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Got fire for a heart, i’m not scared of the dark

rating: G
wordcount: 45k
pairing: ziall (major ot5 friendship too)
tags: alternate universe - superpowers, slow burn, found family, fluff, exotic pets


“I dunno,” Zayn mutters. “I just think you’re much more in the business of flying than falling, y’know?”
That’s not entirely true, Niall thinks. I’m falling for you, aren’t I?


Niall leaves home for the first time and moves to a big city. There, he meets a group of people who will shape the course of the rest of his life. He tries (and fails) not to fall in love with one of them.

Also, they all have superpowers.

Written for the 5th round of @1dbigbang, read it on ao3 here

Lovely cover art by the wonderful sabine @fromadifferentphase, who did such an INCREDIBLE job of capturing my fic in art form! (pls send her love, she was so goshdarn amazing!!) 

Sabine also made another great cover for my fanmix, all of which u can find on her art masterpost here

Wip - Church/Graveyard Combo

Behind the scenes - I’ve just started pulling things from Buy Mode. But this is how I do stuff. That way I only have to cycle through the catalog a few times. I spend most of the time recoloring stuff and changing my mind 10 times. And then deleting what doesn’t fit. 

mabra44  asked:

I've been waiting for a cute library Berena AU. The keep running into each other there&I keep going at the same times to see each other but it's all stolen glances only. Jason's the librarian and sort of connects the dots. @cuttingonions mainly came up with this, I just squealed and shouted yes all the time at her plot suggestions.

ayyyy AUs forever i guess? fun fact, i love that this prompt wasn’t that one of them is a librarian bc to write about librarians feels like work and i’m not into that! so yay! neither one is a librarian! they just want to live their lives in a library! it’s great! hope you enjoy!

catch her warm stare

I Can’t Believe We Just Netflix & Chilled

Authors Note: I saw a Netflix and Chill imagine and I had this idea in the back of my mind for a while. I didn’t steal the idea and I’m sorry if people think I did. BTW I made Ethan and Grayson 18 in this. I really hope you guys enjoy :)

It was a rainy, lazy Saturday night in. I was just about to get into a bubble bath when my phone rang. I looked down at the caller ID and saw that it was a facetime call from Grayson. I was wrapped in a white fluffy towel when I answered.

“May I help you?” I said to Grayson with a toothy smile plastered across my face.

“Y/N, please come over. Ethan is going out with Miranda and I’m bored” he said with a pout. I rolled my eyes at him playfully.

“I’m just about to shower Grayson and do some inventory for work. How about I come over tomorrow?”

“You were coming over tomorrow regardless. Come tonight and just sleep here. You’re supposed to be my best friend Y/N!”

“Listen here Dolan, you can’t pull the best friend card. Who dropped everything she was doing to fly to Jersey with you guys when you got your wisdom teeth out because your mom had to work during the day? Who came over with pizza and pancakes when you and Leena broke up? WHO HELPS YOU GUYS WITH VIDEO IDE—“ I got cut off by Grayson

“Okay, okay I get it. You’re a great friend. I guess I’ll just see you tomorrow than. Talk to you later Y/N” Grayson sighed and hung up. I groaned and threw my phone on the bed. I grabbed my pillow and let out a scream. Once I was done having my mini freak out. I grabbed my phone and texted Grayson.

Y/N: Give me 15 minutes you little shit Grayson: Have I told you lately how much I love you? Y/N: You better have order pizza.

I showered and got dressed. I put on a black tank top that I tucked into high waisted jeans, with my, well Graysons 4OU tour sweater, my olive green Nike Roshes and I left my curly hair down. I got into my white Jeep wrangler and headed over to the guys place.

Once I arrived, I met up with Ethan on their driveway. He told me that he was taking Miranda to dinner, mini golf, and than maybe froyo. He kept the front door unlocked for me and I walked in. I headed straight to their living room where Grayson had set up the coffee table with pineapple pizza, water, sour skittles, sour patch kids and popcorn. I made myself comfortable on the couch with my legs crossed and waited for Grayson.

I started scrolling through twitter to see the usual. Shawn Mendes tweets, tweets from a couple of my friends, Dolan fans thinking Grayson and I are dating, and the hate comments that come along with it. The hate has never truly bothered me. I always thought; the more hate I got, the less people would be negative people would be towards the boys. The couch shifting underneath me interrupted my thoughts.

