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You’re scared at night (Block B reaction)

“Thank you again for the wonderful response! s2 Very cute, now need to think, kekekekekekeke, like reactions that end up always coming out cute! s2 Well, now then I will ask for a reaction (of course the Block B s2) every night at three in the morning you hide in under the bed because of a story you heard as a child about a monster! kekekekekeke This will be cool! Thank you again! s2 I will not get tired of the reactions made for you ever!“ requested by @williane18​ :3
Taeil: “Twinkle, twinkle, little star~“
Sings a lullaby while looking to your eyes and caressing your face with the soft touch of his hands.

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B-bomb: “Do you want me to check the room? I’ll fight any monster just for you“
Gets out the bed and starts opening every closet,drawer…assuring you that there isn’t anything else at home.

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Jaehyo: “Is the monster going to kill us…?“
As soon as you told him the story he’d be as much if not more scared as you,so be prepared to endure him from now on.

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U-kwon: “Come here,I’ll protect you every night“
Pats on the bed inviting you to go by his side,taking you into a tight embrace.

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Kyung: “I can talk the monster’s language,I’m sure if it shows up we’ll become friends“
Starts talking nonsense in order to make you laugh so you won’t get worried about the monster again.

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Zico: “How can you think about a monster when you have this cutie in front of you?“
Makes a lot of aegyo,giving you little kisses here and there.

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P.O: “GROOAAR! I’m the monster.Now that my identity has been revealed I’ll have to eat you up“
He’ll keep making weird noises and gestures,pretending being the monster.

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