and jenn

It must be weird being the official voice actor for Disney characters. One day, you’re recording for a preschool show. The next day, you’re recording voice clips for toys. The day after that, you’re recording an existential monologue on the duality of light and darkness for a video game series where Mickey Mouse once vowed to avenge Goofy’s death.

Don’t you dare pity her
She traded a suffering soul for a throne of bones
She exchanged watchful eyes for a court of her own
The seasons of the earth depended on the very breath she took
She had death wrapped around her fingers and spring at her beck and call and the ruler of the heavens tasked with finding her
She turned the world upside down to find freedom
The daughter of flowers escaped her prison made out of roots and thorns and became the queen of death and forged her new home out of shadows and power
—  Persephone was the real winner