I locked my phone and looked to my right to see Grayson in a white t-shirt that clung to his chest muscles and the sleeves made his arms pop. He was also wearing his black Adidas pants that hugged his thick thighs so well. He looked at me and smirked,

“What are you looking at?” he asked me still with that smirk on his face. “Nothing, so since you dragged me over here, what are we doing tonight Gray?” I asked him quickly changing the subject. I always knew I was attracted to Grayson, I mean who wouldn’t be. He was funny, caring, spontaneous, smart, loving, and the looks were a plus. I’ve been best friends with Grayson and Ethan for about 3 years now, but Grayson is 18 and I’m 22 so I always knew nothing could happen between us. Grayson got up and started looking through his Apple TV. Once he started going through movies he looked over his shoulder and smiled at me.

“Can we watch my favorite?” he smiled at me and started pressing play even before I gave him an answer. I nodded at him and he came and sat beside me again. We started watching “Friends with Benefits” and started eating. About 2 slices in for me and 3 slices in for Grayson, he saw that I started fidgeting.

“You all good Y/N?” I paused the movie and looked over at me “Yeah, I’m okay. I’m gonna go put on my pajama bottoms that I left here. I can’t be in these jeans any longer.” I got up and headed to Graysons room were I had my own drawer. I started going through my drawer and I couldn’t find my pair of trackpants. I must have worn them home and never brought them back here. I grabbed a pair of Graysons black Adidas pants and wore them. They were super long for me and baggy around my legs but well fitted around my butt and thighs. I went back to watching the movie with Grayson. We were half way through when Grayson looked over at me.

“You know Y/N, we could probably do that. Have sex with no feelings, no strings attached. I mean we are best friends so it’s not like it’s an awkward one-night stand. Plus we both have been single for about a year now, so we know we are both sexually frustrated.”

“Woah, speak for yourself Dolan. You might be sexually frustrated but not me. What makes you think we could do this no strings attached, no feelings? I’ve been told I’m a great lover and you’ll get hooked” I winked at him and laughed. Grayson paused the movie and turned his body to face me, which means this was getting serious and he was actually considering it.

“No really Y/N, could you imagine it? We are both single, best friends and we’d vow that if one of us starts feeling anything we’ll stop this and talk about what we want to do next. What do you think?” he looked at him and bite his bottom lip.

I can’t lie and say I’ve never thought about having sex with Grayson, but could I do this? Will I get hooked on Grayson? I thought about this for what it felt like 20 minutes.

“Okay, no strings, no attachments, and if one of us starts to feel something more or if it gets weird we talk about what we do next and THIS DOESN’T CHANGE OUR FRIENDSHIP.”

Grayson smiled at me, “Deal. Did you want to try it out now? I mean we have the place to ourselves.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Yeah okay” I said looking at Grayson hesitantly.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap so his back was against the couch and I had both legs straddling him. He pulled off my sweater and left me in my black tank top, which was very low cut. He placed his right hand on the small of my back above my bum and his left hand made its way to face. Our lips were only inches apart, I felt Grayson’s breaths against them.

“Kiss me,” I whispered, craving his lips on mine.

He slowly pulled me in closer to him until our lips finally touched. We started moving in sync with each other; slow and soft at first but Grayson pulled me in closer and kissed me much harder. His hand that was above my butt had found its way to my butt, which he was grabbing.

He ran his tongue along my bottom lip and I let him in. It made him gasp inside my mouth. I felt Grayson growing harder underneath me. Grayson placed both his hands under my butt and picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. He laid me down on his bed with him on top. He pulled away and looked at me,

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he looked at me with concern.

I bit my lip as I looked back up at him, “I’m okay Gray, really I promise.” Grayson leaned back down and kissing me with passion and tilting my head back, before letting his wet tongue run down my neck. His movement gave me chills. Pressing himself against me, I felt his length grow bigger and bigger, leaving my mouth feeling utterly dry. His hands ran down my body, exploring every inch, like he’d knew exactly where to touch me. It left me trembling, craving his teasingly touches even more.

