and izy

Non li sento i commenti di questi, li lascio parlare.
Li lascio affogare, mentre prendo il volo e divento un puntino lontano nel cielo che stanno a guardare.
—  Charlie Charles - Bimbi ft. Izi, Rkomi, Sfera Ebbasta, Tedua, Ghali

This is a new bedroom made by me. I was inspired by the IKEA Nesttun bed & Nordli end table and made some items that go with it.

New meshes that are included in this set:

  • IKEA Nesttun Bedframe (including mattress) w/ 8 swatches
  • IKEA Nordli end table w/ 10 swatches
  • Blanket w/ 25 swatches
  • Pillow meshes (3) each w/ 23 swatches
  • T-shirts (2) each w/ 10 swatches
  • Books w/ 15 swatches
  • Table lamp w/ 5 swatches

**To quickly find the objects in game, type: “izi” in the search bar.**

Big thanks to: @mxims@simwoosucks@mio-sims@ichosim & @peacemaker-ic for the cc that I used in these previews! ♥