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Title: Collaboration

Pairings: Jasico, Perleo, and Reynabeth

Rating: This chapter is SFW.

Summary: If that smile was a sign that Jason had recognized his vocal skills, then Nico just had a better chance of getting noticed by him the way he wants to be noticed.

Chapter Links: Part 1 | Part 2Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Part 2

It was like being on MTV Cribs but without the cameras and the swagalicious music that plays whenever they enter a new room.

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Prompting you! :) I'll start with a smut: Felicity discovering Oliver likes to watch porn (all those years pining after her, he had to have something!) He's embarrassed, but it actually turns her on and they watch together. Or vice versa. Fluff: Olicity goes puppy shopping. Have fun!- Pepper D.

Oliver found them when he’s helping Felicity unpack.  They had spent the weekend packing up her apartment, putting most of her furniture into storage, folding clothes, putting mementos into boxes.  For Oliver, it was exotic in its normality.  A return to how it had been during the summer.

So he was opening boxes and determining whether they should put the box in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom (Felicity, surprisingly enough, wasn’t great with labeling her boxes) when he found her porn.  

And standing in the kitchen of the loft that his sister also lived in, Oliver felt his jeans grow uncomfortably tight at the realization that Felicity liked to watch porn. 

Porn that featured square-jawed men in suits and cute-yet-sultry women.  Porn with titles like Dictation 69 and Overtime Under You.

Felicity–his girlfriend, the love of his life, the very confident feminist–liked boss/secretary role play porn.

It wasn’t the porn that surprised him–well, okay, the porn surprised him a little, if only because he thought she would be watching stuff online and not have actual DVDs.  But with how much Felicity had complained about him making her his EA, how much she hated that job … she was secretly turned on by it?

(And the fact that she seemed to be turned on by it, and he had always harbored several fantasies from that year which he had never gotten to act on … his jeans were getting even tighter.)

“Oliver?  Another kitchen box ended up in the bedroom, I really should have labeled the boxes better–what do you have there?”

It was only because of many years of relentless danger that he didn’t startle and throw the DVD case up in the air.  It was close, though.  Instead, he just turned around, still holding the DVD.

“Oh, that should go in the living room–”  Felicity stopped when she saw the case.  “Or … not,” she added, her face flushing.  “I really should have labeled the boxes.”

“You like boss/secretary role play?” Oliver asked.  In a voice that was much deeper than he intended it to be.  Mostly.

Her hand fluttered around her face, pushing up her glasses and fidgeting a little with her hair.  “Yes?  I mean, what I actually wanted was … really specific, so I settled for the closest thing I could get.  And you were wearing really nice suits all the time that made your ass look nearly as good as they do in the leather pants, and I’m a healthy, strong woman and it’s fine if I choose to watch porn.  It’s totally healthy!”

Oliver edged closer to her, taking the hand that was still moving around her face and using it to pull her against him.  “I agree.  It’s very healthy,” he said, watching how her cheeks went even more pink and her lips parted.  “But what did you really want, Felicity?”  

Given what they have done to each other, Oliver found it endearing and also seductive as hell, the way Felicity hesitated.  Because she was nibbling on her lower lip, and looking up at him through her lashes, and … yeah, that look worked for him.

“IT Girl/Vigilante,” she said in a rush.  

And even though it should totally break the mood, Oliver couldn’t help grinning widely at her.  Not to mention leaning in to kiss her soundly, deeply, intimately. 

Because all the fantasies in the world couldn’t replace how good it was to be with Felicity.  With his Felicity.

“So if I brought the suit home with me tonight …” he asked, letting his voice trail off.  

Her lips pursed a little.  “Well, I always imagined this … situation happening in the Arrow Cave–”

“We don’t call it that,” he interrupted.

“It doesn’t exist anymore, I can call it whatever I want,” Felicity retorted.  Oliver frowned, trying to work out the logic behind that, as Felicity kept talking, her voice dropping a little into that sexy voice he loved.  “But if a strong, powerful, mysterious vigilante showed up in my apartment, telling me he needed my help–that he had a computer problem and knew I was the woman who could reboot his system …”  She quirked an eyebrow at him.

God damn it.  He cleared his throat.  “Maybe we should try both.  Just to make sure.”  

Felicity let her eyes flutter, and then she stepped back from him.  “Thea’s not coming home for a while, right?”

He nodded quickly, randomly thinking how amazing it was to have the two women he loved most living here with him, and how even more amazing it was that one of those women was not home right now.

With one arm, Felicity moved the box down on the counter, clearing a space.  She hoisted herself up on the countertop, crossing her legs and edging the skirt of her pretty little sundress higher, to reveal more of her thighs.

Only Felicity would move in a sundress.  But that thought, as well as any of his other higher brain functions, were totally wiped away by Felicity’s words.  

“Then, Mr. Queen … you wanted me to take a memo?”