

Hanzo smiles to himself at the image in front of him. It’s something he never though would happen but he realises it’s not enough. Hanzo wants a family of his own and he wants it with you. He walks over to you and places a quick kiss on your forehead. “Love, what are you doing?”

“Giving her a baby cookie. Would you like one? They’re banana.” you point the open end of the box towards him.

“No thank you.”

“More for us, I guess.” You shrug your shoulder and grab a cookie before placing it in your mouth.

“Isn’t Ana going to mind that you’re feeding her a cookie?”

“What she doesn’t know isn’t going to hurt her.” You give him a cheeky smile as you set the box down on the table beside you.

“I won’t say anything.” He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close to him.

“You better not! I don’t want to get stuck with training recruits,” you tease.

“I was thinking.”

“About what?”

“I was thinking that maybe we should start a family of our own.”


“Yes, love.”

“Right now?”

“Whenever you like, or feel ready to.”

“Well, once this little one gets picked up by her mother, I think that’s a good time as any.”

Hanzo smiles down at you before giving you a kiss. It’s sweet and passionate as he pulls you tighter against him. “That’s sounds lovely.”

Good To Be Back

McHanzo Week Day 1: Morning/Night

Summary: McCree returns from a long, difficult mission in the dead of night.

(TW for vague mentions of blood and violence, mental illness)


Hanzo jerked awake into pitch blackness.

Something woke him, and he felt fear bubble in his chest. He scrambled to sit upright, silently hissing at the stiffness in his neck and his back. What the hell—he’d fallen asleep on a couch?

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Okay but hc's for meeting Benji through Becca and he's smitten and shook and all other kind of s words

oh my god ok listen

- beca meets you through the radio station. you’d dropped by to leave your internship papers and she was the only one around.

- of course, you start spending a lot of time around her because you both work there.

- one day, she walks in with these two boys. you recognize one as jesse, who you work with, but the other one you’ve only seen on campus.

- he has this dopey smile on his face and his eyes are wide in wonder.

- you come out from the back room to greet them and the mystery boy all but freezes in his tracks when he sees you.

- jesse and beca share a look because they Notice.

- beca smiles brightly at you. “[y/n]! this is benji, he’s part of the treblemakers and jesse’s roommate!”

- benji is stumbling over his words because fuck i’ve never seen someone this cute oh my god you’re so adorable what the hell i don’t want to embarrass myself

- jesse nudges him and he snaps out of it.

- his dorky grin gets even bigger as he bows slightly and says, “i’m benji, like beca said. it’s a pleasure to meet you!!”

- jesse and beca just know how absolutely smitten (by dodie) he is with you. they think it’s adorable.

- he gets caught on his words when he’s speaking to you and he blushes so much when you even glance in his direction.

- there’s no denying that in the ten minutes he’s known you, he’s already head over heels for you.

- right before he and jesse leave, jesse nudges him and nods his head towards you, and he ends up rushing out “heyiwaswonderingificouldhaveyournumber”

- beca covers her mouth to hold in a laugh and you look up at him with a confused look on your face. “what was that, benj?”

- fuck you’ve already got a cute nickname for me

- “i just-” he clears his throat and straightens his back “i was wondering if i could have your, uh.. number.”

- you giggle because this goofball is acting likes such a dork. you nod and lean over to write your phone number on a scrap piece of paper from the front desk.

- he nearly dies on the spot when you give him the slip.

- beca and jesse consider this one of their biggest achievements.

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The baby headcannons were so cute! Could you do a similar ones with Gabriel, Jesse and Hanzo?

((Thank you! I already did Gabe, click on his name to check it out))



  • This man tears up but then is hollering and hugging you and spinning you around and around ecstatically
  • You thought he was a touchy-feel cuddle but before but after finding out your pregnant, if you two are in the same room, you are cuddled against his chest with his hands on your stomach
  • He also can’t keep his hands off of you in the other sense
  • He started this game of balancing things on your belly, you humored him before the both of you became super into it
  • Cuts down on smoking a lot, a big reason being that the cigar smoke made you nauseous during your first trimester
  • Your confidence never wavers the entire pregnancy; Jesse is always telling you how beautiful you are with those lovable nicknames of his.
  • Sneaks off to have mid-day names with you because he knows you sleep better when he’s there

“Now what’re you doin’ outta bed, darlin’?”

You looked over your shoulder, eyes wide, your tongue mid-lick through a spoonful of chocolate hazelnut spread. McCree froze for a second before he began to laugh, his right arm wrapping around his middle before he started to make his way over to you. His arms wrapped around your middle, his hands sliding softly, affectionately against the round swell of your stomach. You couldn’t be upset at his laughing, it was 2 in the morning and you had woken up to empty your ever filling bladder before a craving for something chocolate kicked in. You had to have been quite the sight. He placed his chin against your shoulder, kissing the side of your neck sweetly before ghosting a kiss over your jaw and then placing one against your cheek.

“Had a hankerin for some chocolate I’m guessin”, he asked, earning an affirmative hum as you stuck the spoon the rest of the way into your mouth, licking it clean. He snorted softly against your skin, his hands moving in slow, relaxing circles against your covered belly, his body swaying left and right slightly with you.

