and jack j looks like a baby

Jack:: ***long inhale** aaah kookie’s ass smells like this
J-dope:: who is prettier? Me or this flower?
Justin seagull:: yah! Be glad i am giving you this flower! Bow down you peasant.
Christian chimchim:: kookie-ah wont you accept my flower?(pstt he means his V card 😂)
Changchang boongboong:: i was going to give this to pretty flower hobi but i think my smile is prettier.

omgcheckplease fic recs

so, I’ve dragged a number of people down into the beautiful hellhole that is the hockey gays/Check, Please! I’ve been giving scattered fic recs to these beloved humans, but I wanted to make a post to consolidate my most important recs, my favs. (also - i’m limiting how many by each author i put on here, but you should definitely check out other stuff they’ve all written bc this fandom has so much talent, y’all, it is unbelievable). i’m sure there are a few i’ve missed, but i feel like this is most of the fics that really stand out to me right now. I might edit/update this at some point if that occurs to me, so i’m putting this under a readmore (also, because it’s fucking long). go enjoy these amazing fics!!

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agentdelphine  asked:

"You're never gonna get that hermit crab at this rate," Del says to six-year-old J.J.

“He doesn’t know it’s a stuffed toy hermit crab, does he?” The blond boy longs for a pet, but that’s hard to do with jobs like theirs.

Jack raises his voice to carry enough for their son to hear.

“Because at this rate, he won’t even get a toy hermit crab. Room doesn’t look any cleaner than it did half an hour ago, son.”

Useless fights // Jack Maynard Imagine

Here you go, I enjoyed making this one!
And it’s fall/autumn in this imagine. You’ll understand later.

“Are you serious right now?” Jack said hitting the table out of frustration, you didn’t flinch, you were way to angry to feel any type of fear.

“Yes, Jack.” you say calmly, he stiffened and you knew why; you didn’t call him by his name for at least two months, it was always something like ‘baby’,’honey’,’JJ’ but never his name, you only said his name when you were deadly serious, vise versa. 

“Fine then, Y/N.” he paused for a second, he was about to say something else but the doorbell rang, “Saved by the bell.” you heard him mumble to himself, you rolled your eyes and went into the bathroom, you decided to take a quick shower and go visit Anna. After you were done you went to the bedroom you and Jack shared and chose your outfit; A plain black shirt and olive green skinny jeans, you entered the living room and you saw Anna.

“Hey.” you greet her with a big smile, “I was just about to go over to your place.” 

“Hey, Y/N, well I beat you to it.” we both laughed.

“Where’s Jack?” you look around.

“He went out with Conor and the boys.”

“Oh, okay, then we have the rest of the day to talk and catch up and maybe watch Chris Evans?”

“You got me at Chris Evans.” she says and you both laugh. 

You two spent the entire afternoon talking about all you have missed out about each other, Anna soon went home and you were all alone with Chris Evans in his Captain America suit, costume(?) you never really knew how to call it. It was midnight and Jack was still not home, even though you two had the biggest fight ever you were still worried. You were waiting on him the entire night but he never showed up. It was 6 a.m. and you were tired and didn’t wait on anyone anymore. You changed into your pajamas and went into bed, you were just about to fall asleep when you heard the front door open and shut close. Guess who’s home. you mumble and then fall asleep.

*time skip*

“One week.” you say into the phone, “He has straight up ignored my existence for a fucking week.

“Y/N, love, you need to try and talk to him about whatever you fought over.” Joe said.

“I tried but he is in his dickhead mode 100% and it’s really annoying.” I let out a long breath.

“Well you need to stubborn.” he argues.

“Dude, I’ve been trying for five bloody days now.” you say and you hear Joe sigh.

“You two are way too stubborn, I swear if I come to your place I’ll smack the sense into both of you.” you chuckle, “I would probably bring Zoe with me because I don’t like hitting girls.” you laugh.

“What a gentleman.” you say sarcasm lacing your words.

“I know right, just ask Caspar.” you were about to say something, but you heard Jack come back home so you decided to wrap up your conversation with Joe and face Jack once and for all.

“Haha, I’ll talk to you later then, bye.”

“Bye,bye.” you hung up and left your phone on the coffee table and went towards the kitchen to eat some of the remaining pizza you have ordered earlier. You entered the kitchen and Jack was there already half done with his slice, you said your hello but of course he didn’t say a word, even though it was like that for a week now it still hurt you that he never answered you, on anything. You took the pizza box and opened it; empty. 

“Okay then.” you said and left the pizza box in front of Jack, you opened the freezer and took some ice cream; vanilla. Ugh vanilla. you think and put it back into the freezer.

“How long are you gonna continue being a dickhead?” You asked him, he looked at you blankly and then continued eating his pizza slice, “Guess you can continue sleeping on the couch.“ You say and leave the kitchen and head into the bathroom. You took a bath, longer then you intended to. You put on your undergarments and your robe making a tight knot, you didn’t have time to choose your pajamas because Jack wanted to take a shower and you didn’t want to wait on him to finish. You walked over to the bedroom door and there was a piece of paper stick to it, it read ‘dickhead’ area you rolled your eyes and tried opening the door but it was locked.

“I guess you really are that childish.” you yell at the door knowing he heard you, you were really angry, mostly at yourself because you didn’t have pajamas, just a robe and you didn’t have a blanket either, you were gonna freeze to death, “I knew I needed to turn on the heater in the living room.”  you mumble and turn it on on the highest number, it took ages to heat up, you fell asleep shivering.

4 a.m.

You screamed as you woke up from a nightmare. You were sweating and now you felt way to hot so you turned off the heater, you went into the kitchen to find yourself something to drink, you had a dream that Jack had died in a car accident and that really messed with your head because you lost your two dear friends in a car accident before, you drank the water and you were ready to go to Jack’s bedroom and beg him to talk to you, and you were not the type to beg but you were ready to make an exception for Jack. The thought of something bad happening to Jack made your eyes get all teary and your heart ache for him, you placed the water bottle back into the fridge, tears were now streaming down your cheeks, you couldn’t take it anymore. You turned around and saw Jack standing there in nothing but his underwear, he had bags under his eyes, he didn’t sleep at all, he looked sad, lifeless…broken… That made you cry even more, you just stood there crying your eyes out, your head down, you heard footsteps coming towards you and soon you felt his arms sneak around your waist pulling you into his chest.

“Baby, baby, I am so soo sorry.” his voice was cracking, you wrapped your hands around his neck, he lifted you up on the counter and placed himself between your legs, your head was resting on his shoulder, he kissed your head, “sorry.” another kiss, “sorry.” another kiss “please baby.” you placed his head on your shoulder and leaned your head on his.

“J-Jack….” you said your voice hoarse, “I’m t-the one who’s sorry. I never should have brought it up in the first place.” you sobbed and he looked you straight in the eyes cupping your cheeks.

“Princess, it’s okay, you had the right to bring it up I just overreacted and it really was childish of me to ignore you like that. You have no idea how hard it was for me..” he said and you kissed him passionately, after a minute of making out you two stopped to catch some air.

“I missed this.” you say and kiss him again.

“There’s something else that’s on your mind.” you look away, “Y/N, babe, tell me.” you sigh.

“I thought that you were giving me the silent treatment so you could break up with me later…”

“Break up with you?” he said and cupped your cheeks giving you a long loving kiss, “I could never, I thought you were going to break up with me, because I was ignoring you..” he said and hugged you tightly.

“That thought didn’t cross my mind, not once.” you say and start leaving kisses on his jawline.

