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Got fire for a heart, i’m not scared of the dark

rating: G
wordcount: 45k
pairing: ziall (major ot5 friendship too)
tags: alternate universe - superpowers, slow burn, found family, fluff, exotic pets


“I dunno,” Zayn mutters. “I just think you’re much more in the business of flying than falling, y’know?”
That’s not entirely true, Niall thinks. I’m falling for you, aren’t I?

Written for the 5th round of @1dbigbang, read it on ao3 here

Lovely cover art by the wonderful sabine @fromadifferentphase, who did such an INCREDIBLE job of capturing my fic in art form! (pls send her love, she was so goshdarn amazing!!) 

Sabine also made another great cover for my fanmix, all of which u can find on her art masterpost here

I Can’t Believe We Just Netflix & Chilled

Authors Note: I saw a Netflix and Chill imagine and I had this idea in the back of my mind for a while. I didn’t steal the idea and I’m sorry if people think I did. BTW I made Ethan and Grayson 18 in this. I really hope you guys enjoy :)

It was a rainy, lazy Saturday night in. I was just about to get into a bubble bath when my phone rang. I looked down at the caller ID and saw that it was a facetime call from Grayson. I was wrapped in a white fluffy towel when I answered.

“May I help you?” I said to Grayson with a toothy smile plastered across my face.

“Y/N, please come over. Ethan is going out with Miranda and I’m bored” he said with a pout. I rolled my eyes at him playfully.

“I’m just about to shower Grayson and do some inventory for work. How about I come over tomorrow?”

“You were coming over tomorrow regardless. Come tonight and just sleep here. You’re supposed to be my best friend Y/N!”

“Listen here Dolan, you can’t pull the best friend card. Who dropped everything she was doing to fly to Jersey with you guys when you got your wisdom teeth out because your mom had to work during the day? Who came over with pizza and pancakes when you and Leena broke up? WHO HELPS YOU GUYS WITH VIDEO IDE—“ I got cut off by Grayson

“Okay, okay I get it. You’re a great friend. I guess I’ll just see you tomorrow than. Talk to you later Y/N” Grayson sighed and hung up. I groaned and threw my phone on the bed. I grabbed my pillow and let out a scream. Once I was done having my mini freak out. I grabbed my phone and texted Grayson.

Y/N: Give me 15 minutes you little shit Grayson: Have I told you lately how much I love you? Y/N: You better have order pizza.

I showered and got dressed. I put on a black tank top that I tucked into high waisted jeans, with my, well Graysons 4OU tour sweater, my olive green Nike Roshes and I left my curly hair down. I got into my white Jeep wrangler and headed over to the guys place.

Once I arrived, I met up with Ethan on their driveway. He told me that he was taking Miranda to dinner, mini golf, and than maybe froyo. He kept the front door unlocked for me and I walked in. I headed straight to their living room where Grayson had set up the coffee table with pineapple pizza, water, sour skittles, sour patch kids and popcorn. I made myself comfortable on the couch with my legs crossed and waited for Grayson.

I started scrolling through twitter to see the usual. Shawn Mendes tweets, tweets from a couple of my friends, Dolan fans thinking Grayson and I are dating, and the hate comments that come along with it. The hate has never truly bothered me. I always thought; the more hate I got, the less people would be negative people would be towards the boys. The couch shifting underneath me interrupted my thoughts.

I locked my phone and looked to my right to see Grayson in a white t-shirt that clung to his chest muscles and the sleeves made his arms pop. He was also wearing his black Adidas pants that hugged his thick thighs so well. He looked at me and smirked,

“What are you looking at?” he asked me still with that smirk on his face. “Nothing, so since you dragged me over here, what are we doing tonight Gray?” I asked him quickly changing the subject. I always knew I was attracted to Grayson, I mean who wouldn’t be. He was funny, caring, spontaneous, smart, loving, and the looks were a plus. I’ve been best friends with Grayson and Ethan for about 3 years now, but Grayson is 18 and I’m 22 so I always knew nothing could happen between us. Grayson got up and started looking through his Apple TV. Once he started going through movies he looked over his shoulder and smiled at me.

“Can we watch my favorite?” he smiled at me and started pressing play even before I gave him an answer. I nodded at him and he came and sat beside me again. We started watching “Friends with Benefits” and started eating. About 2 slices in for me and 3 slices in for Grayson, he saw that I started fidgeting.

“You all good Y/N?” I paused the movie and looked over at me “Yeah, I’m okay. I’m gonna go put on my pajama bottoms that I left here. I can’t be in these jeans any longer.” I got up and headed to Graysons room were I had my own drawer. I started going through my drawer and I couldn’t find my pair of trackpants. I must have worn them home and never brought them back here. I grabbed a pair of Graysons black Adidas pants and wore them. They were super long for me and baggy around my legs but well fitted around my butt and thighs. I went back to watching the movie with Grayson. We were half way through when Grayson looked over at me.

“You know Y/N, we could probably do that. Have sex with no feelings, no strings attached. I mean we are best friends so it’s not like it’s an awkward one-night stand. Plus we both have been single for about a year now, so we know we are both sexually frustrated.”

“Woah, speak for yourself Dolan. You might be sexually frustrated but not me. What makes you think we could do this no strings attached, no feelings? I’ve been told I’m a great lover and you’ll get hooked” I winked at him and laughed. Grayson paused the movie and turned his body to face me, which means this was getting serious and he was actually considering it.

