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jemma simmons as wonder woman
(+ fitz as steve trevor)
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If You Love Me, Come Clean

by @dreamsmp3withthethieves on AO3

Pairings: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne

Chapters: 15/15; 120k words

Rating: Explicit

Summary: “Can I help you?” Louis inquires, with a hand on his hip and the tone of someone who feels like doing the exact opposite. He’s already had enough of this character, and he hasn’t even said a word yet.

The tall and unkempt boy turns to face him. In a substantial contradiction to his overall rough appearance, his pale green eyes flash with child-like amusement. This only serves to agitate Louis even more.

“I don’t know, can you?” the yet-to-be-named boy utters with a teasing tone, striding towards him. Louis focuses on his voice, which is low, and husky, and not sexy at all. He sounds like a chainsmoker, Louis notes to himself, and this observation is in no way an attempt to distract himself from how incredibly disarming the boy looks up close.

Louis pulls his thoughts together in time to respond, “Well, that depends on how much of my time
you’re planning on wasting.”

Or, AU in which Louis works at a recording studio where Harry’s ‘up and coming’ and ‘exciting’ soon-to-be famous indie band has just signed a deal to record their debut album at, and Louis’ never even heard of them for Christ’s sakes, but that doesn’t stop him from repeatedly catching the eye of the raven-haired, eyeliner-wearing, and slightly dangerous-looking frontman (but he’s not interested, he isn’t.)

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Will panting / sweating / in beautiful pain + Hannibal saying his name / enjoying his beautiful pain + everything looking like a fucking fresco ( This Show, A Summary ) X

Emma wakes up feeling more content and well-rested and safe than she’s felt in months, and for a moment somewhere between sleeping and waking, she’s not sure what it is about this particular morning that’s making her feel so warm. Then the arm wrapped around her ribs shifts and the hand cupped just below her cheek readjusts itself, and she understands the warmth around her without opening her eyes. She shifts, nuzzling her nose into his wrist and tucking her feet between his calves, and she can tell he’s already starting to stir.

“You need thicker curtains, love,” is the first thing he mumbles when he presses his lips into her shoulder, ducking his head to her spine as if the problem will solve itself. She feels herself start to laugh, drawing a step closer to wakefulness, and nudges her elbow back into his ribs. 

Ssh,” she whispers, voice thick with sleep, “you have to be awake to talk.”

“What do you call this, then?”

Emma shakes her head against his hand and momentarily pulls her arm from where it rests on top of his, reaching blindly for the comforter tangled up in both of their legs. It only takes a little effort for her to pull it free and when she does, she pulls it so it sits high enough around their arms to keep the light away for a good hour at least. He’s being remarkably patient with her as she continues to deny the daylight, but then she can’t remember a time when he wasn’t patient with her.

“There,” she breathes, pressing the backs of her knees into his and chasing after the warmth that was lost when her arm left its spot on top of his. She can smell the salty air by the docks on his skin mixing in with the smell of her laundry detergent and something in the back of her mind is chanting home, home, home but all Emma does is sigh and fall asleep to the sound of his breathing growing even again. 

In an hour, she’ll let him wake her just as slowly, pulling his hand from beneath her cheek to tease the tangles from her hair, whispering her name in his low, soft voice, brushing his fingers across the curve of her arm. In an hour she’ll turn and press a kiss into his chest, brush her thumb across his eyebrows and seriously consider the risks that come with buying black-out curtains. For now, though, Emma couldn’t move if she tried.


Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

Running in the Shadows by @rainbowninja​ | 26k | explicit

“Zayn was right,” Liam says. “Someone is searching for his asset, and they’ve got about a month’s head start on us.”

“And I assume this is where I come in?” Louis asks wryly.

“We don’t have a lot of information – Zayn did a very thorough job protecting him – but we think there are three strong contenders: a photographer, a baker, and a yoga instructor.”

“Seriously? Do we even know this bloke’s real name?”

Liam shoots Louis a small grin and shrugs. “Yeah, actually. The man you’re looking for? His name is Harry Styles.”

Or the one where Louis is an MI6 agent, and Harry is… difficult to find.

written for the @1dreversebang

I know we’re not as active as we used to be and some of us only lurk but every time I see someone say the fandom is dead, it makes me very sad. I want to wave my hand and point to all the dedicated people who post regularly or less regularly to share their fanfics or their manips or their fanart and scream very loud that we’re not invisible and that we’re in fact still there if anyone bothered to check. Maybe it’s not the fandom who died, maybe it’s your interest in it.

It might be slow, it might be few and there might be some disagreements sometimes but the hayffie fandom is still kicking, thank you very much.

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GSR | Hades & Persephone, modern AU

↳ “ you know how you say we’re the victim’s last voice? what if you hear the victim’s screams? … in the car… at the store… ( you have empathy for her. you want someone to pay for what was done to her. that’s normal. ) you wanna sleep with me? ( did you just say what i think you said? ) that way, when i wake up in a cold sweat under the blanket hearing screams, you can tell me it’s nothing. … it’s just  e m p a t h y . ”

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I just saw Karlie's snap story and first, she never said who the flowers were from, she usually says if it's a sponsor or even "her bf", second, I NEED a cute Kaylor snap video with the bunny filter pretty please, even if it's just a manip. third, why does Karlie look so pretty in those pics IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A CHILL NIGHT IN AND SHE'S ATTACKING ME WITH HER BEAUTY

Karlie does look absolutely gorgeous (Kimby too, for that matter). But what is most intriguing to me is the caption on those flowers…

Then consider the following post by @kaylorisalive (original post)

In particular note the captions from a few of the examples in the post. 

Not saying these are, but sure seems like they could be…