“I can’t believe I was such an idiot..” he says, you chuckled, “I mean, ignoring my girl for a week. A fucking week.” he was talking to himself more.

“Babe, it’s okay now, we got over it.” 

“Look at what you’re wearing, you’re cold as ice, what if you get ill? It’s all my fault, oh my God I’m such a dickhead..” he said and held you bridal style, he was making his way to the bedroom and you were resting your head on his shoulder, just enjoying his presence. He placed you on the bed and took out one of his shirts and handed it over to you, “You look way better with my clothes on, baby girl.” he said and you smiled.

“You look better with no clothes at all.” he smirks and lays down next to you.

“You would like some, wouldn’t you.” he smirked.

“Way, too tired for that.” you laugh.

“Today, we’ll have the entire day for ourselves.”

“I like that idea.” you say as he leaves feather kisses all over your face and neck.

“Entire night, too.” you smile and lock your lips with his and lay down on his chest.

“No more useless fights.” You say as he takes your hand in his.

“No more, baby girl.” he kisses your forehead and you two fall asleep together, after a long time.


Just read it from the top, it doesn’t hav as much fluff as you wanted to, I’m so sorry, it’s just that I really can’t think of anything else fulffy enought for this one, if you have any other requests feel free to ask.♥♥

Preference 1: Sexual Kink (Omaha Boys)

J. Gilinsky:

“Fuck baby, yes, just like that! Keep going.” Jack’s desperate moans were enough to get you to your climax. He gripped his hands around your hips as he helped guide you while you rode him. “Fuck, you know how much I love it when you take control.” His voice was raspy and dominant, even with you on top. You grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head, riding him faster. You look down at your boyfriend who gives you a menacing smirk. “Don’t fucking stop.” He growled, his dark eyes filled with lust. You do as he asks and you continue riding him like there’s no tomorrow. His moans were mixed with profanities as you helped him edge closer to his orgasm. Your hands move from above his head and onto his chest, leaving red streaks that turned him on even more. “I’m gonna cum baby, keep going, just like that, keep going.” He begged, biting down on his bottom lip. He roughly thrusts his hips up and just like that, you both release, and you collapse onto his chest trying to calm your trembling thighs. You feel him grin against your skin as he stokes your naked back up and down. “You did a great job baby girl.”

J. Johnson:

“Turn over with your ass in the air.” Jack demanded and you willingly complied to his desires. You got on all fours and arched your back, knowing it turned him on. You felt him scan your body up and down and without even turning around to look at him, you already knew he was stroking himself as he got ready to fuck you the way you both liked it: rough. He sticks the tip in, teasing you, wanting you to beg for more. “Please, baby. I want all of you inside me. I need all of –” Your sentence was cut short when you felt your boyfriend slam himself into you. “Oh my –” You couldn’t even finish three words without your moans interrupting. He roughly penetrated into you, having you beg for more. Like the giving guy he is, he quickens his thrusts, but continued to fill you up with every inch of his member. You felt him grab your hair and you knew it would be harder to hold in your orgasm. He tugs on your hair, causing your head to jerk back as he bends over to whisper into your ear. “I know how much you love getting your hair pulled.” With his hands still gripping your hair, he pulls it harder, bringing your back to his chest. He wraps his forearm around the front of your neck, still careful not to choke you. His free hand traces circles on your clit while he continued to deeply thrust inside of you. As you felt yourself inching closer and closer to your orgasm you grip his wrist that was closest to your neck, signaling him that you were almost there. As you released, the walls inside of you tightened and a few seconds later, Jack reaches his orgasm too. You collapse onto the bed, face first, trying to catch your breath.

Nate Maloley:

“Don’t freak out, okay?” You tell him as you pulled out a tie from one of the drawers you had your undergarments in. You presented Nate, who was sitting at the foot of the bed, the black tie and he gives you a strange look. “What do you want me to do with this?” He asked, taking the fabric into his hand and examining it, then looking up at you with confusion. You drop to your knees in front of him and held out your wrists together. With the eyebrow raise and the smirk that was starting to form on his face clearly indicated that he finally put the pieces together. “I want you to tie me.” You tell him, not breaking eye contact. Without hesitation, he wrapped the tie around your wrists and tightened it. “Stand up.” He commanded and you obey his orders. He pushes you onto the bed, with your back pressed against the white covers. He lifts the dress you had on up, exposing your underwear. He quickly pulls it off, throws it over his shoulder and onto the wooden dresser behind him. He pulls you closer to his mouth, allowing your legs to rest on his broad shoulders. He rubbed your clit a few times, preparing you for whatever comes next. “You have a vibrator, right?” He asks, looking at you. You nod your head and he gets up to walk over to the dresser, rummaging through your underwear to find what he was looking for. You tapped your fingers against your stomach as you waited for him to do whatever he had in mind. He hovers over you and gives you a smile as he lifts your head up and slides a pillow underneath. With another pillow, he places it under your lower back to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable, then proceeding to get into the same position he was in earlier. “You’re gonna wanna see this.” He smirks and laps his tongue around your core a few times without any warning. When it stopped, you were slightly disappointed. “Hold this against your clit, babe.” He instructs you as he positioned the vibrator in your hands and presses it to where he wants it. He turns it on and the vibrations from the toy sent tingles through your body. He wraps one of his hands around yours, making sure to keep it steady, and he slides his index and middle finger inside of you, pumping it in and out. Soon enough, with Nate fingering you like crazy and the toy stimulating your clit, you couldn’t take it anymore. Nate takes ahold of the toy and allowed you to focus on the pleasure you were getting. “Cum for me, Y/N.” he says, his voice deep and raspy. You finally release, pushing Nate’s hand away from you. You hear him let out a chuckle as he turns off the vibrator. He hovers over you once more and you tugged on his shirt, trying to pull him closer to you and gesturing him to give you a kiss. He gives in and gives you a sensual kiss before pulling back and whispering something in your ear. “I’m definitely not done with you. That was just foreplay. Wait until I actually fuck you. You’re going to be begging for more.”

John Swift:

“You sure about this, babe? I don’t want to end up hurting you.” John asks as you both laid in bed. You nod your head and reassured him that everything will be fine. “Okay.” He simply says. You straddled him, arching your back so your ass was easier to grab. You began kissing his collarbone, then trailing up his neck to his lips. His hands caressed your waist, then moves down to caress every inch of your bum. He gives it a squeeze as you slowly sick your tongue in his mouth, massaging yours over his. You pull away from the kiss and slowly start to move your hips against his growing erection. His lips attacked your neck sending chills down your spine. “Give my ass a nice slap, baby.” You whisper in his ear and he does what you say. You felt a small sting, but it turned you on even more. “Again.” You whisper before nibbling on his ear lobe. Once again, he does as you asked, this time a little harder, causing you to let out a moan in his ear. You knew that turned him on when you felt his bulge throb underneath you. He began rubbing your skin, trying to sooth the pain. He continued with the ass slapping as you straddled him and grind yourself against his dick. When he was hard enough, you knew it was time to fuck. You get off him and removed your clothing and he does the same, having his erection spring out of his boxers. He grabs your hips as you aligned yourself with his tip and guides you as you slowly sink yourself onto him. “Slap my ass while you fuck me and I’ll make sure tonight will be the best night of your entire life.”

