and ive memorized all the notes because it sounds so pretty

The Healer

Request: Could you write a Reader x Paul Lahote where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Paul stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Paul realises she’s his imprint and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Warnings: Slight angst 

Pairing: Paul Lahote x reader

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Where Are We Even Going?

“How do people do that?”

“Hm?” Benny looks up from his glass and tries to follow Usnavi’s gaze, but it’s difficult in the crowded and sporadically lit space. “Do what?”

That,” Usnavi says impatiently, raising his voice above the music and gesturing emphatically down the bar towards – oh. A couple. This is gonna be one of those conversations. “She just walked right up to that guy and bought him a drink! Look – look, now they’re gonna dance! How do people do that!?”

Benny sighs. Truthfully, he and Usnavi shouldn’t even be here – they’re both a little too tired, and have a little too much work to do tomorrow. They’re not dancing and they’re not drinking – not really drinking – and he wonders how much longer they’re both going to pretend this is a good way to spend their evening. “You go up to someone,” he explains, leaning closer so he doesn’t have to shout, “and you say ‘hey, you’re cute, wanna dance?’”

Usnavi actually flinches. “And after the drink gets thrown in your face?”

“What about what I just said gets a drink thrown in my face?”

“Not your face, maybe,” Usnavi says, still too loud, and, okay, maybe he’s been drinking slightly more than Benny has. “But that’d never work for me! I mean, I mean it’d probably work on me, but not – I could never pull that off, y'know? One does not simply walk up to strangers in bars.”

Benny grins. “One does if one wants to dance. It’s not that hard, seriously.”

“Oh, sure, it’s easy for you.” Usnavi waves a hand dismissively. “You’re hot.”

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Hello hello hello! With the APUSH exam approaching in a little more than a month, I’ve begun my revising and material review of all the stuff I learned at the beginning of the year, and after some successful quizzes and tests with the mind palace, I think a lot of people who don’t already use it could benefit! I’ve been applying it to my finals/AP revisions, in which I make notes in bullet points and then remember those notes. This is a sort of long post, so you can read the actual information under the cut.

The mind palace (also known as the memory palace) is pretty simple. It’s based off how we tend to remember locations much better than straight facts (so if you’re a visual, audio, or kinesthetic learner, this will really work well). I use it for pretty much anything, but it works especially well for memorizing formulas/equations, rules, vocabulary, grammar rules, conjugation/tenses, and notes in general (so like I said, pretty much anything).  

