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Creepypasta #1180: Pen And Ink

Length: Short

When I got to class, I found a pen in my backpack that I’d never seen before. I must’ve accidentally taken it from someone at the library, I thought. Oh well, they probably wouldn’t miss it.

The professor still hadn’t arrived, so I opened my notebook and doodled a caterpillar on a leaf. After I moved on to drawing a flower, I noticed something wiggling on the paper.

The caterpillar was crawling around the leaf.

I slammed my notebook shut. When I peeked, the caterpillar was making its way down the stem. I ripped out the piece of paper, crumpled it up, and threw it in the trash just before the professor walked in.

“I don’t know how it’s doing that,” I said to my roommate, Alan. I sketched a butterfly, and it immediately began to flutter around the paper.

“Whoa,” he said. “What happens if you write words?”

That hadn’t occurred to me. I wrote the word water. Within seconds, the entire sheet of paper melted into a puddle of water. It spread across the table and dripped onto the floor.

“That was not what I expected,” I said as I ran to get a towel.

As I returned, I saw Alan get another sheet of paper and write fuego in huge letters. With a roar, the paper was consumed by a burst of flame.

“What are you doing?” I yelled as Alan started laughing. I grabbed my water bottle from my backpack and dumped its contents on the table. The fire went out, leaving a huge scorch mark.

“Hey, this is awesome!” said Alan. He pulled up his shirt sleeve. “Can you do me a favor and write over my tattoo? It’s Chinese for ‘strength’. Maybe it’ll turn me into the Hulk.”

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t think that’s the best idea.”

“Okay, I’ll do it then.” Before I could move, he snatched up the pen and hastily traced over the tattoo on his shoulder.

I frantically searched, but the pen was nowhere to be found. Staring at the large, snorting animal in front of me, I realized that his tattoo didn’t mean ‘strength’.

It meant ‘pig’.

Credits to: hakunomiya (story)

To those unfamiliar with Chinese characters: 

Strength: 力量 Pig: 豬

dustonmyscreen  asked:

goddamnit now i'm thinking about bb derek playing party games 😑 (hs au, obvs) super awkward jock derek sitting in a circle with jydia and all their jock friends (and stiles too they guess whatever but just because he brought alcohol) playing truth or dare or sth and derek's like. sweating through his t-shirt bc stiles gets handsy when drunk and rn he's leaning over to fondle derek's biceps and shoulders and going 'huh. no wonder finstock's been trying to recruit you for lacrosse.'

someone probably dared derek to strip his shirt off and flex his muscles, which, fine, whatever, would probably be no big deal on a normal day because he changes in front of most of these people for basketball anyway and they just wanna make him look kinda stupid. but no. today stiles is here, and lydia knows about derek’s huge crush on him–not that he would ever, ever tell her about it, but lydia is terrifying and omnipotent–and she is 101% doing this to him on purpose. but he’s a little drunk already and feeling looser than usual, so he does it. his friends mockingly wolf-whistle, but a few of their girlfriends and one or two of the guys give him lingering looks, and he feels more awkward than ever. especially because one of those guys is stiles, which is weird and stressful and agh, because why is he staring so intently? sure, he’s a little drunk, but he’s looking at derek like he’s in a staring contest with his pecs. and yeah, derek knows he’s conventionally attractive, his sisters love to tease him about how cuuuute everyone at school thinks he is, but really he’s just wildly awkward and nerdy and would seriously like his shirt back on, particularly so the cutest guy in school will stop looking at him like that. he has no idea why it makes him feel so inadequate when stiles has given no indication it’s negative attention, but it does. he grabs his shirt back and is about to pull it on when stiles grabs him by the bicep, running his hand along it and blinking slowly because he’s more than a little tipsy, and says, “huh, no wonder finstock’s been trying to recruit you for lacrosse.” derek hopes people will attribute the sudden redness in his cheeks to the alcohol rather than being totally and completely flustered, but based on the team’s snickers, he doubts it. the next day, when stiles is sober and derek is on his way to the gym for practice, someone grabs him lightly by the arm again. “so it wasn’t just my drunk mind running wild,” stiles says, winking. “you really should try out for lacrosse sometime. maybe you and i can get in some workouts together. and not necessarily in the gym.” derek is at a loss for words when mccall suddenly turns the corner, and stiles runs to catch him. over his shoulder, he grins and yells, “text me!” and derek is ready to melt into a puddle on the floor. but… after he texts stiles. 

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I just read an interview with Bill Skarsgard about playing Pennywise. At one point he says that to get ready for an intense scene, he'd walk around just making noise to psych himself up. Later on he noticed the kid actors doing the same thing, apparently they just copied him and picked up the habit. That's adorable all on its own but all I can think of is Parent!wise psyching himself up for a hunt and then he turns around and all the little babbies are imitating him in their squeaky babby voices

Oh. My. GOD. That’s adorable beyond words!!

I can see that as being one of the ultimate things to make Parent!wise melt into a puddle on the floor - his little ones acting just like him! Or trying their best, like it’s probably touching, like Pen has never felt so much love nor ever knew that something could inspire awe in him, but goodness. These children are too much. 

12 Days of Wincestmas Day 1

There was never a time when Dean and Sam Winchester were not in love. Whatever force in the universe chooses who should be soulmates: God? Fate? Karma? wanted to make sure they were truly together their entire lives. So they were born as brothers.

Dean started asking for a sibling as soon as he was able to put words together. His first word was in fact “Sam”. Although at the time Mary and John thought he was saying “Ma'am” instead of mom, so they let it go.

The day Mary found out she was pregnant, Dean was waiting for her on the porch when she came home from the doctor. He ran down the steps and jumped into her arms laughing and saying “Thank you, mommy, thank you!” Mary put him down and asked why he was thanking her. Dean rolled his eyes like it was the dumbest thing he’d ever been asked “Cuz you gots my baby!”
When Mary told John about it later, he dismissed it by saying Dean must have overheard her on the phone or talking to the neighbor lady about her possible pregnancy. And that was the end of it, for a while.

Around the time Mary was starting her second trimester, Dean started talking to her stomach. Not just saying things like “hi baby” but full on conversations as if the baby was talking back. John thought it was odd, but now it was Mary who waved him away saying it was cute that he was so excited about getting a new sibling.
When Mary was around 7 months pregnant Dean began climbing into his parents bed every night after they’d gone to sleep. Mary slept facing out because John complained not only did her pregnant belly put off enough heat to bake a pie, but the baby would kick him mercilessly as if it was trying to annoy him intentionally.
Dean would lay awake until he heard his dad snoring then tip toe into his parents room, slip into bed next to Mary and proceed to talk to her stomach all night. Sometime before dawn he would go back to his own bed, so he wouldn’t get caught. The nightly visits lasted until Mary started getting up several times a night to use the bathroom, another one of the “joys” of late pregnancy.