You leaned back into him as you finished off your little snack, screwing the top back onto the spread. Moving your hands to his, you relaxed as your cowboy kissed your neck, your shoulder, your cheek and ghosted over your ear. You slapped his hand playfully, laughing breathily as he pressed another few kisses against the shell of your ears.

“C’mon now”, he murmured softly against your skin, pulling back only enough so you could turn and walk on your own. “Y’all two must be tuckered out.”

“Well… I could be more tired”, you teased, laughing at the man’s hand moved to your rear and gave a squeeze as he picked up the pace towards the room.


  • The serape is now a make shift baby sling, he pretty much goes EVERYWHERE with the kid if given the chance to
  • McCree absolutely loves his daughter to death, even her death grip on his hair and beard and chest hairs
  • This man spins some of the greatest stories known to man and tells it in a way that enthralls the infant
  • Works on teaching the child Spanglish and Spanish
  • He has the magic touch, naps happen effortlessly and you can usually find them both snuggled up somewhere, his hat somehow covering both of their faces
  • He’s a heavy sleeper so while you may wake up with the baby, he will stay up if need be
  • He plays a perfect horsey for her, knee bouncing as he whinnies , usually putting his hat on her head whenever he does this
  • He is the king of soft, heart aching lullabies in English and Spanish and your daughter can’t help but doze off when listening

“Where’d ya go sweetpea?”

Jesse teased Maria, tilting his hat carefully over his daughter’s face and completely hiding her father from sight. The little girl with ruddy cheeks and brown hair just as messy as her father’s just laughed as her chubby fists pushed the hat back up. Her big eyes lit up as she saw her father, the man placing a light kiss against her nose. Another fit of giggles bubbled from her lips, her arms flapping giddily in the air before they darted forward and grabbed Jesse’s beard to steady herself. Jesse’s hat fell from her head, the child suddenly not caring as she squished and pulled curiously at the soft hairs that made up McCree’s facial hair. You winced sympathetically, silently applauding Jess as he forced a strained laugh from his lips, the both of you working gingerly to release him from the strong infants hold.

“Let papa go sweetie”, you cooed softly, the child finally relenting before grasping at her father’s face and going to nom on his nose. You covered your mouth, going into a fit of laughter, Jesse trying not to laugh too hard.

“Yer bout as strong as an ox”, Jesse teased softly as he pulled his daughter back, leaning down and placing a kiss on each of her chubby cheeks. She babbled happily before giving him wet kiss on his chin, giving her another one on the forehead. “And as pretty as a peach,ain’tcha?”



  • As we know, Hanzo is a man with more subtle reactions he smiles and he pulls you into a tight hug when you tell him
  • He is scared/intimidated because, in his words, he has done so much wrong and he does not know if he is deserving of such an honor
  • He is the biggest worrywart with you; he doesn’t want you to strain yourself or hurt yourself or the baby
  • He coaxes you into meditating with him when you are up for it, he’ll lightly hold your hands in his when you do
  • He may not be as physically affectionate when in public but he always stands very close to you whenever you are out
  • In private he just wants to hold you, massage you, and take care of you
  • He also practices Japanese pregnancy traditions like taking you to the temple to pray for a healthy birth and to get you an obi for the obi iwai

(Fun noodle hc)

  • His two dragons are very affectionate and fiercely protective of you and the baby. They will hiss as people who come near you other than Hanzo or Genji.
  • The dragons are frequently with you when Hanzo is somewhere else on the base, whether on Hanzo order or their own need to watch you, you weren’t sure.


You squeaked softly as Hanzo’s hands gently smoothed down the itchy, red skin of your stomach, massaging vitamin E cream affectionately into your skin. He held back his chuckle for you, but a good humored smile rested on his lips as he pampered you. You hummed contently as the nagging itching subsided, Hanzo’s calloused hands gently moving in slow round circles against your skin. Nibbling on your bottom lip you studied him as he stared intently at your belly, focused on the child growing within you. His smile drifted away before a small crease formed in his brow, his hands slowing before stopping. You had seen this look before.

“You’re going to be a wonderful dad, Han. I know you are.”

Hanzo’s eyes jumped to yours, a soft smile on your lips as you placed your hands over his. You rubbed the back of his palms in small circles, that confident look in your eyes not waning as he watched you. He was tempted to comment back but he had learned over the months that you wouldn’t back down from this belief. He gently took your hands in his and placing a kiss against your palm.

“I will take your word for it, my love.”


  • When Angela first put his son in his arms, he froze before giving a soft sob and hugging his child close
  • His has finally forgiven himself, with Genji, his S/O and his child’s help
  • He is openly affectionate with his child, he wants his child to never doubt that he is loved and adored
  • As laid back/serious he is typically, he is the absolute biggest dork with his son; making silly faces and sounds
  • He loves just relaxing with his son; reading books/poems with him, drinking tea, walking around, meditating. His son is either against his chest or his back
  • His teaching of Japanese is a bit more organized than his brother’s, but there’s not true pressure

((Noodle dragons!))

  • The dragons are like mischievous pets to the child; bringing him shiny things, playing with him, at times carrying the child wherever they might want to go
  • They are often found sleeping in the child’s crib in the morning although they definitely weren’t there the night before.