Sam Wilkinson:

“Holy shit baby.” You moan, the electrifying feeling causes you to grab ahold of the headboard behind Sam. “You like that?” He teased, moving his hips up and down as he held onto your waist, keeping you in place so that you wouldn’t jerk up every time he would thrust inside of you. “I do, baby. I really do. Please keep going.” You begged, your hands moved from the headboard and you wrapped your arms around his neck, lowering yourself even more, causing him to go deeper inside of you. You felt his hot breath against your neck and a string of vulgarities left his lips as you tightened yourself around his dick. You felt his hand give your ass a tight squeeze causing you to giggle, appreciating the fact he knew what would turn you on even more. “You feel so good, baby.” He compliments right before sucking your skin into his mouth, leaving a trail of bruises down your neck and to your collarbone. After a few more thrusts, he flips you over onto your back and hovers over you, his tip teasing your slit, making you beg for it. “Stop teasing me, Sam. Stop teasing and just fuck me.” You commanded and you see him smirk. “You want it? Beg for it.” He says as he slides his shaft up and down your slit. You finally give in and begged the way you knew would drive him crazy. You locked contact with him and bit your bottom lip. “Please, daddy. Please fuck me. I promise I’ve been a good girl.” You said in the most innocent voice. A growl resonated in his throat and he shoves himself inside you, leaving you breathless. His thrusts, deep and rough, inching you closer to your climax. You try to speak, but the pleasure he’s giving leaves you at a loss of words. All you could get out were breathless moans, letting him know you were seconds away from giving in.

Take a Break (Hayes Grier)

anon asked: I was wondering if you would do a Hayes Grier Smut bc not a lot of people do maybe like we’re in stressed out from his pov or one where we are trying to get pregnant ? Thanks love :)

V tru bc no one writes Hayes Smut especially bc he’s super young and tbh it’s even weird for me but yikes hes hella hot now haha! I kinda morphed them into one! 

- - - - - - - - - 

Baby can you please take a break from your work for like two seconds? I’m home from work and you’re still going at the same paper.” I complained to my wife. 

She was hard at work on her newest writing assignment, she went back to school after stopping everything to go on tours with me.

Babe I’m stressed as it is please don’t put any more pressure on me” she said from her spot on the bed, her eyes still glued to the screen of her laptop. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t eager for her to finish or at least take a break. I wanted to be with her, I’d been at meetings all day and I just wanted to spend the night with my wife. If we got to do a little more than that, hey, I’m not complaining. 

Well can you at least take a break. I’m sure you haven’t all day and I just really wanna spend tonight with you baby” I plead with her as I make my way to the bed. 

Hayes I’m so serious this is due tomorrow afternoon and I’m barely half done I have to finish this.” she said getting annoyed. I knew if I pushed her any more she’d really break. 

I’m so stressed out.” she says under her breath. I sat behind her and started massaging her back and her neck. 

Hayes you are seriously starting something I won’t be able to finish” she said leaning her head back blissfully. “Then just relax”  I say into her ear as she melted into my touch.

She closed her eyes letting my hands do the talking as I moved her laptop to the ground and kissed her neck. 

Lay back baby” I told her as she rested her head against the pillows by the headboard. Her breathing became shallow as she anticipated what was to come. 

Hayes do something please” she begged. “Patience”  I teased her as I slowly kissed my way down her body and gently tugged down her sleep shorts. I let them fall to the ground and pulled her by her thighs to the edge of the bed and I stood up and leaned over her and kissed her roughly “I love you”  I told her in her ear before kissing her neck. “I love you too Hayes” she said breathlessly. 

I slowly brought one leg up as I pulled her closer to me and leaning down pushing into her, “Fuck baby you’re so tight” I moaned. Small whimpers left her soft lips and I leaned down to kiss her as I started thrusting more as she eased into it. 

Faster Hayes” she grinded her hips as I pushed in and out of her. 

As you wish baby girl” I smirked and thrusted faster than before and she reached down in between us to rub her clit making her clench around me. 

Fuck yes don’t stop baby” I groaned feeling her around me bringing me closer to the edge. “I’m gonna c-cum” I stuttered out feeling it coming closer and closer. 

Cum for me baby” she pushed me over the edge and I couldn’t stop the sensation that rushed through me and sloppily thrusted into her and she started cumming soon after I came inside her and collapsed to the side of her after. 

After catching our breath, I looked to her, “Do you think this time will be different? Maybe this time it’ll work out for us?” I asked. 

We’ve been trying for so long. I hope so baby.” she says looking down. 

Did you relieve some stress” I joked and she playfully pushed my chest, “Shut up Hayes” she smiled. 

- - - - - 

hope you liked it! 



Nate Maloley - Ruined dinner

Request:  Can you do an imagine where you are dating Nate and all the guys and you and Madison go somewhere and hate Madison? And Nate and Sammy try and keep you calm and not kill her?

I would like to say that I wrote this for a request and I don’t have the same thoughts on Madison as in the imagine, actually I don’t even care about what she does or who she dates, I don’t know anything about her, it’s all just a fiction.

“You ready babygirl?” Nate shouted from downstairs.

“Almost!” I yelled back fixing my hair for the last time. We were going out with all the boys for dinner, because the Jacks were in town again, so we decided to a have a little get together. It seemed like a good idea until I heard that Gilinsky would bring Madison with him.

I only met her a few times but those were catastrophic. She always insulted me covertly, or would get offended by something stupid and she could get so annoying and clingy, I couldn’t stand it. Besides, sometimes she just crosses the line and get too close to the boys, I didn’t understand why Jack didn’t see it.

Nate knew my feelings towards her and offered me to just stay at home, but there was no way Madison could keep me away from my favorite boys. I decided that I won’t let her ruin the night.

When I was ready I went down finding Nate on the couch fully dressed ready to leave.

“You look stunning lil’mama” he smirked at me causing me to blush. He never forgot to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We have been together for two years now and it was the best time of my life.

“Thank you, you look great too. Can we go?” I asked lacing my fingers into his.

“Hell yeah.”

We picked up Sammy and when we got to the restaurant Johnson and Nash was already there. As we sat down and talked a few words Gilinsky and Madison arrived. She had like the shortest skirt ever on, even I couldn’t look away from her legs.

Nobody told her that we were going to go to a restaurant, not a strip club, I thought to myself but just kept smiling.

We all ordered when the waiter came and then just talked about what happened since we last seen each other.

I was talking to Gilinsky about their last show, when Madison decided that it was time for me to shut up.

“So it was really excited and stuff” G grinned. I was about to ask something but I didn’t have the chance.

“Jack, baby, do you think I should have ordered some salad instead?” Madison asked in confusion looking at the menu.

“Baby, what are you talking about, you can eat whatever you want.” And with that, my conversation with Jack was over because Madison wouldn’t stop talking about carbs. Nate noticed that I got a little tensed and placed his hand on my thigh squeezing it softly.

“You alright baby?” he asked quietly and I just nodded.

After that I started to talk to Johnson, he was telling me about a nice girl he met lately, but yet again, Madison had something to say about it too.

“I think you could find a better girl J, like Jack found me.” She smiled like she just said something nice while it was quite rude to say it about a girl she never even met. Plus, this girl seemed like a really nice person from what Johnson told me.

“I’m sure Jack is lucky to have you, but it doesn’t mean Johnson can’t decide who is best for him on his own.” I said trying to keep calm, while gripping Nate’s hand on my lap.

“It was just my opinion” she said with big eyes, like I just said something offensive, but I just tried to stick up for Johnson.

“Yeah, whatever” I shrugged.

“Don’t listen to her Y/N” Sammy told me turning towards me. “You were right.” I smiled at him thankfully.

The waiter brought our meals and everyone started to eat like hungry children.

“Can I have a bite?” I asked Nate pointing at his plate. He ordered some kind of pasta, it looked delicious.

“Sure” he smiled. But then again, Madison interrupted.

