and its whiskers

I don’t give a flying fuck what you look like. If you tell me you’re a woman, then you’re a woman. If you tell me you’re a man, then you’re a man. If you tell me you’re more than one gender or non-binary or agender or anything else, then that’s what you are. That’s your call to make, not mine.

If you’re not telling the truth for some reason, I’ll still respect that, because I understand that it’s sometimes easier to misgender yourself than to endanger yourself, or maybe you’re just not comfortable coming out to me or the other people around you. Again, your call.

And if the next time we meet you tell me you’re a different gender, then guess what! I’m going to respect that, too.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’ve been depressed in the past I’ll most likely be depressed again in the future, but I don’t have to let that fact bum me out. I’ve also beaten depression multiple times, and the periods in between have been wonderful. I love so much about being alive, and I’m not going to give up on all those good things just because my brain is sick.

@warriorsredux 100 Warriors Challenge : No.1 Roachfoot

 Hi! Here we have Roachfoot from Windclan! Kinda looks like a short-fur Bluestar, eh? His eyes aren’t as wild as his clanmates (or did bluestar have a paw in his design anyways..? Nah. Totally wasn’t looking at the wrong references) Gotta say, not a big fan of bug prefixes, but ‘s what I get for randomly choosing from the allegiances. Next up, grumpy leader!

I'm not scared,just a bit batty(Pennywise x Reader)

Pennywise wakes up 27 years later, planning to commit his first kill in the Neibolt House. Although, his plan is discarded when he faces a slight problem.


Warning:Small amount of cursing, some chasing,beating the hell out of Pennywise(if you’d like me to add on don’t hesitate in telling me please!)  

 It had been 27 years since he had gone out and terrorized innocent children, and exactly 27 years since he felt this amount of anger in him.

  It all started when he had his joints crack before he jumped onto his feet with a smirk, ready to begin his reign of terror. Pennywise stretched out his legs to eventually walk down his mountain of toys before stepping into the filthy water that then surrounded him.

  He thought to himself who would be his first victim after his long slumber, would he get them through the storm drain? No,he had a much better idea:his house, the Neibolt House. His sinister grin grew as he let out a chuckle and shapeshifted himself into a rat scurried through the sewers’ tunnels.

  The now rodent’s ears ringed with the sounds of people, loud chattering coming from adults who were most likely working on something. It could hear their voices speaking of a girl who they all found “too cute” and how she “shouldn’t be living alone in such  house”, making its snout and whiskers twitch.

  The rat then reached the tunnel and stopped to shift back into Pennywise, who bent his back and heard his bones go ‘pop’ thus making him giggle before looking up. His claws reached to the sides and clung onto the stone walls as he began to climb them, nearing what would be his well inside the Neibolt House’s basement, but he found himself a slight obstacle.

  When Pennywise had reached the top of the tunnel, he noticed that there was something covering the well’s hole…perhaps it was wood? No matter, he fixed himself so that his back was facing down as if he were laying down, holding himself with his feet and one clawed hand as the other curled up and punched through the bothersome plank.

  He grumbled to himself before eventually climbing out, then realizing that the place appeared to be much cleaner and he despised it. The piles of bricks and wrongs, all gone; his cobwebs all gone; his dirty, old well house looked so different and it only made him shake in anger.

  The creature strode over to the stairs, noticing that they were brand new: entirely fixed and safe for anybody who walked on them. He clenched his teeth as he went to a shelf, noticing several boxes that were never there before, and he intensely shoved them all away causing objects to crash and break. His breath intensified before he heard a door swing open behind him, and it bothered him even more when he heard no eerie creak come from it.

  Pennywise turned to look up at the stairs, hearing a loud gasp that came from a girl that stood at the top, finally emitting a smile from him. A sinister one at that. She looked so small, so helpless and harmless, so fragile…so tasty.

“Who the hell are you? How did you get in my basement?”

“My? As in, your basement? Oh ho ho little one, this basement belongs to yours truly. It has for several centuries darling."”

"Um, yeah no. I bought this property three years ago, so if you could, please get out.”