Grayson wanted to take control, but I flipped us over so I was on top and pushed his chest down, letting myself sit on his stomach. His wide eyes glazed up at me, watching desirably as I undressed myself. I took off my tank top off and slid off the Adidas track pants I was wearing off, leaving me in my black lace bra and pantie lace thong and I didn’t know how much longer I could wait. After throwing the clothes on the floor next to us, Grayson’s hands ran up my body and behind my back, quickly, he slid my bra of me.

“You’re so breath-taking” He whispered, allowing his hands to play with my tender boobs. I threw my head back in pleasure, moaning at his fingers on my chest. I slid off his pants quickly and Grayson kicked them off his legs.

Grabbing the hem of the t-shirt, he reviled his toned chest to me. I bended down, placing damp kisses all over him. He grabbed my hair, pulling hard, as I sucked on his skin. He tried holding back a moan, but he failed at it as I lightly bit and sucked down his chest. His hands were rubbing all sorts of places on my naked body, leaving craving more. I reached down between his legs, feeling how hard and ready he was.

Grayson flipped us over so he was on top and back in control. He started kissing down my chest; to my stomach leaving kisses and bites every so often. He looked up at me before making his way down between my thighs as he looked back up at me. I moan at just the sight of him. It made Grayson bite my thigh in pleasure before spreading them apart. His touch left my body with chills.

I threw my head back, biting my lip hard. Grayson planted damp kisses on both side of my thighs, making it impossible for me to lay still. My fingers wrapped themselves into Grayson’s messy hair, feeling the desire spread around inside you.

“Are you 100% sure Y/N?” Grayson asked me again. I couldn’t speak back, because of the quiet moans continuing to escape my trembling lips. Grayson moved his head in between your shaking legs, before letting his tongue slide over my clit. I twisted the moment I felt him licking. I could feel Grayson smile between your legs. I still had my fingers tangled in his hair.

Grayson’s tongue moved from my clit, up my stomach and made it to my bare chest. He started gently sucking my nipples, biting them once in a while. He truly was driving me crazy. While sucking on my skin, Grayson let two fingers slip inside me, making me rasped loudly.

I pushed my lower body up to meet his fingers inside of me, greedily wanting to feel his touches even more. Grayson backed out a bit so he could look at me. Our eyes met and he sent me a pure smile.

“Just fuck me already” I begged him, completely out of breath.

I kissed Grayson’s neck, biting and sucking to leave little hickeys on him, which made him moan loudly. I loved how my touches made noises like that come out of him. I took the hand with the fingers Gray had inside me, before sucking hardly on them, tasting myself. Grayson watched me with widen eyes. He bit his lip in pleasure, kissing my neck again.

Roughly, Grayson spread my legs again to slide inside me. He grabbed around each thigh and slowly, but harshly, he pushed his length inside of me. Grayson moaned in the moment, which made me pull on his hair. Grayson started moving inside me, picking up the pace, crashing in and out of my body.

I moaned loudly, feeling how Grayson filled out every inch of me. He wrapped his fingers in my hair, pulling it back roughly, wanting me to kiss him. I let my lips close the tiny gap between our lips, allowing my tongue to play with his.

Grayson and I moved together, enjoying every inch and trace of each other’s naked skin. I felt Grayson’s steamy body rubbing against mine, leaving an almost electrifying feeling on my skin.

Grayson let his tongue lick my neck and down to my breasts, before sucking hard. I moaned in his ear, leaving chills all over Grayson’s body. As Grayson reached his point of exploding, I pushed myself towards Grayson’s last and rough move, making the both of us cum.

Grayson pulled himself out of me, and rolled over beside me as we both had to catch our breath. We laid in silence for a couple of minutes before either of us spoke up. Grayson grabbed his comforter and covered the both of us.

“Maybe you were right Y/N, maybe I will get hooked you,” he said with a wink. I threw a pillow at him and groaned.

“What’s wrong Y/N?”

“I can’t believe we actually just ‘Netflix & Chilled’” I said while covering my face. We laughed, got up and got dressed. I can’t believe I just had sex with my best friend.

Option B

Blame @the-well-rested-one. Like Shaggy said, it wasn’t me.

