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Meet me at the Mall

Well. Here it is. My silly little comic about what could have happened during that break in “Face the Music”!

I just thought the idea of Janna swapping the outfits to be less girly would have been funny! I also think about Star in that hat and sunglasses atleast 3 times a day. I adored the sass.(Star still doesnt know enough about Earth culture.)

This is the first comic I’ve seriously tried to finish and MAN was it hard work, but I learned alot for the future. Hope you enjoy it!

Painskatingly Obvious  (STVTFOE Fan Fiction)

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Geez, the season two finale absolutely killed me! I am so glad that season 3 will be coming back this summer because I could not have waited over a year to see what happens next with Star, Marco, Toffee, Ludo, Jackie, and Moon! With that in mind, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about the aftermath of the finale from Marco and Star point of view but not Jackie. While Starco is my OTP of the show, I have grown to really enjoy both Jackie as a character and her relationship with Marco. Plus, I hate how in some stories, the writers will portray Jackie as a total jerk even though that is totally out of character for her! So I decided to whip this story up. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave a review telling me what you think of it XD.


As Jackie watched Marco run up the stairs after Star, Jackie couldn’t believe what just happened. One minute she and Marco were just having a fun time at the party, the next minute Star was shouting Marco’s name, rambling about  how she may never be coming back to Earth, and telling him that she have a crush on him before she started to cry and ran upstairs. Even though she normally went with the flow of things, the sudden turn of events had pushed Jackie off her “skateboard of calmness” so to speak, sending her into a whirlwind of mixed thoughts and emotions. How long has Star had a crush on Marco? How could she’ve never noticed any signs suggesting Star had a crush on Marco? Why did she help Marco get the nerve to talk to her if she had a crush on Marco? What was she supposed to feel? Was she supposed to feel ashamed that she was the reason why Star never tried to make a move on Marco? Angry at the fact that Star would just reveal such a huge thing before suddenly running off? Or sad the fact that Star, a person who she view as a very close friend, was suddenly leaving Earth, possibly forever, because of her? She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn’t even hear anything that Janna said until she literally started shaking her, which snapped her out of her train of thought.

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SVTFOE Season 2 Finale Recap: “Wandside Attraction” and “Star and Marco vs The Future”


I knew this season finale was gonna kill us all, but I was SO off on how it was gonna turn out.

And by the way, if you’re waiting to watch these episode at 8 PM tonight… turn back now. I just saw ‘em at 7 in the morning, and as I said in my last post, there WILL be huge spoilers here. It’s not too late to look at another post until tonight, but if you’re willing to take the chance or have already seen it…

…then here we go.


Song Day is upon us, and Queen Moon Butterfly sends the new songstrel Ruberiot (voiced by Patrick Stump) to the Diaz household to write a song about Princess Star. Star, who is absolutely NOT a fan of these princess songs, tries to avoid hanging with Ruberiot until he realizes he hates those same songs, too, and they team up to write a song that really shows people who Star is. Meanwhile, Moon heads to the Forest of Certain Death trying to get some answers on where Ludo’s whereabouts might be. And who better for her to go to than his father Lord Brudo, his mother Lady Avarius, and his little brother Dennis? However, when she finds Ludo’s new lair and discovers what he’s wielding, she realizes the situation is much more serious than she could’ve imagined.

Before she can proceed with her mission, though, she, her husband King River, and the Magic High Commission along with Star and Marco attend the Song Day event, where it starts off great with Ruberiot subverting the kingdom’s expections and bringing them a rock ballad about Star being the Rebel Princess of Mewni… but then the songs gets to the part where Ludo shows up and takes Glossaryck and the Book of Spells, and the King and Queen proceed to keep retrieving the book and Glossaryck back a low-key effort, which horrifies both the Magic High Commission AND the entire Mewman audience.

But that’s not what the fandom’s gonna be talking about when they bring up the song. No, when they bring up the song, what they’re gonna really talk about– Aside from how awesome and catchy it is. –is that it straight up reveals that Star is in fact in love with Marco Diaz, a point Ruberiot glorifies for the finale, and one that he didn’t even talk to Star about to begin with. This all leads up to the following 22-minute episode…


And if you thought Storm the Castle or Bon Bon the Birthday Clown were the darkest this show could get, this is here to prove you completely wrong.

At the Diaz Family’s end-of-the-school-year party, Marco is still in shock as to Star’s true feelings for him, and things hadn’t really been so normal since Song Day. Of course, Star isn’t handling it much better, either. So, to avoid having an awkward conversation with him, Star calls an emergency friend meeting with Pony Head, Janna, Kelly and StarFan13 (who was there the whole time!), and they try to get Star to forget about his straining relationship with Marco by bringing her to a more dangerous bash on a rooftop, where Star finally hangs out with her other crush, Oskar Greason.

But meanwhile, on Mewni, Queen Moon and the MHC bust into Ludo’s ancient temple lair, easily dealing with the rat army, Eagle and Spider before contending with Ludo himself, who tells them that Glossaryck showed him a page of the Book of Spells (which, of course, was Queen Eclipsa’s chapter), and then suddenly he was gone. As the others leave to search for Glossaryck and the Book, Moon tells Ludo that she saw his family before coming there and pleads with him to let her help him. And as soon as you think Ludo’s gonna accept her help and listen…

…Toffee completely hijacks his body and steals her magic off-screen, turns the wand into a new, giant right hand with the crystal embedded within the palm, and easily curbstomps the others and steals THEIR magic. After being revived by Lekmet, who dies immediately after, Moon goes full-on Mewberty mode and battles Toffee, who this time around comes up the victor as the temple crumbles and Moon retreats, getting the fainted MHC to safety, but not before Toffee warns Moon that he’s coming for Star and seeking to reclaim his severed finger.

When Star and her friends come back home, Star decides to suck it up and she and Marco have a chat and agree it’s best the two remain friends. However, upon going to her room upstairs, she finds her mother there, telling her that she’s in danger and has to come back home to Mewni. Star tries to stand up and tell her she’s staying on Earth whether Moon likes it or not… until she’s told that Toffee has returned, bringing Star into a state of shock and disbelief. So she complies with her mother’s wishes, but before leaving, Star heads downstairs and tells Marco, in front of everybody in the house, that she is indeed in love with him, in a moment that every Starco shipper has been waiting the entire series for… which ends up being twisted into the biggest tearjerker in the series yet, as Star runs up to her room with Marco chasing her, but when he gets to her room, Star’s already left and her tower is dissipating from existence.

If there was one thing I was right about in my predictions for this, it was that it was gonna end in the biggest cliffhanger/downer ending yet. This hour starts fun, light and cheerful, like any normal SVTFOE episode, but then it slowly starts getting darker and darker for our cast as things keep taking a turn for the worse, from Star and Ruberiot’s princess song revealing not only Star’s crush on Marco but also the revelations that the Book and Glossaryck have been stolen, to finding out just how diabolical and dangerous Toffee really is. The entire thing is like a perfect mixture between the Holy Shit Quotient-level storytelling in Storm the Castle, where so many things have changed by the end of it all. and the way Bon Bon became increasingly more somber as the episode went on, giving us this gut-punch of a tearjerker ending that’ll have everyone asking themselves what’s next until Season 3 premieres.