After that Dean had his “baby talks” during the day. These sessions bothered John for some reason. He told Mary it was weird, and not healthy for Dean to think he was actually holding a conversation with an unborn baby. But again Mary assured him it was fine. It just meant Dean would be close to the new baby, and be a good big brother. How could that be a bad thing?

The night before Sam was born, Dean insisted on sleeping with his parents. When John tried to take him to his own room, Dean became very upset. “NO!! My baby needs me! Gots to wake mama up when is time!”

“John, I am so tired, and uncomfortable just let him stay” Mary gathered Dean into her arms and sang to him until he fell asleep, hugging her belly.

Around 5 AM John was roused from sleep by Dean shaking him and yelling “Daddy Daddy my baby’s coming!”

John sat up immediately, confused “Is it time?”

“I have no idea why he is saying that! I haven’t had a single … . ” Mary was cut off when a searing pain shot through her lower back. “Ohhhhh, ok, maybe we should get going.”

John had just gotten off the phone arranging a sitter for Dean, when Mary came down the stairs with a worried look on her face. Dean trailed behind her, a determined look on his little face. He was insisting on being taken to the hospital with his parents. Even after it was explained by both John and Mary that babies take a very long time to come and Dean would be bored waiting, he would not change his mind.

When the babysitter arrived and he realized they were going to leave him at home, the normally sweet, well behaved Dean had an epic meltdown. He wrapped his tiny arms around Mary, pressing his face against her swollen, contracting baby bump and refused to let go. Huge hitching sobs racked his tiny body, as he clung to his mother.

“Dean, I promise I will bring mommy home. She will be fine.” John spoke softly mistakenly trying to reassure Dean he was not losing his mommy.

“Nooooooo … Gotta. . stay. . with. . my . . Sammy… Sammy’ll be ascared… if ’m not there … when he gets borned!” Dean was crying so hard he could barely breathe between words.

John and Mary exchanged confused horrified looks. Not only had they not known if the new baby was a boy or a girl, they had still not decided, if it was a boy, what they were going to name him. Samuel had been discussed, but they were leaning towards Henry after John’s father.

Mary stroked Dean’s hair “Honey, why are you calling the baby Sammy? You might get a little sister you know.”

“No! … This is my Sammy… He’s mine and nobody elses” Dean refused to listen. He hugged Mary even tighter, when suddenly her water broke. Dean stared at the growing puddle of water, his eyes huge. He let go of Mary’s stomach, grabbed her hand and pulled towards the door. “WE NEED TO GO NOW! SAMMY IS IN TROUBLE!” Dean spoke in a voice that eerily sounded much older than his four years.

John opened his mouth to object when Mary screamed. A stream of blood was making its way down her leg, falling to the floor in bright red drops. John scooped Mary into his arms and carried her out the door. Not wanting to take any chances, he carefully laid her down in the back seat of the Impala.  He was in the drivers seat turning the ignition key before he noticed Dean in the front passenger seat.


A blood curdling scream from the back seat stopped John cold.

“JOHN HURRY PLEASE, THE BABY IS COMING!!!” Mary was clutching her stomach curled into a ball. The Impala roared to life and the tires screamed for ½ a block as John punched the accelerator to the floor.

The hospital was less than 10 minutes away, but it felt like hours. Mary was screaming and crying in such agonizing pain, the sound made John grip the steering wheel until his fingers were white. The gut wrenching thought that he might lose his wife and his child crept into his mind and he immediately wanted to be sick. He fought back the nausea and panic by reaching down deep to his Marine Corps training, to lock his emotions down.

The Impala roared into the hospital emergency entrance and John bolted from the car screaming like a mad man for someone to help Mary.

Several nurses rolled a gurney out and John carefully placed Mary on it. He tried to go with her but was told she was going straight up to labor and delivery. They would come and get him in the waiting room as soon as they knew anything. John stood staring at the double doors they’d just wheeled Mary through when he felt something warm slip into his hand.

“Dean?” John looked down to see Dean standing next to him holding his hand. “I completely forgot you were here son.”

Dean looker up at him. His sea green eyes wide with wonder and affection. “It’s ok Daddy”

John’s eyes filled with tears, picking Dean up and hugging him so tightly Dean giggled and squealed with joy. “You know what? Daddy is glad you’re here. Lets go find the waiting room, and… start waiting I guess.”

The waiting room was, as waiting rooms go, nice. It had soft comfy couches and several reclining chairs. A big screen tv was playing some baseball game, and the magazine rack was stocked with every sports, car, hunting, fishing and otherwise male oriented publication, except “those kind” of course. Even though most men went with their wives into the delivery room these days, there were some who chose not to, or could not due to a complicated delivery. So the waiting room maintained its decidedly male atmosphere.

Not long after arriving, a nurse came in and told John that Mary needed a c-section. Evidently the placenta had detached too soon and the baby was not getting any oxygen. Had they waited much longer to come to the hospital things may not have gone well. John shook his head and looked down at Dean, remembering the boy’s sheer panic that there was something wrong and they needed to get to the hospital quickly. How did he know?

A cute candy striper brought John some coffee and Dean some cookies and milk, congratulated them on their new arrival and left. They sat in silence for close to half an hour, when all of a sudden Dean stood up and ran for the door.

“Sammy! Sammy! Sammy!” Dean was smiling like someone just announced Christmas was now happening twice a year.

“Dean get back here!” John started after him but just then the door opened and a nurse wearing scrubs walked in carrying a small bundle.

“Mr. Winchester? It’s a boy” John stopped dead in his tracks as the nurse opened the blanket and he saw the tiny face of his new baby son. He reached out to take him, then stopped “m-my wife, is she okay?”

The nurse hesitated but saw the desperation on John’s face “She’s ok Mr. Winchester. She lost a lot of blood, but we managed to get it under control. They’re taking her to recovery now if you want to see her … ” John pushed past the nurse and out the door before she could finish.

“Can I see my Sammy now?” The nurse looked down and found herself staring into twin gems of emerald green. “Please? I’ve been waitn’ so so long”

“Of course you can sweetheart. Go sit on the couch over there for me” Dean dashed to the couch and sat with one arm propped up on the arm so he could hold the baby easily. The nurse placed the child in his arms marveling at the tenderness and skill the pre-schooler showed with the newborn, remembering to support his head and holding him firmly yet carefully.

Dean leaned in close, grazing the baby’s forehead with his lips, and whispering softly “Still mine Sammy?”

As the nurse watched with amazement, Sammy’s eyes popped open, gazing at Dean with an expression of the purest love she’d ever seen. As if these two knew each other, and had known each other for millions of years. Green eyes as deep as the ocean met kaleidoscope eyes of blue, green, brown and gold.

