and itty bitty feet

Work doodle of burned Beyond Birthday and Nu, my favorite shinigami.  I have a headcanon where she’s responsible for him having Shinigami Eyes (and I have taken liberties with her design seeing as we’ve never seen her in action).

#169 Crobat

I made this batty buddy mostly during class on what should’ve been a free snow day and it ended up being like twice as long as what I usually make. Wingspan of, what?, 9″ (23cm). I had to finish it in my dorm because I didn’t know it had feet. Itty bitty feet!

Aaannnd another pride flag dino, another fave in some of my colours. 

This time, Parasaurolophus in demiromantic pride colours! Technically I think these colours apply to all aro-spec people, but I tried to incorporate the black triangle that distinguishes demiromanticism.

Once again, skeleton was used to get a rough outline sketch. Look at how itty bitty those front feet are!! So small.

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LU!MARINETTE'S FIVE FEET TALL SHE'S SO ITTY BITTY. *cough* girl's gonna need a step ladder to kiss adrien *cough* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),

She’s five-foot-short, meaning she’s anywhere from 5’ to 5'3" :D

But Adrien’s post-high school growth spurt sent him to 6'1" so she may need a stool after all!


So, AU where ‘Inked’ Bendy is replaced by the little doll you have to collect to turn on the machine. I call him Plush. With input from @sapphireclaw

- Is very smol, only a foot tall. Is still very dangerous. Do not underestimate.
- Squeaks when he runs and when squeezed, also squeaks as he pleases.
- When he does speak his voice is very deep and has an echoing quality to it. Usually just squeaks.
- Probably uses scissors and sewing needles as weapons.
- The mended, red area of his bow is red because he killed a person to get the fabric to fix it. Was very disappointed in them for leaking all over the nice, white fabric.
- Killed Sammy because he kept saying he would set him free. Sammy should have been more specific about not wanting to be freed from the mortal coil.
- Probably likes to lay around pretending to be a normal doll until some poor sap picks him up.
- Little kitty feets and hands. Probably has itty bitty claws hidden in them pawsies.
- Very soft and fuzzy. Probably made of minky or a very fluffy fleece.
- Has no genitals due to literally being a living stuffed toy. Do not try to do the sex with the Plush. He’d probably try to kill you.

the signs as spongebob quotes

aries: I’M Dirty Dan
taurus: [raises hand] can i be excused for the rest of my life
gemini: [sobbing] i-i’m a good noodle…!
cancer: if i were to die right now in some fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend, well…that would just be okay.
leo: you don’t need a license…to drive a sandwich
virgo: we’ve been smeckledorfed!
libra: i thought of something funnier than 24. [snickers] 25
scorpio: well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets, secretly.
sagittarius: well, we’re free-falling from about 114,000 feet and we’re gonna land on that itty bitty target.
capricorn: how tough am i? i’ll have you know i stubbed my toe last week, while watering my spice garden and i only cried for 20 minutes.
aquarius: i have a brain!! see here’s a picture of it!!!!
pisces: and say hello to used napkin

A Letter Before Surgery (Dear Mom)


Dear mom.

So I know that a lot has been going on.

And it seems like a lot is about to happen.

I know that surgery is scary and I know most people don’t understand why I would voluntarily undergo a double mastectomy to remove a part of my body of which most people are jealous.

And I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’m not a little bit scared, and a little bit sad.

Even though I’ve never wanted them, my breasts are a part of me.

Last week I made a video of myself for myself for later, with my bare chest exposed. And as I did so, I felt this strange surge of pride in my body – a love of every bit of me.

I haven’t ever felt like that…

There’s always been something I’ve hated or wanted to change. Some part of my body that I picked out and focused on.

But that day, even though I saw things I didn’t like, even though I saw things I really do want to change, for some reason, I still felt love and pride for everything. Including my breasts.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing in there that’s making me doubt my decision to get them removed, but I felt a sort of strange sadness that they’ll finally be gone – kind of like getting rid of a bad habit or something.

And I can’t say I’m going to miss them. Because I’m not.

But it still feels surreal that that is all really going to be over.

My body will be cut open, the fat sucked out of me, my mammary glands thrown out…

I’ll be patched back up, and wake up probably 10 pounds lighter…

And I will be whole, [pause] yet some of me will be missing.

And I will always love that part of me, in a peculiar way. I will always be thankful for the strength and courage they demanded I show as they grew (and grew and grew and grew) to declare to the world this was not me. I am not boobs. I am not woman. I am Schuyler.

But back to how you’re involved.

I like to believe that this body is just as much yours as it is mine.

My little brain, my little arms, my brown eyes with green flecks, my little fingers all grew in your body from your body.

And my body, though it has a separate consciousness than yours, is an extension of yours.

And I want you to know something as I move forwards in my transition: I do not hate the body you gave me.

People talk about transgender individuals being “born in the wrong body.”

As if being born is just something that happens.

As if there were not people and love and care and pain and happiness and joy and terror involved.

Born. Given life. Brought into the world. There is nothing wrong in that process. There is no “wrong” in birth.

I was not born wrong at all; I was not born with the wrong mind; I was not born into the wrong body,

In fact, you did not birth a body at all.

You birthed me; a whole and entire person.