“Do you always do that?” she asked innocently, like she wasn’t about to annoy the shit out of me.

“Do what?” I asked impatiently.

“Eat Nate’s food. You should have just ordered it if you wanted to try it out.”

“Why does it matter to you? I asked Nate if I can have a bite, and he said yes, because we do this a lot. We are a couple, we share what we have, Madison, is there a problem with that?” I was getting really annoyed even though I tried so hard not to lose my mind.

“Isn’t it frustrating for you Nate?” she asked blinking at him.

“No, of course it’s not” he said confused she even asked it.

“Okay, can we move on? Everyone eat their own meal, but if someone wants to share, then let it be!” Sammy spoke up, I could tell he started to have enough of Madison too.

Everyone cooled down and continued to eat. When we finished we stayed a little more to just talk and spend some more time together and Nash started to tell a story about his little trip to New York.

“Yeah, so they gave this huge amount of M&M’s, I have never seen this much in my entire life” he laughed.

“You should have just bring some for us, Nash” I joked knowing all the boys love M&M’s so much.

“You would want to eat that much candy, Y/N?” Madison looked at me with wide eyes.

“Of course not” I said thinking it was obvious.

“Good, because I wouldn’t recommend it for you.” This was it. I had enough of her shit. Nate saw I was about to blow up and grabbed my hands in between his, but it didn’t matter anymore.

“What did you just say?” I asked holding my breath back, all the guys went completely silent.

“This much candy wouldn’t be too good for you, I mean, Nate wouldn’t want you to gain some weight, am I right?” She was smiling like she said some kind of wisdom or I don’t know. I couldn’t believe this girl. Even Gilinsky looked ashamed of what she just said.

“I don’t think it would matter, Madison” Nate growled. Now he was pissed off too, he didn’t like it when someone was picking on me.

“That’s sweet, let’s agree that it’s true.”

“That’s enough” I said and jumped to my feet but before I could do anything, Nate stood up and held me back.

“Yes, enough, it was good to see you, but we have to go and… take our cat… to a specialist.” Even if I was so mad I laughed at his ridiculous excuse. We didn’t even have a cat and everyone knew it, except Madison. But the boys understood that it would be the best if we just left.

We grabbed our things, left some money that covered our meals and then quickly left.

“She is such a bitch, I don’t even get it why Jack is with her! How can someone be this annoying?” I was still so mad I could punch Madison in her face, luckily we were far away from her now.

“Keep calm baby, she doesn’t even know what she is talking about” Nate tried to chill me down when we got into the car.

“She ruined the whole dinner!” I whined.

“I know, but breaking her nose won’t solve the problem.”

“It would make me feel better” I muttered and Nate laughed at my comment.

“That’s my baby.”

“And would you love your baby with some weight on too?” I asked innocently, but I was just curious if what he said was true.

He glanced at me while driving and smirked at me.

“Of course, if you are okay with it, I’m okay with it. It’s your body and I love it either way. And I love you.”

“Aw I love you too. But don’t worry, I don’t plan to become a whale” I laughed.

“As I said, it wouldn’t matter lil’mama” He winked at me.

He was the best thing in my life.


requests are open!


agentdelphine  asked:


Send me “ 👶” for an AU! Were our muses have a baby together. 

plip! plip! 

“Son, I– “ Jack cuts himself off, pursing his lips shut as the little plastic and foam dart hits his mouth. plip! “Yeah, you’re out of ammo now, you little shit.” 

Sitting cross-legged on the floor makes him a good target, but he’s only slightly exasperated, mostly amused. That’s what he gets for giving a toddler a toy gun, but J.J. is a Morrison. He needs early shooting practice to avoid aimbot jokes when he’s older. Looks like he’s in luck, though. Jack has the distinct impression that the kid is aiming for his mouth and hitting it, so that’s something anyway.

“Hey, Del. You been giving him lessons, or what?”

Shut Up And Kiss Me

Can you do a Johnson imagine where he gets mad cause he thinks you like Nate when really Nate is like an older brother to you. And that (y/n) finds jj hella hot when he’s jealous. Sorry I know it’s kinda all over the place haha

“Lil mama! So glad you could make it.” Nate smiles, kissing my forehead.

“Missing a party thrown by Freshlee? Why would I miss my favorite label’s party?” I ask, giving him a huge hug.

Nate was like an older brother to me, we’ve been friends for so long. We tried to date one another, and figured that we’d be better off as friends, so that’s how we’ve been for so long.

“Who else is coming, Maloley?” I ask.

“Well, (Y/L/N). We got the rest of Freshlee, and the Jacks. Just wanted to celebrate The Fortunate Few.”

I lean over the counter, scrolling through Nate’s party playlist, seeing what I could contribute. He comes behind me, leaning to see what I was doing.

“Hmm, sounds like a celebratory cause.” I smile, hearing the door open.

“The party has arrived!” I hear Gilinsky’s voice echo in the foyer. The Jacks have arrived.

“Kitchen!” Nate shouts, and they come in. They stop at the sight of us, Gilinsky’s eyebrows raising and Johnson ears turning red. Sam and Derek appeared behind them, same expressions.

“Um, did we come at a bad time?” Johnson asked, his jaw slightly clenched.

“Yeah, it seems like y'all having a little moment here.” Derek smirks, and it finally dawned upon the two of us the position we were in.

“Shit,” Nate whispers, backing away from me while I stand straight.

I laugh awkwardly, looking between Nate and the rest of the boys.

“Umm, I’m just gonna go.” I say, darting past everyone and heading outside. “Shit that was awkward.” I breathe, the feeling of fresh air calming my nerves.

You could cut through the tension in that room with a knife, holy shit that was awkward.

After deciding that I had enough air, I decided to head back to the house.

“The fuck! You need to stop making moves on her!” I hear, and it makes me stop in the doorway.

“Making moves? I’m not making moves on (Y/N)!” I see Nate’s confused face, but I can’t see who he’s talking to.

“Oh come on! That wasn’t a normal position.” It was Johnson getting upset, which confused me.

I decided to step inside a little more, making sure that Nate could see me. We lock eyes for only a second before he smirked.

“Why you getting so defensive bro?”

“You know I like her Nate! But every time the two of you are alone, you treat her as if she’s yours, and she’s not.”

“So you’d like her to be yours?”

“I’d love that.”

“Me too.” I smile, and Johnson turns around. His whole face turns read and he shyly smiles.

“Umm, how much did you hear?”

“I heard enough.” I walk up to him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Look, (Y/N), if you’re just fu-”

“Jack, shut up and kiss me.” He stops and kisses me, cheers and hollers erupt from everyone.

He pulls back, and kisses my cheek.

“You’re so hot when you’re jealous.” I whisper, “Such a turn on.”

“Really now? Noted, baby girl. Noted.”


I finally made one ! 