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So last I checked, nobody has really said much about the fanmeet in Chicago. I’m going to attempt to say all of what happened there (or at least a majority). If I leave out any details, feel free to reblog and add more!
The actual meet didn’t start until around 7:20 pm (when it was supposed to start at 7:00). The MC came in and said his introductions and left stage. Suddenly the lights went dark and we screamed (and let me tell you, we were LOUD. So loud. Throughout the entire meet). We saw them come in and lie down, and “Everybody” started and they performed. After that, the MC asked SHINee about what they thought so far of the number of fans, glow sticks, etc. Key said that they came to Chicago expecting a large crowd since it’s their first fanmeet and he said that he is amazed by the crowd. The other members said something like that. They all looked like they were in awe and were smiling at some point at us. They looked pleased :D They sat down in chairs and they MC told SHINee of a “Special video” we planned for them. The video featured a bunch of fans dancing to SHINee’s songs, saying a message to them, or saying why they love SHINee. My favorite one was where a girl said Key was “Born to Shine” and made all pf these cute references; she started eating KFC chicken for Onew (shoutout to you! I loved your video). What I really loved about the fans’ messages as a whole was that everyone was giving their thanks to SHINee (and the fact that the people running the meet had Korean subtitles so that SHINee would know what they were saying). After the clips, Minho said it’s really emotionally touching to see fans say that about them (and he really did look moved!) Onew said it’s reassuring to see that because they know that they are doing their jobs right (LOL). Key asked us where we get all of that SHINee merchandise and albums because they don’t sell them in stored here. One girl shouted “eBay.”
Next, were the questions that fans submitted. I’m not really sure of the exact order they came in, but I’ll just go in the order I recall. Onew’s question was about Descendants of the Sun (I can’t remember what the question exactly asked) but he said that it was his first time acting and he wasn’t too sure of his acting skills, but gaining such positive feedback feels good. Minho’s question asked “If you could work with a Hollywood actor, who would it be?” He looked kind of confused, yet interested and said that “It was a fascinating question.” His answer was Brad Pitt. The MC then commented that Brad Pitt is a sex icon here. The MC then asked the audience who was more attractive, Minho or Brad Pitt, and the audience responded with “Minho!” to which Minho covered his face in embarrassment and shook his head no (it was really cute). The next question was for Taemin. Taemin’s question asked which choreography he preferred more: “Drip Drop” or “Press Your Number.” He responded with “Drip Drop” because it’s more sexual (haha :P). The MC then (I think he lied here) agreed with Taemin saying he likes the dance (as if he knew it) and Taemin asked him to get up and dance to it (but the MC said something in Korean, probably like “I was just kidding” to Taemin). Next question was for Jonghyun. It was “If you could have a subunit with one of the members, who would it be?” And at this point all the members looked interested. The MC didn’t translate it all, but I’m pretty sure he said either Taemin or Key. He then said something about Onew (not sure what he said) and said no about Minho. He said Minho would probably just be acting the whole time and he wouldn’t be able to keep up. Next, was Key’s question. (Of course) the question was about how his skin is so nice. He looked kind of embarrassed and also dreading to answer but he said “You know how we’re endorsing in Saem?” We said “Yeah.” “Yeah just… Use that.” He said with a kind of sneaky grin (nice advertising, Key). Next were two group questions. The first was what English name do they like. None really gave a direct answer except Taemin (Key said his name is English and Onew said his is too… For some reason lol and the members teased Minho and said “Is your favorite ‘Brad?’”). Taemin said he likes the name “Francis” along with traditional Christian names. The last question asked what their most memorable moment was from their debut era. Jonghyun responded first saying he remembers how the members cried and could see tears in their eyes from their very first performance (and he was kind of pointing at Key as he said that). Key then got really defensive and said “Hey! I might cry a lot, but I didn’t cry. YOU were the who cried!” And then Jonghyun said how he could have sworn that he saw Key cry. Taemin answered the same question saying how he remembered way back in their early days that all five members had to share one room and they would have all of these fights and rules saying “Don’t sleep there!” And things like that. “Yeah… I remember those days…” He said kind of nostalgically.
Next, the MC said “Well we’ll have SHINee say hello through their song, “Hello.” And so, SHINee performed “Hello.”
After “Hello,” SHINee came back and the MC announced that SHINee is going to play a game with 20 randomly selected audience members (who were already waiting back stage). SHINee was asked to pick a ball from a bucket, which had a number on each individual ball. The fans came onto stage afterward and divided into 5 groups of 4. SHINee then went to the appropriate group based on the number on their ball. It was revealed that SHINee will be playing charades with the four fans from their own team, where the SHINee member acts out whatever appears on a large sketchbook and the fans from their team, one by one, guess. The actions or objects which they act out are determined based on what category they pick out of a bowl. The fans from whichever team wins gets a SHINee handbag and the SHINee member from the losing team has a punishment. 
The first to start off was Taemin with the category of “School.” Taemin’s team did well. He acted out all the objects of “pencil,” “desk,” chalkboard,“ etc. well and the fans guessed well and quickly. 