The nurse’s eyes suddenly flashed a bright glowing blue, then back to normal. She sat down next to Dean on the couch stroking his hair gently. “Yes Dean, Sammy is still yours. And you are still his. Just as you two have been since the beginning of time”

Dean smiled and kissed Sammy again “Mine


written by @debivc78

Frost in July (Part 4)

Lucifer X Reader 

Warnings: Swearing, torture, nudity 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5


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Coming to my senses all I can smell is Blood and Sweat. Slowly my eyes start to open, seeing a dark room I seem to be alone in. My hands are shackled to the roof, while my feet are shackled to the floor spread apart. Someone has taken my shirt and bra off as well, leaving me completely exposed from the waist up. Looking at what I can, I quickly deduce that I make almost a perfect X at the center of the room. Struggling I try to free one of my hands, with no luck. There is no way for me to get free without someone’s help.

The door bursts open, and a harsh light momentarily blinds me. The silhouette of a woman starts making her way towards me. The woman flips a light switch on one of the pillars, lighting the room up. My jaw drops open as the waitress from the diner stands in front of me holding a knife.

“Hello again (Y/N).” She plays with the knife, while starting to circle me like a shark. A chuckle escapes me at the absurdity of the situation.  

“Sorry I never got your name. I was too busy not being a slutty fucking bitch to ask.” She stops behind me. Suddenly I feel the sharp tip of the knife on my left shoulder blade. She slowly starts to apply pressure and drag it across my back to my right hip. I hear my own screams and feel my blood dripping down my back. She starts circling me again wiping the blade of the knife on her shirt.

“What do you want?” Somehow I manage to speak.

“Well (Y/N) the question should really be what can you do for me. Luckily the answer is simple. You can be a good little girl and scream and beg while I torture you. Don’t worry there is an end though since I will eventually slit your throat, effectively ending your life.” Smiling through her entire speech, she radiates confidence.

“Why? What have I ever done to you?” The smile falls from her face.

“You’re a hunter, and you are friends with the Winchesters, you deserve to die.” It all makes sense now as her eyes turn black. She is the demon we were hunting.

“So why just take me, the boys were right there too. I mean you must know they are going to come look for me.” Her smirk is back.

“I doubt they will come looking for you anytime soon. I mean you took Dean’s heart and smashed it into a million pieces. Also I wrote a goodbye note saying you just couldn’t stay there with them, after Dean confessed his love for you. So I really doubt anyone is rescuing you anytime soon.” She makes her way to my back again. She starts the process all over again, starting at my right shoulder down to my left hip, creating a large X on my back. I pray to Cas, hoping he can hear me. Nothing.

“You know, Lucifer never loved you.” She carves what feels like letters into my lower back. The pain was too much for me to speak. All I could do was scream and sob. She keeps talking like we were having a friendly chat over coffee.

“We are together now. He finally came to his senses and dated someone who could fully appreciate him.” Hurt floods me as she keeps talking. How could he move on so quickly?

“Personally I don’t know what he could have ever seen in you. And you must be crazy to give him up, especially cause of how good he is in bed.” She stops carving and walks away.

I can hear her behind me doing something. My blood has formed such a large puddle behind me its almost like a mirror. I can see she is drawing a symbol on the floor. She places a bowl in the middle and lights some candles. She is summoning Crowley.

“What do you want?” Crowley shouts from behind me.

“I have a gift for you Crowley, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) strung up for whatever your heart desires.” Crowley says nothing and makes his way over to me. I feel his hand on my back, causing me to flinch.  

He is standing right in front of me when he grabs my chin and looks into my eyes. They look like they were trying to say he is sorry. He takes a few steps back but still faces me. He motions for the girl whose name I still don’t know to join him. She stands next to him when he looks at her.

“You stupid girl.” He snaps his fingers and chains wrap around her arms and legs, holing her in place.

“What? What the hell Crowley what is this shit?” She is practically seething at him. He just digs his phone out of his pocket and speed dials someone.

“Hey, you should come here. We have a problem, and (Y/N) is hurt.” Before he could even hang up, Lucifer appeared out of thin air. The room’s temperature plummets and the glass starts to frost over as Lucifer sees the situation. Anger was evident on his face as he made his way over to me. He snaps his fingers and the cuffs disappear. He catches me as I fall, unable to hold myself up.

“Baby I’m so sorry.” He pleads as he sets me on the ground. He turns to the girl who looks angry and anxious all at the same time.
“Care to explain Rachel?” His tone suggested she just beg for mercy.

“Your little whore of an ex girlfriend was in the way of our love, so I decided to get rid of her.” She looked at Lucifer like he was about to see the light and thank her. Much to her surprise he snaps his fingers and a chain appears around her neck, causing her to start gasping for air. Lucifer goes right up to her and grabs her face forcing her to look at him.

“I never have, nor will I ever love you. I will also never forgive you for what you did to (Y/N). I will personally see to it that you are punished in the worst way possible.” He roughly lets go of her walks over to Crowley.

“Keep her chained up and tortured till I come deal with her.” Crowley nods.

“Of course sir.” Crowley bows slightly and snaps his fingers, making him and Rachel disappear.

Lucifer walks over to me lying in a pool of my own blood. He scoops me up, causing me to cry out in pain.
“Shhhh its ok sweet heart, lets take you home.” He somehow snaps his fingers while holding me, sending us to our apartment.

He takes me into our bathroom. Sprawled out on my stomach he starts to stich up my back. The pain was too much for me as I black out.

Rolling over I find Lucifer in bed next to me.

“Don’t say anything (Y/N). I know this doesn’t change anything, but I’ve missed you. And you need to get some rest so please just go back to sleep and we will discuss this in the morning.”

I found myself unable to argue with him. Trying to speak to tell him I forgive him and want to be with him again, I find my throat is too dry and soar. The only sound that comes out is a low croak. Lucifer kisses me, and pulls me into his arms. I nuzzle into his chest. Taking a big breath, I relax, missing being with him like this. Sleep finds me one again, but this time I am excited for the morning so I can finally tell Lucifer I love him.

A Mate For A Wolf

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to come,” Klaus said in greeting as his front door opened sure it was her. The storm behind her was still going strong but his eyes were more focused on another kind of force of nature.

 “Come in Caroline,” he suggested stepping back to make room for her statuesque form. As he did so he surveyed her, hair wavy and wet, her lips quivered a bit before she sucked her lower lip into her mouth as she nodded making his throat dry out at the sight.

Caroline tried not to react as she walked past him finding it hard to take a breath she assumed it had more to do with her wolf instincts than it did with the cologne he was wearing. She turned her head at the sound of the door closing behind her.

 Her body following as she realized she had never truly been alone with him in this house before, usually there were parties or siblings and minions as she liked to call them but he preferred them to be referred to as members of the pack awaiting orders.

But not like this, she realized as she blinked rapidly Klaus appearing closer during the process she cleared her throat, “I wasn’t going to.” She confessed quietly feeling warmth wafting off of him. She shivered crossing her arms protectively as her mate surveyed her.

“Whatever it was that changed your mind I’ll thank for a thousand times over,” he voiced to her delicately gauging whether or not she was in an agreeable mood. His eyes met hers as he spoke in clear adoration of her outpouring in his stare.

“You should remove your clothing Love,” Klaus whispered as his hands found their way to her arms running up and down creating friction, warming her, reminding Caroline of her rather adventurous journey here from her own lodging.