  The clown’s eyes widened as his teeth sharpened and his mouth fell into a frown, seeing that the girl walked down the stairs without a care. He took a step forwards and sniffed the air, then letting out a growl when a certain scent was missing from her.


“Excuse me-” He took another step, making her slightly back away as he chuckled a bit. Pennywise noticed that she had stepped back onto the stairs which made his grin reappear,believing that he was finally getting somewhere.

“Look here little girl…I am a creature who you must beware, because you have no idea of the things I am cap-”

“Beware? Why beware? If anything, I just think you look cute.”

Cute?Cute? Pennywise was not cute, not in the slightest. No no, he was to be feared and have her cowering, trying to crawl away from him in a panic. Though, he soon heard a small giggle come from the girl who neared him and reached out, ready to touch his face in some absurd way. But, she had to quickly retreat her hand after seeing Pennywise’s jaws open and snap close in an attempt to bite her hand.

“Yeah you’re cute, but you smell like a rotting corpse…You seriously need a shower bud.”

  Finally, Pennywise felt himself snap as his yellow eyes changed into his blood red ones before he released a roar that made the girl’s eyes widen. She once again backed away, and walked onto the stairs never facing her back towards him because he soon got on his hands and knees and ran at her at full speed.

  The clown eventually reached her legs and clasped his claws on her ankles which resulted in her falling onto her back, then having him hover over her as he cackled loudly.

“Oh darling, hee hee hee…Why shower, when I can instead end your life with a shower of bites here and there?"he leaned into her neck to sniff, but frowned when he still could not sense any fear.

"Ugh, get off!"Soon, Pennywise heard a 'crack’ when the girl’s fist collided with his jaw and he flew back down to the basement ground, giving her a chance to scurry away and shut the door. His hand reached up to his chin which he fixed back into place, then giggling to himself before standing up and brushing his suit that jingled. He stretched one leg up and goofily walked up the stairs as he flexed his arms.

"Oooh darling~Don’t hide from little ol me~"he cooed as his hand raised itself to the door knob, then turning and opening the door,"Pennywise just wants to play-”


   He soon felt a great sense of pain strike his head, but ignored it due to his confusion as he lay at the bottom of the stairs. His eyes darted up to see the girl standing in the doorway as she cursed to herself.

“Crap,I knew I should have used the metal one….who knew he’d have such a thick head?!”

  She dashed away before Pennywise grew tired and ran after her, not caring about the now broken, wooden baseball bat that she dropped in front of him. He stopped to listen for her feet, realizing that she was just in the next room which he walked into. His hand lifted to block the incoming trash bin that was thrown at him, making him laugh as the girl furrowed her brows and sprinted into another room.

  Pennywise shook his head in amusement as he slowly followed her and caught up to her in a moment. She was already going up the stairs, but was stopped when he grabbed onto her collar from behind and pulled her back, turning her to face him.

“I’ve had quite enough of your little games, kitten…It’s about time I teach you how to float."His jaws then started to open, but the girl laughed which made him shut his mouth and glare at her."What now?!”

“Oh,nothing…."his eyes squinted much more, never realizing that her hands had been behind her back hiding an object that she soon pulled out before slamming it down onto his head. "I was just feeling a little batty!"”

  Pennywise’s grip on the girl loosened prior to her landing on her feet into a fighting stance, ready to strike him again. And that’s exactly what she did as he held his head, socking his abdomen with a swing of her metal bat.

"Not this again!"And another strike, before another and another to his head, his arms, his chest, everywhere, just beating him as he could barely do anything to attack the girl back.

  Eventually, he felt her swing at his ankles then making him fall down onto his chest and abdomen. She was about to swing the bat one more time, but he rolled to the side and she instead struck the ground that broke.

  She turned and saw that he pushed himself off of the ground and propped himself onto his feet, now looking worse than ever with messy hair covering his eyes and dirty clothes now tattered.

"No fear I see…at least not now…"he weakly bowed as he walked into the next room until he reached the basement door.