“No really Y/N, could you imagine it? We are both single, best friends and we’d vow that if one of us starts feeling anything we’ll stop this and talk about what we want to do next. What do you think?” he looked at him and bite his bottom lip.

I can’t lie and say I’ve never thought about having sex with Grayson, but could I do this? Will I get hooked on Grayson? I thought about this for what it felt like 20 minutes.

“Okay, no strings, no attachments, and if one of us starts to feel something more or if it gets weird we talk about what we do next and THIS DOESN’T CHANGE OUR FRIENDSHIP.”

Grayson smiled at me, “Deal. Did you want to try it out now? I mean we have the place to ourselves.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Yeah okay” I said looking at Grayson hesitantly.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap so his back was against the couch and I had both legs straddling him. He pulled off my sweater and left me in my black tank top, which was very low cut. He placed his right hand on the small of my back above my bum and his left hand made its way to face. Our lips were only inches apart, I felt Grayson’s breaths against them.

“Kiss me,” I whispered, craving his lips on mine.

He slowly pulled me in closer to him until our lips finally touched. We started moving in sync with each other; slow and soft at first but Grayson pulled me in closer and kissed me much harder. His hand that was above my butt had found its way to my butt, which he was grabbing.

He ran his tongue along my bottom lip and I let him in. It made him gasp inside my mouth. I felt Grayson growing harder underneath me. Grayson placed both his hands under my butt and picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. He laid me down on his bed with him on top. He pulled away and looked at me,

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he looked at me with concern.

I bit my lip as I looked back up at him, “I’m okay Gray, really I promise.” Grayson leaned back down and kissing me with passion and tilting my head back, before letting his wet tongue run down my neck. His movement gave me chills. Pressing himself against me, I felt his length grow bigger and bigger, leaving my mouth feeling utterly dry. His hands ran down my body, exploring every inch, like he’d knew exactly where to touch me. It left me trembling, craving his teasingly touches even more.

Grayson wanted to take control, but I flipped us over so I was on top and pushed his chest down, letting myself sit on his stomach. His wide eyes glazed up at me, watching desirably as I undressed myself. I took off my tank top off and slid off the Adidas track pants I was wearing off, leaving me in my black lace bra and pantie lace thong and I didn’t know how much longer I could wait. After throwing the clothes on the floor next to us, Grayson’s hands ran up my body and behind my back, quickly, he slid my bra of me.

“You’re so breath-taking” He whispered, allowing his hands to play with my tender boobs. I threw my head back in pleasure, moaning at his fingers on my chest. I slid off his pants quickly and Grayson kicked them off his legs.

Grabbing the hem of the t-shirt, he reviled his toned chest to me. I bended down, placing damp kisses all over him. He grabbed my hair, pulling hard, as I sucked on his skin. He tried holding back a moan, but he failed at it as I lightly bit and sucked down his chest. His hands were rubbing all sorts of places on my naked body, leaving craving more. I reached down between his legs, feeling how hard and ready he was.

Grayson flipped us over so he was on top and back in control. He started kissing down my chest; to my stomach leaving kisses and bites every so often. He looked up at me before making his way down between my thighs as he looked back up at me. I moan at just the sight of him. It made Grayson bite my thigh in pleasure before spreading them apart. His touch left my body with chills.

I threw my head back, biting my lip hard. Grayson planted damp kisses on both side of my thighs, making it impossible for me to lay still. My fingers wrapped themselves into Grayson’s messy hair, feeling the desire spread around inside you.

“Are you 100% sure Y/N?” Grayson asked me again. I couldn’t speak back, because of the quiet moans continuing to escape my trembling lips. Grayson moved his head in between your shaking legs, before letting his tongue slide over my clit. I twisted the moment I felt him licking. I could feel Grayson smile between your legs. I still had my fingers tangled in his hair.

Grayson’s tongue moved from my clit, up my stomach and made it to my bare chest. He started gently sucking my nipples, biting them once in a while. He truly was driving me crazy. While sucking on my skin, Grayson let two fingers slip inside me, making me rasped loudly.

I pushed my lower body up to meet his fingers inside of me, greedily wanting to feel his touches even more. Grayson backed out a bit so he could look at me. Our eyes met and he sent me a pure smile.

“Just fuck me already” I begged him, completely out of breath.

I kissed Grayson’s neck, biting and sucking to leave little hickeys on him, which made him moan loudly. I loved how my touches made noises like that come out of him. I took the hand with the fingers Gray had inside me, before sucking hardly on them, tasting myself. Grayson watched me with widen eyes. He bit his lip in pleasure, kissing my neck again.

Roughly, Grayson spread my legs again to slide inside me. He grabbed around each thigh and slowly, but harshly, he pushed his length inside of me. Grayson moaned in the moment, which made me pull on his hair. Grayson started moving inside me, picking up the pace, crashing in and out of my body.

I moaned loudly, feeling how Grayson filled out every inch of me. He wrapped his fingers in my hair, pulling it back roughly, wanting me to kiss him. I let my lips close the tiny gap between our lips, allowing my tongue to play with his.

Grayson and I moved together, enjoying every inch and trace of each other’s naked skin. I felt Grayson’s steamy body rubbing against mine, leaving an almost electrifying feeling on my skin.

Grayson let his tongue lick my neck and down to my breasts, before sucking hard. I moaned in his ear, leaving chills all over Grayson’s body. As Grayson reached his point of exploding, I pushed myself towards Grayson’s last and rough move, making the both of us cum.