Harry’s house is just as gorgeous as the one we have left, and the population of two that inhabit it are much more to my liking. I can barely remember the invite I got to That Party, but I’ll be sure to thank my friend, because this is living the dream, but I know I won’t ever go again. I wonder if Harry will attend another. I look over at his unmasked face and marvel. That jawline is criminal, its stolen my attention all evening. I can’t imagine what else it will abscond with by the time this is through.

He catches me looking and I blush.

“Look at that bloom, love!” he chuckles and approaches where I stand near his kitchen island. His arms circle my hips and grip. I find myself on his marble counter top and my ass would be as icy as it if the heat coming off him between my thighs wasn’t akin to an industrial heater. His hand runs up to my neck and he clutches it like an egg. I’m not going anywhere, but the pressure is delicate. He rubs a thumb up my throat and watches my neck as I gulp. “After how good you just treated me, I’m surprised you are capable of blushing. Think it’s about time to return the favor, hmmmm?” he finishes the question with a vibrato against my lips and when I nod eagerly is smears our lips together. The balm I had applied after the abuse I had just inflicted happily upon myself is spread around and I can feel it breach the borders  of my lips and the sense memory of swiping him onto and around those same body parts causes a moan.

Harry takes advantage; the kiss starts deep and wet. His tongue makes a home in my mouth, but it’s not cozy. It’s a messy house party, and his hand has remained clutched to my neck and is squeezing lightly to the sides of my neck. The restricted blood flow is fucking with me, I can’t even think about participating and my volume is unrestricted. When I pull back to gasp, he smirks at me and the power shift from an hour ago is a revolution.  I can feel a pulse and gush. When I blush again, he tilts his head to the side and gives me a curious glance. But rather than asking, he seems to be intent on playing marco polo instead. The hand on my neck migrates down and the way that I fill the palms of his hands seems to work for both of us if the twin groans are any indication. He investigates the twin peaks he’s created, planting his flag on this previously undiscovered country for a time until my groan turns to a mewl and I hear myself begging. My shirt disappears with my skirt and all I can think of is that Versace lyric. I feel like I’m cheating , musically, on my single serving lover,  but Bruno hasn’t a chance.  

The favors he’s doing my nipples are perfect, except they are dry and I am having trouble voicing my frustration. But my lover is smirking, “Need something?”

“Wet them….Can you wet your fingers?”

“I’ll do you one better.” he does me at least a dozen better when he attaches that pout to them, but only after he makes them wet. It’s a delicious preview of what they may look like soon when they are covered in me. His mouth forms a cup around my nipple, I’ve always considered them a little big, but they seem to meet and exceed his expectation if the not so subtle adjustment he gives himself is any indication. The suction seems to be his favorite, but his fingers are plucking at my other peak, he pulls back a minute and I wimper a protest before he chuckles and gets back to work. I wonder what the hold up was, until I get what his intent was when his fingers are shoved unceremoniously into my mouth. I wet them, as he none to gently has suggested and bite as they escape. With wet fingers, he circles one nipple, and mimics the movement with his tongue. He’s looking at me. I’m breathless, speechless already.

“This what you like?”

I nod, and realize I’m only watching the goings on, my hands are gripping the edge of the now warm marble beneath me. I need the ballast, but I remove one hand to run through his silky hair. He’s laughing again, the smug ass, but I realize my neck is still going like a bobble head on a dashboard. I scratch his scalp and laugh at myself with him. He flexes into the caress and I catalog that for later. Hope for a later. His mouth draws down the center of my tummy, and his hand that remains on my chest pushes me back so I’m reclining. There is a second tier to the island I’m on, its completely uncomfortable and I find the cold hardness of it distracting.

