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All the urban legends came true at once.

Of course, I was six pages deep in a tax audit at the time. Chewing a pen when a rash of mothers with broken backs were rushed to the hospital, courteousy of uncareful feet smashing on cracks. Doctors, unsure at the time, blamed osteoporosis.

It was watched pots that remained cool. Or salt thrown over a shoulder that - for a second - showed a devil’s eye. Or it was the alligators. Don’t get me started on the alligators.

But something was the first whisper of what we’d woken up. Nobody wanted to say it out loud, because it sounded so ridiculous. It was a secret that swelled in our cheeks. Phrases we had always said that went silent.

All the hauntings came true. We had photograpic evidence of spirits. That’s probably what started the mass hysteria.

Some things took longer. Rubbing a statue for luck or breaking a mirror. Delayed response. One bad day turns into a bad month. Then you’re at the local witch place begging for a respite - seven years of bad luck?! - and she’s shaking her head. Nothing to be done.

Oh, the witches. The funny thing is that when people have always called you a witch, they’re surprisingly needy when you turn out to be one. When the world shifted, little towns who avoided one woman for her witchiness were now flocking to her because their legend had made her become one.

Pens mightier than swords. Avoiding groups of certain numbers. When a knife drops, we all hold our breath for the fight. A fork means company will show up, confused how they arrived.

It got better for a moment, for a breath, while we figured out the rules of it. What was a legend and what was myth. What kind of faith was big enough and what was too big. Some legends only effected certain areas. Some only certain people. We sunk money into infrastructure for once to clear up cracks. Stepped over salt in every building. Sold amulets like trinkets. For a second, we almost got our feet under us.

And then it got worse. Sometimes the company you invited was strange, unhuman. You had to wear iron. We had loved our cryptids until they came down from the mountains, worse than we could have predicted. Bowls of milk were on every window sill but most of them rotted.

In the books, we had all read about the end of the old ones. The unspeakable ones, who went off into the hills one day. Who we cannot say the name of. Who did not exist in the land of buses or planes. Who can steal you if they know your name, who can never lie but do a good job of it anyway.

We were not ready. The Folk showed up through the thin veil, and they were already laughing.

And they were just the beginning.

Trini may be a badass but she’s all about consent. She’s constantly asking Kimberly if it’s okay that she holds her hand and that she kisses her. Even if Kim clearly initiates the kissing or the cuddling, Trini double checks.

Kim asks her about it one day, and Trini just shrugs it off like it’s no big deal, “Well, just because we’re dating doesn’t mean you’re always going want to kiss me. So, I mean, the least I could do is make sure you do want to kiss me.”

Kimberly is so taken aback by how sweet Trini is. (Not that she didn’t know it before) and says something along the lines of “Well, you don’t always have to ask, I’m dating you for a reason.”

Trini just smiles and goes, “Can I kiss you now?”

  • Me: Tom Holland is a precious bean who says croissant the right way and y'all need to stop being mean to him cuz it's getting really annoying smfh.
  • Also me: Quackson.
  • Also me: Quaksoff.
Being Best Friends with the Twins Would Include...

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•Them giving you piggy back rides

•Them cheating off your papers and notes

•You not really caring since its happened too many times to get annoyed at

•Them always basically stalking any guy you’re romantically involved with to make sure they’re good for you

•If they’re not, they scare them away

•You get angry at first, but then realize their intentions are good

•If you were an only child, now it seems like you have two close brothers


Gryffindor Reader

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•Meeting through Ron and Harry

•They’re talking to Fred and George and you walk up really casually

•And they start very obviously checking you out

•Ron groans and calls them gross

•You laugh and introduce yourself after playful flirting

•And basically after that you’re inseparable

•You flirt with them sometimes, but its never meant to be taken seriously

•And they know this

•But being there for each other 100%, especially since you’re all in the same house

Slytherin Reader

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•You not really noticing them 

•And they actually take notice that you don’t notice them

•Which they thought was ridiculous because they were always pulling public pranks

