and jeremy doing this really surprised her


The Great Gatsby Dreamcast-

(Currently, I’m kind of obsessed with The Great Gatsby now since I read it my English class, LOVED IT! I also loved both the 1974 version and 2013 version, and the soundtrack is really good too. Anyway, I’m kind of surprised that there isn’t some sort of musical adaption to this amazing book, so being the musical theatre nerd that I am, I decided to do some dreamcasting)

Jeremy Jordan as Nick Carraway

Aaron Tveit as Jay Gatsby (I feel like he could pull off any role that Leonardo DiCaprio has ever played)

Laura Osnes as Daisy Buchanan (Come on she would perfect for this role and I kinda wanna hear her pull off Daisy’s “charming voice.”)

Phillipa Soo as Jordan Baker

Ramin Karimloo as Tom Buchanan

Sierra Boggess as Myrtle Wilson

Nick Cordero as George Wilson

Tom Wopat as Meyer Wolfsheim

Never forget [Kai Parker x Reader]

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Summary: Kai was (Y/N)’s best friend and crush before he was sent to the Prison World. now, he’s back and didn’t tell her about it. He realizes that he loved her all along and whole lot of feelings are brought out.

Warnings: one swear word, heated make out

A/N: feedback and requests would make me really happy!

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Kai Parker, sociopath, heretic, siphoner… Finally, your best friend and crush. For all you knew the heretic was still stuck in the 1994 Prison World. Spoiler alert! He wasn’t. So, when you walked into the Mystic Grill talking with Jeremy Gilbert your ‘Kai Parker best friend replacement’ and looked for a booth you were surprised to find him sipping on what seemed like whiskey.

“What the hell is Kai doing here?’ you wondered

“Hey Jer?” you interrupted him in the middle of his story about Sarah and the pool thing you weren’t really listening to.

“Yeah (Y/N)?” he asked, raising his eyebrows at you.

“You remember me telling you about Kai Parker?” you inquired. Unaware that the saying of his name had caught Kai’s attention and that he was now watching you with Jeremy.

“Yeah, stuck in the Prison World, your best friend and cr-” you slapped your hand on his mouth before he could finish his sentence.

“He’s a vampire, he could very well be eavesdropping,” you said taking your hand off his mouth and shooting a look at the witch who was looking at his empty glass, “he doesn’t know about… that.”

A look a realization hit Jeremy’s face “Ooh! Okay, so he’s not in the Prison World then?” he smiled and you laughed.

When the sound of your laughter reached his ears a smile crept onto Kai’s face, he had missed this sound when he was in the Prison World. 

Suddenly, he realized that every day since you weren’t there in his life for at least an hour a day he’d missed and thought of you. His mind was filled with memories of you two spending time together and the urge he felt to kiss you at times. Ever since you met, you were the only person who could make him feel something other than the need to hurt. At that very moment, Kai Parker understood that he was in love with (Y/N) (L/N).

Before you had the time to respond, Kai stood up from his seat and vamp-sped you away from Jeremy and out of the Grill.

“How are you so young-looking (Y/N)?” he asked with a tender look in his blue-gray eyes.

“I’m a vampire Kai, like you.” You smiled nervously, “but is that really the first thing you want to say to me after seeing me for the first time in ages?”

“I-I don’t know what to say (Y/N), I thought you’d moved on, found a new and better version of me. I thought you-you’d forgotten about me after all this time.” He told you, looking down at his feet, “I assumed that staying away from you would be better for you because I am, according to Damon, ‘bad news’ and dangerous.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” you cupped his face and brought his eyes to yours “I have never and will never forget you Malachai Parker, there has not been a day were your face hasn’t crossed my mind. And how on earth could you think that I could forget about you? You’re my other half, my better part, my beating heart, Kai Parker. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a sociopath, so-called ‘dangerous’ or whatever because no matter what I will still love you. You may have lost your innocence but you will never lose me. Staying away from me isn’t ‘better for me’ Kai, if anything it’s worse! You are irreplaceable and I am completely, utterly in love with you. You might not feel the same way but I don’t care at all! You are a great, amazing, wonderf-” you were interrupted by Kai’s lips crashing against yours.

               It took a few seconds for you to realize what was happening and Kai reluctantly pulled away before you could kiss back.

“I’m so so sorry (Y/N), I sho-” this time you were the one to interrupt by wrapping your arms around his neck and smashed your lips against his.