Hanzo laid in the middle of the floor, on a mat where all of Haruto’s toys were, holding the six-month old up in the air before slowly lowering him down and kissing his cheeks. Haruto giggled, wiggling as Hanzo held him steady, the archer smiling as he blew a soft stream of air into the child’s face. Haruto’s face scrunched up before he tried his hand at imitating his father, raining a loving, happy raspberry down on the man.

“Good job Haru-chan”, Hanzo said, a bit flatly, earning a babbling laugh from his son, lowering the child to sit on his chest as he wiped at his face.

“Are you blowing kisses at daddy”, you asked, giggling as Hanzo tilted his back and shot you a weak bemused look before the man chuckled softly. You bent over, kissing your husband then your son on the head affectionately, maneuvering so Hanzo’s head sat in your lap.

Hanzo scrunched up his nose before sticking his tongue out at the boy, Haruto’s chubby hands patting against his father’s chest in amusement. You watched as Hanzo made a fish face before carefully picking up his son and covering his chubby cheeks in light kisses. You laughed as you watched them, running your fingers through Hanzo’s loosed hair, your heart swelling happily.

Hot Fiancé/Husband

Written for: SPN HWC - Week 7

Prompt: “Stop filming me, moron!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1842

Warnings: AU, Tooth rotting fluff, language

A/N: Okay here’s another installment to the Hot Neighbor series. I may have an idea for one or two more but I really love this little series. Tags are at the bottom and all images were found online and do not belong to me. As always feedback is appreciated and thanks for reading!

Summary: During the brother’s yearly weekend Vegas trip they invite you and Jess along this time, but Dean has something planned that will change things forever for you both as a couple.

Part One | Part Two


      “And here we have the beautiful goddess that is my girlfriend sleeping the day away,” Dean smiles before turning his phone back to his face. “I kind of wore her out last night so I only have myself to blame.” Dean chuckles turning the camera back to you as your eyes flutter open to see him filming you.

      You groan pulling the covers up over your head, “Stop filming me, moron!

      “Now Princess, you don’t mean that you just want coffee,” Dean puts the phone down and grabs the coffee he brought back for you. “Come on sweetheart I’ve got your favorite.” He pulls the lid off allowing the hazelnut aroma to hit you.

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Sick prompt #1

Written for @alisa-otaku and her Hanahaki disease bad ending prompt. Unfortunately it’s unfinished since I ended up passing out and dropping my ipad on my face. Still, I wanted to give you what I got done so you wouldn’t be waiting forever for something I may or may not return to.


It was a month after Hanzo’s arrival to the Watchpoint that he met the man who would kill him.

“There you are, luv!”

Hanzo could scarcely blink before Lena was in front of him, vibrating with energy as she grabbed hold of his arm, leading him forcefully down the hall. His bow was on his back, dressed casually for his morning training session with Zarya. “Miss Oxton-”

“Lena, sweetie.” It was a daily argument between them.

“Lena, then. Where are you taking me?”

“Jesse just arrived! You absolutely have to meet him! Oh you’ll just go mad!”

It took a while but he was beginning to understand her strange english colloquialisms. Better then he could a month ago, of course, when he was shocked to realize that he was not as fluent in english as he had first believed.

“Jesse is a previous member, I assume?”

“Gotcha in one! He was real tight with Genji back in the day. He musta told you about ‘im, right? Jesse McCree. The ol’ gunslinger!”

The name sounds familiar, but…

“He’s an honest to God cowboy!”

“Oh!” Genji had mentioned McCree many times. The rugged black ops agent with a winning smile who saved his life more times then he cared to recall. He’d been hopefully optimistic that the cowboy would eventually answer the recall. “A shame Genji will not be here to greet him.”

“He’ll be back from Nepal in no time!” Lena assures him, keeping her iron grip on his arm as they exit out onto the launchpad. Hanzo can just see a dropship in the distance flying toward them. “Sides, you and I’ll make him feel welcome enough for the whole team!”

It takes the ship almost no time to arrive, Lena carefully pulling them both back out of harm’s way as Athena carefully glides the ship to a stop. The door’s barely dropped open before Lena is screaming with joy and running to the ship, throwing her arms around the new arrival before he can even step out of the ship.


“Woah there!”

The man’s voice is deep, rumbling with a warmth that makes Hanzo stand straight at attention. McCree is his opposite in every way, beard untrimmed and wild, hair and clothing still dusty and in need of a good washing. Speaking of his clothes, he’s dressed like he’s stepped right out of an old western, complete with chaps and boots with spurs (Spurs!). Something shiny on his belt catches Hanzo’s eyes, pulling them toward the godawful belt buckle and then to the metal replacement for the man’s hand. The hand Lena is studying with a mix of awe and horror while McCree chuckles at her.

“Would you believe me if I said it wasn’t my fault?”

“Mercy’s going to give you a right earful!”

“Oh god, the doc’s already back? Why didn’t you warn me!”

“You’re a lucky goat. She’s off in Nepal with Genji to help with the relief work there. Should be back soon though.”

It’s as if mentioning Genji’s name at all reminds Lena of Hanzo’s presence and she blinks to him, pulling him over to McCree with a grin. “Oh! This here’s Hanzo!”