Of course, it’s not all tearjerkers and nightmare fuel from beginning to end (at least, Face the Music isn’t); there are several light-hearted moments where we get not only some great laughs, like with the opening Princess Moon number, Janna scarfing down the whole popcorn bowl before zooming over to the Diaz house and the rooftop party (where Oskar somehow managed to park his car on top) but even a good deal of sweetness like Dennis’ concerns for Ludo and the surprisingly well-written conversation between Star and Oskar at said rooftop party, setting up that maybe they’ll be hanging out more when Marco and Jackie are dating. But sadly, the makers of this show don’t go that route… yet, as far as I know.

The route they do take, however, works just perfectly within the context of what this entire season’s given us: A deeper story that’s just starting to get real good, throwing twists and turns at us at every chance it gets and just when you think things are gonna be normal, dynamics change, relationships are affected forever, and we end up being left hanging for our heroes’ adventures to continue. And thankfully, like I said, there’s a Season 3 coming our way soon (albeit not soon enough), so in that upcoming season, we’ll get to see how everyone’s gonna deal with their new situations, and what fate will have in store as the plot continues to develop.

In fact, I have an idea of how Season 3 could start off that I’ll share some point after the season finale re-airs tonight, but for now, it’s time for the hiatus that’s hopefully shorter than the last one we had inbetween seasons. And when SVTFOE3 starts up, oh ho ho, boy, things are gonna get really weird and really wild then!

100% honest here, as Face the Music began, I was truly like, “this is the season finale? It doesn’t seem as badass as last time.” It continues on and on, things get “better,” or rather, more interesting. Starcrushed begins. And then…and THEN—shit hits the fan. This season finale was extremely amazing and heartbreaking and it developed everything so well just…just leave me. Leave me to DIE, Daron.

Crash into Me (Ch.3)

(Juice x OC Janna)

For my girls @juiceboxxortiz & @chaosmieu

Warning: 😉😉

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The next morning Janna woke up still firmly tangled in Juice’s hold. When she tried to again wiggle from him she felt something stiff pushing into her backside, and her eyes went wide. Turning over as best she could Janna started to try and wake him up. “Juice.” She whispered. “Juice.” She tried again but more firmly. “JUICE.” She whisper yelled.

“Mmm.” He finally grumbled.

“I have to pee.” She told him.

“Ok baby” He mumbled pulling her in close and kissing her on the corner of her mouth before letting go and rolling over.

Janna sat shocked for a moment then crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom. She just sat on the toilet a moment touching her finger tips to her face shocked still by the sweet kiss. Slowly a smile and a light blush covered her face.

When Juice heard the door to the bathroom close his eyes shot open ‘What the fuck?’ Turning his head and staring at the closed bathroom door. Then dropping his head to the pillow. He had done that,  he’d kissed her. Rubbing the heals of his hands into his eyes he was mentally kicking himself when the bathroom door opened back up.

“Morning.” She smiled at him.

“Janna… I’m sorry. I don’t mean..” he stopped not sure how to phrase what he was apologizing for.

“To kiss me?” She finished for him with a small smirk.

Juice just let out a sigh and chanced a glance back up at her. She had a light blush on her cheeks and her hair was tangled from sleep his shirt fell to just past the hem of her shorts and a small smile turned her lips up at the corners.

Something about this girl had Juice feeling like a teenager again. He was just about to ask her to come sit with him for a little longer when there was a knock at his front door.

Janna’s eyes went wide and she looked to Juice as what to do. He swung his legs over the bed and went to stand. Seeing his struggle Janna ran around the bed to help him up. Half way down the hall the knock came again followed by the door bell. “That’s Gemma.” He rolled his eyes. Juice would know that persistent knock anywhere. “COMING GEM.” He yelled out.

“I’ve got it.” Janna said and left him to make it to the living room while she got the door.

Opening the door Janna was met with a tall dark haired woman holding a platter and some crutches. “Where’s Juice?” Was all Gemma said in greeting.

“In here Gem.” He called from the recliner in the living room. Gemma pushed past Janna and made her way over to him, setting the crutches aside on her way.

“Hey baby.” She said leaning down and kissing his cheek. “How are feeling?”

“I’m fine Gem.” He said. Only to be met with her raised eyebrow. “Really. I’m feeling much better today. I’m just sore everywhere.” He tried to convince her even tacking on his sweetest smile.

“Hmm. I bet.” She said cutting eyes at Janna still standing near the door in Juice’s shirt.

“I … no…. we didnt.. umm… I’m Janna.” She stuttered as she stepped forward. Holding out her hand in greeting.

Gemma kept one hand on her hip the other holding the tray. Looking Janna up and down. “Right.” Was all she said before thrusting the platter into her hands and turning back to Juice. “I made you lasagna sweetheart. And Tara sent me over with crutches. Says you need to keep off of that foot.” She leaned down to give him one more kiss and stood. “I have to go baby. You call me if you need anything ok? I love you.”

“I will. Love you too Gem.” Juice said watching his mother figure walk to the door.

As she passed Janna, Juice could barely hear “You hurt my boy I will hunt you down. Got me?”

“Y-y-yes Ma'am.” Janna nodded nervously. Gemma huffed at that and walked out the door. Turning to Juice she saw a smirk on his lips. “This is not funny.” But Juice kept laughing “I am serious your mom just busts in here and assumes we had sex and … and .. threatened me. Oh my God what if she finds out I’m the reason you got hurt? She just said she’d hunt me down if I hurt you! Juice I’ve already done that! She’s gonna kill me!! Oh my God. Is she gonna kill me?”

Janna set the platter she was still holding on the end table by his chair and leaned over it trying to breath. Juice grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him. “Janna breath it’s fine.” She gave him a ‘don’t patronize me’ look “really” He insisted. “Ok one Gemma isn’t my mom. She’s Jax’s mom she’s just the closest thing I’ve got to one. Two she isn’t gonna kill you . And three when she said not to hurt me… I don’t think she meant physically.”

Janna processed that last sentence a moment and the became flustered. “Wellthatlastoneisjustridiculous…I.. I mean you’ve known me for one day!” She was nervously murmuring and laughing. “I mean don’t get me wrong you’re very …” She searched for words while gesturing wildly with the hands.“… ya know..”

“No I’m sorry I don’t.” Juice was a bit thrown by her sudden nervousness around him.

Janna growled in frustration “YOU’RE FREAKING HOT DUDE!!”

“What?” He sat up a little taken aback by her sudden rise in voice.

“You are hot. I mean damn dude you took off you’re shirt and … just… Jesus are you photoshopped??” Juice was blushing laughing. “And the thing that makes me sick is not only do you look like…that” Janna jesters more with her hands, “but you are sweet! Like I’ve known you for a day and I can already tell that you are the sweetest guy I have ever met and will probably ever meet.” Finally taking a deep breath she looked up to him and they met eyes “one freaking day and I feel like a teenage kid with her first crush.”

Looking into her eyes from where she was squatting down infront of him all he could think was wow but instead he said “Fuck it.” And grabbed Janna by her face crashing his lips to hers.

Janna took all of half a second to realise what was happening and began to kiss him back slowly standing they never broke the kiss as Janna climbed into his lap straddling his thighs. When she finally sat down all the way Juice let out a moan and grabbed her by the sides.

When he grabbed her though he had forgotten all about her bruises and Janna jumped in his lap her foot kicking his lower thigh where his road rash was covered by the gauze and tape. Breaking apart they both cried out in pain then repeatedly apologized to one another laughing at their broken selves. Watching her laugh Juice was convinced he had never seen anything more perfect in his life.

