and jeremy doing this really surprised her

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Were you surprised to see Kendall open for moschino? I really didn't see that coming, do you know who closed the show?

Definitely surprised! Shes never worked with Moschino or Jeremy Scott before. I think Gigi closed the show, I didn’t get to watch it yet, but based off photos it looks like it was her. 

Meet Holland Christensen.

A few months back, the Tennessee native and self-described “educated” person decided to get a tattoo inspired by her love for traveling and languages.

After some deliberation, she decided on something in Chinese. 

But in doing so, she made a big mistake: “I asked for the translation from someone on the Internet.”

Christensen ended up with the following ankle tattoo:

If you read Chinese, you know (and as Holland later found out) that translates to: Jeremy Lin.

It might surprise you to learn that Holland had no idea who “Jeremy Lin” was.

She was admittedly embarrassed by her mistake, but after some research, Holland learned Lin is a professional basketball player with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

And that he’s a really nice guy.  Especially, after he sent her a special message in response to her video.

My Song To You || Eva and Jeremy

Jeremy knew that there was tension between him and Eva lately. He wanted to make it up to her by showing her that he really cared. All day he tossed around ideas of what he could do until finally, he came to the decision to do what he did best; music. He sat down on his bed with his guitar and computer and learned the chords to a song, telling her exactly how he felt for her and what they have together. After finalizing the song and feeling good about it, Jeremy texted Eva to come to his room because he had a surprise for her. He sat back on his bed and waited for her to come in.