~~ = Coming soon 


Where you meet  

His favorite bikini on you  

He comments on you photoshoot post  

picture you post with him  

his favorite thing to do to you in bed  

His favorite thing (dirtier ) 

He takes a picture without you noticing  

Your A VS Model and how he feels  

Your Calvin Klein Picture  

Your Victoria secret picture  

Your wedding Sammy 

Your wedding Nate  

Your Wedding Jack J   

your wedding Jack G  

The way he dresses your son  

His reaction to seeing you in the Vs Fashion show  

How you dress your Daughter  

His Favorite Sexy picture of you that he took 

Diamond Necklace he buys you   

His Favorite selfie you take W.O.C 

Dress you wear to an award show + reaction to winning an award 

Your new years kiss  

your first time  *smut 

Outfit Preference 

Thanks Giving outfit   


Sammy wilk  

You speak french  


In the mood during your monthly 

Too Small *smut  

Dating sammy would involve  

my baby Girl  

Sammy wilk and Cameron Dallas  

Fight with his ex  

Your insecure  

Your kids *Mixed 



In the mood during your monthly  

He tells you his feelings  

Dating Nate would involve  

Want to get a puppy 

My Driver   

A guy hit’s on you  


First meeting  

She’s My child 


Your kids  

jack J 

best friends  

Sick days  

Dating Jack J Would Involve 

He’s being cute  

He thinks your cheating on him   

Your first time 

Jack G 

Dating Jack g Would involve  

A silly chill day  

Trying something New  



Text/social Au’s 

Jack J 

Best Friend’s  ft.Nate Maoley 

shirtless johnson  

Pregnancy worries 


You want to get a puppy 

accidental sext ft Jack J  

the video  

little teas *sext  

Thick Love  

Christmas festivities  

Not what it looks like 

New information 


Damn * Sexting  

No understanding  


Don’t worry 

~`Pregnancy Series `~ 

1.Talk about having a baby. 

2.finding out . 

3.Telling him   

4.Morning sickness

5.Changing life talks    

6.Telling the Family 


8.First Ultra sound  

9.Starting to show ( His P.O.V )


11.Mood swings  

12.Gender Predictions  

13.Gender reveal  

14.First kick  

15.Picking Names 

16. Photoshoot 

17. He overhears you talking to the baby  

18.Shopping for the baby 

19.The baby shower   

20.The Nursery  

21. Scare 

22.Picture He post 

23.Growing Belly 


Christmas series 

: I split this series between both my blogs :

1.Outdoor decorations trees  

3. Picture he post on Christmas  

4. First snow  

5.Indoor decorations  

6.Christmas movies 

7. Christmas sweaters  

8. Christmas Nails  

9. Christmas stockings  

10. Kiss under the mistletoe  

11.Christmas cookies 

12.Gingerbread house you make 

13.Holiday eye makeup 

14.Snowman you make 

15.Traveling to New York …

16.Meeting the Parents outfit 

17. Your dog’s sweater 

18.Christmas song 

19.Warm Getaway Picture 

20.Early Christmas present 

21.Christmas Eve outfit  ~ Magcon 

22.Christmas eve outfit ~Omaha 

23.What he gets you for Christmas ~ Magcon 

24.What he gets you for christmas ~ Omaha  

that’s it for now but i will be making more !

~Updated~ 1/11/16  

Disclaimer : some of the imagines link to my Magcon page because I made them before I had an Omaha Page ! 

#3 Dirty Pickup lines ;)

Cameron : Did you buy your pants on sale ? Because they would be 100% off at my house

Nash : Are you the SAT? Because I do you for 3 hours and 45 minutes with a ten minute break, half through for snacks

Jack G : If you’re Nala, I’m Simba, why don’t we complete the circle of life ?

Jack J : You look so good, you’re making my crotch rise from the dead

Hayes : Wanna find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of my tootsie pop

Aaron : Let’s do some math. Add the bed. Subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and hope you don’t multiply 

Carter : Are you from Japan ? Cause I’m trying to get in japanties

Shawn : You’re like Pringles, once I pop you, I can’t stop you

Matt :  Baby I’m no fred flintstone, but I can make your bed rock

Taylor : Did you clean your pants with windex ? I can practically see myself in them.

Switch up (j.g.)*smut*

▹Short Imagine 

A/N: Thanks for 1000!!! This imagine is pretty long, i think at least & def will make a part two!! i was going to make this a series but i have a lot of series atm so i just turned it into a short imagine.  hope u guys enjoy it. love u -i 


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I sat cafeteria looking at Jack Johnson from a far.  He was the cutest boy I’ve ever seen, i wanted him but the problem was he always put me in the friend zone and he would say things like “i don’t need a girlfriend” or something like that.  

“(y/n)!” Johnson yells and gesturing me to come over 

I walk over with a smile on my face.  

“Hey baby J” I say 

“Hey” Johnson replied 

“Hey” Gilinsky sighed

Oh and Gilinksy, he hated me but i didn’t care I was only there for Johnson.  

“So want to come to a party with us this friday?” Johnson asks 

“Yea, text me the details” 

“I will, I have to go sorry” He says as he packs up his bag 

Now it’s just me and Gilinsky.  He hasn’t said a word or even made eye contact.  

“Hey- well i have to go too” I lied 

He nodded, not even looking up.  

I slammed my car door and knocked on the door of my best friend Mo’s house.  She answers with a smile.  

“Hey, Johnson invited me to a party this Friday” I say walking in 

“Hey and you’re getting there” Mo smirks as we walk into her room 

“I don’t think so but i feel like I should make a plan because I just don’t think being his friend is working” I say 

“Hmm how about you try to make him jealous?” she questions 

“That’s a good idea but how?” 

“Date someone” 

“Who though? I don’t know many guys” 

“How about that Gilinsky kid” 

“No way, I think he hates me” 

“Just try (y/n)” 

I shrug


Mo and I were shopping until we got tired and went to my house.  

Once we made it to my house we started to get ready since the party was only a hour later.  

After a good amount of time we finish.  *pic* 

(Not my pic) 

“Are you ready?” Mo yells 

“Yes, I am” I replied 

“Okay let go” 

We walk out of the house and to my car.  On the drive there music played and Mo sang to practically every song since it was her playlist.  

We arrive to the party which was held at Johnson’s house.  We get out of the car then started to walk up to the door.  Mo opened the door and a big wind of the smell of weed hit us in the face.  

Johnson walks up to us with a blunt.  

“Blaze it” He says handing it to me 

“You have a lighter?” I ask him and Mo 

Mo pulls one out of her purse and hands it to me.  

I begin to light up the blunt as Gilinsky walks up to us.  I successfully light the blunt and took a couple of buffs, handed it to Johnson as I tried to hold in the smoke but couldn’t so i started to cough.  

“He this will help” Gilinsky says handing me his cup

I grabbed it and took a few sips.  

“Henny? Really? You come off as a whiskey guy” I smirked 

He chuckles as the blunt sits between his lips.  Johnson starts to light up another blunt and hands it to Mo.  Mo then hands it to me and the blunts go around.  

We all got hight within the first 15 minutes of us being here.  I take Gilnsky by the arm and bring him to the dance floor.  

“I have a proposal for you” I said as our bodies pressed together 

“If it’s friends with benefits sign me up” He says with his lips on my neck 

But just the other day he wouldn’t even talk to me.  

I laugh 

“No, baby I want us to pretend to date” I say 

“Mmm how about we just do it for real?” 

I laugh again because he’s so high.  

“No, I like Johnson, I want you to help me” I said 

“So what do I get out of this?” He says between each of his kisses on my neck 

“Me being happy” 

“Oh he wont make you happy, I will” He said as he looked in my eyes 

“Come on” 

“Okay, I will do it” He smirks 

“Good Gilinsky” 

He chuckles and leads me to outside.  

“When do we start?” He asks 

“When ever” I reply 

He grabs me and kisses me with so much might that I hold onto him for balance.  His hands move up and down my sides.  He releases from the kiss and smirks.  

“You’re a better kisser than I thought” He said 

“You aren’t to bad yourself, Mr.Gilinsky” 

“oo I like that, role play? do you like that” 

I laugh 

“I was playing, you horny teen” I reply 

“Only for you” 

I wake up in a bed I’m unfamiliar with.  I look beside me to see Jack but not the one i was crushing over, the one hated me or I thought hated me.  He rolls over off of his side and looks at me.  