Grayson pulled himself out of me, and rolled over beside me as we both had to catch our breath. We laid in silence for a couple of minutes before either of us spoke up. Grayson grabbed his comforter and covered the both of us.

“Maybe you were right Y/N, maybe I will get hooked you,” he said with a wink. I threw a pillow at him and groaned.

“What’s wrong Y/N?”

“I can’t believe we actually just ‘Netflix & Chilled’” I said while covering my face. We laughed, got up and got dressed. I can’t believe I just had sex with my best friend.

  • Me innocently watching Dan and Phil vs Tumblr when I first found their channels: Huh... Tumblr seems like an odd place. I've never really heard of it before. What makes people use this site? I don't think I could ever do that.
  • Me now checks Tumblr a least a couple times a day, has notifications clogging up my phone, around 90% of the content I post and reblog is Dan and Phil: I wonder who the fuck got me into this mess and why I love it so much.

If I have learned anything about grief it is that it is unpredictable. You will never know when it’s coming or how long it will last. It overwhelms and exhausts you. It takes you to the farthest reaches of your sanity and then throws you directly back into the thick of things. It does not care who you are or what you have accomplished. It will linger in the deepest recesses of your mind.. waiting. A song or a smell or a laugh will bring it to the forefront, ready to consume you - and consume you it will. It is a constant struggle to keep my head above water and not let grief have its way with me. My heart physically aches and there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight.


More gross cute cop family and headcanon Myra stuff! This time including Lily~  Seb refuses to succumb to sleep before he knows what happens at the end of Tangled. Sometimes Dad-life is tough. >:I

The hairtie & fox are references to chief-meister , her awesome art and how much I love her version of Lily <3 Thanks again to everyone for going on this headcanon adventure with me, normal TEW stuff to resume shortly!


ten unappreciated scenes


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 The silence was eating me up. His hands were gripping the steering wheel, his knuckles were turning white from his strong grip. His eyes were locked on the road while he kept on accelerating, however, I wasn’t scared of the speed he drove with, I knew he wouldn’t put our life in danger. He wasn’t angry with me but this didn’t mean I could stay calm. I was involved.

 This night was supposed to be filled with laughter, us having fun listening to Jay’s new album while driving around the city. But our plans went crashing down the minute I got in his car. He was on his phone as usually, checking his social media accounts when he came across of the breaking news of our relationship being revealed. The online media outlets were flooded because of the news just like our SNS accounts. Fans were shocked, not because of him getting a girlfriend, but because I was a simple teacher in a low-ranked school and on top of all I was a foreigner. The moment my name was revealed fans, of course, flooded my SNS accounts and besides a few really nice fan who were wishing us happiness, there were a lot of fans who threatened me, called me names and wished for my death.

 I was in a pretty bad situation, I wanted to break down, and probably cry, but the only thing being scarier then the fans and their threats was the thought of him being hurt because of me. I knew he loved his fans, he was thankful towards them and I was afraid he would leave me so his fans would stop leaving hate comments. I knew all too well he wanted to keep his relationship status a secret because he wanted his personal life to be separated from his work. That’s why he never dated models, singers, or actresses.

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Amazing new mexico sunset. I’m hanging on a bridge with my friend mikey way from my chem. Its all orange and pink above us. We went to another waterpark again. I love high fives again. Totally back in love.
—  Pete Wentz, Tuesday, June 28, 2005 (livejournal)

“At twenty-one, a girl begins 
to grasp the world and how it spins. 
She grabs a box of safety pins 
and builds herself a home.”

A Magical Moment Prequel: Hidden Love

Movie: The Maze Runner Au

Characters: Newt x Reader

Written By: Lauren

(Requested) I really love the Newt one shot, A Magical Moment. You do mentioned that Newt had a horrible break up with his ex and he went to Y/N, right? I was wondering if you could write it more detailed or something? I would really love to read something like that! - @mazetangle   ( Thank you for requesting :) x Lauren )

I flopped down onto the plushy sofa that was placed right in the middle of the living room, sighing to myself in relief at the acknowledgement of completing the very last homework that was on my list before the weekend. In the background, calm instrumental music was playing softly as I laid on top of the soft fluffy cushions with my eyes closed, enjoying the ambiance that my house provided. I could here the loud pitter patter of the rain outside as the heavy droplets fell from the sky and landed on the ground, as well as the loud whistling wind that sounded along.

Not far away from me where my fireplace was stationed, the flames of the fire that were trying to reach for the sky was slowly turning the log of wood into pieces of soft grey ashes as its bright sun- like flames invaded it, the sound of it crackling echoing softly. Sitting on top of the coffee table, two huge Bath and Body works candles were lit up with a steady flame, giving off the strong aromatic scent of Twilight woods that floated around the house.   The environment was peaceful, cozy and comfortable in fact, and it would have been so easy to just fall into the depths of sleep right there and then as I laid there on the couch.

I could feel my eyes slowly being heavy lidded as I laid there with an arm placed above my head, my self consciousness slowly drifting its way to snoozeville as I felt my mind spinning around slowly. Loud bangs being pounded on the door pierced through the peaceful atmosphere like a knife all of a  sudden, and I was immediately jolted out of my sleep and rolling off the couch in shock. I landed on top of the soft furry carpet with  loud thud, and could feel the aching that began to blossom in my head once I got up. Making my way to the front door swiftly, I rubbed the aching pain that was left on my head with smooth circle rotations and placed my hands on the cool metal doorknob once the banging got louder.