"Hey! Get back here!” the girl followed after him, bat still in hand as she raced down into the basement and saw him crawl into the well she usually kept closed. She frowned and dropped the bat to lean on the well’s stone structure, peering down into the darkness with a frown.

“Come back you coward! You still need to take a goddamn shower!”

The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a majestic creature
It stands independent of any pack
It does not need an Alpha to guide its path

The Lone Wolf is not afraid of other wolves
It even visits other packs from time to time
Lingers for a little while, until they move on to another location

And the Lone Wolf is on its own once more

The Lone Wolf does not mind
In fact, it prefers its own company
Where there is found peace and quiet

But the Lone Wolf does not always want to be alone
Even a Lone Wolf desires a pack that won’t leave it behind, even a pack of one or two
Even a Lone Wolf desires the company of a mate, but it will search very long until the right one is found

The other wolves do not know these things
They admire the Lone Wolf who is so brave and independent
They wish they too could be lone wolves

But alas they are too afraid to venture far from the pack

Some of them pretend
They will say “Look at me, I am a Lone Wolf!”
To their friends who only shake their heads

The Lone Wolf does not seek attention for being what it is
The Lone Wolf seeks recognition for what it does
The Lone Wolf also desires praise for a job well done

Sometimes the Lone Wolf is sad
And it will stand in the rain
So the other wolves cannot see its tears

This is the Lone Wolf’s greatest disadvantage
The other wolves are so busy believing in it’s courage
They do not realize that Lone Wolf’s heart can also be broken

And they will never know

The Lone Wolf will stand in the rain
Until the storm passes
And the tears have run dry

It will pick up the pieces of its own broken heart
And put them back together one by one
Perhaps it will even learn to be happy again

That Lone Wolf will again roam the fields and forests
The Alpha of a pack of one
Content with its own company

Under the light of the moon
The Lone Wolf sings
Beneath the blanket of stars
It makes its bed

The summer wind caresses its fur
The grass tickles its whiskers
Sleep, Lone Wolf

Do not be afraid
You are never alone

Im Yours | Part 9

A/N: First off, I’m sorry this took so long to update I have a plan and I just needed a filler, so thats basically what this is, even though its kind of important to the story. Second off I just wanted to give a public thank you to my two good friends @i-thinkiloveyoutoomuch and @park-thatasshere. They’ve really helped me make this story come to life and they put up with me when I need to brain storms ideas, Thank you P&R, I love you two. 

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader
Rating: Drama, Angst, Smut, Fluff
WARNINGS: Language, Eventual Violence, Lots of Smut Later on

‘Mr. Lee, please it won’t happen again, please don’t do this.’ You said from a deep bow, mainly so he wouldn’t see the tears that were running down your cheeks.

He was never home anyways so why it mattered that you were now in his sons apartment you didnt understand. You didn’t mean to fall for his son. For Seungri.

It had almost been a week, or so you were told by Daesung that you had been at the Kwon residence. The men treated you nicely, always making sure you were fed and watered and that your wounds were properly tended to. Infection was the last thing they wanted you to experience. You had been bed ridden. Trying to stand was took too much effort and by the time you had even shifted enough from the bed you were to tired to go on. But it was getting better. The bruises that you could seen had started to fade into a sickly green and the swelling on your face was all but gone. Still, as comfortable as the boys had made you feel, you were still uncomfortable being there. Every night you spent dreaming of one of two things; Jaebum, or the concrete building.

You woke up one morning to a dark room, your body aching from being still for so long. Through the pain erupting in your side you tried to sit up. You gasped loud and moved your hand to your stomach, the door to the room you were in opening quickly and the lights flicked on to reveal a worried face Seungri. He didnt say anything, just made his way to the bed, sat next to you and helped you sit up. His hand hooked around your waist for you to brace yourself against his shoulder. His hand started to pull up the bottom of your shirt. You sat up more, wincing with the sharp pain and turning as best you could to look at him.

“What the hell are you doing?” You coughed as he replaced his hands on you to help support you.

“I was just going to change the gauze.” He started reaching over to pull the new pack off the table. “Plus its not like I haven’t seen whats under your shirt.” He added quietly making you cough again.

