and its freakin awesome

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Your new icon of your self sim is so spot on I cannot get over how AMAZING it is!! Photoshop or not it's freakin awesome

Thank you very much!

It was finally time to get a new icon up on here, especially since my hair has grown out a decent amount since the last iteration of my Simself! And hopefully i’ll have another one in the next coming months– after I get my haircut!

(sorry for the not so good picture, my mom can’t turn off her flash and i was having trouble taking the case off so we just had to have it on my phone ^^’)

im so excited though because i just got a new phone, and i wanted a case i was going to love, so whats the first thing i do? create a redbubble account so i can buy @m-arci-a ’s art as a phone case of course! ive been in love with this picture since i saw it, so its kinda really freakin awesome to have it as a phone case.

thank you so much 😊

tfw your muse is dying to Date and Cuddle and Be Affectionate™ but you have to restrain them for the sake of the plot

When a friend asks how I get new music the minute it's released
  • Me: hey, have you listened to *insert artist's name* new album?? It's freakin awesome!!
  • Friend: how did you get it??? It was released like just 5 minutes ago???
  • Me: *clears throat* *speaks in Liam Neeson's voice* I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills...
  • Friend: hoe don't do it
  • Me: ... skills I have acquired over a very long career.

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Do you have more sugawara cosplay pictures? Because its freakin AWESOME (also you are beautiful)

THANKYOU but nope, I don’t have more ;; somedayyy maybeeee, but the karasuno uniform I own has Hinatas number on it so it would be weird lol… I can always photoshop it tho :D 

look what I did when I had Kageyamas number instead Hinatas: 

(((the original one is the 9)))

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Hello there! I just followed your blog because IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME AND I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT- MDSZ;CSNVS Anyway, can we have a sick reader being taken care of by a wonderful, dorky and handsome Apollo? <3

Thank you! 

My headcanon is since he grew up an orphan, he learned to be pretty good at taking care of sicknesses.

It’s just another lazy Friday afternoon. The sun is shining, the windows are open to provide a pleasant breeze. Everything should be fine. You should be getting ready to spend a lovely evening with your boyfriend after he gets back home from work.


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Reading fanfiction part 2
  • Me: Omg i found an awesome storyyy .. kyahh its so freakin great ..I cried 😢
  • Sister: what it is about?
  • Me: *skip the hard smutty part* it's about werewolf and stuff.
  • Sister: what is the genre? can you give me the link? i want to read it too.
  • Me: its errrmmm.. fluff.. sorry i forgot the title. *act innocent*
  • *one should never simply know what i read in my free time.. its my dirty little secret*

sooooo this video is amazing???