and its freakin awesome

(sorry for the not so good picture, my mom can’t turn off her flash and i was having trouble taking the case off so we just had to have it on my phone ^^’)

im so excited though because i just got a new phone, and i wanted a case i was going to love, so whats the first thing i do? create a redbubble account so i can buy @m-arci-a ’s art as a phone case of course! ive been in love with this picture since i saw it, so its kinda really freakin awesome to have it as a phone case.

thank you so much 😊

Reading fanfiction part 2
  • Me: Omg i found an awesome storyyy .. kyahh its so freakin great ..I cried 😢
  • Sister: what it is about?
  • Me: *skip the hard smutty part* it's about werewolf and stuff.
  • Sister: what is the genre? can you give me the link? i want to read it too.
  • Me: its errrmmm.. fluff.. sorry i forgot the title. *act innocent*
  • *one should never simply know what i read in my free time.. its my dirty little secret*

sooooo this video is amazing???