You accepted the water he reached for and nodded your head in thanks, things growing more and more awkward. He helped you lay back down and rolled your shirt up, his fingertips grazing the bruised skin of your stomach.

'Its been two weeks since they took you and you still look like an old punching bag.“ He said. You watched as the muscles in his jaw clenched.

"Im fine.” You said past the pain of his fingers pressing across the bruising on your stomach.

“You’re not fine, have you seen yourself?”

“I don’t want to.”

He sighed and pushed your shirt up more till he got to the patch that hugged the center of your stomach. His fingers softly pulled the tape away and you watched as his face fell into grimace. You didnt want to let him know how bad it hurt, but you couldn’t help but take ahold of his hand and squeeze as he started to disinfect the stitches.

“Ah, wait wait wait.” You gasped as he started to apply ointment to the stitches. “Can.. Can I shower please I think it will make me feel better.” You said. Anything to get the pain he was inflicting to stop just a little longer.

“Oh, sure. You probably haven’t showered in a while huh.” He said, kicking himself but happy it got you to chuckle lightly.

With great effort from Seungri and then Daesung when he walked by to hear you groaning in pain, you were able to stand on shaky legs and be led to the bathroom. Seungri sat you on the side of the bathtub and started to help you undress. You were both blushing, though being intimate was something you two weren’t strangers to, you now having Jaebum made things extra weird.

But if you meant as much to Jaebum as you thought you did, why wasn’t he the one to rescue you. Why wasn’t he the one here helping you undress and cleaning your wounds. Your hands pushed Seungri’s hands aside angrily, not caring about the face he gave you as you stood yourself up, wrapping the towel he had placed over you around your sore body.

'Get out, I have it from here.’ You bit.

'What if you fa-’

'Get out Seungri.’

He breathed hard but listened to you, but only because one of the many rules Jiyong left him and the others was to do what ever you asked without any problems. Still, he left the door cracked just enough that if you were to need him at all he could hear you. Every time you would hiss or groan in pain he’d jump and wait for your voice again but it wouldn’t come for him. Instead he was left there, listening to you as you tried to silence your sobs and angry muttering. Even though he didnt know what you were saying, he heard you say 'Jaebum’ enough times to have a pretty good idea.

The shower made you feel better in more ways than one. Your muscles that had been tight and restricting had loosened up, the bruises on your body seemed to feel more neutral and the area that your stitches occupied was no longer gumpy and gross from the lack of true proper cleaning. On top of that you didnt feel gross any more, finally being able to wipe off the grime and blood from the floor of the concrete building. You had let your eyes close and your hands began to work at your hair to try and wash the grime of the past few weeks away, but a sharp, stinging pain on your left hand made you hiss and pull your hand away from your head. You started to rinse your hand just figuring the soap must have gotten into a cut, but as you pulled the large bandaid off of your skin and the soap started to wash away an image etched on your hand became more clear.

Covered by a dark scab was the long, winding body of a mean looking snake. But the snake wasn’t a snake. You rinsed your hand again and brought it closer to your face. A large bearded face with an open mouth and sharp teeth. Through its long whiskers a set of wide eyes looked straight up at you. Your heart began to pound and your nails started to scratch at the scab, trying convince yourself that it was just marker or something else along the lines of that. You scratched and scratched, your hand covered now in deluded blood making you realize just how deep the cuts actually were.

You froze and watched your hand bleed giving the dragon an in-motion look to it. All you could do was look at the series of cuts now. What did this mean? Where did this come from and why was it being covered. Now that you thought about it, when ever your wounds were being tended to this was the one thing they never checked.

A harsh knock on the door sounded and your name was called from the other side causing you to jump and gasp in surprise. You quickly rinsed your hand and turned the water off, wrapping yourself quickly in the towel before swinging the door open with as much force as you could use. Jiyong flanked by Seungri and Daesung stood there waiting for you, a kind smile on all of their faces. Jiyong opened his mouth to say something but you just shoved your bleeding hand out at him, now shaking in anger.

