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James has never seen Thomas like this; seething, his jaw clenched and his eyes blazing with anger. But it’s the silent fury that has James worried. Usually when Thomas is angry he rants and raves and paces across the floor until James is breathless from just watching him. But he’s never seen him like this.

“Thomas?” James starts gently, not wanting to startle his husband. When he gets no response, James clears his throat and tries again, this time a little louder. “Thomas!”

“Hamilton!” Thomas snarls in response, and it takes James a moment to realize that Thomas is giving an explanation for his anger, and has not forgotten who James is. “That son-of-a-bitch!” 

James raises his eyebrows at the exclamation, not really surprised since Thomas and Hamilton seem to fight every day at work. “What did he do this time?” He asks, still wondering what could have Thomas reacting this way.

Thomas scowls, one of his hands slamming down onto the kitchen table. He’s silent for a few more moments, his jaw working. But then he looks up at James and practically shouts. “He fucking put my paperwork into a carton of ice cream!” 

More silence falls after that, and James blinks a few times before opening his mouth, but it takes a few tries for something to come out. “He what?”

“He put…my paperwork…in ice cream,” Thomas repeats slowly, gritting out each word like it’s physically painful. “You know how I complain about he’s always walking around eating an entire thing of ice cream throughout the day? Well today he decided to be even more of a pain in the ass.”

“By putting your paperwork into the ice cream?” James asks one more time, just for clarification.

“Not just that,” Thomas says with a sharp laugh. “He…” He trails off there, face twisting in anger. “He fucking let the carton of ice cream melt and then took my paperwork, which I just need him to sign, and then just disappeared, and then like an hour later he comes back and just hands me the carton of ice cream.” Thomas laughs again, looking a little crazy, but James would never tell him that. “And there I am thinking this is some sort of weird peace offering, so I start eating the ice cream, and then I find my paperwork fucking frozen in the middle of it!”

James bites at his lip to keep himself from laughing, but Thomas must notice his expression because he practically growls. “Sorry,” James chokes out, holding up a hand. “I’m just…wow.”

“I know,” Thomas snarls, sitting down at one of the chairs and slumping in the seat. “I’ve never been more angry in my life.” He goes silent again, eyes still ablaze and his jaw tight with anger.

James stifles another laugh by disguising it with a cough, figuring he should go into supportive husband mode. “Babe,” he murmurs, stepping behind Thomas and wrapping his arms around his shoulders. “It’s all gonna work out. You probably have copies of the paperwork, right?” He waits as Thomas nods reluctantly. “Then it’s fine. You know Hamilton is a child, this shouldn’t surprise you.”

“He made me look like an idiot,” Thomas mumbles.

James plants a kiss on his cheek. “No one thinks you’re an idiot, darling. I happen to think you’re pretty amazing.” He kisses Thomas again, giving himself a mental pat on the back when he sees the start of a smile on his husband’s lips. “Now how about we eat dinner?”

“Yeah,” Thomas sighs, squeezing James’s hand. “Thanks. What do we have?”

“I was thinking we could go out, actually,” James starts slowly, a smile creeping onto his face. “To that new place down the road? Maybe we can even…” James leans in closer before finishing, “stop for ice cream afterwards.”

James leaps away with a laugh when Thomas shrieks at him, doubling over with tears in his eyes as Thomas glares at him with an expression of betrayal.

“Why is everyone so mean to me?” Thomas whines, his lower lip pushing out in a pout.

James steps forward and pinches his cheek. “It’s all out of love on my side, doll.”


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Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is an introduction to a new series I’m starting, please tell me how y’all like it :)

Words: approx. 1K

Prompt: Everyone has secrets.

Warnings: angst, graphic death, psychological damage, swearing, alcohol


“Hesitance is a vice.” A cold voice echoed, “Focus.”

The gun shook in your hand as you finger stopped on the trigger. The barrel pointed straight towards your brother’s temple, your hand barely stable under the weight of both Alexander Pierce and your brother’s gazes on you.

Shakily, you met your brother’s gaze. His lips moved, “Do it. Please. For me.” He begged, his voice ragged. You shook your head, a soft sob leaving your lips.

A hand came down on your cheek, causing you to flinch and drop the gun. Pierce’s face came into view, his lips pressed together into a thin line.

“Weak.” He snarled, “Useless. A fool.” His heel made contact with the butt of the gun as he kicked it over to your brother. 

“Shoot.” He ordered, not an ounce of remorse in his voice as he gave the order that you had refused to follow mere moments ago.

Without hesitating, your brother picked up the gun, pointing it at you. You offered him a small, reassuring smile despite the pounding of a thousand stallions in your heart.

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