“Come here.“He pulled her in and gave her one more slow kiss. “I think we may still be a little too busted up for anything more.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” she smiled against his lips. “How’s about this? I put this in the fridge for now” She suggested picking up the lasagna, “and make us some breakfast?”

“Ok” He said with one last kiss, and Janna got up to do just that.

After breakfast Janna went to help Juice change his bandages. “Janna I’m sorry I can’t. ” He was getting fidgety.

“What’s wrong? Does it hurt?”

“No .. I mean yes it hurts but I can’t just change the bandages and then my clothes. I have got to take a shower.”

“Ummm ok. How?”

Juice thought for a moment then smirked to himself and slowly looked up to Janna standing next to him. Giving her his best puppy dog eyes she realised what he was thinking. “No no don’t do that.”

“Do what?” He shrugged innocently.

“You know what you’re doing and I’m not falling for it. No Juice. Just take a bath then you can prop your foot out of the water.”

“Oh and I suppose you’re strong enough to help me in and out?”

“Fuck” She mumbled.

“I thought we were waiting a bit on that.” He smiled

“You’re an ass.”

“You like my ass.”

“I’ve never seen your ass.”

“Yet” He smirked.

Janna found the plastic chair right where he said it would be and set it in the tub. She turned on the water and let the room fill with steam. Juice hopped into the bathroom with her on his crutches and leaned on the counter as he started to take off his shorts. When he got to his underwear Janna looked up trying desperately to maintain eye contact with the ceiling.

“You can look it’s not a big deal.” Juice told her.

“No no I’m fine. That’s um .. an interesting light fixture you got there.”

Juice just laughed and pulled the shower curtain back. “Ok so what’s the plan here?”

“Well just get to the edge and sit down. Then bring your good leg into the shower and leave the other one out.” Janna instructed. “Juice. You cannot get the bandages wet if you do I’m gonna have to change them again and that means more burn cream.“

Juice hated the burn cream it stung like a son of a bitch everytime she had to put it on. "Ok. Do you think you can help me balance?”

Keeping her eyes up she held out her hands. Juice grabbed a hold of her hand and leaned back bracing the other hand on the wall. Leaning back to give him leverage Janna he let him lower himself on to the chair. Once down Juice brought his good leg in the tub and asked for a hand towel. Janna saw one by the sink and tossed it to him. “All covered. You can look now.” Carefully Janna lowered her gaze to see that he was in fact covered where he needed to be.

She began to help him out handing him soap and a wash cloth he started with his good leg working his way up his body to his chest and face. “Aahh fuck! Janna!!” Juice started yelling “It’s in my eye!! Janna!! Janna!!”

“Calm down you big baby I’m right here.” She grabbed his face and with a fresh wash cloth began wiping away the soap caught around his eyes. “Here hold your breath.” Juice held his breath and Janna tilted his chin up. He felt water pour over his face then she wiped the last of the soapy water from his eyes. Blinking a few times Juice focused and saw she had a big cup in her hand.

“Thank you.”

“Mm hmm” She hummed trying hard not to call him a big baby again.

“Can you get my back?”

“Yeah lean forward.” Juice did as she said. Janna poured some of the body wash onto his back then she took the wet washcloth and began massaging the soap into his shoulders. Not really noticing she was doing so until Juice let out a groan and she pulled away quickly.

“No no please don’t stop.” He asked tiredly and she kindly obliged and continued to rub her hands firmly up and down his back.

Juice was so lost in the good feeling he didn’t notice that a little issue was gradually becoming a bigger issue in his lap.

Janna felt the water turning cooler and grabbed the cup filling it and rinsing his back.“Ugh that felt amazing."  Juice sighed as he leaned back in the chair only to see Janna turn bright red and turn around.

"Yeah I can see that.”

“Huh?” Looking down Juice saw what had gotten her so flustered. “Oh shit. Janna I’m sorry.. I didn’t….”

“It’s fine just wasn’t expecting it is all.” She nervously chuckled while Juice willed his Dick to chill the fuck out. “No big deal my ass.” She mumbled.

“What was that?” Juice asked.

“Hmm? What was what?”

“You said something.” He was confused.

“No I didn’t.”


“Let’s get you out and into some fresh clothes. Hmm?”

“Ugh … yeah. Ok.” He could’ve sworn she said something.

Juice pushed himself up from the chair and Janna passed him a towel. Drying off as much as he could then tucking it around his waist. Janna gave him a hand hopping out of the tub and he used his crutches to get to the bed. He sat down and Janna gave him some fresh clothes and shut his door to give him some privacy and herself a bit of breathing room.

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Hey I got a Tomco fic idea, I was watching the disney movie Lilo and Stitch, and wanted to know if you could do a Tomco fic version

I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DO A LILO AND STITCH AU FOREVER AND NEVER GOT THE CHANCE! I loved doing this! I hope you like it! It’s the first part and if you like it feel free to request a continuation! I hope you like that way I matched the characters up!


“Janna Ordonia! You stand accused by the high council of illegal genetic experimentation!” Hekapoo called down to her. “How do you plead?”

“Not guilty!” Janna insisted. “My experiments are only theoretical! And completely within legal bounds!” She assured.

“We believe you actually created something.” Hekapoo narrowed her eyes and gasps filled the courtroom. Janna scoffed.

“Created something! Ha! That would be irresponsible and unethical!” She explained. “I would never, EVER-“ a cage being unveiled in the courtroom cut off Janna. Inside was a purple alien with three eyes and horns. Louder gasps filled the court as they saw this creature paw at the cage. Janna bit her lip and continued. “Uh… Make more than one?” She tried.

The creature yelled and growled, trying to get out of the age. He hissed and let out gurgles. “What is that monstrosity!” Hekapoo cried.

“Monstrosity?” Janna seemed offended. “What you see before you is the first of a new species! I call him experiment 626! He’s bulletproof, fireproof, can see in the dark! And possesses the power to control the element of FLAMES!” Janna cackled and threw her head back. “His only instinct is to destroy EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES!” Janna yelled.

“So it IS a monster.” Hekapoo narrowed her eyes and Janna shrugged.

“Just a little one.” She assured.

“It’s disgusting!”

“A freak!”

“Kill it!”

“A monster!”

Everyone in the court yelled and screamed before Hekapoo silenced them. “Calm yourselves! Perhaps he can be reasoned with.” She suggested. And then addressed the monster. “Experiment 626, give us some sign you understand any of this. Show us there is something inside you that is good.” She begged. The monster turned around and cleared his throat. Everyone leaned forward in anticipations and 626 opened his mouth.

“IKNA AMA FISTA!” 626 screamed in some alien language. Everyone in the court gasped and he laughed evilly.

“I didn’t teach him that!” Janna insisted. 626 hissed and screamed, trying to claw at the cage. He was ignited and spreading his flames around the cage, yelling and laughing like he was an evil monster.

“Place that idiot scientist under arrest!” Hakapoo yelled. Janna was cuffed and as she was carted away she yelled back;

“I prefer to be called an EVIL GENIUS!” She yelled.

“And as for that, it has no place among us.” Hekapoo said in reference to the monster. “It is the product of a deranged mind.” She looked over at Rhombulus. “Take him away.” She instructed. Rhombulus nodded and crystallized the monster, carting him off to be destroyed. They put the creature in his crystal in a secured room of the ship.