Irritation was slowly being written on my face as the banging became consistent and the only thing that was running through my head was goddamn it, can whoever is banging be a little less impatient and have mercy on my innocent front door. As I twisted the door knob and pulled it open,  I was already planning the words that I had in mind to whoever was outside but that all stopped and vanished into thin air when my eyes was meet with the sight in front of me.  It was as if my heart was quickly floating up to the top of the sky like a rocket being launched before falling onto earth and shattering into a million pieces as I beheld the sight in front of me.

I didn’t know which feelings were dominating me as I just stood there, silent,with my hands that were placed by my side starting to shake.

Newt’s eyes, the ones that never failed to provide me with comfort and love, were red and bloodshot, nowhere near the familiar dark browns ones that I loved so much. The edges of his eyes were swollen and puffy, immediately giving away the fact that he had been crying, and the lenses of his eyes were glossy with the the tears that brimmed at the edges of his eyes. Pain was etched all over his face as he stood there, silent, and I watched with the feeling of devastation and shock as the remaining tears rolled down his face and fell onto the edges of the sweater that he wore. I didn’t know where to look first, from the swollen redness of his eyes to the way he seemed as if the entire world of his had just plunged into pitch black darkness. The cogs in my mind were spinning at a pace that was so fast that neither did I thought it was even possible as I took in Newt who was right in front of me. His usual fluffy dirty blonde hair was now wet and  sticking in all directions. It didn’t take long for me to piece the puzzles together that he had been yanking or running his fingers through his hair repeatedly for the  past few hours.

His clothes were soaking wet from the rain that was pouring down and as we stood there, staring at each other in the eye with silence the only thing being passed between us, all I could focus on was the sick and painful feeling of how Newt was hurting really badly inside and at the moment, it killed me to see him being this sad and depressed. I could hear the remains of his sobs breaking the silences that reverberated in the air and with each passing second, both my mind and heart were being plunged into complete darkness. No words were popping up in my mind like they usually would and all of sudden, nothing mattered anymore, and everything around me turned into a muffled sound.  The only thing that my mind and heart could focus on was Newt who was in front of me, the love of my life.

“ Newt?”  I could hear the uncertainty and shock in my voice clearly as I broke the silence that was between us, and without any hesitation, Newt pushed forward and wrapped his arms around me. His arms were tightly wrapped around my neck as he embraced me into a close hug, and no words could describe the immediate tidal waves of feelings that came crashing down on me when I heard Newt’s cries beginning to sound. I could hear his heart pounding against his chest like a sledgehammer as we stood there, embracing other other, and it was as if suddenly I was underwater with the pain that immediately began to feel. With his body wrapped against me, I could feel him quivering like a shaking leaf in my arms and as his loud crying continued to sound despite the loud pitter patter of the rain, my heart was swiftly falling into the pit of my stomach like a crashing meteor.  

I exhaled the breath that I was holding and closed my eyes, swaying Newt from left to right as I tried to give him some comfort despite the emotions that were flowing through me like warm honey. But someone had to be strong between us both, and at the moment, I was the only one capable of that so I held him in my arms right there and then, despite the fact that I was the smaller and shorter one.

I could hear Newt’s sobbing starting to water down as he cleared his throat. I waited for the words that should have come out of his mouth, but nothing sounded. The only thing that my ears were picking up on apart from the loud noise that was sounding in the background was Newt’s heart that was beating fast and hard. And the quickening beats of my pulse that could be felt at the edge of my wrists.

“ She broke up with me (Y/N), she hates me now.” His voice was barely a whisper, so soft that I very nearly didn’t hear it, but I did. There were so many feelings that were invading me as I stood there, but I could feel anger being the one that was dominating the rest. Anger towards Newt’s ex for hurting his feelings. Anger towards her for breaking his heart and trampling it over and over with her feet. And last but not least, the urge to kill her for being so stupid to actually break up with him when so many people wanted to be with him. Newt was someone who would cross an ocean for you even if you wouldn’t cross a puddle for him, that was how truly amazing he was.

His heart that could have been made out of pure gold was something that was hard to not recognize, and with breath taking beauty that was etched all over his face, he could have been an angel that had fallen from the heavens. He was my best friend, who was always there when I needed him in times of need, and he was like my   brother when all I could think of was giving up. Newt had always been with me be it the tough or happy times but the only thing that remained between us was the fact that we were best friends even though my heart longed for more.

But despite the years of developing emotions for him, I never got the chance to be with him cause no matter when the timing is, my chance would never arrive. And to see girls taking his heart then throwing it on the floor and stamping it with all of the force they had, it only made me want to go up and scream at them as to how stupid they were to hurt the feelings of someone so amazing.

Newt slowly pulled away from my embrace and when my eyes met his, I felt myself crumpling even more when the only thing I saw in his eyes were a sea of devastation and self hatred. He tried to hold back his sobs that threatened to escape from his mouth and fake the sadness he felt with a smile, but I knew better that everything was a lie. Deep down, he was hurting inside and I wanted to do nothing more than hold him in his arms and remind him the amazing things he is.

“ (Y/N) what’s wrong with me? What did I do wrong? What’s so horrible about me that made her hate me like this now? What is it, (Y/n), what is it?” Newt’s voice was cracking as he said out the words, desperation and anger clear in his voice. However, heartbreak and sorrow was the one that could be read easily within his words and at the moment, I hadn’t know what to say.  My mind was a jumbled up mess of tangled thoughts and I was in disbelief at the mention of his words. When Newt didn’t hear any replies that came out of me, he bowed his head down and a cloud of darkness seem to immediately float above him.