“Morning” I say 


“So how did I make it here?” 

“I took you home since you were hammered, we didn’t do anything, if that’s what you’re thinking” He says annoyed 

“What did I do?” 


“What did I do to you? that makes you not like me so much” 

“Who said I didn’t like you?” 

“You, you act like you don’t like me, last night was fun because you actually talked to me and socialized with me” 

He sighs 

“You know it’s okay we don’t have to do the pretending to date thing, since you hate me that much” I say getting out of the bed

“No no let’s do it” He says sitting up 

“Where is my stuff?” 

“There” He says pointing to a chair 

“Thanks” I say getting dressed 

I could feel his eyes on my body, I kinda wished I didn’t get changed in front of him but its whatever now.  

“Bye” I said 

“You’re leaving?” 



“Sorry but no thanks” 

“I’ll do your proposal” 

I turn to look at him, now noticing he’s shirtless and hot.  

I just nod and stare.  

“I can take you home since you want to leave so bad” He says 

How can he hate me then love me then hate me again then is kind to me? That doesn’t add up.  

“I can just call an uber” I said 

“No, I insist” 


He gets out of the bed and his shirtless body is covered by the sun now.  My eyes stick to him, like damn.  He quickly gets dressed and we go to his car.  

“Well thanks” I say as I get out of his car 


I walk into the house and go up to my room.  This is going to be interesting me dating my crush’s best friend to make him jealous.  

I walk into my bathroom and take my clothing off to take a bath.  I then adjust the water to were I like it, wait for it to fill and get in.  I hear the door open and I look to see Jack.  I screamed.  

“Oh gosh I’m sorry” He says 

“Dude you scared the shit out of me” 

“I’m sorry but you left your purse” He says getting on his knees near the tub 

“Oh ok” 

Luckily the bubbles were covering my body.  

“Well I should go” He says 

This isn’t awkward at all.  

He comes closer and kisses me slowly.  The kisses are soft and slow.  I face him as I’m in the tub and he slowly takes his shoes off and gets in with his clothes not even breaking the kiss.  

He slowly leans me back.  The kiss picks up and lift his shirt over his head to throw it on the floor.  I wrap my arm around him and our bodies are now pressed together.  His lips disconnect from the kiss and he skims them down my neck sending shivers down my spine.  

His kisses stained my skin but it felt so good.  He took his pants and boxers off together causing the water from the bath splash and spill on the floor of the bathroom.  He groans and picks me up from the tub to carry my to my bed.  

“Sorry but it was uncomfortable on there” He says with a husky voice then attacks my neck with kisses

He then starts to rub me slowly in circular motions.  I let out moans, he chuckles.  

“I haven’t even got to the good part” He smirked 

After is remark he lines himself up with my entrance and enters slowly.  Once I adjust he starts to pick up his pace.  He groaned as he thrusted in and out.  

“Oh my gosh” I let out as he gets faster 

The bed quakes as if it’s attempting to break.  I hoped it didn’t.  He speeds up even more.  I soon felt all of my pleasure build up while i tried to hold in my moans by bitting my bottom lip.  We soon both came.  

He dropped on the bed beside me breathless.  


I haven’t heard from Jack since Saturday, he just left after.  He must be so confused since I wanted him to help me get with his best friend but I also had sex with him.  I’m all so confused.  

I arrive to school and get out of my car to see Jack walking to the building.  

“Jack!” I yell not getting his attention 

“Gilinsky” I yell louder and he finally hears me and starts to walk to me

“Hey” He says 

“Hey, about that morning no hard feelings right?” 


“So you ready to be my “boyfriend”” I emphasized 

He nods with a smile 

I wrapped my arm around his torso and he gripped my hip as we walked into school.  We soon ran into Johnson.  

“Wait you guys are dating?” Johnson asked 

“Yes” I say glaring at Gilinsky admiringly 

“I didn’t know you guys were interested in each other” He replied 

“Me neither” Gilisnky replied 

“Well, I’m glad you guys are happy” J smiled

It had been two weeks since G and I have been “dating”, nothing has worked but me and him have become 1000x’s closer.  Tonight I was going over to G’s house so we could all meet up and probably get high.  


I pick up the phone to see G’s contact, I swipe and answer.  

“Hey G” I answer 

“Hey, tonight it’s just you and me I need to tell you something” He sais there the phone 

“Okay, cool see you soon” 



(Call ended)

What could he be telling me? I mean what could be so important?

I pack up my essentials that I always bring and make my way to my car.  As I drove to G’s house I had a gut feeling that it was bad but what the hell could be bad? There is nothing.  

I arrived to his house, get out of the car and walk to the door. I knock on the large wooden door and soon a smiling G opens the door.  

“Hey” He greeted me 

“Hey” I said walking into the house and following him to the kitchen 

“So what is it that you need to talk to me about?” I asked 

“Well, this is hard for me to say really since I know you like my best friend and you know I’m not the relationship type of guy” He starts making me want to throw up, i already knew what he was going to say but I felt the same 

“I like you, a lot you’re the only person who makes me feel the way I do, I’ve liked you everyday since Johnson introduced us” He added 

“Jack…I just really need time to think about this” I said 

“I mean it’s really do you like me back or not” 

“I don’t know” I replied 

“How do you not know, i feel so deeply for you (y/n) its not even funny” 

“Can I just think about it, you cant just throw this on me, you act like you hate me then you come out of nowhere with these feelings, jack you’re a good guy, you have a huge heart and I love the way you are but I truly do need just need to think about this before we jump into things” I said but I really did like him I just needed to be sure 

“I understand, i hope you feel the same” 

“Well ill see you latter” I said as I left 

Once I got into the car I went to Mo’s house.  As soon i arrived to Mo’s I ran into the inside and went to her room.  

“Mo!” I yelled as I walked into her room 

My face dropped at the sight I was seeing.  Johnson and Mo, my suppose to be “best friend” making out.  

“(y/n)….” Mo says 

“No, it’s okay” I said running back out of the house to my car 

Tears fall down my face as I lay in bed looking up at my ceiling fan.  I wiped them off of my face as I hear someone open my room door.  I sit up to see Gilisnky.  He looks at me worriedly as soon as he saw my red face and watering eyes.  He swooped to me.  

“What’s wrong?” He asked 

“Nothing, really- Nothing” I said 

“Tell me” 

I grabbed his face and smashed my lips on his as I slowly leaned his back down on the bed.  I lips moved with sync and passion.  He released from the kiss and looked at me in the eyes.  

“You don’t want this” He said holding himself up with his elbows 

“I do, I like you too, i want this to work” 

“Or do you want me to be your rebound for Jack?” 

“No it’s not like that, G” 

“It is, you don’t like me the way I like you I might have even fallen in love with you” 

“Its not like that, I feel the same way, you cant tell me what I feel” 

“(y/n) you don’t feel the same” He said leaving 

I grabbed his forearm and looked him in the eye.  

“I mean everything Jack” I said 

“I cant trust you anymore” He scoffed and left 

Blurbs requested through message

74. “I want the old you back.” (Gilinsky)

Gilinsky came, as usual, an hour later than we said. We planned to have a dinner, but he stood me up.

I wanted to leave, but I saw him coming in already. “About time.” I said, pissed off.

“I’m sorry, babe.” He said while getting his phone out and doing God knows what.

“Are you serious?” He looked up at me with innocent eyes. “You came here like a second ago and you’re already on that thing?”

“It’s work.”

“It’s always work.” I murmured.

“Don’t believe me?”

“I believe you.” I answered dryly.