               Immediately, Kai’s lips were kissing you back and fire exploded in your stomach. Kai’s hands placed themselves on your waist and went slightly under your top. Your lips molded together and Kai slipped his tongue into your mouth. Your tongues fought for dominance, Kai won and started scouring your mouth his tongue. Seconds passed until you pulled away to catch your breath.

“This place is too public, let’s head back to my place.” You told him. He nodded vigorously and you vamp-sped to your house. You unlocked the door and entered the house. Once you locked the door Kai slammed you against it and kissed you passionately while you wrapped your legs against his waist. He was leaving a wet trail of kisses down your neck until you moaned loudly when his lips reached your sweet spot, he grinned and started sucking your collarbone, creating a hickey and eliciting moans from you. You whined at the loss of contact when he detached his lips from your neck to vamp-speed you to your couch. He pushed you onto it and climbed over you grinding onto your crotch. He took off your top and his top then continued to make out with you. At that moment, you knew you were in for a great night.

Be More Chill Possession AU: The Confrontation

“Damn it Michael, pick up.” Christine angrily tapped her foot outside of the auditorium. She had invited Jeremy there to “talk” to him and with Michael’s help, force him to drink the Red Mountain Dew. That was a half hour ago and Michael wasn’t picking up his cell.
“Waiting for someone?” Christine jumped, dropping her phone as Jeremy approached her.
“Jesus Christ, you scared the crap out of me Jeremy!”
“Sorry, had some work I needed to finish.” There was something…off about the way he was walking. The confident strides had none of Jeremy’s awkward air surrounding him as he walked towards her. “Yesterday I was heading over to the lunch table when I saw you taking to someone and stopped to listen in. Imagine my surprise when I heard you talking to Michael Mell about me.” He was a few feet away, looking straight at her with a malicious look in his eye. “It’s not nice to talk behind people’s backs.”
Christine dug through her bag, not finding any Mountain Dew bottle.
“You really shouldn’t leave your bag unattended.” Jeremy walked forward as Christine backed up until her back hit the wall.
“What…what do you want?”
“It’s not what I want, it’s what Jeremy wants. And right now he wants you.”
“Wants me?”
“Sexually, physically, emotionally. He wants a girlfriend and has deemed you the one. I personally don’t see why, but it’s not my job to question. He also said he wanted you to do this on your own free will, unfortunately I knew you would need more incentive to date this loser so…” Jeremy’s hand dug through the jacket pocket pulling out an early 2000’s red flip phone. There was only one person Christine knew who owned a phone like that.
“Where’s Michael?”
“Safe…for now. If I even think your going to try anything that could all change very quickly.”
“How do I know he’s alright? That your not just lying to me.”
“You don’t, but are you willing to take that chance?” She stood there frozen in fear, unsure of what to do. “I’m going to let Jeremy come back now and your going to act like his girlfriend. You won’t tell him about anything that just happened or…” It gestured to phone he was holding before it slipping back in the jacket pocket. “You’ve already seen what I’m willing to do for Jeremy’s sake.” He grabbed Christine’s hand. “Now be a good little actress and pretend you’re in love him.”
Jeremy’s body seized up for a moment before looking directly at her with a confused face.

Hello, my name is ________

Thanks to @rage-quitter for beta reading this. If you haven’t already seen their stuff you really should. They’re what caused me to write The Long Drive Home and start shipping Jerevin.

The first thing Jeremy realized upon joining the Fake AH Crew, was that it was in his best interest to just nod and go along with everything Geoff said.

Not complaining when the man drunkenly slapped a name badge sticker on his forehead during the biggest staff party in the criminal world was just one of them.

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Meet Holland Christensen.

A few months back, the Tennessee native and self-described “educated” person decided to get a tattoo inspired by her love for traveling and languages.

After some deliberation, she decided on something in Chinese. 

But in doing so, she made a big mistake: “I asked for the translation from someone on the Internet.”

Christensen ended up with the following ankle tattoo:

If you read Chinese, you know (and as Holland later found out) that translates to: Jeremy Lin.

It might surprise you to learn that Holland had no idea who “Jeremy Lin” was.

She was admittedly embarrassed by her mistake, but after some research, Holland learned Lin is a professional basketball player with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

And that he’s a really nice guy.  Especially, after he sent her a special message in response to her video.

My Song To You || Eva and Jeremy

Jeremy knew that there was tension between him and Eva lately. He wanted to make it up to her by showing her that he really cared. All day he tossed around ideas of what he could do until finally, he came to the decision to do what he did best; music. He sat down on his bed with his guitar and computer and learned the chords to a song, telling her exactly how he felt for her and what they have together. After finalizing the song and feeling good about it, Jeremy texted Eva to come to his room because he had a surprise for her. He sat back on his bed and waited for her to come in. 

