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The Love Square (Veronica x Hunter C. x Hunter D. x JD)

Today was a day like any other, Veronica Sawyer had just gotten to school when she was approached (more like ambushed) by Hunter Chandler. “Oh, hi Hunter-”

“Sawyer, good, you’re here.” He said, leaning against the locker. “Listen, if you weren’t busy on Friday I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie?”

Veronica tilted her head, puzzled. “Just the two of us? What about the rest of the Hunters?”

Hunter shook his head, a slight blush on his face. “Yeah.. Just the two of us if that’s okay..”

She chuckled and nodded. “Alright Hunter, sure.”

As they were finalizing their plans, Hunter Chandler was shoved out of the way and Hunter Duke took his place. “Hey, Veronica!”

Veronica looked down at the floor where Hunter Chandler lay, shocked and probably a little angry. Or maybe a lot angry.

“So, anyway Veronica, my dad is gonna be out of town on Friday and I’m having a party, would you wanna be my date?”

“Well, I-”

“Oh no! Oh no no no, Hunter you do NOT just swoop in and ask out Veronica when I already did!” Hunter Chandler got up, grabbing her arm. “She’s going to the movies with me!”

Hunter Duke growled and grabbed her other arm. “No, she’s going to my party!” He huffed, looking down at her. “What’s it gonna be Veronica?”

Veronica looked between the two guys vying for her attention, very confused. On one hand, Hunter Duke was a tad nicer. Not much nicer, but a tad. As for Hunter Chandler he was a straight up dick, but they were both very handsome and could be nice sometimes. Why not give both a chance? “Okay, I’ve decided that-”

“Oh hell no!” A female voice echoed from down the hall, causing people to scatter. That voice belonged to Jaclyn Dean, or JD, and she was not happy. “You’re both wrong, Veronica was mine first! Right Ronnie?”

Damn, and she was so close to getting out of this mess of a love triangle. Now it was a love square. “Well that is true-”

“Oh, so just because you dated her first means she’s not allowed to date anyone else?” Hunter Chandler jabbed a finger in her face. “There’s a reason she broke up with you, honey.” He sneered condescendingly.

JD glared at him, her fists clenched. “I can make the both of you disappear, just you watch!”

As the three of them argued, Veronica slipped out of the circle and walked over to Hunter McNamara, who had been watching from afar. “Hi Hunter..”

He smiled warmly at her, nodding his head. “Hi Veronica! What’s going on over there?” He pointed towards the three, who’s argument had gotten even louder.

She sighed. “Just too much ego in one place, you wanna go grab lunch?”

Hunter smiled and nodded, the two of them walking down to the cafeteria together. Who needed those three anyway? Hunter McNamara was the nicer of the Hunters, and he tended to not get into fights at all, just standing on the sidelines. One of the reasons Veronica liked being around him more.

“Think they’ll ever stop arguing?” He asked, holding open the door for her.

She chuckled. “Not unless there were two more of me, only then would they be satisfied.”

Hunter laughed. “Heh, yeah you’re probably right! But hey, do you wanna come watch a movie at my house on Friday? I’ve got football practice after school, but if you wanna watch and then we can go together that’d be okay.”

Veronica smiled and nodded. “Sure, that sounds really nice.” And it really did, a lot more pleasant than being argued over by three people who didn’t even bother to ask her what she wanted. Oh well, it didn’t matter anymore. She would just have to tell the three of them that she’d be busy.

(Ah, its nice to write again, sorry I haven’t been writing or put new works on here, the school year is ending and I’ve got to study for finals😪But @raven-ink art of the two Hunters plus JD fighting over Veronica was too funny and Hunter McNamara being a sweet bun just watching was too cute, plus subtle McNamawyer so here we go!)

anonymous asked:

Who writes good YA prose?

  • TANUJA DESAI HIDIER (writes some of the most miraculous prose anywhere, on the junot diaz level of writing truth in two languages at the same time and expecting you to keep up, is worth waiting twelve years for. though like, dammit tanuja.)
  • e. lockhart, my consistent fave. everyone needs at least one of hers and everyone (esp. actual teen girls) needs frankie landau-banks. was here before john green blurbed one of her books, will be here long after he is faded & forgotten :)
  • jaclyn moriarty, about wit and friendship random startling shocks of beauty (needs to come back from writing random mg fantasy)
  • courtney summers who is causing us pain we all need, courtney summers of the most earned hype around
  • dia reeves, who is eldritch and grinning and loves girls
  • hillary frank (When Will Hillary Frank Return From War, Or Apparently NPR)
  • melina marchetta
  • sarra manning
  • malinda lo
  • nnedi okorafor (sometimes writes ya!)
  • holly black tries too hard and mostly fails but i will stand by the histrionic noir pastiche of her curseworkers series (i’m me)
  • (laini taylor does holly black better)
  • rachel cohn is sloppy and david levithan is soulless but nick & norah’s infinite playlist stands up as greater than both of them put together
  • shannon hale as the heir to gail carson levine’s mantle (though apparently gale carson levine is writing a sequel to the two princesses of bamarre as we very now speak? i’m scared)
  • megan whalen turner is so minimalist that any time she gives you anything it hits home, which is its own gift
  • daniel handler but y’all knew that
  • terry pratchett’s tiffany aching books
  • i’m sorry (and she’s probs run out of juice by now) but louise rennison is so fucking funny
  • single hits of the summer: sona chaipotra/dhonielle clayton’s tiny pretty things is FULL OF PLOT/CHARACTER/PACING/EDITING HOLES but is also at once the most stylish and most visceral thing to come out this year, naomi novik’s uprooted is beautiful and fairytale and you’ve heard me yell my head off about it, i read the summer prince by alaya dawn johnson two years after it came out and it blew me away, i’m looking forward to settling into laura ruby’s bone gap and daniel jose older’s shadowshaper
  • francesca lia block pre-2006 is a relic worth exploring (often dated often purple but god the hanged man particularly holds up)
  • and megan abbott is not y.a. but for the past couple years she has been writing great art about and for teen girls.

off the top of my head.