“He is to be sent off to sent a drift on an abandoned asteroid.” He explained to the other guards. He took a seat in his chair only to hear an alarm go off.

“THE MONSTER IS LOOSE!” The captain cried.

“How?!” Rhombulus demanded.

“He melted through the crystal! We didn’t know he could burn so hot!” She explained. “He’s loose on deck C!” She told everyone. “Red alert! Have all stations on deck C!” She rounded up the troops and they all followed her to find the monster. The platoons dashed up the steps to the next deck, but then they got there a vent was bent out of place and the monster was no place to be seen.

“I… don’t think he’s on the ship anymore…” A soldier spoke. There was noise coming from the emergency shuttles and they all looked out the window to see one flying hectically.

“Confirmed!” The captain cried. “He’s taken a police cruiser!” She yelled at the troops and they all ran to other cruisers to try and shoot him out of the sky. Her right hand man sighed and looked out the window again.

“Yeah…. He took the red one.” He stated in a monotone voice.

The soldiers chased the monster down in the other cruisers and shot at him. 626 laughed diabolically and flew hazardously in between asteroids and planets as he was shot at. All of the sudden he lurched forward and sirens started going off.

“He’s hit!” A soldier called through the intercom. “His engine is shot he’s going down on a nearby planet!” She screamed.

“All back to the ship!” The captain commanded.

Everybody on board looked at the monitor tracking 626 with horror, waiting to see where the evil thing would land. They saw the planet on the monitor and Hekapoo looked at the others. “What is that?” She asked, pointing to the map of the planet. The captain reported.

“Water, most of the planet is covered in it.” She responded.

“He won’t survive in water. He has a molten structure, he’ll go out!” She grinned. They watched the ship approach the body of water and gasped when it struck an island. Hekapoo punched the monitor and growled. “Of course.” She muttered. “We have no choice! We have to gas the planet.”

“HOLD IT! Hold on hold everything!” A voice interrupted. Hekapoo turned around to see a blonde girl with her arms full of papers. “I’m Star Butterfly, the specialist for this planet. It’s called earth and it’s home to the mosquito! The endangered species!” She yelled.

“Star Butterfly?” Hekapoo asked. Star nodded. “Are these… mosquitos an important animal for the intergalactic food chain?” She asked. Star looked offended.

“CRUCIAL!” She exclaimed. “We can’t gas the planet or islands! It’s a registered wildlife reserve!” She cried.

“Well a single assassination of 626 requires information about him we do not yet understand.” Hekapoo explained. “Somebody close to the monster to take him down, and who do you think we should send?” Hekapoo asked. Star was silent for a moment.

“Does he have a brother?”


Star followed Hekapoo through the prison. They passed cells and cells of inter dimensional crooks and criminals. When Hekapoo came to the right cell she opened the door to see Janna already smirking. “He got away?” She asked. Hekapoo narrowed her eyes.

“This comes as no surprise to you I’m sure.” Hekapoo responded. Janna snickered and nodded.

“I designed 626 to be an unstoppable force!” She cried. “I know him better than you, I should understand why he escaped.”

“Good. Then you go find him.” Hekapoo demanded. Janna made a face.

“No! You stole my creation! He’s your problem now. I warned you.” Janna crossed her arms and turned away.

“Then I’ll make you a deal.” Hekapoo spoke. “626 for your freedom. Bring him in and you are free to go, and your rank as a royal scientist will be restored.” Hekapoo promised. Janna smiled and turned around.

“Now that is interesting.” She grinned. “You have a deal Hekapoo.” She shook the deity’s hand. Star gasped and grabbed Hekapoo but the shoulder.

“You can’t send her there! Janna is a crazy person!” Star screamed quietly. “Who will keep her in check?” She asked. Hekapoo smiled.

“You.” She told her. Star jumped and tried to protest, but Hekapoo was already gone. Star whirled around and saw the alien girl in the prison jumpsuit.

“So, miss Star Butterfly, tell me where my monstrosity has been unleashed.”


“So,” Star said.

“So,” Janna said as she placed her hand on Star’s. “Should we elope?”

Star looked at Janna with a weird expression. “What? No, we can’t do that! I mean can we?”

Star shook her head. “No we shouldn’t do that.”

Janna smiled weakly. “Well it was worth a shot.”

Star and Janna stared at the portal in front of them. The portal that would lead back to Mewni. The portal that will close forever after Star enters into it and become queen.

They knew this day would come. It was inevitable. Star was made for the throne while Janna belonged at earth. Well at least she thought. Their relationship was doomed from the start.

“So,” Janna said. “This is it huh?”

Tears were already falling down Star’s face. “Janna, I don’t want to go..”

Seeing Star cry wasn’t a pretty sight to Janna’s eyes. She was so use to Star being overly happy all the time. Now, she was reduced to this sad mush, it was depressing.

Janna shook her head. She wouldn’t let Star’s last memory of earth be a sad one. She got up and reached her hand to pull Star up. “Hey Star, lets go some where. Earth girl style?”

Star cocked her head as she wiped away her tears. “But I have too….” She trailed off.

“Just follow me, one last time Starfruit?” Janna smiled.

Star giggled. “Ok,” she said as she grabbed her hand.

Janna led Star to her motorcycle outside Marco’s house. Every since Janna got her license at sixteen, her and Star have been joyriding the vehicle everywhere. The motorcycle’s name was fluffles the third, courtesy of Star. The most badass name in history.

Maybe one last joyride would make Star happy.

Janna handed Star a helmet. “You know, I forgot my project once and I road fluffles all the way from school to my house in 20 seconds, I timed it.”

Star laughed. “Not bad for a motorcycle that crash three times!”

Also, one tiny thing I forgot to mention. Joyriding is nor fun, safe, or romantic thing to do with you significant other. You’re better off picking a safer activity.

Is what Marco would have said if he was there to witness the said motorcycle accidents.

Janna helped Star mount the motorcycle. “Make sure that helmet is on tight.” She grinned. “And maybe you should hold on to your girlfriend for extra measure.”

Star stuck her tongue out. “I like wasn’t going too!”

Janna started up the motorcycle. The motorcycle roared to life, adding more flare to the dark night. Pretty soon they were on the road.

Star leaned against Janna, tracing the her leather designs of her jacket as cold air rushes past them. Star felt Janna shudder under her touch. Cold, Janna must be really cold. Star hugged her harder. She didn’t want Janna to be cold.

Little didn’t Star know, Janna wasn’t shivering because of the cold.

“The stars are out today,” Janna commented.

Star smiled. “Focus on the road you dummy.”

Janna laughed. “But the stars are so pretty! Look, I see Capricorn and Aries! Oh hey look it’s Venus!”

“You’re a big nerd!” Star said. Star’s expression faltered a bit. “…. I’m gonna miss these when I get home…… there’s no stars in Mewni.”

Then there was silence. Janna decided to stop naming the constellations and just concentrate on the road. But felt like she needed to say something.

“You know, I can see why there wouldn’t be any stars back there,” Janna said. “They have the brightest one here.”

Star sniffled. “Maybe that’s why they want me back. A star to guide Mewni.”

Janna saw her helmet fog up a little. This night’s been hard on Janna too. She loved Star. She didn’t want her to go.

It doesn’t take long for Janna to realize she been has started crying. It’s hard to see. But she can make out the familiar scenery, so she knew they were here.