Alright, Gonna Put Myself on the Line Again

Let’s talk about the Bite presented to us in FNAF 4, more so, the Game Theory recently put out on the scientific of the game (MatPat’s Part 2 is still in development at time of posting this theory).

This is just a theory and analyzation of the gameplay and story. This post was made prior to the DLC release and is most likely subject to change upon that. I mean I’m willing to accept debate and criticism, but don’t think I’m an expert or that this is in stone when there’s still so much left to find out. 

MatPat, you’re great at what you do, but that does not mean you are never at fault. Calling the kettle black by saying Scott doesn’t do his research? Well, neither do you, my friend! So let’s continue to talk about the Fredbear incident we see at the end of Night 5 in the Fourth Game and the science around it. 

But First, Let’s briefly cover the lore, because I’m sure I will be asked. 

Is this the Bite of ‘87? Ehh? Maybe? I’ll wait on that when the DLC comes out to make a final call. It can go either way with the information provided. Yea, 8s and 7s were scattered all around and teased and throughout the game we hear the backwards recording of Phone Guy discussing the Incident. Let’s dabble into what he says. 

Uh, they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too. But then there was The Bite of ‘87. Yeah. I-It’s amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?” -Phone Guy FNAF Night 1

Two key parts: The animatronics’ role and the lobe damaged. So let’s look at the incident we are presented with: 

So Fredbear (Golden Freddy) did it. Yea, that was a pretty big shock. But yea, these two are definitely connected. I’m pretty convinced this kid is connected to him and it could be why Fredbear is the way he is AND that this kid is in a coma, that’s for sure. After three games of not knowing what the deal was with Fredbear, we get their story; this game is about them. Now on to the bite. 

The child is put in side to side, not from the front. So how does that result in “frontal lobe needs to be removed”? MatPat gets this one right when he says that the game would be impossible if that part was damaged because if it was…. why would he care about what happens during the game? He wouldn’t be able to! Not to mention Fredbear’s angle of “attack” and his teeth wouldn’t add up, unlike someone ELSE we know…

So if it wasn’t the frontal lobe, what was it? 

I’m convinced it was two parts: The parietal lobe and occipital lobe. I don’t think any part of his brain was removed, either, but there was trauma, which put him in his coma. And even in a coma, you can still dream… even possibly have nightmares, which is probably what the gameplay is. But why so gruesome with how the animatronics look? It could be the child being over imaginative and over exaggerating his fears… but it could be hallucinations. Head trauma can results in hallucinations and developments in mental illnesses (a clear connection still needs to be made, but there is progress). It could be a long shot to make this claim, but what if his hallucinations are a result of head trauma-induced schizophrenia?

Could be a long shot, but I’m leaving a possibility open. Makes more sense for that. 

So what about being able to walk around during the day? Why would this affect Fredbear? He’s on stage, he wasn’t waltzing about, the kid was thrown into his mouth. But the recording we hear on the Fourth Night of the Third game I think goes into THIS incident

After learning of an unfortunate incident at a sister location, involving multiple and simultaneous spring lock failures, the company has deemed the suits temporarily unfit for employees.” -Phone Guy FNAF3 Night 4

There is a possibility the child’s tears caused the springlocks to fail and lock onto his head, causing head trauma, mental distress, and putting him into a coma where he was suffering from his nightmares until he passed and became one of the many ghost children that haunts the establishment. 

So who was the cause of the frontal lobe injury? Who was able to directly interact close enough to patrons or employees where they would be attacked? 

Really? You’re still wondering? 

Did not think I’d have to spell that out for you. Mangle attacks. Mangle has the most motive out of anyone, being a toy to little kids, never being whole and the staff giving up on helping her, one day she climbs the ceiling and cannot be found. A security guard (Jeremy) went to look for her and was attacked just like this. 

When the fourth game takes place, I don’t know, but the Fredbear bite cannot be the same bite as the frontal lobe incident. It’d sure be easier to find out if we knew what Phone Guy or Purple Guy were up to during the game. I mean even the end-of-the-night clock sequence hasn’t been explained yet, which REALLY surprises me. DLC may explain it? I mean, what do you guys think? This game was made to make us think and theorize, so I could be totally wrong, but I can’t wait for the DLC in (unless it happens sooner) Halloween. 

So in the mean time all we can do now… is get ready… for Freddy. One more time.