•So they plan a small prank on just you

•And that sure as hell got your attention

•But once they admit they were just looking for your attention specifically, you laugh and comply after saying they could have just asked

•But you not caring that some of your fellow Slytherins disliked your close relationship with the twins, both Gryffindors

•Same goes for some of their housemates

•But none of you ever cared because you were all way too close to care


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•You meet them by them not so obviously cheating off of you

•You rolled your eyes because ‘of course they would because stereotypes’

•But turns out they actually knew a but about you so they knew you were pretty intelligent

•You confront them about it

•They don’t even deny it which makes you kind of laugh

•Like they literally say “Yeah, we cheated off of you. A bit hard due to your poor handwriting, though.”

•You lending them your notes

•You helping them with creative, well thought out pranks


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•You meet by accident, both of them walking backwards while talking to someone

•You had your head down, not really paying attention when they tumbled onto you accidentally

•You were crushed under two twins

•Your housemates rushing to get them off of you and scolding them a bit

•Them actually being really concerned and checking for bruises

•You reassure them that you’re fine and it was partially your fault as well for not paying attention 

•Them protecting you from those few people who underestimated Hufflepuffs

•Because they like tower over most students and can leer at them scarily if they needed to

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It's getting really annoying. WE GET IT. YOU HATE TRUMP. Now PLEASE go back to just writing prompts. I don't care that you don't like him. I agree with you, he sucks. But I came here for prompts NOT YOUR OPINION!!!!!!!

What? I don’t voice my opinion on Trump by reblogging a post about internet privacy, amigo. 







CAN WE STOP REPOSTING ART WITHOUT CREDIT? I don’t care if you love the show so much, you’re a dick if you repost without the slightest bit of credit. 

“ B-b-b-b-b-b-b-ut if you really wanted to find the artist, you could look for it! “

Funny thing, you can’t even copy an image on instagram to even put in google image search or tineye. I’ve tried to find the art to message the artist, so sometimes its not so easy. Also if they credited, it would make finding the artist a whole lot easier. I mean, so could you, dude.

“ But I love this show and I wanna show off the amazing art! “ 

No you don’t, you just love seeing the amount of likes growing in your notification box, you don’t give a rats ass about the artist. All of those 400+ likes could’ve done to the artist. If you really wanted to show the love to this fandom that makes wonderful art, you would’ve asked the artist first to see if they’d let you.

Interesting fact, some artist don’t like having their art reposted at all, even if you credit them because you’re getting the likes and attention, not them, fuck off.

{!} reposters...

Tumblr made the reblog/like/share button for a reason, USE IT! If you see something you like, utilize the buttons provided here for you. Don’t think “omg I’ve gotta post this! I’ll just put credit to the owner” this doesn’t benefit the owner in any way. I’m often quiet about this but I’ve seen it happening too much and i’m annoyed. I’ve seen a lot of my friends work get reposted and just other gfx/trans/gifs/art/fics/video editors/fansites and other content makers. People who make content don’t do it for it to be stolen or screenshot by someone without credit nor their permission.

 I don’t care how easy it looks, gif making is far more difficult than it seems. The amount of time it takes to find the video, the recoloring, making sure the gif flows well. You can’t just pop the video into Photoshop and take scenes from it, it’ll literally look like S.H.I.T. I’m mainly basing this off of gif makers because they’ve had the most reposting lately from what I’ve seen. It’s hysterical when you try to deny all accusations of stealing when the original has the same amount of frames, color, and the EXACT same size. 

If you aren’t aware of the fact that you’re doing this then I hope you realize this soon and put a stop to it. However, if you’re aware of this and continue to do so when others constantly message you about it plus deny it. Then you’re an ignorant person and give humanity a bad name. It’s really heartbreaking seeing your work online posted by someone else; it’s also really aggravating seeing the amount of notes it gets but then you look at your post with not nearly as much. It’s not about notes though, what hurts most is the support and recognition it gets. 

Without followers, the blogger is nothing. Please don’t support these reposters. Check out the post if you can, look into the blog, spot the errors. By you reblogging/liking their post this encourages them to continue. They feed off your support and only grow bigger by this. 