Hanzo dips into a low bow once Lena lets go of his hand. “Shimada Hanzo, at your service. It is an honour to meet a hero of the original Overwatch.”

He’s greeted by a low whistle, looking up to find McCree holding his hat to his chest, lips pursed and eyebrows raised high. “Well, howdy there… The name’s McCree, Jesse McCree… and ain’t ya just an angel fell from heaven.”

The confusion must be evident on Hanzo’s face because Lena has to cover the grin on her face with her hands. She blinks back to Jesse’s face and stuffs his hat back onto his head. “You haven’t changed at all!”

“What! What I do!”

“You’ve been here all of five seconds and you’re already flirting up a storm!”

“He caught me off guard, aight?” He pushes Lena away playfully before fixing his hat and shooting Hanzo a smile. “So, Shimada, was it? Any relation to ol’ Genji Shimada?”

“My brother.” He responds carefully, watching Jesse’s face for any reaction.

There is none. Instead, he’s greeted by a hand held out for him to grab. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet ya, Hanzo.”

He pronounces it terribly but Hanzo finds it amusing rather than annoying. “Likewise.”

“How about I go get settled in and then you and I meet up later tonight to get to know each other better over some drinks?”

They both ignore Lena’s guffaw, and her following squeal of delight as Hanzo smiles in response. “I look forward to it.”

They fall into bed together that same evening, and Hanzo wakes up in bed alone.

Jesse fell in love with Hanzo on a Saturday.

The mission wasn’t going well. They were pinned down, backup too far away, and Hanzo had already exhausted his dragons. Jesse was in a bad way, one leg broken and a deep pain in his chest which spoke of at least two broken ribs. Hanzo had done his best, splinting the broken limb using a plank of wood and the ribbon from his hair.

Jesse was in a haze of pain, unable to concentrate on anything besides how much he hurt, but he lifted his fingers to Hanzo’s hair hanging loose around his face and smiled.

“I must get you out of here,” Hanzo muttered under his breath, checking to see if their enemy was still searching for them. It wasn’t far to the pickup point, but Jesse couldn’t walk, even with Hanzo’s aid. The break was bad, his pants sticky with blood where the bone had snapped, and Hanzo growled softly to himself.

“Cavalry’s ‘ere!”

Hanzo jolted himself at the sound of Tracer’s voice in the comm, and moments later they heard her rapid gunfire. “Making you an opening, run for it! I’ve got you covered!”

Hanzo looked at Jesse, whose eyes were glazed with pain, his face pale and sweating. There was nothing for it.

Jesse cried out in agony as Hanzo lifted him, doing his best to cradle his broken leg gently. One arm under his knees and the other at his back, the archer didn’t even grunt from effort as he stood up with Jesse in his arms.

“I must run. Will you be alright?”

Jesse nodded, slinging an arm over Hanzo’s shoulders, marveling at his strength. He knew he wasn’t exactly lightweight, especially with his armour and the pounds he’d stacked on as he approached middle age, but Hanzo didn’t seem to notice at all.

And as they ran for it, Jesse knew he was in love.

Gabriel’s penchant for being a human pillow continued well beyond his reconciliation with Overwatch and her new operatives.

Being older, Gabriel took to napping like he had when he was a young and overworked super soldier, often taking up the couch in the rec room. His arms folded tightly over his chest and beanie pulled down over his tired eyes and grey streaked curls and legs stretched out over the couch cushions as he slept quietly. Gabriel took to sleeping a lot lighter then he normally did, but still the seeming beacon of comfort that the new Overwatch operatives seemed drawn to him when they were tired and found him napping on the couch.

Ana, shameless as always, would lay down by his legs and cram her dainty legs and feet against him to keep them warm, sometimes poking his stomach when she was trying to be playfully annoying. Lúcio he found once or twice, sleeping sitting up and having his legs draped over his lap. Angela would just snuggle up against his side, her delicate chin digging into his bicep and her arms deadlocked around his torso. Satya was far too distant (from anyone that was not Fareeha or Angela) to really fall asleep on him but once or twice he would find her snoozing in one of the armchairs by the couch near him. Zenyatta, being both an Omnic and wary of people that would be uncomfortable around him, would sometimes power down or meditate by him when he slept.

Hana, being small and slender, would often flop on him and not disturb him so he often woke up startled to find her snoozing on him. Orisa was hardly on base and when she was Efi was often with her, one of their visits he woke up to find Efi neatly sleeping on his legs and Orisa powered down nearby. Reinhardt was often too large for the furniture, but once or twice he got startled awake to find Reinhardt lifting him up so that the big man could claim the couch and end up sleeping on the man’s legs or lean up against him in his lap. Roadhog was more often than naught glued to Junkrat, but when the man wanted a nap away from the scrawny bomb fetishist, he found the man leaning up against the couch and snoring away. When Zarya slept by him, she often just picked up his legs and slept sitting up, one heavy arm draped over his legs.

