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2016 has been a weird year for this blog, ive changed my url (gonna change it again), gained more followers than i ever thought was possible and befriended some amazing people! so going into 2017 i want to let everyone know that youre stuck with me forever ♡

sorry about the header me and photoshop are only coming to terms

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so I recently hit a personal goal and because its christmas I wanted to celebrate by having my first ever follow forever! I also wanted to thank all the amazing people that do follow me, especially the ones who have followed me for a long time (when I started this blog I was only into like 2 bands and now I feel like im joining new fandoms every week oops) I’ve been on the tumblr dot com for about 4 years now with different blogs but with this blog its the first time ive had so many followers and also the first time people have actually spoken to me on this website lol. I’m seriously so grateful to everyone - thank you again and I love you

My blog would be literally nothing without all the quality content from all the amazing people I follow - thank you so much everyone!!! I’m so glad I follow you all!

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I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone but I keep getting confused with url changes and side blogs :/ - even if you’re not on here don’t worry I still love you!



The first time, the last time, all the times in between. The first time, the last time, all the times I would have liked there to have been.

                I can’t believe I chose the mountains every time you chose the sea.