Janna rolled the motorcycle slowly to a stop. Star got out first, wondering why Janna was still on the motorcycle. “Hey Janna,” Star said as she took off her helmet. Star proceeded to take Janna’s off too. Janna was crying. This was a rare sight too some people, because Janna always hid her feelings.

But Star knew her feelings all too well. And she knew all of this was secretly killing her inside.

“Janna…,” Star said as she started to cry too. “I’m.. so sorry.. I shouldn’t have said anything-”

Janna interrupted Star was a kiss. It was a passionate one, one with so much emotion you could practically feel like you can carry it.

When they separated, it felt like their lips attracted back to one another. They were like magnets being forcibly pulled away from each other, yet still fighting to be together for one more time.

“Star… Please… I still have to show you something,” Janna breathed through the kisses.

Star pulled away for her girlfriend. “Show me.”

Janna held her hand, leading her through the forest. Eventually Janna lead her to a giant cliff. A cliff that looked over Echocheek. It was beautiful.

Star found herself being mesmerized by the scene in front of her. She found herself feeling small but giant at the same time. She like this feeling.

Janna sat down beside her. “I found this while I testing out the new motorcycle. It’s the best scene of Echocheek. I come here all the time when I skip, but I found that the best scene is when it’s night.”

They spent a long time looking at the small town and the stars that complimented it. Star was still holding Janna’s hand. It was a reminder she was she was still here.

Janna looked at Star, and Star looked at her. Like a pair of magnets, they attracted together. Janna’s lips sloppy traced star lips, eventually they were both making out.

But Janna pulled away. She was crying again.

Star was going home.

Star was really going home.

Star held Janna as tight as she could. Anything to make Janna felt better. Star kiss the top of her head. “Shh… it’s ok… let it all out.”

“Star…” Janna sobbed. “I love you… so much..”

Star kissed Janna’s knuckles.

“I love you too.”


Janna heard birds chirping as she opened her eyes. She was still at the spot where she and Star went to last night.

But Star wasn’t there anymore.

It was like all of it was a dream. Like Star was just a dream. Janna would go back and see there was no tower attached to the side of the Diaz’s house and everyone wouldn’t recall of a magical wand wielding princess the made people smile with her presence. A person that would give Janna the attention she deserved and tell everything would be ok.

But no, she was gone.

Janna shivered. She wished she had give her something to remember her. Or something from Star that told her that all of it was real. Janna felt regretful, they should of just spent the whole night looking at photos and crying like a normal couple.

Janna laughed. Well, they were never really a normal couple anyway.

Janna sat there looking at the scenery in front of her. She was glad she could share this with Star. Even if it wasn’t real, all her memories were. And that’s what mattered. Janna felt around the grass. Hoping that Star would appear out of nowhere and they could hangout again and do even more shenanigans.

But life doesn’t work that way. Instead, she’s filled with this overwhelming feeling of emptiness. Janna decided she should go home and try to figure out ways to fill her time. Janna found her jacket laying on the ground, probably tossed away because of last night. Janna picked it up.

Turns out, Star did leave something for her.

The dimensional scissors.

Janstar Fanfic Short #2: Healthy Diet

Star entered her house with an unrelenting smile on her face. Unsurprisingly, she saw Janna digging though the Diazes’ refrigerator.

“Hey Star, you’re back early!” said Janna eagerly. “How was the concert?”

“It was… Interesting” replied Star slowly.

“So where are Marco and Jackie?” asked Janna.

“I don’t want to talk about it” stated Star solemnly. “In fact, I’m pretty tired. I think I’m going to go to bed. Good night, Janna!”

Confused, Janna replied, “Uh… Night?”

Star walked upstairs, her smile still etched into her face. Janna felt something was off, so she soon followed. The door to Star’s room was slightly open, so Janna peered in. Sprawled across her bed, Star was sobbing into a pillow facedown. Janna then rushed in.

“Woah, Star, what’s wrong?” asked Janna.

Star turned towards Janna. “Janna, it was terrible! First there was Marco and Jackie, then there was the shirts, then the skateboards, and the ducks, Janna, the ducks! And, and, and-”

“Slow down, woman! You are not making any sense” interrupted Janna.

Star took a deep breath. “Ok.”

Janna handed Star a tissue off of her nightstand and sat next to her on the bed.

“Thanks” said Star.

“Now do you wanna tell me what happened?” asked Janna.

“Marco and Jackie… Kissed!” exclaimed Star.

“Uh… Aren’t they, y’know, dating?” asked Janna.

“Yeah, but I like Marco!” blurted Star. “I mean, I like Marco more than just as a friend. We’ve been through so much together.”

Janna frowned. “We’ve been through lots too!”

Star paused. “That’s true.”

“Who did you go to first to vent your frustrations the other day?” asked Janna.

Star thought about it and almost seemed to surprise herself. “You!”

“Uh huh” said Janna. “And where was Marco when you wrecked Otis?”

Once more, Star mulled over the question. “Hiding in a locker.”

“Exactly” replied Janna.

“Yeah… Yeah, it’s true!” remarked Star. “You’ve always been there to pick me up when I’m feeling down!”

Janna smirked and placed her hand on Star’s lap. “Listen Star Fruit, Marco’s an unhealthy nacho. You need to clean up your diet!”

Star smiled. “You know what, you’re right! I think I’ll try a Janna Banana!”

The two shared a laugh. Star opened her arms wide, and Janna happily embraced her. After hugging for a while, Star looked up at Janna.

“There’s just one thing though…” said Star.

“What’s that?” asked Janna.

Star smiled. “I never got my kiss during the song!”

Janna smirked. “Well, you do have that Love Sentence CD. How’s about we throw our own concert?”


Inquisitor Janna Gifs - 3/??? - Cassandra Pentaghast

Cassandra could be intimidating, even frightening, and often without the intention of doing so, but she admired her. The Seeker was strong, not only physically so. Her mind was forged of steel, her will of iron, nothing could possibly ever bend her. While not always showing the tactfulness Janna would have preferred, Lady Pentaghast always acted with sincerity and the heartfelt conviction that she was doing the right thing. The strength of her faith in the Maker, her belief in the Seekers, her dedication to the Inquisition and her pure sincerity of conscience made Cassandra a woman like no other she had ever met before. 


Ahh! Thank you so much for the kind words! Also I hope this is what you guys wanted! Sorry I didn’t see the word older until I already write the fic. But It’s vague so they could be older, it’s up to interpretation! This is most of a plot fic and not so much mindless funny fluff so if you want to see that too I’d be happy to do it! I hope you like this! I worked really hard on this one! Enjoy!


“I hate Marco!” Tom hissed and flopped face down on his floor.

“No you don’t.” Janna reminded. Tom groaned and curled into a little ball.

“Yeah… you’re right.” He sighed. “It’s just so hard to talk to him sometimes! He’ always acting so cute and stuff… I feel like an idiot. He probably doesn’t even notice me when I’m there!” Tom cried. “Maybe I should go back to being mean to him, at least he paid attention to me then.” Tom sighed.

“No.” Janna told him. “If you’re going to get a boyfriend you’re going to do it the right way.” She told him.

“What is it you got in mind?” Tom asked.

“Let’s pretend to date each other!” Janna suggested. “And we’ll act super cute to make Star jealous of you and Marco jealous of me! That way we have our crush's’ attention and we’ll actually get somewhere.” Janna explained. Any levelheaded person would know from TV and fanfiction that this was the worst idea anyone could think of. But it sounded pretty logical for two love-struck teenagers. Tom sat up and looked at her brightly.

