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Tom Hiddleston + sideways mouth movement
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“She is better than Larry. Fuck Larry. Larry is a little shit.”

petition for exo to make vlogs/video diaries


Anyone complaining about Yixing’s speech is either a salty anti/ot8 stan or a blind fan of one of the MCs because it was just PLAIN STUPID that it was their FIRST WIN and the MCs only let ONE person talk for 7 seconds and then barreled forward even though Yixing very clearly had the mic ready to talk and the camera faced towards him too. The MCs are at fault here for talking without considering that more than ONE member in a NINE member group would have something to say after their first win. It was dumb of them to ignore him multiple times when he tried to speak up too, his first very polite “excuse me” should have been enough and you can tell the heard him bc they turned their heads but didnt stop talking. That being said, no one of us are hating on the MCs bc you know WE’RE REASONABLE and understand that in the heat of things its possible for things to go wrong plus Jeonghan is a relatively new MC so he might not be experienced. So if WE understand then you have no reason to be annoyed or “offended” calling Yixing rude or an attention whore THAT is uncalled for and just as stupidly presumptive as the MCs.


tfw your uncreative but RLY need to draw your kids…..

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king learning about stuffed toys during his time as one of the sin; king making stuffed toys for people he can’t return to

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