I placed my hand softly below Newt’s chin and lifted his head up so his eyes were meeting mine. I took in a shuddering breath and cupped Newt’s face in my hands, stroking away his tears with my thumbs as I bit my lip down hard. Newt regarded me closely with wide eyes, and I smiled through the pain that was written on my face as I looked right back at him. I could feel tears starting to brim my eyes as I slowly made out the words I wanted to say.

“ You did nothing wrong Newt, neither is there anything wrong with you,” I started, my voice hushed and soft. “ Sometimes, people are just too blinded by the things they want in life and greed for to actually appreciate the precious they have in their arms. And it isn’t any different with you. Newt, never ever ever say that something’s wrong with you or that there’s something horrible that you have. You’re one of the most sweetest, and kindest people I have ever met and you care for everyone around you like they’re family to them. You’re such an amazing person and you don’t even have to try to be like one because you’re already like that.

You’re the dream guy that every girls wants despite the flaws you have but nobody’s perfect in life since everyone’s human. Sure, we do make mistakes at times but most of the time, we learn from them and it only changes us to be a better person.” I smiled a small smile at him as I wiped away the tear that was rolling down my cheek with the sleeve of my shirt, the emotions over flowing out of me. “ And because of that, I think that Harriet ( Yes harriet, I didn’t know who else to write about), is stupid to break up with someone as amazing as you and that you shouldn’t regret leaving her after everything she’s done since you deserve so much more better than her.”

Both Newt and I were crying at the end of my mini speech and he smiled one of his familiar smiles at m once he had stopped crying. We both hastily wiped away the tears that were stained on our cheeks and without any hesitation, Newt embraced me into his arms, hugging me tightly.

“ Thank you, (Y/n), for everything and helping me.” I heard Newt say in a soft tone and I smiled to myself, feeling my a comforting feel blossoming in my chest. I closed my eyes and rested my cheek on Newt’s shoulder.

“ And thank you too, for just being with me despite everything.” But deep down, I knew that my heart was saying something else too. And it was the three familiar words that everyone knew.


Dean Winchester Smut- She’s Wrapped Around Me

A/N- anyone’s POV other than Readers is my favorite to write in ohlordy. So, credit to gif owner, and enjoy my smut O:) 

  Dean’s POV

    Walking into our shared bedroom, I looked at Y/N, just laying on the bed casually. Appearing to be in deep thought, I tried to shut the door and leave. “Get back in here.” I heard her voice ring through the door. Opening it again, I stepped in. 

   “C’mere..” Y/N said sweetly, holding her arms open for me. I smiled, loving the way she was always welcoming me with open arms even if it wasn’t visually. Walking over, I crawled between her legs, pushing my arms under waist to hold her. I don’t think she realizes it but she’s holding me, I’m not the one being the rock here. She is. She is the reason I know I can come home when I’ve done wrong or let someone down. Y/N is the one who taught me you can’t bottle things up. And hell, one touch from her and I’m going to oblivion, completely lost in her. 

     Slowly running her fingers through my hair, I closed my eyes and let the sensation lull me. “I love you.” I heard from her chest where my head was. “I love you too.” I spoke back, moving for just a second to kiss the valley between her breasts. 

     Half awake, I felt my body fall asleep, but my head was still half alert. Y/N’s sweet hands were still roaming my hair, calming me. “You’re going to fall asleep, baby.. Come on, let’s get you changed…” Slowly, I sat up with her, sitting on the edge of the bed. Laying on her back again, she waited. As I stripped down to my boxers, I felt her eyes on me. Turning to look at her beautiful face, I let out a sleepy, sarcastic remark, “Like what you see?” I smirked lazily. “Yeah, actually, that’s why I’ma take a picture.” She replied, and I felt her move on the mattress.

        Quickly turning, I practically jumped on her, our bodies a tangled mess. Wrestling her for the phone, I pinned her hands above her head, my body finding its way between her legs comfortably. Face to face, our eyes searched each other’s, breathing heavily. Looking at her familiar soft lips, I pressed mine to hers, the kiss slow at first. 

      Moving the phone from her hands, I set in on the side table, feeling my erection begin. Her core was hot on me, and I could tell just by the heat and way she breathed she was soaked. I began to grind on her, her back arching into me. “Slow down baby girl, it’s about patience..” I breathed heavily in her ear, kissing the sweet spot behind it. 

      Earning a sweet moan from her, I did it slower, but harder. Her small hands trailed to my back, her nails raking down my shoulders. Kissing down her breasts, I pulled her shirt over her head, revealing them to me. Quickly, I kissed and sucked, harmlessly pulling on her nipples with my teeth. At my action, her legs flew around my waist, pulling me closer. I groaned, the heat from her core causing me to twitch. 

      I looked her in the eyes as my hand went south, slowly pulling her underwear down as she opened her legs again. Y/N took in a sharp breath as the cold air hit her hot core, her back arching just a little. “God you’re beautiful..” I trialed off, taking in her body, the masterpiece that blessed me everyday. 

      Leaning back down,  I put my hand between us, kissing her as I started to rub her clit. Her legs shook violently, and I pulled away. Lining myself up, her juices were flowing down my tip, then down my shaft, almost making me cum. Slowly, I slid into her hot core, embracing the way her tightness sheathed me. 