“I’m good,” she babbled nervously pulling away as she waved off his suggestion.

Still Klaus approached her, “You’ll catch a cold,” he insisted, “I doubt you’ll want to sit your first turn in a new pack, especially as their leader.” Klaus entreated gently stepping back into her space so close he might have inhaled her.

“Your pack, Klaus,” she returned loftily noting the irritation over his brow at her remark, she went to make amends, “I just meant,” she went to explain as his hand came up as if asking for her silence. She promptly closed her mouth ceasing in her explanation.

“This pack is ours,” he said shortly gesturing in between them with a sole finger as he did, “I am your mate,” he added before she could interrupting like he knew she was bursting to, “ But that does not equate to you belonging to me.”

“We’ve had this discussion time and time again,” he reminded them both sharply, “I would want you even if we were not mated.” He said but her mind insisted that wasn’t true even as he sighed in frustration as if trying to reach her someway.

Caroline frowned know to an extent he was right, this conversation was tired, “I’ll light the fireplace for you,” he muttered drawing her out of her thoughts. He scoffed internally at not even being able to hold her attention whilst stuck together in the middle of a rainstorm.

Klaus went to work pushing up his sleeves as he added more logs to the dulling fire more aggressively than he may have needed. She watched his work, observing the muscles of is back and shoulders as he moved. He was truly beautiful.

As a mate she could have done worse instead she was landed with an Adonis, she thought, her mind imagining how those same muscles crunched and contorted. How every full moon without fail he had turned since his sixteenth birthday, how they formed him into a wolf, begrudgingly her Alpha.

Though Klaus had made it very clear on multiple occasions that he was hers to with as she wished, there was never a mate more doting than her own. Despite how she felt she could never be certain about how they were to feel if they were normal beings uncursed by the mating game of a wolf.

Her mind drifted to their first encounter not long ago in the woods where he found her naked and alone having to transform in an unknown area as always. She chuckled internally at her recklessness, as an only child she discovered early on she wasn’t like others.

Moreover she wasn’t like other wolves, she didn’t buy into cultivating a home or following a pack, no Caroline preferred to be alone. She was a traveler, a free spirit who was quite the enigma when it came to romance and realism wanting both.

“You’re not from around here are you?” he asked surprising her as she woke his words uttered as he approached her just as naked as she was she recalled.

“How would you know,” she replied, using what there was to on the soft ground to cover herself up from his burning and inquisitive stare.

“First reason, which is obvious to us both,” he told her his eyes pointing at her, “Around here you are the one with the accent Love.” he lifted his arm into a tree nearby scaring her for a moment before he revealed a bag hanging from a branch.

“Second reason,” he continued gallantly cocking his head as his hand disappeared inside, “You’re a wolf and the only wolves I know of around here are my own.” He informed her casually, surprising he as he tossed her a black Henley.

“Might want to put that on before anyone else shows up,” he told her as he span around to give her some time to cover her modesty. He whistled as he dressed in his jeans, Caroline’s mouth was agape watching him, he was an Alpha.

Caroline had met other wolves before but not once had she ever met an Alpha, “It’s Caroline, my name,” she supplied unable to think of anything else to say as he turned his head back to look at her his blue eyes lingering reminding her of her state of dress.

Quickly she pulled his shirt over her head tugging it over her as she slipped her arms into the sleeves, “Would you like to come home with me,” he asked surprising them both, “I’m sure you’d like a hot bath, some food or a beverage of some kind,” he suggested lightly.

“Coffee?” he added when her silence continued he awkwardly cleared his throat, “I’m Klaus by the way,” he informed her helping her rise from the Earth’s floor gently. Their hands touching, creating shock wave that still followed between them.

Looking back now Caroline should have known her whole world was about to change and Klaus would be the cause of the Earth shifting underneath her feet. She ran her hands over her face reminding herself of where she was and just whom she was with.

Her hand twitched at her side reaching for him the same charge that pushed them together and pulled her away from him. She gave in to it. Klaus unknowingly pulling her to him Caroline went to remove her nude bow-tied flats that were undoubtedly ruined.

Her feet softly padding the hardwood drew his attention as she grew closer to him and the flames he had created for her. “Thank you,” she mumbled as she rubbed her hands together standing next to where he was still squatting keeping watch for her.

“If you weren’t so stubborn you would be a lot warmer,” he baited finally looking from the orange fire to Caroline. Klaus took a deep breath preparing himself, shutting his eyes as he exhaled.

“I was showing gratitude at your kind gesture in a moment of weakness and instead of just enjoying the silent moment with me you had to point out that I refused to remove my clothes for you.” Caroline said swiftly looking at the fire almost as if it fueled her.

Klaus smirked to himself as he rose, towering above her, she refused to admit he was right, “What made you come tonight Caroline,” he asked curiously as he removed his shirt pulling it over his head giving her a view she hadn’t seen since they met.

Caroline took a step back trying not to react further than that at his action or his inquiring brow, “You said it didn’t matter what brought me,” she pointed out.

“I’ve changed my mind, now humor me,” he said his voice pure Alpha but gentle as he always was with her as he moved closer. She huffed looking at the ceiling as she felt his hands again moving up her arms removing her peach cardigan.

“What are you,” Caroline asked as she felt his hands leave her body so he could slide his shirt over her wet body.

“I’m getting you to the right temperature,” he said as his fingers worked deftly over the straps of her sundress removing them one by one. “Call me crazy but I prefer the pink on your cheeks to the cold blue that’s overtaken them.”

Caroline fought with herself once more at his proximity her shoulders rolling back defiantly only to give him a better view of the valley of her breasts in the process. “Why did you come here, Caroline, in the rain,” he asked pronouncing each word with careful judgment.

“You asked me to,” she reasoned as his hands slid behind her unzipping her dress she knew in a flash that he was taking full advantage as his hand slid down her back leaving a trail of bumps in its wake. She felt the dress puddle on the floor around her bare feet the combination of his stare and the cold of her body beginning to be too much to bear.

“Because you’re so easily swayed by my inducements,” he asked smartly as he pulled the rest of his shirt down feeling at her sides as he went until he reached the hem at her thighs.

“Why must you make it so difficult to talk to you, just talk?” she asked growing in her frustration though it was unclear to Klaus just where that frustration was pointed to, to him or to something else greater.

“Because I am not as easily manipulated as the men you’ve met before me,” he retorted. Caroline scoffed and he sensed a bit of an eye roll as well before she shoved him off of her.

“Right, because you were quite the saint before you figured out what I was,” she said recalling he did have a lover in his bed waiting for him when he brought her home the first time unawares as to who Caroline was to him.

Klaus watched her move away from him closer to the fire, “Back to this again,” he groaned knowing he had brought this back onto himself but he couldn’t help himself when it came to the blonde before him. “As soon as I figured out what you are to me I declared myself to you Caroline.”

