and ive been tired all damn day

I’m really looking forward to playing mass effect andromeda tbh i loved inquisition its one of my favourite games gameplay-wise and the most visually beautiful game ive ever played. im so excited to make like 10 different female ryders who all romance peebee. no one can ruin this game for me i refuse to let myself become jaded and depressed about a video game.

ok the post this was replying to was rlly fucking old so im not gonna bother tagging them or anything but several things with this dumb ass comment

firstable: interesting how they think white people’s opinions on what is or isnt racist/offensive is irrelevant yet here they are telling me what is or isnt offensive or racist

secondable: the fact that they assumed im white? im black. theyre racist. their jokes about black people offend me because im black and ive been getting similar jokes damn near every day since i started going to a predominantly white school in grade 4 and ive been sick and tired of being viewed as a THING that shouldn’t be taken seriously and laughed at rather than a normal human being for years now. their jokes about other cultures and groups pisses me off to because i know all my Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, etc. friends as well as poc i dont even know all over the world have had to deal with the same shit. it also pisses me off because im not a racist asshole who lacks empathy

thirdable: the second you decide to ignore poc when they tell you not to do something thats clearly offensive and harmful towards them means you DO hate the race cuz clearly you dont respect them or care about them enough to do something so effortless and simple as not saying a RACIAL SLUR

AND FOURTHABLE: if your so ashamed than fuck off! head on over to 4chan or reddit! somewhere you can feel more at home! a kkk meeting perhaps?

like wow this person is a fucking buffoon