“Janna! You’re a genius!” He exclaimed. Janna fist pumped the air and got up, running over to Tom.

“We’re really going to sell it, but before we start I need to make sure you won’t develop feelings for me.” Janna made sure. Tom gave her a weird look.

“I don’t think that’ll happen, but even so how does one prevent that?” He asked, he was very curious as to what idea was forming in her head.

“Everytime we kiss, I’m going to bite your lip really hard, so it gets to the point that you can’t think of me without associating it with that pain.” She told him.

“You’re insane.” Tom told her. “I’m not going to fall in love with you.” Tom assured.

“That’s what the last four said, I trust you, but I can’t take anymore chances. Lewis still won’t stop calling me.”


Star stopped when she saw her two friends walking towards Marco’s house, hand-in-hand. She opened the door and raised her eyebrow. “Hey guys!” She smiled. “What’s this?” She asked, trying to look excited.

“Well Tom and I get along so well we decided to go out on a date.” Janna smiled. “And it went perfectly.” She added. Tom nodded and the two kissed. A second later Tom ripped away in pain.

“What the hell was that!?” He hissed quietly so Star wouldn’t hear.

“I told you I was going to be biting you!” Janna hissed back.

“I thought you were joking!?” Tom cried.

“What are you two love-birds whispering to each other?” Star giggled. Tom and Janna quickly looked up.

“Just how much we like each other! Romantically! In a romantic sense!” Tom said way too loud. Janna hit in in the arm.

“Pull it back.” She said through her teeth. Tom nodded and Star giggled at her friends. Janna grimaced at how un-phased she looked. She even looked happy for them! Janna wanted to scream at her for not giving the desired reaction, but she held herself back.

“You guys make such a cute couple!” Star laughed. “Have fun one your dates! I’ll see you later, I need to talk to Marco.” Star said, and closed the door.

“MARCO! We’ve got a problem!” Star seethed and kicked his door open.

“Star! Knock!” Marco cried. Star ran over to him and grabbed his shoulders, beginning to shake him back and forth.

“TOM AND JANNA ARE DATING EACH OTHER!” She screamed. Marco’s face fell and he backed away.

“What? That can’t happen!” He cried. Star shrugged.

“I don’t know what to do!” Star sighed. “They seem really happy together, every time they kiss Tom screams.” Star said. Marco got very confused.

“Wait a second what?” Star ignored his concern.

“He makes a better match for her than I do.” Star frowned and dropped down onto the floor, lying facedown. Marco shook his head and gave his friend a hug, picking her up off the floor.

“Don’t say that! Janna is perfect for you!” Marco told her. “Maybe you should just tell her the truth about how you feel?” Marco suggested. He sighed and laid down next to her. “Maybe I should do the same thing with Tom.” Marco said mostly to himself. Star made a little crying noise.

“But what if they don’t like us because they’re happy together?” Star asked. Marco patted her on the back.

“That might happen… it probably will happen. But if we keep it a secret we might ruin our friendship with them.” Marco explained. “And I don’t want to do that again. Remember how torn up we got when you liked me? And that turned out okay.” He reminded. Star nodded.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, you were really cool about making it not awkward.” She remembered.

“Crushes come and go, let’s tell them so we don’t mess up again.” Marco offered. Star smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, let’s do it, what’s the worst that happens? They date for a while? It’s not marriage.” Star laughed.


“Tom! I really think Star is jealous, she keeps messaging me asking me all about our relationship. And it seems like she’s stewing.” Janna told the demon. She opened the door to his room and saw him running around and shoving random things into a backpack. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“Taking the bare minimum so I’m not slowed down.” Tom told her, trying to shove his rabbit into the bag.

“Why?” Janna asked. Tom seemed to be in a bit of frenzy.

“I’m running away from home.” He responded. Janna grabbed his bag away from him and asked him why again. “Janna we have a problem.” Tom gulped. “Somebody from my kingdom saw us together and told my dad… my DAD, Janna!” He cried. Janna shrugged.

“So what?” She asked. Tom shook her by the shoulders.

“Don’t you understand!? He thinks it’s time I inherit the kingdom! He wants us to get married!” Tom cried. Janna’s jaw dropped.

“Just say no!” She cried.

“I can’t! Do you know what he’d do to me? To you?” Tom asked, with a look of fear in his eyes. “I can’t say no to him! I don’t have a death wish!” He pulled anxiously at his ears. “I’m just going to run away! Maybe I’ll fake my death!” He tried. Janna slapped him to get him to calm down.

“Relax! We can fix this!” Janna assured. Tom cocked his head.

“How?” He asked. Janna bit her lip.

“We gotta come clean.”


“You have something to say too?” Marco asked the ‘couple’ sitting across from him and Star. Tom and Janna both nodded.

“You go first.” Tom urged. Marco shook his head.

“You guys go first.” Star insisted. The two sighed and began to fidget nervously. Janna looked over at Tom and motioned for him to say his thing first. Tom blushed deeply and cleared his throat.

“We had an idea, we thought was really good but it’s not.” Tom responded. “And bottom line is… my dad is forcing Janna and I to get married.” Tom told them. Both Star and Marco’s faces dropped. They stayed quiet for a long time. “Please! We need your help. We can’t seem to find a way out of this.” Tom explained.

“Why would you want to?” Star asked. Grumbling. “You guys are perfect for each other… she’d make a great queen of hell.” Star muttered.

“I don’t want to be!” Janna cried. “I… I’d rather be a queen of Mewni.” Janna admitted. Star sat up in shock.

“What?” She asked. Janna blushed.

“I pretended to date Tom to make you jealous… because I like you.” Janna admitted. Star was quiet for a long while before jumping on top of the human and giving her a million kisses all over her face. Janna was too shocked to do anything except look at Tom with a confused expression. He shrugged and Star kept kissing her.

“I knew there was something more to it!” Star cried. “I knew it all along! I should have said something sooner!” Star cried. She then pulled away confused. “But wait, why did Tom pretend to date you?” She asked. All eyes, especially Marco’s, were on Tom. He gave a really shy and awkward smile, and did jazz hands.

“Surprise… yay I love Marco…” He said, looking like he was going to throw up. “Yay me.”


Tom fidgeted nervously, the plan was set and all he had to do was his part. But the fear of his dad finding out that he was lying was practically paralyzing him. Tom just stood in front of the enormous door and held still. He was thinking of running away, maybe marrying Janna wouldn’t be so bad? But Tom knew that wasn’t the truth. He was thinking of running away when he felt a warm hand touch his. Tom jumped and looked over to see Marco giving him a warm smile.

“Hey, it’ll be okay.” Marco promised. “I came up with this plan, and you know I’d never do anything that would hurt you.” Marco promised. “And besides, he has nothing to bust you for! It’s not technically lying.” Marco reminded. Tom swallowed hard and nodded. He blushed when Marco gave him a kiss on the head and ran over to be with Star and Janna, to hide. Tom took a deep breath and opened the door to his father’s throne room.

“D-Dad?” He called out. The devil king motioned for his son to come forward. Tom quickly ran over, tripping and stumbling on hi own two feet. He thrust and envelope forward. The king took it and Tom stood there shaking. “I-it’s from Mewni… the princess.” Tom told him. “Sh-she’s angry about my wedding… and sh-she requested th-that we call it off.” Tom admitted. “She took interest to my fiancé.” Tom explained. The devil king looked up.