“I explained to you what we are, and if I recall correctly you only uttered these words to me in response, “I don’t want this.” I think overall I have been hospitable. I have done nothing but try to make you feel comfortable.”

She turned only her head to look at him, “You have, I love it here,” she revealed to him thinking of the people she had met here with him. She swore she heard him mutter something under his breath along the lines of, “Everyone but not me,” making her own brow furrow.

She turned fully to face him moving slowly so as not to frighten him, making her way over to where Klaus stood. Her hand reached out daringly surprising him as her fingers trailed over the feathers of his tattoo.

Her nails dragging deliciously over his skin had him suppressing a groan as he clutched his hands at his sides shut. She continued her exploration of him his silence and reluctance to move encouraging her along with the twitch in the corner of his mouth upturning.

The only sounds were the cackling of the wood and sparks flying as their breaths became ragged, eyes searching for answers their mouths had yet to find a way to explain. “I came because I don’t want to continue like this,” she let go of a breath watching it hitting his flesh like steam stopping and starting his heart with each exhale.

“I mean you are kind of stuck with me,” she clarified as his hand wrapped around hers, “You’re right too.” She added letting his hand take hers, “We are mates and that has nothing to do with love,” she stuttered her heart quickening in response to the dilation of his pupils.

“Sex however,” she tried to continue but words failed her at the look he was giving her. His eyes grew darker as she felt just how deep in her veins Klaus was. He pressed her hand to his lips kissing it as he drew her closer to him.

“I may be a wolf but I don’t need to be to know that the wetness in-between your legs, has nothing to do with the rain outside Caroline.” Klaus murmured as his hands softly caressed her face enjoying the catch of her breath as he licked his lips.

“However when it comes to sex between you and I. Know that I will call it something else more than mating, more than making love or a passionate heat season.” He admitted, “Do you know why?” he asked disappointed when she shook her head no.

“Because I am already so irrevocably in love with you Caroline Forbes and I have just been waiting for you to realize it.” If Caroline was stunned at his confession she didn’t show it as her other hand rose in his chest reaching behind him arching his neck as she stood on the tips of her toes.

She pressed her lips to his in a small but firm kiss that felt to him as if they were waking up for the first time. He groaned this time unable to contain himself at her sweet taste encouraging her to be more adventurous with their first kiss.

His tongue greeting hers enthusiastically enjoying the moan he received in response, “You heard the, “I love you,” part right?” he asked between heated kisses against the brick wall of the fireplace. Caroline nodded as she kissed him smiling inwardly as she felt herself at home with him.


Winning scenario:  Imagine Rebekah blindfolding you and teasing you. Your every sense is heightened and you feel every caress more intense and the pleasure becomes sweet torture until you can’t take it anymore and you beg her to make you come.

Author:  Kara

Reader Gender:  Female

Word Count:  2,426

Content Warning:  sexual content but nothing rough

Her kiss on my lips felt like sunny day on the beach with breeze coming from the ocean. It was fresh and warm and caused a goosebumps on my skin.

“I had really nice time tonight. I hope we can repeat it soon.” I said thinking the kiss was our goodnight. Me and Rebekah were on a few dates so far and all of them were better than the previous ones. And this baking class we took today was the most fun I had in a long time. I really saw Rebekah as someone I could be in a real relationship with. I didn’t want to screw it up.

“I had nice time too but what if the night could continue.” Her face expression was as mysterious as her words. Was she offering to go out for drinks or go clubbing, or did her offer have more sexual subtext? Was she inviting me to her place? I really didn’t want to assume that we would have sex tonight, though I must admit I thought about Rebekah naked body a lot lately.

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Leaving Today, Hiding Tonight (Supernatural Reader Insert)

Summary: You put the Winchesters in danger and you do whatever you have to in order to keep them safe… even if that means saying goodbye.

Warnings: none really but except like language i guess

Words: 3392

once i started writing this i couldn’t stop and wow this is kinda long but whatever


Salty tears streamed down your cheeks in uneven lines. The heavy droplets either rolled onto your neck or fell off your chin, splashing on the collar of your shirt and subsequently staining the material. It was strange; crying was something you rarely did and right now you couldn’t seem to stop.

“You would have to leave soon.”

“I don’t think you will be able to return.”

“Sam and Dean would be safer.”

That last one stuck in your head. Cas was right, you were endangering the Winchesters and it would’ve been selfish of you to stay and get them killed. You couldn’t bear to watch them get ripped to shreds because of your stupidity. The worst part was you didn’t even get to say goodbye.

You still couldn’t believe you let that damn demon get away. The three of you had trapped two demons a house where they were planning to collect their due way too early from a man who’d sold his soul over for his wife. While you managed to get the family out, the demons needed a soul and they didn’t care whose it was. So a showdown ensued.

Having the upper hand, you held the knife to its throat as it spat out unshakably cruel threats. The demon had possessed a young man around your age and you would’ve made a nice slice in its jugular if Dean wasn’t calling out your name. He sounded as if he were in pain and your heart sank, for he was your weakness.

“Who’s it gonna be? Me or your little boyfriend over there?” the demon goaded. As you debated within yourself, your grip weakened and you were rapidly flung across the room into a table. It broke underneath your weight and you groaned at the aching pain that washed over your back, but quickly recovered and rushed to the living room.

They were currently getting the crap beaten out of them by a demonic soccer mom. Sam was passed out in the corner, bloodied nose and bruised, and Dean was being choked against the wall by another black-eyed bastard.

“You’re little whore can’t save you now,” the demon said evilly, obviously unbeknownst to your presence.

“Think again, bitch,” Dean grunted. That was your cue to drive the blade right into its spine. Electricity crackled as the body went limp and lifeless on the floor. Dean coughed and inhaled sharply.

“You okay?” you asked, worried he may have been pushed a little too hard this time. But before he could answer, an arm locked around your neck and cut off your air supply. The knife fell to the floor with a clang and the demon kicked the weapon across the hardwood floor. You writhed and thrashed but, fuck, this thing was strong.

“Let her go, you son of a bitch,” Dean gritted through his teeth.

“Why don’t you go join your brother over there, huh?” With a flick of the wrist, Dean was swept away into a wall and fell in a slump on top of Sam.

“Stop it!” you yelled, kicking more and more like a small child throwing a tantrum.

“Or what? Are you gonna cry?” the demon laugh as it flexed its bicep, choking you further. Your vision was blurring and you were surely going to pass out soon, so you dug your heel into the instep of its foot. A loud grunt was heard and the demon stumbled backwards, releasing you from its clutches. As you were let go, your knees gave out and you dropped to the floor. Quickly retrieving your weapon, you spun around to see the demon smiling wickedly and held the knife to its throat once more.

“Just you wait, little missy. I’m gonna come back with 20 demons and the first thing I’m gonna do is peel the skin off of your darling little Winchesters with that very knife. With Sam, I think I’ll cut him open slowly, letting his blood make a nice little puddle on the floor. Then, I’m gonna rip out Dean’s precious little heart. And guess what? I’m gonna make you watch the whole thing. Everyone you love, I’m gonna murder personally. Mark my words.” The speech had stunned you completely and, during this state of paralysis, the demon fled its vessel in a trail of onyx smoke, guarantying its words.