Bastion was still wary of his distrust and fear of them, but sometimes he would find Bastion powered down by him and Ganymede curled up tucked up underneath his jaw or chin. He had no idea that Hanzo would sometimes sleep by him until he got up and looked around to see Hanzo sleeping propped up by one of the ends of the couch. When he found Junkrat sleeping by him, he often found the Junkrat… knotted for lack of a better word with his legs, that peg leg dangerously close to jabbing him. Mei was still leery about him but once or twice found her passed out and snuggled up against his side. Torbjörn gave no fucks and he found the engineer sleeping on his legs and loudly snoring away.  

Tracer often curled up by his legs, her head cushioned often by his thighs. Genji sat by his feet, leaned against the arm of the couch and threw out his legs by his sides. Jesse, all too familiar with him, would gracelessly flop on him often wake him right up and he would steal the cowboy’s hat and use it cover his face as he tried to sleep with Jesse laying on him. Fareeha, when she was small, used to sleep tucked up against his chest, now much larger would often nudged him enough to the side that they could sleep on their sides and back to back.

Jack was perhaps the most shameless of them all. Jack would drag a blanket out to where he was sleeping and he would find himself drawn into Jack’s arms and held tight and he would only be able to smile as he snuggled into Jack’s shoulder and enjoyed the warmth.

Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt.16

The next few weeks are a blur with a dose of recurring nightmares. Not only for you, but more so for B/N. 

You don’t go home. You’ve been staying with him since the incident, afraid to leave him by himself. He barely eats, his body imprint on the bed signals that he hardly leaves it. 

And right now he’s standing in the kitchen, eyes glazed over as his mind wanders. He doesn’t notice you standing there, he’s hardly noticed you since Jesse was buried. 

Guilt, grief, and rage is all he’s suffering from and it’s eating him alive. He’s lost so much of himself.

You stand beside him, looking at his face. It’s been days since he’s said more than five words to you. 

Placing your hand on his cheek, you softly say, “Come back to me,” 

He turns his head to you, blinks twice as he returns to the present. A look of pity crosses his features. 

“I’m gonna shower. My parents will be here soon,” he says, walking around you.

You stand there, forcing your emotions down. A habit you’ve started doing while you tried caring for B/N. You both weren’t official yet, recent events preventing you both from talking about it. You sort of just…stayed with him. 

In truth, you liked him a lot. But you felt incredibly overwhelmed. He was so caught up in his own pain that he seemed to have forgotten you both were in the same battle that day. 

You wipe your tear-stained face. When did your life take such a turn? Sitting in the stool Jesse once sat in to eat your breakfast. Can’t have two distraught people trying to make it through the day, right? 

You don’t have much of an appetite but you know you need to eat. Tracing your fork through your food, you realize you’ve been spaced out for over twenty minutes, doing the same thing B/N was doing. 


You drop your fork, feeling uneasy. Heading to the bathroom, you realize B/N is still in there. He didn’t lock the door, but you knock. 

“B/N, you okay?” you can still hear the shower running but he doesn’t answer you. You let yourself in. Your heart is pounding at what you’re unprepared to see once you pull the shower curtains aside.

He’s sitting in the corner, his knees to his chest and staring at nothing. 

The sight of him like this is the tipping point of your emotions and you sink to the floor. You sit on the ground outside of the tub, holding your face in your hands. 

“I wish I could go back,” he says and you look at him. This is the most he’s admitted to feeling since the incident took place. His eyes and nose are red, “I wish for nothing more than to go back,”

He pushes his hair back, sniffing. His eyes focus on you, “I need you to do something for me,” 

You nod, “What?” 

He takes a moment to reply, his voice breaking, “I need you to take this pain away,” you know where he’s going with this, and you shake your head, “I need you to make me forget,” 

“No…” you say in the middle of his request. 

His face switches from pleading to anger very quickly. He gets out of the shower and you follow him. 

“It’s one request, Y/N!” he snaps as he pulls his boxers on. He’s taking his anger and depression out on you now. 

“I won’t do that,” you tell him.


“You cannot forget Jesse!” he doesn’t want to hear what you’re saying, “No matter how bad you feel, forgetting him would make his entire life meaningless.”

He roughly pushes his wet hair from his face, flinging the nearest thing, that happens to be his laptop, across the room. 

“I want to die, Y/N! Do you understand that? You almost died saving me. My best friend is dead because I’m so fucking stupid. He didn’t want to do this. All he wanted to do was run a stupid realtor company,” as he says the final part, he presses his palms against his eyes, his voice breaking. 

Your voice is soft, hoping it will lessen the blow, “That’s why you can’t forget him,” saying that makes him even more upset because you won’t give him what he wants.

“You’re practically Wonder Woman. You don’t understand what this feels like,” he scoffs. His words shock you, the look in his eyes spiteful, “Have you lost someone close to you?” he asks cynically. 

You slap him in the face hard, purposefully. 

Wet strands of hair spread across the side of his face, cheek slowly reddening. He doesn’t look surprised, almost like he wanted you to retaliate. 

“I don’t understand?” Your body is shaking in anger, tears springing into your eyes, “Jesse was my friend too. Not as close as you guys, but he was a friend,” he rolls his eyes and you shove him hard in the chest. He wants to fight.

“You know what? Fuck you,” You’re pained that he thinks so little of what you could actually feel, after all you’ve done. You turn from him, grabbing your stuff. You can’t take this anymore. 

“What are you doing?” 