“I don’t care about Princess Butterfly’s opinion. The wedding will go on as scheduled.” He insisted. Tom gulped.

“But… we have an alliance with them. And everyone else in the kingdom didn’t think it would be wise to get her angry, what with her coming into power so soon and all. Mewni has a stronger arsenal than us, we may not want to get into a fight.” Tom explained. The king got a look of fury on his face.

“You went to the others with this news before confronting me?” he demanded. Tom began to shake harder.

“I… yes?” He admitted. He father grabbed him by the shirt. He looked like he was about to scream at him, or do something insane. But he just stared, the king them looked down at the letter in his hand and up at Tom.

“All are in agreement to stop this wedding?” He asked. Tom nodded. “Very well.” He agreed, and dropped his son onto the floor. “Send the human back to earth, and tell Princess Butterfly it’s called off.” He demanded. Tom scrambled to his feet and nodded.

“Yes sir!” He agreed, and darted out of the throne room. Tom closed the door behind him and took off through the portal his friends were hiding through. He jumped in and landed on Marco’s living room rug. Star sealed up the portal and they all jumped on Tom, giving him a group hug and asking him what happened and all the details. Marco pushed past Star and Janna and hugged the demon tightly.

“You aren’t hurt are you?” Marco asked, frightened. Tom shook his head.

“No, no. I’m fine.” He assured. “He bought it. He told me to call off the wedding.” Tom told them, with a smile finally forming on his face. The group and did something between a cheer and a sigh of relief.

“I was worried he wouldn’t care! I thought he might call my bluff about going to war.” Star said, full of anxiety.

“I think he did, but telling the kingdom first was a good idea. Them opposing it was enough to pressure him into agreeing with them.” Tom explained. Tom looked over at Marco and smiled big. “Thank you Marco… for being there for me and all.” Tom blushed and looked away. Marco smiled and gave the demon another big hug.

“I told you I’d never leave you, or let you get hurt.” Marco assured, kissing his head. “I love you. And I can finally say that and know you love me too.” Marco smiled. Tom blushed and nuzzled close to the human, hoping to never have to let go.

“You could have done that for a long time.”

Come Dance With Me - Janstar Fanfiction

Summary - So this kind of takes place in the episode Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. But likes, there is no seance, Star already has a flaming crush on Marco, and Jackie never asked him to the dance. So Star and Marco are going together but not in a romantic way.
Authors Notes - Based off the song I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance (With You) by Black Kids. I didn’t use the original song though, I used a more electronic one because I just like it better. Strong language.
Word Count - 2191


“I don’t know what to do, Janna! Marco is the one who’s afraid of going to dances, not me! Why am I so nervous?!” Star walked down the halls with Janna, yelling quietly enough for no one else to hear the conversation, but loud enough to blow the bluenette’s eardrums out.

“Woah Star, just chill.” Janna put her hands on Star shoulders and turned the blonde to face her. “It’s okay.” Janna told her friend. “No it most definitely not! How do I even talk to him!?” Star pushed Janna’s hands and away started walking again. “Just talk to him like you normally do, jeez. It’s not like this is a date… is it?” Janna answered. Was it a date? Janna hoped not, otherwise the heart she didn’t have would start breaking. Like, Janna already knew Star had a crush on Marco, but going on a date with him would really start Janna’s gay grieving process.

“No it’s not a date. We’re just going as friends,” Phew, “but it still feels weird.” Star told Janna. They stopped at the blonde’s locker. “Well, maybe instead of talking you two could dance?” Janna suggested, it was risk. This would end with Star dancing with Marco, but if she played her cards right she could get her way. “I could teach you! I am captain of a secret dance club.” Janna informed Star, and watched as the girl opened her locker.

Star turned to face her friend. “YOU’RE CAPTAIN OF A SECRET DANCE CL-” Star squealed before Janna covered her mouth. “Star! Shush, some one could hear!” Janna whispered, looking around to see if anyone was listening.

“Janna that’s so cute!” Star squealed again, but lowered it down to a whisper. Janna blushed at Star’s comment, taken off guard. “Uh, yea, uh anyways, I could teach you.” Janna said trying to regain her cool and not focus on Star’s smile too much.

“Oh no, I know how to dance, Marco probably doesn’t though.” Star waved her hand and exchanged the books in her arms for the other books hiding in her locker. Janna frowned for a split second. There is no way in hell she is teaching Marco how to dance with Star. “Didn’t he dance with you at that Blood Moon Ball thing?” Janna recalled. “It’s different.” Star remarked.

“Ugh.” Janna sighed she put her back against the lockers and slid down until she sat on the ground.

Star noticed her friends distress and mimicked her actions. “I know you don’t want to teach Marco, of all people, how to dance, but could you? Pleaase.” Star begged. Janna turned her head. “For meeeee.” Star begged harder.

“Yeah, fine. Whatever.” Janna threw her hands in the air and stood up. Star followed and hugged her. “Thank you so much Janna!”

Janna hugged back.

“You’ll only have to do it once! Just come to Marco’s house before the dance.” Star told her friend.

“Okay.” Janna said before Star walked away (not without waving goodbye). “See you later Janna Banana!” The blonde shouted down the hall. Janna smiled and waved back. When Star turned around Janna sighed and frowned for the third time. “I guess I’m going to return that outfit. I’m not going to a dance anymore.”


“Uh, like this?” Marco shuffled his feet as Janna instructed him. “Yeah, I guess.” Janna said pretty saltily, crossing her arms. “What is your problem!?” Marco yelled, making Janna flinched back. “I have been doing everything you told me today! I did the splits! In this suit!” Marco gestured to his pants. “I don’t have a problem!” Janna yelled back, standing up. It was Marco’s turn to flinch. The pair yelled at each other until they heard footsteps coming towards the room they resided in. They both joined hands quickly and pretended to dance before the door was opened.

“Heyyyy guys!” Star said appearing in the doorway. “How do I look?” Marco and Janna stopped pretending to dance and faced Star. “You look great, Star!” Marco told her.

Star was wearing a dark purple, backless dress, that poofed out ever so slightly and went to down to just above her ankles. Her hair was put into two buns on top of her head, like Princess Beia from Sun Battles. Some of her hair fell in front of her ears, like little vines that Janna could jump on to look into Star’s eyes forever, in a non creepy way of course.

“You look really pretty.” Janna said without thinking, still staring.

“What?” Star asked.

“I said you look shitty!” Janna blurted, blushing madly. “But like not shitty like ew gross, like a uh wow you look like the shit. So like you look like the shitty?” Janna tried to recover from her comment saying everything that came to her mind awkwardly. ‘what tf janna???? shitty? ¿SHITTY?’ The girl thought, she was screaming on the inside.

“Oh. Thanks then?” Star said. “Are you ready Marco?” Star asked. “Yup, are you sure you don’t want to come Janna?” Marco asked Janna. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Alrighty then. We’re just gonna get going. Bye!” Marco walked out with Star and shut the door.

“Bye.” Janna sighed, she plopped onto the bed and put her hands in her head.

The door opened again and Janna looked up. Marco popped his head out from behind the door to look at her. “This is my room, get out.”