“Fuck me,” you muttered to yourself, you anxiety at an all-time high.

Once you were finally able to recoup yourself, you roused Dean and Sam and got them back to the Impala before anymore damage was done. On the drive back to the bunker, you bit your nails nervously, a bad habit you’d had since you were young. The words replayed through your mind over and over like the world’s most fucked up cassette tape. Your stomach twisted and knotted on every repeat.

“(Y/N)!” Dean called from the front seat, pulling you out of your trance. You jumped at the surprise and met his green eyes in the rearview mirror. “You good, sweetheart?”

“Mhmm,” you lied. As soon as you turned into the garage, you jumped out and announced you were going on a walk. It was a little late for one, around 8:00 at night, but you fibbed again and said you were just getting some air and you promised to be careful. However in reality, you needed to talk to Castiel in private.

The night air was cold against your skin and you hugged your thick flannel closer to yourself. Looking up at the sky, it was clear, dark, and beautifully littered with stars.

“Cas? It’s me… I need your help.” Minutes passed without a single word and, eventually, you hopelessly gave up. But the second you turned around, you were met with that iconic tan trench coat. You jumped back, a hand over your heavily beating heart. “Jesus Christ, you almost gave me a heart attack!”

“Are you alright? What’s going on?” he asked, his eyebrows knit together. You gave him the low-down of the situation. You rambled on and were grateful that Cas was so willing to listen. Once you were finished, he hummed thoughtfully.

“This is not good… I may not be able to protect them against multiple demons.” That made your heart sink. You were sort of hoping Cas would be able to help out by liquefying the bastards, but he was right. No one could take 20 demons on at once.

“What else can I do?” you whined. “It’s not like I can just make everything disappear!” you cried, throwing your hands up in defeat. You were right, you couldn’t make the problems go away. But you could.

What if you were to leave? Then the demons wouldn’t have any reasons to come after Sam and Dean and they would be safe. Mentioning the idea to Cas, he helped you weigh the pros and cons. You wouldn’t be able to return, for they’d be waiting for you the moment you came back to the Winchesters. However, they’d be safe, and that was more important than your childish feelings. Especially the one of adoration you felt towards the older Winchester.

You’d never expressed your intimate feelings to Dean, for it was unprofessional and the fear of rejection overtook you. He treated you like a little sister anyways, so there was no point. And maybe this ‘escape’ was going to be better for you so you may be able to get over this juvenile pining. But God, you’d miss those green eyes, that cocky smirk, his masculine scent. He was going to be the death of you, but you would also literally be the death of him if you didn’t do something.

So you snuck out in the middle of the night, taking with you the small amount of possessions you owned and stole one of the bunkers cars. It’d crossed your mind several times to leave a note or something for your sake, but that’d only make it harder. And, to be honest, you wouldn’t have even known what to say. They definitely didn’t make cards at Hallmark saying ‘sorry I’m a danger to your livelihood, gotta go!’

Padding down the hallway, you stopped in front of Dean’s door. It was cracked open slightly and you saw the light of the television casted over his sleeping, yet godly face. You pushed the door open slowly so the creaking wouldn’t wake him. Years of intense hunting had caused him to be a light sleeper, so the faintest sound could trigger him. Tip-toeing over to the side of his bed, you leaned down and left a soft, yet lingering kiss on his plump lips. He stirred slightly and you left before you fully awoke him. You stopped in Sam’s room too and moved his long hair away from his forehead to leave a kiss in its place. Once you’d said your silent goodbyes, you took one of the older Men of Letters’ cars and pulled out of the garage in a flash.

Now, driving down the poorly illuminated highway, your grip on the steering wheel was tight. You’d managed to stop the waterworks and control your heart rate with a few deep breaths.

“Hello, (Y/N).”

Rapidly swerving the vehicle, you yelled obscenities as you shifted back into the right lane before you came into a full on collision with a delivery truck. Bringing the car to a halt on the shoulder of the road, you smacked the angel right in his trench coat-clad shoulder roughly. “Ow,” he said in his monotone voice.

“Damn it, Cas, don’t do that,” you exhaled.

“My apologies… do you have a plan?”

“Get away. I’ll go over a few states and hunt solo like before.” Before. Was there even a ‘before’ before Sam and Dean? Lonely nights and harder days, but you still got by..

“You do realize that they will try to come searching for you,” Cas interjected. “What do you propose we do about that?” You ran your finger through your hair as you racked your brain for some form of an idea. Telling them that you just left wouldn’t work, they wouldn’t believe it for a second. If that were the case, you would’ve told them where you were going and why. Plus, knowing them, they wouldn’t have it. The next thought arrived shortly after and, though it wasn’t ideal, it just might work.

“What if you told them I died?” The angel paused, pondering the idea himself. “I mean, think about it: they would have a reason to look for me and I can get away easier,” you explained. “And do not let them try to make any deals.” You never really understood why the Winchesters were always so ready to sell their souls.

“It may work, but what would be your cause of death?”

“Just tell them I went out to get some supplies and died in a car accident or something.” It would explain why one of the cars were missing.

“What about your body?

“There was an explosion.”

“What about-”

“You know, Cas, I’ve never really planned out my fake death before! Make something up!” you shouted. His eyes got wider, exposing more of his sapphire-colored irises. He resembled an innocent puppy and you immediately felt like a piece of shit. “Look, I’m sorry. It’s just that this situation is so fucked. Sam’s like a brother to me and-”

“Your endearing fondness of Dean,” Cas added. You felt your cheeks turn crimson at the mention of your crush. Sam would always make fun of your for it but, Jesus, was it so obvious that even Cas picked it up?

“How do you- whatever. And it really sucks that I have to lose them both because of how stupid I was.” Feeling the tears welling up again, you rested your forehead on the steering wheel. You really had fucked up this time. A cold, heavy hand rubbed awkwardly up and down your back.

“There, there,” he tried. You almost laughed at his bad attempt to be comforting. Taking another deep breath, you wiped your eyes and started up the car.

Cas was nice enough to stay with you most of the ride, keeping you awake with tales of long ago. But when he left to tend to “angel business” with a flap of the wings, you were once again alone. Terrible thoughts started to manifest in your brain and you anxiously flicked on the radio in order to subdue them. An instrument that sounded like bongo drums filled the cars’ stereo and you recognized the song as the first six words were sung.

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Sympathy for the Devil, by the Rolling Stones. Dean always liked this song, for he had a good taste in music that had rubbed off on you. Singing along to the lyrics didn’t make you feel as sad anymore.

The sun peaked over the horizon as the sign for Utah passed overhead. The first streams of light splaying all over the dark asphalt, indicating that you’d been driving all night. Multiple gas stations had offered coffee, so you were a caffeine machine and your intake was maxed out. The radio clock said 7:27 am. They’d be waking up soon, but you still had a little bit of time before they really started wondering where you were.