“I’m leaving. Obviously,” 

Walking to the living room, he follows you, “I’ve been babysitting you because you’re so damn sad that you can’t help yourself. I’ve been neglecting myself and for what? Are we even friends? We’re not even officially together,”


“And how dare you? You think just because you feel pain, you have a right to say those things to me?” his expression lets you know he realizes his mistake, “Not once have you asked how I felt. Do you just assume I feel nothing? Wonder Woman felt pain too.” he presses his lips together, remembering what he said, “Honestly, did you not think of me once?” 

“I did… I just didn’t think-” 

“No, you didn’t think,” you push your hair from your face, “I killed people, B/N. Did you forget that?” 

He pauses, watching you carefully now, as if the pain in your own voice made him snap out of his own, “That shit keeps me up at night. A man is braindead because of me. I accidentally killed a girl who ran into my force field. I put a bullet through a woman’s brain without a second thought. And I’m not entirely sorry, and that scares me. And you wanna forget? I want to forget.”  

His image is blurring before you, but you see him coming near you. 

You back away from him, “I tried to save Jesse, but I didn’t see her gun. I wasn’t fast enough. I hate myself for that and sometimes I think that you hate me because I didn’t do any better,” you finally admit all of this to him.

You cover your face because you’re crying harder than you have before, your own guilt overflowing. He’s so quiet you’re not even sure he’s listening or even there. But you feel his arms come around you quickly and you’re pushing him off because you haven’t forgiven him. You don’t want your tears to seem like a weakness that you need him.  

But he’s persistent and you can hardly stand up on your own. 

He’s never held you this tight, as if he’s trying to keep you from crumbling to pieces, “I can’t forgive myself,” you whisper. 

“I never blamed you,” he says, “Not once,” 

You pull away to wipe your face, holding your bag tighter on your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save him for you,” 

She was leaving him and he didn’t even blame her. 

B/N didn’t mean to snap as he did but he’s almost glad he did, because he wouldn’t have known how much Y/N was keeping in. 

Yes, he was being spiteful, an action he regretted as soon as he did it to her, but she was releasing so much. He didn’t know how hard she took Jesse’s death. Didn’t know she actually blamed herself. He even forgot about the people that died or were injured by Y/N’s hands. Her guilt greatly outdid his, yet she was being so strong for him. 

Feeling like shit didn’t even cover it. 

“I think it’s time we part ways,” she says and his throat is tight. He caused all of this.

He didn’t want her to leave, but he knew it would be the best if she did. She lost pieces of herself caring for him, her clothes fit her body looser than before. Her skin was dull and her eyes didn’t have that spark like before. On top of her own turmoil, did he drain her that much? 

“I’m sorry,” is all he can say. He’s sorry he did this to her; neglected the only person he had left. He’s sorry he threw everything she did for him back in her face. He felt such shame looking at her, additional to the fact that he only had his boxers on. 

“Keep in touch with your parents. Share your grief with them, because they loved Jesse too,” her final words. As she’s about to turn for the door, she pauses, looking at him. 

He can’t let her leave this way. He meets her where she is, embracing her. He holds her tightly, his hand resting on the back of her head. Her tears cascade down his chest, his own disappearing in her hair. 

She steps back, patting her cheeks. When she looks at him, he almost can’t hold her gaze. 

“I can’t make you forget, but I can do something else for you,” she says softly. 

She holds his face, looking into his eyes, “You will heal. You will get past this. You will be happy again. And you will forgive yourself,” 

His body relaxes, his thoughts flashing gray as her words reconstruct his mind. 

When he comes to, he realizes he is alone. His cat sits at the door, waiting for her to come back, not realizing she won’t. 

He wasn’t sure how he’d face his parents when they arrived at his house. He couldn’t even look them in the eyes at the funeral. 

He opens the door once they arrive, his stomach tight. 

He feels better after what Y/N did to him. But her absence created another void that he would have to live with. 

“Hi Mom,” is all he is able to say before she pulls him in for a hug. 

“My baby. You’re so thin,” she sniffs, squeezing his arms and face for emphasis. She takes the food she brought from his father’s hands. She rushes to the kitchen.

“Dad,” B/N finally says. 

His father sighs at the sight of his son, his stiff aura softening. He pats his neck, pulling him in for a hug, “Make sure you eat, or she’ll nag until you do,”  

He gives a small smile, nodding. 

Within minutes, his mother notices something isn’t right. 

“Where’s Y/N?” she asks. 

He’s not sure how to answer but says the truth, “She’s gone,” 

His parents are quiet, glancing at each other before looking at their son again.

“Sharing burdens is only effective if it’s shared equally,” his mother says, seeming to know what he didn’t have to explain. 

“I liked her for you,” is all his father says.

They eat together, his mother speaking the most and he’s grateful because he has no words to contribute to the conversation. She even manages to make him laugh despite the fact that there’s two chairs empty at the table. He felt happy for that split second and the rush of guilt that overtook him was insufferable. 

He places his fork down, excusing himself from the table. 

He clutches the counter in his bathroom, taking deep breaths. 

“Pull yourself together,” he tells himself. Once he steps into his room, he pauses seeing his mother sitting on his bed, the book she had given him in her hands. 

“Did you finish it?” she asks. 

