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tony why did you have to make the sometimes i suck pussy post, ive never seen you as a sexual being until now, you were just this vague entity in my head that makes jokes and groovy tunes and i dont want to picture you any other way but its too late youve tainted my image

There is nothing sexual about sucking pussy

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Hi, just outta curiosity what do you consider toxic or lacking in logic that you see on Tumblr?

The extremes in which people take their social justice, for sure. For example, did you see that post about Locks of Love I reblogged last night? That post was 100% lacking in logic, with no sources, all for the sake of persecuting a company that they thought was bad. Why did they feel a need to make that post? Because they need someone to hate. Tumblr is an environment where if you aren’t actively fighting against something, you’re evil, which pushes people to persecute anything that even has a slight flaw, and blow everything out of proportion. Make a slightly ignorant comment, perhaps out of ACTUAL ignorance? Your blog is gone. And not from tumblr deleting it, from the thousands of people who will send disgusting asks until they’re run off the site, even if the comment was misunderstood, taken out of context, or as ive even seen, faked, by people who hate that blogger. There is no reasoning with the mass. Tumblr has devolved into what is actually an incredibly unhealthy mentality that people are “all good” or “all bad” but never in between, never a mix, and no one is ever safe, because tumblr will never find someone who is “all good” and if you enjoy someone who they have deemed “all bad” (which is everyone, eventually) like a musician or actor, you are also now “all bad.”

There’s also the fact that everyone has a different experience on tumblr, but everyone talks like their personal experience should account for the experience of everyone. For example, people with a certain disability telling people to STOP DOING A THING while other people with the same disability then have to fight to correct the damage done because, no, you don’t have to stop doing the thing, actually. Take scopophobia, for example. A while ago someone made a post saying that ANY imagine where someone is looking at you, even an animal, or an anime character, should be tagged scopophobia. Suddenly, every image where you could even see someone’s eyes was tagged, and people who had actual scopophobia had to spend months trying to be like “no, please stop doing this, we literally can’t even see anything on our dash anymore because now our tumblr savior is picking up things that AREN’T EVEN SCOPOPHOBIA RELATED” while others still insisted that was the way to be. Because everyone is different, and generally segmented into groups of differing opinions, there is literally no way to assure that you present yourself as “all good” to tumblr, because what may be “all good” to one group, is “all bad” to the next. It’s an unwinnable situation.

Not only that, but tumblr actively encourages self-care, which is great, but many posts take it too far. “If you don’t feel up to going to school today, don’t! You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone” was a REAL SENTENCE, IN A REAL POST, THAT I HAVE SEEN. Also “everything should be free, nothing should cost money!” these posts are made by pre-teens who lack a fundamental understanding about how society and human structure works, even back in the days before money, bartering existed. These posts are incredibly detrimental to pre-teens on this website who are going to get into the real world and get their asses kicked because they think everyone should cater to them, and are also complete bullshit and incredibly insulting to everyone who has come before them and lived with mental illness, like me, and my mother, and my grandmother, who recognized that while self-care is important, just because life is hard for you doesn’t mean you get to sit on your ass and do nothing, you have to keep going and work just like everyone else (I am not grouping developmental or physical disability into this however).

So yeah, toxic as hell and detrimental to kids who think this is how the world works.

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you know, i always wondered howcome you did updates in this format (with the links and all) and I never saw the actual comic on my dash… I -JUST- realized Flaw has its own tumblr xD;;;; WELP FOLLOWED NOW

Hell yeah dude! I figured it’d be good give it it’s own space where people can read it chronologically more easily ovo

Thanks for following!



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hello!! ive never seen your art before up until now and i just wanna say your art is really cute and i love it!!!! im honestly so surprised your art doesnt have many notes on them!!! but keep it up!! your art is truly a gift to the world!!! <33

oh thank you! ;u; that really means a lot to me! this made my day!


ok i knew this existed but ive never seen it until now. barbara cook in a televised production of gilbert and sullivan’s operetta yeoman of the guard– broadcast live– around the time or just before the premiere of the music man. i don’t know anything about the show or the character but she’s in incredible voice and is sexy as hell. something about this reminds me of meryl streep: it seems like her kind of thing, it would be in her vocal range, and of course they share the same goosebumps-inducing crackling ambitious talent (and that mane of blonde hair.) it’s so much fun to see her play something with a little more fire than a lovestruck ingenue with stars in her eyes.

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i have no clue why im a furry tbh, i guess the first parts of the post would kinda make sense bc i have a deer fursona and call myself a deer and shit even though i have seen a real live deer maybe like... once or twice down the road?? i didnt even know until after i made my fursona that most deer lose their spots lmao. But overall id say im prob a furry bc i followed u and ur cool and furries seemed cool and then i got into it and now i draw ur ocs fucking

thats just it tho like, every furry has a different…….origin story i guess lmao

ive always loved animals and wanted to be a vet. i grew up around them and even though ive never seen an irl deer, or even an irl shark (and am phobic of them) i stilll know quite a bit because that interest is there

my interest in the fandom sparked because i loved animals and drawing animals before i even knew what a furry was, and i found animals were more expressive than people, i found comfort in animals instead of other kids and just kinda ran with that

Ziall Is Real: The Masterpost

This is just a masterpost proving that Ziall is real made by yours truly, shipziallharderthantheyfuck. This post will be broken up into many parts.