A faint buzzing emitted from your jacket pocket in the passenger seat.

Maybe you didn’t have as much time as you thought…

It was, in fact, Dean’s name on the illuminated screen. It took a great amount of willpower not to accept the call, even just to hear his dazed “hello?”. You waited till it stop ringing and listen his voicemail.

(Y/N)? It’s me. Where are you? Call me back. His voice was groggy but his tone was serious.

By 5:00 pm, you’d received a thousand more from, not only Dean, but Sam and Charlie as well. You thought about calling Charlie and maybe she could keep a secret, but the demons would probably go after her too and you couldn’t risk it.

Is this what the rest of your life would consist of? Fear of having a relationship with anyone because those bastards would most likely kill them? You prayed not.

Stopping at a gas station to get more fuel, you listened to the latest voicemail from Dean. His voice was angry and irritated this time.

Damn it, (Y/N), where the hell are you?! It’s been hours and you haven’t been returning any of my calls! Did you go on a hunt by yourself?! I swear if- Please just call me back and let me know you’re safe.

On the last sentence, his voice went weak and your heart broke. You didn’t want to do this to him, but it’s better than him being dead. That’s what you reminded yourself, at least.

Once you were back on the road, your phone rang again for what seemed like the millionth time. You couldn’t stand it anymore, so you rolled down the window and tossed your phone out. A distant bang was heard as it hit the dusty road. If you were going to do this, you had to do it for real. That meant no more Sam or Dean or Charlie ever again. The sound of your heart breaking was almost audible.

Hours later, you were in Washington and you could bear to be in the car anymore. The Sunrise Motel seemed good enough, it’s fluorescent vacancy sign almost blinding. You pulled into their lot and went to get a room for the night.

You threw your bag on the kitchenette table and crawled into bed, too exhausted to even remove your clothes.

The room itself was fine, but there was something missing. Dean immediately flopping down on the bed and Sam not shutting up about plans for the hunt. The closest thing you’d had to a family and-

Stop it, you thought to yourself. You’d literally kill yourself thinking about them constantly like this. You were fine before without them and you’ll be fine now. Dear God, you hoped that was true.

11 months later****

“This is fucking horrible and I wanna die.”

“That’s exactly what’s gonna happen if you don’t shut the hell up and help me dig.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

You laughed a little. Even though Matt was the equivalent of a whiny baby, he was good company. He hopped down into the already half dug grave and helped you heave out more dirt.

“So, be honest with me: am I gonna get like super buff after this or what?” Matt grunted as he threw more earth behind his shoulder. “I mean, more than I already am. Cause I don’t wanna get too ripped.”

“Remind me to use you as bait next time,” you warned nonchalantly. He gasped loudly, clutching his chest as if you’d stabbed him in the heart.

“Feelings have never been more hurt,” he cried. You rolled your eyes, but smiled at him and his immaturity. Honestly, how did this guy ever become a hunter?

A loud bang had notified the both of you that you’d finally reached the casket. You pushed Matt back so he wouldn’t get in the way of your shovel slamming. Swinging the metal tool high above your head, you smashed it against the frail wood of the old coffin, cracking it open on the first try.

“It never fails to amaze me how easily you can Hulk out like that,” Matt commented from above ground. Once you kicked away the excess wood to expose the bones and climbed out of the grave, you clapped him on the shoulder.

“You’re such a dork,” you sighed. Your hand was moist when you removed it from his body and you wiped it back on his shirt. “Make that a sweaty dork.”

“It’s manly sweat so it’s okay,” he excused.

“I bet. You got the salt?”

“I thought you-”

“Go get the salt, Matt.” He groaned loudly as he trotted off back to the car to retrieve the one thing you’d specifically reminded him to bring. He was a constant eye roll, but you’d be dead without him.

You’d met Matt on a case in California a few months back. You’d found him in the house of the ghoul you were hunting, looking as clueless as a dim bulb. He was a hunter too, but not a very good one. You’d finished the case together as an okay team and, because you felt bad for the poor guy, you let him come along with you on the next one. And the next one. And the next one, until his stuff was packed in the back of your car and you were forced to listen to him sing along to his terrible CDs.

Resting your hand on your hip and the other one on the handle of the shovel, you threw your head back and embraced the cool night air. You’d even closed your eyes and relaxed for a second before your heard the clicking of guns.

“FBI. Put your hands up,” a husky voice called from behind. You literally could not get a break.

“And by the way, it was- whoa,” Matt stopped, dropping the salt on the ground like an idiot. It spilled all over the grass, resembling snow on a cold winters day. Like you said, a constant eye roll.

“Stand next to her with your hands up,” the FBI agent ordered. Matt shuffled closer to you and held his hands up. “Now you, turn around slowly.”

Complying with them because they’d be assholes if you didn’t, you twisted around to face not one, but two men. And they weren’t just any two men.

The green eyes that used to make you melt, short and spiky light brown hair. And, as if God himself were torturing you, he was wearing that flannel that made you want to rip his clothes off. Memories flooded back as you were hit with a blast from the past.

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked, face contorted in not only obvious confusion, but it pain as well. You inhaled slowly, knowing you were in trouble. Sam’s face was just as confused as his brother’s and they both lowered their guns simultaneously. Apologies and explanations tried crawling up your throat but, in the end, all you could get out was one single word.


lemme know if ya’ll want part 2!

I have an idea for a Jack imagine where you guys watch a scary movie but you didn’t tell him you hated those, so when you go to bed, you started to do nightmares and when you tell him your fears he comforts you feeling a little guilty. Btw I love you Jack’s imagines! :)

AN Requested by wattpad user: zackys_babe . I’ve gotten this kind of request before, but it was a long ass time ago, so I’m gonna basically make this horror movie jack imagine 2.0 (actually the one before had Jack scaring the girl and not realizing but yeah I feel) also I haven’t done a fake text convo in a while, so here we are! I hope you guys enjoy it, I love you xx

Jack’s POV

Y/N was coming over tonight to watch movies, and I still didn’t know what to do or what to watch. It had been a while since it was just the two of us. I hadn’t been home a lot, and she hadn’t really ever had the time, and whenever we did have the time, Alex scheduled some weird thing for us to do. Seeing my girlfriend shouldn’t be such a chore.

I was lying on the couch, trying to think of anything I could come up with, but all I could think of was horror movies. We hadn’t even seen one together, so I had no idea what to expect. I waited and waited for her to arrive, and when she finally did, it was a relief.

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I hate our shower curtain. 
How there’s two of them. 
How neither can touch both walls at once.
How one is just for decoration. 
How neither keeps the water from spraying the floor
so you still step out into puddles. 

I hate the no-slip pad
you bought for the shower floor.
It makes me feel like a child
who can’t trust their own feet 
to ground them.  
I hate the way, when I took a bath for the first time
in our new home,
hairs from when you washed the dogs 
snuck up from under it’s waffle pattern. 