Next was Minho (which was called “The youngest team” with 70-year-old SHINee fans!) and his category was “Occupations.” He also did well acting out, like a firefighter, policeman, astronaut, etc. His team also did pretty well with answering! Minho had only a couple seconds left for another occupation and started acting but then fell to the floor with an “Ahh!” at not knowing how to do it (it was cute haha).
Then it was Key with the category of “Instruments.” Key did well, but Taemin and Minho were in the background acting out different instruments to confuse the fans (it was really funny). Key also started making noise for when he acted out a saxophone and it was really funny, I thought he was trying to make the sound of a kazoo at first. After Key finished, the MC said that they’ll give Key’s team an extra two points because of the distractions of Taemin and Minho. 
Then we have Jonghyun with (much to his dismay, as he fell to the ground) the category of “Movies.” He did pretty well though, considering he really did not want that category. For “Frozen” he sang in English, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” And it sounded really cute.
Lastly, we have Onew with the category of “Animals.” If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Oh this oughta be good.” Well, you’re right. He was very expressive and made seal noises and even fell to the ground to act like a turtle (to which Minho and Taemin put force on his back to keep him at the ground). The last animal was a tiger and according to Onew, the girl did guess a tiger before time ran out (but the MC said no). Onew turned to the audience and said seriously and passionately in English, “She said tiger! She said tiger!"
Finally, the results came in. Onew’s team earned 9 points, Jonghyun’s earned 10, Key’s earned 10, Minho’s earned 9, and Taemin’s earned 12, so Taemin’s team won. For Minho and Onew’s punishment, they had to do “aegyo.” Key was all “OH I GOTTA SEE THIS” and sat down on stage to watch. Minho and Taemin also sat down in anticipation and excitement. They had to act like their girlfriends were mad at them and had to comfort them. Onew was up first and acted all happy around “her (an area with no one there)” and hugged “her” and kissed “her.” Key complained that “That wasn’t aegyo.” Next, Minho was up and decided to make Onew his “girlfriend.” Onew quickly took on the role and “chewed gum” while “flipping his hair” and inspecting his nails with a rather (lack for a better word) bitchy expression on his face. Minho tried putting his arm around him but Onew just brushed him off and Minho tried many other things before trying to go in for a kiss on Onew’s lips. Onew (still in character) moved his face away and pushed him off. The aegyo stopped there and Key commented that “It’s a little too much” if they were to keep going with it.
After charades, SHINee left and the MC said that he will no longer be with us, as the actual interaction portion is over. He left the stage and they played the SHINee World IV behind the scenes with clips from the concert.
SHINee then came back and performed "Replay” for us. Then, they performed “Lucifer” and then “Sherlock Clue + Note.”
SHINee then left the stage again and on the screen, a behind the scenes video for “View” played (did you know Onew and Taemin did this amazing backflip into the pool for the video? Damn they were both in perfect sync too).
SHINee then came back for their last song: “View.” There were fanchants for all performances but the chants for “View” in particular were amazing in my opinion.
As for the singing for all of SHINee’s songs, they sounded REALLY good. I am proud to call myself a Shawol. I’m pretty sure they lip synced throughout most of (almost all) of “Sherlock” and “Lucifer” but I’m okay with that because the dances are so hard (and they’re probably exhausted). And anyway, SHINee really looked like they were having fun performing all of their songs. They were smiling a lot of kind of messing around with each other a bit.
After performing “View,” Key said that was their last song. Unbeknownst to SHINee, all of us has banners (see the image above) with a message in Korean (I’m not sure what it says, sorry) and it also had in English “HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY” with a heart at the end that we were told to hold up when they announced it was their final song. Key was all “Wow you guys planned so much… What’s this?” And all the members looked into the crowd to read it. I don’t think they really commented on it, but they looked thankful and happy with us (again, we were consistently loud throughout the entire meet, and this moment was no exception). They all said their thanks and good byes (Minho said he loves us) and they waved at all the sections and Key said that they will be back. Before they left, they took a couple selfies with all of us, a couple on a regular camera and a couple on Minho’s phone (see Key’s Instagram). Onew and Taemin left first, then Jonghyun, and then Minho and Key waved for a bit. Minho left, leaving Key. Key lingered for a bit. It seemed like he had a lot of fun and didn’t want to leave. He said “Ahhh… How can I leave you guys…” And before leaving he said “We’re definitely, DEFINITELY coming back. Thank you, Chicago!”

So yeah. Wow. That was basically the entire meet. I might have mixed up the order a bit, and I left out a lot of details, but everything here is 100% true. I honestly think SHINee had a great time. They were smiling a lot and looked in awe at how loud we were and how much the staff prepared (glow sticks that were from SHINee World IV, regular glow sticks, aqua/green balloons, the banners… Really a huge thanks to the staff and the MC who was quick to translate and did a great job).

Well, that’s it! I think us fans did our job of showing SHINee our dedication and showing them that SHINee World exists and loves them outside of South Korea/Japan/China.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for reading!