“What is this.”


“I asked you what is this. You said no lies why is this carved into my skin, Jiyong!” You said, yelling until you were left coughing roughly. You tried to pull away from the set of arms that wrapped around your waist to support you but you couldn’t get away from him, not with the way you were coughing.

“Y/n listen.” Jiyong started as your coughing fit ended. “It’s for your protection. We all have them, see?” He said as Daesung and Seungri held their hands out to you.

“And yours?” You spat. If he really marked all of his men and preached unity and protection he should have one himself.

You watched as he chuckled until your eyes were caught by his hands undoing his shirt. You watched as he let the shirt drop off of his shoulders and he slowly turned, your mouth falling open as you looked at the detailed scar work that connected into a huge dragon head on Jiyong’s back.

“You said I could choose. Why did you do this to me.” You said trying to hide the tears that started to well in your eyes again.

“I know, that is what I said.  But just in case we took the opportunity when you were out on pain medication to give you our symbol. We figured wether you go back to Im or stay with us you’ll forever need protection, and if Im isn’t up to the task you at least have this now to protect you.” It made sense, but you hated the thought of Jaebum not being able to protect you any more and you hated it even more that these group of strangers through they had a say in who would protect you and who couldn’t. A tear slipped down your cheek as you thought about him, your eyes now only focusing on your still bleeding hand.

“Seungri, take care of her hand. We are going back into our meeting. If you need anything else y/n, please tell me.” He said bowing low.

“I want to go home.” You said softly at first.

“Excuse me?”

“I want to go home. I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be apart of your little plan I don’t want to help you!” You said, your voice getting louder and louder.

“Y/n please, I have guests on the phone. They’ll hear you.” Jiyong said, his voice gaining a threatening tone.

“Does it look like I care! I don’t want to be here! If you don’t want hostages making a ruckus than don’t house hostages!” Jiyong looked at you with dark eyes, his long fingers coming up to press to the bridge of his nose.

“Seungri, her hand.”

You didn’t talk for the rest of the night. Seungri did up your hand and left you to sulk. You wanted to rebel but your body hurt so much so the only way you would think of pissing them off was to rip the bandage off and scratch harder till your hand was bleeding once again. Deasung came to check on you shortly after Seungri left to the meeting and seeing your hand bleeding again made him sigh and dress it up again. The next time it was Yongbae who came in so see you scratching and bleeding all over the fresh sheets.

“God damn it Y/n stop!” He yelled taking both your hands in his, his sudden outburst making Seunghyun who was walking by stop into the room. When Yongbae finished explaining what had happened his own hand and even the cuff of his white shirt was stained red.

“I will ask you once and that is it. Do not rip this bandage off. If you do I will have no other choice than to treat you like we would a regular hostage!” Seunghyun rose his voice at you.

You pouted and scoffed, but let Yongbae fix your hand again. You didn’t care what Seunghyun said though, it was an empty threat. There was no way you were going to be banished to a dungeon for making yourself bleed. You pulled your knees up to your chest and looked over your shoulder to avoid his eye contact. When he finally felt you had given up was when he and Yongbae left the room, the door cracked slightly. You listened carefully and the moment they seemed far enough away you started to rip the bandaid off again.

“Y/n! Stop it!” Seungri whisper yelled as he half ran into the room, his hand reaching to stop yours from mutilating your body. “If you keep scratching it’s only going to make the scar worse. Just stop.” He said smoothing the bandaid with his thumbs.

He looked at you with sad eyes for what seemed like for ever. Eventually his had moved from yours to your cheek. He stroked away a stray tear and sighed, he hated seeing you like this. He always had hated seeing you upset like this. You looked at him and  saw that in his eyes. There was too much pain and emotion towards you in his eyes that it made your stomach turn. His thumb trailed down your cheek and to hook under your chin to slowly bring your chin up so you could look at him better.

“Ive missed you like crazy. You can’t imagine the pain I’ve gone through having to see you walk away from me.” He said sighing. He dipped his head and chuckled one before looking up at you once more. His lips pressed into a straight line and you had to look away. But as your eyed looked down to focus on the blood that was already showing through the bandage the feeling of his lips on your forehead made your body go tense again, causing you to pull away from him.