He shakes his head, “No. Haven’t gotten around to it,” 

She nods, flipping through the pages, “You should,” 

“Why? Some message on life lessons or something?” 

“Something like that,” 

“I don’t want to read it,” 

“You will,” 


“Read it,” she says firmly, holding the open book towards him. Even at his age, he knew when to pay attention to his mothers tone of voice. 

With an exasperated sigh, he takes the book from her hand, standing as he reads the written words. 

The gifts that we’ve been given has brought us more pain than we anticipated. To forget is a gift. A gift I cannot give myself,” 

“Not much encouragement from her here,” he says, closing the book.

“You accept what’s happened and move on. That’s the way it goes,” 

He knows why his mother had him read this but he’s too stubborn to accept it. He’s feeling a mix of emotions. He already poured his soul out to Y/N, must he do it again? 

But then he remembers what she said, to grieve with parents.

“He’s gone, B/N,” his mother says as gently as she can, “Jesse is gone,”  

He pauses, biting the inner flesh of his cheek, “I know that,” 

He feels her hand on his back, “Stop blaming yourself. You must live again,” 

Her words cause tears to spring into his eyes and he fights them. He clenches his teeth so tightly to prevent himself from cracking. 

“I’m sorry,” he finally says.

“I know,” she wipes his tears even though hers are glistening on her cheeks as well, “But I can’t lose another son. You might think you don’t deserve to enjoy life right now, but Jesse would’ve cursed you for leaving your plate full just now,” 

The truth in her words cause him to laugh despite his tears, “He really loved food,” 

A hard pang to his chest at using past-tense. His mother notices, taking his hand. 

“I love you and I always will,” she says to him. Loving him despite what he did, a form of healing he didn’t expect. 

His father steps in the doorway, looking his son in the eyes. An action he’s been doing lately, no longer fearing what his son could do. 

He does a double take, noticing the broken laptop in the corner that he through, during his fight with Y/N. 

“You and your temper,” he father chastises him as he picks up the broken pieces. 

“I’ve been curious about something,” his father says, “You mentioned Y/N saved you? How?”

“She’s kind of like me,” 

“How so? What can she do?” his mother asks. 

He gives a knowing smile, remembering how ethereal and badass she looked as she fought. How before she knew of her gift, she pulled him towards her by simply being who she was, “Everything I can’t.”

Reasons I think Sam & Cait are together: EW Cover Shoot edition




3. HE FUCKING OFFERS HER A FAKE CIGARETTE. “was it good for you babe?”

4. SMILES. the way he leans into her. I’m fine. AND HER HAND ON HIS SHOULDER. 

5. #eyesupheughan (thx for that hashtag Jess)

6. they just look so natural and comfy sitting like this????

7. AND THE PIECE DE RESISTANCE (with additional nsfw commentary by the tears for feels DM group 👀)

parts 1-14

(*not my gifs*)

anonymous asked:

if i stop anonymously requesting your werewolf mccree assume i'm dead. i love it so much please write more whenever it's convenient ; v;

I love writing werewolf mccree so much. I know that I have a lot to still work on but I’d be willing to take some more werewolf!mccree requests if there were any ouo;;;

By the time morning rolled around, you were curled up at your dining table, clutching your cup with bandaid covered fingers. Jesse lowered himself into the seat next to you with two full bowls of cereal in hand. Reyes was across from him on your other sides, scrubbing his face over his hands with a loud yawning groan.

And across from you was a highly amused girl of indiscriminate age and purple hair.

“You can call me Sombra,” she purred, taking the second bowl from Jesse without a glance to him.

You stared at her tiredly, thinking about how her voice made the scrapes and bruises on your side ache. “There’s two of them,” you mumbled. “You bring two of them into my house and expect me to be all chill about it, papí?” you asked.

Reyes released a bark of laughter, doubling over into the table when Jesse choked on his cereal. Sombra shot you a grin full of teeth.

“I like them.”

“I’d say the same thing but you threw me into the street with a headbutt in the middle of the night, so sorry if I’m a little bitter,” you replied. Reyes propped his chin up in his hand, spinning the cup of coffee he had been nursing in slow circles.

“In my defense, she was following Jesse’s scent. He marked this whole damn block.”

“That’s disgusting, Jesse McCree,” you grumped.

He dropped his spoon to the table and lifted the bowl to his lips, drinking down the milk in three gulps and a loud, satisfied sigh. “In my defense, there’s a lot of scary shit in town and I wanted to protect my date so you can bite me.”

“Would they turn into a werewolf if they bit McCree?” Sombra asked, waving her spoon around between you and the aforementioned boy. “If they broke skin.”

You shoved your chair out from the table and turned to the doorway. “It is too fuckin’ early for this shit, please. Someone. Wake me up in a few hours when my brain has had a chance to relax from this nonsense.”

Jesse leaned back in his chair to watch you walk down the hall to your room, letting out a very quiet but appreciative hum. “We’ll still be here!” he called.

“Peachy,” you droned.

Sombra slurped at the milk in her bowl, eyeing the two men she was left at the table with. When she had drank the last of it, she set it down and wiped her mouth. “I like them,” she repeated.


Note: Thanks to @skittle479 for the assist.

