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hey @adifferentkindofson i’m sorry you’re going through a hard time because all the big larries have turned against you but maybe when you post about how it’s awful to publicly talk shit about someone on a public blog you can follow your own advice? instead of attacking briana and eleanor, which is just as unreasonable as someone calling you a cunt because they disagree with you. 

I have to admit, I find the discourse about how “equality IS political, what Harry said is ridiculous” to be….a bit confusing. Because if you believe that equality is political, then Harry speaking out in favor of equality is….Harry talking about politics, and so whether or not Harry considers himself to be talking about politics, it still means Harry is talking about politics. Which, I would think, is what people complaining about Harry saying he’s not talking about politics want… 

Plus, there are lots of, in my opinion, well founded and nuanced reasons that Harry could be saying he doesn’t consider equality to be an issue of politics. Here’s one good explanation. Maybe Harry doesn’t have a nuanced view and is just abstracted from the reality of today’s political landscape. But we don’t know that, and I don’t think it’s fair to just assume Harry lacks ability to have nuanced thoughts. Just like he may have nuanced views on his role as a celebrity that may explain his stance on commenting/not commenting on politics, but people are just assuming he… doesn’t. 

And I said this earlier but, Harry also was near-explicitly commenting on the question presented to him (what do you think about Brexit) anyways. It’s pretty clear he does have formed thoughts on that issue. So sure, it wasn’t some grand sweeping political statement, but like, some of you are acting like Harry’s response to the questions was “I’ve never heard of Brexit and I think we live a perfectly equal world!” 

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Hey, how are you? Today I've reviewed the stuff of your DreamSwap, and I see that "Original! Dream" and "DS! Nightmare" should agree very much, so what would happen / what would feel "DS! Dream" and "Original! Nightmare" to see their respective brothers hang out together and -maybe- have a good time, as when they were younger? (I ask especially for "DS! Dream"). Angst and Feelings Intensified XD

I actually have a really hard time imagining original Dream and DS!Nightmare getting along comfortably… because even when they were young, the original Dream and DS!Dream still have a few distinct differences in their behaviors. DS!Nightmare wouldn’t be able to help but see Dream as someone who’s simply not trying hard enough. He would be almost blown away by the fact that someone who’s been through so much could still be so childish and reliant in personality. And on the other side, DS!Nightmare, although very similar to the young original Nightmare, is much less sentimental and more in your face, and that would be a bit off-putting to Dream after getting to know him a little better. In the very least, DS!Nightmare and original Dream hanging out would be rather awkward.

As for their brothers… I don’t either of them would care enough to do anything.

bucky barnes eating stone fruit & chocolate - both well-known homeopathic remedies for memory loss & migraine headaches - because he grew up with an ashkenazi jewish mother who knew all too well the slow decline of dementia considering the ashkenazi pre-disposition for those types of diseases


Aja Naomi King’s Inspiring Speech on Overcoming Self-Doubt at the 2017 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards   

My inner critic is strong but I know that I am stronger. I can’t get rid of him; he’ll always be there, a voice in my head telling me to not even dare to dream for something more, that they’ll never give you that, don’t bother fighting for this. But that is exactly what makes me so fierce. Because even with his voice, his monstrous size filling up the space underneath my skin, I still choose to try, and I still choose to believe. All the evidence of my life thus far is telling me that this is no accident, that I do deserve to be here. When I was struggling to write this speech, my little sister said to me quite simply, “You have everything you need.” And she’s right. I have everything I need because I have her, and I have my other little sister, and I have my mother, and I have my father. And I have all of you, and we all have each other. And as long as we continue to be a shield for one another, support each other, lift each other up, and love each other fiercely, we all have everything we need.

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can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her


fangirl challenge: [6/10] female characters   Penelope Álvarez

There are persecuted people all around the world who would love the opportunity to come here, but they can’t. Because the rules are different for different people. So some of them break the law and they do what they have to do to fight for better lives for themselves and their families.
And you know what? I get it.

It’s been months but I’m still not over this.

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me: i’m not gonna get mad about people not watching the get down

me: *sees everyone nutting over stranger things, riverdale, 13 reasons why, some other random ass show i have zero interest in watching*



Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.