I hate the waffle pattern. 
How it leaves its marks on the backs of my thighs.
On my ass. 
On my hands when i press them into the floor.
I hate the way,
when I adjust, 
tiny bubbles escape 
and run across my skin. 

I hate how it’s not your fingertips finding me,
slick, in the water. 
How you have not left marks on my body in so many months. 
How we are slipping. 
Less and less grounded. 
How we can not trust our feet.
How we shower alone.
How there is no one to hold onto. 
How I am afraid of the mess we are becoming on the bathroom floor. 
Who will clean it up? 
Who will want to call us home? 

—  Joy Young

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite(s), most beautiful of annie's lyrics?

Oh My God (all of it TBH)

I don’t think the past is better
Just ‘cause it’s cased in glass
Protecting us from our now and later
(Teenage Talk)

Holed up at the Motel Ritz
With a televangelist
At the bottom of a swimming pool
With all the water out of it
(Laughing with a Mouth of Blood)

You’re like a party I heard through a wall
And I’m always watching you through a keyhole

I wish I had a gentle mind
And a spine made up of iron
Mouth connects to the teeth
And teeth to the loves and the curses

And I do my best impression of weightlessness, now too
And I might be wrong, I might be wrong, I might be wrong
But honey I believed I could

Float away
I’m just the same
But brand new to you
(Just the Same but Brand New)

But honey, don’t mistake my affection

For another spit-and-penny style redemption
Cause we’re all sons of someone’s
(Prince Johnny)

You’re all legs

I’m all nerves

Black lacquered

Horse hair whip

By your heels

Heal my hurt

Horse hair whip

Be your floor
(Chloe in the Afternoon)

Can I make a pet of you?

Dress you up for all the girls

Will I keep you begging now?

Or touch you with my gentle words?

Must have been a case

Of hysterical strength

To stand up while the room moved off its axis
(Hysterical Strength)

Morning, pry the windows open

Let in what’s so terrifying

Summer is as faded as a lone cicada call

Memories so bright I gotta squint just to recall

Regret the words I’ve bitten more
the ones I ever said

Wake up puddle-eyed

Sleeping in a suit

The truth is ugly well, I feel ugly too

We’ll be heroes

On every bar stool when

Seeing double beats not seeing one of you
(Severed Crossed Fingers)

My pockets hang out like two surrender flags

But I’d pay anything to keep my conscience clean
(The Party)

One, two, three floor apartment street-side

Bodies like wrecking balls fuck, fuck with dynamite
(The Sequel)

I feel as guilty as Jiminy

And like a piggy-headed Yankee

But I did not see this wave coming

In time to wake you up

In time, in time to warn you of

In time, in time to pull you from it
(This Wave)

Italian shoes

Like these rubes know the difference

Suitcase of cash

In the back of my stick shift

I had to be the best of the bourgeoisie

Now my kingdom for a cup of coffee
(Year of the Tiger)

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youtube,com/watch?v=-N9wKL02vBU (close up of the human pyramid ~3:00 in) it's even worse than I thought up close. Louis' FACE.


Louis kneels on Harry so gingerly and cautiously like he’s going to break him!

Then when he’s up there, you can tell he’s overjoyed that he’s actually doing this onstage, but he’s also concerned and checks to make sure Harry is okay

And when Niall gets on Louis’ face is just screaming No NO NO NO THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR HIS BACK! ABORT ABORT MISSION!

I’ve melted into a puddle on the floor. Send help.

The Tempest - A new chapter in The Center Cannot Hold

Tom awoke to the sound of Anna screaming his name from the bathroom. He lurched upward in the comforting darkness, sleep reluctant to let him escape its grasp, and rubbed his face as he got out of bed. “What’s wrong?” he called as he stumbled his way to the en-suite, led by the light leaking out from under the shut door.

“Call 999, full term pregnancy, placental abruption, need an ambulance immediately, alert emergency team receiving possible need for immediate cesarean.”

The words weren’t making sense yet as his brain was slower to abandon sleep than his body and he opened the door to ask her to repeat herself. The blood on the floor brought him to immediate alertness.

“Oh my god.” The garnet-hued puddle on the black and white tile pulsed in front of his eyes like an effect from a bad eighties movie.

“Call 999 now.” Her voice trembled as she crouched on the toilet, one arm wrapped around her belly, the other gripping the counter so hard her knuckles had gone white.

Tom sprang for his phone and punched in the three digits; his call was almost immediately answered. “My wife, she’s nine months pregnant, she’s bleeding heavily, we need an ambulance, please!”

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Apparently it’s fanfic writer’s appreciation day!! 


@otppurefuckingmagic: You are a goddess of the written word, an inspiration and wonderful story teller! Your work continues to move me in ways I can’t properly explain and it will remain with me until the day the kraken awakens and we’re all fucked. I simply adore your writing, every word is a master piece and I hope you continue to be inspiring and gift us with these wonderful works for a very long time!!! 

@dearestalec: A mixture of heart wrenching agonising angst that makes me cry and gorgeous au’s that leave me begging for more. You are a master, a queen of the written word and I both hate and adore you for it because I pretty sure your are responsible for my death and resurrection three or four times over. 

@lecrit: You have a gift to create complex, relatable stories filled with fun and heartache in equal measure. Your work is beautiful and never fails to make me smile, laugh, cry or make my work colleagues think I’m nuts!

@jezthemadficster: Your story is as graceful as a professional dancer, fluid and emotional in equal measure, you’re an engaging writer and I look forward to reading more of your work (I’m probably gonna wind up bumping it up the list after this sneaky look so prepare yourself for the gushing…its a-coming captain)

@chairmanmeow-and-church: a teasing mix of fluff and slow burn is what comes to mind when I think of you. Each chapter of your story always makes me flail like a fish out of water because GAH the cute, the emotions, everything about you story is just nailed, 100% perfection. 

@allofthefanfic: Wings and mermaids you are my queen and enabler. You provide gorgeous headcanons and stories that have me clawing at the laptop screen for more! Never stop darling, you are brilliant!

@m-aleciseverything: Take me to church is a stunning and addictive piece that I’m hooked on! Your work is so interesting and just pulls me in right from the get go and it’s difficult to turn away from such brilliant storytelling! 

@darquebane: My darling queen and your wonderful stories…You have a mild addiction to the angst but I can live with that so long as you continue to provide us with the amazing fluff and smut alongside it!

@sarcasticlightwood: Where would any of us be without you? You challenge, you calm, you encourage and you soothe battered egos in equal measure. You take the rabid plot bunny and whisper in its ear curing it of its nightmare tendencies and helping make sense of plots. You clean us up, shove us into something respectable and then kick us out into the world. Without you many of us would be a puddle of angst on the floor and I bloody love you more than I can say. 

@buffycuddlespigs: You’re all about the gays in space and I could build a galactic temple in your honour. You make me cry, you make me laugh but most of all you make beautiful stories that I feel so privileged to be able to read!