TweetsStaringHugsHand HoldingKissesDeclaration of LoveComplimentsSharing ClothesThree PokesMeeting FamiliesSexual StuffJealousyZayn Carrying NiallMisc.

Okay, let’s go.

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#13 (Imagine)- My father don’t like you

#13 from my au to-do list ;  My dad doesn’t like you so we’re secretly together and he almost finds out



REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN BABES (be sure to message me a #!!!)


Originally posted by justinbiebergifs

I couldn’t stop thinking about him . The way his jaw clenched when he locked eyes with me , but in the best way possible. The way his eyes lit up , light brown turning into a golden brown , which always seemed to make my heart race . The way he groaned slightly when I ran my fingers through his hair , the way his kisses left my skin tingling .

I sighed ,tossing and turning in my bed , before freezing once I heard footsteps .

I sat up abruptly , watching as my dad opened my room door , sadly staring at me .

“Hey kiddo” He says , and I roll my eyes , crossing my arms .

“Do you need something?” I say coldly , and he sighs .

“I just want you to know , im not keeping you away from him out of spite . I just know guys like him . I was one of him.” He leans against the wall of my room .

“You don’t know him dad . Hes different” I defend

“Hes not different Y/N . He wants you to think that . Hes just gonna end up breaking your heart. He’s too old for you.” He says ,his voice raising slightly .

“Don’t say that! Just because you were some terrible guy at his age doesn’t mean he will be!” I shout , and my dad closes his eyes , letting out a deep breath .

“Well , youre my daughter , and I don’t condone you seeing him .Understand?” He says lowly , his serious voice .

I swallowed thickly , fighting the tears that threatened to spill from my eyes , before looking away from him .

“Y/N. Do you understand?” He says again , and I nod my head slowly .

“Good. Now , get some rest” He finishes , before closing the door behind him .

I let the tears fall from my eyes ,  before grabbing my pillow and screaming into it .

Ive never felt hatred towards my dad . Sure , hes pissed me off a lot growing up , but never did I feel hate towards him . Until now.

I laid back down , pulling the covers up to my chin, and cried .

I couldn’t wait till I was eighteen , where I didn’t need his permission for anything .

I missed him . I hadn’t seen him in almost a week and I missed him .

“I need you” I whisper to the air , my tears running down to my ears as I stared up at the ceiling .

After a few moments I hear taps on my window , but im too tired to move .

“Y/N!” I hear him whisper shout , and I immediately spring up , quickly walking to my balcony doors and sliding open the curtains . And there he was .

I smiled widely before unlocking the door , immediately jumping into his arms.

“Hey baby” Justin says , his hands moving my hair from my face before concern swept across his .

“Have you been crying?” He asks ,wiping my tears from my eyes .

“I don’t want to talk about it” I whimper , burying my head in his neck .

I relaxed slightly as he rubbed my back . before jumping once he hooked his hands under my thighs .

He leads us to my bed , before gently placing me on it , his body hovering over mine .

“Im sorry” I cover my face with my hands, embarrassed to be crying like a little baby in front of him .

“Hey” He says gently , removing my hands from my face.

“What did he say to you?” He asks , his face serious .

“Just the same thing he always does! Its so aggravating , like why cant he just understand that I love you?” I groan , and Justin chuckles slightly , making me peek an eye open at him .

“Hes your father , that’s what the do . I know if we ever have a daughter , I wouldn’t want her to date someone like me” He says , and I smile.

“You want kids with me?” I ask shyly , already feeling the heat creep up my neck and my heart thumping harshly.

Justin smiles back . “Of course I do. I don’t think you get it Y/N. Youre the love of my life . I see a future with you . I want us to get married , have kids , and just be great together .” He says , caressing my face .

I  grin . “I want that to” I whisper , pressing a kiss to his lips .

“You have no idea how much I want that” I say in between kisses , wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer to me .

Justin flipped us over so that now I was straddling him , making me squeal , a laugh spilling from my lips .

“Now theres that laugh I love to hear” He says , making me smile down at him .

“I love you so much Justin” I say honestly , and the smile on his face drops .

“I love you too Y/N” He says before attaching his lips to mine in a steamy kiss .

I moan quietly as his hands find my waist , before he digs his nails into them gently . The kiss deepened , our tongues battling for dominance , but Justin pulled away , pressing open mouth kisses to my neck , making me close my eyes in bliss .

“Y/N?” I hear my dad call , making both Justin and I jump up .

“Oh my god” I whisper , running to my bedroom door and locking it .

“You have to go !” I tell Justin , and he nods , hurrying towards the balcony doors .

“Y/N?” My dad calls for me again , his voice closer .