But Harry performs a magic trick, and I forget my discomfort, it  makes me wonder where my self preservation has gone. He’s petting my panties and I know they are embarrassingly wet, have been since the head I gave him earlier. He seems to approve and the kisses to my lower abdomen are as wet at my pussy. Both hands circle my thighs and I marvel at their size before he pulls me down. My back is going to hate me tomorrow. I can’t be fucked to care. Or I being fucked to well to care. His fingers are inside of me and he seems to be checking his progress, like an eager student turning to the back of the book. My head falls back, and before I know it, the magician between my legs has used some sleight of hand to get my panties off. Maybe I blacked out. He’s mouthing the round ball of my ankle joint, and who knew that was a thing. His arms are long; the fingers not on my foot are still inside me, driving me crazy with straightforward thrusts. I really want him to turn his palm around, but my words have disappeared behind the veil where my sense has gone. My mouth reengages when he kisses up my leg, stopping at my knee, and continuing up until he is at my hip flexors. He mouths at the meeting between my hips and thigh on both sides before testing my flexibility by bending me in half. My knees meet my chest when his mouth finally finds my vulva. I’m the pucture of wanton anticipation. Naked as the day with a clothed man between my thighs spread out on the clean surface below me. But I’m waiting, and his fingers have disappeared and I’m empty. My head, which feels like its full of lead, lifts up to find him staring at me. I don’t have it in me to feel insecure, I’m to worked up. I just watch him watch me before he leans forward and purses his wet pink lips and blows on my swollen clit. My back jumps off the counter, “Motherfucker,” comes out of my mouth and I feel his shoulders bounce below my thighs. I don’t hear the laugh, because his mouth is busy. He’s licked me top to tail, and I’m so ready to get to the main event, the pulsing little heart of me  I whine out, “No!” when he licks around my clit, but not on it. He continues this for longer than I’d like.

“I can feel those legs twitching,” he smirks.

“Fuck off,” I return and he fills his smiling mouth with my hood and the intake of breath I draw almost chokes me. His work is smooth. He licks up and down, flicks occasionally, until he realizes that I like the broads strokes better. Up and down, like a carousel horse, and my belly undulates to the rhythm. I can see the muscles there constricting and if I had the wherewithal I would wonder why they didn’t do that in belly dancing class. I think I’m saying please, but I might as well have a shell pressed to my ear. Sounds are muffled.

He pulls back to slip his tongue into my opening and the pause is enough for me to realize I have a handful of hair, and I’m pulling, hard. “Sorry.” I say and my hand finds its way to my stomach.

He looks up at me, crocodile eyes above the waterline, and grabs my hand to put it back where it was. I fear for the curls that have sprung up, but obey. He places a hand back on my tum, his mouth back to my center, and three fingers on his opposing hand find their way into my opening. He turns them up in a come hither motion at the moment he seals his mouth over my clit with a bit of suction and proceeds to rub the flat of his tongue up and down until he has to move both of his hands to unclamp my thighs from his ears. He pushes them to the counter.

“Keep em there,” his tone means business but he adds a please. I nod my head again, my neck muscles are gonna be sore at this rate. Every hope I had about how he’d look anointed with my dew is answered. His mouth is gorgeous and wet and a little pink and sets atop a jawline and between cheekbones a sculptor would cut with an exacto. I watch him until his mouth descends. His hand and mouth get back to work, and when a pinky finds its way to my puckered hole, I disobey, my thighs snap up, my back arches, my belly does a samba, and my mouth calls his name.  I quake and quiver on his countertop while he gentles me down. He’s removing his hands and rubbing my thighs, licking lightly until I push his head away. I move to curl up and groan when I realize where I am.

He helps me down and I stretch uncomfortably as I realize the sun is coming up.

He follows my gaze while he rubs the tender spots on my back. “It’s early,” he states. “Do you have to be anywhere?”

I look at the clock, shit. “Yeah, I need to get to work.”

He senses my hurry and helps me locate my clothes, points out a bathroom, and when I come out as presentably as I can, he hands me a coffee cup.

“I never asked your name?” the accent is thicker this am, voice raspier, and his mouth is still wet. I still want it.  I wonder if he’s cleaned himself up at all.

“Um, its Elle.” I leave it at that.

He leans in and kisses me, and I know he hasn’t washed.

“I called you an uber, but I wasn’t sure where to send it.” I take his phone and put in the address.  

He puts it to use when a beautiful orchid arrives later to the desk I work at a record label. I read the card and smile.

“I won’t forget you, or your taste.  

                        Love, H.”

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More gross cute cop family and headcanon Myra stuff! This time including Lily~  Seb refuses to succumb to sleep before he knows what happens at the end of Tangled. Sometimes Dad-life is tough. >:I

The hairtie & fox are references to chief-meister , her awesome art and how much I love her version of Lily <3 Thanks again to everyone for going on this headcanon adventure with me, normal TEW stuff to resume shortly!