A person with teeny little finger nails, tiny eyes and tiny hands, little itty bitty feet, and a huge heart… but a whole person all the same.

Many members of the trans* community talk about how their bodies betray them and how they hate their hips or lack thereof, their breasts or lack thereof, their femininity or their masculinity…

But I don’t…anymore, at least.

I do not hate my body.

In fact, I have worked hard learning to love every bit of myself – every part of my body that you gave me to love.

And I am proud of it all.

But like I said, you birthed me, a whole, entire person.

And through the past year of treatment and travel and just plain old life experience, I’ve learned a love that I will always have – 

For this body of mine.

For the parts that I don’t agree with,

For the parts that I have always agreed with,

For the parts that are invisible… 

For this body of mine.

Because no matter how life changes it, this body will always be beautiful, this body will always be something you created.


Dear mom,

Thank you.

I love you.

© S. Bailar 2015

please imagine

  • Frodo asking for braids in his hair to match Thorin’s
  • Thorin braiding Frodo’s hair and kissing the top of his head
  • Thorin singing songs to him in khuzdul while he braids is soft little dark curls
  • Frodo telling all of his friends he has the best dad
  • Thorin’s little heart wanting to explode
  • little itty bitty Merry and Pippin coming over for baked treats and getting into trouble as Thorin shouts across the house “Fili! Kili!” when he hears something break and Bilbo just laughing “Miss your nephews do you? We can always go visit.” As Bilbo kisses him then goes into the kitchen to see what broke
  • Frodo bragging that his dads have real swords so he takes his friends into the house where Orcrist and Sting are mounted on the wall
  • little itty bitty hobbits sitting on Thorin’s feet so he can’t walk
  • Sam, Frodo, Merry, and Pippin wanting to play elves and dragons and wanting Thorin to play the dragon. Thorin just rolling his eyes and muttering “They could at least play dwarves.”
  • Frodo and Sam being grown up and Sam comes over to garden a lot. Thorin looks out at the garden where Sam is and says to Bilbo “He comes over to garden a lot, I think he has ulterior motives.” Bilbo patting Thorin on the shoulder, “Of course he does dear. I remember a king once who built me a whole garden outside of Erebor.”  Thorin blushing furiously.
  • Thorin being the protective dad at festivals and scowling at everyone who wants to dance with Frodo
  • Bilbo grabbing Thorin’s hand and dancing with him. Thorin resting his chin on Bilbo “Mahal, when did he grow up?”

Finished pair of Felici!!!
1. Folded socks
2. Scraps plus the extra skein I bought because I thought I’d need it.
(Ha! I’ve come to find that having itty bitty feet means I’ll always only need 1 skein of sock yarn AND that I’ll have pleeenty of yarn left over for either a whole other pair of socks or mittens or w/e my heart desires😁😁)
3. The finished pair of socks! (fits Size 5 - Size 6)

o22: Baby Shoes

notes: I was thinking of Ernest Hemingway’s short story “baby shoes: for sale, never worn” but first I was like “lol I can’t do angst” and second “I could never wish sadness on this precious family” so here’s some fluff :’)

Baby Shoes


Sakura and Sarada go through Sasuke’s baby clothes and giggle over how cute his itty-bitty feet were!


Sasuke ignored the girlish giggles emanating from the attic. He didn’t know what surprise Sakura had given Sarada, and at this point he was too tired to find out. Every time they had their “mother-daughter bonding,” Sasuke knew his wife was just finding ways to embarrass Papa in front of their daughter.

Today was no exception.

“Look, Mama!” Sarada giggled. Sasuke’s old headband dropped down from her forehead—inherited from Mama—and over her eyes. She pulled it up. “Look at how ugly this is!” She held up a black onesie, complete with the bandages and other garbage that came with it. “Why would Papa decide to wear this?”

Sakura stifled a laugh. “You wouldn’t believe it, but your Papa had the ugliest hair to match. It was long and uncut, like a wolf. Roar!” she joked.

They squealed in delight together, laughing over little Sasuke and his past treasures.

“Ah, but this blue shirt isn’t so bad,” Sakura said. “I liked him wearing this a lot.”          

“Neh, Mama, what is this thing?” Sarada slid the purple knotted belt around her neck, like a snake. “What was this for?”

Sakura nearly choked on her spit, her cheeks reddening with delight. “Oh, honey,” Sakura said. “Your Papa had a lot of fashion mistakes throughout his life. If you saw the outfit that it belonged to…well, he looked handsome in it, as always, but—ah, it wasn’t the smartest decision.”

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a/n: monchims & kookie-time bc fic trade and i have come to the conclusion i don’t fluff very well good night

liberosis - n. the desire to care less about things

jimin is a dweller by nature. that’s just how he is.

he dwells and nitpicks on all the little things that have gone wrong in his past, is going wrong in his present, and will go wrong in his future. jimin dwells, and he broods, and he frets over the things he can no longer control. because that’s just the way he is.

every little white lie he’d made, every soured relationship, every slip of the tongue, every flaw, every shortcoming, every teeny tiny minuscule little weakness he could possibly ever think of, jimin will dwell. because he knows no other way.

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#tbt Itty bitty Oreo kitty plays. His tiny feet are the cutest things ever.