10:45 … Sonny was almost four hours late. You weren’t worried, though, his job often kept him on an unpredictable schedule. There was a cost to dating a cop, but Sonny was worth it.

He was supposed to come over after work, at 7. Sonny often forgot to call you when his work ran late, so you tried to occupy yourself while you waited. Staying busy kept you from worrying.

At 10:50 you heard the front door opening and saw Sonny making his way in, having exchanged keys to your respective apartments after half a year of dating.

Swiftly, you made your way over to Sonny and wrapped your arms around his waist. It felt like you were made for each other.

“You finally made it,” you smiled into his chest. “How was work?”

“Barba has been biting his nails about a rape in the park from last month, he’s been making us go over our testimonies again and again.” Sonny chuckled as he placed a quick kiss on your forehead, still in the process of taking off his outerwear.

“No wonder you stayed late, then, you’ve been wanting to stay on Barba’s good side.” You’d met the members of Sonny’s squad only briefly, but from the way Sonny talked about them, you felt like you knew them intimately.

“Oh, he actually didn’t, he finished with me hours ago. Jesse’s babysitter had to leave early, and ‘Manda was still with Barba, so I volunteered to watch after Jesse until Barba was finished prepping Amanda.”

Abruptly, you pulled yourself out of his embrace.

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anonymous asked:

s/o whos usually sarcastic and sometimes even mean when in the wrong mood. she has strong walls and barely anything seems to affect her. except when hanzo/mercy/gabe/jesse (non-poly pls) walk by her room and see that she's on the phone with her parents and she's all smiles and giggles, and looking a little sad. when she's done with the conversation she notices them there and shes extremely embarrassed, she covers her face and tries to find an escape route and all. (thanks! sry if its vague :c )


  • When you try to escape he wont stop you. If you want to be alone he will let you be. But he will not exactly let this drop. Also he’s super confused.
  • It isn’t until a while later that he finally brings it up. 
  • He is well used to hiding his emotions behind a stoic wall and he is worried that you’re suffering behind yours.
  • Encourages you to talk to him, but wont push you if you’re uncomfortable. Just want to assure you that he is here if you do want to talk.
  • Tells you that you don’t have to hide your emotions with him.


  • Will run after you (no guarantee she’ll catch up in those heels tho) to make sure you’re alright. She can’t bear seeing anyone, especially you, upset.
  • Gives you the biggest hug ever. 
  • Her main concern is your well-being, not your behaviour. 
  • If you want her to leave she will but if you allow her she’ll stay with you as long as you let her.
  • Secretly arranges for the two of you to go visit your parents.


  • When you try to run he blocks your path. Good luck getting by that asshole. 
  • Can’t help but smirk at seeing your blush
  • First things first: he’s going to make sure your okay. He knows pretty well how lonely this life can be. 
  • Sees you in a whole new light and loves you even more. The snark is great and all but seeing you giggle like that warmed his dead heart.
  • Once you open up to him he finds he can open up to you a bit more. You’re both peeling away layers of each other as your relationship grows. Reapers are like onions.


  • Stops you from running by wrapping his arms around you
  • Wont let you go until you talk to him. Even when you do tell him he just holds you tighter, telling you that he’s here for you.
  • If there’s one person who knows what it’s like hiding behind a wall it’s him. That cheerful persona hides a very dark past
  • Tells you he prefers this more sensitive side of you. 
  • You can try and hide it all you want but he knows this side of you and will always tease you about it
Hear You Scream

Here’s another one for my Kink List: #50 Loud Sex with Sam x Jess for anon, which I’m also using for SPNKinkBingo, info below.

Title: Hear You Scream
Square Filled: Sam x Jess
Ship: Sam x Jess
Rating: Explicit
Tags: smut. fingering, oral (fem receiving), vaginal sex, some dirty talk and loud noises
Summary (If applicable): Jess reminds Sam that in their new apartment, they don’t have to be quiet.
Word Count: ~1450
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

Sam gazed down at Jessica below him on their bed – their bed.  It still hadn’t sunk in completely that they had their own apartment now, no roommates to bother them, with one bedroom, for them to share.

He felt so grown up, a thought that felt ridiculous to him, but meant something all the same.

Jess’s hand came up to smooth Sam’s cheek, as if she knew what he was thinking.  “Welcome home, baby,” she whispered before pulling Sam down to kiss her.

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Homegrown (Jamie Benn)

Prompt: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re married and have 3 children and he comes home from a tiring practice to see his wife and kids in the kitchen learning how to make pizza and dancing to the music playing in the background. He looks at them in awe and then you have dinner as a family and you bring your kids up to bed and once you guys go to your bedroom he tells you how blessed he is.

Jamie Benn x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: kid fic

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Getting Warmer

Carisi takes up knitting and everyone gets a new scarf. Everyone except Barba. Not that he cares. Not at all.


“Is that…Carisi are you knitting?”

Barba had stopped by the precinct with some paperwork for Liv only to find the squad room quiet and Carisi knitting at his desk, colorful yarn looping over and over between bright yellow needles.

“Yeah.” Carisi barely spares him a glance as he concentrates. “Took it up recently. It’s surprisingly relaxing.” He looks up with a smirk. “Problem, counselor?”

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