If I have learned anything about grief it is that it is unpredictable. You will never know when it’s coming or how long it will last. It overwhelms and exhausts you. It takes you to the farthest reaches of your sanity and then throws you directly back into the thick of things. It does not care who you are or what you have accomplished. It will linger in the deepest recesses of your mind.. waiting. A song or a smell or a laugh will bring it to the forefront, ready to consume you - and consume you it will. It is a constant struggle to keep my head above water and not let grief have its way with me. My heart physically aches and there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight.

  • Me innocently watching Dan and Phil vs Tumblr when I first found their channels: Huh... Tumblr seems like an odd place. I've never really heard of it before. What makes people use this site? I don't think I could ever do that.
  • Me now checks Tumblr a least a couple times a day, has notifications clogging up my phone, around 90% of the content I post and reblog is Dan and Phil: I wonder who the fuck got me into this mess and why I love it so much.

Practice Ran Late

Jimmy Darling x Reader

Requested by: Anon, “Could I request a Jimmy Darling smut? Something kinda sweet, where he’s really loving and caring (been feeling lonely…) but also kinda rough? (Btw, I’m in love with his hands, if you could include him using them on the reader, ;)that would be great..) Please and thank you, I LOVE your fics.“

A/N: Sorry this took a while but I hope this helps ;)

It was dark outside of the trailer when I saw the moonlight stream in, framing Jimmy’s silhouette.

“Sorry for getting in so late doll, practice ran longer than planned.” Jimmy said, walking towards me and engulfing me in a hug.

I breathed in his cologne that was also mixed with his sweat, sometimes I worried about how hard he worked. “It’s alright, I just missed you is all,” I replied.

Jimmy was still standing close to me, his arms loosely wrapped around my waist. I was rubbing his arms softly with my finger tips and pouting slightly while looking into his eyes. 

“Baby girl you know I can’t handle that look you give me when you’re sad,” Jimmy said, his face contorting into half-concern and half-smirking. 

I just laughed and leaned back a bit, “I’m fine Jimmy, I just worry about you sometimes.”

Jimmy’s grip around my waist tightened, pulling me closer to him again. “Baby, you know if I could I would spend all day with you, and don’t worry about me working hard, I’m not putting anymore pressure on myself than I can handle.”

His words eased my worry slightly. I looked from his eyes to his lips and leaned in. His lips met mine in a soft kiss full of care. I moved my hands from his arms to his shoulders and gripped them. His hands wrapped around my waist, causing us to get even closer together.

Jimmy moved his hand from my waist to my butt and rested it there before squeezing. I yelped at his action, allowing his tongue access into my mouth. I smiled into the kiss as Jimmy slowly pushed me towards the bed. After I fell back onto it and let out a squeal he fell on top of me, keeping his arms out so that he didn’t let all of his weight rest on me. We resumed our previous make out session as I felt his hand trail down to my crotch and lift up the rather short dress I was wearing to above my hip. His hand made its way to my underwear and pulled them off in one swift motion. 

We didn’t break the kiss until Jimmy placed his hand on my clit and said: “Holy shit kitten, you’re already so wet for me.” I didn’t feel like dealing with his cockiness so to silence him I started rubbing my exposed thigh against his clothed crotch. He moaned, not expecting the sudden touch but welcoming it anyway. I pulled his lips onto my again and continued rubbing him through his pants as he worked my sensitive bundle of nerves that was completely exposed to him. He was speeding up his touch and I knew what was coming next. He pushed his fingers into my entrance and pumped hard, quickly pulling out and repeating his actions. Although I was expecting it, it didn’t prevent the waves of pleasure from crashing through my entire body, and I hadn’t even cum yet. 

“Oh my god, Jimmy. F-faster, please baby.” I managed to moan out, his lips were now on my neck, leaving dark red marks. 

