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PSA there is no after credits scene! There is a scene after the ‘pretty credits’ sequence but no extra scene after the actual rolling credits! Me and my friends sat through until the end and there’s nothing to wait for. 

Age of Ultron does not have an extra after credits scene! 

I keep wanting to half apologise for posting so much cosplay (aka Loki, let’s be honest here). But then–it’s my blog, and I’m proud of my work, so why shouldn’t I post it when I want to? It’s sort of a constant debate in my head. Anyway. I hope you guys don’t get annoyed with it. :/

Probably one good example of this insidious gender bias is the whole pxs male preference I was complaining about a while back (and someone backed up with data). I’m sure no one on the staff or writing team is sexist or holds any conscious misogynistic beliefs. But we’re stuck in a culture where according to one study, people think there’s an equal number of men and women when 17% of the group is women. And so while no one sees a problem with the stories they’re pitching individually - and many do involve female characters - these trends pop up anyway because we’re all trapped in them. 

And then it’s easier to get pissed off at one site for doing it than to face the daunting challenge of being pissed off at everything. 

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I feel like I’m just raining on everyone’s parade or something (which is not my intention, I more just feel like I don’t understand it?)  but it just bothers me the way that some people treat mental illnesses with almost over-positivity?  I understand the need to make positive out of the negative and obviously everyone uses different coping mechanisms, so I get that people have their own ways of dealing with things and etc. But idk, stuff like “everyone with stpd are beautiful fluffy sparkle baby angel sweeties UwU, stpd really just  stands for Super Tremendous Perfect Darling teehee i love uuuu~!!!” simply bothers me and is just off-putting and uncomfortable. I don’t see how that is helpful. I suppose maybe it could help an individual boost their confidence?? But how much can well-intentioned-but-very-generalized platitudes from random people on the internet actually help in an individuals confidence? It seems sort of demeaning in a way I suppose, because it’s like forced positivity upon something that isn’t necessarily positive. Don’t get me wrong, of course I have many traits of my mental illness that I’m actually kind of thankful for and there’s a few traits that I actually find favorable that I’m happy to have in comparison to what ‘regular’ traits would be . But there’s a difference I guess between rationally appreciating specific traits and watering down an entire concept to the point that you ignore the negatives that are present. It’s like diluted and the actual seriousness of the particular disorder is sort of ignored and the conversation becomes just very fake and fluffy seeming to me. 

Like if you were to come to someone with a specific serious problem and all they told you was “omg bby everything will be alright u r perfect and amazing and a unicorn goddess dnt let anything get u down~! ur a bright sparkle and everything is amazing and youll get better i love uuu UwU”, would that honestly help some people?? To me that would only have the opposite effect, I think I would just be annoyed that I had entirely wasted my time coming to someone who clearly wasn’t capable of providing me with informed or solid insight. I haven’t received any feedback on my actual problem, i’ve just received some form of random fluffy “emotional support” ? ( I’m not annoyed by the person themselves,  I see that they’re coming from a good place and mean well, so it’s nothing against them, I would just be more peeved in a general sense that I received nothing of practical value from the conversation. )

I just mean like i guess I would like to understand it? Whats the point? How does it help? Does it actually help anyone? Does it do more harm than good?  Why does this occur? If you’re someone who has actually been helped by this, can you explain like what it does for you or what satisfaction you receive from it? Am I just not thinking about it in the right way or something?? 

here on you have to be knowledgeable about when you should engage in a discussion or argument

because there are people who are wrong or see things differently that are misinformed or don’t know about other ways of thinking. they can be swayed with reasonable discussion

and there are people who will never change their minds no matter what you say. Jesus, Buddha, and Aphrodite could descend from Heaven, the Universe, and Mt. Olympus to tell them they are wrong and they would not change their mind. it will be a long, drawn out, painful war

learning to tell the difference will save you a lot of time and headaches


some random things:

- “hiccup” makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE than “hiccough” and predates it

- the NINA signs probably only existed in the UK, not the US but oh my godddddd the super awful caricatures and working conditions and everything were totally here why was I even reading about it. also apparently jokes about ~~~funny~~~ Irish names resulted in Irish-Americans giving their children Anglo-type names. I’m kind of pleased that after going with “John” and “Florence” and “Michael” and “Helen” for a few generations, my family’s back to giving every single member the most stereotypically Irish Catholic names imaginable, including me, but with special kudos for my cousins Mary Brigid, Margaret Mary, and Tara Ann.

- relatedly, we were playing Two Truths One Lie in class, and my lie was “I’m German-American.” I was super amused because everyone kept squinting at me and one person was like I KNOW YOUR LAST NAME IT’S TOTALLY GERMAN. And after the reveal he was like, then…wait, your name… IRISH, SUCKERS. (Well, Norman Irish. Whatever.)

- earlier it was the exact same temperature in Valencia, California and Valencia, Spain and this makes me ridiculously happy

- Mako is a Ravenclaw!!! 

- I was wistfully going over my old dreamwidth and ran across a post I’d written about how the whole “OT fans who dislike the prequels are just nostalgic fanboys who hate joy” thing was toxic and condescending and completely inescapable in fandom. I wrote it four years ago. almost to the day.

- I am nearly done with this chapter of wgdots and I am ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to finish today so I can post 

- I am super ambivalent about Alfonso d’Este bc I feel like he gets an unfairly bad rap in Borgias stuff but also he had mistresses and visited brothels and such and still couldn’t stop getting Lucrezia pregnant even with healthy kids, which killed her. so, you know. also I like creepy-ass Girolamo Borgia a bit better bc he named his daughter Lucrezia

- for a family of social-climbing upstarts the Borgias were SUPER inbred, at this point I’m going to have to stick the extended family tree into RootsMagic

- I can’t judge bc whenever I use the relationship calculator to see how I’m related to my own ancestors, I get “error: cannot calculate more than 100 times”

Okay, so I’m finally watching “Haikyuu!!” and I gotta say, KageHina is probably the very first ship I’ve encountered where I truly think the term “idiots in love” is like 1000% accurate ^^

so here’s the thing that I’ve been working on for the last month… don’t repost, or use as icons or whatever, etc. etc. thank you in advance :)

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Sour Cream should be thankful, because I think Yellowtail MIGHT be a better parental figure than Marty.

yea, Yellowtail’s insistance that Sour Cream go into the fishing business with him, while annoying, is probably meant out of love (its a stable, probably well-paying job and he’d probably be working with him so maybe he thinks it would help them bond) so I do get the impression Yellowtail is a good step-dad. I can’t say for sure what Marty would be like or if he’s involved at all but he certainly seemed like a tool so

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I don't mean to shit on your good day but I'm kinda jealous you get so much attention. Like when my birthday comes it's probably not going to matter

ahaha I’m prettyyy sure the only reason I’m getting all this attention is bc I have some pretty popular friends on this site :’) and if you come off anon and tell me when your birthday is I’ll definitely greet you!

seeing ppl complain abt ryden shippers and hallelujah like how abt u let ppl have fun!!!! wow!!!!!! gr8 concept here!!!!!!!