   Groaning, I nipped at her shoulder, her mouth open wide in a loud moan. Beginning to move, I felt the way she opened up for me, her walls closing as I pulled out. I pulled her up, quickly flipping us over. Taking control, Y/N put her hands on my chest as she began to thrust, her movements slow and loving. Placing my hands on her chest, I massaged her breasts in circles, her soft skin meeting and pleasing mine. 

      It didn’t take long for her to clench around me, cumming hard. Her cum came down on my shaft, making my cock twitch inside her. As she caught her breath, I began to thrust into her from beneath her, chasing my high. Pulling my hand away from her breasts, I started to rub her clit, feeling her legs and walls shake around me. A moaning mess, she came again, her juices leaking out of her and onto my base.

       Groaning loudly, I shot my cum deep inside her, pulling out right after. Collapsing on top of me , she was covered in a thin layer of sweat, just as I was. Scooping her up in my arms, I held her tightly, waiting for her to get some sleep. 


    When I woke, Y/N was still sound asleep next to me. Either way, I climbed out of bed, feeling dazed. Sam was sitting in the living room quietly when he looked up at me. “How was your night?” He asked, a brow raised. “Literally the best sex I’ve ever had…” I said, looking at the wall blankly, thinking about her core.  

     Just as I turned to Sam, Y/N was standing in the doorway upstairs, looking at me. In just one look, she caught my eye, motioning for me to come upstairs. I smirked to her, looked at Sam and said, “Strictly business.”         

koobadoob  asked:

!!! Wait how do you do updates for this blog? It kinda looks like you colored pencil drawings in digitally

(yes i do !! sometimes ill do all digital for   uh probably inconsistent reasons (i anticipated speed, but clearly I Am Not Fast)

it involves taking the cleaned scan or photo n setting it to a multiply layer n going to town below it (or sometimes above)

its my fav way of doing shit bc i LOVE my traditional line quality but digital coloring is easier/faster/more flexible so i get th best of both that way

ive also been using a water soluble pencil over my normal pencil for extra shading and Holy shit. its gorgeous. also use a water brush that shits gr8

so: photoshop for scan cleaning (its contrast/brightness sliders are superior) and SAI for   everything else)

[Her: A Short Story]

Honestly, I’m not insane. I promise you that I’m not. I’m as normal as anyone could possibly be. I was born into quite a normal family. My mother was a stay at home mom, while my father was a businessman at the local sales firm.  I had a bike, played in the yard, and said my prayers every night before bed. Believe me, you could take a picture of us and stick it in a magazine promoting better lifestyles. We perfectly fit the cliche of a normal, white, suburban family.

I live in an apartment complex in the middle of the city, nothing too fancy. It’s a standard, one bedroom apartment containing the average messes of any single man; stained clothes scattered aimlessly throughout the floor, black trash bags filled with day old meat and beer bottles, piles of newspapers resting on the living room. Nothing out of the ordinary, just average. I work at a tax firm called Norm & Al’s Tax Office, across the street from J.J.’s Diner. I order my lunch every day from J.J.’s, a medium rare cheese burger with a side of fries and a Coke. That’s about as average of a lunch as you can possibly get. I have no girlfriend, no wife, no kids. I’m just a single man, living life as normally as I possibly can. I’m no different from anyone else. I love how my life is so normal and I strive to keep it that way. So just exactly how can I insane? My name is Michael Nathaniel Scott.

However I’ll say this again, I’m not crazy. Honestly, I’m really not. But I am in love. I am madly in love with Jennifer Watson. Jennifer works at the same tax firm as I do. They just hired her a few weeks ago as a new accountant. She sits exactly five cubicles down and three to the right from mine. Trust me, I’ve counted, about 521 times to be exact. That’s half the number of times I’ve stared at her from afar. 

I first met Jennifer at J.J.’s Diner. Well, I didn’t actually meet her, she sat exactly two booths away from me. I did, however, watch her for a couple of minutes. I thought it was quite romantic that she orders the same exact meal as I did. She even removes the pickles and places it on a napkin just the way I do.  It was if it was fate for her and I to be together.

Jennifer lives in an apartment complex called the Sani T. Inn, exactly 3.2 miles away from my apartment. It’s located on the corner of Rutherford St. and Dawson Ave. It really is a beautiful building, much nicer than mine. She lives on the 13th floor of her apartment complex, Room 1366.  She really has a wonderful home and her bedroom window overlooks the city skyline. It’s such a beautiful site. It really is. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

I haven’t worked up the courage to talk to Jennifer yet. She doesn’t even know I my name. But she does pass by my cubicle every day, at exactly 2:32 p.m., to go to the restroom. Honestly, I’m not crazy, but Jennifer stares at me whenever she walks by. In the brief five seconds she walks by, she glances at me with lustful eyes.  She must be in love with me as well. We’re two peas in a pod, you know? Her heart must beat for me, as mine does for her.

The time was 2:20p.m., September, 31st 2001, exactly twelve minutes before Jennifer makes her daily routine bathroom break. I had planned to finally confront Jennifer about our romantic tension today. Maybe, her and I can stop playing this staring game and move on to a real relationship. I peek above my cubicle partition to see if she was getting up, but all I could see were the bad hairdos of all my co-workers and the lovely grid pattern of our cubicles. I sat back down in my perfect 6x6 cubicle with its beautifully normal grey walls and the mountains of paperwork to my left. Unlike my apartment, my cubicle is perfectly organized. The cubicle is graced with the aroma of freshly printed documents. Nothing is out of place. The staples are all neatly stored in their box inside the top right drawer. The stapler is placed at a 45 degree, so my hand doesn’t have to struggle when I reach for it. I simply wanted my office space to be the prime example of a normal, working man’s cubicle. It was my own little slice of heaven. Sweet, perfect, normality.