“Are you having fun?!” Marco asked Star. “Yeah I am! Do you know when the dance is over, though? My feet are starting to get tired from all the crazy partying.” Star asked. Marco pulled his phone from out of his pocket and turned it on. “It should be over soon. Hey can you get me some punch, please? I’m gonna hang with Ferguson and Alfonzo for a while.” Marco asked. Star nodded her head and walked to the refreshment table. “Make sure the punch doesn’t smell like- I mean uh, make sure it doesn’t smell funny.” Marco told Star before she walked too far. Star heard and did as he said. Smelt like regular Kola-Aid to her. She got a cup for her and a cup for Marco. She filled up the cups and took a sip from hers.

“EVERYONE, IT’S TIME FOR SOME COUPLE DANCES, GRAB A SMOOCH BUDDY AND LET’S GET DANCING!” The DJ (who was also Marco’s sensei) announced over the microphone.

Star spit back into her cup, and dumped the Kola-Aid from both cups back into the bowl. She ran around the gym trying to find Marco before the dance ended. Unfortunately when she did, he was already dancing…with Jackie.

Star smiled, despite the tears brimming her eyes. She didn’t run out crying, or throw a tantrum. She just walked out calmly. She kept walking, and walking. Then she started, jogging. Then she ran. She ran as fast as she could. She didn’t knoe what she was running from, but at the same time she did. She didn’t even know where she running to, just that she was.


“If I’m not going to wear this dance then I’m going to wear it to the graveyard.” Janna muttered, refrencing to the outfit she bought for the dance. She wore a black, long sleeve, button up shirt, with a white bow tie, and white suspensers. The sleeves were rolled up to just above her elbow. She also donned black slacks, with a old white, leather belt.
Janna held a box of practical joke supplies, candles, chalk, and a picture of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. She was going to have a seánce of she couldn’t have a dance.

When Janna entered the graveyard she spoke of and looked for Bon Bon’s gravestone. As soon as she found it the girl started to set up. She lit the first candle when she heard distant crying. Janna put out the candle and did the number one thing you don’t do in graveyards. She walked towards the crying.

Janna got closer and closer until she knew the crying was coming from behind the tree. She peeped around it to see the owner of the sobbing.

“Star?” She whispered walking next to her friend. Star hugged her knees to her chest and had her face buried in her arms. “Janna?” Star responded pulling her head away from her arms.
Janna sat next to the blonde, “What happened?” She asked. Star closed her eyes and cried, hard. The princess clinged to Janna and put her face into the girl’s chest

“Woah, hey! It’s alright, you don’t have to talk about it.” Janna tried comforting Star by hugging back. Star cried harder and Janna held onto her tighter. She felt that if she let go the blonde would disappear forever.


Janna didn’t know how long it was when Star stopped crying. A couple seconds, a lot of minutes, an hour. Star’s face was still buried in Janna’s chest, but she wasn’t holding on as tightly. She was sniffling and hiccuping but she wasn’t crying.

Star shifted, she turned to put her back against the tree, and leaned her head onto Janna’s shoulder, and let Janna keep hugging her.

“Marco was dancing with Jackie.” Star whispered. 'Oh, oh.’

Janna didn’t know what to say other than 'it’s okay’ and 'it’ll be alright’ and in this situation, those are the worst things to say. So she listened.

“I can’t do magic, I’m bad at school. I broke the wand. The guy I like is probably taken, and everyone who I’ve ever liked are demons and delinquents.” Star ranted. Janna felt her start to cry again.

“Star! Hey, it’s fine. If Marco can’t see how amazing you are then that’s his fault.” Star smiled softly but it didn’t stop her from crying. Janna was going make her stop, she was saying everything. “If it helps I think you pretty great! I really didn’t want to teach Marco how to dance,” Janna said almost slipping up and saying 'with you’ “but I did because I…because you’re my best friend. There’s two types of people in this world those who dance, and those who don’t. You definitely dance but Marco is still figuring out if he does or not. He wasn’t very good when I was teaching him anyways. You need someone who dances Star.” 'You need me.’ Janna thought. “And, yeah, you didn’t get to dance with Marco, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance at all tonight.

Janna risked it again. So what if she saw this in a cartoon once. She was sure it was going to work.

"What do you mean?” Star asked, looking to her friend.

“Hold on, one second.” Janna got up. She turned her phone on and put on a elctronic instrumental song that she was quite fond of (and that happened to play in the cartoon that she got this idea from).

Janna turned to face Star. She started blushing so she hid her face with her arm. “So, what I was trying to say was,” she reached her hand out to Star, “come dance with me.”

Janna felt Star grab her hand. She lowered the arm from her face, and they both smiled. Janna pulled Star closer and they conjoined their other hands together and looked in each other’s eyes.

It wasn’t complicated. Janna put her left foot fowards and her right foot back and Star put her left foot back and right foot fowards, they did the same with their arms (not letting go of the other’s hand). In fact it was more like jumping.

Janna looked up from her feet and Star did the same. Janna smiled before twirling Star. The princess giggled and Janna giggled back.

Janna let go of their hands and they both did their own silly dances, laughing with each other.
They both ran around each other like kids, until Janna bumped into her friend. The bluenette started falling, but Star caught her. Her arms around Janna’s back, she looked into the Philippino’s eyes and. Janna did the same. The tension broke as they started laughing. Janna put her arms around Star, as the hearts on her cheeks started to glow.

Janna decided for the third time that day, to risk it. She put her forehead to Star’s, and connected their lips.

The best part was when Star kissed back.


Authors Notes - The entire ending was just one big Steven Universe reference. I like just completely stole that scene from Alone Together. Alone Together is also the name of the song they dance to (it’s background music from Steven Universe so it doesn’t have singing). Anyway I actually liked this one. The original title was going to be 'Not Gonna Teach Him’ but I like this one better. Bye looossers.

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Some JanTom to cheer me up?

Let’s get it.


Janna swished through her closet, moving pink things this way and that. ‘No. Nope. Nuh uh. Zero,’ she thought. A sigh exited her mouth.

A wall of flames opened up behind her, making her turn slowly to see a demon drinking an slushie. “Sup Jan.”

“Hi Tom,” Janna said rather flirty, turning back to her closet.

Tom raised an eyebrow. Janna was pulling out her usual outfit.

“You always where that. What about all those other things in that closet?”

Janna practically jumped, her face turning pink as she continued to pull out the outfit.

Before she knew it, she felt something enwrao her body. It was pink.

“AH!” Tom said, refreshed from his slushie and the new sight. “Looks good on you Janna!”

Janna stared down at the outfit. It was a long sleeved blue jacket that matched her hair over a hot pink dress.

She had to admit, it was cute.

But it was pink.

And she hated contributing to gender stereotypes.

“Tom…” Janna said, no longer flirting which caught his attention. “TOM!!!!!”

Tom’s eyes widened as she snapped his fingers before she could grab him. He disappeared into a wall of flames as Janna grasped air and only air.

She turned angrily to her mirror only to stop in her tracks.

The girl smiled at herself in the mirror.

Janna had forgotten how good she looked in pink.

The Dark Side of Manna

Many who don’t see the Marco/Janna (also known as the ”Manna” or “Janco”) ship as plausible argue that Janna doesn’t really like like Marco and only teases him to get a reaction out of him.

Honestly, as someone who is starting to develop a degree of empathy towards the Marco and Janna characters, I actually would like this to be the case, because the alternative is rather depressing.

Pretend for a moment that Janna is not only teasing Marco for fun, that she does have strong feelings about Marco, and that there are deeper meanings behind her actions. If we assume this is the case, then we can craft a rather unfortunate alternate interpretation of Janna’s character and of her role in the series.

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