and its really big too i didnt notice

I have to say, my favorite part of Mads Mikkelsens portrayal of Hannibal is his general lack of upper facial movement. I know its not something most people focus on but its a really big deal for me. When i was younger i suffered from pretty bad depression and people said they really took notice of me beating it when my face started moving more when i talked. After a while i started taking notice of other people i knew/met with social/emotional dissorders and noticed how many didnt move their upper face much. The fact Mads put this in makes me ecstatic, because i can actually believe that he’s a man who doesnt truly understand normal human emotion. 

I’ve met people who said that his Hannibal is boring because he looks too “flat” but no, thats the point. This Hannibal is one who doesnt get the use of emotion or care to legitimately understand it. While yes, hes a psychiatrist, he might know the textbook definition of emotions, but he doesnt really feel them. This is what people with emotional problems tend to look like, flat and mechanical; and Mikkelsen, in my opinion (experience) does it wonderfully.