Simon: *fogs up a window with his breath and makes a heart with an S and a B in the middle* *smiles shyly* I love you, Baz.

Baz: Awwwwwww do you know what I love even more?

Simon: *blushes* What?


What if..

…we got Bloopers for Markipler TV but its all in character. Warfstache getting really annoyed when the TV stops working and accidentally shoots Tyler in the arms. Darkiplier tripping over his lines and flipping the table, glitching so hard everyone runs for cover, the camera tilts on its tri-pod to Anti shaking his head and sighing ‘How unprofessional’ before sliding his sunglasses over his eyes, picking up his Unicorn Frappuccino, taking a sip, and casually stepping over the remains of the meeting room.



whoa hey hi it’s me, that annoying asshole u probably don’t remember following. I’m taking commissions!

I’m not in dire need at the moment, I’ll be honest. I am trying to save up though, and since this is the only way I can really make money… If you wanna help me out or just.. really want something in particular drawn, feel free to check out my info page to see what I’m willing to do, and/or hmu with a direct message so we can discuss stuff.

Also, please note that I am understanding of the fact that many of you can’t, you don’t need to apologize to me for that, but reblogging this post n stuff to let other people know would be super helpful <3

Just some thoughts on kinky boots

First of, it’s actually quite upsetting. Broadway actors, any actor works incredibly hard in any show they are a part of. EVERYONE that is a part of a show dedicates so much to their work so for hundreds to gather outside the theatre for one person is really sad.

Secondly, WHAT THE FUCK!! Like people are leaving throughout the performance so they can head to stage door. PEOPLE THAT HAVENT SEEN THE SHOW ARE WAITING AT STAGE DOOR TO MEET BRENDON. I get that some may find this being their “only option” to meet their idol. But that doesn’t mean you can just show up at stage door. STAGE DOOR ISNT A MEET AND GREAT ITS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR AN ACTOR TO GO OUT AFTER THE SHOW AND TALK TO THOSE WAITING. If people show up just for one guy that could be upsetting to the others in the show. ALSO this could be someone’s first show they go see. They may have waited months to go see it and they could want to go to stage door at the hopes of getting as much of the cast to sign their programme or whatever. HOW DEVASTATING MUST IT BE TO BE PUSHED AWAY ALL BECAUSE SOME SELFISH PEOPLE WANT TO ABUSE THE SYSTEM. Stage door is a lovely thing that actors choose to do, DONT RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Thirdly, DONT ACT LIKE AN ASSHOLE WHILST WATCHING THE SHOW. Getting to see a broadway show is an incredible privilege that not everyone gets to do. So don’t use your phone, film, scream, talk or act disrespectfully when watching the show. Not only is it rude to the rest of the audience it can also be really distracting for the actors on stage. DONT DO IT AND JUST WATCH THE SHOW ITS A GREAT SHOW.

It’s just upsetting that people are acting this way all because a big star is in the show. Everyone that is a part of the show is amazing and should be appreciated too. I love both broadway and panic! But when people are acting in such a horrible way it’s disrespectful for many.

(Edit - There is already videos of the show up 2 days into Brendon’s time in the show. For fucks sake. REALLY?? I know people will want to record the show for memories or to show others but THIS ISNT A CONCERT ITS BROADWAY. You can’t treat this show like a concert you can’t just film the show. It’s incredibly distracting to the actors on stage it can also distract other audience members!! Please just act respectfully, you’re not the only one that is watching the show. Learn what is acceptable and what isn’t please!!!)

Please Give Credit

I was scrolling through instagram when I saw a post about malec cuddling in bed. Turns out someone had take a picture of my post, my headcanons and reposted it on their instagram account. This is fine, except they cropped the blog name out.

If youre going to repost fanfics, headcanons, art please either ask first or/and  always always give credit where credit is due.


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If not Honeymustard, Cherryberry, or Edgeberry. What about Swapcest? And if not. Let's see them fight.

Stop giving us ships. It’s not funny anymore.