I ordered food and kept quiet the entire time, since Jack was too busy texting his friends about whatever.

“Hey, babe.” I looked up at him, “what’s up?”

Instead of getting angry, I simply said, “I miss the Jack Gilinsky I fell in love with. Not this ignorant asshole. I want the old you back. But for now, I’m fucking done.” And with that, I left.

75. “Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?” (Johnson)

“Again?” I whispered to myself as I read my timeline.

“y/n is such a hoe ngl”

“Why is baby J even with such a bitch ????? I’M AVAILABLE”

“And I thought Madison was the problem…..”

I sighed and closed my laptop. I went from an average college girl, to one of the most hated girls in this social media world. Just because I happened to have a crush on someone as Jack Johnson.

“y/n? Baby?” Jack yelled through my apartment as I stared out of the stupid window. Everything is stupid.

Without me realizing it tears were collecting in my eyes, ready to drop any moment. “y/n.” Jack said as he saw me.

When he saw me he wrapped his arms around me, not helping the tears. “What did I do wrong?” Is all I could ask.

“Nothing, baby.” He rubbed random motions on my back. “It’s okay, none of it is true. It’s just a phase the fans are going through.”

“Is it?” I harshly swallowed, “Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?”

“I love you, baby. Please just ignore the comments, they’re not worth it. They know nothing and I’ll make it stop.” He kissed the top of my head.

“Please stop crying, you know I hate it when I see you like this.”

60. “Are you watching porn?” (Luh)

“I’m home!” I yelled through our shared apartment.

I didn’t hear any noise so I didn’t think he’d be home yet, “Fuck…” I heard softly.

My heart started beating. He couldn’t… He wouldn’t… Right? “Derek?”

I barged in our bedroom, seeing something I would never even think of seeing.

Him jerking off to porn.

Just kidding I would totally imagine that. And then laughing to it.

And I laughed to it. “y/n! The fuck!” He quickly paused the porn and pulling a blankete over his boner.

“Chill babe, nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Wanna see it again?” He playfully smirked, but also meaning it for a part.

“I’m on my period.”

“That’s my fetish.” I took off my hat and threw it on Derek. “Just kidding,” I smiled while shaking my head. “a blow job would be fine too.”

69. “Ever tried it while being tied down?” (Luh)

a/n: For fuck’s sake this was so awkward to write, hope it turned out alright.

Derek always had his kinky moments. And I’m not gonna lie, I was so fucking feeling it tonight.

“You were teasing me today, weren’t you?” He challenged.

“Was I?” I played dumb. Of course I was.

He licked his lips. Put those lips on my pussy, bye. “You know what you’re fucking with right now?” He clenched his jaw. God please save me.

I nodded, “Of course I know that.”

Derek reached for the night stand next to the bed and grabbed rope. Since when did he have that shit there? “I’m going to make you cum so, so fucking hard right here, right now.” And I swear, I nearly came.

He wasn’t done with talking yet, “But have you ever tried it while being tied down?”

86. “Don’t cry. Just don’t fucking cry.” (Maloley)

“Where the fuck are you worrying about?” He yelled in the same tone as me.

“About your health! I find you smoking when I wake up, when I come home from work, when I go to sleep. This ain’t healthy, Maloley!”

“Look at you, you’re a workaholic who I see for like two hours a day. Do you find it strange that I keep smoking? Have you ever thought about the fact that smoking helps me calm down?

Have you ever thought about that I feel lonely, so I smoke?” He felt lonely.

I licked my lips, not knowing what to say. “Never thought about that, have you?”

I clenched my jaw, “’Cause all you think about is you and your job. It’s never been about me. I’m apparently just some accessory you use whenever you’re, once in the two years, not working.”

God, how I hated whenever people yelled at me. “So maybe working ‘calms’ you down, but think about it. Weed is my medicine when you aren’t here. You’re supposed to be my ‘relaxing’ source, 

but not anymore since you’re never here anymore. And you fucking know what, marihuana has been a perfect replacement.”

Stupid tears, don’t you dare spill on me now.

“Shit.” I heard him say.

“Baby… I- I…”

“Don’t apologize.” I said while shaking my head and looking away from him. I’ve never cried in front of him before. “You’re right. I’m so, so sorry.”

“No… Don’t cry. Please don’t fucking cry.”

“I love you, Skate. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. And I- I’m sorry for judging you and I…”

“It’s okay, shh.” He hugged me and I quickly swallowed the salty tears. Gross.

Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute)
Jay Electronica
Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute)

My style is like a shot of Jack Daniels, a baby grand piano
Lightening Hopkin, smokin’ cigs, strummin’ on the banjo
The son of man’s the son of a gun with hella ammo
Sheriffs shootin’ Bob Marley, John J. Rambo
Six sextillion, 19 million, the holy pyramids say we all Allah’s children
Voodoo for the pilgrims who bring weapons and conceal ‘em
They silence you with force and then indoctrinate the children
Yo Gabba Gabba, Ahmadinejad will
Blow up your apartment if you don’t observe the Sabbath

I look the devil in his eye and say abracadabra
Then drown 'im in the mighty light his brain couldn't fathom
Scrappin’ every day, just like fight club
A thriller and a smooth criminal like Mike was

Rough Gilinsky smut for anon!

He was everything that every girl has ever wanted. Great hair, amazing brown eyes, and an incredible body. Jack Gilinsky. He was everything I wanted and needed. He was a normal kid, he wasn’t wildly popular but he wasn’t hated either. Everyone liked him, no one really had a problem. He wasn’t at the top of the food chain, he was around the middle. A lot of girls had crushes on him, which is probably why I will never have a chance. “Hello?! Y/N?!” I was snapped out of my thoughts by my best friend, Y/B/F/N. “Woah sorry, what?” “He’s looking at you.” We were currently in chemistry. I turned my head to see that she was right, Jack had his eyes locked on me. I tried to tell myself that he was looking at another girl, but all the pretty girls in class sat in the back. I sat in the front. I quickly turned back and looked at her. “He’s probably staring at the wall or something.” “No don’t even try to deny it! He was looking right at you!” I sighed, finding it hard to believe that Jack Gilinsky was actually looking at me.

The rest of the day dragged on very slowly. Finally, the afternoon bell rang and everyone could get home. I walked down the hall to go out to my car, when I was suddenly pulled into a closet. Before I could process what was happening, I felt a pair of warm lips on mine. I kissed back, not really sure of who the lips belonged to. We both pulled away and I saw that the wonderful pair of lips belonged to Jack. “J-Jack! What are you doing?!” “Showing you how beautiful you are.” He kissed me again, and this time I kissed back. I didn’t try to stop him this time. Our lips moved in perfect sync. He was gentle at first, but then the kiss started to become rough. I could feel his hands running up and down my body. His fingers hooked the bottom of my shirt and he lifted it up, slowly taking it off to reveal my green lace bra. He kissed up my stomach and eventually got to my neck. He started to roughly suck on my neck. “J-Jack don’t stop..” I could feel his smirk on my neck as he began sucking harder and lightly leaving love bites. His hands made his way around to my back, and he unhooked my bra, taking it off and throwing it aside. He left a trail of kisses down to my pants, and roughly unbuttoned them. I assisted in him taking them off by stepping out. “Lay down.” I did as he said. He basically ripped off his shirt, and wasted no time with removing the rest of his clothing. He hooked his fingers around my panties, and slowly slid them off. Once they were off, I felt a finger slip inside of m. “J-Jack…” “Shhhh babygirl, just enjoy the ride.” He began to pump his finger back and fourth. It’s like he was a magician, he knew exactly how to pleasure me. One finger turned into two fingers, and the pumping became faster. “Shit Jack…d-don’t stop..” I moaned lightly. “Don’t worry baby, I won’t.” The pumping became even faster,and my moans became louder. “Fuck Jack!” He quickly pulled out his fingers before I had a chance to climax. “What are you doing?!” “How bad do you want me?” “I don’t just want you, I need you.” He smirked and climbed on top of me, lining himself up with my entrance. Without warning he slid in. I closed my eyes tightly as I tried to get used to it. “Want me to stop baby?” “No! Keep going.” He smirked and started to kiss my neck as he slowly started to thrust into me. “F-Faster..” I felt his smirk on my neck as the thrusts became faster, and harder. “Fuck Jack that’s incredible..” I was feeling multiple waves of pleasure from Jack kissing my neck and thrusting into me. “J-Jack I’m going to…” “Say no more baby.” I could feel his thrusts becoming sloppy, and I tightened up. The closet was filled with our moans. Jack knew all the right moves. Maybe I really do like it rough. “Ah fuck Jack!” I screamed as I finally climaxed. At that same time, he also climaxed.He rested on top of me, while still inside me. “That was so incredible…” I looked up to see him smirking. “You liked that baby?” “I loved that..” Jack lightly kissed my cheek. “Jack, my parents are away for the weekend, come over tonight for round 2?” “I would love that baby.” We kissed one last time. Every girl wants Gilinsky, but he was all mine.