I checked the clock again. All I can think about were the precious seconds Jennifer used to walk passed my cubicle. I haven’t been this nervous in quite a long time. My stomach feels like ribbons, my hands are drenched with sweat, my lips wet from the salivation of excitement. My head pounded with the sound of reverberating drum beats. This is the feeling of love, I just know it. The time is 2:31p.m., just a single minute away from seeing Jennifer’s beautiful figure grace its way through these lovely halls. I peek above my cubicle once more. Drum beats sound in my head once more.

It’s exactly 2:32p.m. and I can see her gorgeous black hair radiate the room. Today is the day, I said. Over and over inside my head like a broken record.

Today was the day.
Today is the day.

Today, she’ll know just how perfect we are for each other. I’ll expose her love for me. My face clenches up, putting on the best smile it could muster. I check myself in the small mirror to my right. I see an image fit to be her boyfriend. I see her pass by my cubicle taking such small, yet graceful steps. Tremors dance their way throughout my hands and chest.
She briefly turns her head towards me with the same stare she always has. Her eyes meet mine and I knew it was the time. I whispered to myself:

“Get up
Get the fuck up!

It was too late. I turn around and watched her pass me with a look of sadness on her face. She wanted me to say something. She wanted me to make her my queen.


The sound of my voice echoed across the building. I felt every bit of air from my body exit out of my mouth. I was standing in the middle of my cubicle, trying to catch my breath. The office was silent, shocked at my display of frustration. One after another, they rose up out of their seats and turned their heads toward my direction. Each had glancing at me with their hollow judgmental eyes. I wanted to tear their fucking eyes out. All I could see is jealousy radiating from their bodies, they were angry that Jennifer was mine for the taking. Millions of eyes all begin to simultaneously focus their glare towards me. The longer they stare, the faster my heart races. I can hear their whispers and their smirk little comments.

They’re looking at me as if I’m crazy. Honestly, I’m not crazy! More eyes fixate on me. It feels as if my heart is ready to burst through my sternum leaving entrails scattered across the office floor. I’m not crazy, I’m just like all of them. I’m just as normal as all of you. Why do they stare at me like I’m insane?


Their eyes quickly turn away from me. My heart begins to slow down. I’m calm. I’m normal. I’m fine. I sit back down and notice Jennifer exiting the restroom and walking back towards back her cubicle. This time I’ll do it. My face clenches up once more, putting on an even better smile than before. I check myself in the mirror just in case the yelling messed my hair up. Nope, still an image of the perfect, normal boyfriend. Once again, she turns her head towards me and stares into my eyes, smiling and waiting for me to make my move. Come on Michael, you can do it. Move. Say something. You’ll miss your chance. MOVE!


“Yes?” she asked, quickly turning towards me.

The tone of her voice sounded so welcoming, so loving, so accepting. She’s perfect for a normal guy like me. My body felt the need to leap towards her and kiss her so tenderly.

“Would you like to grab some lunch with me in a few minutes? We go to the same place every day and we wouldn’t be so lonely if we’re eating together. Right?”

She looked at me with a face of confusion but she soon realized that this was my way of asking her on a date. A smile emerges from the cracks of her beautiful pale skin.

“Sure.” She said, quickly walking back towards her cubicle.

I can tell she’s smiling right now. Her body must be feeling adrenaline coursing through her veins as well. She’s probably imagining the wonderful evening we’re going to have. How her and I will order the same burger, remove the pickles, and place it on the same napkin. How it will end in a kiss as I walk her towards the office building. How later that night we’re going to make love and proclaim our feelings for each other.

Hours go by and all I can feel is the anxiousness setting in. My knees are shaking, violently rocking my desk up and down. My hands are trembling so quickly that not even vice gripping my leg could stop either of these movements. All I could do was watch the clock tick the irrelevant seconds away. But this is all I could do. Wait. Wait for her to get up and exit the building. That’s it.

She must be feeling this way too, right? Her hands, her knees, her heart must all be nervously dancing to the beat of our future together. I know she can’t wait either, I just know it. Our connection, our normality, our love, they binds our actions and our thoughts. I will wait for you to leave, as any normal man should. I peek over my cubicle and notice Jennifer grabbing her purse. She gets up and makes her way towards the exit. My eyes follow her path, waiting for her to turn to me with her dull, dazzling dark brown eyes and tell me to follow her. She’s only just a few steps away. I stare at her beautiful, pale face once again, waiting for her signal. Two more steps. One.

Jennifer! Look at me! Jennifer! JENNIFER! LOOK AT ME! YOU FUCKING CUNT!

She passes me and makes her way towards the door. She must have forgotten that I was coming along.  I stare at her once again and notice that she fumbled her keys and bent over to pick them up. Was this her signal? Was this her promiscuous way of telling me to follow her? I can tell that the gesture was for me and me alone. This was her way, her method of catching my attention.

I get up and make my way to the door as well, taking quiet steps so Jennifer wouldn’t assume that I’m desperate to be next to her. Just walk normal Michael. Slowly. Just the right distance behind her for her to notice my presence, but not close enough for her to pay it any mind.