“Anything for you, Y/N,” Jimmy replied, looking lustfully into my eyes. Jimmy’s fingers thrusted dutifully faster as I couldn’t take anymore and unraveled all over his hand. He fell down next to me as I breathed heavily. I slowly pulled my underwear back up and covered myself with my dress. Jimmy pulled me onto his chest and I cuddled into his neck. His hand brushed through my hair as I stroked his shoulder and neck with my fingers. There was complete silence until Jimmy spoke up, “Love you Y/N, you remember that alright?” “Of course Jimmy, love you more.”


ten unappreciated scenes


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 The silence was eating me up. His hands were gripping the steering wheel, his knuckles were turning white from his strong grip. His eyes were locked on the road while he kept on accelerating, however, I wasn’t scared of the speed he drove with, I knew he wouldn’t put our life in danger. He wasn’t angry with me but this didn’t mean I could stay calm. I was involved.

 This night was supposed to be filled with laughter, us having fun listening to Jay’s new album while driving around the city. But our plans went crashing down the minute I got in his car. He was on his phone as usually, checking his social media accounts when he came across of the breaking news of our relationship being revealed. The online media outlets were flooded because of the news just like our SNS accounts. Fans were shocked, not because of him getting a girlfriend, but because I was a simple teacher in a low-ranked school and on top of all I was a foreigner. The moment my name was revealed fans, of course, flooded my SNS accounts and besides a few really nice fan who were wishing us happiness, there were a lot of fans who threatened me, called me names and wished for my death.

 I was in a pretty bad situation, I wanted to break down, and probably cry, but the only thing being scarier then the fans and their threats was the thought of him being hurt because of me. I knew he loved his fans, he was thankful towards them and I was afraid he would leave me so his fans would stop leaving hate comments. I knew all too well he wanted to keep his relationship status a secret because he wanted his personal life to be separated from his work. That’s why he never dated models, singers, or actresses.

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The Unknowns: Nineteen

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This is a continuation for The Unknowns.  A one shot turned into a long ass Prologue.  Part One.  Part Two.  Part Three.  Four.Part Five.  Part Six. Part Seven.  Part Eight.  Part Nine. Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen. Fourteen.  Fifteen.  Sixteen.  Seventeen.  Eighteen.

Dean x Psychic!reader

Teaser/Summary: An AU sparked from a songfic challenge, The Unknowns is based on Season One Episode Nine, Dean met reader in Lawrence as a child and they created an unbreakable bond. At the end of The Unknowns, reader decided to stick with her boys because she felt something coming but she holds secrets; one she holds close to her heart and a few that she doesn’t even really know yet.

Word count: 3545

Lines borrowed from season two episode one, “In my time of dying” in Bold.

I stood leaning against the porch railing staring out into the junkyard. The sun was hovering just above the horizon inching its way down, its last rays reaching my face with a gentle warmth.

A soft buzz in the back of my mind soothed and amazed me at the same time. I could still feel Dean. No emotions or anything else passed through the bond but I knew he was alive and right now that was everything.

Whatever Pamela had done, the static and the oppressive sense bearing down on me were dampened, tucked away under a heavy blanket. But Dean was still here. I closed my eyes and tugged on the buzz. I sighed as the hum spread, vibrating down my neck then out along my arms, soft and comforting like his energy was brushing down my arms to settle in my hands.

Darkness fell and I opened my eyes. What little was left of the light was being swallowed by the cars and trucks at the outskirts of the junkyard.

“I’ll get him to see reason.” I glanced over my shoulder, Jess was standing at the front door watching me. “I’ll kick his ass if I have to, or you know, just deny him certain things.”

I forced a soft laugh but her sadness swept through me matching my own. She meant well but the thought hurt her just as much as it hurt me. “I knew this would happen. I wanted to tell him and I couldn’t wait for the day when you two would be together again but I feared it too. You shouldn’t deny yourself anything. We both know it wouldn’t do anyone any good. Thank you for the sentiment though.”

She walked over to my side, “you gave us a chance to be together. That fact alone will bring him around.”

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“At twenty-one, a girl begins 
to grasp the world and how it spins. 
She grabs a box of safety pins 
and builds herself a home.”

Amazing new mexico sunset. I’m hanging on a bridge with my friend mikey way from my chem. Its all orange and pink above us. We went to another waterpark again. I love high fives again. Totally back in love.
—  Pete Wentz, Tuesday, June 28, 2005 (livejournal)