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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder - Charms Box Split

Hello hello! Here I am with stuff to sell! 

So anyway, I’ve been procrastinating on this one for quite some time so it’s time I…well, don’t procrastinate anymore lolol. 

Everything you see in the pics are for sale. 

Keychains are priced USD7, include paypal fees and exclude shipping fee. I only accept USD. 

Shipping is USD5 - Standard registered shipping method with tracking number. If you prefer EMS, please DM me. 

I’m not taking reservations for this. 

If you buy more than TWO keychains, shipping is FREE. 

Characters for sale: 

Sebastian A (top)

Sebastian B (bottom)

Ciel A (top)

Ciel B (bottom)


Charles Grey 

Charles Phipps 




Contract Mark 


For serious and interested buyers only, please DM me what you want and such and then I shall email you the invoice if you’re ready to make payment. 

Any questions or to contact me, you can reach me here by Tumblr DM or Asks or email at

Thank you very much! 

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hope this is okay :)

“I love you whether or not I’m supposed to.”

Jasmine knocks on Anthony’s dressing room door, pushing the door open to find that he was alone.

“He went to get dinner with Daveed,” Anthony smiles as he looks up from where he had been writing in his notebook, watching Jasmine shut the door behind her and walk over, settling in on his lap.

It had been months since they had started dating and although most of the cast had accepted them, there were still a few that were worried that something would go wrong between them and it would mess up the show. Jasmine and Anthony knew that wouldn’t be the case, already falling in love with each other and feeling like this relationship was just a little bit different than any other one either of them had been in.

“Has Oak said anything about us dating lately?” Jasmine questions, leaning her head against Anthony’s shoulder as Anthony continues to write with his free hand, his other hand resting around the small of her back.

“Not really. When I mention you and I are going out on a date or something he kind of just makes a small remark or something, but he’s never brought up the long conversation that we had again.”

Oak was one of the ones that was worried about the relationship not working out, not only for the show’s sake, but for both of his friend’s sakes as well.

Jasmine settles against Anthony’s lap and watches his scribbling make it’s way across the paper, closing her eyes as she listens to his breathing, almost dozing off. She thinks about the conversations that Oak has had with Anthony and the bits and pieces that Anthony had told her about, knowing that they would prove him wrong. She had taken everyone’s suggestions and criticisms to heart, but this wasn’t one that she found herself able to get behind, knowing that her and Anthony dating was the best thing to happen to her.

“Hey, baby girl. We only have an hour before we have to get back, let’s get some food,” Jasmine’s thoughts are broken by Anthony’s soothing voice in her ear, opening her eyes and sitting up as she nods.

She grabs her bag so the two of them can go get food in time to be back, taking his hand as they make their way down the steps.

“By the way, baby,” Jasmine begins as they step outside the stage door, walking towards their favorite sandwich place. “I love you whether or not I’m supposed to,” She smiles, Anthony laughing as he squeezes her hand.

“Good thing, because I love you too,” He smiles, leaning down for a quick kiss as they wait to cross the street.

Jasmine knows there’s some people in the theater who were skeptical, but she and Anthony both know that this was different, and they planned on being together far longer than anyone really thought they would be.