I turn my head for a quick second and I notice the J.J.’s across the street. It’s neon blue sign illuminating the place where and I shall speak of our love. I turn back to Jennifer, watching the way her hips move in tiny unnoticeable motions. She’s at the stoplight, not too far ahead of me. I wanted to maintain my distance, so I hid behind the entrance of a coffee shop just a few feet away. I could tell that she knew I was behind her. She started to grip her purse tighter out of anxiousness and excitement. Her breathing became a little faster paced due to the nervousness. I’ll comfort you Jennifer. I’ll take care of you.

I peek my head out of the corner just a little and notice that she was getting on the bus she takes home. She smiles in my direction, right as she boards the bus and proceeds to take her seat at the rear. I knew what this meant. She wanted me to be with her and follow her to her apartment with the beautiful view, into her bedroom with her white satin sheets and soft pillows that I’ve placed my naked body once upon a time. An act that I’ve dreamed of doing simultaneously with Jennifer on plenty of occasions.

I snap myself out of my fantasy and run towards the bus to catch up to her. I pay the fare and still kept my distance. I stood in the front while she rested in the back, enchanting me with her eyes of lust and love. She turns her head in a way to send me a message. A message that’s saying that she can’t contain her emotions. Me too, Jennifer. Soon, we’ll be together alone as any normal couple should be. My eyes are still fixated on Jennifer. Hers are glancing out the window watching the scenery go by. The bus stops a few times letting the insignificant people off. It would have been better if I threw them into on coming traffic. One by one, they stepped off the bus and each time blocking my view of her. I take my eyes off of her for a minute and stare at the rear view mirror that reflected back at me. I smile and fix my tie, dusting off any debris left on me by people passing me by. I wanted to look as nice as possible. I wanted to look as normal as I possibly could for her. I brush my hair off to the side, smile once more and turn back to her.

She was getting up, ready to leave. I noticed her hand she gripping the center bar with such eagerness. She turns back at me once more and quickly exits the bus. I get off a few seconds after and saw her walking faster towards her apartment building. She looked in a hurry, same as I, excited to seal our love with flesh. Her breathing has grew louder, as did mine. Her paces have sped up, as did mine. Her hands shook more and more, as did mine. She constantly turned back with a smile on her face. Her eyes filled with temptation and love. I chased her to heart’s content. She hurried into the building and ran for the elevator, pressing the button to make her way up the building. She turned to me and as I stared directly into her eyes, I froze. For the first time, I froze.

The doors of the elevator shut and I was left standing still. I calmed myself and entered the next elevator. It was probably best that I didn’t get on the elevator with her, things would have started too early. The music elevator music only made me more eager. I’ve lost the patience I’ve been storing within myself. It feels like an eternity, waiting inside this iron cell. Floor after floor passed until finally arriving at the 13th Floor.

The elevator doors slid open and I could see that Jennifer was by her door. I hear the sound of her  heavy heartbeats and she shifted through her purse to get her keys. I waited in the hall corridor, biding my time. I knew that Jennifer noticed me because she was staring right at me. She looked for those keys even faster, alternating her gaze between me and her purse. I could hear her squeals of joy. So I ran. I ran towards her as fast as I could. She was only down the hall not more than twenty steps away.

Her door violently swings open and she runs in. She tried to close the door shut but I managed to force it open. She was such a tease, laughing as I entered the room. Her screams of happiness fill her apartment. I shut the door behind me and chase after her. The adrenaline in my system was too much.

I slammed her back against the wall, wrapping my hands around throat, and started to kiss her passionately. Her arms flailing as I tore her clothes off. Piece by piece. Her muffled screams of ecstasy only grew louder as each article of clothing was sliced off. I swung her light body onto the bed and pinned her arms down. I kissed every portion of her body, squeezing her limbs so she wouldn’t escape from the pleasure I was serving her.

I could tell she couldn’t wait for it anymore. I licked her naked body once more then pierced her flesh. Penetrating the pink matter that rested within her over and over. Each thrust was just another symbol of our love. She screamed more after each thrust. Louder after each movement of my body. The color of her red lipstick dyed my body as she kissed me all over. She gave into the ecstasy and just laid there perfectly still. I was out of breathe. Adrenaline was still pumping through my system.

I stood above her and turned her head towards me. Her body was still warm. Her eyes open, staring directly into mine. I kissed her on the forehead and let her rest. I cleaned up the place while she recovered. I threw her clothes still covered in her red lipstick into the bathroom. I wiped down every area we made love in. I looked at her once more and smiled at her beauty. I stare out her window and admire the view I’ve seen many times alone. But now I can share this view with her with her in the bed, sleeping. Resting her perfect self. I turn and stare at her once more, kiss her now colorless lips and make my way out of her apartment.

Honestly, I’m not insane. I promise you that I’m not. I’m as normal as anyone could possibly be. I was born into the most normal family anyone can imagine. I live in a standard apartment containing the average messes of any single man. I work at a local tax firm called Norm & Al’s Tax Office across the street from J.J.’s Diner, where I always go for my lunch break. I always order a cheeseburger with a side of fries and a Coke. I’m just living life as normal as I possibly can. I’m no different from anyone else. So how can I possibly be insane? My name is Michael Nathaniel Scott.

However, I am in love with named Jennifer Watson and she is in love with me. As I make my way down the elevator, through the crowded lobby, passed the sliding glass door, and out of her building; I think of her beautiful, sleeping body. I take one more glance at her bedroom window, I reach into my pocket, and smile with the knowledge that her heart is now mine.