“Ill text you” Justin says , pressing an urgent kiss to my lips .

“Okay , love you” I reply , kissing him one more time .

“Love you more” He says , smiling goofily and my heart soars .

I jump slightly when I hear the door jiggle , before pushing Justin out and closing the balcony doors .

“Y/N , open this door right now” My dad demands , and I look into the mirror quickly , making sure I looked normal .

“Y/N-“ Before he could finish I swing open the door , a cold look on my face.

“Yes?” I say , moving aside as he stepped inside my room

“I thought I heard a noise” He says , eyeing me .

“Well, you didn’t hear it from me . Can I go to sleep now?” I snap, and he looks around one more time before sighing , shaking his head .

“Goodnight Y/N” My dad says , and I nod my head , closing the door behind him .

I rested against the door , letting out a deep breath .

That was close .

I grab my phone from my bed when I hear it buzz , smiling when I see a text from Justin .

“Love you”

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!!!!!! ive never seen your face until now you're so cute!!! like ??????!!! you must be a hologram or something like wow what an adorable cutie patootie

a hOLOGRAM and thank you!! haha

Anon:u so cute, fav the third down left <3

aw thankss! <3

Anon:You look hella amazing with short hair! You’re absolutely gorgeous. ^^

thank you! <3 my hair is actually always long it just looks short if I tie it 8′)

Anon:You are exactly how i pictured you, you precious angel hug me

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Omg so Ive never seen your blog on a computer until now (I only ever had mobile before) and its so much more amazing when I can click on all the links you have and see the different sections! I just wanted to let you know you and your blog are amazing :D

oh wow I didn’t realize how much people on mobile are at a disadvantage.

but these are my tags/pages




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y'know what really pisses me off tho? all that time with his long ass hair and taemin still never learned how to put up a goddamn decent ponytail. every single one was the crappiest ponytail ive ever seen. but the worst part is that he made those shitty ponytails look so damn good like fuck you thats so unfair, your existence is unfair i hate u lee taemin ur really fucking pretty i hate ur face nd ur stupid gorgeous hair

But AIDS probably did not affect gay men first, even in the United States. What is now called AIDS was first seen in middle-class gay men in America, in part because of our access to medical care. Retrospectively, however, it appears that IV drug users—whether gay or straight—were dying of AIDS in New York City throughout the ‘70s and early '80s, but a class-based and racist health care system failed to notice, and an epidemiology equally skewed by class and racial bias failed to begin to look until 1987. Moreover, AIDS had never been restricted to gay men in Central Africa, where the syndrome is a problem of apocalyptic dimensions, but to this day receives almost no attention in the United States.
—  Douglas Crimp, How to Have Promiscuity in an Epidemic (1987)

i don’t think i really hit me until the city hall ceremony how important this was. 3 times in the past five years ive seen the Giants honored for winning the world series with a parade. just a few weeks ago the Warriors had their own parade. i’ve seen men’s teams be honored for their successes so many times now that this almost felt normal – until i realized never in a million years did i expect a women’s team, let alone the USWNT, have an entire parade celebrating their accomplishments. they got introduced 1 by 1. they got keys to the city. they got confetti and floats and a three hour time slot on a major sports channel and all the media attention across the nation dedicated solely to them. the first women’s sports team to have a parade in their honor – this is history, it’s unreal, and i’m beyond happy and so so proud

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consider: yama is musical theatre trash. tsukki never really cared for musicals until yams started singing the songs just casually. like he would be playing on his phone and just start quietly singing music of the night or something. tsukki is like "what's that song" and yams is all "yoUVE NEVER SEEN PHANTOM?!" so he forces him to watch the movie with him and he's all "ive seen this live it was incredible- speaKING OF INCREDIBLE WE SHOULD GO SEE BOOK OF MORMON" {1/2}

and now all of their big fancy dates are dressing each other up all pretty and going to go see musicals together. they sing the duets together and even when they’re playing around, they’re always on point with the harmonies and it’s always so beautiful. just, tsukyams singing together and tsukki bawling at “for good” when they saw wicked (he will neither confirm nor deny) but it’s ok bc yama was crying too lol {2/2}

i too will see phantom now but just imagine: hamilton. except they skip hammy cheating on eliza i’m still not ok about that but honestly yamaguchi will be an amazing singer let’s be honestly love him and love you for this ask !!

~mod ao

moving in day 1: things were crazy? my mattress ppl fucked up (to no ones surprise) and now my mattress isn’t being delivered until TOMORROW! first night in my new house and I’m sleeping on the damn couch in our living room

otherwise: the wifi people also fucked up so no wifi until Monday

OTHERWISE: I love love love our house it is so cozy and perfect and sweet! ive never seen any college students on a budget make a tiny dirty dump into such a charming place. once it’s all settled I’ll post pics! I’m really proud of it and I feel weirdly sure that whatever the future holds it’s gonna feel alright here. my life is so so cool and exciting and creative and wonderful. I can’t wait to have my friends over to our art studio for painting and wine and gossip and I can’t wait for everything and I’m so happy!