I REALLY HOPED YOU LIKED IT!!!! This is my first! Thanks for the request bae :)

karma (j.g.)

▹Short Imagine 

A/N: idk why i liked the title for this but it fits. this was getting long so there will be a part 2. hope u like it anon, love u -i 


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I slid on my dress in a hurry because I’m already 10 minutes late to the album release party.  Jack is going to kill me.  

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Omaha Pregnancy series part 1 ~ Talking about having a baby ~

So I am going to do the Omaha Pregnancy series Because Some of you seemed to like the idea so here is part 1 .

Sammy :  You were home cooking dinner for you and you boyfriend of 5 years Yes you guys have been together forever You and Sam Have actually talked about getting married and he said he really does want to Marry You except he doesn’t want the wedding to be rushed he Want’s it to be very romantic and since he is doing so good with his career you don’t want to mess it up . “Baby I’m home “ Sammy said as he wrapped his long arms around you waste “now I’m happy “ You say turning you face to place a gentle kiss on his cheek, “can we talk ?” Sammy asked “yeah let me just turn the heat down “ You say turning the heat down on the pasta . You and Sam Both walk to the living room and sit on the couch “so babe I’ve been think what if we have a baby “ Sammy just blurted out . “what we’re not even married yet “”yeah i know but we will be and I really do want a baby, when I was at the recording studio there was a baby there and she was so cute And I really want one but only if you do “ he said “ Sammy That’s great I’m up for it “ i said very happy that he wanted this . “let’s get to baby making Sammy said pulling me on his lap “okay but let me turn off the pasta “ i said getting up and turning off the pasta .

Nate : “baby “ Nate said walking into the bathroom “Yes Handsome “ . I replied spitting out the toothpaste in my mouth . “whats this ?” He said holding a pregnancy test box .”oohhh Um “ I continued “ That’s mine “ I said just to clarify. “ Well did you take it ?””yeah I I did it came out negative, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be stressed “ I said Putting my things away. “what Y/N We are a couple and we need to be able to talk about things like that . Thank you for being considerate Of my feeling’s “ He said wrapping his arms around me and kissing my forehead . “what if it was yes ?” i said wondering “well than I would be the happiest Man alive “ He said “really ?” I questioned “Yeah Really , We have been married for almost 2 years now and I think it would be nice to have mini us’s running around the house “ he said “I would love that “”Me to which is why from this day on no protection “ he said “Sounds great to me ! “ .

Jack G : You walk into your house after a long day of work feeling more stressed than ever. “Hey baby ‘ Your shirtless husband says coming in the kitchen . “hi” was all you could say “whats up ?””nothing” You say “Y/N we have been married for 3 years now I know when something is wrong,tell me “He said .”okay fine i feel like my days are the same over and over again I wake up,go to work , Come home & sleep nothing new and I need a change “ I said “Like what ?” Jack said taking a sip of his water . “a baby “ i blurted out . “really ? a baby “ “yes a baby “ i said “lets go make one than “ He said picking me up bridal styles “that easy ?” I say with a confused look on my face “what can I say I’m a sucker for you in bed “ I started to kiss his neck as he made our way up stares .  

Jack J : “Jack !! “ You said rushing into your shared bedroom, “Oh wow you scared me !. Whats up ?’ he said jumping when i shouted his name . “I just unpacked the last box, We are officially moved in !! “ i said throwing my hands in the air and throwing myself on the bed . “really yay we have house together not an apartment a house ! “ He said joining me on the bed “I think we should celebrate “ he said now hovering over me shirtless . “oh really in which way ?” I said playfully playing like I didn’t know what he was talking about . “you know what I mean “ he said starting to leaves trails of kisses along my collarbone . “Jack I really want to talk actually ?” I said, as soon as I said that Jack when from begin a horny little one to being the concerned boyfriend that I love .”yeah whats the matter ?” He said now straddling me . “what if we work on creating a mini us ?” i said. “I think we should “he said now smiling bigger than ever . “ Really !! “ i said super excited I always wanted to have a child with him . “Yes really I mean why do we have all these extra rooms “ He said continuing to kiss along my neck .  


I am very excited to be doing this ! 

As you can see i am only Doing the jacks, Sammy and Nate !

I hope you like this Let me know what you think or any ideas you have Ily !

Magcon/Omaha preference No. 1

Something they like about you physically:
A/N: hey guys this is my first preference tell me if you liked it and I’ll keep posting more.

Aaron: Aaron liked you fingers. He reckons that they’re cute and funky, because not matter what mood you’re in you nails would be pretty damn fabulous.💅

Cameron: Cam liked your hair.
Even if you hated the way it looked he would and could play with endlessly making sure he didn’t hurt you🙆

Carter: Carter liked your feet. ( I know it’s weird but feet can be pretty adorable).
He loved how you toes would scrunch up when he ticklers your feet.👣

Hayes: Hayes loved your eyes. He would just stare into them without even noticing and creep you out a little.👀

Jack G: Jack loved your lips. The way they stretched out when you smiled and how full they were. It was hard for him to resist.👄

Jack J: Johnson liked your hands.
He found them delicate and soft. When he held to them he never wanted to let them go.✋

Kenny: Kenny loved your nose. He always said it small and petite. The way your scrunched it up looked adorable to him. Noses kisses were a component in your relationship.👃

Matthew: Matthew loved when your were a Baby Espinosaurus. The way you tried to roar and how it embarrassed you
Was something he found cute.🙊

Nash: Nash loved your eyes as well (brothers will be brothers) you two would have arguments on who had the best and eyes an of course you mostly won with your puppy dog eyes.👀

Nate: Nate loved your smile. If he was in a bad mood seeing you laugh brightened up his day automatically.😸

Sammy: Sammy liked your collarbone. He would show of the hickeys he had left there to the rest of the squad. 💋

Shawn: Shawn loved the booty. He often asked you sit on his lap and you often catch him staring at it as well.👖

Taylor: Taylor loved your dress sense. He like how you knew how to dress up or down due to the occasion👗🎽

Hey guys that’s the end of my first preferences and I got so many feels💖
Requests for ships, imagines and preferences are open coz it’s holidays yay!
Message me and love Ya’s ❤️😘