“I want to go home. I don’t want to be here so if hurting myself is the only way you’ll let me go then I’ll do it.” You said sternly, trying to pull yourself from his grip. “Let me go Ri I want to go home let me go!”

“Y/n, Please stop it, stop fighting me!”

“What’s going on in here.” A sharp command came from the door.

“She keeps making herself bleed.” Seungri said over his shoulder as he fought to keep ahold of your hands.

“Ri let go!” You yelled louder, sliding off the bed to try and get away from him but you were just caught in his arm and he lifted you back up.

You started to kick and scream as you tried your hardest to get away from him. Jiyong from the side watched half amused, ignoring all calls coming down the hall at him that held the same question he had.

“Boss help!” Seungri yelled back.

“What? You can’t handle a girl that spent the past two weeks getting beat up?” He said with amusement at how hard you were actually fighting despite the excruciating pain it was probably causing you.

“I don’t want to hurt her boss please.” Jiyong then straighten and nodded, leaving the room for half a second before returning and taking ahold of one of your wrists.

Now you were fighting against two men, each holding onto you, pinning your arms down onto the blood stains sheets. Both men grunted as you kicked screamed and cried trying to hold you down, and trying to do so without actually causing any pain to the rest of your battered body. Through tear filled eyes you watched Seunghyun enter the room leading the other two men. You pulled and yelled harder as the men around tied you down, your feet tied together and bound to  the footboard of the bed while your hands were tied as far apart from one another as they could get them, you cried at the pain the position put out in as it pulled the skin that had been stitched together apart, but they only gave you a few more inches of slack when they realized it was hurting you.

“Just… for fucks sakes… y/n, relax…” Jiyong panted, his hands on his knees. You spat in his direction, but he was to exhausted fight with you.

“If you would have met me any other way… we would have been best friends.”

And with that. Just one last sad look from Seungri and you were left there. Alone. You tried to break the restraints but the rope was too strong. You tried to pull your hands out but the rope was too secure. Giving up you tried to just wait up, to see if they would come into check on you. But as you waited sleep took over your body again, and not caring what your wishes were, you fell unconscious to dream about sweet Jaebum and dragon shaped scars.

kaci1ynn  asked:

Loving Faerie Loki so much! What about him meeting domestic animals for the first time? I think he'd be taken aback by dogs at first, and then amused. He would hold great respect for cats and their lounging and attitude and elegance lol. A parrot would probably offend him, saying something rude lol. (Fury as a parrot maybe or the owner that the bird takes after) lol

Loki is fairly annoyed by dogs. Loud, smelly, shedding– who has time for that? It doesnt help that his first dog encounter involved a great dane. 

“Look at that ugly horse.” He comments and did not understand why his human laughs so hard for quite so long. 

Cats though– Loki enjoys cats. 

“They are obviously a fae creature.” He explains to Tony as he stares at one through the glass of the pet shop. “Look at the intelligence in his eyes. At the utter disdain it has for humans. The way it twitches its tail in thought. It is practically its own spirit, trapped in a fur body, how terrible unfortunate for such a strong soul.” 

Then the kitten placed its little paws on the glass and “meow” and Loki completely dissolved. 

“Anthony look at it! Look at its paws and its tiny whiskers! Please Anthony, I must have one for the home! Look at how absolutely darling! The little noise! I need one! The black one! It looks like a black smudge, as if he rolled in the ashes of a holy fire, as if I reached into the living shadows and plucked out something tiny! Oh please Anthony!”


Tony now owns six cats. The black kitten from the pet shop who was outrageously expensive, two full grown siamese that Loki rescued from the local pound, a fat orange tabby that was wandering around in front of their apartment building, a spotted bob tailed mix, and a darling calico. 

And when he complains, Loki rolls his eyes. “Honestly, Anthony. They are little fae creatures, turning them out would incur the wrath of the fairies, is that what you wish?”